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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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janice huff now. >> chuck, as you and i were talking about, those dry conditions out there, janet. >> the winds not as strong today, but it's still dry. actually, it's dryer today than it was yesterday. these relative humids ities are pretty much what you would see in the did he say eithers of --. we haven't had measurable rain in over a week. with conditions like this and the weather system that's been in control the last several days, that's the reason why we've seen these high fire conditions. winds kind of all over the place, and you can see they're not that strong right now and there aren't any gusts even showing up on the map. but because the brush is so ridiculously dry, any little spark could spread a wildfire very fast, even without the wind. you can see from this view here, from chopper 4 just how much damage that fire has done to the
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we still have a red flag warning in effect since 6:00, and tomorrow more high fire danger and the temperatures are going to be even warmer. we'll talk about that in the forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. also breaking, a child hit by a car in brooklyn. news4's rob schmidt raced to 13th avenue when it happened. he's there with breaking details. rob? >> reporter: chuck, this happened around 3:15 this afternoon right after school, and we understand this six-year-old boy just ran out between two cars. a terrible accident here. he was struck by this black lexus right behind me and then was thrown underneath that smaller blue suv right back there, maybe about 50 feet away. the paramedics did show up quickly after that. he was pulled outtfrom underneath that suv, taken sboo lutheran hospital in critical but stable condition.
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scene, was questioned by police. there is a very tight-knit community, people wondering what happened, hoping for the best for this young man. critical but stable condition. the driver did souy on the scene. at this point there doesn't appear to be any criminality. police haven't said they're filing any charges at this point. this neighborhood, of course, pulling for that little boy. >> rob, thank you. we have new information on a deadly scene on long island. an ambulance went off of a highway and crashed into an overpass, killing the driver and a passenger inside. we have news4's greg with the details. >> reporter: an investigation is now under way here in lakeview, but a road was shut down for four hours after the ambulance went off the road and crashed. the ambulance was heading
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parkway when a fire chief said it left the road for no apparent reason. the vehicle slammed into a granite overpass alongside the highway. state police say the driver and a passenger in the rear of the ambulance were killed. an emt on board survived, suffering a broken leg and a concussion. what remains unclear is why the am olance driver lost control. state police do say there appears to be no criminality involved. th se ambulance was not using its lights and sirens prior to the crash, an indication it was not speeding to a hospital. by late afternoon, the ambulance was removed by crane. it's a private vehicle owned by hunter ambulance of inwood. the company didn't return our call for comments. so far state police have yet to identify any of the victims involved in the crash, but again, they're telling us there appears to be no criminality involved.
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sergel, news4 new york. police want you to hear this warning. a woman jogging in central park was slashed and nearly assaulted. mark is live with details new since noon. mark? >> reporter: chuck, that jogger was running on the path this aftetnoon when she was grabbed om behind, and right now the arch is on for her attacker. scouring through shrubs, walking through woods, searching storm drains, police looking for a bloody knife used to slash 23-year-old jogger here in prospect park. carrie thomas is a regular in the park. >> if it's dark, i try to be extra vigilant. >> reporter: she isn't taking any chances, and neither are other park goers. >> i'm completely surprised. it seems like the last place it would ever happen. yeah, i'm shocked. >> it's distressing. it's terrible. >> reporter: the attack happened
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garfield place, a 24-year-old jogger running before daybreak, a man threw her to the ground and threatened to rape her. three stitches were needed to close the wound. >> we must catch this person. >> reporter: this park is known for its safety. borough president mark adams says he's determined to see it stay that way. >> together we can bring them to justice and we need your assistance to do so. >> this is a safe park, typically. >> reporter: this is an oasis for her son jasper, but she knows with an attacker on the loose, this is no time to let down your guard. >> i think there is somewhat of a false sense of safety here. >> reporter: safety experts speaking out tonight, saying if you're going to head out for a run, arly morning rain un, late night run, make sure you partner up for that run.
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and those earbuds, they say, leave them at home, especially with this attacker on the loose. mark santia, news4 new york. a deadly accident involving a cyclist and a tractor-trailer truck. it happened at 8:00 this morning. 33-year-old james greg was pedaling southbound o gn 6th avenue beside the truck when he collided with the rear tire of that 18-wheeler and was killed. the driver of the truck remained on the scene after the accident. a long island man accused of pepper spraying a family pled not guilty today. robert labeta cut off another driver in hicksville on tuesday. the two men got into an argument and that's when la bella is accused of pepper spraying the
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a teacher facing weapons charges entered a not guilty plea. 26-year-old jason adams did not appear to court for that hearing. he's accused of bringing a gun to the middle school not far from where sandy hook happened. concealed firearms on school grounds are illegal in connecticut. adams is on administrative leave. he's due back in court next month. it's been planned for nearly 100 years. the infamous second avenue subway is only months away from opening. or is it? today andrew siff put the mta chairman on the spot about whether the decades-old project can really open in time. >> it's not going to open in december. >> reporter: skepticism runs deep on the upper east side these days, even deeper than the second avenue cav earn erns which looked like this and is due to open in eight months. >> we'll see.
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>> aits it's a long history of construction delays with mta. >> reporter: the challenge has been exits and entrances to what will be the second street entrance to the q line. they said they had not agreed to an extended timetable. the company didn't respond to our comments. >> do you have the ability to open and skip 72nd street and run the trains to 86th and 96th? and if not, why not? >> theoretical question we're not answering at this time. they have found some risks associated with that for opening when we said we would open. that's where the focus is. the intense focus on that project in the last six months is focused on that. we're going to keep the pressure and the focus on that to get it opened.
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>> at this point we're worn down. >> reporter: especially since the last mta project was two years late due to elevator problems. but still, there are toip optimists on second avenue. >> i do believe they will be open by december. >> reporter: andrew siff, news4 new york. well, new yorkers had their say. hillary clinton ended her losing streak as donald trump got back on track for a possible lock on the nomination. all the presidential candidates are gearing up for this next round. we have nbc 6 steve handelsman. steve? >> reporter: thanks. momentum is everything in politics. hillary clinton and donald trump both lost it, but they have won it back. flush from his big win in new york, donald trump declared ted cruz eliminated. and in indiana today said bernie sanders is gone, too.
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crooked hillary, i love that so much. better. better. >> reporter: second in new york, john kasich tweeted, cruz is mathematically eliminated. but the texas senator today is claiming momentum. >> republicans are uniting behind this campaign. >> reporter: he's in pennsylvania, one of the states voting next tuesday. trump polling first in all five. but cruz claims trump cannot win the 57% of the remaining delegates for the total he needs for nomination. >> donald trump is not going to get 1237. nobody is getting to 1237. new york, new york >> reporter: actually, trump could if he keeps winning big. hillary clinton won big in new york and targeted cruz and trump. >> are pushing a vision for america that's divisive, and frankly, dangerous. >> reporter: bernie sanders' campaign today admits catching clinton will be tougher. >> we'll have to win a lot of states and a lot of delegates.
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to try despite pressure from both sides to quit. >> reporter: i think we need to be behind the presumptive nominee to say we're strong and taking on donald trump. >> reporter: but they are not presuming their nominee just yet. and if trump falls short in delegates next week, the gop battling could continue int g july. i'm steve handelsman, news4 new york. >> all right, steve, thanks. the next round of primary is next tuesday. five states will vote, including connecticut. also delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. new jers f residents won't get to vote until june 7. president obama is in the persian gulf summit. they will be joined by the lord of emirates, qatar and bahrain. they plan to discuss the fight in isis, the wars in syria and
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protection. still ahead tonight here on news4 new york at 5:00, the so s-called ninja burglar faces a judge in what's been a decades-long crime spree. what he had to say in court. a devastating scene in eduador eduador. a major earthquake, a powerful aftershock. tonight a firsthand look at the rakce to rescue anybody who may be buried alive. criminal charges filed in the flint water crisis. i'll tell you who faces those
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11 people pulled out alive. meanwhile family members wait in a corner to hear about their loved ones. this morning rescue workers were able to pull at least five bodies from this building in
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the tourist town today is unrecognizable and mill tar itarized. this business owner said it was like a horror movie trying to get out. we were desperate. >> reporter: police believe that any of these buildings could collapse at any moment. johnny guzman was able to reach his friend by phone who is trapped in this rubble until yesterday. today that friend isn't picking up. he told me that his coworkers were already dead and their bodies decomposing. this fire captain in charge of the rescue efforts says he still has hope. yesterday we were bringing out bodies and somebody yelled, "i see a light." things are beginning to get desperate especially among the coastal regions where supplies, things like water and basic necessities, are start to go run out. nbc news, monta, eduador.
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from flooding in texas. she died after rescuers were unable to reach her in the deep and fast-moving waters in austin county. texas officials said the worst may be yet to come. heavy rain has caused that flooding in business areas of houston. water from one houston creek is spilling over iono htndreds of ho gmes. one resident talked with nbc's janet shamlian. >> yesterday we thought we were okay, we went to bed and the water had receded and there was no rain, and this morning we woke up and it was at our front door. >> just kind of stuck. i don't know what to do. just going through the motions right now. >> all eyes on two major dams right now that's labeled very high risk, mostly because they're in a popular area and 20 years beyond their life expectancy. two people are the first to face charges in the criminal
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the charges, which include misconduct, neglect of duty and tampering with evidence are linked with the 2014 decision to use the flint river as the city's water supply. they stuck with that decision despite the fact the water tested for high levels of lead. >> these charges are only the beginning. there will be more to come. that i can guarantee you. >> the charges come as michigan's governor rick snyder is trying to assure residents of the water safety. now he is vowing to drink flint's tap water for the next 30 days. as we head to janice, it's dry weather out there, janice. >> yes, it's bone dry. we've had this pattern for the last seven or eight days. no storms getting through. the air above us is sinking on top of us. as it sinks, it warms up and dries out. conditions are almost too perfect for high fire danger.
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we've been warning about it, and we've seen brush fires out of control across the area. now one in control in long island i think is done, but the damage is done, certainly, in some spots. 57 degrees right now in wantagh in nassau county. the upside to this is the beautiful weather. radar, actually, this is a time lapse. did pick up the smoke flum plume today. the winds are coming out of the north so it blows the smoke in the opposite direction. yesterday we saw the same thing in the new jersey fires that sparked up there because of the same conditions. yesterday, though, more wind, this time not as much. 60s to near 70 today our temperatures. it will be warmer tomorrow and even warmer the next day. the brush fire risk will continue until we get to friday. that's when we'll get some rain. unfortunately, we may have some strong storms in the area. right now temperatures are in the 60s to near degrees.
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will be a little cooler there. 55 poughkeepsie, winds at 68. the wind is not all that strong. we're not seeing big wind gusts like we saw yesterday, but the humidity is still extremely dry. and the 10 to 20% range, which is like being in the deserts of the southwest, very dry air, clear conditions. red flag warning is in effect until 6:00 tonight for fairfield county, so watch out there. there's still a chance if a fire sparks that it could get out of ntrol. just be careful. fire weather watch tomorrow for most of new jersey because of guelsty winds. winds pick up tomorrow. low humidity. fires could spread very, very fast. nothing on radar here. but back to the west, we're tracking that storm system that's headed in our direction. same one that's been bringing flooding rains to the gulf coast around houston and now louisiana. so that's moving east, but friday is when it gets here. so this evening your weather is pretty nice.
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50s, later on the 40s and maybe even some 30s, but tomorrow we're in the mid-70s and friday up to 80. storm team 4 dave price is coming up at 5:30 to talk about the frost advisory that's in effect for tonight. guys, back to you. >> the weekend looks fabulous. >>wa fantastic. still ahead, there was a disturbing trend in life expectanky. the group now dying at a younger age. plus, facebook users you might like this. actually, make that love this. the idea that could help you make money off your faceboo posts. and dave is coming up with what's new at 5:30. >> you shell out thousands for a service, you get no results and then the business closes down. better get baquero explains what rights you have if this happens. a glitch in our area that had them telling people to stay away today, and what it means for renewals and registrations. > the change of face on the currency.
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a philadelphia nun who crashed her car into a new jersey auto shop was convicted of drunk driving today. 41-year-old sister kimberly miller says she had a glass of wine and an ambien before the november accident. she claims the last thing she remembered was going to bed, then waking up in handcuffs. the police say she had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, was staggering at the scene and had bloodshot eyes. her attorney says she is crushed by the judge's decision. >> she's obviously very upset. she's in tears, she's crying, and she's upset because she knows what happened that night. you know, i think the conviction doesn't bother her as much as the judge not believing her. >> now, the judge suspended miller's license for 90 days. she's also on administrative leave from the school where she teaches. today marks 17 years since the column bine school massacre in colorado.
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students running out o f the building as two students opened fire. the school canceled classes today as it has every year since that tragedy. the library, however, was open to students and staff where a moment of silence was observed. some pretty surprising news about women's health tonight. white women are d ng at a slightly younger age than in the past. new federal data shows the average life span for a white woman dipped to 78.8 years in 2014. that's just down from 78.9 years in 2013. researchers say drug overdoses, liver disease and suicide are among middle aged women that impacted this trend. we do have some good news with this, however. life expectancy for african-americans and hispanics increased during the same time period. you're on facebook for a big chunk of time, so how would you like to get paid for your posts? they're considering a number of ways for users to get money,
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where people who like your posts can show their gratitude financially. there is also discussion of making money with branded content, and there is a proposal that would link users to various charitable organizations. right now it's in an exploratory stage and no word on when or if this would happen. a local police department will have to shut down, its officers soon to be out of a job. >> what residents did that sealed the department's fate. plus -- investigators say the so-called ninja burglar is trading inn'is nunchucks for handcuffs. we'll tell you how long he could be behind bars. monitoring that breaking news on long island, chopper 4 here over the scene in copague where a house fire quickly spread to nearby homes and
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breaking right now, firefighters dousing a stubborn brush fire on long island. it was sparked by a house fire early this afternoon. i'm david ushery.


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