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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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death when she saw this sign go up. >> and i look up and said, no loving memory and i see prince in the middle. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> the pop icon's unexpected death at the age of 57 as stunned the entertainment world. one of the most influential musicians of all time prince was found unconscious this morning, less than 30 minutes after the 911 call he was pronounced dead >> i'm shocked. that's the first thing. i couldn't belief it. and i'm very sad. >> prince influence is beyond words. >> reporter: the cause of death is still unknown. twogoft outside the apollo and worldwide fans have started paying tribute. >> who doesn't remember "purple rain." i was 11 years old when it came out. >> reporter: prince's impact was
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he was still touring and releasing new albums right up until his death. >> this man was a trendsetter, an icon, king maker, queen maker. worked with sheena e. and to not make it to age 60 is incredibly sad. >> reporter: and the memorial here only continues to grow. we're hearing about memorials in brooklyn tonight, one thrown by spike lee. and coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you a personal story about prince. a local ballet company was in danger of going out of business until prince heard about it. we'll tell you about that apt 6:00. michael george, news4 new york. as a singer songwriter and instrumentist, the man born prince rogers nelson was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2004. purple rain, purple rain
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innovation to his sound that made a man standing 5'2" a giant in popular music. he sold more than $100 million records. his hits "when doves cry" and "let's go crazy." one of his biggest songs "party like it's 1999." >> reaction is pouring in from celebrities on social media who consider themselves fans like many of us. >> we have pop superstar justin timberlake who wrote numb, stunned this can't be real. >> director spike lee proposted this picture on instagram. lee remembered prince as a funny cat with a great sense of humor. >> tv and radio host ryan
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today we lost a music legend. >> and drummer questlove hads four words, long live the king. >> go to, you'll find a gallery of prince photos. in manhattan tonight, police would like to find the people behind two knife point robberies. one in central park. police believe two men are behind this. ida segal is at the park with the photos that you need to see. >> reporter: we're on the upper east side where the police are telling me the most recent robbery happened. police are released photos of the two teenagers they believe are responsible for both robberies. you can take a look at those photos. again they think it's this team of teenagers who have done the robberies. the first crime involved another teenage victim who police said they held up at knife point. that incident happened last sunday inside central park near
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the suspects allegedly punched the victim in the back of the head, pushed him to the ground, kicked him and took his wallet and then they fled. just about an hour later on that same night but after midnight police say the same two allegedly robbed a 73-year-old man who was on his way home heading into his apartment building height here. in that instance they got away with $200. we've been talking to folks in the neighborhood and they tell me they are concerned. >> i mean that's pretty scary because, you know, it's obviously more than one of the same people. could be more to come and that's frightening. >> wouldn't go into the park at night. i wouldn't walk home by myself late at night. >> reporter: one suspect was wearing a shirt with long black sleeves, dark blue jean, sneakers, 16 to 22 years old,
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t-shirt, black hooded sweatshirt and between 16 and 20 years old. if they look familiar to you, you should contact the police. reporting live from the upper eastside, ida segal, news4 new york. attacking smoke and flames from the air, firefighters working late to downs a brush fire in new jersey as a red flag warning is across the state. brian thompson got a look at the flames from high atop a watchtower in morris county. >> reporter: it doesn't take a day like this to keep this man on his tees but this week is as high as letter as you can get. from one of seven towers in north jersey, it was high alert today. >> posted a red flag warning until 1700 tonight. >> reporter: observer bill or landy acknowledged the warning. his view 10, 20, 30 miles out. >> it's going to be a busy day.
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150 feet up, 125 steps, the tallest fire tower in north jersey. thse conditions below dry, ripe, the sun scorching yor ing ing overheard. >> just the other day there was smoke along in morristown, someone with a cigarette, it went off to the side and had a half acre from it. >> reporter: six weeks ago, he spotted a fire this east hand overthat burned many acres. chopper4 hovering over it. >> it was scary. >> delores could have lost her home that day. the alert from police >> just going to tell you to be on alert in case the wind changes. you might have to leave. so that got my nervous. >> reporter: that field is behind her home. already new chutes poking out of the ground.
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out from this high perch. the number of smoke calls so far this season, almost 100, is pretty much normal, i'm told. but new jersey's climate tolgs tells me these guys will have to stay alert because in the past half century new jersey's average temperature in the springtime has gone up by almost 2 degrees. brian thompson, news4 new york. and we've been talking about this all week. let's bring in janice huff to talk about the weather playing a role in the fires. >> we've had gusty winds on and off other the last several days and an air mass that's stagnant over us, dry air that's blocking any rain from getting the into our region to help us out. these are the relative humidity numbers right now. these are better than they were yesterday. yesterday between 5% and 15%, today up around 30%. but some areas in the 20% range. along parts of long island, it's
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that's because the wind has changed direction. where it's been across the land the last several days, it's now coming in across the ocean and moving out of the south. this helping the humidity to rise. these winds will pick up between 15 and 25 miles an hour over the next 24 hours. gusty tomorrow but the humidity will be up, higher, and the rain will be moving in. we're starting to detect some showers across upstate new york and back through north central peilnnsylvania near williamsport. tonight, the fire danger does drop as the humidity rises overnight but tomorrow the showers will be here and we'll track it for you coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. police found a 73-year-old woman stabbed to death in her new jersey home and her own grandson is the suspect. officers found her body after responding to the disturbance yesterday morning.
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23-year-old man is accused of breaking into businesses, stealing thousands of dollars. officers arrested this man last night and recovered some of the money. in one case he broke into a burger king restaurant by using a blowtorch. detectives are looking into whether he's connected to ten other burglaries in the last year. >> in decision 2016, donald trump answers a question about transgender rights and it's not setting well with conservatives. we are nbc's steve handelsman in washington with all of the developments here today. >> natalie, this is not about bathroom breaks. this is about donald trump breaking with conservative orthodoxcy. >> we love you, everybody. >> on "today" donald trump proved again he is not as conservative as many republicans. >> leave it the way it is right now. >> siding with hillary clinton
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carolina's new law requiring transgender people to use the bathrooms that match their birth. corporations are threatening cutbacks, costing the state money. that's what concerns trump. but he said caitlyn jenner could use the lady's room in trump tower. >> people use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. there's no little trouble. and the problem that happened in north carolina is the strife. >> ted cruz in maryland accused trs ump of political correctness. >> grown adult men, strangers should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. >> in connecticut where the vote is tuesday, democrat hillary clinton slammed the ban on suing gun makers. >> i voted against it. pi 0 my opponent voted for it. >> if there is a large voter
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>> but sanders is under pressure after tuesday to dial back. so democrats can focus on trump. the republican front runner today opposed putting harriet tubman on the front of the $20 bill taking off andrew jackson. donald trump calling that pure political correctness. live from washington, steve handelsman, news4 new york. court papers reveal that former news4 new york assembly speaker sheldon silver has been diagnosed with cancer. silver is awaiting sentencing on federal corruption charges. in a let tore the judge silver's wife wroets that it terrifies me that his father and brother died with the same cancer. i'm afraid he'll be sick and even worse alone. e please give him as lenient a sentence as possible. silver tells the judge, i failed the people of new york. no question about it.
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remember this, a plane parked at a long island driveway? we first told you about this several months ago. tonight new action is being taken. we'll show you what it is in the next half hour. and -- you can call it personal service. we'll tell you why governor chris christie stopped by this office in south plainfield today. plus a life saving kidney swap involving six people. how they all found each other and the the message this is sending to anyone in need of an
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well police hope the new video you're about to see will help them catch a man suspected of trying to rape a woman in a brooklyn park. this surveillance video shows the suspect before he attacked a 23-year-old woman jogging through prospect park. the woman told police the man threw her to the ground, flashed a knife and threatened to sexually assault her. stunned. >> definitely this is not a happen. course. but i feel like we have a responsibility to protect ourselves. okay.
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asked to call the police. a new jersey mother's effort to get the motor vehicle division to replace her son's damaged learner's permit was hitting road blocks. >> she asked governor christie for some help. this is how christie personally handled this one. >> i'm pretty lucky. pretty lucky. >> reporter: this 17-year-old all smiles after getting his replacement learner's permit. took a call from his frustrated mother and some political star power. >> his permit went through the washing machine in his jeans. it's been more than four months that we've been trying to get him a duplicate permit. >> get out. >> i am not kidding you. >> stop right there. >> stacy called in to christie's ask the governor show on the radio pleading for help. >> let me look at my schedule for tomorrow.
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he made them at the dmv in south plainfield. they all went straight to the front of the line. minutes later, problem solved. >> you always have to sit there and be frustrated with the tv and radio. you can show up some place the next day and get a lot of attention. and i guarantee that the people who work in that place will not forget it was there. >> peter wooley says the governor may be trying to improve sagging approval ratings. >> the governor's approval ratings in new jersey are pretty poor. and really he doesn't want to leave a legacy of unpopularity. >> i instruct people to do things and other times it strikes me that i need to show up to send a bigger message. >> reporter: he did call this a memorable trip and hopes folks who work here will remember that he can stop by at any time. i'm stefan holt, news4 new york. we have an incredible story
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a rare three-way kidney swap. >> it all started when dawn bates wanted to donate her kidney to her niece. after a few month of of searching doctors found two more people who needed kidneys. they matched the needy recipients. all of the patients and donors got together today, some meeting for the first time. nicole talked about this incredible experience. >> i'm thankful for any aunt for starting this process, having the spirit and the attitude that you knew this was going to work even though i wasn't as positive as you were in the beginning. >> all of the operations took place over the course of a few months. doctors called all of the recipients and donors heroes for their efforts and for not giving it up. >> three different donors and three different recipients and somehow they find each other.
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we've had great weather today. we broke 70 in a lot of spots this afternoon. warmed up nicely. here's a view from long beach island and the weather underground station, lots of sunshine. high clouds rolling in. you're a little cooler, right around 60 because of the onshore winds. the winds are coming up out of the south rising e raising our humid levels. the whole pattern is going to change in the next 24 hours. highs. here's a look. central park 73, 76 in new ark, close to 70 in bridgeport, at 8 # 68 degrees. lots of 70s on the map right now from floral park to consequence. 75, morris touchb 37, 72 in monticello. the cool spot is west hampton at 57 and that's because of the south wind. but that south wind helps us a lot.
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way of fire danger and more in the way of precipitation tomorrow. relative humidity levels are up. north and west, you're still dry. here come the showers moving in towards binghamton, back towards buffalo. these are all light rain showers. some of it not reaching the ground because the air is so dry. we've got a low spinning over part of the mississippi river valley, big strong storms paotssing through houston. and then we're on the north end of the front coming tomorrow. clouds rolling in tonight. temperatures mild. the clouds blanket us. we'll say in the 60s overnight. then tomorrow by 2 o'clock we'll see a couple of showers coming through. might be a thunder shower with this as it moves in. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. we're expecting near 780 tomorrow and there will be breaks here and there. we have showers through the
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after that the front starts to pass through overnight and we're left with clear skies saturday afternoon. in terms of rainfall, we're looking anywhere from maybe a tenth of an inch to maib half inch. just depends on where the showers pop up. not everyone will see the same amounts of rain. it's going to be that type of a system coming through. it's good for this weather pattern to break down for know. 80 tomorrow with thunderstorms in the afternoon. saturday 68, beautiful on sunday at 65. a chance of showers next week. good for us. still ahead as we continue, a new clue that may indicate in a woman is at high risk of ovarian cancer and that risk can be spotted when a woman is in her 20s. >> more devastating scenes coming out of flood ravaged texas. what happens to that truck just seconds later, we'll show you coming up.
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a look at what's coming up at 5:30. >> high pressure sales and misleading tactics. better get baquero so it doesn't happen to you. and is the push to protect a local forest putting millions at risk for potential fire disaster unlike we've seen? tonight we get answers from those on the front lines. and remembering pop icon prince who passed away today at just 57 years old in suburban minneapolis right now fans are gathering outside paisley park studios to pay their respects.
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people in texas are being warned not to drive on flooded streets. and here's why. the driver of this struck tried to cross this flooded bridge, made it about halfway across before the truck was swept away.
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of the window and swim to shore. but the truck slowly and eventually sank. it is a desperate situation in ecuador. these people were forced to dig through huge piles of debris hoping to find clothes, food and money. manta is now basically a mound of rubble. the death toll has risen to 553 but that number is expected to go even higher. more than 7,000 were injured. we have a warning for women tonight. there's new evidence that women who have irregular menstrual cycle may be an increased incident of ovarian cancer. women who had irregular cycles had tripled the rick of developing ovarian cancer by the time they were 70 years old. it could be an early warning
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pennsylvania is fining ride share company uber $11.4 million for operating in a state without approval. uber was provide ing service in the state for six months of 2014 without having the necessary approval. the $11 million penalty is much less than the $50 million suggested by a pair of judges last november. uber says it will appeal that decision. well can you put a price on national security? >> tonight we learned how much the fbi paid to have the san bernardino shooter's iphone hacked. plus -- could a forest fire fuel an apocalypse in new jersey? >> the danger is big. >> how those that battle the flames are weighing in on a national report that paints a doomsday like scenario. high levels of lead found at schools, and a local farm. how do you know if there's toxic
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i just want your extra time and your kiss >> the provok ty moves, the powerful lyrics. tonight millions are mourning the musical genius prince. he stood just 5'2". very small physique. but his innovation made him a giant.


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