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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now, stabbed to death on the upper east side. a quiet block turned into a murder scene. now a teenaged suspect is charged in the case. a love triangle may have led to the bloodshed. >> news 4's rob schmidt outside the 19th precinct house with new information. what have you learned? >> reporter: this is changing fast. we're awaiting gustavo rodrigez to be walked out of the precinct. he's been charged with second degree murder. this is a shocking crime in this neighborhood. a killing with a knife about 1:00 in the morning.
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as police searched for an unknown killer this morning, n we have some clarity on this story. >> xavier oliverez stabb to death overnight by his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. a a confrontation on the upper st side. rodrigez charged tith sec d degree murder. his father had few words for the media. >> i thought it was a joke. it isn't a joke, it's real. >> his current facebook photo is of him a d his ex-girlfriend with their child before they broke up. >> everybody liked him. >> it appears this was a love triangle. last night, police say oliverez
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boyfriend. the stabbing happened just after 1:00 a.m. forced the construction site to shut down this morning for te day, as police search for the murder weapon, a knife. we talked to a mom walking with her little girl who had heard about the killing earlier today. >> at least hearing there was a motive, background to it, does that ease some of your concern at all? >> not really. >> i'm more concerned today, you never wouldthave heard this years ago, hearing this now bothers me. >> 19-year-old gustavo rodrigez charged with second degree murder. we can tell you, sasakinf to that mother's concerns, if you're wondering about crime in the city, all violent crime is .down in the city when compared to 2015. live on the upper east side, rob schmitt news 4 new york.
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13ek9 wanted in an attempted sexual abuse case in brooklyn. an 11-year-old girl was walking to school, she says a man grabbed her arm while exposing himself she ran away screaming. an arrest in a disturbing crime. a 51-yea old schoolworker has been charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl with special needs. the attack happened late sunday night. a residential school for kids with special needs where the giourl lives. a witness may have even walked in during the abuse. renewed calls tonight for more police accountability on what would have been rley graham's birthday. officer richard hay shot and killed graham in his home back
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the family wants all the cops involve in the incident to be fired. >> we can't have this kind of policing over and over with no accountability. they're going to continue to do it, until one of them get charged for the crime they committed, it won't stop. >> the u.s. attorney's office said there waseinsufficient ev idence to prosecute him. the nypd is proceeding with their internal disciplinary proc s. two stonybrook basketball players facin charges. they are accused of breake?g into a car and stealing a fellow student's tax return. the school released a statement saying it takes allegations of student misconduct seriously. newly released study on sexual violence says the students at the university of connecticut generally feel safe
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that group conducted the survey and qstioned 6,000 students randomly. 5 1/2% said the' had been victims of sexual assault. whutile 82% said they feel safe. a special courts?or military veterans has opened in manhattan. instead of having them wind up in jail. the court will help homeless vet as ply for housing benefits and offer a mentorship program. air bnb rentals will soon face the same tax as hotels. the rentals had no regulations previously. i ingredient could bring an extra $650,000 in revenue for newark in the first year. the pepsi-cola sign in queens is now a city landmark. if overlooks the long island city waterfront.
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soda bottling facilities. it's overlooking gantry plaza state park. it's one of the most recognizable features on the waterfront. a judge in onnecticut has ruled that state police do not have to hand over documents that longed to adam lanza. the judge says that state law protects seized property not used in prosecutions from being made public. in this case, adam lanza's tebook. the decision overruled decision from last year. waging war on long island's re md l.ght cameras. how far one man is going to prevent drivers from getting tickets. from the stage the classroom. how the hottest ticket n town is changing the way local students look at american history. >> i have seven reasons why you're going to be smiling if
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brighter than the neon lights on broadway will be the smiles of s e a0e000 city school students. starting tomorrow, they will get see hamilton as we've reported often, tickets are hard to comevey and can be very pensive. a grant is making it possible for the students to get a hip-hop history lesson on stage and in the classroom. >> it's an off off off broadway performance in the bronx. by now, of course, the popularity of hamilton is widely known along with the genius of its creator. alexander hamilton
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>> he's long said he wants to arouse curiosity and inspire young people who don't see themselves on the great white way. so he has. >> i was interested to see the different multicultural races performing in this extraordinary play. >> reporter: we recently visited with these juniors, who are among the first of 20,000 city students to attend a matinee for be $10 a ticket. a study guide designed by a nonprofit group helps the students connect more with the play and story of alexander hamilton. the poor immigrant abandoned by his father, who then grew up to be one of the founding fathers of the united states. >> i felt like history leaves out so many important details, that we have yet to learn about, this is one of those opportunities where you can
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>> w get to use oba imagination to create whatever piece we want to symbolize something this great man did. >> i not much of an english student this creative piece brought my writing skills out. >> we're so excited for these shows. >> reporter: the cast is just as eager to have the students in the audience. >> to get to reach a broader background of people is always going to be more fun. it's always going to be more interesting. >> one school principal says this is a game changer when it comes to teaching american history. tomorrow the students will meet with the actors, perform for them and then see the show. thanks so much. a question you won't find any more on government job applications in one local city. something we probably take
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long island's -called red light robinhood is in trouble once again. suffolk county is one of only 10 communities in new york using the cameras including s0ven in ourarea. some say they save lives, critics call them nothing more than a money grab. steven ruth was arrested on long island yesterday. back in august rurj as arrested
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light cameras, they was found tilting the lights up so they can't read the license plates. he cut the wires of several cameras and used a saw to chop down a camera pole. >> in suffolk county, you have the right to express yourself. you have the right to disagree with certain public policy, and you have the right to protest. but you do not have the right to vi olate the law and destroy public property. >> if convicted he faces 7 years in jail. he's accused of causing an estimated $25,000 in damage. we have video we want to show to everyone. this is out of central california, a portion of the roadway actually collapses into massive sinkhole. they think the massive rainstorms contributed to this. you can see the street crumbling
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the whole is 15 to 20 feet deep. the roadway will have to be closed for some time while crews make those repairs. janice said, we should be wearing these? >> you got it right. and it's all beginning as we head through tonight. we have to wait a little while for the warmer temperatures. let's talk about the headlines. freeze north and west. we'll get do it. thsse sunny days are ahead, and a warmup too. it's finally perfection on us. temperatures in the mid-50s throughout most of the region, a couple 40s in west hampton down at the 60 degree mark in lakehurst. as we head through tonight. look at these temperatures, they're going to be at the locations as you head outside of the city.
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warning in effect. it's the beginning of the growing season. i don't think it's particular by serious, but it's going to be cold as we head through the night. take care of your crops or garden. we have clouds out on the twin forks of long island. the rain is gone. clear sky is what we're enjoying from the city out to the west. it's going to be on the cool side for the morning. breezy during the 5:00 p.m. hour. in the sky, it's going to be terrific and the trend is in the right direction. look at this, the big climb comes as we head through the weekend. wrap it up with temperatures approaching the mid-70s as we get to sunday and we hold on to it. it's time to get out the shades. sibila setting the trend for us. why do we need these glasses? a seven-day run of sun. we haven't had that in i don't know how long.
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day of sunshine. that is on a benchmark of 7:33 tonight. 39 degrees is what we're talking about. it's going to be on the chilly side. over the next seven days, as promised. there we go, a collective, oh, yes. 73 on sunday, 74 on 78, what don the you see? raindrops. we'll take it, it's gift wrapped for you. >> is that real? >> it is real. new tonight, new rochelle is the latest city to ban the box from municipal job applicants. the question about an arrest or criminal history will not appear on a job application. supporters of the ban the box movement say the practice helps job seekers from keeping hiring decisions from being made solely on the basis of criminal history. it's important to inspect big ticket items closely.
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stake for a bronx woman who decided, bet get baquero. >> she was in the market for a new refrigerator. that's what she believed she was buying. the fridge arrived damaged with another shipping label on it in addition to hers. eping fresh fruits and vegetables cool by the window, then she found a refrigerator online through amazon. >> what condition did they say it was in? >> $295 for the fridge, plus shipping. fo r a grand total of $345. >> i was happy to get it. i looked at it, itnoticed it was torn and ripped. there was no bill. when you open up the box, you really see the damage everything
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she showed us the refrigerator and pointed to this dent in the corner. deep scratches along the side. she then noticed a dent in the corner of the box it was shipped in. she contacted amazon and s d th mer chandise arrived damage. >> i fwelt like i was getting the runaround. they said the item was new. there's another label on the box thakat showed a different address at bal continue timenct was mailed to. >> as winter turned to spring and temperatures warming up. she worried about keeping food fresh on her window sill, while still fighting for the fridge she paid for. >> we need the money to pay for a new refrigerator. >> we reached out to amazon on andrea's behalf and asked them to look into her claim. problem solved. amazon provided andrea with a full reimbursement for the
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and that's money that she will now use to buy a new refrigerator. >> linda, thanks so much. catching a cab is getting sier in one local city. the change that's going to seem awfully familiar to some. that's not all. >> the words of one juror could get the whole case against peter liang overturned. are some caucasians now benefiting from affirmative action. why some students are claiming it's helping white students get
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people out and about in new rk city know if they need a cab, they have to put their arm in the air. outside of the city, not so easy. there are some changes in white plains for taxis. >> just like they do in the big apple. people in white plains can now hail a cab. before now, riders had to go to a taxi stand. the train station is a popular one. try to hail a cab anywhere else, until to today you'd be out of luck. >> to hail a cab, i have to wait five minutes. >> the cab service here didn't measure up to what people expect.
5:58 pm
taxi system overhaul giving drivers their first rate increase i more than a decade, d makagg the whole oystem safer and less confusing for riders. >> right now you'll notice this white plains cab doesn't have a meter. that's because they're on a zoning system, soon that will be a thing of the past. >> many people think they're not treated fairly. >> meters will tally the money instead, in hopes more riders will take a taxi. it's going to take a few months for all the metering changes to go into effect. reporting in white plains, news 4 new york. >> thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00.
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the msl tchester court as a mother is sentenced for her role in the death of her 6-year-old daughter. >> the new initiative taking effect in new jersey today. a shocker in the trial of former officer peter liang for shooting an unarmed black man in a br klyn stairwell. news 4 invest gates has learned hi manslaughter conviction may be thrown out because of the actions of one juror. andrew siff has details from downtown brooklyn, andrew? >> it will all be up to the judge tomorrow afternoon. minutes ago, eric adams emerged from a meeting with 60 business leaders from the chinese american community african-american community all
6:00 pm
would be the sentencing of meter liang this week. they're also concerned with the possibility the conviction will overourned. two months after a brooklyn jury found en overturned. >> you think the judge will throw out this case? >> i think there's an extremely strong argument for if. >> the judge must determine tomorrow why this juror failed to disclose his own father had been convicted of manslaughter. >> i think this is a huge concern for the prosecution and for the quest for justice. >> vargas declined to talk on


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