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tv   Today  NBC  April 11, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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wednesday we finally get the kbin napgs of combination of drier weather. for the weekend, looking at a warmup near 07 degrees by sunday. hopefully stays 70s after that. low 70s. >> thanks, raphi. the "today" show is coming up next. that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. back at it. donald trump returns to the trail after a four-dbreak and suggests he's being cheated out of delegates. >> the system is corrupt. >> while ted cruz conceives he'll likely need a contested convention to win the nomination. on the democratic side, bernie sanders keeps firg away. >> the terms of a judgment are something -- is clearly lacking. >> this morning, the poll that shows clinton widening her margin in the next race, new york. road rage or revenge?
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a former nfl player in new orleans, shot and killed after arguing with a man who rear ended his car. the surprising back story that some say could be a motive. hail of a storm. severe weather hammers the south. hail the size of tennis balls. the potential for stronger storms dday. here in the northeast, the long-awaited spring weather mayw finally be on the way. and augusta implosion. >> oh, my goodness. this is unbelievable. >> defending champ jordan spieth squanders a five-shot lead to lose the masters in one of the most epic meltdowns in history. today, monday, april 11th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. willie is in forsmatt. watching that live yesterday, i think i chewed off half of my hand. it was hard to watch. >> matt is probably ut today recovering from watching that. jordan spieth, arguably one of the best players in the world. the biggest meltdown on one of the biggest stages in the world. he's a young player and will be back and recover from this. we'll walk through exactly what happened. >> he had a great tournament until the back nine. first, our top story. politics. all about the race for delegates in the presidential race. a race that donald trump complains is stacked against him. here's where things stand. trump has the over all lead. over the weekend, ted cruz completed his sweep of colorado's 34 delegates. bernie sanders added another win to his string of victories over hillary clinton, this time in wyoming. they'll split the delegates evenly. let's begin with hallie jackson. she's following the republican
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>> good morning. doonld trump is hoping a win in new york will help him reset his campaign. though a new nbc analysis shows he is benefitting from the delegate rules, he's still taking aim at his rivals and the system. >> reporter: for the first time in four days -- >> there's nothing like a trump rally, folks. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail and back on the attack. donald trump bashing the boston globe for its fake front page, warning of deportations, riots, if he's president. >> they made up the whole front page, which is really no differenu from th whole paper for the whole thing. >> reporter: he's ready for another rally in new york today, where the latest poll shows trump beating his closest competitors by double digits across almost every demographic group. a win in new york would make ite easier forteim to lock up the nomination. if that doesn't happen, his campaign seems to be struggling with plan b. how to handle a contested ymconvention.
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arguing it's set up against him. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. we're supposed to be, you vote and the vote means something. >> reporter: his newly hired right-hand man, a delegate wrangler, sounding secretive, explaining their strategy. >> there's the law, there's hics and -- i'm ncu going to get into what tactics are used. >> reporter: taking aim at ted cruz. the cruz campaign touting its superior organization now pushing back, calling it, quote, no surprise trump's team will sh out with falsehoods to distract from their failure. as cruz cleans up in colorado. >> together, we won all 21. >> reporter: he's acknowledging how hard it'll be to win the nomination outright. >> the odds of going to a contested convention in cleveland have become much, much higher. >> reporter: but cruz, confident now he has what it takes to beat trump in cleveland if this campaign gets that far.
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will go in with an overwhelming advantage. on a subsequent ballot, we're going to win the nomination and earn a majority. >> on that delegate front, a cruz campaign aide tells me i trump doesn't like the system, he shouldn't be part of it. cruz is campaigning in california today. john kasich, donald trump in upstate new york. after what was, for trump, a relatively quiet weekend. the first time in five months, by some counts, he hasn't called into or appeared on one of the sunday political shows. >> laying low for a little bit. let's turn over to the democrats. hillary clinton up big in new york, but bernie sanders keeps winning states. kristen welker joins us with more on the democratic battle. >> great to see both of you. clinton and sanders will spend another day crisscrossing new york. sanders gained a little momentum over the weekend with the win in wyoming. he essentially split the delegates evenly with secretary clinton, making the fight here critical.
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battle for new york, sanders and clinton are becoming con ten tentious on the trail. >> we have someone who rejects the idea that president obama has made progressli. >> secretary cliopon has been going after us along with her surrogates very, very hard. >> reporter: sanders backing off his charge that clinton is unqualified, but now accusing her of lacking judgment. >> she may have the experience to b president of the united states. no one can argue that. in terms of her judgment, it's something that's clearly lacking. >> reporter: s ders picked up another win in wyoming this weekend, his seventh state in recent weeks, but a poll shows clinton topping sanders in new york. he released this new ad, touting his big apple roots. >> brooklyn born. he knows we're all in this together. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is dogged by her use of a
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over the weekend, president obama called the move careless, but also defended clinton. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. >> reporter: some are questioning whether clinton's top surrogate helps ore hurts s s or hurts her campaign, after bill clinton responded arguably last week to protesters. sanders called on the former president to apologize. >> the young people were trying to get good television, and they did. but that doesn't mean that i was most effective in answering them. >> he takes defending and protesting me very seriously, and i appreciate that. >> reporter: as hillary clinton looks to rebound from a string of losses, "saturday night live" having a little fun with it all. >> who can remember how many states i lost in a row? is it two or three? >> i'm here to fill seven holes in your walls. >> despite clinton's dust ups in
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insists he's the best person to speak to his wife's record and knows what it takes to be president. president clinton will be back on the trail today. the democratic race heating up. >> we have a great group assembled here. let's bring in nbc news political analyst nicolle wallace and mark halperin, managing editor of bloomberg politics. >> bill clinton said he probably didn't handle the protester the right way. a presidential candidate is campaigning wite a husband who is the president of the united states and has a legacy of his own that he has to defend on the trail. how compltuicated s this for hillary? >> super complicated. we saw it year ago when he campaigned for his wife and she lost. the next days in new york are going to be incredibly important for the nomination. not just a question of who wins. hillary clinton is heavily favored. but how the clintons navigate the trail.
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ground than new york city and new york state. we'll see how president and hillary clinton deal with it. see if sanders can narrow the gap in a state that's critically important to his c nces. >> anything about using bill clinton as a surrogate? you mentioned, they're using him again today. >> i think after thnt happened, there were probably discussions that occurred behind the scenes. in fact, bill clinton was asked atuuestion bout a different matter and said, i'll stay on message today. message received. look at the polling. he's widely popular with democrats. again, he served as president and ws the best person to make the case for his wife. having said that, i don't think an incident like what we saw in philadelphia hurts secretary clinton in the primary election. i think heading into a general, he'll have to be more cautious. >> we saw in kristen's piece, the president of the united states, once again, speaking out
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the e-mails of hillary clinton. he said he doesn't think she affected national security. >> i can't imagine anyone on the white house staff wanted him to say that. or anyone on the national security staff wanted hgm to say something about an ongoing fbi investigation. the president's first meetings of the day are usually with the fbi directors. i think the political side of this is he has her back, and it's powerful. >> let's talk about the republicans. donald trump, no phoneathon on sunday. >> counts as progress. >> hallie reported. does that mean you won the argument f last week that trump can change? >> every woman likes to say, i told you so. chuck todd, i told you so. after his epic fail in wisconsin, the question was whether he was capable of evolving as a candidate. i think he's proven that he is and he has. what i think is more promising for donald trump is that he's
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has worked for him since he descended the escalator in june. he is the only one that can stand up against the rigged system. a lot of trump voters. >> trump indicating he's taking this seriously. hiring a wrangler to get him through the convention. >> when you look at his argument that the system is corrupt, they compare toit it to the football game. you have to get the ball over the goal line. they can comment and do delegate maneuvering and do the disturb down. when you're in the position to explain the rules to people, instead of saying, a vote is a vote and everything counts, it maybe puts you on the defensive a little bit and has you forced to talk about a message you may not want to talk about. >> last question for mark. is that a winning argument, to complain about the rules? is there a no whining rule in
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trump to say, i'm getting cheated. >> get ready for three months of schoolhouse rock. we'll learn how delegates are picked and chosen. 50 states, 50 sets of rules. watch it all play out. each side will have to spin like crazy. there's no right answers. >> fun having you all here. >> thank you. >> love it. >> see you again sometime. also this morning, we're learning more about the shooting death of former nfl player will smith. he was gunned down in new orleans over the weekend. a suspect has been arrested. there are a lot of questions this morning about what led to this shooting. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest for us. good morning. >> good morning. makeshift memorial at the scene and a court hearing is set for later today. the alleged gunman's attorney says his client is innocent and felt threatened himself before he opened fire. now, there are new questions about whether this was road rage, revenge or something else. >> reporter: this morning, police are trying to piece together the motive behind the
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orleans saints most beloved players. >> male down with about six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> reporter: former defensive end will smith gunned down late saturday night. >> reports a body. ems notified. >> reporter: his wife shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital. the chaos, steps from wayne's home. >> i walked out of the house. there was screaming and yelling. then i heard, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. it was rapid succession. >> reporter: police say a hummer rear ended smith's mercedes. drivers exchanging words until one opened fire. >> does this seem like a road rage incident? >> seemed that way to me. >> reporter: the driver of the hummer, 30-year-old cardell hayes, charged with second degree murder. his attorney says he'll plead not guilty and he was not the aggressor aggressor. >> not only did my client call 911, but my client secured a witness who was about to leave the scene. and my client waited for law enforcement to arrive. now, tell me if that's the
7:14 am
someone who is an animal out here, looking for blood. >> reporter: hayes once received a settlement from the city over the 2005 police shooting death of his father. earlier in the evening, smith had dinner with a former police officer named in the lawsuit. >> we have no information to suggest they knew one another or this was anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute that turned violent. >> reporter: the saints drafted smith back in 2004 from ohio state. pro bowler and part of the 2009 super bowl team. >> so rare these days in the nfl to have a player spend an entire career with one team. i think that's why this really resonates with the city and people of new orleans. >> smith's family says it is thankful for all the support and is asking for privacy as it grieves for the loss of a devoted husband, father and friend. meanwhile, the suspect's attorney says that that previous settlement with the citythad
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savannah and willie? >> gabe, thank you. meanwhile, millions are in the path of a new rouqu of dangerous storms this morning sweeping across the south. al has a look at it. >> a lot of activity overnight. we have video just in for you. as you look right now at oklahoma, you can see heavy thunderstorms, a lot of hail and damaging winds falling. look at the hail come down. west texas, driving was a nightmare. you can see, it looks like it's been snowing. that's all hail. we're going to see more of that today as the storms fire up and continue to move to the east. we've got showers stretching from new york, but the heavier storms as you et back to the southern plains, we're looking at the storms right now. severe thunderstorm warnings between wichita falls and mcallister. the moist, unstable air is coming in. severe storms will track near the low. locally heavy downpours from
7:16 am
atlanta, i should say. heavier shorms storms overnight tonight up to new york. we have the risk of severe weather north of houston, up into little rock. 13 million people at risk. flood threats, as well. 3 to 4 inches of rain per hour. overnight, the next 24 hours, we could see about 4 to 5 inches of rain in that region. we'll see rain all the way up into the northeast. >> get to your local forecast in a bit. troubling allegations being made against an officer in the u.s. navy. a man charged with espionage. pete williams is following this story for us. good morning. >> good morning. it's been decades since an active duty navy officer was charged with spying. the military has brought these allegations against a man who came to the u.s. from taiwan. officials say it's edward lynn, assigned to a unit that oversees some of the navy's spy planes. what's been disclosed by the pentagon says nothing about the nature of what he revealed but
7:17 am
the navy uses intelligence and the aircraft. he was spying for either china or taiwan. he was born in taiwan and came to the u.s. with his family when he was 14 years old, speaking no english, and became a naturalized citizen in 2008. the military charging documents are heavily redac d with all the details blacked out. they charge him with espionage, failing to report to places he visited on foreign travel, patronizing a prostitute and adultery. he's accused of revealing intelligence information that was classified at the secret level. that's a step below top secret, which covers the military's most closely guarded information. he's being held in a navy brig in virginia. >> pete williams, thank you. now to an nbc news exclusive. cia director john brenn says his agency won't engage in water boarding, even if the next president ordered the agency to do so. the issue has been thrust back into the spotlight during the campaign for the white house. donald trump and ted cruz
7:18 am
water boarding. brennan said the cia won't engage in so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. >> i wouldn't agree to having any cia officer carrying out water boarding again. >> you can see more of that interview with the cia director tonight on "nbc nightly news." back to the drama-filled, final round of the masters. it'll be talked about for years to come. danny willett capturing the green jacket. for most of day, it was jordan spieth who appeared to be in complete control. until he self-destructed. >> reporter: a shocking collapse for golf's brightest young star. as he turned for the back nine at augusta with a second consecutive green jacket in sight, jordan spieth fell apart. for the first half of his final und sunday, the 22-year-old looked unstoppable. with birdies on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th holes, opening up a
7:19 am
but he ran into trouble with bogeys on 10 and 11. then the hole where it all came done. number 12. spieth finding the water not once but twice. >> oh, my goodness. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: when he finally found land, it was sape. >> i'm losing count. >> reporter: spieth falling from first to fourth in a matter of minutes. the defending champion tried to rally. but he never recovered. englishman danny willett was the beneficiary. willett almost didn't play this week. his wife was due to give birth on sunday but the couple's son came early. dad was able to make it to augusta augusta. in keeping with masters tradition, last ier year's winner slipped the jacket on to the new champion. it was spieth who gave away the
7:20 am
>> jordan spieth handled what was the worst moment maybe of his life with such class. did the interview afterward. then had to stand there and slide the green jacket, that rightfully should have been his, and slip it on danny willett. let's not take away from danny willett. shot 67 at augusta under those conditions. the due date for his child was yesterday, wasn't going to play. he was lucky to be there. great day for danny willett. unfortunately, it'll be remembered for jordan spieth. >> so much drama and a great competition. >> spieth will be back. 22 years old. >> young guy. al, let's get to your forecast. >> that's what's going on. e trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i' d like to... cut. so i' m gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we' ll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you' re a young farmhand and e trade is your cow.
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e trade is all about seizing opportunity. good morning, everyone. we are tracking some rain out there on this monday morning. you do want to grab the umbrella. showers in the hudson valley. light sprinkles around the city. not expecting heavy rain, but we're dealing with milder temperatures. that's a great feel. 45 degrees already. much better than what we had over the weekend. spotty showers, high of 58 degrees. near 60, and finally near normal. also breezy throughout the day. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow we have rain, especially early. still mild with a high near 60 degrees. that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up, new drama over the o.j. simpson trial two decades later. why the former district attorney of los angeles says he never wanted marcia clark to prosecute the case, and how she's responding this morning. jury selection begins in a
7:22 am
did a father intentionally leave his toddler to die in a swet sweltering car? first, this is "today" on
7:24 am
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good morning, everyone. 7:26. monday morning. april 11. looking at the hamilton bridge. i'm darlene rodriguez. right now, people are searching for two suspects in the fatal shooting of a rutgers student. newark police say it happened around 10:00 last night in an off-campus apartment near central avenue and halsey street. another person was also shot inside the apartment and is recovering at the hospital. police say that person's not a student. the essex county prosecutor's office says two people were spotted running from the scene. investigators say the shooting was not a random act. let's look at the commute. here's lauren scala. >> thanks. right now we have delays out there on downtown f trains, in addition to that if you're getting on the roads, there's an accident on 495 eastbound by tunley avenue in the right lanes. if you're head toward the lincoln tunnel, that will get in your way. a disabled tractor-trailer on the turnpike extension by the bayone exit. to the hudson, 40-minute delay at the lincoln. 30 at the holland and george washington bridge. an accident westbound on the grand central by francis lewis
7:28 am
>> thank you very much. we'll be right back. good morning, everyone. much milder than over the weekend. temperatures already well into the 40s. here's stormtracker. wewhave rain in the hudson valley. in and around new york city and portions of nassau county. we keep the showers in the forecast throughout the day to, y. 46 now. a mild start to your day. and we are heading back into the 50s this afternoon.
7:29 am
degrees. will be breezy, but it's a nice breeze out of the south keeping us nice and mild. seven-day forecast shows tomorrow, more rain, but also more mild weather. high in the low 60s. wednesday drying nicely. temperature much milder this week, near 70 by sunday. darlene? >> all right. thank you. coming up on the "today" show, a look at everyone's favorite royal couple and how will and kate are making waves on their first official visit to india. this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system.
7:30 am
that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. 7:30 now. monday morning, the 11th of april, 2016. april showers to begin this week. >> rain but warming up a little bit. >> feels good. inside studio 1a, some of the stories making headlines. donald trump blasting the election system, calling it corrupt, during a rally in upstate new yo . trump says it's not ight that a candidate who wins a state does
7:31 am
>> they're taking your vote away. they're disenfranchising people that want to see america be great again. >> secretary of state john kerry visited the memorial to hiroshima's atomic bomb. the most senior u.s. official to travel to the site. secretary kerry said he is deeply moved by the experience. massive storm along the texas-oklahoma border overnight brought heavily rain, damagina wind and tennis-ball sized hail. millions are in the path of that system as it moves east toda we begin this half hour with jury selection getting underway today in a gut-wrenching case in georgia. 35-year-old justin ross harris accused of intentionally leaving his 22 monthld son in a car on a hot day, causing his son's death. nbc's kerry sanders is outside the courthouse for us. mgood morning. >> good morning, willie. picking a jury that has no knowledge or pre-conceived notions of guilt in the case is going to be difficult. young cooper's death was,
7:32 am
horrific and premeditated. they believe that his father intentionally left him in a car to die because he wanted a life free of re ponsibilities. >> reporter: as his trial begins today, justin ross harris has never waivered. almost two years after leaving his 22 mth old son, cooper, rustrapped in a baby seat in a sweltering hot suv where he died, harris' defense has never changed. >> cooper's death was a horrible, gut-wrenching ac dent. >> reporter: autho ities aren't budging either. they say cooper's death was deliberate. that he was murdered by his father, who was living a double life. >> evidence is showing us he has this second life he's living, with alternate personalities and alternate personas. >> reporte : at a 2014 pre-trial hearing, police dropped bombshells, alleging harris was exchanging sexually explicit texts and pictures with up to
7:33 am
trapped in a car with temperatures that climbed to 120 degrees. three of the women were under 18 years old. police say two months before his son's death, harris researched child deaths in overheated cars and life without children. >> proved motive because he was unhappy in his marriage and wanted to live a child-free life. >> reporter: harris' defense attorney kis consistently pushed back. >> there's been no connection between the events of that day and the death of this child and this fantasy texting or whatever is. >> reporter: charged with 16 counts, including murder and child cruelty, harris has pled not guilty to all the allegations. >> morning, mrs. harris. >> reporter: harris is divorced from his wife, cooper's mother, but she say she does not think her son was murdered. >> she always stood by him. she always believed it was an accident. she never has waivered from that. there's no doubt in her mind
7:34 am
>> in the early days of this investigation, police looked closely at the wife, thinking that she may have conspired with her husband in a sinister plot. she has never been ndarged. now, may find herself as a witness for both the prosecution and the defense. willie? savannah? >> horrible story all the way around. kerry sanders in georgia, thanks. turn to the o.j. simpson trial. it's back in the spotlight. with that, la county's former district attorney is speaking out. he's saying he never wanted prosecutor morse e er or marcia clark to lead the prosecution. natalie has more. >> good morning. the distr t attorney saw high-profile cases, inclu ngw cases against michael jackson and those accused of beating rodney king. none wound att ch itself to his legacy more than o.j. simpson. >> 20 years in public service
7:35 am
will say, he lost o.j. >> reporter: gill has only seen the first three episodes of ""the people versus o.g simpson," but called it misleading. he criticized marcia clark, telling the "post," i didn't pick her to lead the prosecution. saying, quote, she didn't heed the advice of our trial consultant who said not to pick african-american women. a strategy highlighted on the se 98ries. >> if i can make it black women, we're in good shape. >> why? >> they're sympathize with anybody coal. >> reporter: the panel that included eight african-american women acquitted simpson of double homicide. clark disputes the account, telling odhy that she was assigned to the case and never lobb d to be on it. for jury collection, clark called it untrue and utter non-sense that she wouldn't listen to the d.a.'s jury consultant. i understood very well what we were up against with the african-american community,
7:36 am
the question was never whether african-american jurors would be reluctant to vote guilty. the question was what to do about it. in 1995 with the trial underway, gar garcetti spoke to "today". >> by a 49-13 margin, blacks say he's not guilty. what does that disparity say t you? >> i'm not ure, other than i can go back to the beginning where people did not want to believe that mr. simpson could have done such a thing. >> reporter: 20 years after the verdict, fingers are still being pointed. clark tells savannah she's at peace with the effort she and her fellow prosecutors put? >> t i can say there was nothing more i could do. toe say i'm at peace with the verdict? no. i mean, no. justice was not done. >> while there are different versions of what happened behind the scenes, of course, they'll always be linked by the o.j.
7:37 am
many observers say the not guilty verdict ended gaacetti's political career. his son, mayor of los angeles right now. marcia clark, it also ended ha career, as well, as a prosecutor. >> she's now an author. >> well-published author. >> natalie, thank you. let's turn it over to al fr. a look at the weather. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by i hop. come together over breakfast. >> in the east, we've been whining about the cold air. the good news it's about done. we have a chilly start to the morning in the northeast. so in the great lakes. the good news is, we've broken the back of winter. we're looking at temperatures above n mal from the northeast to the mid-atlantic states. as you look at the next three days, up to 62 by thursda in new york city. 65 in richmond. charlotte, 57. 54 in clevelan peoria, a high on thursday of 66 degrees. good morning, everyone.
7:38 am
temperatures already in the 40s. a milder day ahead. unfortunately, we can't enjoy a dry and mild day. we have showers moving through the region this morning on stormtracker. mainly light, but on and off throughout the day today. you see temperatures, that's the big story, up to 54 by lunchtime. breezy and milder through the day. on and off rain. not a lot of heavy rain. still, grab the umbrella just to be on the safe side. overnight, the rain continues into tuesday. stays mild, though. tomorrow's high in the low 60s. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. up next, our exclusive atnversation with anita hill, as the new movie puts her claims against justice clarence thomas back in hhe spotlight. later on trending, what savannah and i were looking at
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she called herself the reluctant witness 25 years ago. anita hill appeared before the senate judiciary committee and laid out sexual harassment claims against clarence thomas. >> i took no initiative to inform anyone. but when i was asked by a representative of this committee to report my experience, i felt that i had to tell the truth. i could not keep silent. >> that epic battly ultimately led to justice thomas' confirmation by one of the most narrowest mcegins in history and transformed how we talk about sexu harassment in the workplace rkplace.
7:44 am
washington portraying anita hill. professor hill, thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> is it hard to relive the memories? we played a piece of tape where we see you in the testimony. or in some ways, is it always with you? >> it's always with me. there are moments when i relive it more strongly. of course, seeing iou in film brings that back to me. it's important for us, i think, to re guve the story and continue to learn the lessons from it. so that's why t film is important. having a younger audience, 25 ye s is a long time. an entire generation has grown up and has never really witnessed this event. >> kerry washington not only portrays you, she's one of the executive producers of the film. you met with her. what was that experience like? what questions was she asking you? >> most importantly, i think she wanted to know not only how i felt during the confirmation
7:45 am
that really was encouraging. to have someone wanting to know, what was my thinking pattern? what was going on in my mind during this whole epise? >> i watched the film. i thought some people who aren't familiar with the bise events might say, well, gosh, maybe we'll never know what really happened there. if people think that, does that sit right with you? >> it doesn't sit right with me fbecause i think that sends a really wrong message for people who are going through some of these same things today. the idea that we can never know the truth, iths just not accurait. we can know the truth if we have the right processes in place. what i think the film shows very clearly is that the wrong processes could lead us to confusion. i think that's exactly what happened in 1991. >> when you think about that atmosphere and how difficult it was, and you look at our political atmosphere now, it
7:46 am
looks genteel by chair son omparison. yet, to be in the middle of it had to have been difficult. >> i wasn't genteel. it was d ficult at times and i think the film shows that clearly. >> we reached out to justice thomas who had no comment on the film. in the past, he wrote a memoir, consistently saying he is innocent of the allegation s s. have you ever ran into him? >> i don't thinkofhere is a need. he holds to his position, and i hold to mine. >> are you at peace with him being on the supreme court and your role in history? >> i'm at peace with my role in history. ihbon't think i have to become at peace with him on the supreme court. i think what we have to do though is underst and why my testimony and my experience -- and not only my experience, but
7:47 am
weren't called -- why that was so important to the integrity of the court and why it spoke directly to the character of the nominee at the time. >> professor anita hill, we appreciate your story. >> thank you. >> "confirmation" appears on hbo on april 16th. willie? coming up, the wildest moments and surprises from last night's i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick
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on the fastest network. plus, try us out for 30 days. if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. we are back at 7:50 with a idgame of guess the guest. tamron has that. >> this is a good one. coming up, we'll have a very special visitor on the plaza. only i know who the person is. i have a few clues for you about our surprise guest. here we go. first clue is, he is one of matt's best friends. he has over -- >> wrangler. >> -- 212,000 instagram posts. don't guess. he loves supermodels. is savannah, you may or may not be right. i don't know. >> i think so. >> depending on your reaction. >> we should play poker with tamron.
7:52 am
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good morning, everyone. 7:56.
7:57 am
april 11th. i'm darlene rodriguez. in presidential politics this morning, hillary clinton will be on long island today. her democratic opponent, bernie sanders, will be upstate stumping for votes. sanders was in coney island yesterday. he ate at nathan's hot dogs and rallied supporters on the boardwalk. clinton was stumping in predominantly african-american chufrs around churches around town. donald trump and john kasich will be in the albany area today. yesterday trump drew an overflow crowd to a hanger in rochester. he accused his other opponent, ted cruz, of gaming the system to steal gop delegates from him. cruz is in california today. here's the commute with lauren scala. >> up to 30-minute delays on the morrison exits and glassstone lines. two hoboken and newark penn stations, cross honoring because of overhead wire problems. delays on the downtown f trains. on the cross wheftchester eastbound after exit 6, there's
7:58 am
also one on the l.i.e. westbound by exit 16. back to you. all right. thanks. the weather today, mostly cloudy, breezy, milder. some scattered showers. high of 58 degrees. tonight, clouds hang around. breezy, mild with steady showers, low 52. tomorrow, rain and showers, 60 is the high. coming up on the "today" show, academy award winner kevin costner talks about how he got into character playing a
7:59 am
8:00 am
you are the reason i breathe i 's 8:00 on "today" and coming up, royal road trip. william and kate embark on a historic trip to india as they kick off their first royal tour since the birth of princess charlotte. >> when catherine and i were married, india was the fir place she wanted to visit. medical pioneer. the texas woman who made headlines for undergoing the first uterine transplant in the
8:01 am
she opens up about the latest setback and what's next. >> it'll be a while until i work througo everything, because we had high hopes. talk to me, baby costner goes criminal. >> did you work with billy? >> i don't think anyone like him ever would have worked with somebody like me. >> kevin costner s ops by studio 1a to talk about his dark nlw film today, monday, april 11th, 2016. all the way from dallas, texas. we're here celebrating 35 years of wedded bliss. >> taking on nyc. >> three sisters from texas. hi, mom! >> all the way from alabama, celebrating her eighth birthday. >> all the way from san diego so
8:02 am
yay! it's 8:00 on "today". it's monday, april 11th. great day. we have our wonderful crowd. taking a selfie.e we have willie here. matt has the day off. >> suspense is building. >> time to reveal today's mystery guest because we have no idea, despite the fact you nailed it. tamron is ready. >> here's our guest. you might recognize him. >> hey, buddy. >> look at him. >> sit. good boy. i dropped ye'our treat. i have the treats. come on. you remember this guy. >> hey, buddy. what's up, man.
8:03 am
>> good boy. >> wrangles. >> he's back and looks good. >> what's going on with wrangler? >> he reached the number of miles -- >> i'll hold him while you talk. how about that? come on, buddy. some things never change with old wrangle. >> he has another jacketeon. he is doing fine. doing wonderful. is this when i reveal the other big thing? >> is there another one? >> we're getting another puppy! >> what? now that's a surprise. on >> that's a surprise. >> is that true? >> wrangler, close your eyes. >> he's not having the puppy. he doesn't have a girlfriend yet. he's single. >> that took a turn. >> but we're getting another puppy. more details will be revealed later. meanwhile, wrangler is doing great. you can follow him on social media. he is succeeding the guiding eyes for the blind.
8:04 am
>> i wanted to give a shout out yot to you, tamron. not everyone c ld run out wrangler in four-inch heels. >> when i walk my own dogs, i'm not wearing these. but he's doing great, and we're getting another puppy. >> that's great. >> exciting. >> wrangler, good to see you. >> wrangles, good to see you, buddy. let's go inside to natalie for the rest of the day's stories. in the news this morning, donald trump is on the campaign trail in new york after a four-day brea on sunday in rochester, trump said the candidate who wins the most votes in the primaries should be the gop nominee. he bashed the process that could lead to a contested convention and possibly deny him the nomination. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. we're supposed to be, you vote and the vote means something.
8:05 am
will go in with an overwhelming advantage. on a subsequent ballot, we're going to win the nomination and earn a majority. >> ted cruz strengthened h s nds, picking up 34 delegates in colorado. democratic hillary cli ton released a new campaign ad this morning, attacking donald trump on abortion and immigration. meantime, with over a week until the new york primary, a poll shows clinton leading sanders by double digits. sanders maintained momentum with a victory in wyoming, but failed to dent clinton's delegate lead. he's acking away from his claim that clinton isn't qualify ied to be president, saying instead she's lacking in judgment. secretary of state john kerry making history. the highest u.s. ranking official to visit the hiroshima memori in japan. it commemo tes those who died when the bomb was dropped in
8:06 am
it helped lead to japan's vend surrender in world war ii. will smith's car was rear ded saturday night by a hummer driven by cardell hayes. the two men exchanged words and hayes allegedly opened fire, killing smith and wounding his wife. the accused gunman had once sued the ity of new orleans and several police officers over the shooting death of his father. one of the former officers named in the suit had dinner with smith earlier saturday evening. a small plane in trouble landed on a suburban street on new york's long island on sunday. officials say the plane had engine trouble just after takeoff and was trying to return to the airport. both the pilot and passenger were injured but survived. the plane also clipped a utility pole, briefly leaving 250 customers would power. get that goat a grande. police in northern california got several calls sunday morning after this. a goat inside a starbucks. employees tried to give the goat
8:07 am
a cardboard box instead. an off-duty sergeant caught the goat and took it to an animal shelter where she was reunited with her owners. guess she doesn't like lattes. >> maybe the cups would be good. >> that's right. >> natalie, thank you very much. now to royals on the road. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge are spending the week in india. this is their first royal tour in two years. keir simmons made the trip, as well. good morning. >> good morning. these very grounds, gadi ndhi was assassinated, the man who brought freedom to india. the duke and duchess are being given their ceremonial scarves. it's an eventilator e ner later in the week that might be more emotional for william. >> reporter: their first royal
8:08 am
already, they're loving it. welcomed with beau kwa ouquets of flowers, one each. learning the local language. riving in ipdia to tragedy. a fire here killing at least 110 people at a religious temple. >> we'd like to offer our koll doens -- condolences to off those affected by the fire. >> reporter: and a hotel attacked by terrorists in 2008, they met victims and staff who rescued guests. the duke and duche s coued be targeted, a scotland yard officer warning. >> even a failed attempt or attack elsewhere is going to cause a lot of attention and would be a cue for isis. >> reporter: the fears, one reason perhaps their children, prince george and princess
8:09 am
charlotte, stayed at home. >> when we were married, india was the first place on kathryn's list, she t d me she wanted to visit. two children and five years later, we've finally made it. >> reporter: the couple visiting children who live in poverty. in an area made famous by the movie "slum dog millionaire." one man dancing for them. then kate urged, you show off your moves, william. later on the trip, william must decide how to handle a personal moment. they'll take in the taj mahal, his mother pictures there alone during a trip with charles in 1992. the image telegraphed to the world their marriage was over. how will the duke and duchess behave in that spot, facing a powerful memory? >> william wants to make his own memories in that spot.
8:10 am
they plan to be back in london with their children by the weekend. >> approaches the green. >> hole in one. >> he has the 9 iron. >> you can't blab. >> the royal rush. the couple who hoped to have a baby with the help of a rare transplant, speaking out for the first time in about recent setback. plus, the real-life cast away. the men who spelled out "help" with leaves to be rescued from a deserted island. >> turns out that works. can you spot the mistake?
8:11 am
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refresher... ...[ininle + exhale mnemonic]... ...two more ways to breathe happy i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helpeag me lead p that i want to live. it's 8:15. let's do the first trending of the week. >> shall we trend? first item is a top story at, as a matter of fact. it's about a word that, frankly, is used often around here. what does it mean to be creepy? psychologists did a little research on the question. they came up with a list of behaviors that most unsettle people. here they are. standing too close to someone. >> yeah. >> laughing at inappropriate times. >> mm-hmm. >> asking to take pictures of speople. if you don't know them, maybe.
8:16 am
>> not letting someone out of a conversation. >> that's like locking the door. >> the close talker thing, it's like, back away. little too close. >> i'm surprised something wasn't there with the eyes, when they stare. it's creepy. >> they give you the up and down. male or female, while talking. what's that move? >> creepy. >> look at you, roker. yeah. >> creepy face right there. >> such a creeper, dad. uld be a hallmark talk. if you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you do? what would be the best way to get to safety? >> make a fire. >> smoke signals. >> something you see in the movies. >> this is exactly what happened. three men were stranded in the pacific last week. they used palm leaves to spell out the wor "help." guess what? it worked. a navy plane actually spotted the men, rescued them after
8:17 am
the men said they were stranded after strong waves in the area capsized their boat. who knew? >> glad to know that works. >> tuck that fact away. you might need it someday. >> rescue their soccer ball. >> the volleyball, wilson. >> right. huge hit on social media is called face swap. it allows people to see their faces on someone else. >> yikes. >> john legend and chrissy teigen. >> oh, my goodness. >> ryan seacrest and demi lovato did it, as well. >> savannah, you and i did it. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm smiling. >> that's evil. >> we did severe smiles. >> that is my smile. >> you have a beautiful smile. >> how about natalie and al. >> wow. >> so bad.
8:18 am
>> shouldn't be allowed by law. >> that could be outlawed. >> tamron, you and i got in on this. oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> you look like prince. >> he would take offense to that. >> willie, that's a lot of makeup. >> i know. >> not really your shade. >> your brows are nice. >> you put enough makeup on me, that is what i look like. >> not bad, willie. >> my kids have to try this. >> scary. you look decent. now to highlights from the mtv music awards and the victoria beckham photo that's turning heads. >> let's get it started. mtv movie awards. the 25th anniversary edition held sunday night in l.a. hosts dwayne johnson and kevin hart pulled out all the stops. rapping during the telecast. kos sums.
8:19 am
j.j. abrams, "star wars: the force awakens," winning movie of the year. will smith won the generation award. joking he's being recognized as the "karate kid's" bad. melissa mccarthy won the genius award. perhaps the most awkward most. rebel >> kept going. >> won best kiss. >> if you win best kiss, you have to bring it. they did. we have to talk about the fashions. charlize theron killing it, as always. halle berry with a similar look. black and lace was the thing. showing off her midriff. ariana grande channelled marilyn monroe. complete with the fur wrap around the diamond necklace. lovely look for her.
8:20 am
talking about. victoria beckham, is she the latest victim of a photoshop fail? look closely from her upcoming spread in "vogue" china. showing off different poses in the black and white pictures. all eyes are on this. what do you see? >> her legs. >> separated from her body. >> behind the leg. >> some are saying part of her right leg is missing. so far, no comment from victoria or "vogue" china. it does appear that something went wrong in that. >> or she's very bendy. >>ur it would be a whole -- >>imaybe she has replaceable parts. >> she was a ballerina, and her pose is not the problem. >> take the leg over her head. >> there is a swath of flesh missing from this. >> ouch. >> it is very strange.
8:21 am
sometimes you seemthe #photoshop fail. it trends a lot. that's the thing to do. look for celebrities with the photoshop fails. little tip for you this morning. >> tamron, thank you. >> welcome. thanks, al. good morning, everyone. still tracking rain out there on storm tracker. light showers now, that shower threat lingers throughout the day today, but it's milder than over the weekend. 47 degrees right now, back to the 50s by lunchtime. today's high tempeture 58 degrees. even though it's a little damp, finally feels like spring on this monday. overnight today, low of 52. tomorrow 60 with more showers. >> announcer: today's health is brought to you by pronam el toothpaste. protect your ema'am
8:22 am
every day acids. update on a story we followed. a texas couple that hoped to make history, delivering the first baby in the u.s. using a donor uterus. >> it was part of an experimental program at the cleveland clinic. the organ failed. now the couple is opening up in their first tv interview about what happened. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: lindsey made headlines when introduced as the nation's first recipient of a uterus transplant. >> it provided me with a gift i will never be able to repay. >> reporter: hours later and two weeks after the historic surgery, it was over. >> the press conference was at 10:30. by 2:30, my incision was bleeding. several hours later, i was still bleeding. so they took me into or at 7:00 that night. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was sedated when doctors told blake they had no choice but to remove the organ.
8:23 am
you lose a lot of the hopes and dreams that you had for the future. >> reporter: it was heartbreaking. with three adopted children, the couple are parents. but lindsey, born without a uterus, always hoped to experience childbirth. the clinical trial seemed lcoike an answer to those dreams. after a year of being monitored with the donor uterus inside her, doctors would implant the couple's embryo. >> it's going to be a while before i work through everything, just because we had such high hopes. >> reporter: the cleveland clinic said the organ had to come out after a serious complication complication. a yeast infection in the uterus that turned life threatening when it spread to lindsey's arteries. a setback for the program. the only successful transplants have been in sweden. >> we would not proceed with another transplant until we have come up with a clear understanding of how this infection occurred and a clear solution to avoid it from happening. >> reporter: lindsey is not
8:24 am
the trial will continue with other women once doctors study her case. >> if you could do it all again, would you go through it? >> we can always say that we gave it a shot. and that even if they just learned something from her procedure, that it was a success. >> reporter: it's been a long time for the texas couple. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: anxious to see their family, they haven't given up hope of seeing their own biological children. now a new dream. >> what's next for you, in terms of your family? >> obviously, we have the embryos that we got from ivf. my mom has offered to be our surrogate. >> reporter: lindsey said she received letters from others, and she will be there for them.
8:25 am
these or several of the women the have the bundle of joy at the end. >> reporter: the mcfarlands say they have no regrets and are looking to the future. >> we're excited to get to go home. >> it doesn't end here. we're still excited aboutiche kpu future possib ities. >> reporter: heartbreak and hope after trying for a medical miracle. janet shamlian, nbc news, weston, florida. >> still hopeful that this could work out for them down the road. >> can you imagine? they put so much into . let's head over to tamron. we have a packed half hour. superstars like kevin costner. this is my dream. i've always wanted him to be my bodyguard. get it? anyway -- geez, people! kevin got it.
8:26 am
8:27 am
live, this is news 4 new york now. >> good morning, everyone. 8:26. looking at the george washington bridge. monday morning, it is april 11th. i'm darlene rodriguez. happening today, we could learn if an off duty new jersey police officer had a date rape drug in his system at the time of a fatal head-on crash. he's due in court day. prosecutors say he was drinking at a strip club shortly before the crash last month, but his lawyer says there was evidence he was given a date rape drug. two of his friends died in the crash, a third seriously injured. here's lauren skala with the morning commute. >> up to 45 minutes delays, but only in the direction of hoboken and new yorkopenn station. new jersey transit buses are cross honoring, in addition to that, delays on the staten island railways this morning and accident on the inbound lower level of the george washington bridge causing a 30-minute delay.
8:28 am
>> thanks. check of the weather today, milder, scattered showers, high of 58 degrees. tonight clouds hang around, breezy and mild with more showers. low is 52.e tomorrow, more rain and 60 is the high. coming up on the "today" show, the highly anticipated new season of unbreakable kimmy
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is monday, april 11th. 8:30. we're saying hello to a great crowd on our plaza. it is still a little chilly out, i have to say, al. this is it, right?
8:31 am
>> this is winter's last go. coming up, we'll have oscar winner kevad costner here. we'll talk to him about his new movie. it explores the dark side. it's called "criminal." >> he was walking in and i was like, wnt is that guy wearing shades? >> he's super cool. >> the coolest. plus, one of our favorites, star of stage and screen, jane krakowski will be with us. and easy spring diy projects to brighten up your space. little spring pops. >> cute ideas. we also have good news to share. last december, we chose someone to pay it forwa, to. natalie, you picked an organization that helped foster kids. you have an update. >> that's right. i have an update on one of the former foster kids. demetrius and about his life. he was a former foster kid who helped pay it forward by making
8:32 am
we heard that demetrius was dacceptnd into his dream school, nyu. >> wow. >> awesome. >> he also is like super honor honor roll student. unbelievable. we're proud of him. great job. >> ngratulations. ou>> good job, demetrius. great school. >> he's the man. al, how about a look at the weather? >> let's check out the week ahead. it's chilly today. a little on e wet side. severe weatht through the southern gulf coast and central mississippi river valley. the midweek period, clouds in the east. latter part of the week, more rain in the gulf coast to the florida panhandle. snowy conditions through the plains. much above normal out west and through the southern texas region. much below normal around the great lakes. stays cool in the mid-atlantic states. watch the above normal temperature into the latter part of the week, make its way to the east. warmer temperature gets to the northeast, as well. stays cool in the rockies.
8:33 am
here's w thanks, al. go afod morning, everyone. breezy out there. we are tracking showers north and west of new york city across places like pike county, pennsylvania, into the hudson valley, but some ofo the showers will continue to track into the city over the next few hours and later today, showers continue on and off throughout the day. breezy, as well. but notice the temperatures, back to 58 degrees, much milder than the past couple of days, finally feeling me like spring. rain, especially early, with a high of 60 degrees. >> the rolling spring break continues here. just wanted to get a chance for our huge crowd to be seen. look. show these folks. go down the line. show those beautiful people. look at them there.
8:34 am
a lot of these people are in for a real treat. they didn't realize they were going to be in focus all the way down the line. impressive, jim. glad you got a lot of rest this weekend. savannah? >> al, thank you. we're here with oscar winner kevin costner and his new movie, "criminal." he plays a convict whose brain is surgically manipulated in hopes of completing a deceased cia agent's mission. >> we had orders to put a bullet in the dutchman's head. you thought you could trust him and pay him off. >> billy! >> where did you put him? >> remember! remember! >> you have me confused with somebody else. >> kevin costner, good morning.
8:35 am
>> this is a departure for you. this s kind of a scary character. >> yeah. he is a survivor. half his life in prison and gets drawn into this -- our big concept movie. it's about memory transfer. some information is really important. it's something they tried with animals, but certainly not with people. that's the theme. about how he moves. he's an uncontrollable character. it's kind of fun. you're not really supposed to root for him but, i think in the end, even you were. >> i was. i was saying in the beginning, you're not supposed to play him with any human sympathy cause, although he is human, this character is devoid of any emotion. >> he is. that's what makes him uncontrollable and predictable. he's pretty resourceful on the street because of his prison background. when you mix him up with the cia, they're not quite yn
8:36 am
>> in the very begrnning of the movie, there's almost a hannibal lecter feel to it. you're scared of this guy. you have all this hair and big beard. how did that o over at home when you were shooting the film? >> my children are used to that. you have to explain, daddy looks different sometimes at the pta meetings. if i come home, and the haircut i have there is severe, and gracie looks at me and said, daddy has been fighting again, huh? so they understand. you know, i can usually tell where i've been in the world by the haircut i have. >> speaking of fighting, there are some incredible scenes. a lot of action, a lot of violence. not violence. i mean, it is violence. we can't sugar coatwit. i heard you c'sreographed some of the scenes. >> i do think it's not reasonable i go in and beat up five people. some actors have those scenes.
8:37 am
ess,n,henou saw the fight, it was not balletic. it was made up on the fly. there was a certain amount of creative strategy that i think makes people smile. you realize, you go, that could happen with somebody that is that reactive. >> you were able to really put your input on how this would happen. >> i've always done that when it's come to the stunts and things. that's been kind of fun part. i know some actors step away from that, but i'm thinking, why would you not want to ride with a buffalo? why would you not? ever.body wants to kiss the girl. i get that part. but why do you -- would you give up the fun stuff? i never have. i've always put myself in the middle of it. >> i'm glad you brought up the buffalo. i was thinking tngt "dances with wolves" is one of the movies, if it is on at any time of the day or night, i have a compulsion. i have to watch the whole thing. it's not short. >> yeah. >> i watched many, many ho s.
8:38 am
watching it? >> i really don't. but i understand because it wasn't a plot movie, it was a journey. there's this idea, i think, that within all the jobs we do, everything we do on amp daily basis, sometimes when the lights go out and, specifically, with dances, you go on this journey. you don't know where it's going to go. it takes place when america was really pretty much the garden of eden. i mean, it was just -- it was just plentiful, if you can use that word. >> seems like you're doing so weofll. you're picking and choosing the roles you want to do, and you're living in california. beautiful place. what do you do when you're not working? >> you know, most of the time, it's experiencing what the kids are going through. i mean, we're -- just the way i was raised, i think there is a lot to be said with how you're raised. we're at all the little league games. you know, we're in the car constantly. we're trying to get the k s on
8:39 am
to go to threeifferent practices. poor little hayes in the middle is playing with 8 and 9 year olds and he's 6. he can hack it. there's going to be that, why was i always forced into leagues? then, of course, grace is my girly girl. she's sewing and dancing. bu pehen she sees the bisall bouncing in the backyard, i can feel her gravitate out w h the boys. but everything has to stop when she plays. >> sounds like life is good. the movie is calred "criminal." kevin costner, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> opens in theaters this friday. coming up next, legendy film maker ken burns is here to talk about the life of jackie robinson
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
film maker ken burns bringing his legendary insight on american history to the story of jackie robinson, who broke baseball's color barrier. take a look. >> jackie robinson laid the foundation for america to see its black citizens as subjects and not just objects. it meant that there were six and seven and eight-year-old boys who suddenly thought a black man was a hero. >> ken burns, good morning, sir. >> good to see you. >> you've assembled some pretty good voices in this film. >> yeah. >> i was struck about how active jackie robinson was in civil rights before he broke the color rrier. in 1947, martin lo t er uther king was saying robinson was a freedom rider before there were freedom riders.
8:43 am
no organized sit-ins, ept robinson is refusing to get up until he is served. rosa parks is a decade away from refusing t ygive up his seat. we think of him as just the person who turns the other cheek for hree years when, in fact, he is this fiery, competitive guy who will not accept seconb class citizenship and fights his whole life, before baseball, as a kid, during baseball and ut of baseball, as a civil rights leader before his death way too early. >> i was struck by how little i actually knew about jackio rocken rock n rocken -- robinson. he's painted one dimensionally. >> my co-producers and i felt that he had become a mythological figure and, therefore, the superficial thing we have for him. all of a sudden, we can remove that.
8:44 am
tyranny and tell you about the complicated person, good and bad, but also the much more interesting and, at the end of the day, much manufacture hee ore heroic. this is a beautiful love story. rachel and jackie. a man who loves his country but can't do it without the extraordinary woman by his side. >> do you think he grasped in april of '47 what he was stepping on to the field to do? he knew it was historic. but do you think he understood ly at he was in for, the good, bad and the ugly? >> i don't think anybody could predict the horrible abuse that he would face. i think branch rickey understood that of the people he was thinking of bringing up, jackie alone was the one who could do it. the one who could turn the cheek because he was understanding of what his role would be in history. if he could do this, he was opening the door for a whole bunch of people, including the president of the united states. when we spoke to the president and first lady, they were very
8:45 am
pioneer that permitted them to move into the spaces they've moved into. while they're two couples from two different times, they're representing the same aspirations. one day, we might finally live out the full meeting of our crow creator. we judge people on the content of character, not the color of their skin. >> he retires from baseball in 1956. still had a lot of life ahead for him. was it tough for him? >> us in the media talk the talk. jackie robinson walked the walk. he got up every day and said, i am going to make the world better for other people. he did it. i think he understood that there were going to be inevitable troubles, abuse and problems. but he never steered from that course. when you remove the sanitized madison avenue view of him, it
8:46 am
as we grapple with politicians, there was at the convention when the republicans switched from lincoln to somebody else. he watched the change. he was a republican, supported nixon initially, and back in '64, supporting the liberal rockefeller. it's a great story of america, too. >> you tell it so well. again, i was amazed by how little i knew. thinking irock n rocken -- robinson story. as only ken burns can do. you co-directed with your daughter and son-in-law. >> yeah. sarah burns and david mcmahon. >> it premieres tonight on pbs. part two airs tomorrow night. great to see you.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back at 8:48. even though it's not felt like spring just yet, you can still say so long winter by adding a pop of color to your home. the creator of style me pretty living has ideas that will cost next to nothing. i'm already sold. >> great and colorful. >> you promised me it's easy. >> my 7-year-old can do this. we can all do this. starting with wallpa thper, which is a huge decision. it's a big commitment. we're doing something more cost-effective. plus, you can swap it out with th se uons. what we've done, start with fabric. have fun with it. we're going florals, springy. you paint modl,odge on it. that's a glue. we've already done that. now all wt have to do is secure it to ohe back. start with the corner here.l?you just use packing tape to secure it.
8:50 am
want me to hold snit it? >> that' be great. >> this is a heavier fabric, canvasy. >> anything goes. >> when you turn it over and workmaround, you have this nice panel you can pop up there. transforms the room. >> it's cute and you didn't pay a lot for it, you can switch it with the seasons. >> i love this project. we e seeing these really ornate ceramic mirrors pop up in stories. story s -- stores. this is an inexpensive mirror, $19. painted it with a flat or matte paint, so it doesn't have the shine. mimic the look of mer ram ceramic. find all those things you got on vacation, christmas ornaments, my daughter's hair barrette. dip them in. submerge it, which i'm not going to do because i have a manicure. then you set it out to dry.
8:51 am
here and start constructing your mirror. hot glue gun. your painted accessories. you build it out. we started with the focal point here, the toy frog. you build it out until you have something beautiful. >> you were saying in the note, it's good to plan out what you want to do. >> i do like to plan. >> take a picture. >> you can have fun with it. get the kids going and their imagination can go wild. but i'm a planner so it helps. >> love it. these are cute, bright stools. >> this is diq, do it super quick. busy mom or dads with an hour or two. acrylic paint. tape off where chairs, tape bles, anything. >> these are a few ideas. >> it's the little things you can add to something plain or
8:52 am
we used the same supplies for the welcome matt down here. >> yeah. >> it's the little touches that make a big impact. putting tasz sels on an inexpensive blanket. >> sew it on? >> yeah, and this is a no-sew version. >> so cute. abby, thank you so much. so clever. >> thank you. >> i love it. you can find these diy ideas and more by liking our "today" home page on facebook. thank you. >> thank you. up next, jane krakowski is here with an inside look at the new season of "unbreakable kimmy
8:53 am
first, this is "today" on nb this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
8:54 am
we are back with "today" "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" streams on netflix on friday. >> i love this little couch experience. >> by krakowski standards, it was a lame introduction. usually, you roller skatetheatrical. >> give me some time. >> where is jacqueline? jacqueline white, how is she doing now? >> trying to figure out who she is now that she's no longer a mrs. struggling with her $12 million
8:55 am
she definitely stoops to new lows to keep her social status. we have amazing guest stars this year. anna camp is one of her socialite rivalries. e of my dreams, if we have future seasons, season three, that tina fey will guest star as a character for jacqueline. it would be fun to act together. >> and you're back on broadway. >> yes. >> how are you doing all this? >> whoa. >> speaking of kicks, your leg gets up really high in the show, "she loves me," right? >> let's go. >> we're having a wonderful time. i mean, it's a very special experience, to have the audience come every single night. we perform for the group. it's a special thing. that group will never -- that group of people will never all be assembled again in the theater to watch that
8:56 am
it becomes very special every single night. >> reunion. >> you had a late night and early morning today. >> yes. >> wow. >> very late and very early. >> how did you get up? >> professional help. >> broadway? >> until the end of june with a possible extension, if people still come. >> the reviews are great. i read the "variety" review. you'll be around for a while. >> we've been welcome and had i'm happy. >> this is a sampler platter of jane the .
8:57 am
live, this is news 4 new york now. >> good morning, everyone. it's 8:57 monday morning. it is april 11th. i'm darlene rodriguez. newark police are searching for two suspects in the shooting death of a rutgers student that happened last night on central avenue just steps away from campus. another person also shot is recovering at the hospital. that person is not a student. officials say two people were spotted running from the scene and the shooting was not a random act. >> > check of the weather right now, today mostly cloudy, breezy, milder. some scattered showers, high of 58 degrees. tonight clouds hang around, breezy, mild, steady showers. low of 52. tomorrow rain and showers,
8:58 am
wednesday sun and clouds, pleasant 59. and the "today" show is coming right back. just ahead on the "today" show, how to recreate some of your favorite restaurant dishes at home and we'll have another local update here in 30 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the one and only jane krakowski from broadway to the emmy-nominated "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." plus, sir ben kingsley like you've nev. seen before. the star of "the jungle book" joins us. plus, comfort food. how to make dishes from your home. all that and more right now. >> announcer: from n brks bc news, this is "today's nake" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from
9:01 am
welcome to enoday", it's monday morning, april 11 lt th, 2016. it's chilly but al promises spring is around the corner. al, what's this song? >> this morning, it's an oldie but goodie, spring fever by orleans. >> tips of our fingers. we'll feel it soon. >> '70s vibe. >> kind of chill. >> one of the first signs of spring, the masters. >> oh, yeah, green jackets. >> it was a wild day at augusta yesterday for the masters. incredible moments. we'll show you how it ended in a second. there were three holes in oae on the 16th hole. par 3, the best chance to get a hole in one. watch this now. ready? gosthuizen. combination of golf and billiards here. >> cornhole.
9:02 am
>> hit right at the pin. >> another ball. >> another ball here. >> doink. >> oh, wow! >> watch it. >> unbelievable. right? >> crazy. >> by the way, got his partner a little closer to the cup, as well. helped him. incredible. he couldn't do that with a million chances, to do it again. >> three holes in one on the same, what are the odds in that? >> they're small. >> crazy. >> really? >> really small. i don't have the numbers ra -- >> the most scientific answer i've heard. >> tiny odds. >> nice, mr. geist. >> mr. vegas over here. >> the real story of the day, pains me to say it, last year's champion, jordan spieth. probably the best player in golf. he came undone. he was up by five strokes as he made the turn to the back nine.
9:03 am
ruple bogeyed on the 12th. when he got to land, he lands in the bunker. it's come apart at this point. he shoots a 7 on that par 3. then he sprayed his tee shots into the woods. he's an unflappable guy. he's an incredible guy. he made a birdie on the next hole. he couldn't push back. the winner was englishman danny willett. almost didn't play. the due dite for he and his wife was sunday, april 10th. the baby came a little early, their son zach. he said, the baby is here. mind if i slip away to augusta and play the masters? he did that with his young baby at home and won the masters tournament. amazing. this adds to jordan spieth's pain. as the previous champion, he is the one who has to slip the
9:04 am
holding the jacket in his hand. >> it was bad. >> it's worth saying how well he handled that. he is well ahead of his years in terms of poise. he'll be back. he's a good player. >> it's also one of the butterfly effect things. if the bab had been born that day, the whole time -- and if don't pretend to know golf. i know j,rdan has been on the ow and he's a super cool guy. you see these situations and it's the if-then scenario. if the baby had come that day, he wouldn't have been there and who would have won? >> started with a meltdown with ernie els and ended with jordan spieth. >> did jordan explain what kppened? there was a term. >> i'll say what he said. went into this long question of, what happened? he looks at the guy and went, i sucked. i was bad.
9:05 am
once the wheels start coming off, it gets in your head. >> double bogeyed the two holes back to back, then you have the moment. it's tough to come bac from. >> happens on this show. >> we go in the water all the time. wizarding world of harry potter potter. can't get enough right now, nobody can. now you have something to look forward to. a new movie is coming out. >> wow. >> not necessarily the harry potter. but eddie redmayne revealed this last night at the mtv movie awards. he popped out of the suitcase to debut this highly anticipated trailer for the heart by potter spin-off. called "fantastic beasts and where to find them." it's a j.k. rowling book, as well, like the prequel to the harry potter series. here's the first look. >> what makes albus dumbledore
9:06 am
>> first trip to america? >> yes. must get that fixed. >> anything edible in there? >> no. >> any livestock? >> no. >> welcome to new york. >> it's going to be fantastic. j.k. rowling is the screen cawriter to this one. first time she's screen writing. eddie redmayne's character is the author of one of harry potter's books about beasts and mythical creatures. it's going to be amazing. opens november 18th. ri ht before thanksgiving. it's going to be huge. >> blockbuster. >> huge. the mtv awards, i didn't
9:07 am
the kids last night, apparently. >> a lot of bleeping moments. >> the kids at mtv are edgey. we used to be the kids and now we're talking about. the kids we love, the women we love, funny woman, comedic genius genius, jane krakowski is here. you didn't know that was going to be your optroduction. >> that sounded like someone else's innro. >> t's a tie-in to the fact that melissa mccarthy was at the mtv awards last night. she made an entrance. we want jane to give us a review of what we saw there. have you ever done that entering a room? >> no, but the next time i come on the "today" show -- >> yes, yes, yes. >> all the people in the plaza
9:08 am
>> melissa received the comedic genius award. here's what she said. she thanked all the comedians who have come before her. take a listen. >> i think i'm a walking human patchwork of all the remarkable, funny women who i have loved and studied over the years. and i am only here because carol burnett, whoopi goldberg, lucille ball, dreyfus, lily tomlin and my mom, sandy lynn mccarthy, taught me not to fear being the butt of a joke, or not worry about being likable or perfect. and lovingly go for the kill. >> so good. >> i think she said jane krakow
9:09 am
krakowski, too. >> she did, yeah, yeah. >> al a bet phabetically. she sent me flowers this morning. >> the voice over, they put it in for the west coast feed. >> little awkward that she didn't mention you. >> oddly you asked me to come out and she didn't say my name. >> you have to point that out. >> let me tell you, i brought that up when i said, guys, did she say jane? they were like, no, but you bring jane out. we want to hear from the comedic genius. >> i adore her and i endorse her winning the prize. she's hilarious. >> as a kid, who was the female comedian, or when you were studying, that really you thought -- >> so many of the ones she said. i think those are the women that inspire all of us. i agree exactly with what she
9:10 am
you can't be afraid to be the butt of th joke. you have to make fun of urself. it's something i learned by working with alec baldwin and tina fey on "30 rock." when you're comfortable with that, you can go anywhere in comedy. it's more fun. >> just come on our program. friday night, what were you guys doing? >> nothing. >> lying on a plane. you were on broadway. >> broadway! >> you had an exciting night. >> 800,000 people were tuning into facebook live to see buzzfeed staff members attempt to make a watermelon explode. they put individual rubber bands around the wate melon. after 686, boom, it explodes under pressure. that was live. >> oh, my gosh. >> the thing has almost 10 million views now. >> wow. >> watch a watermelon decapidate decapitated.
9:11 am
>> 45 minutes. >> where's gallagher when you need him? >> we don't want to do it. >> gaffe daffy duck version. i can do the trick but only once. heavy showers and thunderstorms f sting up along the texas-oklahoma border. we have a risk of strong storms as the system comes into this ist, unstable air. the storms will fire up. we're looking for locally heavy downpours. can't rule out a tornado or two. look at the heavy showe and thunderstorms tonight. get into new york and all the way down into jackson and new orleans. montgomery, alabama. 13 million people under risk of strong storms and rainfall amounts could be upwards of 4 to 5 inches in parts of the lower mississippi river valley. good morning, everyone. finally milder today, temperatures back into the upper 50s to near 60s. breezy and also some scattered
9:12 am
don't need the coats, you need the umbrellas today. on and off rain throughout the afternoon, but a high temperature of 58 degrees. overnight tonight, mild low of 52. another cloudy night, breezy and showers arrive late in the overnight, lasting into tomorrow. unsettled weather continues for tomorrow. umbrellas needed on tuesday, drying out on wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. we have more comedic genius of jane krakowski. >> yes. >> we're going i'm going o00 miles per hour. a branch catches me here. you think that stopped me? i was about to be the first 3rd grader to jump the cook county creek. jump 50 feet over the rapids andkei crash land. mom patched me up. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! what? now there's a new neosporin antibiotic that keeps her protected and minimizes scars. new neosporin plus
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jane is one of our favorite people on the planet. she's here to talk about the new season of "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> and -- wrap this up. there have been changed for her character. >> to give you a hint, her name is now jacqueline white. let's take a look. >> kimmy, i need your help. >> help? that's what we elves are born to do. >> you are dressed like an elf. i assumed it was the trucker pills. so what's the hardest thing in the world for a trophy wife to do? lose the jerk but keep the perks. trademark me. he's the jerk. the perks are everything i worked him so hard to achieve. and i'm going to get it all back. >> love that character.
9:16 am
>> i love the dog. he's always there. perfect. >> i love that. >> i guess you've lost the jerk but kept some of the perks? >> trying to keep the perks. >> the perks aren't as good. >> no, she has a new she's struggling wit her $12 million settlement. >> struggling. >> all of the perspective of jacqueline, of course. you know, i love season two so much. i'm so excited for everybody to see it. this friday, it starts to stream, april 15th. the show has got so much heart this year. they gro each of the characters so much. they actually sort of help jacqueline become a much more fully formed human being. >> wow. >> is that possible? >> it's a big step. >> huge. >> another thing you were excited about was the fact you saw we had ken burns on the show. >> mm-hmm. >> you sent us a picture that you actually look exactly like ken burns. >> well --
9:17 am
>> that was a scene in "30 rock" many, many yrs ago. i was dressing as a male photographer. i was written months later rgsaying, we had'to idea when we were editing this, you looked like burns. >> creepier. >> that's what i here. >> it's kind of amazing, the similarity there. >> i'm honored. ken burns is amazing. >> he puts on a blond wig, does he look like jane krakowski? >> maybe. let's try it. >> i like that you had the picture at the ready. ken burns is on. here you go, guys. >> it's on my photo stream right now. >> it's why i have no storage left in my phone. >> you're also starring in "she loves me," which is getting crazy good reviews. your adorable son, nnet, who is gogng to be 5 this week. >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> he saw the show and reviewed your performance a little bit. it was sweet. knew he couldn't talk to me during the show. i was worried he might run down the aisle and go, mommy! he's never seen me on stage.
9:18 am
and a good theater goer. but apparently, he gave me signals during the numbers, whether he liked it or not. my love interest dumps me and he was going like this. in the second act song, he was like, two thumbs up. it was very, very sweet. >> could you see the signals or not? >> i could see the signals. >> you kind of directed your attention to him a little bit, or were you nervous? >> i'd be stressed out he'd jump on the stage. >> he was great. this is not his first broadway show. he kind of knew it but he'd never seen me up there. i was like, you can't yell, "mom!" >> any birthday plans? >> yes. i have a little jedi in training. bennet takes it seriously. there he is. >> oh, my goshd >> all dressed up. >> look at his hair. >> we're having a "star wars" jedi training party. >> looks like he's taking it seriously. not kidding around. >> he's a kid after my own part.
9:19 am
all the parts. he's fun and dramatic. the other day i came home from work and he ran to the door with the joy and excitement, which i love, and he goes like this. he literally faints on the floor. he couldn't believe i was home. i was like, that is -- i love you more, which i didn't know was possible. >> i'm going to keep you after all. >> we see where he gets it. >> you don't have to do a blood test. you're mine. >> his dad is in there, too. >> amazing. >> we love having you here. keep visiting all the time. "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" is on netflix on friday. "she loves me" on broadway. up next, "secret life of pets." what our furry friends are thinking right after this. 'kay, babe, i think we should head north, past the park. 'kay. oh, hit up jimmy's for some chicken and waffles. oh, and those truffle fries. truffle so good. it's less than a mile. come on, we can do better than that.
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today is sponsored by the pacifica and "the secret life of pets." the new movie "the secret life of pets" imagines what our furry friends do after we leave the houso leave for work, every day. take a look. [ dog barking ] do your thing do your thing >> last week, we asked you to send us photos of what you think your pets do when you're not around with the #pets 411. here are a few of ourofavorites. first, we've got the poor corn pcorn. duck and abdog.
9:24 am
elizabeth shares this one. and how maria found her dog. >> maybe ordering stuff on amazon. >> break into our food. the twizzlers photo. shared by obi-won. i like the name. >> cute. >> they kind of watch our show. >> not really. they're snoozing during our hour. >> nothing going on there. ouch. >> and this pooch, i guess, is -- well, listening to "today's take." we've got much more of that. at the end of the day, everybody is having a lot more fun when we're not around. >> having a good time. then out. boom. >> peace out. >> keep the pictures coming to #pets 411. >> log on to for more adorable pet pics. what do you think pepper is doing? >> probably walking herself. we let her out. she has keys. it's fantastic.
9:25 am
>> "the secret life of pets" comes out july 8th from our sister company universal. ahead, the delicious queso dip. siri d aly will show us how to make it at home after your local
9:26 am
9:27 am
live, this is news 4 new york now. >> live look there at the brmoklyn bridge and the east river. 9:27 on this monday, april 11th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. there's a commuter alert for nj transit wires. overhead wire problems are causing delays. chopper 4 is over the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, good morning to you. you can see here two trains sitting here idle. we are near the east orange train station along greenwood avenue. like we said, tl. trains sitting on the tracks here idle. as a result, nj transit is
9:28 am
minutes on the morris exit and gladstone lines because of overhead wirf problems. we have earlier video when we first arrived on the scene. you can see people taken off one of the trains and loaded on to nj transit buses and off to their respective destinat ns. we'll continue to keep you up to date. live in chopper 4, back to you. >> thank you very much.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. the zika virus now may be tied to another brain disease. according to a small study, the virus may be associated with an auto immune disorder, similar to multiple sclerosis. the research was presented this week end at a neurology conference in vancouver. the author said it may provide evidence the virus has different effects on the brain than those identified in current studies. experts say it's too soon to know if there is a link. being marry ied has its advantages.
9:31 am
nearly 800,000 cancer patients found unmarried men had a 27% higher death rate than married men. unmarried women wer 19% more likely to die from the disease. married people have better te nancial resources, private health insurance and more social support. what may be a first, a man's fitness tracker helped him survive aemedical emergency. the 42-year-old went to a hospital in new jersey after experiencing a rapid heart beat followed by a seizure. doctors needed to know if the heart beat was chronic or a one-time to current. they check td data on his fit bit and it revealed the heart beat spike was an isolated episode. they gave him the credit orrect life-saving treatment. "the boss" brought in more than $23 million in the opening weekend. "batman versus superman" fell to
9:32 am
the story out of hollywood. three men left stranded on a pacific island last week. they used palm leaves to spell out the word "help" in the sand. that home maid made s.o.s. worked. the navy plane spotted the signal and they were rescued after three days on the island. they were stranded after strong waves in e area capsized their boat. happy ending to their story. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> they left the volleyball behind. >> poor wilson. >> wilson! we're looking at some wet weather for the early part of the week. especially snow in northern new england. strong storms in the lower mississippi riv wher valley. wet weather out west. the midweek, soggy along the gulf coast. hit or miss clouds in the northeast. mid-atlantic states, the midwest looking good. and latter part of the week, sunshine returns to the great lakes, mid-atlantic, the rtheast.
9:33 am
wintry mix in the inner mountain good morning, everyone. finally starting to feel like spring out there today. temperatures back to the urper 50s to near 60 degrees in some spots. unfortunately, we're also dealing with rainar, scattered showers on and off throughout the day, bring your umbrellas, breezy with a high near 60 degrees. overnight tonight, mild night ahead, 52 for the lowten the city and showers return, especially after midnight tomorrow. the umbrellas will be needed again for tuesday. it will be breezy with a high in the low 60s. wednesday dry. out. sunshine and clouds, near 60. 1- >> that's your latest weather. natalie? >> thank you, al. all this week on today food, we're recreating some of our favorite restaurant dishes at y.home. "today" food contributor siri siri daly ists he with some of her favorites.
9:34 am
chili's kwa sew queso dips. >> this is what i always order. it's a simple recipe. we're going to make the marinade. out of that, there is orange juice, brown sugar, soy, liquid smoke. i'm going to throw it all in. i like to marinade this overnight. however, 30 minutes. if that's all the timw you have, it'll be great. >> you have it orange juice. >> exactly. i like fresh orange juice. easy shortcut is the store bought. now i put in veggie oil. this is lick quid smoke. >> amazing. >> i loveuthis. if you're doing indoor grilling, it'll seem like it was on the grill all day. brown sugar, fresh garlic, cyan pepper and cumin. >> you can do it in a dish or bag. >> shake it up.
9:35 am
>> mush it in there. >> we're going to use the cast iron skillet, which i love if you do indoors. it gives you the smokey char. about four t five minutes per side, until it's cooked through. >> that's a thick breast, you might need more time. >> over here, we have our pan with the chicken. after the chicken cooks, let it rest a second. i like to do the veggies in the same pan. we have the oil. i like to do onions and all different color bell peppers. >> beautiful. >> once that's all done, it's marinading, i throw the chicken back in and squeeze it with fresh lime juice, salt and pepper if you need. >> fantastic. >> then we're ready over here to build -- >> all the ingredients here. >> you can pop in whatever you want in there. >> go ahead. >> let's make one. >> what's your favorite? >> little bit of everything.
9:36 am
what about the queso dip? >> this is carson's favorite thing to eat at chili's. >> jimmy, it's coming. promise. >> we have our velveeta cheese. >> there you go, my friend. >> multi-task. can of chili with no beans. i add fresh cheddar, as well as the velveeta. >> got to use the velveeta. >> chili d wder, paprika, cumin and lime juice. >> perfect. >> couldn't be easier. add it to a pot. cook it on low heat until it melts. >> the cream is going. >> you c use milk if you wan to be slightly healthier. >> come onte we have a pound of velveeta in there. >> just go for it. cheese, chili. you want to grab the spices and throw them in. once it all melts together, let it simmer on your stove for about 15 minutes.
9:37 am
>> t tasting and tastgng. >> seeing what was most like it? >> exactly.en>> i don't think i've ever had this -- >> we had this on friday night and it was a hit. >> wow. >> another trick, if you have leftover cheese in the pot, put refried bns in there and cook it up with the leftover queso. >> insanely delicious. seriously delicious. yum. as i sit here and soak this in. find all of today's food res piece at d. willie? i'm with the star of the "jungle book." we're talking about how visually
9:38 am
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9:42 am
book." >> the film gives us a new look at disneyt classic animated movie. he plays the panther and mentor to young mowgli. take a look. >> whoa, elephants. >> bow your head. >> why? >> show them respect. the elephants created this jungle. where they made forroh holes with their tusks, the rivers ran. they made everything, but they didn't make you. that is why you must go. >> hir >> sir ben kingsley, good morning. >> hello. >> we were captivatea by that. how beautifully integrated the real-life actors are with the cgi is incredible. >> our esteemed leader brought us right back to the book,
9:43 am
the emphasis is on the fact it was a great piece of literature about a child completely isolated from his human tribe and brought up by animals. it's, i think, an echo of disney's fascination with children. because if you look at "bambi," "dumb "dumbo, "pinocchio." charles dickens. you find a child isolated in almost impossible circumstances. usually an orphan. disney embraced this theme again. i think they brought to life a book which describes a little boy surrounded by wild animals that talk. that's what you see on the screen. absolutely miraculous. >> you play bagheera. we all remember him from the an
9:44 am
how did you envision him? >> ohw colonel. >> militaryn >> colonel bagheera, absolutely. he's the kind of colonel, the best of the military, of course, is not aggression. the best of the military is making s e that you bring your boys and girls home that you inflict as much damage on the enemy as you possibly can, but you bring as many of your troops home as you possibly can. bagheera has a young recruit, mowgli. he looks after him and makes sure he will bring that boy home after any battle he goes through. he's a tough coach. he has that wonderful military streak. colonel bagheera. >> we were watching that scene, and i told you i got goose bumps. >> me, too. >> you felt the same way when you first saw the product coming together. >> mm-hmm. >> do you remember when it hit you that, as you said, this was miraculous? >> yeah. we were at comic con.
9:45 am
he showed a stills, a five-minute clip of what you've just seen. the audience stood and cheered and screamed. we had to kneel. if we stood, the audience uldn't see it. we were kneeling in front of the elephants, as well. to see the frail child isolated in that way, surrounded by unpredictable wildness is really beautiful. it's a study of the possible triumph of childhood. >> i tot's a stunning movie. scarlett johansson, christopher walken. it's a wonderful movie. >> happy to be here. >> "the jungle book" hits theaters this friday.
9:46 am
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jason jones spent ten years as one of the greatest correspondents i the history of the -- look at that. nice moment for a husband and wife right there. >> getting into his work. his career has taken a detour. he's set to sttaar in a comedy about a family road trip that gets a little weird. take a look. >> that man ishe drunk. >> here, here! >> why would you givealhol? >> you seemed tense. >> what is that deep booeping ing beeping now? >> a retest. >> fail.
9:51 am
>> said some models may honk repeatedly. >> wow. >> jason jones. listen, you told us the goal was to make people laugh. in three seconds, we're falling out of our chairs. >> i did my job, and i can go home. go back to bed. >> the show hasn't started to air yet. season two of "the detour" already -- >> i think there was a lack of white families on television. >> we need diversity. >> that is why i am here. >> so brave. >> telling another story about a white family. >> although i will say thip is not a story about a white family that i've seen before. takes it to a new plac >> we have taken the modern sitcom and bent it as far as it can go. woody allen said, it's funny when it bends. i actually think it's funnier when it breaks. >> exactly. >> so we bteak tee family. >> it's a family that, yo know,
9:52 am
>> but you go on this road trip and stuff goes bad. >> you know, it's a family of four. i have a family of five, actually. which actually isn't funny. the three kids, it's just not in funny. so i made it two. >> you're married to sama'a ntha bee, who is not funny. not at all. i'll say that. i've been fired from my job here, and i'm not telling my family about it, which never goes in the right direction. >> no. >> and we're moving from syracuse to ft. lauderdale. fraught with disaster the entire way. >> you were coming off "the daily show." you had to figure out what your next move was. i remember when you were developing it, explained it, sounded cool. is this what you had in your mind to do it after "the daily show." >> i actually wanted your job.
9:53 am
>> see? see? take note. >> like you did on "the daily show." >> take notes, jason jones. >> that's hilarious. >> yes. >> are you a mini van guy? >> i am. yes, we have -- we nickname our mini vans. this one is blue thunder. personally, i drive black panther. >> tough mini van names. >> you have to give your mini van a tough name because it's a mini van. done. >> it's silver. >> silver? >> keep it coming. >> "detour" tonight on tbs. >> silver street. >> silver bullet.
9:54 am
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. ladies are here.
9:56 am
>> so cute.
9:57 am
live, this is news 4 new york now. >> live look there at thehaong island expressway, 9:57, good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. we'll bring you the latest now on an investigation into a fal shooting of a rutgers student in newark.
9:58 am
just steps away from campus. you can ee a possible weapon used in that shooting. it happened last night about :00 inside an off campus apartment. investigators say a second rson was also shot and is recoveri trng at the hosp tal. that person not a student. officials say two people were spotted running from the scene. check of the weather, mostly cloudy, breezy, milder, scattered showers, 58 degrees. tonight clouds hang around, breezy, mild. 52. then tomorrow rain and showers. wednesday sun and clouds, 59. 61 on thursday. friday, partly cloudy but 58 degrees. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, performer known as red food rocks the studio with his brand new song. another update in 30 minutes and
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> time to start a new week, fun day monday. what is that, hoda? >> champagne problems by nick jonas.


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