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tv   Today  NBC  April 6, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. i know what you did last summer >> oh, you know this song. >> oh, i know what you did last summer. >> winesday wednesday, april 6th. this is by shawn mendez, right? >> yeah, "find out what you did last summer." he knows she was cheating. he knows the whole situation. shawn mendez knows. >> okay.
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if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and you need to get in a good mood, we have the perfect woman for the job. jennifer's life changed when she was just a teen, and that change gave her a vision to help others. her uplifting message just ahead. what a woman. >> she is amazing. any complaint that you have will -- i think you'll feel better once you hear her story. bambino and blake, they're going to help us lose weight. okay. so grab your pet and we're going to work out. so your pet -- what is it like your pet's like a weight? >> you know why my dogs are helpful to me? >> why? >> because they never do anything i say. so i have to run after them. >> you chase them. >> to get them. that's a big yard in the backyard. >> yes, it is. but don't they run away when you run toward them? >> yes. and then i run even faster to get to them. >> you catch them and then they go in the house. >> i do that already. plus it's national humor month. who knew?
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knew?" >> are you ready? >> i'm so ready. >> here we are. here we go. she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sail. elizabeth edwards. >> yes, i remember that. >> yeah. >> when she was going through that terrible time with her husband. >> yeah. >> good for her. >> she's right, yeah. >> then she had an even tougher thing to face. i liked her very much. >> me, too. yesterday, you guys, i was telling you about remembering a song that we used to play when cody was little. and it was by winona judd, and it's called "she is his only need," and we've got it, so let's listen. it was number one. in a small cafe a little bit of her was a little too much
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it must have been love that's when he started roaming over the light working overtime to hear her say she don't deserve him he loves her >> sing it. over the limit okay, one more thing. keep going. he knew she won't because without her >> yes! that is awesome! >> only need. >> i love that song. what's it called again? she is his only need >> "she is his only need >> download it.
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country charts back in april 1992, so cody was 2. >> that is a beautiful song, cath. >> it's all about the thing that gets him up and drives him hard. >> i love that. >> you are going to cry. >> okay. >> i want to congratulate amy grant from -- baby baby i'm taken with the notion snoet >> yeah, i love that song. >> 25 years ago. >> what? no, no. >> we used to put cody on -- yes, it is. we used to put him on our pool table every night. >> and you would sing to him? >> yes, and he'd dance. >> i can't believe that was 25 years. >> they want me to do a tribute to amy because it's been 25 years. i said, code, will you get up, you know, and we'll play pool? he looked at me like i was absolutely insane. congratulations to amy. >> 25 years. >> i love that song. >> i love that song. >> i bawled like a baby because it brought back so many memories. >> that is music. all right, you guys.
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bit of a bee in her bonnet because ad week magazine put her on the cover, which is great, and then she looked at the photo, and she says that there was some doctoring to the picture. you know, nobody likes that. and she said -- >> i do if it makes you look better. her. >> look at her hairline. look at her hair. >> i thought it was kim kardashian at first. >> apparently they changed the hair. poufier. >> her skin is lighter. >> that could be lighting. >> yeah. >> you can be photographed in different -- >> no, doesn't it look like -- >> it depends on if there's a big spotlight. >> right, right, right. >> but i think when you see the rest of her, the hair, the whatnot, all of it, it doesn't really look like her. >> i think she has the most beautiful lips i've ever seen in my life on a person. she's gorgeous. she says she's not mad about it. she said the article's fantastic and she's thrilled with it. that happened to me once on the cover of "mccall's." remember that?
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but there was a time when it was quite prolific. but anyway, i had sort of signature nails. i've got to have the square nail with the french manicure. >> sure. >> and all of a sudden i'm looking at the cover, and it's rounded pink nails. i said, why? i would never do that. it's fine for somebody else. it wasn't me. >> she said it felt strange to see that cover. and she said it was so different from what she looks like when she looks in the mirror. >> she felt like it wasn't what she looked like when she took the picture. >> she said it was unfortunate. >> she handled it in a very classy way. >> like she always seems to do. >> it's hard to makery look better. >> and they didn't. she looked much better -- >> that was ad age? >> "ad week" magazine. think about these foods and what if you mispronounce them. toad
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it's a berry. i called it acai on the air, and everyone told me that was a mistake. it's acai. >> acai. >> what? >> acai. >> what? >> acai. >> okay. all right. the next one. >> sorbet. or sherbet. >> no, sherbet or sherbet. >> sherbet. sherbet. sherbet. >> all right. what's this one? ciabatta. >> ciabatta. >> a little coffee. you know what people say when they go to starbucks? i want that little coffee. i'll take an expresso. >> espresso. espresso. espresso.
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now, we're going to skip mascarpone. >> what is it really? >> mascarpone. >> there's no "r" in it. >> mascarpone. >> mascarpone. mascarpone. >> was that giada? >> mascarpone. >> we need don't giada today. >> finally, i always said gyro. and it's gyro. >> it's gyro. i said gyro. >> i know, but i've never heard it said that way. >> okay. let's hear what she says. >> from egypt? >> exactly. can you tell me about karen's dad really quick? whenever he goes to, like, a mexican restaurant, and he knows the right pronunciation, but he thinks it's fun to mess with the waitress. i'll have some fa teeth that jeetas. the waitress wants to correct him but she doesn't. if you want to have fun when you go to a mexican restaurant,
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>> be very careful when you do. >> this is dale earnhardt's favorite sandwich. it is bananas, mayonnaise on white bread. he swears it's delicious. people on twitter have been tasting it like crazy. and they're tweeting in their responses. some love it, some hate it. we're going to find out. you have to take a bite, just one, right in the middle. ready? >> no, because it screws up your mouth. >> ready? one, two. oh, you didn't do it? by the way -- >> how is it? >> it's kind of good. >> you like everything. >> no, it's kind of good. you know why? it's kind of good. i'm not kidding. >> really? >> it's kind of good. please take one bite just to see. i think you might actually like it. >> he has been a longtime spokesman for hellmann's, which is the best. i'm sorry, i love hellmann's. >> he said this might have come first. you don't like it? >> no. >> it's, like, sweet and creamy. it tastes like a -- all right.
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the people at the pine orchard yacht & country club yet in branford, connecticut. >> i couldn't make it. >> i made it, you guys, they raised $45,000 yesterday for force and penn medicine center. i want to thank all the lovely ladies there. they were fun, they were patient. i didn't realize it was two hours away from here, so i barely made it, but we made it. >> yay for you. >> congratulations to them. >> you and i have a date today. >> we do. >> i'm very excited. we are going to go see "waitress," have lunch today. but in the meantime, everybody, we do this every year at this time of year. it's not something you celebrate at all, but it is national child abuse prevention month. so every year we have a day of hope dedicated to child -- child helps national day of hope. and see this candle here? when i started working with child help battling child abuse so many years ago, there was one wick. one wick representing the one child that dies from child abuse
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it is now up to five wicks. because five children literally, think about it, and every ten seconds somebody calls in with some sort of -- to the hotline child abuse. we have got to turn this around. >> we really do. other way back down to none. none. everybody can help. okay? >> go to if you'd like to help out. >> that's our friend, sara. work. doing it. they're amazing. do you know how many times they've been nominated? >> how many? >> i don't know. >> the nobel peace prize? >> the nobel peace prize. >> congrats to them. >> savannah, matt, lester and hoda are featured on this year's power list. >> why? i mean, i know the other three, but the rest of it doesn't make sense. >> every single one of you deserve it. i don't know why al's not on there. >> exactly. >> al deserves it, too. >> he's power. how one inspiring woman helps others see the light.
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jennifer rothchild is many things, a mother of two, a wife, authorbooks, and she also happens to be blind. >> at 15 she lost her sight due to a rare eye disease, but she didn't let her blindness stop her from empowering others to live beyond their limits. >> we'll meet her in a moment. first, here's her story. >> when i was a little girl, i could see just fine. but when i entered middle school, things began to change. i became a little more clumsy. my math grades began to plummet. i didn't realize it was because i couldn't see the numbers on the chalkboard. one night i was walking with my mom to a friend's upstairs apartment. i was tripping up those stairs. and my mom stopped and asked, jennifer, can you not see the stairs?
10:16 am
"what do you mean, mom?" "you can't see the stairs?" within a few days i was diagnosed with a disease called retinitis. it's a disease in both of my retinas and caused them to deteriorate. and that meant the prognosis was total blindness. i remember driving home from that eye hospital and feeling my fingertips and wondering if i was going to have to read braille and how i would finish high school. what started as legal blindness quickly became darker and darker until over a period of years all the light i once saw was replaced with darkness. but within the loss, i have received so much. blindness has introduced me to myself. i've learned that i can't change blindness, but i can change my perspective. and when my eyes are grateful, i really can see goodness and grace. i've learned that blindness does not define me. but it has truly refined me, and
10:17 am
>> how much do we love jennifer? >> i love that when my eyes are grateful. what a lovely way to put it. >> jennifer welcome. how are you? >> thank you. i love being here. thank you. >> you're spreading your message across the country, and you do write about it in your new book called "invisible: how you feel is not who you are." what a beautiful title, too, for that book. >> don't women feel invisible? >> the older we get, too, especially. >> yeah. you don't have to be blind to not be able to see who you are. >> 15 when you were first diagnosed, that's a tough time for young girls anyway, you know? >> yeah. >> was there a time when you were sort of mad at the world, mad at god because of it, it just seemed so unfair? >> you know, i think i had such a forward perspective, thanks to just my parents' influence and the influence of my faith that -- and my first response was unfair or why me or being mad, it was, okay. here we go. now what are we going to do that? and i'm very grateful.
10:18 am
do get frustrated, there's something wrong with them. >> i know you were saying early on that you knew it was going to get darker and darker, you were afraid of the dark. you were afraid of what you wrept weren't going to be able to see, but that all changed. will you describe how that changed? >> i think for me, you know, i had always had faith. and when blindness came into my life, suddenly it became this classroom, this testing place for me to discover that everything i really had believed was true. and so there is a light that comes from believing in something bigger than yourself that's beyond yourself that's more eternal. and that kind of light really, because of my relationship with god, gave me a light in that darkness, a reason to have hope. and so that really what could have been a loss, people would dread, really your honor esche ushered in the life i've dreamed of. >> you had to become dependent, really, right? >> yeah. and that's a good thing. people are healthier when they depend on each other.
10:19 am
>> i'm just looking at you. and i'm in awe of you. i am. i really am. you just have a maturity and just a radiance about you that most seeing people, many seeing people, don't come near in life. >> go ahead. i was going to say, you're beautiful, you have a beautiful husband, you have beautiful children. >> she calls him her boyfriend. >> i like that. my favorite part. >> for 30 years. >> you're both here. finding each other, having a family, did you think that was going to be in the cards for you? >> no. no, i honestly thought, who's going to want to marry a blind woman, right? because i thought, you know, that my husband-to-be, if i got one, would want someone who could support him and help and cook and drive carpools. he's the one who had to iron my clothes. >> he put you together beautifully today, i've got to tell you. excellent taste, boyfriend. >> he's taken. but here's the thing.
10:20 am
is because just like i felt when i thought, am i going to get a husband or are boys going to want to date me, women feel that way for altogether different reasons. but it's universal as women that we deal with that kind of insecurity and lack of confidence. >> so what advice, because there are women, obviously, who have insecurities and they worry about things like that. what advice does your book help them with? >> insecurity support based on something that's out there or the way that other woman looks or how successful that other woman that you're competing against might be. insecurity is based on a belief about yourself. it's based on this idea that i lack something. and so what i help the reader understand in "invisible" is you lack nothing. and here's why. you l-a-c-k. you are loved. you are accepted. you are complete and you are known. even if no one else ever communicates that to you. that's who you are. >> i love when you say blindness doesn't define me. it has refined me. >> and it has, hasn't it? >> we love you! >> you come back just anytime. all right?
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>> thank you, jennifer. >> thank you. >> a daughter hears her late mother's voice. >> and that's coming up right after this. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above choose the one new revlon ultimate-all-in-one. our revolutionary mascara delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits. volume, length, definition, lift, and intense color. choose love from the new collection of
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well viva will unleash clean in your home. we hope you're ready for laughs because it's about time to play "who knew"? >> here's a question to get you started. this comedy topped hollywood reporter's recent list of 100 favorite shows of all time.
10:25 am
" "m.a.s.h."? or "friends"? >> don't google it. >> how much your pooch could help you lose that pooch on your tummy. >> really? i can't wait. wish your skin could bounce back like it used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost.
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jersey turnpike r ht by newark liberty airport. 10:27 on this wednesday, april 6th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. donald trump is going to try and drum up more support ahead of new york's upcoming primary. he'll have a rally tonight on long island. it's being held at grummond studios in bethpage at 6:00 p.m. security is expected to be tight with 12,000 supporters expected. another 10,000 protesters are expected to be outside. ted cruz will also be in new york today, scheduled to visit a charter school in the bronx this afternoon. want to check the weather. partly sunny, mild, 47 for the high. tonight mostly cloudy, late shower possible, 43. tomorrow heavy showers, 59. friday cloudy, breezy. it will be the mets home opener, 51. saturday stays cloudy, 47. sunday breezy, 46. up next on the "today" show, kathie lee and hoda, the health benefits of working out with your pet.
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nice crowd. it's winesday wednesday, and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game, "who knew?" since april is national humor month, who knew, we thought it would be best to test your comedy chops. hoda is across the street at nbc studios at 30 rock. she is ready to hand out $100 to anybody who answers the answers correctly. and those who don't get one of her fabulous autographed books. here with me is comedian mike. right? thank good for jokes is playing here in new york at the lynn
10:31 am
nominated for outstanding solo show. way to go. >> thanks. >> those aren't easy to get. i know. >> i feel lucky. >> all righty. before we broke, we asked this question. this comedy top hollywood reporter's recent of 100 favorite shows of all time? seinfeld? m.a.s.h. or friends? >> "c," "friends," which is basically a documentary of what it is like to live in new york city. >> which one would you pick? >> i would go "sin einfeld." >> hoda? >> we have a lot of anxious people ready to get on tv. what's your name? >> holly smith. >> where you from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> holly smith, this stand-up comedian competed on the fifth season of "last comic standing" in 2007? amy schumer? sarah silverman or whitney cummings? >> "a." >> was it amy schumer?
10:32 am
you get $100. you get 100 >> so amy. she rocketed. >> she's amazing. i was in "trainwreck" with amy. i played, like, brie larson's kind of shlubby husband. that was me, "boston globe" called me brie larson's blob of a husband. that was in my hometown newspaper, which would be an insulting way to describe food. >> you know what, though? that just means you're a great actor. >> thank you very much. >> because in person you're no blob at all, baby. you're quite studly. okay, hoda woman. >> all righty, anxious folks over here excited to be on tv. what's your name? >> gracie. >> from? >> grand rapids, michigan. >> trace, we can do it together. all right. watch this picture clue. identify this 1980 -- oh, no -- film comedy. go. >> "airplane." >> "airplane"! you got $100 you got $100
10:33 am
>> yes, i know. "airplane." everybody adored it. it was so ridicio. >> there's no movies like that right now. there are just wall-to-wall jokes. >> yeah. >> just tons of jokes. a recent one that i liked like that was david wayne made a movie called "they came together" with amy poehler and paul rudd. so funny. in the spirit of "airplane." >> okay, so you can download that which is what people seem to do. okay. hoda woman. >> what's your name? >> angie patterson. >> where you from? >> fishers, indiana. >> angie, you ready? >> i think so. >> i think you are, girl. how about this? this comedian is cohosting the 2016 mtv movie awards with dwayne "the rock" johnson this weekend. is it ricky gervais? kevin hart? or jack black? >> "a." >> "a." oh! yay! >> she gets the best prize. yeah, it's kevin. >> kevin hart. excellent.
10:34 am
>> that's all you're going to say? back to you, hoda. for a guy who's supposed to be the funniest guy in town. >> i'm not going to make fun of the people who are the comedians. this duo is also starring in an action comedy called "central intelligence." very exciting. >> wow! you are a bit of a blob. all right, hoda. >> what's your name? >> brian. >> brian, where you from? >> lawrenceburg, kentucky. >> lawrenceburg kentucky! here we go. ready? what actress made her big-screen debut in "national lampoon's vacation"? was it jane krakowski? portia derossi or kerry washington? a, b or c? >> "b." he said "b." wait, wait. >> it's a good thing. >> we told him to lose. >> jane krakowski is the answer. what part? do you know a part she plays? >> no, because that was so many years ago. >> oh, there we go.
10:35 am
that was a long time ago. >> that's a great part. >> i love her, by the way. >> hilarious. >> she's so funny in everything. all right, hoda woman. >> i think this might be our last one. aww. what's your name? >> kathy from georgia. >> i thought you said kathy that's my assistant. >> i wish! >> here we go. according to "rolling stone," which comedian has the best stand-up special of all time? chris rock? george carlin? or richard pryor? >> i'm going to say george carlin. >> george carlin. is she right? wait, rate, wait, wait. yay! >> i worked with george carlin for several years, and she was the funniest man on the planet. but a lot of people don't even anymore. >> is that true? former generation. >> "live at the sunset strip" was the model for actually my first one-person show which was called "sleepwalk with me." my director and i watched it over and over and over again because it's so brilliant. >> you are, too.
10:36 am
you're adorable. >> thank you. >> "it's no laughing matter." thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a texas woman heard her late mother's voice. then four-legged secret to burning more calories and reducing your stress. we could all use a little of that after this. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. ryou two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... t nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, r and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement , we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia strawberry.
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buy food. my family gets the food we need. i'm so glad we could help. i'm so glad someone helped. hunger lives closer than you think. r purchase participating items at walmart tand you can help secure a meal for someone in need rthrough feeding america member food banks. all right. if you don't have a dog, you might want to drop by your neighbor's house and borrow theirs. >> better yet, you can adopt one of these adorable little guys. research shows that dog owners tend to be healthier than nondog owners simply because dogs get you walking but they can also help you burn more calories and relieve stress with a workout. they also love you no matter what. >> so here to unleash the moves you can do with your pooch is "women's health" director and certified trainer, jen ader. >> hey, jen. how are you? >> great.
10:41 am
>> yes, from our friends at the north shore animal work. >> they do such great work. this is jerry. >> jeremy, i can't handle. >> and angelina. >> angelina is 10 years old, right? 9 years old? >> and cooper, our sweet cooper. >> what kind of exercises can we do? >> it depends on the breed of the dog. check with your vet first just to make sure you're getting them checked out, make thur sure they're healthy for exercise. small dogs don't need as much strenuous exercise as we do but that doesn't mean you can't work out with them. when you're holding them, they act as resistance. you can do strength training moves. you can do lunges and squats and all of the basic things that you would normally do. it's kind of like baby puppy and me classes. and all of a sudden, you get bonding. you get bonding, strength training. >> right. okay. >> quick little workout. now, if your dog is a little bit bigger, me and cooper in our
10:42 am
water. and i love going stand-up paddleboarding, and so does he. >> he likes it, huh? >> you can get your dog used to water sports by having them wear the vest inside the house, around your yard. >> and they need that, too. we assume they can swim, but -- >> yeah. they always need a life vest because you never know what kind of conditions. >> isn't that great? he's ready to go. >> we've been practicing this a little bit. on our little wave runner, right? so you get up. and all of a sudden when you're practicing on solid ground, they're going to be more comfortable once you put them into the water. that's kind of the practice trip there. >> good job, cooper. >> cooper is a ladies' man, by the way. >> he is. he's a lover. i'm going to leave him right there. >> good boy, cooper. >> are you sure? >> he sees ladies. >> he's going to be good. >> he's not going to move. cooper. cooper's never moving.
10:43 am
move. >> someone let him go! >> it's okay, cooper. >> cooper, come here. come here, cooper. >> he might once they get moving. if you have a larger dog, running is obviously huge. and there's been a rise in pet plus owner races happening across the country. as you can see, we've got one of our friends here. we've got dublin. this is a great point. if you're going to sign up for one of these races, you want to take your dog out running in places where there's a lot of other dogs just like you train tore races. you want to train your dog to be around other dogs. duffy right here and dublin has a great hands-free leash. that's a great way to get running with your dog. >> you hook it on. >> you took it on to your waist so it's a little bit more natural, you know, running form. boxers are great, great runners. the thing is with all dogs, you don't see them sweat the way that we would. you can't really tell when they're tired. you want to make sure that you're getting them water every 15 to 20 minutes. they need a drink just as much
10:44 am
there's great water bottles that ca.n attach to the dog's collars or you can just hold. >> how long should you run with your dog? a mile? >> yay, cooper! >> oh, my god. thank god. >> he's done. he held that for so long. you know, you want to ease into it. it's kind of like running regularly. you kind of ease your way, ten minutes, adding on, adding on. >> and little dogs left. >> for sure. if you have an older dog like bentley over here, bentley is our amazing big, big lap, a great thing to do with them is to alternate intervals. so marissa was just running back and forth. now she's going to do some moves. >> jumping jacks. >> let him have a little rest. this is great for puppies, too, because you might think they're just sitting there but it takes a lot of mental stimulation to sit still while their owner is being active. it's a great obedience training for a dog.
10:45 am
>> everybody especially cooper. and -- >> what's this dog's name again? >> jeremy. >> hoda, he loves you. >> they're available for adoption at north shore animal league. coming up, one woman who stopped to smell the roses only to discover the most incredible thing. >> it's easy to get the two confused. >> she's going to share her story right after this. [ background noise of children playing ] what a wonderful thing. that a slice of hot... bubbling, california mozzarella awesomeness has the [ child ] stop it! mmmm. yum! you' re welcome! dairy products made with california milk. from our family farms to your table. return to real. look for the seal. olay regenerist
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sometimes you hear a story that seems so remarkable, like a remarkable coincidence, it can only be described as a godwink. >> our friend, "new york times" best-selling author behind the series, and he's here to share yet another incredible story. >> another one. you know, we have all lost somebody we love at one time or another. and we wish that we could just
10:51 am
that's what happened to johnna fitzgerald, a former miss texas who lives in tyler, texas. the rose capital of the world. >> yes, it is. >> and she received the most amazing godwink she thinks from her mother, eddie ruth, and it was the rosiest ever. >> you got it. >> my dear sweet mother passed away five years ago. she was known for growing the most beautiful red roses. when she went to heaven, we made sure that some of her glorious spring roses were gathered and displayed at her funeral. mom was my best friend, and i miss her terribly. especially our daily chats about recipes, family, our pets and, of course, her roses. still filled with grief just a couple weeks after her service, a friend and i were driving on a street we don't normally travel. all of a sudden, he shouted out, "did you see those roses?" there was no traffic.
10:52 am
and backed up so i could see the side street overflowing with magnificent red rosebushes. instantly, as the car moves backwards, we heard mom's voice from the back seat. >> grandma was the sweetest, kindest little old lady. >> i was speechless. while my friend said, "that sounds like your mother." we looked at each other in complete shock. he slammed on the brakes. we jumped out of the car and began digging through bags in the back. then i remembered when mom went into hospice, i had decided to capture some of her stories on a small digital voice recorder. i had put that recorder in a side pocket of my briefcase, and somehow it had turned itself on and began playing. here's what's amazing. that recorder had been an annoyance to me. to turn it on, you had to hold the power button down for about
10:53 am
then push a recessed play button with your fingernail. yet the instant we stopped to see the roses was the very moment my mother's voice filled the car. >> grandma was the sweetest, kindest, little old lady. >> how incredible is that godwink? >> wow! >> sweet. >> johnna said in that moment, a peace came over her that surpassed all understanding. but that's how godwinks happen in everybody's life. they come into your life like a fresh breeze. but you know what? there's a double godwink here because the year that johnna went to the miss america pageant, the host was kathie lee gifford. >> what? >> wow. and with regis, probably. oh, with gary collins. >> gary collins. yeah. >> just when you see how to turn on that recorder, what you would have to go through -- >> for just to happen like that. >> but it appeared at exactly the moment. >> of course it did, squire, because you needed more stories
10:54 am
>> exactly. >> everybody's got one. we'll be back in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. a disability that keeps you from working can mean broken dreams fractured hopes shattered lives. turn to disability justice, the social security disability experts, they can help you get the
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quick shout-out, if you work with your spouse, we want to hear from you. suzy will talk about couples going into business together. go to for a chance to tell your story on tv. >> tomorrow, a throwback thursday performance by cheap trick. >> plus, the very funny mindy kaling. we love her. she's going to stop by. >> find out what the ace of cakes duff goldman is cooking up for us. >> we have "ambush makeovers." we're really busy. >> we are. meantime, we're going to go see
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today on "access hollywood live," never -- >> never! >> never. >> i mean, never. >> never ever a dull moment when kendra wilkinson is here. >> she was recently on a show, bill, and she talked about cheating on hef, which is in the mansion. i mean, there was three girlfriends, but she would go out and -- >> i just assumed that she did, right? she's feuding with her mom now, who's threatening to expose everything. it's not good. >> no. plus, she talks about how she likes donald trump. >> she's a trump supporter? she wants to make america great again? >> yeah. >> and espn's jay williams is with us. >> what an incredible story on reinvention after a motorcycle crash ended his basketball


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