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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  April 24, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at now on "today in new york," new video of a fire at an apartment building in soho that injured three people. >> plus an apparent case of road rage turns violent on the upper east side.
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the latest on the investigation. >> and some change, is that will help you breeze through the tappan zee. >> beautiful skies behind us. erica grow, a little cool for some people. >> it is on the cool side. you want that jacket as you first head out the door. if you're heading out for services, you will probably be able to ditch the jacket heading into the afternoon. all the sunshine will help to bump temperatures up quickly. right now 52, sunny and cool, 57 at noon. kind of on the cusp of being able to just have a sweater on or something like that for a little bit of that chill. high temperatures today, 65 slipping down to 63 by 6:00. and just a few light, high clouds will stream in late today. we're talking 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. this will mostly be to the north of the city. as you head further south, it's going to be nothing but sunshine for the rest of the day.
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54 in bridgewater. islip at 52. pleasant, seasonable afternoon today. then a big warmup in store for tomorrow as well. we'll talk about that and rain coming up in the full seven-day forecast. >> all right. thank you. happening now, police looking for a suspect who stabbed another man in what appears to be a case of road rage. >> the stabbing a happened on east 63rd street. the driver tried to get himself to the hospital and crashed here on east 76th street hitting this parked mercedes. police say that that 45-year-old driver had been stabbed by another driver in an apparent road rage incident. the confrontation happened at 420 east 61st street. both drivers got out of their
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another in the chest. the driver tried to get to the hospital, but crashed here. he's now in stable condition. the other driver took off. police say he has dreadlocks and was driving a blue ford with rhode island plates. they're asking for anyone with information to come forward. a man police say is responsible for killing a cab driver on long island is expected in court today. the driver slammed into a taxi on hempstead turnpike yesterday. duke obule hit the taxi so hard, the cab was wrapped around a power pole. the cab driver died. the suspect will face several charges including manslaughter, drunk driving and leaving the scene of the accident. and happening now, investigators are looking for a man, did they say attacked a woman on the lower east side. looking at surveillance video from inside an elevator of an apartment building on staten and pitt streets. this man followed the woman inside the elevator, when they
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groping her, pushed her against a wall, followed her to her apartment but took off when a man answered the door. and this is video from the scene of a six-story apartment fire in soho. happened early this morning. firefighters were busy knocking down flames on the top floor of that building, 59 thompson street. two firefighters were hurt, not seriously. one neighbor who was burned didn't need to go to the hospital. the fire is out. right now the toll collection booth at the tappan zee is shut down. this is a live look at the tapp. beginning today all the tolls across that span, cashless. if you don't have e-zpass, you will get a bill in the mail. if you do have e-zpass, no worries, you'll be billed as usual. the thruway authority says the move will help keep traffic flowing smoothly. an investigation is underway into a report of accusing mayor
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campaign fund-raising laws. the deblasio administration is accused of side stepping laws to help democrats win the state senate. the memo says they raised more than the allowed amount of campaign contributions for three candidates for race upstate. they then shuffled that money around to avoid contribution limits. on friday the mayor was on the defense. >> i believe everything we did was legal, and if there is any kind of investigation going on, we'll happily participate. we'll support it. >> the memo also suggests that there is reasonable cause for criminal prosecution. now to decision 2016. candidates on the road today stumping ahead of tuesday's primaries in five states. on the democratic side, bernie sanders will hold rallies in providence and new haven. hillary clinton will get out the vote in bridgeport. on the republican side, donald trump will visit maryland and
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in indiana. nbc's chuck todd will be talking candidate strategies on "meet the press." he joins us from washington, d.c. with the preview. hi, chuck. >> hi, gus. >> we heard from bernie sanders in snoshg new york, he says he will press on what does that mean for him and hillary clinton? >> it means mc hillary clinton la has to walk the line here. i caught up with sanders yesterday, we met face-to-face. he accepts the premise he may not win. there's different stages when you get out of a race and accept what happened. he's accepting the reality that it's a long shot now that he will get the nomination. he speaks candidly to me about what had it will take for hillary clinton o win over his supporters. on one hand he's skeptical she can do it. on the other hand he's motivated to keep running to force her to have to do this.
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rational for him to keep going. when he figures out how to leave this movement after being a candidate, then we'll see his exit strategy implemented in full. >> you have donald trump, you have the gop establishment that has been in the past a contentious relationship. but are these two crazy kids finally getting forgot? are they going to make it work, chuck? >> i think it is an arranged marriage at best. let's not pretend they're falling for each other. it's really -- we put it in five stages of grief. denial, bargaining, anger, they're in acceptance mode now. you see it from the leadership of the party. and the fascinating conversation we had with the folks leading the stop trump improvement and their frustration of what party leaders is doing has broken out to the open. you have a republican party fractured to the point i don't know if they can put it back in time for november.
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here at home there's a debate over whether to release pages from the 9/11 report. is it possible these pages may come out? >> senator graham did make some news here. he is playing optimist. he thinks -- he says the president is basically -- folks promised him a decision by june. he thinks they're leaning towards releasing it we'll see. we've seen in the past that public criticism of saudi arabia doesn't usually match private decisions made by folks in leadership position. you'll hear senator graham's explanation of why american officials, even if they're privately frustrated with saudi arabia, won't hold them publicly accountable. >> see you in a few minutes. >> you got it. president obama landed in hanover, germany this morning. he hopes to build momentum during his two-day visit there to push a transatlantic trade
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more than 20,000 people turned out yesterday to protest that deal. during his trip, president obama is expected to highlight other issues including countering isis and the refugee crisis. security forces were the target of a pair of suicide bombers in baghdad. the islamic state group claimed responsibility. this morning, north korea's foreign minister is under new travel restrictions while in the u.s. the south korean government is calling the launch of a north korea missile an extreme provocation. and north korea's foreign minister is defending the decision to jail an american student. 21-year-old otto warmbeer was sentenced to 15 years hard labor after confessing to trying to steal a propaganda banner for a friend. the u.s. accused north korea of using american detainees as political pawns.
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that was attacked bay suicide bomber last month is set to reopen tomorrow. 16 people were killed in the terror strike on a metro train on march 22nd. yesterday survivors of the attack and relief workers visited the subway station where a wall of memory that has been erect the. how safe is your drinking water? an i-team exclusive mapping out the lead in our water systems. and "saturday night live" pays tribute to prince with a special feature of a never before seen performance. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. we have a pleasant afternoon on tap. seasonally mild, lots of sunshine, but things change as we head back to work and back to school. details coming up in your full
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sky cam live over the brooklyn bridge. beautiful day in brooklyn.
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in just a moment. first take a listen to this. this is a prince performance you have never seen before. this rarely seen impromptu prince performance of "let's go crazy" was part of a "saturday night live" tribute show honoring the late music icon. prince took the stage last year during the 40th anniversary special. jimmy fallon on the stage, too. he was joined by chris rock, maya rudolph. last night's special was titled "good night sweet prince." it was hosted by jimmy fallon and hosted prince's musical performances at "snl" over the last three decades. that tribute came after a private ceremony for the singer was held by close family and friends. >> a publicist confirming that prince's remains had been cremated. the body of the 57-year-old
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members of his staff yesterday went out to fans and they gave the fans this, these purple boxes full of memorabilia, including pictures, music, cds. just a really wonderful tribute. t-shirts. people have been leaving flowers, cards outside, balloons. lots of purple. obviously his staff respecting that. wanting to give the fans something to take away. that was a nice gesture. >> he really put that area on the map in the '90s. that was one of the top places if you were doing an album, you went to minneapolis, which might not be the most natural place to do it. but he insisted on it there. to go. >> exactly. erica has a look at the forecast. >> beautiful sunshine we got yesterday in the afternoon, we have all day today. one thing that led to was a
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we'll rebound nicely in the afternoon because of low humidity and lots of sunshine. looking at the gdp, lots of sunshine. you can tell how bright it is out there. sunny and 52 degrees. the pleasant temperatures will really start to work in in the afternoon. we're going to gain 3 to 6 degrees per hour over the next several hours. so things will warm up quickly out there. on monday we get a lot milder, but there's an increase in cloud cover before our next storm system arrives. i think the rain will hold off on monday until at least the evening hours. but it will be a rainy tuesday. right now in sparta, 50 degrees. 52 in central park. 53 in long branch and farmingdale. on storm tracker, you can see nothing going on up and down the eastern seaboard. we cleared out that storm system from friday night through
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the next one that's arriving is right now moving through the midwest and the great lakes states it will take a while to get here. we'll see that on future tracker. nothing but sunshine for most of the day today. overnight tonight, see a few clouds drifting in, but nothing that will bring us rain. fast forwarding to monday when we'll have an increase in cloud cover. through the daylight hours we're dry. as we head into the overnight the showers move in approaching from the poconos and catskills, descending in in time for that tuesday morning commute, a few spotty showers for the tuesday morning rush. tuesday evening rush looks like the wetter one. an umbrella day all day long on tuesday. this is what it looks like on the map. the warm front lifting through on monday. high temperatures urge to 74 degrees. tuesday we get cooler because of the rain. a high of 67, still around average for this time of year,
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today, same deal. above-average temperatures or at our average temperature with a high of 65. tons of sunshine, low humidity. beautiful day to be outside. tonight, a few clouds, throw of 49. most of the suburbs stay in the 40s. not a danger of a frost or freeze tonight. here's a look at the seven-day forecast with the surge up to 74 on monday. i do think most of the day is completely dry. so you can get outside if you have the day off. tuesday, lots of rain and showers with a high of 67. a nice day on wednesday, 65 with lots of sun before more rain arrives on thursday. stay up to date any time using the news 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corner and select the weather tap. see the latest forecast and how to submit your own weather video. it's all free. it's available at the app store right now. the lead crisis in flint has
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safe is the water in our area. this morning we have the answers. >> chris glorioso found schools are not the only places registering toxic levels of lead. >> we put a dot on the map for every high lead test at the water system and we found high lead levels have been recorded in surprising places, a hospital, casino, pre-k program, even an agricultural facility that produces food. about an hour and a half west of manhattan you'll find ise farms, one of the biggest egg producers in new jersey. it's a favorite target of animal rights activists who captured this video of hens in cramped conditions. but the i-team found that ise farms has a troubled history of water inspections, including a
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threshold. that leaves grocery shoppers wondering if the hens could have consumed lead laden water. >> it is concerning because this little guy eats an egg every day. >> the farm does not have a history of high lead tests. i don't think there's inherent risk to the egg, he said. last year's high lead test came from a woman's bathroom in the farm's office. when the faucet was retested, the levels went back down. but the farm could not say whether the water used to hydrate the hens was lead free partly because only faucets used by humans are tested. the water supply on this egg farm is one of dozens of tri-state water systems where the i-team found one high lead reading in recent years. we plotted the all of the water systems on this map. the bigger the dot, the higher the lead reading over 15 parts per billion. that's the federal threshold. the water systems include public water supplies and private wells used by
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residential communities. >> you are doing a tremendous service putting these places on a map for people to see. >> jon jay college professor carl markowitz is a historian and says people could be unaware of the smaller water systems with the high lead levels. the bigger water systems get the attention. but he argues that governments should apply pressure to privately owned wells. >> we could require private entities to replace lead service lines, replace lead fixtures, and that they bear the cost of that. >> become at this new jersey egg farm, the state asked owners to install a pump that will flush the water with a chemical that reduces lead. the farm has two years to install the pump and if water samples continues to show low lead levels, the farm can cancel plans for the pump.
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toxin that caught the eye of regulators. since 2013, the dep has issued issued violations for e. coli, coliform and asbestos in the water here. the agency says the farm is now back in compliance. it's not clear in the hens ever consumed any of those toxins or why they showed up in the first place. >> the testing simply tells you that there is a problem and then you need to investigate what's causing that particular problem. >> it's unclear how much lead hens would have to consume for the toxin to make it into their eggs. but a study by iowa state university did find lead made it into egg yolks after the hens consumed lead paint chips. if you want to find out where high lead levels have been conducted near you, go to and accept this map. this indicates where lead levels were high, and many of the
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down, but all of the information is in place. you have a story the i-team should check out? give us your tip by calling us or e-mail at tips at up next on this sunday morning, most of us won't run a marathon on earth. how about in space? one astronaut showing solidarity with his home country up next on
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just because you're stuck in outer space, no reason to let yourself go soft. this british astronaut ran the london marathon strapped to a treadmill. he is at the international space station, and ran the actual marathon back in 1999. this time he couldn't get there. he could see the roads pass
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sweating it up. he recorded a good luck message to the runners that was shown on the marathon route on the big screen. the london marathon wrapped up earlier this morning. tim's on it. >> yeah. a bit easier for him. >> i can imagine. >> i would still struggle. walking through a field full of explosives, all in a day's work for one russian how old is soldier. >> here's the video. the bomb tester, happens to be a woman. walks through a field of bombs wearing an explosive proof suit. only one time there, that's the only time i saw her flinch. i watched this several times. other times walking through like the terminator, which when russian officials posted this video, they say the terminator is a sad excuse compared to the might of the russian military. >> something out of james bond. we'll come right back with a
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good weekend to get out there and do something. maybe with a little jacket. >> jacket or a sweater. mid 60s typical for this time of year. that's where we'll get this afternoon. lots of sunshine. when you're standing out in the sun it will feel nice and warm. we don't have the breezes that we did during the afternoon through last night. then tomorrow gets downright warm with a high of 74. keeping it dry through the daylight hours tomorrow. so, if you do have the day off, it will be another great day to be outside. tuesday is a rainy day. high of 67. on and off showers for most of the day. >> on and off. >> yeah. >> we'll try to catch them when they're off. >> thank you. thank you for spending this sunday morning with us. we do appreciate that. our next newscast is at 6:00. >> i'll be there. >> i know you will be. >> working a double. >> double duty this weekend. happy to helpment. >> we appreciate it. we loved having you off. you can get updates any time at
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>> thank you for having us in.
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this sunday, whatever happened to the stop trump movement? >> we're winning by a lock. we're kicking ass. >> trump keeps winning. gop leaders are falling in line. and neither cruz nor kasich are gaining momentum. is it possible this stop trump movement has been stopped? >> plus, my sit-d with bernie sanders.


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