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tv   Today  NBC  April 16, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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nothing major there. and then the temperatures back down to the 60s tuesday and wednesday. that's where we should be this time of the year. back to 70s again on thursday. >> thank you so much, raphy. we're coming back a little bit earlier today. we'll be back at 8:30 this morning. >> weekend "today" is next. we'll see you in a bit. good morning. breaking overnight. wild weather. huge tornadoes caught on camera in oklahoma. today, 2 million people under severe weather threat with a possibility of more twisters, hail and damaging winds. while a little farther west, up to 2 feet of snow is possible in the mountains of colorado. dylan is tracking it. rubbing elbows and throwing
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bernie sanders meets with the pope at the vatican. hillary clinton hob-nobs with the clooneys. and a foul ball goes through the gap in the safety netting the visibly upset player running into the crowd to make sure she's okay. how did this happen again? and recreating history. william and kate at the taj mahal this morning invoking memories of princess diana's visit there 25 years ago. how the duke and duchess are looking to create new memories. today, saturday, april 16th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio
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welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones. >> i'm craig melvin alongside dylan dreyer. >> let's get to the top story. the search for survivors after the devastating earthquakes in japan. dozens killed and hundreds injured. we have nbc's kelly cobiella following it from london. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. rescues happening as we speak. reports this morning of students, possibly trapped in a collapsed university dormitory. reports that two of them died when the floors pancaked there. across the area, rescuers are trying to reach 100 people under the rubble racing to save them before a storm moves in with high winds and rain today. the quake, the second one in 24 hours hitting at 1:25 in the morning in the same area of southern japan as the first.
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these are images of when it struck. a 7.0 according to the u.s. geological survey. damage is widespread. bridges snapped in half. buildings in ruins. landslides cutting off villages and sweeping away homes. now the threat of pounding rains setting off mudslides. rescuers managed to pull some people alive from the rubble already. including a 93-year-old grandmother. to make matters worse, a nearby volcano erupted today. the first time in a month. more than 1,000 people evacuated. the ground still moving. sheinelle, as many as eight aftershocks an hour. it is expected to happen for weeks. back to you. >> thank you, kelly cobiella. back at home, we have severe weather and damages tornadoes in the heartland. >> they hit in the country in the western plains. we have video out for knew texas
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take a look at the size of the tornado. just huge twister caught on camera. knocking down some of the power poles. this was one of several tornadoes reported yesterday. mostly in rural areas. that is on the east side of the storm. on the west side of the storm, we had snow. in the rocky mountains, that is where the snow is coming down. 2/3 of flights in and out of denver's airport are canceled. the snow is coming down. it is all elevation dependent. not seeing heavy snow that's sticking. you go to the higher elevations and you could have 2 feet of the snow. here is how it is not moving west or east too quickly. we have the set up called an omega block. the greek letter. the high pressure system preventing the low pressure from moving too quickly. when you have the moisture from the gulf of mexico and cold air from the north, that means we have snow on the western side
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of severe storms today across the western plains. as we did through tomorrow, the severe threat shifts to the east and the snow will begin to lighten up through sunday in the rockies. we are looking for as far as 2 feet of snow. especially in the higher elevations above 7,000 feet. we could see some flash flooding with southeastern texas sunday and monday receiving up to 7 or 8 inches of rain. the flip side of these storms. dylan, thank you. >> now to a breaking story overnight. two maryland firefighters shot and one killed when they responded to a call for a person with a possible medical condition. bullets started flying. we have nbc's morgan radford with more. >> good morning, sheinelle. a veteran firefighter died after he was shot trying to check on a civilian.
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community in shock and trying to gure out what went wrong. >> reporter: police got the call from the relative friday night. >> he believed his relative was potentially experiencing a medical emergency. >> reporter: a team responded to the home. firefighter john olmshnider and one other knocked on the home and no one answered. they entered and shots rang out. >> all units, just got information. >> it was as they were forcing entry, that several rounds were fired from the house through the door striking two fire department personnel. >> reporter: both men rushed to surgery in critical condition. the relative who called 911 was with the first responders and also hit, but not seriously injured. the 39-year-old, married father with 13 years of service later died of his wounds.
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family as best we can and to begin to prepare to send our brother home. >> reporter: swain is in serious condition. the shooter surrendered and has been cooperating with police. this hits hard in a community that is already suffering. >> this county for the second time in five weeks grieving the loss of a member of our public safety family. >> reporter: officer was killed during assault on a police station in march. when asked about the dangers they face on the job, police responded emphatically. >> will it ever end? god, i hope so. at the end of the day, the men and women of public safety will be there when the community needs us. >> swain has been in surgery and the fire department says he is expected to survive his injuries. as of now, no charges have been filed. police are still investigating. sheinelle. >> morgan, thank you. another developing story
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just arrived on the greek island of lesbos to meet with the refugees who have been stranded there. nbc's chief correspondent bill ne neely is there. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the pope is just about to arrive here at the port in lesbos through which more than half a million migrants have come and gone. earlier, he made an extraordinary visit behind the razor wire and detention camp. he met thousands who are trapped there and cannot leave and threatened with deportation. many wept openly in front of him and kneeling in front of him and begging for help. many held up signs saying give us freedom and save us from genocide. the vatican says this is not a
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humanitarian one. the pope is calling openly on european leaders to respond with human human humanity. simply by being at the camp, the leader of the world's catholics fighting for the cause of muslim migrants is sending out a message. this is a short trip. he will be gone in a couple of hours. it is short and symbolic, but significant. craig. >> b "yill for us in greece. thank you. to the race for the white house now. with the new york primary three days away, democratic candidates are out of the state. hillary clinton attending fund-raisers on the west coast and bernie sanders at the vatican. we have full coverage on both sides this morning. let's start with nbc's kristen welker covering the democrats. >> good morning, sheinelle. the optics could not be more different.
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the pope today and attending a conference on social justice. hillary clinton in california attending fund-raisers hosted by amal and george clooney. this sends significant messages. it was a star studded friday night for hillary clinton. george and amal clooney hosting a fund-raiser in california. $353,000 just to sit with the frontrunner. and bernie sanders attending the vatican. he told nbc's anne thompson the opportunity to meet the pope was one he could not pass up. >> today was the highlight of the trip. i think he will go down in history as one of the great leaders of this particular moment in world history. >> reporter: late friday, sanders making good on his promise to release his 2014 tax
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documents showing sanders made $205,000 and gave just over $8,000 in donations. the sanders campaign touting that unlike clinton's tax releases, sanders returns under score he hasn't accepted money for corporate speeches. sanders railing against the influence of money and politics while speaking abroad. >> our very soul of a nation has suffered as the public has lost faith in political and social institutions. >> reporter: clinton is closing in on new york. the latest poll showing her with a lead of 17 points. today, bill clinton will rally voters in upstate new york after his comments on sanders friday. >> i think it's fine that all these youngsters have been so enthusiastic for an opponent. >> reporter: the sanders campaign firing back that the former president was disparaging
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both sides has gotten heated in recent days. president clinton emphasized he was joking. as for the primary here. sanders officials acknowledge their climb is steep. their goal is to limit the margin by the secretary clinton win and net as many delegates. his path to the nomination gets tougher if he doesn't win in new york. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the republicans for a second. where new york is all but a lock for donald trump. but at a moment where every delegate counts, it will be a race to the finish for trump and cruz. nbc's katy tur is here with that story. >> good morning. every delegate counts because trump needs to avoid a contested convention where cruz could take the nomination on a subsequent ballot. that is why trump's team is beefing up his inner circle and focusing on scoring a big win in new york state.
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the rules, but insisting he will come out on top. >> it's a disaster and not fair. we will win it anyway. we will have our 1,237. >> reporter: trashing the system and now echoing a chant before supporters. >> lying ted. he walks into a room with his bible held high. it's lying ted, folks. puts down the bible and he lies. >> reporter: the trump team sharpening its game plan in the final primaries before the convention. new experience advisers adding structure and talking points to the normally impulsive campaign. >> cruz talked about new york values. he said it with hatred to new yorkers. >> reporter: sources tell nbc news is the strategy is to appeal to voters who feel behind by washington without turning off delegates.
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york, but after a tough 24 hours, cruz drew a crowd of 1,200 in rochester friday night. >> tuesday is election day here in new york. and new york, the whole country is looking at new york, right now. amen, sir. >> reporter: not a lock? former contestants who gathered in new york. >> we strongly condemn donald's campaign of sexism, xenophobia, violence and hate. >> trump responded calling the angry contestants want-to-bes. >> let's talk about the democrats here. you had the debate on thursday. you mentioned in the piece the optics here. sanders meeting with the pope talking about social justice.
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out with the clooneys with a $350,000 a plate couples dinner. are they worried? >> the optics could not be tougher for the clinton campaign. that is why she scheduled that meeting with low income meetings. this is something the clinton campaign has to deal with. she has to go with the high dollar fund-raisers. bernie sanders gets in front of a microphone and says hey, accepted money. it states he is part of the working class. i think this dichotomy for the weekend. the clinton campaign doesn't think it will hurt her. are her potential republican challenger er r taking note? yes.
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you look at the crowds with bernie sanders. these talk about this for a moment. bernie sanders. does he have a realistic path or is he a spoiler? >> the sanders campaign say they have a realistic path. they look at may and the states they can do well. oregon, possibly west virginia. some of the other may states. the reality is and we have been saying this for a long time. in order for him to win, he that's win bigger states. new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, connecticut. by big margins. that's why a loss here is so devastating because it is the first test he may not be able to do that. that becomes tougher for him. >> you have to flip the number of super delegates. we have new polling. nbc marist poll with donald trump with a commanding lead in new york state.
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he write his op-ed writing about the rules that have been in place for some time. why pick this fight now? what's with the timing? >> it's very important for the trump campaign to appear like they are not on a losing track. it is becoming more difficult to get to the magic number of delegates they need. 1,237. by decrying the rules saying this is not fair, they are able to galvanize support and come off as still the winners despite the rules. what is really interesting is "the wall street journal" he wasn't calling out rnc or he wasn't calling out reince priebus. he has changed the structure in his campaign with more experience who realize he has to get along with the rnc and not alienate party loyalists who are often times delegates. he needs those delegates to
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that does not benefit him. ted cruz is better organizing. he could do well on a second or third ballot. >> great conversation. thank you. thank you so much. now to the investigation into the tragedy at the palm beach zoo. the lead tiger keeper was mauled to death as she prepared for a visit presentation. the 38-year-old woman attacked by a malayan tiger while working in the area where the big cats eat and sleep. zoo officials say the keeper was known as the tiger whisperer. it did not appear she did anything out of the ordinary before the attack. medical emergency forced an unscheduled stop for prince. the 57-year-old entertainer's plane made an emergency landing in illinois. prince was rushed to the hospital said to be suffering from the flu and dehydration. he is back in his home in minnesota. in florida, a baseball fan
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encounter with a foul ball. the tampa bay rays fouls off a pitch in the seventh inning that smashes the ball through the hole in the protective netting. it hit a woman in the eye. the game with the rays and white sox was stopped as emergency crews attended to the woman. a worried player shaken goes into the stands to check on her himself. the woman was taken from the field on a stretcher. hospital. dylan is back with a check of the forecast. >> we also have showers down through the southeast. it will be a little bit unsettled there today. it will be cooler. in the northeast, we are warming things up. a lot of sunshine with the high pressure in control. that high blocking this storm system from moving eastward. another line of storms today through the western plains and continued snow through the rockies. denver will see as much as 8 inches of snow. through the panhandle of
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biggest threat is hail and damaging wind gusts. we cannot rule out a tornado. the west coast is nice and sunny and dry. 60s and 70s. the northeast we should get into the 60s and 70s through the mid-atlantic. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. another cool spring morning out there. temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s. good morning in poughkeepsie waking up to 35 degrees. 32 for you now in danbury. 45 back to 59 by lunchtime. today's high temperature, a very pleasant 66 degrees. breezy and sunny. tomorrow we finally see 70 degrees and sunshine. 76 on monday. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> nearly three dozen dogs treated this morning after being pulled from a burning home in florida. nbc's kerry sanders has more on
7:21 am
>> reporter: coughing, but alive. the cocker spaniel is one of 34 dogs pulled from a burning home in dade beach, florida. >> they need help. >> reporter: the homeowner who helps rescued dogs find homes was out when the electrical fire started. the firefighters arrived within three minutes, but spent an hour and a half searching in thick smoke for dogs. cowering behind sofas and under beds and closets. >> gasping for air. >> reporter: one dog died. eight other, including andi are still at the vca hollywood animal hospital. >> the first 48 hours a critical time for a dog exposed to smoke. >> reporter: four in oxygen tents and at times on
7:22 am
of antibiotics. >> a good boy. >> he's going to be okay? >> i think with a couple days of hospitalization making sure we get them stabilized, i think that we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: each of the dogs has been through an incredible ordeal. none as much as little ruby here. ruby is a rescue dog. rescued off the streets in egypt. and now she's a survivor. eventually each dog will go up for adoption. for "today," kerry sanders, dade beach, florida. >> if you want to adopt one of the dogs, go to our web site and still ahead, the week's
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close encounter with the alligator. and then jonas opening up about his first kiss.
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still to come on "today," will and kate back at the site where princess diana was 20 years ago. the latest on their trip to india coming up. and what this person had to say when she received mean
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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it is now 7:26 as we take a look at the 59th street bridge on this saturday morning, april 16th. i'm lynda baquero. happening now, searching for a suspect on a slashing on a cab driver in livery in queens. the driver asked for money for fare and that's when the suspect tried to rob the driver. when the driver refused to give up cash he was slashed in the neck and back. he was taken to a hospital to be treated. police searching for the suspect in a burglary of a bank in manhattan. we've got video of a man prying open the glass near 29th street and 5th avenue. police say he got away with an unknown amount of money. this saturday we could see outside the sunshine. >> a beautiful day. cool right now but temperatures back to the mid-60s later on today. beautiful spring weekend ahead.
7:28 am
tomorrow we're back up to 70 with more sunshine. 76. nice and warm on monday. >> i love it. thank you. and we'll be right back with the "today" show.
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we are back on this saturday morning, april 16th, 2016, with the look at the first night of coachella. technical difficulties during the surprise performance by kanye west. apparently the mikes went out on jeezy. we will play a guessing game over the more obscure band names.
7:31 am
dylan and i caught that. here in the big apple. we're moving on. finally starting to feel like spring. look at the crowd. a nice crowd at rockefeller plaza. >> i call him up and say jeezy. >> let's get to news headlines. here is what is making headlines. rescuers in japan going door-to-door more than 24 hours after two massive earthquakes. dozens of deaths and hundreds injured there. widespread damage in japan. officials say there are up to eight aftershocks an hour. hundreds turned out in new orleans for a parade for the former saints player will smith. smith was gunned down last week after a tragic accident. today his family and friends will remember him in a private funeral. and april 15th has come and
7:32 am
file taxes. the deadline was april 18th because yesterday was he emancipation day. let's look at "the download." >> russian jets got too close for comfort and officials have a new warning for zika virus. some of the stories that have us talking. >> tough talk. bernie sanders and hillary clinton squaring off in brooklyn with the new york primary days away. >> let's do it. >> if you are both screaming at each other, the viewers will not hear either of you. >> in the only showdown before the new york primary, fireworks almost from the moment they took the stage. >> i do question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq. >> well, the people of new york
7:33 am
senator from new york and pres ident obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state. on the republican side, donald trump's campaign manager off the hook for grabbing a reporter at a rally. >> authorities say this video shows michelle fields defying a secret service order to stay back at the press conference last month. >> she's moving. she's making her way back over. >> prosecutors argue campaign manager corey lewandowski was justified in his actions to protect the candidate. and citing the video in the decision not to prosecute the top aide. close call. russian fighter jets buzzing a navy ship in the baltic sea. >> the two russian jets buzzed the ship not once, but more than 30 times over two days. at one point, coming within 30 feet of the destroyer.
7:34 am
called this a training exercise. growing concerns about the zika virus. health officials confirming it causes birth defects and saying it is scarier than they imagined. >> we learned the virus is likely to be a problem at much of the pregnancy period. not just the first trimester, but throughout the pregnancy. actor robert de niro talking about autism and vaccines on "today." >> two weeks ago, a film documentary pulled on the topic. di nero wants people to still see the film. >> my child is autistic. there is something people are not addressing. for me to get upset here on the "today" show with you guys means there is something there. kobe bryant calling it a career with a performance of a lifetime scoring 60 points in
7:35 am
a bit of a shock to his kids. >> whoa, dad. i said i used to do this pretty often. ? dude, youtube it. >> chimp climbed power lines. >> and look at that chimp. >> he is going like this through the power lines. >> like chimps do. >> look at that. the roar and everything. that's a movie. >> can i go back for a moment? quickly? i'm no expert, but 60 points? are they letting him do his thing? it is his last game. >> there have been those who surmised after watching the game that perhaps they weren't playing the tightest defense on
7:36 am
>> i'm not crazy? >> s he can do it. >> it's been a long time since kobe put up 60 points. shaq said before the game, i challenge him to put up 50. he came out with 60. >> he showed him. >> great way to go out. time for another check of the weather. >> we are looking at a nice warm up across the north. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by edward jones. where attention and sound advice is a big deal. >> as i was saying, a nice warm up expected in the northeast. it is a little bit chilly out this morning. one more cold morning with the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. in louisville, 52 degrees. warmer air is finally going to start sliding in here. madison, wisconsin, 77 degrees today. cincinnati, mid-70s. cooler down in the southeast where there are a lot of clouds and showers. in the northeast, 71 in washington. that sea breeze keeps boston at
7:37 am
on sunday, temperatures warm through the 70s. close to 80 in buffalo 72. new york 73. bangor, maine, makes it up to 76. high pressure keeping things nice and sunny. however, that's also blocking this storm system from moving eastward too quickly. slight risk of stronger storms across the plains today. also perhaps a chance of 2 feet of snow in the highest elevations through the rockies. could see 8 inches of snow in denver where there have been hundreds of cancellations. about two-thirds of flights have been canceled in denver. west coast, a bit windy. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. looking very sunny outside your window right now. also a little chilly. you need the jackets in monticello. 45 in central park. temperatures on the rise though. hour-by-hour, in fact. back up to 59 by lunch.
7:38 am
sunshine and breezy all day long with a high of 66 degrees. tomorrow higher. 76 on monday. a little bit cooler by tuesday. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. coming up, expert shopping advice before you head out on saturday morning errands. the big ticket ite hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal.
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perfect song in "today's consumer" april is a good time to buy certain items. we have jeanette with us from good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i like that game. >> we will see how you do. >> summer travel. buy now? wait later? buy now. >> brilliant. right away. yes because july and august are the most expensive times to
7:42 am
if you buy now, you can save. tuesday afternoon at 4:00 eastern time. >> standing on your head. >> and actually what a lot of people know is that sites like travelocity have great deals. you can google for coupon codes and save more. >> barbecue gear. i will say buy now. >> you are close. may. >> wait for later? >> yes. memorial day is the kickoff. ask when you go to the store for a floor model or return. you can save more. >> i didn't know that. china and kitchen. i will say wait. >> well, no. the deal is it's before bridal season and graduation. when the bridal registries will get busy. they do great sales now.
7:43 am
are in the fall after bridal season. save your receipt. you can get price adjustments if it goes on sale within a 14-day period. if you pay $100 and a week later it goes down to $50, you get that back. >> car repairs. i'm going to say buy now. >> i bet it's because you know this is national car care month. you're right. >> good. >> national car care month. go to find out where in your neighborhood they are having free inspections or deals. there are deals out on auto parts, advanced auto parts is $40 off when you spend $100. >> i'm nodding, but i have no idea. >> just know in that it is good to do the repairs while they are minimal as opposed to waiting until later. >> i know that one. tools and hardware.
7:44 am
i don't have logic to that. >> you are right. i will double challenge you. do you know when it is the best time to buy tools? >> craig? the best time to buy tools? >> wait a month. >> june. >> this was surprising. black friday. it is one of the hottest black fridays. that and electronics. great deals on tools. >> i like this game. >> it's fun. >> you can come back anytime. >> thank you. happy to be here. up next, we're having fun
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two more ways [inhale + exhale mnem gonic] to breathe happy. one can of bush's beans. well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? okedcoccording bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? i love the music. >> tens of thousands of folks making their way west for coachella coachella. we have many people heading to the desert.
7:48 am
for "today's" moment of anchor torture. >> it has a name now. >> they like to have us play the games. we're going to figure out whether these bands are real or fake. you have your paddles. what's the first band? let's see. first band is dj mustard. >> i'm going real. >> i'm going fake. >> i think it is real. what is it? >> dj mustard. that's real. did you know? >> no, but it sounds delicious. >> the silent host. dj mustard is hot. >> next is ac slater. >> that's real. >> no. that's a character. >> that was mario lopez. >> that's a band name. >> as it should be. >> it was on "saved by the bell." >> zach's best friend. smithsonian hippo mob. >> i'll say fake.
7:49 am
>> i'll say real. >> no. i want to know who came up with that one. and what the meeting of the minds was like. >> double shot latte. >> i'll go real. >> that's a good band. >> i can hear it now. >> fake. look at that. look at that. melvin's up by one. double shot latte. i'm keeping score in my head. badbadnotgood. she's lying. >> what was it? badbadnotgood. >> i'll say real. >> that's my poker face. >> you have heard of them? >> i feel like i maybe have. >> what's the song? >> i don't know. >> what was the last one? >> how dare you call me sarah. i'll say fake. i say our producer's name is sarah. >> that's a good one. >> all right. >> good call.
7:50 am
we don't have scores. we all did equally well. >> in craig's mind, he won. still to come, our celebrity couples start to look like one another after being together for so long. >> that happens with your dog, too. you start to resemble your dog.
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still to come on "today," the conclusion of the special
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7:57 am
the time is now 7:56. it is saturday, april 16th. good morning. i'm gus rosendale. here's what's happening today. happening now, police searching for a suspect in an overnight slashing attack on a livery cab driver in queens. happened in corona. the driver asked the suspect for money for fare. he then tried to rob the driver. when the driver refused he was slashed in the neck and back. >>n,> the polaski skyway closed in both directions this morning. crews are installing deck panels. raphael miranda is here with a beautiful forecast. >> looking great already outside behind us. a lot of sunshine today. a little bit on the cool side right now. temperatures in the 40s. later on, 66 and breezy. a nice spring feel. overnight another chilly night. then we rebound to the low 70s.
7:58 am
we have 76 on monday as well. >> gorgeous. all right. we'll talk more about that and
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. wild weather. massive tornadoes in oklahoma. as many as ten reported on friday night alone. more could touchdown today. in colorado, the snow is falling fast. up to 2 feet expected by the end of the weekend. we'll check in with dylan. and rubbing elbows. bernie sanders and hillary clinton with high profile meetings this weekend at home and abroad. sanders just concluding an audience with the pope.
8:01 am
studded event with the clooneys. all of this as the republicans battle over a possible contested convention. and recreating history. william and kate with a special moment this morning pausing in front of the taj mahal where princess diana took iconic photo nearly 25 years ago. the royals now hoping to make new memories as they wrap up their visit to india. today, saturday, april 16th, 20 20 20 2016. >> hi, mom. look at me. >> 60 in new york city.
8:02 am
york city at the "today" show. >> a brilliant saturday morning to you. welcome back. a fantastic crowd on the plaza. we will get out there in just a bit. they are a lot warmer than last weekend. >> continue to get warmer. 70s tomorrow. the music makes you want to go to a tropical island. >> yes, it does. we will get to fun in a moment. let's start with rescue crews in japan desperately searching for survivors of the latest earthquake there. a powerful magnitude 7.0 quake hit the same area hit by a strong tremor 24 hours ago. dozens reported dead so far. lots of folks missing. hundreds injured. with many residents camping outside as aftershocks still hit. pope francis is in greece visiting refugees on the island of lesbos. he says he is there to witness
8:03 am
since the second world war. thousands of refugees fled the middle east trying to reach europe. before leaving for greece, the pope met with senator sanders. sanders called the visit an honor and joy. he was at the vatican for a social justice policy meeting. his rival, hillary clinton, was on the west coast for a fund-raiser attended by stars like george cloone and on the republican side, donald trump stumped in the state continuing his clash with party officials claiming the nominating process is rigged. classes should be back to normal for students in california after a mountain lion sparked a lockdown in granada hills.
8:04 am
wildlife officials hit it with a tranquil tranquil tranquilizer dart. and william and kate with wrapping up their india visit. william and kate wanted to create new memories in the landmark. we have nbc's keir simmons in india with more. keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, william and kate walked along the path behind me toward the magnificent taj mahal. walking in his mother's footsteps. they sat on the bench where diana sat all those years ago. an emotional day. william sitting with kate on a romantic bench where his mother sat alone. with that picture, diana showing her marriage was over. >> the princess sat on that
8:05 am
she said it was a healing experience. when asked what was meant by it, make of you you will. >> reporter: today, with this new image, william making his own history. this is the wonderful moment of the trip. william walking with kate in his mother's footsteps will be seen around the world. it was kate who encouraged william to visit india. and on the first day, they went to a slum in mumbai. then wednesday, they drew the world's attention to the plight of endangered rhinos. this week has seen great fun. william trying a new musical instrument. and when they reached bhutan, the couple truly relaxed. and making a three-hour trek hand-in-hand to a monastery, the tiger's nest. >> amazing. >> reporter: william and kate
8:06 am
bhutan who had their first son in february. admitting they were missing prince george and princess charlotte. they will remember their mother before heading home and getting back to being a father. why did william choose to sit on that bench? what message is he trying to send? he wants to make his own memories. guys. >> keir simmons in front of the taj mahal there. what an image. >> it is. i understand he wants to make new memories. you hold on to your memories, but make new ones. >> the juxtaposition of his mom there 25 years ago. dylan dreyer on the plaza with another check of the forecast. >> good morning, guys. we're celebrating a big 60th birthday on the plaza. your name?
8:07 am
>> everything matches perfectly. >> they are surprising me with the weekend. >> oh, my gosh. are you the family? >> yes. >> have fun. happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> i think he is giving out secrets on the sign. let's look at the weather we saw yesterday in texas county, oklahoma. we saw tornadoes touch down. look at that video. fortunately they were in rural areas. we did see power poles knocked over there. you see that with the heavy rain and hail with those storms. we had snow back through the rockies where denver airport has seen cancellations. we could end up with 2 feet of snow in the highest elevations. slowing roads and closing roads. we will see that throughout the day today a so looking at what we can expect in that area we look at the snow to continue today. denver again could end up with 8 inches of snow. most of the higher elevations will see about 1 to 2 feet of
8:08 am
already on the ground. we also have a chance of stronger storms. today it's across the western plains. through the panhandle of oklahoma, we could end up with stronger storms today. also lasting into tomorrow. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. beautiful spring day ahead of you. we have temperatures in the 40s and 30s. 46 in white plains. up to 48 in central park. the trend will be warming up hour-by-hour today. we're up to 59 by lunchtime and a great high of 66 degrees. mostly sunny and breezy. a picture perfect spring setup. tomorrow back to 70 degrees and we get even warmer on monday with 76. back to the 70s on thursday. and that's your latest forecast. craig. >> dylan, thank you. to the anticipated new film "confirmation" debuts on hbo. it is based on a real life
8:09 am
anita hill hearings in the '90s. as nbc's gadi schwartz tells us, this is the latest true life moment from two decades that is becoming a tv sensation. >> reporter: a story of a supreme court justice. a confirmation in congress and a sexual harassment scandal that changed america's workplace and glued the country to their tvs. >> i deny every allegation against me today. >> reporter: the hbo movie "confirmation" starring kerry washington as anita hill. of former employee of the justice on capitol hill. >> if you say what this man said to you occurred, why in god's name would you ever speak to a
8:10 am
>> reporter: a hollywood craze looking to recreate so many of those i can't believe this really happened in real life moments. >> the stories are out in real life. it was 24/7. the cycle was always on. >> reporter: the 24-hour news cycle obsession remade in "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> that is bringing back the not excitement, but obsession with this kind of content. >> reporter: entertainment insiders point to two more '90s throwback projects in the works. the story of the mennendez brothers. and series reexamining the unsolved murder of jon benet ramsay. both soon to follow "confirmation." >> i could not keep silent.
8:11 am
keep history so many watched live on television made for you. gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> i saw wendell pierce on that a few weeks ago. he says watch it. he said trust me. this is one of those hbo films that people are talking about. >> there is such a fascination with the cases that fascinated us years ago. you have perspective and new details. it will be a big one. still to come, how one local news anchor fired back after getting a lot of unwelcome comments about a selfie she that' s not fair, he should give you your rollerblades back. anddddd, she' s back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
latest move from amc theaters allowing some movie goers to text during movies in an effort to attract more millennials. now the movie theater is scrapping plans after people voiced disapprove n pproval disapproval. they said no texts at amc. you spoke. we listened. that idea has been sent to the cutting room floor. everybody's bright lights. >> i feel like an 80-year-old man. >> get off my lawn! here is the story getting attention on facebook. an anchor at our affiliate who in iowa. she is holding her infant with the caption i used to think i knew what exhausted was. hilarious. after that, someone posted a picture of her head shot next to her makeup free shot saying this
8:16 am
she quickly shot down the nasty comments saying, no, these pictures are not the same person. one is well rested and two hours in hair and makeup. the other is a woman who maybe had two hours sleep and dealing with a teething baby. >> the timing of this. i filled in for hoda yesterday. i mentioned when i was on vacation, i posted pictures of me with the kids on the beach. i was surprised by most of the comments are like, you are not wearing makeup. people were not petty or mean, but surprised i would post a picture without makeup. we should start a movement. ladies, embrace your face. tweeting with the the #embraceyourface. >> embrace your face. >> you wake up and go. why can't i? >> the second i get home, this shellack comes off and the sweat
8:17 am
>> i think people think we get out of bed looking like this. >> only beyonce. and great news for french fry lovers. for a limited time, a mcdonald's opening in st. louis, missouri, will serve up all-you-can-eat fries. >> they will go out of business. >> all-you-can-eat. the mcdonald's is trying to take it to a new level. offering customized desserts. burgers. they will do service. they are calling it the mcdonald's of the future. >> the monopoly game is on here, too. >> all-you-can-eat fries? >> they will not last long. that will shut that down quickly. >> how do you not have a cap? >> these are my favorite fries. >> when they're hot. >> having fun with celebrity couples. taylor swift dishing about her new romance. >> i forgot. >> dylan has it covered.
8:18 am
a study comes out saying people are attracted to mates who look like them? you take that to hollywood and have fun in pop start. looking at jessica alba and her husband, cash warren. this seems like it is accurate. some symmetry. next up is tom brady and gisele bundchen. check out gabrielle union and dwyane wade. i see it. >> no, gabrielle union is much hotter than dwyane wade. >> then jessica biel and justin timberlake. that looks weird. let's do us. >> we did this?
8:19 am
>> let those pictures speak for themselves. >> it did not help they took a picture of me from 2004. >> i don't think it is the year. >> i love that brian's glasses get cut off in the middle. >> you kind of resemble each other. >> no, you don't. >> you do. >> dylan? >> you have the same complexion as your wife. >> anyway, that was fun. next up. taylor swift. she can add a new line to resume. cover girl. she has everyone talking about the cover and words inside the may issue. on the topic of her boyfriend, calvin harris, the 26-year-old had this to say, quote, i'm taking things as they come. i want it to be ours and low key. this is one thing that is mine about my personal life. fans are eating this up. we respect your personal life,
8:20 am
if you write a song about it. it has to come at some point. and lastly, kisses are totally awkward. nick jonas opened up about his first kiss which happened to be with miley cyrus. it went outside the pizza place in hollywood. this may not be the best. jonas just had a pie with onions all over it. when asked if miley remembers it. he is confident she does because it was quote probably potent. nick jonas is the musical guest on "saturday night live." >> that's why people are outside. >> i want a quarter pounder. very excited. >> with cheese? >> yeah. >> we're back in a moment. >> but first this is "today" on
8:21 am
8:22 am
he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and that's it. that will do it for this
8:23 am
before we go. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear sheinelle >> you're birthday's on tuesday. the big 2-5. >> thank you so much. >> tomorrow on "today," willie geist behind the hit "hamilton." have a fantastic saturday.just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges and in corners. and with its powerful three-stage cleaning system roomba picks up pet hair, dust and debris for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot . better together . i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham!
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8:27 am
next on today in new york -- -- >> overnight slashings. two slashings just three hours apart throughout the city. i'm ray villeda live in corona with the latest on this growing crime trend. >> thank you. we'll also have the latest from japan where a pair of earthquakes have devastated parts of the country. we'll have an update on the rescue efforts. and a beautiful sunny start to your saturday. but chilly temperatures still dominating. will we have a warm-up this weekend? a look at your forecast coming up. >> i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm lynda baquero.
8:28 am
if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . now on today in new york, the search for the man police say slashed a cab driver in queens. plus the search for survivors after two devastating earthquakes shook parts of japan.
8:29 am
raisers to face time with pope francis. candidates pulling out all the stops just days before new york's primary. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm lynda baquero. look how beautiful. >> not a cloud in the sky. raphael miranda in the storm team 4 center. 47 degrees right now. >> warming up as the day goes on. this is the perfect setup for anyone who loves spring weather. nice and mild by the afternoon. and looking at storm tracker you could see we're not dealing with any cloudiness out there. giving us crystal clear blue skies. but we've had temperatures on the chilly side this morning. let's look around town. now we're at 45 in morris town. we saw 30s earlier. in fact, some spots were just around freezing. now back to the 40s. all of that sunshine doing its thing down there. we've got mid-40s towards the hamptons. as the day goes on, we're swapping out those 40s for 50s by lunch. near 60 already at 12. and we're coasting along all
8:30 am
today's high temperature 66 degrees. very similar to yesterday. but we're adding on just a couple of degrees day by day. then there are 70s finally in the works. we'll tell you when coming up on the seven-day forecast. over to you. >> thank you. happening now. police searching for the man who slashed a cab driver in queens. >> today in new york's ray villeda joins us now with what we know about the attack. ray? >> reporter: that slashing happened here in corona early this morning. that suspect took off after slashing the driver right here on van cleave on the street behind me. it happened around 12:30 this morning. on van cleave. police say the 43-year-old driver asked for fare money. that's when the suspect asked the driver for all of his money. the driver refused to give him any cash. police tell us that's when the suspect slashed the driver and ran off. the driver was taken to elmhusrt and is expected to be okay. neighbors here in this


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