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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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silver, once the most powerful lawmakers in the state. after the i-team pushed, a federal judge unsealed documents stating the defendant engaged in extramarital relationships with two women, one of whom lobbied the defendant on a regular basis on behalf of client who is had business before the said. and the other for whom the defendant used his official position to recommend for a job with the state. the alleged affairs now public weeks before the former assembly speaker faces up to 20 years in prison. the unsealed document alleges such evidence is particularly relevant to rebut efforts by the defendant to introduce evidence of his purported good moral character. >> just a shame what's happening to a nice guy. >> many neighbors on the lower east side still vouch for the convicted politician. >> he did a lot for the neighborhood. i have nothing bad to say about him really. >> while silver's lawyers say
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salacious allegations that have no place in this case or public discussion. but for one constituent -- >> i think it's a big disappointment. >> the accusation her assemblyman used tax dollars to help his lovers hurts. >> it's exhausting is what it is. it >> this is just another example of how he used his public post for private gain. >> the new discovery peels back another layer of corruption at the state capital. >> there's the real world and then there's the albany world, that doesn't follow any rules, doesn't think anybody's watching and that they can make the decisions that serve their own interests. >> the jury last -- he faces up to 20 years in prison when the judge sentences him on may 3rd. and you won't just be voting for presidential candidates next tuesday.
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election day. you're going to be voting for somebody who takes sheldon silver's assembly seat, that seat he lost when he was found guilty of fraud last year. the republican candidates are chris crossing the state trying to drum up more support. john kasich headed upstate holding town halls in watertown and utica. >> donald trump went north and held a rally. he'll be in hartford connecticut at 7:00. >> ted cruz spent the morning in binghamton. >> as the candidates fight for votes, the latest poll shows how they stack up in new york. trump leads with 54%, kasich with 25 and cruz trailing with 16. the democratic debate has one local community buzzing. will bernie sanders' views on israel cost him jewish votes in new york? melissa russo is here with more
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>> chuck, no other jewish presidential candidate has ever come this far in a presidential race, so you might think the fact that sanders is jewish would give him a big boost here in new york. that doesn't seem to be the case. and last night's clash over israel might be one example of why. >> netanyahu is not right all of the time. >> nobody is saying that any individual leader is always right. >> bernie sanders at last night's debate said israel's 2014 military response to rocket fire from gaza and the killing of three israeli teenagers was disproportionate. >> some 10,000 civilians were wounded and some 1500 were killed. >> i don't know how you run a country when you are under constant threat. terrorist attack, rockets coming at you. you have a right to defend yourself. >> it was an exchange that caused some jewish democrats
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>> we were in favor of bernie, but after last night i think i changed my mind. >> whatever is best for israel if what was best for israel was a christian president, by all means. >> you barely mentioned the palestinians. >> i was absolutely focused on what we needed to do to make sure that the palestinian people had the right to self govern. >> he emphasized the wrongs done to the palestinians, poor palestinians. they do it to themselves. >> a new "wall street journal" poll finds despite bernie's brooklyn jewish roots, hillary clinton has twice as much support from jewish new york democrats as sanders has. >> we went swimming at brighton beach. >> the brooklyn definitely comes across. he can't hide that. >> on the upper west side, some like stanley akree with sand gree with sanders. others wonder why he hasn't
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what do you say to jewish voters who wonder why they don't hear more from you about your jewish roots? >> i'm proud to be jewish. i grew up in a jewish neighborhood. >> he clearly was not concerned about how his views on taking a more balanced approach to israel and the palestinians would affect his support here. he brought the sut up bject up, saying palestinians deserve a lot more respect. tonight an unbelievable twist to a story that we have been following. for regard police thought that gunter accidentally shot the boy while robbing his father in jersey city in 2013. today a witness said he saw him actually aiming at the boy and pulling the trigger. if convicted he faces up to life in prison. the inglewood police chief is under a microscope tonight. he's being investigated by the
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the city attorney recommended the investigation after an internal review uncovered questionable over time and the handling of parking tickets. he was places on administrative leave wednesday night. four army reserve soldiers are still in the hospital after a crash on the new jersey purn turnpike. they were on the turnpike when their humvee over turned yesterday. sergeant theodore jackson from lincoln park, new jersey, is in critical condition. specialist marco santana of poughkeepsie is in serious condition. the driver of the bronx is also in serious condition. and debra perez of brooklyn sustained serious leg injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a wild seen in babylon today when an out of control car made a spectacular entrance onto a homeowner's property. it went airborne, crashed through a fence and landed on the lawn in north babylon. it didn't end there.
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stolen car somehow lost control, hit a boulder and crashed right through this fence here, labd nding here on the front lawn. you can still see the giant hole here in the fence. all of this was caught on the homeowners sid video surveillance cameras. it lands upside down on his front lawn. the sound startling him and his neighbors at about 1:30 this morning. >> i actually thought it was a tractor trailer. >> my husband ran outside immediately, saw what happened, ran over. tried to see if somebody was in the car. nobody was there by the time he got there. >> you can see the driver run off on the surveillance video. police say the car was stolen. >> i don't know how he got out and ran away. >> he just recently upgraded his surveillance system. his home famous for elaborate christmas decorations used to
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he installed cameras to catch possible thieves, never expecting anything like this. >> if he came through the grarge nightmare. his family are fine. they just need to replace this fence and clean up the yard. the driver dropped two cell phones here on the front lawn. use them to track down the driver. coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, it seared through five buildings and injured firefighters. now the investigation into what caused a fire that left several jersey city residents with nowhere to go. >> the i-team gets rare access you're going to see how commanders are held accountable watch. i'm sure you're all ready for the weekend and the 70
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. tonight we're waiting to hear what caused a fire that burned five homes twice in ten hours. we first told you about the fire last night at 11:00. investigators say it began in one home and spread quickly to four other homes. firefighters put out the flames but the fire rekindled this morning. no one was hurt but ten people lost everything and have not home. in yonkers four firefighters are recovering after a fire at a morning. a space heater was left on and materials. firefighters were treated for their injuries and released. on long island, police arrested four people accused of
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window of a medford home. you're looking at some of the things police say they seized from that house, six pounds of marijuana and molly and oxycodone pills. two loaded guns and about $6,000 cash. neighbors complained about drug dealing at that house. >> the drug dealer was serving their customers through that window where the shotgun was. >> police said the tip came into a hotline set up for residents to report drug houses. coming up, nypd brass being held accountable for spikes in crime. the i-team's cameras show the yiepd nypd like you've never seen it before. first a look at what's on nbc tonight. sibila and i will see you again at 11:00. tune in this sunday for our first edition of ask the mayor. join melissa russo and me just before meet the press this
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. (vo) you were born.
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lester holt joins us now for a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> an update on those quakes in japan. also the controversial topic of medical marijuana. some people swear by it. now there's a new kind, topical marijuana used to cure pain without having to smoke it or eat it. you get the benefits without the buzz. >> it's a lotion. people are reporting good results? >> thousands of people using it and swear by it, though some doctors say the science may not back up the results. sales are booming. we spoke to one ceo who says sales doubled last year. sibila. >> thank you so much. nypd commanders being called to account for spikes in crime in their precincts.
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given a first look. here again >> reporter: there are ongoing crime spikes in the 4-0 and in the 43rd precinct. even after adding patrols and coming up with strategies to try to reverse the problems. >> how many burglary patterns do we have? >> reporter: both bronx commanders and their teams are being called to police headquarters to explain what's being done. the 4-0 this day has to answer for a big jump in robberies and assaults. >> carlos, you know why you're up there. a lot of things going on in the 4 hfr 4-0. >> reporter: this is compstat. >> we are up and arresting those index crimes. >> reporter: and to face a grilling about ongoing problems
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>> how are you doing with robbery warrants? this is basic stuff here. if you have a robbery issue everybody at that podium should be tuned in. >> we analyze where the robberies are occurring, what time they're occurring and try to pint point point those locations. >> we're up 73 in rob arrests. that's not the goal here. the goal is crime prevention. >> reporter: top brass tell the room it's time for even more support for the 4-0 like adding parol resource patrol resources. the entire command under pressure to find solutions. >> we're not looking to throw curveballs at people, we're certainly not looking to embarrass people. we just want to make sure their whole operation is efficient. >> reporter: commanders from the 43rd also called in. >> we've experienced increases in five out of the seven major
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>> violence-wise you're doing a good job. robberies, you have the highest volume in the city. >> noticing that spike, we immediately deployed a dedicated uniformed robbery order on each single platoon. >> absconders absconders? >> reporter: and why a known felon is already back on the street after getting a misdemeanor plea deal. >> we have in front of us now a live gunpoint robber. he is out there right now probably walking about the h- 4-3. >> the robbery fell apart and in part it was the victim in the complaint room. >> reporter: drilling down detail after detail, case after case case, pressing commanders to do better. these meetings take place every week and any given week any precinct commander from my any part
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police commissioner bratton on hand. back in 1994 it was a young erbil er er bill bratton. a system to map incidents and enforce lesser crimes, all to try to prevent bigger crimes. despite some spikes he praised bronx commands for overall record low crime numbers. >> we have never had so few murders for a two-month period of time. >> do we have cases on all of those? >> reporter: after an sbans intense few hours, both commanders leave with new ideas. >> if we could stop the location where these phones are being sold by the perpetrators they'll be less inclined to steal them because they won't make any money. >> reporter: and go after repeat offenders even harder. >> see if i can have the d.a.'s
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the image take major take-away for me, the follow through. >> reporter: in the south bronx. that was a remarkable look inside the nypd. this weekends "nbc nightly news" is going to have much more on how nypd commands ers are called to account for crime spikes. guess what? we made it to the weekend. it's friday. >> friday is here and the news is still the same. we still have a lot to look forward to in terms of warm temperatures and lots of sunshine for your weekend plans. here's a look outside right now. let's take a look at this view before the sub nsets. beautiful day today around the tri-state. yet another one, we check off one more day. and we did warm up a few more degrees. right now it is 62 degrees in midtown with plenty of sunshine to go around. that's down just a few degrees
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remember, the average is between 62 and 63 be we . jfk is 58. little bit cooler at the shore areas. bridgeport 57. 63 in newark and 61 in islip this afternoon. stim still need jackets for the overnight. because it is going to cool down once the sunsets. we're still looking at a fantastic weekend. 60s to go around. mass pee it warmed up inland. morristown, bridgewater all in the mid 60s right now. sunshine yet again. dry skies across the area. there's a storm system offshore over parts of canada. nova scotia they're getting some rain there. yankees tonight, it's going to be cool, nice and clear. once the sun sets the
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you need lightweight jackets if you're going out this evening. still the chance for freezing or below freezing temperatures tonight. moonlit skies tonight. it's beautiful. down to 44 in midtown. chillier in the suburbs. still some 30s. but beautiful in the afternoon tomorrow. cooler at the coast, but up to 66 in the city and 76 degrees by monday. so it just continues to go north in terms of temperatures. here's a look at tuesday, wednesday. cools off a little bit. might see a sprinkle with a northeasterly flow. sunny skies and 70s on sunday and monday. they'll take a little bit of a break tuesday, wednesday. but the 70s with back thursday and friday. enyou
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. well the rangers dealing with a lot of injuries. >> i feel like a doctor about to deliver good news and bad news to patients. a long list to get through. the rangers look to even up their playoff series in pittsburgh. they will be without dan girardi. head coach vigneault calls it a whole body injury. that's the bad news. the good news henrik lundqvist was on the ice at practice today and he could be in the crease for game two. there is no damage to his eye after taking a stick to mask in game one. penguins may have flurry back in the crease as well. game two is at 3:00 tomorrow right here on nbc 4. islanders can take a 2-0 lead on the panthers tonight. game one was a wild ride that's for sure.
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the most underrated star in the nhl. he was brilliant. tied the game with 20 seconds to skate in the second, added a pair of assists in a 5-4 islanders win. panthers out shot the isles by 20. the yankees welcome -- the mets home degrom's ailing lat muscle heals. with some tightness in the muscle it ended up being a 25-pitch workout. he'll ramp it up for another bullpen on sunday before they make a decision about the disabled list. it's jackie robinson day today, april 15th, 1947 the brooklyn dodger made his major league debut. that means you will see the number 42 on jerseys all around able tonight.
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fferent look to nba jerseys. they have approved sponsorships on uniforms. it's a three year pilot program. the league says it's projected to generate more than $100 million a year. it will take that. finally, villanova won the national title by beating north carolina. teaming up again this morning to ring the opening bill at the new york stock exchange. you get to do that when you win the national championship. back to the nba, with ads on jerseys, i hope it's not a streaming list of thanking the sponsors. >> yeah. i'm sure they're going to get something out of it as well, players, right? >> you would hope. you've got to get a piece. >> that's an astounding amount of money. >> 100 million is a lot. >> thanks a lot. coming up next on the "nbc
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many women swear by topical marijuana creams to relief aches and soreness, but does it really stack up? >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. breaking news tonight. shock waves as a second powerful earthquake rocks japan. tonight a rising death toll, scores injured and an urgent search for missing as a miracle survivor, a baby, is pulled from the rubble. trump change. new details on the shifting strategy in trump's inner circle, and after a fiery showdown sanders jets to the vatican while clinton raises big clooney. deadly zoo attack. tragedy as a worker is killed by a tiger. what went wrong at the palm beach zoo. manson murderer paroled, fame list outraged as an infamous killer could be set free decades after the shocking crimes that terrorized los angeles.


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