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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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new york. today a local vote in the crit rial race for president. plus, sentencing day for a former nypd officer who shot and killed a man in a brooklyn stairwell. and there's been a deadly attack at the u.s. embassy io afghanistan. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday, april 19th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm kerry barrett. darlene is off today. >> so chris is here with the forecast, the primary day forecast. the weather won't stop anyone from getting to the polls today. wo rain to worry about, the temperatures are already warmer than yesterday morning. but the high temperature will be cooler. we'll explain why in a minute. out across long island, in the upper 40s. west westhampton, 49. dry conditions and windier conditions this afternoon.
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that means fire danger, the risk is higher throughout the af rnoon hours. be extra careful out there for today. but look for sunshine after some morning clouds. itokurns partly to mostly sunny for the afternoon. it does get breezy with a high temperature at 71 degrees. we'll get the first check on our traffic now. the lie is currently closed as they try to upright a truck there. we'll look at the lower george washington bridge, looking opne. the lincoln and the hollaalnd are okay. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. to decision 2016, the path to the white house today runs right through new york. weeks of campaigns lead up to today. polls open in 90 minutes and
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with katherine creag in ndchappas a. a lot of people are watching that area, cat. >> reporter: we are in the street because secret service isn't allowing us tha close to the school. so we have to park just a little ways down the road, but we should see mrs. clinton in just a matter of hours. the final moments of her campaign, we saw her really appealing to female voters, also minority voters. the former secretary of state clinton represented new york as a senator for eight years. you see her there at a rally in midtown. as for senator sanders, another massive rally, this time in long island city, queens. both candidates saw last-minute supporters from voters. there in long island city yesterday, i talked to several
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wanted to vote for hillary. they wanted tooing go to the sanders event. we want to hear from the voters and also the candidates. let's listen. >> i want you to know that new york had my back and i always tried to have your back.>> and i will again if i'm so fortunate enough to be elected your president. >> from coast to coast, this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. >> reporter: as you take a look at all the supporters at the sanders and clinton events, it really comes down to them, michael. it's up to the voters as today is the primary day. 6:00 a.m. is when voting begins in so many places. we expect to see voters at the school down the street and also mrs. clinton in just a little while. as for bernie sanders, we do expect him to be in pennsylvania. the pri
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we'll be seeing him there, but this is clinton here in chappaqua later on. >> katherine, we'll let you get out of the street. thank you so much. donald trump is hoping to reinvigorate his campaign in his home state. lori lori bordonaro is hereazith more. >> reporter: yes, donald trump is expected to come here a little later at 6:00 as we hopes to sweep his home state of new york. he and john kasich campaigning in upstate new york yesterday while ted cruz was campaigning in maryland. the former jets coach rex ryan introduced trump at a rally in buffalo where dozens of supporters and protestors showed up. he said no new yorker sho lod vote for cruz and kasich does not represent what we need.
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watched our police and our firemen down at 7-eleven, down at the world trade center right after it came down. >> reporter: john kasich is running a distant second to trump and made stops in syracuse and schenectad >> the ksa is an opportunity for everybody to be able to achieve what they want to achieve. >> reporter: and ted cruz has ved past new york. he spent friday upstate but will spend today in philly. yesterday he was in maryland and did notention new york at all. his aides telling nbc news that cruz is targeting the areas where he believes he has a better chance of pulling voters. >> do we nominate donald trump and hand the election to hillary clinton?
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campaign and beat hillary clinton? >> reporter: and polls show trump easily defeating his rivals here in new york. we're getting word he's expected to show up here and vote a little later around 9:00 this morning. back to you.ka >> b> to the president primaries, there are special elections taking place. they will place sheldon silvetar and dean skelos. four people are running t replace silver in the 56th assembly district. that represents lower manhattan. and there are three candidates in the election to replace skelos that couldythe up the balance of power in the state senate where it is closely divided between republicans and democrats. a democrat victory could give them outright majority. as you head down today, take down this phone number if you run into any problem at the poll there is a spe
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hotline to help, call 1-800-771-7755 or e-mail you can stay on tht of everything happening with news 4. we'll bring you the results as they come in, download our nbc 4 app and tune in tonight at 11:00 for all the results. here's the latest on weather and traffic with chris cimino with a bipart zap isan forecast. absolutely. we are knocking down the numbers from yesterday. sunny and breezy by the afternoon hours. not as warm but near 70 this afternoon, we think. for the most part, the combination of the dry conditions we've had and a ttle bit of a heat wave of sorts, we'll call it spring, t
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things are dry so you have to be extra careful with things to spark a fire in a hurry. a few clouds, 61 degrees is the temperature. back to the the upper 60s by noon. up around 70 by 3:00. so another fine-looking day ahead. we'll see if the commute is fine so far, here's emily west in for lauren. it looks fine with a little bit of track workafor the subways.ethis is hapy ning on a lot of lineo this morning. and the commuter checklist starting off on schedule, no delays. we have a few buses detoured but new jersey transit is checking out okay. alternate side is in effect. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. thank you very much. 4:38. breaking news from afghanistan with a suicide bombing followed by gunfire. they are involved with a firefight with militants in central kabul.
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200 pounded. the taliban right now is claiming responsibility. the explosion was near the american embassy but that specific building not affected. meanwhile, an nypd officer convicted of shooting a man in a stairwell will be sentenced later today. peter liang could get 15 months in prison. his lawyers trieded to throw out the case claiming that a juror lied during selection. but a judge upheld the selection last week. now to a vehicle involved in a deadly hit-and-run on long island. security cameras captured this in east patchoste saturmay morning. a man who was legally blind was t from behind while walking with a cane. then the suv sped off with obvious damage to the hood and to the front grill. you can see it there on the
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vehicle is a blue ford explorer, possibly in the years between 2002 and 2005. also new this morning, video just in of a man who police say is behind a fatal stabbing at a manhattan homeless shelter. and the slash log of a liver cab driver. police led 53-year-old william smith out of the 13th precinctt station house late last night. he's been on e run for days after allegedly killing a homeless man at a shelter and slashing a cab driver during a robbery in queens. smith has 1 arrests since 1982 that includes grand larceny and robbery. and in brooklyn investigators are trying to pin down the cause of a fatal house fair. patricia thomas died in this fire that3broke out at about 6:00 last night on the second floor and in the attic of the home. officials say at least seven firefighters were hurt fighting it.
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is expected to b okay. it's 4:40 now. ny pe ple in our area are anxiously awaiting to hear from relatives in the wake of the vastating earthquake in ecuador. that's where we see emotional rescues like this man who raised his hands from his stretcher. thrie death toll unfurtunately is rising and is nowmit 413 and more victi s could still be in the rubble. here in manhattan relatives jammed the ecuadoran consulate for lldates on loved ones. >> one of my sisters was say g that the state where they are smells like dead bodies. >> this woman was arrested. police say she trieded to force her way into the then overcrowded consulate. far one american is among those who is confirmed dead from this earthquake. 4:41 happening now. unprecedented flooding to blame for at least five deaths in houston, texas.
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deo.l about 17 inches of rain fell, and that was just yesterday in a maurtter of hours leaving much of the nation's fourth largest city under a foot of water. we're hearing more rain could fall today. ficials are warning residents to staytinside because of flash flooding situations like this one. the governor, in fact, declared a state of emergency for nine counties. so far, that could be expanded. it's 4:41. still ahead, major announcement into the investigates into the malaysian airlines plane that was missing. plus, why carnival is putting pkens for cruises to cuba on hold. and weather and traffic on the the 4s coming up as we look at the bell parkway right near jfk airport. you're watching "today in new york." go bolder? push for a living wage that's higher. for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born.
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who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. on tuesday, we've got a big decision to make. and the new york daily news and the new york times no already made theirs: both endorse hillary clinton for pres ent. clinoon is "supremely knowledgeable" and "results-driven." she "promises to be t a true democratic champion"... "advancing an ambitious democratic agenda in the white house." and the times lauds her "vision,
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new york' s choice for president: hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. here are four things to know this morning. polls will open at 6:00 a.m. this morning. in duchess county they will open
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today a judge will sentence former nypd off saicer peter liang. the district attorney has recommended probation and house arrest. these fruit snacks sold at lgreens nationwide are being recalled because they could contain glass. they are the nice brand mixed fruit and peaches. target raises the minimum wage to $10 an hour. that increase takes effect next month. all right. 4:r5 on this tuesday morning. it's a little milder out there this morning than it wai yesterday morning, but how warm did it get yesterday? it was our first 80-degree day of the season. made it up to 82 degrees in central park. the average for june 24th. so we're a little bit ahead of schedule there. our average high for this time of the year should be 62, putting it in perspective, 20 >>grees abobs normal yesterday. and it'sm een dry since march 1st. we are in a deficit of 5 inches of rain. so we do need more april showers around here. we may get some by the end of
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bination of the dry weather and the gusty wind brings a red flag warning in effect for the entire viewing area. with the gusty winds, any brush fire cuuld spread easily so be extra careful. 61 in city island. 59 in sheeps head bay. staten island, 56. ac ss new jersey, we're in the 40s. the hudson valley >>s in the 50s. again, that same system out west that has been drenching portions of the mississippi valley from texas all the way up towards wisconsin and minnesota, this isn't moving very quick l eastward-bound. we are still in the blocking pattern. we have a back-door front dying out across connecticut as we expectwe. we'll get some clouds in here this morning but the clouds are going to thing out as we go through time. you can see that on future tracker.
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by 1:00 inkehe afternoon, we are back to the tonight, clear skies. a little chillier tonight, nice day tomorrow. great stretch of weather from 8:00 a.m. on wednesday to 8:00 a.m. on thursday. the skies stay clear. then later thursday clouds start to move on in. on friday we have a chance for showers around here. so temperatures today still above normal, just not as warm as yesterday. gh of 71. 66 in the upper valley. still lower 70s in central new jersey. look at the sunset time, 7:40. the days are getting longer and longer. 46 tonight with a little breeze at times. you'll need the jacket with lows in the upper 30s to the north and west. the seven-day forecast, really the only interruption in the weather is late showers thursday night into friday morning. it is breezy and warm in the 70s. clearing by saturday, 67. sun ac.nd clouds on nday. we think about the mid-60s and clouding by monday in the lower 60s. we'll find out about the early
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west, how is it looking? on long island this is where it's not going to be able to get ound. closing the ride, l.i.e. westbound near 110 we have an overturned truck. so just trying to get that cleaned up right now. you can't get on the service road but some of the backup goes pasest tta parkway this morning. big delays there. also you're going to find some construction closing the midtown tunnel. so the soust tube is itosedi the north tube takes on two-way traffic. same with the battery tunnel. so the east tube is closed and the other is taking on two-way traffic. we'll look at the belt parkway where that is moving pretty nice this morning. very nice. a check on the lincoln tunnel, still the north tube is closed. but around the helix things are moving just fine. the new jersey turnpike near the newark airport not going to find any delays at all. alternate side meter rules are in effect today. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. emily, thank you so much. 4:48 now, new this morning, new
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the long missing flight mh >>-370. two parts that were found are aleamost certainly from that plane. the pieces ended up in the western indian ocean off the coast of mozambique. israeli police are vowing to look for those responsible for a terror bombing in jerusalem. that explosion went off in the back of the bus during yesterday's busy evening rush hour. 21 people were hurt, two seriously. so far there's not a group claiming responsibility. that attack happened just four days before the start of jewish passover observances. the fbi's corruption probe of the nypd is now sparking an arrest. the leader of a brooklyn-jewish volunteer group is facing charges.
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of dollars to officers for bribes. three nypd officers have been transferred as a result of that investigation. now this is linked to the growing nypd corruption investigation. that probe initially involved four senior officers in the department who faced disciplinary action for allegedly taking money and gifts from two brooklyn businessmen in exchange for preferential treatment. heading to connecticut now, police are reop ning a cold case from 1975. police never solved the murder of 74-year-old william booker who was found dead in his west street apartment. ou lice say he died from a single bullet wound to the chest. but now they say they need resubmission to the forensic rdlab. anyone with information about his death should contact police. in connecticut a bill to allow and tax daily fantasy sports may be up in the air. the states attorney general says it could jeopardize shared gambling revenue with two native american tribes.
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more than $250 million a year from the operators of the mohegan sun and foxwood casinos. allowing the fantasy sports could be considered a violence aof that agreement. >> 4:51 now. musicians usher and dave matthews are in cuba. they will spend the next few days meeting with cuban musicians a artis as well as government officials. organizers say the goal of ae visit is to overcome six decades of separation between the united states and cuba. and to identify opportunities for artistic and culturar collaborations. meanwhile, carnival cruise lines could postpone the first cruise to cuba. it was scheduled to leave for havana on may 1st. but because cuba has barred laws for people returning to the u.s. by ship, that led to a lawsuit by two cuban-americans.
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selling tickets to everybody but the trips to havana will be delayed until cuba changes the law. 4:51. the woman best known for her les, the meddling mom in the sitcom "everyone loves raymond" has died. >> sometimes i just want to smack you. >> well, doris roberts began her acting career on broadway back in the 1950s and won four emmys for her role on "everybody loves raymond." she passed away in her sleep sunday night and doris roberts was 90 years old. people know her from so many roles and so many shows, really someone who had a g.reat and long career. >> and the youngeregeneration right now, she was fantastic on "everybody." i had several laugh-out-loud moments from watching her. till to come, an announcement on the subway lines getting a boost.
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cvs that could keep you out of their stores. and a warning from police. ake frightening encounter in a local park. it's 63 degrees outside right now.
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it is 4:54, time for weather and traffic on the 4s. >> irgot to the edge of frogging and couldn't -- >> then you pulled a hami. >> you have to take steps for frogging. still a little dry and breezy for the afternoon. the sunshine makes a return after some clouds. a little cooler tomorrow, but still nice. a warm, damp finish on friday. 71 for the high. yesterday was a frogging 82.
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but tonight, nice crystal clear sky, brisk and breezy for folks heading out to vote. emily? >> a lot of track work should wrap up pretty soon. but several lines are dealing with that. and the connecticut turnpike is dealing with construction. a slow go southbound on the turnpike between exit 9 o 7. you can see the left lane is blocked. coming up at 5:00, i'll update you on the the crash on long island. more commuter news, thousands of weekend commuters may have a less crowded commute. 4 investigators reported record weekend crowds on the 2 and 7 trains. so now the mta is adding dozens of extra trains. the agency will increase lines this fall. 59 round trips will be added on the weekends. we are now hearing from the people misplaced in bushwick.
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months all because the mta is rebuilding an aging viaduct connecting the trains to the m and g lines. this man is worried about the impact of the move. >> it is one of those things, you can't fight city hall. they have to build the railroad. they have to do it. >> this must be done. and there is no course you can put on top of public safety. we don't want one of the bridges to have str tural issues with families inside. >> this could take up to ten months to finish. this morning charges are pending for a westchester man in connection to the scare on the suny purchase in westc yoster county. police did arrest 24'tear-old jean pierre filcher. sunday night the suny purchase on campus. no shots were fired but police police from s eral agencies
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in new jersey former kean university student mckayla m mcgeary created fal public alarm. she tweeted threats during the on-campus rally on racial issues. she now faces 90 days in jail plus restitution for the cos of added security that had to be put in place. her sentencing set for june 17th. 4:58 and happening now, police ant to find the man in this surveillance video. they say he fired indiscriminately walking across a brownsville neighborhood in brooklyn. you can actually see five flashes, unbelievable, from that gun before he takes off. the shooting happened friday night. nobody was struck by any of those bullets but if you have information, please contact police. and in new jersey now, police are on alert for a possible luring suspect in the town of bloomfield. officers patrolling the area right around brookdale park. a couple kids there say they saw a man with handcuffs and tried
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to go with him. the kids claim he was impersonating a police officer. now the essex county sheriff's department set portable remote cameras at the entrance to the park. 4:58 now, a 20-year-old yonkers man is accused of causing a crash to kill an nypd detective in westchester county. efren mareano pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment. he was drunk and high when he struck the detective last year. the detective just ten months from retirement. new york city is spending $21 million over the next three years to fight the zika virus. that includes tracking mosquitoes and eliminating them. and you may see ads on how to protect yourself. public officials want you to drain standing water where
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so far we have seen 40 cases of zika contracted outside the city limits. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading our app on your mobile device. the next hour starts right now. it is here. election day in new york where voters get their chance to cast their ballots in the race for president. we'll have team coverage. also, sentencing day for a former nypd officer who shot and killed a man in a brooklyn stairwell. and there has been historic flooding in houston. dramatic rescues in the city that's under water. "t ooday in new york" starts now. good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, april 19th. i'm .ichael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett. darlene is off today. chris, a nice day, not quite as warm as yesterday, though. >> but still very pleasant. we are starting out this morning in the 60s, low 60s in the city. seeing cooler 50s and 40s in the suburbs. but the cloud cover kept temperatures up a bit. this is a weak front to drop through. no rain with it, just clouds early.


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