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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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are you serious? >> he wanted another round. they parked in front of your place, did a little surveillance, scoped it out. and jason scott wanted to come back in and even the score. >> wow. i didn't know that. that's scary. >> could have been your picture on the 11:00 news. >> that's right. like, how does one person cost so much damage and so much hurt and so much loss for so many people? it still blows my mind. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. [ screaming ] now at 11:00, terrified screams as several buildings are gutted by fire. a neighboring church here in brooklyn spared the worst.
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a worker is shot and an apparent innocent victim caught in the middle of a gunfight. late word tonight of a major development. ted cruz and john kasich joining forces to try and stop donald trump from winning the republican nomination for president. good evening, i'm rob schmitt. >> and i'm natalie pasqurella. a rainbow emerged over that church. this happened on arlington avenue in the cypress hills section of brooklyn. michael george is on the scene tonight. it sounds like a number of people lost everything. >> reporter: yeah, rob. we want to show you what's happening right now. behind me firefighters still pouring water on these homes, making sure this doesn't flare up again. when you see the video of just how bad this fire was, you'll be
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alive. the fire tore through six buildings in minutes. flames sho" out at firefighters on ladders, missing them by just a few feet. ms. ortega watched her home burn to the ground. >> my own house, but at least everybody is fine. that's what i care about, my mother, my grandchildren. >> reporter: news 4 obtained cell phone video showing the moments right after the fire started. investigators think it started in a garage, then spread to several other buildings, including a church. we talked to victims who tearfully recounted that everyone made it out alive. >> the material, it's nothing. the people, they got saved. everybody is out. >> reporter: it took 250 firefighters to get the flames under control.
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homes were completely totalled. still standing. incredibly incredibly, there were no serious injuries. just minor injuries to one civilian and one firefighter. >> my house, my insurance can pay for that later. >> reporter: now just take a look at the building crumbling away as they pour water on this. we have seen pieces of the building come down in big chunks. there's no chance these three buildings are salvageable. look at that right now. amazing to watch it right now live. because the fire is still under investigation and we are told that the red cross is helping the victims find temporary homes. michael george, news 4 new york. tonight, a deli work shot, an apparent innocent victim of gun violence. a fight broke outside of the store. the worker walked out, shots were fired, and he was hit. the gunman still on the loose at this hour.
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is closed right now, but it's a popular place for people who live in this area. and a lot of people tell me they knew the victim and they say he was in the wrong place at the wrong tile. a deli employee standing outside when suddenly gunshots. >> it echoed. it actually was like loud sounds, i so ran to the window. i looked. i saw kids running towards the store. >> reporter: the 25-year-old victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay. neighbors say he's worked at the store for years. >> it's sad because he's a good kid. he's not a kid that look for trouble. he's just there doing his work. he's trying to get his money. >> he's a great kid. he's a hard worker. works two jobs. he never hangs out. really great kid. definitely didn't deserve any of this. >> reporter: hector santiago works with young people in the area. he has a message for the neighborhood. >> all the youth to be careful. it's not easy. put the guns down.
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still on the loose tonight. detectives don't have a description. if you have any information, call police. reporting live in yonkers, news 4 new york. a two-car accident involving a police cruiser. this happened in paterson, new jersey. you can see the damage. the driver told us the police car without lights and sirens on ran a red light and hit his car. >> i stopped. i go slow. then he hit me. i don't know what happened to him. he is supposed to stop. >> reporter: >> paterson police have not sponded to our calls. just a tragic scene in new jersey. a 4-year-old boy enjoying today's beautiful weather hit and killed in the street. avery labranch was playing in
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on north 7th street in paterson when he ran into the street. avery had just celebrated his fourth birthday. >> i can't believe this happgned. it is just a lot right now. just had a birthday on the tenth. he was a great kid. >> police say the driver who hit him was a 69-year-old woman heading home from church. she did stay on the scene. at this point, she has not been charged. authorities say they found marijuana grow operations at three of he homes were eight family members were found dead in ohio, but they're not talking about any potential motive for the execution-style killings. officers in tactical gear converged on the crime scenes again today to look for more evidence. seven adults and a teenage boy were found murdered in four locations 60 miles south of columbus on friday. the community remains on edge as the manhunt for killer or
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>> this was a preplanned execution of eight individuals. it was a sophisticated operation. and those who carried it out were trying to do everything they could do to hinder the investigation. >> this morning dozens gathered at the church where the rhoden family attended services. a festival was held to raise money for the victims' funerals. now to decision 2016. some big news within the last half hour from the camps of ted cruz and john kasich, who say they are teaming together, joining forces, to try and stop donald trump. both cruz and kasich releasing statements late tonight explaining how they'll partner d to campaign against trump. cruz will focus in indiana while kasich spends his time in new mexico and oregon. donald trump spoke to a crowd in maryland. he told them he'll be best friends with his opponents once
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>> these are all nice people. once i defeat them, i like every one of them. while i'm fighying, i don't. right now, i don't like lying ted cruz. in about four or five weeks from now, i think he's going to be one of my best friends. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders made his case for staying in the race. >> it is like who said what nasty thing about somebody else. honestly, that is not going to make us a better country. that is not going to give us the kind of agenda that we need. >> the democratic frontrunner spoke to a big crowd in bridgeport, connecticut. she focused her attention on donald trump and his promise that he could be more presidential. meanwhile bernie sanders spoke in new haven this evening drumming up voters for tuesday's primary. >> what i have learned in this campaign so far is that when the
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so our job on tuesday is to create the highest voter turnout for a democratic primary in the history of the state of nnecticut. >> well, tuesday is a big primary day in the northeast. there are primaries in five states, kst connecticut, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, and rhode island. president obama plans to send an additional 250 troops to syria to help fight isis. this is all part of a week long foreign trip. he's already made stops in saudi arabia and britain. today president obama spoke at the world's largest industrial technology fair in hanover. he's pushing for a transatlantic trade and partnership deal. he's it's been in negotiations for three years. >> we've made important progress, but time is not on our side. if we don't complete
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political transitions in the united states and europe mean this won't be finished for sometime. >> he addressed the 500th anniversary of germany's beer purity law. activists are calling for mayor bill de blasio to step down amid allegations of political scandal. >> this city right now is torn apart. >> if you feel and love new york city the way you say you do, you would do right by stepping back. >> they want to start the process of impeaching de blasio. federal investigators are probing him in cases of fundraising efforts in senate races. it accuses the de blasio administration of deliberately sidestepping campaign fundraising laws to try to help democrats win the state senate. mayor de blasio denies the allegations. a lot more news ahead here.
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the terrifying moments that unfolded as a gunman opens fire, wounding two people before being killed himself. that story coming up in our next half hour. also ahead, pool plunge. look at that. what led a couple to crash into a swimming pool on their way to church. and a sold out performance of "the king and i." why this show has a very special meaning to this crowd and to the actors themselves. all right, rob. we have another pleasant day on top tomorrow. it's going to be cloudier, but warmer. then the rain arrives. we'll time out the arrival of the rain and we'll look at some
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well, a dangerous detour for a couple on their way to church in michigan. as you see, their suv landed in a backyard swimming pool. the driver lost control and hit an air-conditioning unit before smashing through ayfence and landing into the swimming pool. they were not hurt. the union representing more than 100 drivers and mechanics will resume contract talks with the bus company tomorrow. the workers were set to strike last week, but the walk-out was postponed after productive bargaining sessions.
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made this switch over the weekend to cashless tolls. those without easy pass will get a bill in the mail. the throughway authority says this will help traffic flow more smoothly across the hudson river on that very busy bridge. three days of his death, the tributes to prince continue to pour in. "saturday night live" honored the legendary singer with a special titled "good night, sweet prince." jimmy fallon hosted the show. >> this has not been shown anywhere, so it's prince when he showed up at our 40th anniversary for "saturday night live" party. enjoy this. >> that must have been a good time. that performance happened at about 4:30 in the morning after he dared prince to take the
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tomorrow, a minnesota lawmaker plans to introduce a law making the state's official color purple in honor of prince. adults and children on the autism spectrum had a chance to see a broadway show at lincoln center. it was the first autism-friendly showing of "the king and i." it meant so much to the audience and the actors on the stage. >> this is one of the most special theatrical experiences i've ever had. >> he we got to really see and feel how our story was affecting the audience, which was a beautiful, beautiful thing. >> reporter: this production of "the king and i" had a few slight tweaks to accommodate family with autism or other
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>> mothers and fathers have tears in their eyes and they say, we so appreciate this opportunity. >> reporter: performances include changes such as capping the sound level, eliminating flashing lights, and any jarring staging elements, and providing quiet areas if anyone needs that break. >> families tell us over and over again it is so wonderful that we can relax and just be ourselves. they don't have to explain anything. the whole family can have a wonderful time. >> reporter: the actress she said she was moved by how much the audience connected with the show. >> one of my favorite moments started when we were in a school room and she starts singing "getting to know you." we had people singing with us. it made me want to cry.
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16th autism-friendly show put on by tdf. >> a fantastic idea. let's go over to erica now with a check of the forecast. really not a bad weekend at all. >> absolutely. once we cleared out those morning showers yesterday, we had beautiful sunshine. then we got that treat today with the sun from start to finish. still dry through the daylight hours tomorrow, so you can leave the umbrella at home tomorrow, but showers arrive monday night. if you have dinner plans tomorrow night, you'll want the umbrella and you definitely want it handy on tuesday as we'll have plenty of rain moving through. it is 52 degrees in delaware water gap and high point. by the way, water gap is where that wildfire continues to burn
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how much the temperatures will fall off depend on overnight tonight. 48 in long branch. we're going to see temperatures dipping into the 40s for most of us overnight tonight, but not the 30s. on storm tracker, you can see the warm front of your approaching storm system springing a few high clouds through as we head into the overnight hours tonight. and then as we head through the day on monday, that cloud deck is going to lower and thicken. a high of 74 degrees. well above our seasonal average. showers move in monday night. they stay with us tuesday. we could see some thunderstorms on tuesday as well. we do have the potential. so the clouds thicken up as we head through the day on monday. the showers making their initial approach by monday night. you can see here 11:00 just starting to move into the pocono poconos poconos. 5:00 a.m., some possible heavy
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you're definitely going to need those windshield wipers. everything clears out by tuesday evening, but during the daylight hours we'll have a lot rain hanging around. you saw those clouds. there was really not a lot coming our way. 41 in sussex and poughkeepsie. tomorrow we'll start out nice with a temperature of 51 degrees. 64 by noon. we'll cloud up, but we'll also warm up. we'll drop to 67 degrees by 7:00. here's a look at that seven-day forecast. the rain moves in earnest on tuesday with a high of 67 degrees. pretty typical temperatures for this time of year. wednesday is a nice dry day before more rain moves in on thursday. clearing out for the weekend. >> we need the rain. >> yes, we absolutely do. >> thanks. well,still ahead, a big
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done something they haven't done in more than 20 years. also, a firefighter makes a dis scovery in a burning aparrment. look at that. how he found four kittens in the smokey haze. coming up -- >> high levels of lead found at schools, a hospital, and a local farm. that got the i-team thinking how do you know if there is toxic water near you. >> more investigations and more answers coming up. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-639-7244 or e-mail tips
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well, we just watched the celebration here on the commercial break on the screen. big win. >> still going at barclay center. the islanders are headed to the second round of the stanley cup playoffs for the first time since 1993. panthers pushed the islanders into a second overtime in a second straight game. the barclay center on edge all night. third period, islanders trailed 1-0. game seven trip back to florida
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somebody needed to make something happen. look at this. 55 seconds left. 54 seconds left. the captain john striking! in the second o.t., the panthers goalie had no chance here. tevaris wraps around the series winner. 2-1 game six win. >> it's hard to take in. it's an incredible series. kudos to florida. those games are tough. obviously, tonight we wanted to get it done at home. to move on, we're excited. everyone tonight incredible. just incredible. >> incredible is the word.
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coming up, we're talking baseball. jacob degrom returns for the mets. we have an update in just a
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what a weekend for the mets in atlanta. they are scoring runs in bunches, and today jacob degrom returned after missing time with a lat injury and a health scare with his newborn son. he made his first start since the home opener today. the game was tied at 1 in the sixth. it's a rocket to right. this will get down and up for a ground roll double. the mets on top.
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that green hole. he worked around eight hits in this one. he struck out three. he left with a 3-1 lead and a smile. good to be back. the braves cut the lead to one. they had two runners on base. grounding out. that'll do it. mets complete the sweep with a 3-2 victory. they finish their nine-game road trip with a 7-2 record. yankees trying to sweep the rays and no amount of offense would have bailed out michael pineda this afternoon. corey dickerson launches, and i mean launches, this into the bleachers in right. steven susa jr. unloads a no doubter. for good measure, susa jr. celebrating his 27th birthday. pineda surrendered at least three homers.
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the yankees. a-rod tweaked something. he was removed from the game with tightness in his oblique. the injury adding insult to a yankees 8-1 loss. >> anytime anyone leaves with an oblique you're not really optimistic because they take awhile, depending on the severity of it. it takes them time to get the strength back. yeah, i worry. hopefully, it's really -- whatever it is, it's really, really minor. >> they need a-rod back in tfat lineup. the yankees say a-rod's mri results were negative. nba mvp steph curry will have tomorrow. this after slipping on the floor in houston just after h ftime


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