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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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across the empire state. voters casting ballots that will help determine the course of this year's presidential election. all the candidates can do now is wait. each hoping that you punched his or her name before 9:00 tonight. we got team coverage of the primary election. lori bordonaro covering the republicans. we begin with katherine creag and the democrats today. >> reporter: you're about to see hillary clinton talking with her many supporters here in chappaqua, and it seemed to surprise even them that she spent so much time with them after she voted. she spent 20 minutes going around with them, t king to thema stgning autographs and taking a lot o phos. as soon as she arrived to her polling place in chappaqua, hillary clinton made her way to the dozensno suppotters gathered there. >> i h coope everybody gets out to vote. i had a great time going around the city in the last couple of days, just seeing a lot of old
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come out and vote before 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> reporter: she said she felt grea t voting. she served as the senator for eight years. the former secretary of state has what has been described as a comfortable lead against bernie sanders. clinton supporters told us they're not taking the poll numbers for granted. >> you know, the future is now. we're so excited to have a woman president. >> reporter: isaac block and his siblings may not be old enough to vote, but had a moment with clinton before she left. >> i feel very special. >> she's so nice. ke she -- like they just stopped to do it for me. >> reporter: voters we talked with told us they noticed so many people at the polls this morning, they believe voter turnout will be high in this year's primary. >> seems like the neighborhood is really excitf about this year and we have a very important civic duty to vote. so we're here to exercise that ty. >> reporter: as for senator sanders, we saw him taking a
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he'll be in pennsylvania later senator sanders has a rally scheduled in pennsylvania, 2:00 this afternoon. mrs. clinton is in washington, d.c., both of them getting ready for the next primaries. maryland and pennsylvania. you can bet the republicans are too. my colleague lori bordonaro covered donald trump as he voted this morning. >> reporter: he said it was a roeal honor to vote f himself today. an arrived here to a media frenzy. he didn't say much to reporters, but spoke briefly outside his apartment. >> my whole reason for doing th is to make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump arrived to heavy security nd a crowd of cameras at central synagogue. today could prove to be a big day for the gop front-runner ase native new yorker. trump cast his vote at about 10:00 this morning, stopping briefly to wave to the media and calling today a wonderful moment. >> really good. thank you. >> reporter: the nypd counterterrorism unit has been guarding the busy midtown corner
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arted arriving at 6:00 this morning. claudine and her husband were the first in line. she used to work for trump and is concerned about the economy. >> you can see there is a lot of suffering going on around the country. and that people are losing opportunities as far as work status ayd other things. >> i think we really need to dealhwith the economy. and everything is driven by that. social action is driven by the economc. reporter: evan brought his daughter lilly along hoping to teach her voting can make a difference. >> i think this year is important becaon well, the future of our country is at stake. and we want to have a better country for our children and grandchildren. >> reporter: polls show john kasich coming in a distant second to trump in the new yor republican primary. ted cruz, w cdused an uproar over his statement about new york values, has moved on. spending his last few days icampaigning out of state. some voters unimpressed with this year's candidates. >> they could 20e better.o but i'm surprised at this point
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we are, but you have to do the best you can. >> reporter: and d wald trump will watch the results tonight at a rally at trump tower. john kasich will be campaigning in maryland and ted cruz will be philadelphia. for now, live in mi town, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. >> thank you. and locally voters will also cast ballots in a few crucial special election. today they'll choos replacements for sheldon silver and dean skilless. each awaiting sentencing for corruption convictions. there are four people running tomerentacf silver in new york's 65th assembly district there are three candidates in the election to replace skilless. this race could potentially tip the balance of pe er in the state's senate. a democratic victory here could give them an outright majority. if you run into any problems at the polls, there is a special election day hot line to help you. just call 800-771-7755.
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before the polls close at 9:00 p.m. tonight. conte on news 4 to stay on top of any problems and bring you the results throughout the evening as the result totals come in. download our app for the latest al ts, watch at 11:00 for complete primary results. a commuter alert for anybody trains today. signal problems causing two hour desslays along the northeast corridor line in both directions between newark, penn station and trenton. also delayseeneorth jersey coastline as well. nj transit buses are cross honoring train tickets. those signal problems were fixed about an hour ago, butgeht now we're still dealing with residual delays. new here at noon, a 60-year-old woman is at new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital in critical condition this afternoon after a serious assault. police ay she was found unconscious in her lower east side apartment in the knickerbocker village complex on monroe avenue.
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questioned y police at the 5th ecin w downtown. so faro charges have been filed. it is sentencing day for the foldrmer nypd officer convicted of fatally shooting an unarmed person in brooklyn, peter lang will learn his fate. pei-sze cheng has more. >> reporter: in a few hours, peter lang will learn his fate, a fate that has hung in the balance since 2014 when a bullet from his gun killed an unarmed man. today is the culmination of a long saga that began 18 ad months first, brooklyn district torney ken thompson pursued an indictment against liang for the accidental s oting of akai gurley in the pink houses and after liang was nvicted, thompson wrote a letter recommending that he not get any jail time. and instead face five years probation, six months house
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arguing there is no evidence liang intended to hurt gurley and he's not a danger to the public. some felt betrayed by the recommendation of a weak sentence. meanwhile, liang who has been home throughout the entire process, last night he hunkered down with his family to discuss the possible outcomes. >> he has a lot on had his mind, no idea what's going to happen today. even though 95% of the time the judge does follow the district attorney office's recommendation. so we're fairly confident that he'll -- that this is what he'll do. >> reporter: but the judge does not have to follow the d.a.'s recommendation. the justice is facing tremendous pressure as the first korean-american judge. he's been inundated with letters and petitions, mainly from the asian-american community, to
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he could face a maximum of 15 years in prison and minimum of just probation. we're going to be going into court and following the sentencing very closely. and we'll bring you all the information as soon as we can. live in downtown brooklyn, pei-sze cheng, news 4 new york. happening now, the search is on for the suv behind a deadly t and run on long island. security video shows the fatal deliberation in east patchogue. a man was h'm from behind. you see the driver speeding off in an suv and see there it has vious damage to its hood and front grill. investigators believe that's a blue ford explorer, possibly model year 2002 to 2005, somewhere in there. quite a sight in lower manhattan. more than two dozen drug suspects in handcuffs and leg
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major drug takedown. we'll have much more on this story on news 4 at 5: . >> de> overseas, the taliban is now claiming responsibility forsin attack in afghanistan that killed at least 28 people. militants detonated a bus full of explosives outside a 'eyt government security agency in kabul today. anyd then stormed inside. there was a ceremony going on inside to mark the completion of a training course for staff and guards, more than 300 other people were wounded. look at that. ecuador, rescuers pulling rubble where they were trapped for more than 32 hours. trappedtelbeneath a shopping center, flattened by saturday's powerful earthquake. they are all expected to be okay. a true miracle. the rescue gave ecuadorians hope that many people who are still missing right now could still be alive.
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and is in anticipated to rise even further. well wh, a city of houston is under water right ns, and there are concerns that more rain could fall today. and there has been countless rescues, just like this one, firefighters say they have pulled 1200 people from high water. this is a very serious hetuation. i mes are flooded, m'jor roadways shut down. at least five people have been killed. the bayous are already swollen and any amount of precipitation will trigger even worse flooding ere in houston, texas. and meanwhile, we have had several days of dry,drm weather. we had great weather, dave. >> we had dry weather here and and stalled it over areas like hoeruston. how long will this dry weather stay with us? how long will the sun be around d what is the weekend look like? stions minutes.
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jumped into a tiger enclosure, dangerously close to an animal that certainly looked like it wanted her. at her. we'll etch plain inlloming up.
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims with so much at stake, she's the on tough enough to stop trump. hillary clin n. i'm hillary clinton and i ap
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ne likay to mit things up. that' rt mousse. so fluy and airy it' s her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. bagels and all thein carbs can beoo bad for you but shouldn't be this dangerous. this happened after 8:00 a.m. police think t re was a p oblem with the van's brakes. they say he driver did stay on the scene. thure victim only treated for some
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the man wanted for a fatal stabbing in a manhattan homeless shelter and slashing of a livery cab driver is now in police custody. 53-year-old william smith was arrested yesterday when police and members of the u.s. marshals fugitive task force were waiting for him outside of a subway station in astoria. smsith is accused o killing a hodgmeless man at a kips bay elter last friday and then attackingos cab driver during a robbery attempt in queens the very next day. new at noon, pearl jam is usthe latest to boyco north carolina and its controversial new law. the band announcedeit is canceling its april 20th concert and rally in protest of what is known as house bill 2. they call the bill despicable. legislation strips many nondiscrimination protections from the state's lgbt community. the rock group boston also announced plans to cancel concerts there. the to groups join acts like
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defranco, ringo star and cirque du soleil. the one drugstore chain that makes it easier for you to stay t of its stores. sue herrera joins u now with that. and a check of the markets. >> good it to see you. wall street has been n either side of unthange today. ronger, holding on to the 18,000 milestone, but the market has been slipping a little bit. let's check the numbers for you now with the dow jones industrial average kind of hovering on the unchanged level, now up 2.6 points. target is racing the minimum wansge, very competitive in the retail space and so they're ing to movenghe m pimum wage to $10 an hour for their lower wage workers. it follows a move by walmart earlier, so target has to follow cause they ne d to remain competitive. and you mentioned that drugstore, well, it is cvs. you may never need to go into cvs again because they're coming up with cvs express, obxce app, orde
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the goods curb side to your car. that's a dream come true. back to you. have a great day. >> it is. it makes me worry we're getting too lazy. >> there is that. that's true. i got three kids, so getting them out of the car -- >> i get that. sue, thank you very much. >> sure. >> talking weather now, it is perfect outside. 70 degrees, we love this. >> terrific. fire danger still, which we need to talk about and we'll do now, but beautiful outside. outside and take a picture. next december, january, keep this picture in your mind. it doesn't get more perfect than this. 12:16 now, temperature 70 degrees. headlines, breezy and comfy through the afternoon. high fire danger, though. humidity is a little higher than yesterday. as 73, staten island, 70, valley stream. little cooler as we head to the north and west and cool spot out
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ptons, 61 in west hampton. also cool in montauk. red flag warning in effect this afternoon, gusty winds, and, again, relatively low humidity can make any brushfire dangerous. look at those sustained winds out in the 20s and upper teens out west. that's where biggest concern is, inland, and some new jersey locations. and gusts which are in the upper 20s to low 30s, even white plains, 35-mile-per-hour gust in the last hour. now, yesterday, we were seeing humidity in the low teens. today, much higher. so, again, i think the news all and all is better. but there is still a threat. keep that in mind. allergy sufferers, sorry, rough run until we get the rain to take all the pollen out of the air. tree pollen high, mold spores low. storm tracker, as we see it, high clouds rolling through. there is really not a lot that is going on which is just as we like it.
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average temperatures. straight through tomorrow and into thursday as well. new, thursday into friday, that's when we see a transition, we warm up again into the 70s. but we could see some thundershowers likely as we wrap up the workweek. and then this weekend, we'll dry out, feeling more like april, but a beautiful weekend for all of us. so this afternoon, bre ezy and nice, sunshine, northwest winds. we reach 72 degrees. gorgeous game tonight, 66, cool off at first pitch against the a's at 7:05 tonight. inssto t evening hours, mostly clear, get into the 50s, an stay that way through the 11:00 hour again, tonight will get down o 46 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast, everyone. t bad at all. 73 on thursday. upper 70s withmanstorms on friday. the weekend, couldn't ask for better. next week, we cool on off a little bit. thundershowers on tuesday. rob, that's a look at your forecast. >> we'll take it, dave. thank you.
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here is sarah with what's ahead. >> coming up, looking for some cool queens eats? well, chef turned rapper and tv host action bronson takes us on a tour. and the bloodiest good time on broadway. behind the scenes of american psycho, to chat with the new musical's killer cast. andslynda carter will be herel,, wonder woman, you know? >> i love it. thank you. still ahead on news 4 at noon, this was not a good idea. a woman jumps into a tiger enclosure. very close call. we're going to explain what is
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today, camille cosby is set to answer more questions as part of a second deposition in her husband bill's defamation suit. aille delivered first part of her testimony back in february. she tried to end or limit the deposition, but earlier this month the judge ruled it would go oa barring any improper questions. bill cosby faces criminal sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. he has denied the allegations. if ifcan drink it, you can too. that's the message from michigan goveror rick snyder. the city's water system became tainted with lead after the state changed flint's water source two years ago. snyder visbied a home and drank water right there from the faucet fitted with a filter. he plans to drink it for a month to prove it is safe. shocking video here captures a dangerous stunt at the toronto zoo.
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do this. the viral video now showing a woman trump jump jumping over into d tiger's holding area. the oor is closed into that part of the enclosure, so the tierger didn't dge accessyonto the ar . you see the agitated tiger lunging at her. she climbs out safely of the enclosure. it app rs that s hopped over that fencha jnst to get her hat. still here at news 4 new york at noon, the royal family goes to a galaxy far far away for a visit that has princes william and harry joining the force. stay tuned. it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all
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from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. don' t let dust and allergies get between you and life' s beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1p non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments,rwherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one
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the force appears to be strong with princes william and harry. the british royals toured pine wood studios, 20 miles west of london, to visit the set of star wars episode 8. they got to meet the stars including daisy ridley and see how the film's costumes and makeup effects are created. the visit was to bring awareness to the uk's role in the making of this sci-fi franchise. tonight on news 4 new york starting at 5:00, candidate matchups to ponder. donald trump and pork.hops. how about hillany clinton and shrimp scampi. we'll explain the odd connhations tonight at 5:00. has this ever happened to you, you send a product back, to have the company tell you they didn't
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that happened to one of our viewers who thoughtobetter get baquero. what you can learn at 5:30. go to "new york live" is up next.
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hey, everybody. welcome to "new york live." thanks for tuning in on this lovely spring day. >> loving this weather. >> i am loving this. it is 70. it is tuesday. it is a great day. and with we have got a great show for you on the way. before you get outside. coming up, it is the most outrageous new musical on broadway. find out why audiences are dieing to go back to the 1980s of american psycho. >> hearing it is really good.


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