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tv   Today  NBC  April 25, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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showers and a gusty tomorrow, especially late afternoon. upper 60s. cooler tomorrow night. clears out. nice day wednesday with sunshine, back to the clouds again thursday and another round of showers thursday afternoon and night. should be out of here friday morning. 60s on friday. saturday, in the 60s, it's spring. >> it sure is. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. team effort. in a shock move, ted cruz and john kasich suddenly announce they are joining forces to block donald trump's pathrmo the mination. the campaigns d vying up some of the remaining states to keep trump from a maj ity and to force a contested convention. can it work? what the front runner is saying about it this morning.
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>> it's a bad guy or bad guys. could be one, two, three, four. >> the search intensifieshoor whoever killed eight members of the same ohio family. waiting for answers. questions around what caused the untimely death of prince. autopsy results weeks away as the friend we talked to last week speaks out. >> lived a healthy life, a vegan, and had no addictions we are worried about. >> was prince hiding a dark secret? and lemonade. back door the only woman when i'm not >> everyone is talking about beyonce's surprise album, videon and her message about cheating, recovery and addiction.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, is is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. willie s in for matt. this is what i get for going to bed at 8:00 on a saturday night. i didn't get lemonade. >> hour-long video from beyonce, putting jay-z at the front and center of their relationship. >> everybody is talking about it. first, the republican race for president is getting wilder, if you can believe it. ted cruz and john kasich aflounce a announced they'll coordinate in a last-ditch effort to prevent donald trump from reaching the 1,ye237 delegates needed for the nomination. as you can imagine, this is not sitting well with trump. we have complete coverage, beginning with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> good morning. make no mistake, this is a major development. ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up agaanst dono d trump.
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iprimary map, to clear the path for each other in select states. ahead of the team going against trump, this anti-trump movement, calls the move encouraging. the question this morning, so late in the game, will it work? >> reporter: for ted cruz and john kasich, a temporary truce to stop trump. kasich's campaign agreeing to see the may 3rd battleground of indiana to cruz. cruz agreeing to give new mexico to kasich. the competing camps releasing strikingly similar statements overnight. cruz's team calling trump a disaster for republicans. kasich's writing, our goal is to have an open convention in cleveland. cruz blasting trump this weekend. >> donald trump is the master illusionist. he is the harrynhoudini, engaged in an act of misdirection. trump is a phony. >> reporter: trump tweeting
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wow, just announced that lying ted and kasich are going to llude in order to keep me from getting the republican nomination. destination. the agreement comes as trump eyes a clean sweep from maryland to pennsylvania. >> on tuesday, i'm expected to n all five. i hope. i hope. trump pushfl >> reporter: trump pushing back at calls for him to calm down on the trail. >> wouldn't it be interesting if i changed and people said, this is the most presidential ndidate since abraham lincoln, and then we started to lose. >> reporter: cruz predicted the fierce rivalry will disagree. >> once i defeat them, i like every one of them. right now, i don't like lying ted cruz. in four or five weeks from now, i think el hoo he 'll be one of my best friends. >> reporter: the season turning
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he won't put a penny into trying to stop trump but they may take a pass on trump and cruz. >> you're role models and terrible role models. so i don't know how we can support them. reporter: asked ifns clinton could be preferable to one of th ae republicans -- >> it's possible. it's possible. >> more on that kasich-cruz alliance, we've learned that john kasich cancelled all scheduled events in indiana. the pro-cruz super pac says it's now rethinking its $1.6 million advertising buy against kasich in indiana. for trump, he put out a long statement overnight. called it sad. said it was yet another example of everything that's wrong in washington and with our political system. >> peter, thank you so much. mark hall perin is m anaging ed[titor of bloomberg poll sick itics and
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>> cruz and kasich need to do something else. i've been surprised how they've been doing the same things, expecting different results. this is also desperate, showing what position trump is? >> too little, too late? >> trump road into his megavictory on a m sage of a rigged system. nothing reinforces it more than the collusion of his last two opponents. >> he tweeted about it. as you said, desperation, sad. exclamation point. are the campaigns telling voters, vote for other guys, or talking o the independents and money? >> every dollar spent attacking each other -- you had k'sasich attacking cruz in indiana. they had to take all resources and say, every dollar we have to stop trump has to be spent against trump rather than against each other.
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as nicolle said, this plays into trump's message, as opposed to a positive message. >> charles coke, si conservative politicians, mused about voting for hillary clinton over trump or cruz. >> general haden said she might be a better choice if kasich doesn't emerge. people who care about free market economic policy ies, free trade, people who adhere to the libertarian strain in the conservative movement or robust foreign policy are not growing comfortable with trump. >> we want to get you in with the democrats in a second. hillary clinton leading in all five states tomorrow for primaries and bernie sanders is still drawing big crowds. andrea mitchell has that for that. >> hillary clinton is so far ahead in the polling, she could
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that said, she's still draw he's still drawing huge crowds and big money and making demands over the future of the democratic party. >> reporter: at yale, hillary and bill clinton's law school alma mater, bernie sanders was mobbed in a huge crowd saturday night. >> holy moly. this is a lot of people. >> reporter: and during a campus walk, sanders has the young people. to stop clinton, he'd need to wiftn every remaining primary by big margins. our latest poll has him down by 15 points in pennsylvania, the biggest state voting tomorrow. clinton is moving on from sanders, focusing domd nald, trump. >> those insults, the kind of demagoguery we are seeing from him, you have to ask yourself, what really is at stake in this election? >> reporte and in a new ad out today -- walking toge?her now >> reporter: clinton advisers
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mates, including ohio senator sherrod brown. etsensors cane or worner, warner, or elizabeth warren, though her can clin -- and clinton are not close. also, cory booker and former ssachusetts governor patrick. >> sanders is now demanding that clinton pay a very big price for his full support. his enthusiastic support after the prix i mare maries are over. that she adopt their ntroversial positions at the cothnvention. in pennsylvania this morning, there is a big prize tomorrow. >> we turn back to mark and nicolle. what is sanders likely to get? >> he wants to have a big voice at the convention. i think the clintons are masters this, through the selection of a running mate. the slot that sanders speaks at
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i think they'll find a way to unite the party and make bernie sanders happier than he and his supporters are now. >> the clinton campaign turn td corner of the general election when the vp talk fwlin begins. what person should she look at? >> she wants to do that. yesterday on "meet the press," sanders talked about all the things that divides them. i understand he's still raising money and winning states, but to no end. i admire them for sort of employee plowing forward. i think until they settle the sanders portfolio, it's difficult to focus on a running mate because it'll be viewed in terms of sanders views. the u.s. will send 250 n special operations forces to syria to help syrian forces fighting isis. touting recent gains against isis, the president said the
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order to keep up the momentum against the terror group. >> make no mistake, the terrorists will learn the same lesson that those before them have, they are no match for our nation's defense in our way of life. >> this move will bring the u.s. personnel up to 300 up from 50 special operations forces already there. new information on the manhunt in ohio for the killer or killers who shot eight members of the same extended family, execution style. marijuana grow operations discovered by investigators at special of the crime scenes. gabe gutierrez has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. investigators finished processing the four homes involved in all this. but the neighborhood behind me remains blocked off, as investigators scour the surrounding woods for more evidence. still no arrests in a brutal crime that authorities are calling premedicated and well planned. >> reporter: this morning, a
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unprecedented massacre in rural pike county, ohio, and a possible motive as authorities confirm marijuana grow operations were at three crime scenes. >> could that be related to a possible motive? >> i think, you know, we can speculate what the motive was. you talk about revenge. you can talk about drug-related. frankly, we just don't know. >> reporter: investigators say eight relatives were murdered execution style in four separate homes only miles apart. >> ma'am, ma'am, you've got to tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. >> reporter: some shot dead while they were sleeping. >> i just found my cuz within a gunshot wound. >> any record of any sort that this family was involved in drugs prior to this? >> not to my knowledge. >> reporter: today, with orange ribbon ribbons, the county is remembering the victims.
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22 and clarence, who went by frankie. his fiance also killed. so were kenneth and gary rhoden. the only survivors, young children. a 3-year-old, 6 month old, and hannah's four day old baby, found alive in her same room. >> unimaginable. an act of a person or persons that would come in, no warning, come in and kill eight members of a family. i thank god they spared the children. >> why do you think the young children were spared? >> my only guess, and i would be speculating, but they're not witnesses. >> chilling thou t. in 2012, authorities in pike county discovered a marijuana grow operation with suspected ties to a mexican drug cartel. for the murders, investigators are declining to comment whether they have suspects.
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completed on the victims later today. willie and savannah, $25,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. >> just a horrifying story. gabe, thank you. we move to the untimely death of prince. friends of the pop star are opening up, as fans around the world are awaiting autopsy results. joe fryer has the latest on that investigation. joe, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. we now know prince's body has been cremated. the final resting place for his remains has not been disclosed. fans at paisley park are still remembering how he lived and wondering how he died. even those closest to the performer are searching for answers. >> reporter: private during his life, prince's death is now shrouded in mystery. the autopsy complete but toxicology tests pending, as qureestions swirl around what the results will reveal. it'll take weeks before the
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on how the superstar died. >> he lived a healthy life, a vegan. he had no addictions that we are worried about. >> reporter: a close friend spoke with prince five days before his death. >> he said he was doing perfect. we now understand that he was not in the best of health. however, perhaps he's in a perfect place now. >> reporter: in rhett rah etrospect, those attending prince's final party at paisley park find things strange. >> a doctor was next to him. he wanted everyone to give applause for that. he said five sec onds later, let's give another applause for him. >> reporter: over the weekend, close friends and relatives held a private service at paisley park, celebrating the legend's life. muussician and prince's one-time fiance , sheila, said it was a low-key affair, music playing at a low volume. >> you grabbed who you could and cried. we were in disbelief as to is
7:16 am
are we having a b dream? >> reporter: prince was busy this year and received this custom purple piano from yamaha, a centerpiece for his tour. other greats like bruce springsteen are filling the void. purple rain, purple rain >> reporter: "saturday night live" produced a tribute show, hosted by jimmy fallon. >> prince has never not been cool. >> reporter: the program features prince's appearances dating back to 1981, along with never released footage of his party last year, following "snl"'s 40th anniversary special. >> sheila tells us prince's family wants to plan a musical ribute for the public that would feature old bandmates and people who performed with him over the years. it's unclear when that might
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one more note, in the three days following his death, more than 500,000 alb ums sold and 2.3 million songs. >> a lot of people appreciating prince over the weekend. joe fryer, thank you. students return to class at a wisconsin high school two days after a gunman opened fire outside their prom. two students suffered nonl e threatening injuries after being shot as they left the dance. an officer patrolling the parking lot returned fire, fatally wounding the gunman. 18-year-old wagner planned to enter the prom and shoot randomly. the officer prevented what might have been a disaster of unimaginable proportions. >> monday morning, we have dylan in for al. what's the week looking like? >> okay though today is probably the warmest in the northeast. we had crazy storms, especially near kansas, yesterday. this is in central kansas. we have reports of quarter sized hail that shut down this road.
7:18 am
it was closed for a time because of these severe storms. there was a tornado watch in effect at one point, as well. although it didn't amount to producing any tornadoes. we did see the gusty winds and the hail. today, we've got another chance of isolated, stronger stormsut. in andd, around chicago, they'll be isolated but we'll still see the threat of medium sized hail. also some damaging wind gusts. this morning, it's showery near minneapolis with reports of thoiunderstorms. as we go to tomorrow, we have our better chance of strong storms. this area in yellow is where we co d see stronger storms develop. isolated tornado possible but hail and wind is the big concern today. watch what happens as w goheo tomorrow. right through this tornado alley here, through central kansas stretching to oklahoma city, we have the risk of baseball-sized hail. also a possible tornado. outbreak, long duration, tornadoes are possible tomorrow afternoon. that's the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. es"...v to me.
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>> dylan, thanks. check out this catch of the day from major league baseball. wasn't made by a player, but a proud dad. this was in houston. it was a game between the astros and the red sox. a father with a baby in his right arm and a glove on his left, reaches over a couple of seats and grabs that foul ball. well done. by the way, this is the 12th inning. it was after midnight when this happened. >> really? >> yes, and he still had the cat-like reflexes. >> the little guy hanging in into extra innings. there was another one this weekend. dads doing glove work around the bigs this weekend. >> defense around the baby. is it for protection or -- >> he wanted the souvenir. >> he had a glove in the other hand. the boat that belonged to two florida teens missing at sea for nearly eight months. it's been found off the coast of bermuda. on board, one of the teen's cell phones. could it hold clues to what happened to them? a warning on the dangers of
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good morning, 7:26. i'm darlene rodriguez. we're following breaking news on long island. a large fire broke out at a building on long beach road on oceanside. what's the latest? >> reporter: we moved our camera position so you could see all of those businesses there that have been burned out. so much damage and there is eight apartments above those businesses that are damaged or destroyed. we also want to show you this video. you can see the flames raging early this morning. fire destroyed several of these businesses. the fire itself broke out before 4:00 in the morning. at one point you can see the fire escape falling to the ground. all that metal collapsing. back to you, darlene.
7:28 am
>> it's a slow ride on the bqe combo because of an accident that has cleared. also watch out for a disabled trt heading to the outbound upper level of the george wa eshington tunnel. there's an accident on before you can ner. >> we'll take a break. we'll be right back with chris's forecast.>> we'll take a break. we'll be right back with chris's forecast. it's a mild start out there this morning.
7:29 am
50s in the city of 54. suburbs not terribly chilly. upper 40s. a lot of cloud cover, can't rule out a sprinkle well to the north. meantime, seven-day forecast shows showers and maybe a thunderstorm overnight tonight, but better chance of showers and thunderstorms. coming up on the today show, one small thing you can do every day to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.
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we're back at 7:30, monday morning, april 25th, 2016, start of a new work week. check out the view from the top of the rock. we'll look at headlines this morning. donald trump's republican rivals have a surprise announcement. they'll team up to try to stop him from getting the delegates needed to win the nomination before the convention.
7:31 am
winning indiana under this deal, while john kasich focuses on doing the same in oregon and new mexico. overnight on twitter, trump called the move cad sad and desperate. >> it doesn't include tomorrow's iprimaries.rboth trump and hillary clinton on the democratic side lead polling in all five of the states. p evolice in ohio are describing the murders of eight family members at four different homes as a pre-planned execution. authorities are refusing to discuss any potential motive. they did find marijuana growing operations at several of the crime scenes. no suspects have been identified. this morning, we have new developments in the search for two florida teenagers lost at sea since last summer. their boat was found over the weekend weekend. kerry sanders has the latest. good morning. >> good morning, willie. after almost a full year here, the 19-foot boat was found about
7:32 am
jupiter inlet, off the coast of bu bermuda. the ship's captain hantt found it did he right bring. he found tackle boxes and an iphone. the iphone may hold clues as to what went wrong to the boys at se a. now, there's a twist. >> reporter: there it was. the tiny 19-foot boat floating in the vast ocean. missing for almost a year. incredibly, spotted by the 300-foot norwegian supply ship. inside an iphone and a couple of tackle boxes. new clues that might help solve the mystery of what happened to 14-year-olds perry cohen and austin ste fa phanos last july. the search was intense. no luck until days later. >> report of an overturned vessel. >> reporter: the boys' boat was 67 miles off the florida coast. after a quick inspection --
7:33 am
>> reporter: the coast guard attached a marker buoy and continued t pir search for the boys. when they returned, the boat was gone and the buoy sailed. for eight months, it was lost until it was spotted in the water last month. 100 miles off bermuda. the serial number confirmed it was the boat, almost 1,000 miles from where it had been. the norwegian boat pulled the boat on board and took it to norway, making plans to ship it back to florida. >> they were amazingly generous and took care of all the financial expenses. >> reporter: the captain sent a heartfelt note saying the boys will follow us in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. now, a controversy sprung up over the iphone. is stephanos family is nand de amanding it be returned to them today without being examined by authorities first. they haven't said why.
7:34 am
information and want the best experts that are available to gather that information. >> reporter: more questions for pamela cohen. >> my life is pretty much still at july 24th. there really hasn't been a moving forward. it's life shattering. >> foundations have been set up in honor of perry and austin. part of that foundation is to educate other teenagers on safe boating. last month, the state of florida passed a law that will give a discount to any boater who purchases a bee acon that when it ts saltwater, sends out a distress signal. something the boys didn't have on their boat. >> a heartbreaker. let's hope the phone gives the families answers. >> thank you. let's get check of the weather. dil dylan is in for al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by blue buffalo.
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so feed them like family with blue. g.>> a jet stream is " allowing warm temperatures in the midwest and down south. the cooling trough is enough to produce snow in the most of the rockies, especially in wyoming. up to a foot of snow expected. temperatures on the cool side. on the flip side, kansas city, 79. nashville, 86 jacksot, mississippi, 85. tomorrow, we'll be >> in the s and 80s across the mid-atlantic, through the southeast and south, as well. cooler near rapid city at 42. minneapolis, 56. on wednesday, the cool air starts to stretch across chicago, through the great lakes. we could see it cold enough for snow. esdpecially through parts of new england and the higher elevations. the heat continues to push little farther to the south.
7:36 am
jacksonville, looking at clouds out there this morning. breaks of sunshine at times throughout the day today. upper 60s to near 70 in the city. some 70s across nung but cooler. low 60s along the south shorelines. evening should be rain-free but after midnight showers roll in the mid 50s. showers possible tomorrow. mid 60s. wednesday, clouds make a quick return thursday. and it looks like a dry start to the weekend. upper 60s. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. up next, a closer look at america's addiction epidemic when it comes to prescription painkillers. plus, dr. oz weighs in on the toc. that's right after this. using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles
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that was fast! yeah, sprint's killing it. the sprint lte network is now more reliable than ever. so why overpay for wireless? switch to sprint and save 50% on most rate plans. if we don't win you over in 30 days, we'll refund your money. back at 7:40. while prince's cause of death is unknown, there has been a lot of talk about the pain he suffered after hip surgery. >> there's been a reignition of this focus on opioid drug use across the country. kate snow has covered this epidemic a long time. >> according to the cdc, 46 people die every single day in this country from an overdose of prescription painkillers. you can track it all back to a change in healthcare years ago. doctors trying to help people in serious pain, treating them with drugs like vicodin, percocet, oxycontin. the more prescriptions are
7:42 am
become addicted. >> reporter: federal officials are calling it an epidemic, and the numbers are staggering. in 2014, there were 19,000 deaths linked to prescription painkillers in the u.s. recently, the number of prescribed opioids in america reached 259 million. an amount so large, you could give one bottle to every adult in the country. since the 1990s, painkillers like vicodin and percocet have become household names, often prescribed to treat severe pain following an injury or major surgery. the number of deaths from abusing those kind of drugs has soared since 2001. the centers for disease control is now urging doctors to reconsider whether prescription painkillers are really necessary in certain cases. >> the point is that they work great in the short term. they don't work very well if used daily over many weeks. the reason for that is because the body adapts to the presence
7:43 am
>> reporter: for some, that s needing increasingly high doses, which can lead to addiction. the obama administration has already called for $1.1 billion in new funding for addiction treatment treatment. what about the roughly 100 million americans who live with chronic pain? there are other options. >> physical therapy, acupuncture. no one is saying that opioids shouldn't be used at all for pain, but because they don't work long term, we need to retrench and think about other ways to treat it. >> i've ber interviewed so many people who wish they were never given the prescription following surgery or car accident. they've end upd a ed up an addict. when they become too expense ive expensive,
7:44 am
to heroine . >> dr. mehmet oz joins us now. >> the cdc has gotten involved in this and pushed medicine more further along. 20 years ago, when i was training, we were pushed to >> consider pain as the fifth vital sign. it was a worthy endeavor. medicine was trying to honor the ergh00 million americans who suffer pain. we went too far. we stopped discusses, what is the amount of pain you can tolerate? we gave you a false promise that we can solve all your pain and it comes with consequences. as we push doctors to prescribe more pain medications, we on bylined. ed -- obliged. the average person on pain medications are construction workers who worked every day of their lives, hurt their back, and within a week or two, they're hooked. >> as a patient, i have an assumption what a doctor is giving me is safe. do we need new rules of the road
7:45 am
prescribe and how much? >> we have new rules. we have had a year-long program working with the american dental association, the association of family poysicians, may job r medical groups asking questions. patients need to ask the questions. do i need the med? how long do i need it fo n you shouldn't get more than three day of narcotics. i'm a heart surgeon. i can send people home after opening their chest with over-the-counter medications like motrin. most don't need narcotics. if they get it, it should only be two or three days. you don't want it. it's danger in your home. >> there are people that have chngronic pain and motrin doesn't do the trick. they go to pain specialists. people can chronjc back pain. what are they supposed to do? >> there are folks who have chronic pain. i'm excluding the cancer pain patients because it's a
7:46 am
there is a disconnect here. chronic pain isn't all that well managed with narcotics. exercise is a much more effective therapy. i mentioned over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, which works well for a lot of folks. there's hypnosis and alternative approaches acupuncture, chiropractors might make sense. search for those first. yes, there are people who need opioids. no question. but not the dramauic number we've bien giving out. >> you brought an number new ibdrug, saving lives. it can stop an overdose from roin. >> if you have narcotics in your life, pick up one of these. three versions of the same basic drug which is an immediate tidote from an overdose of opiates. walgreen's will have it by the end of the year. we're discussing in washington the legalization of this medication. it's a medication without side
7:47 am
these are in your nose, in infusions. this is like an epipen. thewey save lives. we gave away 50,000 of these to a company and they've saved 1,000 lives already, just from having it around. within 30 seconds, you're awake. >> used to be more controversial in your reporting, kate. >> we did a series on heroin two years ago on the program and nightly news. then, only two years ago, people were orried about if it was so prevalent -- the governor of maine at the time was resistant to having this drug available, even to ems. now, we're at the point it's over the counter in cvs. >> if anyone had narcotics at home, half the people who get narcotics get it from people other than doctor. crush it up and toss it in the trfiash. they're fire. don't have it in there. >> kate and dr. oz, thank you very much. you can see more of dr. oz on the dr. oz show on weekdays. check your local list igs.
7:48 am
lemonade and the message beyonce is sending after this. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] emma, emma bo-bemma banana-fana-fo-femma fee-fi-fo-femma em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere,
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7:51 am
we're back at 7:51. sheinelle is in the orange room for carson where it's all about lemonade. >> beyonce dropped her latest project over the weekend called lemonade. the album and hbo speci has fans absolutely buzzing. there were more than 1.8 million tweets about the program.
7:52 am
the lyrics, accusing jay d of cheating on beyonce. look at this. when are you gonna let me hear e album? she's saying, don't worry. you will. one lyric, beyonce teases as becky. after the debut of lemonade, roy said, good hair, don't care. #no drama queens. with that, as you can imagine, the beyhive swarmed, even changing her wikipedia page to read, the becky with the good hair. we have to go. quickly, people were attacking rachael ray. it's not rachael ray. she's just cooking. crazy, right? i think it was beyonce's way of answering all the critics to her music. >> rachael ray is like, what? wait, i just -- what did i do? it's delish.
7:53 am
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7:57 am
good morning, everyone. 7:56. it's 54 degrees on a monday morning, april 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. in the bronx, police say an elderly man died after a fight over an elevator. a small homemade memorial stands outside for the 74-year-old. he was found unconscious and later died at the hospital. police charged another man who lives in the building with manslaughter. and brooklyn fire crews are at a fire that destroys three buildings. more than 200 firefighters were called to the neighborhood on elton street.
7:58 am
on the "a" line. we i also have an accident eastbound on the bruckner by the sheridan expressway. back to you. let's check the weather. today, some clouds and sun. but mild, we see a high of 69. tonight, cloudy, a few showers, possibly a thunderstorm, low of 55 degrees. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with showers. 68 is the high. wednesday, mostly sunny and nice. 66. coming up on the "today" show, buckling down on your bills. the sites and apps that can help you trim done your expenses and save you money. stay tuned. come seek the royal caribbean.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, household danger. a new war ng on laundry pods, as a new study shows more kids than ever are mistaking the brightly-colored packages for candy. >> i immediately had the mother's instinct that this was not good. >> what parents need to know. one small step, big results.
8:01 am
every morning, go on the playlist and play classic rock and roll. >> i put my fingers in my ears. >> tips on how to be your best self, mind, body and soul, one small thing at a time. i'm on fire. >> special delivery. >> i love these. they're not the sharpest tool in the box. >> you're a genius. >> ricky gervais stops by studio 1a a i long with long with his co-star eric bana to talk about "special correspondents." today, monday, april 25th, 2016. >> good morning, missouri! >> who is getting married today? >> i am. >> from boston to san francisco, baby.
8:02 am
we made it to the "tomay" show! good mo ing, everybody. it's monday morning, april 25th, 2016. welcome back to "today". great, pretty spring morning out on our plaza. we have a huge crowd. may still have some spring breakers out here on the plaza. good morning to them. we have willie in for matt. we have dylan in for al. we've got sheinelle in for carson. nobody is working today. st us. >> springy today. i like it. very nice. let's head inside. natalie has a look at the morning's top stories. >> good morning, guys. gop presidential candidates ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up to stop front runner donald trump. overnight, kasich's campaign agreeing to clear a path for cruz in the battleground s te of indiana. cruz agreeing to seed oregon and new mexico to kasich. the truce acting as a coordinated effort to deprive trump of winning the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.
8:03 am
agreement as desp ation. for the democrats, bernie sanders was greeted by a large crowd at yale on sunday night as he faces an uphill battle against hillary cl ton. sanders needs to win every remaining primary by big margins to order to stop clinton. our latest poll has him down by 15 points in pennsylvania, the biggest state voting tomorrow. clinton now focusing on donald trump and on top of a runner te. more questions surrounding the death of prince this morning as those closest to him open up. one friend saying prince lived a healthy life and had no known addictions. it will be weeks before the medical examiner reports on how the legend died. a musical tribute for the public is reportedly in the works. hundreds of thousands of target shoppers have pledged to
8:04 am
announced a new bathroom poll sr. si for employees and customers. >> reporter: target is a target. a christian activist group calling for this after target announced the bathroom policy. the boycott target pledge got 500,000 signatures in support. american family says, in part, target's policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to victims. with target boasting that men can enter women's bathrooms, where do you t nk predators are going to go? some customers support target's new policy. >> i have no problem with it. whatever gender a person identifies with, they should use the bathroom they identify with. >> reporter: the minnesota-based company became the first giant retailer to weigh in on an issue at the center of a heated debate.
8:05 am
hot-button topic last week here on "today". >> you leave it the way it is. there have been very few complaints the way it is. people go, use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. >> if caitlyn jenner were to walk into trump tower and use the bathroom, you'd be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses? >> that is correct. >> reporter: in response to the boycott pledge, target says, as a company that stands behind what it means to offer our team an inclu place to work and guests an inclusive place to shop, we belief ve this is the right thing for target. prince harry, more like prince charming, as he comes to the rescue of a former olympian. spring g into action when the 86-year-old tripped on the stage for the medal perezation resentation at the london marathon.
8:06 am
led her away by the hand. she won bronze at the 1952 olympics and appeared to be okay. she's swooning like the rest of the ladies. >> good man, harry. >> i was thinking, i mean, wouldn't you preten to trip? >>bo oh, save me. >> maybe pick yourself up. >> thank you. >> thank you, natalie. >> parents, new warning this morning about the dan rs posed by laundry pods or packet young children can find them irre stible because they look like brightly-colored candy. tohm costello has the story. >> good morning. the number of children who suffered the effects of laundry pois ing is on the increase. tens of thousands of young kids exposed to dangerous detergents, despite the warnings. some barely escaped with their lives. >> i immediately had that mother's instinct that this was not good. >> reporter: it happened in the blink of an eye. >> i heard he gag, and it immediat
8:07 am
that she had bit into the pod. >> reporter: jill's then eight-month-old daughter swallowed laundry detergent in 2014. not just any soap, but the kind that comes in pods or packets like this. >> called 911 and immediately went to the emergency room. >> reporter: doctors put a tube down her throat, as her mom watched helpless will i. >> holding her hand, her small, seemingly lifeless body, was the most horrifying moment of my life. >> reporter: they're colorful and look like candy but with kill. detergent pods send at least one child to the hospital every day. >> coma, seizures. we even had two death >> reporter: calls coming into poison control centers nationwide are climbing by 17% in 2013 and '14, according to a new stu out todaic >> they put them in their mouth. as soon as they pop the container, it squirts into the back of their throat and the game is over. i>> reporter: data was analyzed
8:08 am
pay son control centers in 2013 and '14. they found 17 cases of coma, 6 am cases of respiratory arrest, 4 fluid in the lungs and 2 cases of cardiac arrest. the pods are easy to wash your clothes but the detergent is highly concentrated. last week, procter & gamble we released this video. >> keep laundry p cks away from children. >> reporter: doctors say it might not be enough. >> we recommend that parents not use laundry detergent p kets if they have young children in the me. use traditional laundry detergent. >> reporter: jill uses regular detergent now and encourages other moms to do the same. for her daughter kate, she's doing just fine. >> she's a amazing, lively, kind 2-year-old. >> this morning, the laundry detergent industry says
8:09 am
new packaging to deter child access access. close the packet completely and zipped up when you are done. >> we have a lot of parents on this set talking throughout your piece. >> more like child locks. the same way you have on your prescription bottles. something that's harder to get. >> the challenge is, first of all, i have to walk away from those. i can't buy them until we get older. even if you have all the greatest intentions, keep them high, it's the one time you have it done or one that falls on the floor. they're going down the hall way and see it. they just put it in their mouth. >> everything goes in the mouth. >> absolutely. >> lot of parents grappling with this. tom, thanks. up next, prince george, the young tread setter. why you have to wait if you want one of the robes he was wearing when he met president obama and the first lady. chrissy teigen responding to criticism for having a date night with john legend nine days after their daughter's birth.
8:10 am
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we're back at 8:13. time for the first trending of the week. >> undoubtedly already seen by now, the photograph of the adorable prince george in his robe, meeting president obama and first lady michelle obama. >> adorable. >> the obamas met prince george, tucked him in before bedtime. the photos have gone viral and so has something else. the baller's robe. prince george's robe, made by my first years, it's sold out. if you want it for your kid, they're accepting preorders. goes for about $39. >> i got a those baby robes, baby gifts. i never put my kids in them. >> never. >> they're adorable. >> too cute to put on. >> is there anything cuter than a baby just out of the tub? >> no. >> all ready for bed, in the robe. >> the robe said prince george on it.
8:15 am
another big event in uk, the london marathon. some of us look at people doing marathons and think, that's grueling, maybe boring. trwy this one. do it in space. oh, my gosh. >> british astronaut tim completed his marathon on that treadmill, 3 hours, 35 minutes. >> weighted down though, right? >> exactly. on earth, things were more interesting. many marathoners running in the race had elaborate costumes. here are some of the favorites. a raptor runner. do you think they did it the whole time? >> no. >> team rk. a big shoe. this guy had the fastest marathon in a bottle. >> wow. >> you run a lot of marathons. do you see people dressed up? >> depends on the marathon. costumes are encouraged. london, san diego, yeah. >> it's a funny skirt, not an elaborate costume, right?
8:16 am
i don't want a giant hot dog on top. >> do it in style. now for a look at incredible video. this is a woman literally walking through a minefield while the mines are going off. >> oh, my gosh. >> she's demonstrating a new protective, bomb-proof suit that works against explosions, created for the russian military. >> oh, my gosh. >> this was posted by russian deputy prime minister on facebook. little show of force. let's your home. the helmet comes off. they full slo-mo for the hair flip. not our editing. >> no big deal. just walking through a minefield. >> andsihakes the hair. >> gee, my hair smells terrific. now a new documentary a ut anthony weiner and she elle h u pop star. >> how do you recover from a career-ending scandal? that's at the heart of a new
8:17 am
the subject is anthonyweeb er keen er er er -- wiener, the congressman forced to step down. >> your father never hugged you. >> do you believe you're suffering from addiction? >> what are you, the referee? >> we are staying calm. managing the situation. >> you're a scumbag. >> takes one to know one, [ bleep ]. >> you can see the full trailer at weiner opens in select theaters may 20th. the day before that, the filmmakers will join us live. john legend and chrissy teigen welcomed their baby a week ago. while the pair seemed to be inseparable, they headed to dinner without luna in tote saturday night. the next morning, teigen woke up to not so nice comments about her date night. implying she shouldn't be partying without her daughter so so whon. teaguer firing back.
8:18 am
people are -- upset. we'll say that. good morning. followed up with, i never wanted to leave my daughter. i love her. that's just me. the passive aggressiveness is real. >> people really got mad? >> incredible. >> she had dinner with her husband. >> my goodness, people. finally, over the weekend, kim and kanye attended a wedding in miami. while normally, the night should be all about the bride and groom, of course not. kanye couldn't resist taking the mic. >> i'm going to let you finish. this is one of the best weddings in a long time. >> can't top that. >> kanye is playing on his 2009
8:19 am
stage, stealing the mic from taylor swift. he got backlash from stealing taylor's mic, but at the wedding, it was met with humor. >> made for a good toast. dylan, let's get a check of the weather. >> we have a chance of strong storms, especially into tomorrow. here's the setup. we have a lot of moisture that's eventually going to stream in. this area of low pressure is going to move to the east. this is going to create a dip in the jet stream. we'll have the moisture funnel in from the southeast and the gulf of mexico. dry air moving in from the west. there is this clash now of not only the moist ai but also the warmer air. then combine that with the cooler, drier air. we're looking at a chance for strong storms into tomorrow es pecially. this cold fr ont will move eastward. through this area here, including oklahoma city, including wichita, kansas, that's where tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, we have the chance of baseball-sized hail. also long track and long
8:20 am
perhaps the severe weather kwlout outbreak. here's where the cold front is moving tomorrow. as we get towards about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 at night, the storms will fire up. they'll move eastward, fizzling a bit overnight and the next day, scattered storms. the main now, here is a peek out your window. >> dylan, thanks very much. temperatures slowly working their way back through the 50s. up to 55 in the city. areas in the 40s climbing to the 50s. across long island, low 50s. a lot of closd cover a couple sprinkles to the north. notice the cloud cover thinning out to the west of town. we will get some sunshine from time to time. best chance south and west of town. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. as we work our way into tomorrow, watch out for showers and thunderstorms later in the afternoon. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. now, something we're excited about around here.
8:21 am
healthy mind, body and soul, our viewers have been clear about what they want. wellness tips that fit easily into their busy wh lives with goals that are simple and attainable. we heard you and we'll help you with one small thing at a time. >> reporter: in today's world, there is no shortage of tself-improvement guides promising to change your life in 5 steps to 30 days. are big changes necessary, or can small, smart improvements make just as much of a difference? >> the one small thing i do every morning, go on the play list and play classic rock and roll. >> i put my fingeet in m ears so i don't listen to the old '70s music. >> glad i can be helpful. >> reporter: this week, "today" and are launching, one small thing. >> one small thing i do every morning, pray. >> i take an aggressive shower, immediately when i wake up. >> i do the victory pose. i stand up and you feel powerful. >> i play the theme to the "a-team."
8:22 am
throw out those plans. re mens and routines in favor ofhu simple, sustainable goals you can do right now. >> one small thing i do to start ea,ch day is play funky dance music. uh-huh. >> open my eyes and i say, i love you, lord. you ever you are my stretch. >> you made me feel bad. >> that was the point. >> reporter: on today wellness, we're focusing in on key things. mindful monday, tone-up tuesday, wellness .wednesday, y healter living thursday and friends and family friday. all this in an effort to prove that it rea y is the little things that make a world of difference. mind, body and spirit. >> as you just saw, one small thing kicks off today with mindful mondays, dedicated to helping you keep your inner self ilanced. we have "new york times" best selling author and spirit junkie. gabby, good morning. >> good morning. >> s
8:23 am
what's an easy thing we can do to center ourselves on a monday? >> be nice to yourself. this is the most important thing we can do on a monday. we wake up, alarm goes off, and there's so much to do. we're crazy in our mind. we start saying all the things we have to get done for the day. if we're nice to ourselves, we set ourselves up to win. >> i'm assuming it's not saying in the mirror, you're good enough, smart enough. >> close. set a personal affirmation. today, i choose to be. for me, today on monday, i chmooose to be calm. i'm going to write this in. think about what you choose to be today. setting that intention really sets us up for the rest of the day. maybe for the week. we can take that choice with us wherever we do. >> you also say set minders for yourself for the day. >> one thing to wake up in the morning and have the intention, but another thing to remember it throughout the day. we should set that, today iw che oose to be, calm, happy, whatever. setting the hoice up throughout the day and putting it in our
8:24 am
i set this up for 120, lunchtime, when you get a little crazy. specifically aro d 4:00 when you're id the coffee period and need the jolt of energy. >> fun tip. what do we have here? >> this is a fun part. we type in or write in, today i choose to be. mine was calm. what is yours? >> i don't know. i have to think about it. today i choose to be grateful. >> great. let's write it in. the concept is, you snap out of it. whenever you notice yourself in the negative story, you're going to snap out of it by putting your rubber band around your wrist. i have calm here. i'll put it on my wrist. throughout the day, i'll go into the negative place, getting crazy, feeling upset. gently snap out of it. >> we're being nice to yourselves. >> not jarring. just a gentle moment of snapping out of it and reminding yourself to look at the moment of calm. yours is grateful? >> grateful. >> beautiful. >> amazing.
8:25 am
appreciate it. tomorrow, we have tone-up tuesday. take a look. >> hi. i'm from the "biggest loser." tomorrow, i'll show you one small thing to tone your body. >> we look forward to that. if you're interested in signing up for the one small thing newsletter, go to small thing. coming up, star power in studio 1a. we'll talk to ricky gervais and eric bana, talking about their new movie together. ricky gervais wrote it, directed it, stars in it, even made the costumes.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. 8:26. za. >> investigators are soifrp earching for the cause of an overnight fire in oceanside. it broke out after 4:00 this morning. the building has apartments above several businesses at street level including a convenience store. there are no reports of injuries. let's take a look at the morning commute. here is lauren scala. >> we do have delays and service changes on the a, c, e, and f lines. we have a disabled tractor-trailer on 280 westbound
8:28 am
we also have a disabled bus in a kunl on tunnel. an accident northbound. >> lauren, thanks. let's check the weather today. some xlouds clouds and sun. tonight, possibly a thunderstorm. we'll see low of 55 degrees. tomorrow, looking at a mostly cloudy day with showers. 68 degrees. that's the high. coming up on he "today" show, music legends, gloria and emilio estefan talk about their exciting new musical "
8:29 am
8:30 am
i really wanna love somebody 8:30 now. it's monday morning, the 25th of
8:31 am
our plaza is packed. we've got a great crowd. morning. by the way, don't forget, we have two big concerts this week. the band perry will be here on wednesday. celebrating 100 days to the ol ympics in rio. >> and friday, you ready for this, the i love the '90s tour, making a pit stop on our plaza. vanilla ice, salt n pepper, and i had -- kid n play. head to for fan passes to be in the crowd with us. >> willie, you're going to dress up, right? savannah? >> banana clips. >> tight rope my jeans. grunge. also coming up this morning, o guys that we cannot wait to talk to. ricky gervais and eric baba. rhymes with savannah. stars of a new comedy called "especially corres ndent " "special correspondents."
8:32 am
>> oh, my gosh. how many times has she said >> true. >> plus, websites and apps to know to buckle down on your tips and save money. script. giving me a hard time, missy. >> okay. i love the look i gave you. all last week, we were on the hunt for today's next big thing. the winner, krista woods, had quite the weekend, selling her glovestix on qvc. she sold out twice. >>ke wow. >> i need some of those for my kids' shoes. i definitely -- >> happy for her. >> congratulations. >> i may or may not have bought one for myself. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> do you feel you're in the girls' club? >> i do. >> it was a giggle fest and you didn't know what to do. let's look what's going on across the country. as far as precipitation,
8:33 am
also a risk of stronger storms early t his week. as we get to the middle of the week, we're going to see the storms start to spread to the east. we could see isolated, severe storms s we go through the midwest and the middle of the week. the end of the week, another round of storms will redevelop through the southern plains and into kansas and nebraska, too. as for temperatures, much below normal across the northern plains. out west, much above normal, eastern half of the country. the area sinks farther to the south. not northeast, we'll see temperatures below average, as well plenty of clouds out there. they stick around. wind coming in off the water. eastern long island and shorelines. low 60s. rain arrives overnight. evening, dry. showers, thunderstormfter midnight. better chance for scattered
8:34 am
thunderstorms later tomorrow afternoon. showers later thursday and early friday. dry saturday. more rain later sunday. >> we are honored to be joined now by this year's new york women in communications foundation scholarship winners. th ese young ladie are the future of this business and this industry. th 'll be racognized at the matrix awards later today. linda is the founder of the foundation's president. also, we have some winners. congratulations. so nice to have you here. >> delighted to be here. >> in the past 27 years, this foundation has given more than $1.5 million to the scholarships. why is it so important? >> these scholarships are so important because it gives the next generation of women communicators in every field, knowing there are 2,000 women invested in heir success, and helping them get the right education and make the right connections to land that all-important first job. >> which is
8:35 am
you are such an inspiration because not only are you already a journalist wh the "huffington post," but you're also a social media ambassador for, i don't know, taylor swift. >> yeah. >> how did that happen? >> this all started when i was in my early teens. it was being a fan girl on twitter and not knowing what to expect. then i had an engaged following and her team reached out. helping with events on "1989," it started with campaigns. it helped me invest in who i wanted to be and where i wanted to go. >> you've been doing amazing internships. thailand last year. what's this year? >> i'll be interning with the united states department of defense. >> incredible. to all of you, thank you so much for being here . good luck tonight. ngratulations. >> thank you. >> savannah? >> dylan, thanks. we're happy to have ricky gervais and eric bana. they teamed up for "special
8:36 am
correspondent s correspondents." they're radio station employees covering a coup. when they get stuck in new york, they come up with a plan. >> we need to brainstorm. >> i love these. they're not the sharpest tool in the box. >> you're a genius. >> could two other people go instead of you? >> of course not. >> can you cover a different story? >> no. >> needs to be that story, needs to be ecuador and it needs to be us. >> i got it. >> go on. >> use somebody else's pa ssports. ours. >> we're screwed. >> eric and ricky, good morning. >> hello. >> this is a buddy comedy. w>> it is. it sort o cf turned ire that. on the page, it didn't seem like that. we became baud uddies, didn't we? >> well -- >> you must have spent so much time together filming this and now doing the publicity tour. you love each other. >> yeah. >> when we i did the "muppets," i
8:37 am
prefer the frog, to be honest. >> ricky, this is y r baby oyou wrote it, direct it and star in it. i heard you picked the type face for the movie poster. >> anyone can play my part. >> eric, what kind of director is ricky? what's he like? >> actually, it was great because it's quite efficient, working with an actor who has written a script. he's not explaining to the director what he wants because he's the boss.roit was actually a hell of a lot of fun. it was. >> was he moody and demanding. that's what i was getting at. >> not really. he's got bionic hearing though. t i know. >> when it's his close-up, he can hear everything. >> yeah. it's like freaky. anything puts me off. i'm so aware. i c hear the film grounding in the camera. >> we shot digital. >> i know.
8:38 am
acertor? >> great. i cast eric because i thought he was a brooding ing ing ing ing thespian, action hero. then i found out he was an idiot like me. >> i, too, think of eric as a screen heartthrob. did you know about the "eric bana show" in australia? >> i didn't. >> i do believe we have the video. >> oh. >>er sick a -- eric is a total clown. comedy comes to you naturally. >> when i started in america, the internet wasn't really a huge thing. people couldn't go searching for all those old clips. i got away with kind o nof like hiding -- not hiding deliberately, but people didn't know about my stand-up background, which is what i was known for at home. >> you just knew eric would be
8:39 am
stuff? >> i knew he'd be funny. i knew he could do the part. he's sort of angry and insults me and he bullies me, which to someone like me, i find that it was good. we really -- that's the thing that developed most, i >> when i found out that he didn't know that i had done comedy, that was actually a really good thing for me. it meant it relieved a bit of the pressure. werd found a natural dynamic as a result of that. >> it's reallyofun. before i let you go, i hear there is a david character that you created. >> i'm finishing up with it now, out in england in august. >> 15 y rs later, still at the office? >> different office. now he's a rep, selling toiletry products. he
8:40 am
a pop star. itbs tragic and add. >> i can't wait. cky gervais and eric bana, thank you so much. the movie is so fun, called "special correspondents,". >> t e your shirt off. >> i'm australia. >> take the trousers off, man. this will go viral. no one downloads me. >> i have no undies on. wouldn't work. >> we have 60 more seconds? okay. great. i'm just kidding. thank you, guys, very much. coming up next, unforgettable images of iconic moments. we have the man behind the photos.
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back at 8:42 with a man whose work you'll recognize instantly. more than 50 years, photographer neil leifer captured iconic
8:43 am
his book "relentless" gives the details behind the shots. i blame you if i look tired. i was up late reading the book. you say you took the pictures but never have gotten to tell the story. was this fun to put together? >> the first book i've ever done, so it was different, with words. i had a wonderful co-writer. it all came together. >> let's look at the pictures. i have to start with the iconic shot, perhaps the most famous photograph in sports photography. this is 1965. tell us how you got the picture. >>ai wherever one uses the word "luck," you found like you're being modest. in sports photography, luck is key. look at the photography between ali's legs. he was my compeoution in "sports illustrated." i got lucky. when you get lucky, don't ss. i didn't>> what's interesting about this, a lot of people initially
8:44 am
ali, standing over him, but that's not what happened, right? >> you have to focus the camera, wait for the strobe lights to recycle. i had no idea what i had. that evening, you don't see the replay on the news at night. probably six months, maybe a year later, i saw a video of it and couldn't believe how quickly it'd happened. >> these are twin kenyan brothers. actually, that's your favorite ali shot, right? >> my favorite. that's my favorite because it wasn't luck. i planned that. you know, i worked on that. i got it exactly the way i dreamed of getting it. it was the only picture i've ever taken in my career that i wouldn't change a thing? >> let's jump ahead to 1984, kenyan twin runners. how did you incorporate the giraffes? >> olympic preview for "time" magazine. i traveled the world photographing athletes in front of the picture post guard of
8:45 am
a greek at the parthenon. an egyptian discus throe wer in front of the pyramids. i wanted the animals with two of the great kenyan distance runners. there is a wrangler in nairobi who sets up movie sets, so the animals appear -- >> giraffe wrangler? >> animal wrangler. he fed the giraffe in that spot for three days. sure enough, they showed up. we had four but two got frightened by a buffalo. i was lucky with those two. >> great picture. this is incredible. a lot of people know you for your sports photographs. you've done so much more over the course of 50 years. fidel castro lighting your cigar. what were the circumstances? >> this was the last picture in the olympic preview i di i appealed o the cubans and said, fidel castro is the picture postcard of cuba.
8:46 am
great boxer with fidel castro, with a cigar holding up their arms. when the cubans agreed, i had a great session. i ask the subject if i can take a picture. i had this idea when i left new york. i looked at castro and said, could i ask a special favor? could i h e a picture of you lighting my cigar? he loved he id. that's how it happened. i don't smoke. the match kept burning his fingers. went through two matches. he was getting a little upset because i couldn't get the cigar lit. >> before we go, i love this picture. jfk and lbj at a ball game in 1961. >> when the washington senators played, it was tradition for the president to throw out the opening pitch on opening day. i went to griffith stadium. he's sitting with lyndon johnson. the president didn't do a thing for seven or eight innings. johnson ate a couple hot dogs. in the seventh or eighth inning, it got cold.
8:47 am
the president put his coat on, and he put a hat on, which caroline kennedy told me years later she never saw a picture of him with a hat on. wore a top hat. there was a foul ball that went in the direction of the presidential box. i like to call it the kennedy administration leaning to the left. >> we've only scratched the surface. this is a remarkable book. the photographs are one thing. they stand on their own. the story bes ies behind them, just as good. neil, thank you so much. >> appreciate it.
8:48 am
8:49 am
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>> good morning. >> first, there are bills you think we can c adown on them. they're extra and we don't need to pay. >> month thiubscriptions, e-mail subscriptions and prescriptions. >> you have a tool to find out what monthly subscriptions you're paying and whether or not you can get o, of them. >> there we go. i am stuck on the floor -- >> i've done that, too. >> i'll lose the shoe. i'll be short but we're good to go. i'm going to make the rear-end blooper reel. >> you are. >> i'll get through this. two services to cut the monthly sub subscriptions. one is trim. the second one is true bill. they find your subscriptions. tell them which ones to cancel and they do it for you. >> great. i mean, you're kind of giving your credit card information. iswo that scary? >> i've done it. they have bank-level security
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they can't change anything in your account. >> you say getting rid of some of the e-mail subscriptions saves you money. how? >> time is money. i'm a huge believer in this. if you're getting pop-ups in your e-mail all day long and going there, you're paying attention whenever something is on sale, then buy it. >> they hook you. >> is where you'll find it. essentially, it looks through your e-mail and finds the seb scription -- ub jipgs scriptions and asks, do you want them or get rid of them? it stores it so you look at them once a day. >> prescription drill ugs, there are cheaper ones. how do you know if you're eligible? >> blink it figured out group pricing for everyone. you go and find the cheapest prescriptions in you area through the app.
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>> announcer: the "today" parenting team life changes project is created with our sponsor, johnson. discovering wonders with parents and babies. >> this morning on "today"'s parenting team, what changes when you have kids? everything. it's a topic highlighted in johnson's for every little wonder campaign, about the everyday joys of life after having a child. this morning, looking ahead to
8:55 am
we're starting a conversation on "today" about how life changes after you have a baby. we asked some of our parenting team members at nbc affiliates across the country to share their stories. >> becoming a dad changed my life by allowing me to see the world again through a child's eyes. >> becoming a mom changed my life by making me understand what is really important in life. before my life revolved completely around work and, yes, i love my job, but i cherish my four daughters. >> becoming a mom has changed my life by making me realize that i really can function on very little sleep. >> my life changed the most because when my twins were born, my dog became dog. >> becoming a mom changed my life by forcing me to learn to be flexible. to get go with the flow. things are going to be dirty.
8:56 am
things aren't going to go as planned. >> becoming a dad changed my life by dramatically increasing my level of stress and happiness at the same time. >> being a mom changed my life by making me realize no matter how bad the day, i get to come home to an adorable 2-year-old who says mommy and gives me a hug. makes s s everything all right. >> how about you? go to "today"'s facebook page and post one photo that best showcases how your world has changed when you became a parent. team and learn how else you can get involved. >> a lot of cute babies. what do you have next hour? >> talking lemonade. a lot of lemonade to get through. >> so much to analyze there. >> it is and we will.
8:57 am
we have gloria and aaais i good morning. 8:57. 55 degrees out. ac vists targeting pepsi put a huge banner on the landmark sign in queens. the activists, the rain forest action network, they hundred a 100-foot long banner. they are choling on pepsi to
8:58 am
supply chain. they said they are working to make sure the palm oil is 100% certified by 2020. some clouds today, mild, high of 69. tonight, cloudy, a few showers. possibly a thunderstorm, low of 55 degrees. tomorrow, looking at a most pli cloudy day with some showers. the "today" show is coming right back and coming up, "today" food club star, alice oy, shares a de
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," beyonce turns lemons into lemonade. what she's saying about cheating that hasr ocial media buzzing. private jets, luxury yachts and big homes. inside the life of the rich and famous. royalty, gloria and emilio estefan will have you on your feet this morning. all that and more coming up now.
9:01 am
this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on monday morning, april 25th, 2016. nice, boisterous crowd outside on the plaza this morning. i'm willie along with natalie. and dylan. tamron and al are off. dylan, you had the morning jam. >> this song goes into your system. we were watching "guardians of the galaxy," one of the best soundtracks ever. love it. this song plays and makes me happy. >> it does. >> it's fitting. hope it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. >> it is. >> thank you, dylan. a lot of tributes pouring in for the death of prince and people still down at paisley park, memorializing him. still don't know how he died. e autopsy was concluded. over the weekend, his close
9:02 am
private service at paisley park, celebrating his life. frie nds and fans all dressed in purple and also receiving purple memorabilia boxes. after the service, prince's publicist announced his remains were cremated. the final resting place has remained private. toxicology tests, of course, pending. the medical examiner's office said it could be weeks before they really know how he died. meanwhile, this weekend, it was so nice to watch "snl" and see jimmy fallon came in. they did this special tribute for prince. going back, dating back to all his appearances on "snl," dating back to 81, really incredible. include ing never before released footage of the after party, after he was here last year. this is following "snl"'s 40th
9:03 am
take a look at that, amazing. meanwhile, bruce springsteen had a concert at the barkley center and paid a special tribute to prince, too, with this special rendition of "purple rain." want to see you laughing in the purple rain purple rain, purple rain ra >> can you imagine what it was like to be in that audience? i can only imagine what the people were reacting, when he came out with that. >> they open up in purple, something good is coming. springsteen nailed it. >> i was g dooing to go to the concert but i had something else i had to go to. >> what could be more important than springsteen in brooklyn? >> i know. great honor to prince. >> is "snl" tribute was great, too. it shows what prince does. goes to a show and plays at a club to whoever is there.
9:04 am
>> how many times had he appeared on "snl" over the years, since 1981. >> yeah. saturday night was lemonade night. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm talking about beyonce's surprise new album, "lemonade." sixth album. came out on hbo special with an hour of long video released on tidal. fans say the album, song and lyrics has a message that jay-z may have been unfaithful to her. >> i missed out on the whole thing. >> i told my husband, we just teased it on "saturday today" that there is a special lemonade on hbo. no one knows what it is. we watched it live. it was an emotional roller coaster. >> hour long. >> at first, you know, it goes through these phases of what, i guess, it's like to be cheated on. as it's building up to this whole thing, she's getting
9:05 am
her music videos are just incredible. the costumes, the cinematography, the songs themselves. sorry. i'm giving this all away. >> you were into it. >> lot of passion. >> is this a big announcement, they're getting divorced? then she starts forgiving him. then he appears in one of the videos. it's like what? he's there. then it's like -- it was really an emotional roller coaster. >> wow. >> are you okay? you're very emotional. i think you got choked up. >> i got very excited. i'm usually missing all of pop culture. i was actually part of it. >> beyonce, y ouoved some people. >> a lot of people are relating to this, i think. >> let's listen to a listen of the song "denial." soreme of the lyrics are you cheating are you cheating on me looking jealous but crazy j inealous but crazy
9:06 am
lately, walked all over lately i'd rather be crazy they don't love you like i love you slow down, they don't love you like i love you back up, they don't love you like i love you step down, they don't love you like i love you >> you feeling it? >> i like it. >> the music is great. >> have you been paying at motention to the lyrics? >> of course. >> do you read into the lyrics for the song "sorry"? listen to this one. the only woman when i'm not there you better call becky with the good hair you better call becky with the good hair >> who is this becky with the good hair? >> is the whole album about this? >> yes. >> it tells this whole story. >> i mean, i don't know what -- >> emotional. >> that's a steep price to pa tay. >> she turns the corner into fo abrgiveness.
9:07 am
they're all profiting from it. the rumors swirled that this becky with the good hair is a fashion designer, rachel roy, which is interesting. on sunday morning, rachel roy tweeted -- or put on instagram, good hair, don't care, but we will take good lighting for selfies or self truth. always live in the light. #no drama queens. people, of course, piled on. on with the hate and everything else. later, she ended up making her account private. >> got beyhived. >> don't mess with that. >> the beyhive was swarming. she later tweeted out, i respect love, marriages, families and strength. what shouldn't be tolerated by anyone no matter what is buonllying of any kind. the connection rachel roy to
9:08 am
the same music producer. that's the connection. they work closely together, had a tight relationship. who knows what happens. the elevator scene we remember seeing so publicly, which was reports at the time swirling and ru rs it all had to do with this love triangle. >> this woman's name is rachel roy. poor america's sweetheart rachael ray got confused. people were attacking rachael ray all day. all she wanted to do was post a delicious barbecue slider. >> it made me very hungry. >> look at that, looks delightful. she's gettg killed on instagram. >> people just resorting to the lemon emoji. >> with homemade slau on w on top. >> she can keep making the burgers. we love her. a topic i'm not as passionate about -- >> you can cry a little bit. >> i won't for this one.
9:09 am
fun event. nearly 40,000 runners participated in the london marathon yesterday. one of them was in space. british astronaut tim ran the marathon on a treadmill in the space station. he had to be strapped down. gravity is obviously non-existent in space. 3 hours, 35 minutes. >> amazing. >> obviously, it's going to be a little easier because there's no gravity. >> yeah. >> that said -- >> took a lot of oxygen up there. >> you know as a marathoner, part of the deal is at least you're running and seeing people. being inspired and lifted up. you're on a treadmill for a marathon. >> watching "lemonade" over and ovheer and over again. >> that's what i can do on the treadmill. >> spend 3 1/2 hours catching up on "game of thrones. requests. >> so many options. also this video. it's prince harry.
9:10 am
86-year-old former olympic, sylvia. she was going to hit the button to kick off this whole marathon, and she slipped. this is during the medal presentation. sorry. she took bronze in the 4 by 100 relay in 1952. he helped her up there. good man. >> i wonder if she slipped on purpose. you know prince harry is to the rescue. >> i bet she didn't. >> she's okay. >> man down. >> now we know what to do next time we see him. dylan, if you can pull yourself together, you can do the weather. >> i'm exhausted. >> let's play the "lemonade" videos in the background. >> we have rain trying to move through minneapolis right now. even some flashes of lightning here. you can see the flashes through there. that will continue to move to the north. then we'll see a line of storms develop today, including chicago, where some of these storms cld be severe. although it's not going to be a widespread severe outbreak today. larger hail, damaging wind gusts, the dangerous lightning, too.
9:11 am
tomorrow afternoon is the chance where we cou prld see perhaps a tornado outbreak. right in here in red, includes wichita, kansas, oklahoma city, baseball-sized hail possible. long track, lon duration tornadoes possible, as well. we need to focus on that are wind coming off the water in eastern plong island. rain arrives overnight tonight. for the evening, dry, shower thunderstorm after midnight. better chance for scattered showers and a couple of gusty thunderstorms later tomorrow pr afternoon in the upper 60s. we get a break on wednesday, mid-60s, sunshine. dry, saturday, and maybe more rain later sunday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> then what happened? >> then i was live tweeting and
9:12 am
>> dylan -- >> dylan's wrap-up after the break. plus, the king and queen of miami sound. they're making the case to be the king and queen of broadway. the great gloria and emilio estefan. be prepared, dad. i will change you. change your goals to get you home earlier every day. sometimes i will give you superpowers. but sometimes, i'll make you feel like the weakest man in the world. i will test your patience to make your heart softer... ... and your limits to make you tougher. but i promise dad, it will be the greatest journey of your life. one of the coolpperks of this place is you can eat as muchpcereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) ma
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9:15 am
i could go on and on. >> they earned a combined 6 grammy awards. "on your feet" tells the story of their life and career. >> noul they're out with a live cast recording. >> good morning. >> last time i saw you guys, it was just getting ready to launch on broadway. now here we are. >> once again. >> amazing. selling out. what's incredible is this live cast recording. a lot of people don't do the whole live recording. why did you in an album? was it harder to do? >> difficult to do. with all the mics. this music we do, we have a great performance. >> some of the guys moved to new york and are in the band, in the broadway band. >> the sound, the percussion, the people and the crowds, you know. it was hard. we're happy we did it live. it was a lot of work but, you know -- >>yhe singer, there's no way you can match a performance in a studio as opposed to the stage.
9:16 am
we wanted to capture the magic. >> the show is doing so well. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you were saying in the commercial break how neat it is to see kids come out and discover your music. we've known it and loved it since it came out. now our children are being introduced to it. >> in the public schools, there is a section on me, the accident and -- >> is that right? >> yes. it's in heros and -- it's beautiful for me, a privilege. but they google me then. when they come to the show, they can see the entire career in one foul swoop. also getting a lot of letters. >> this week was great. seven nominations. >> our critics award. two for the drama lead. we're thrill >>. beyond, you know, thrilled for them. >> do you often go to the performance? do you sit in the audience or are you backstage? >> we do technically, but we wait until the show starts and sit in the last row.
9:17 am
people see us, we sig autographs and delay the show. they don't like when they delay the show. >> you don't want it either. >> right. i love it. we'll be sitting there and the other day, a man was crying badly. he saw out of the corner of my e that he had tissues. he turned around to ask me for a tissue. freaked out. >> oh! >> he hugged me. it was nice. i love it. never gets old for me. they bring different nuances every time to the show. i's exciting to see. >> this whole production is really about family, as well. the story is about your love, romance. your daughter is included in this -- she included a song you two wrote together. >> i was frustrated she couldn't be in the show. she was born in '94. the show wrapped around to 1991. she co-wrote the original tune in the play called "the i never got to tell you." she had written this music two years before it, p yed it for
9:18 am
i remember when alex told me about the scene we wanted it for, i was knee-deep in fan letters, using legitimate fan letters. all i could hear was her song in my head. we wrote it. >> perfect. >> she's in it, in the best way possible. >> it's beautiful. your daughter is talent and had your mother can rap a little bit. i think we have a clip of your mother rapping. >> oh, boy. rap mom >> oh! oh! >> by the way, she does it on the spot. my mom is really the diva in the family. she's an amazing singer, as well. the play talks about it. she was going to be shirley temple's double.
9:19 am
you'll go down as a rapper. >> abuela. >> going bilingual now. >> she has an exclusive contrac from my daughter. emily is about to graduate from berkeley's school of music. >> she's pretty good, good flow. >> and attitude. >> she does. >> funny. >> gloria and emilia, so great, as always, to see you guys. the original broadway cast recording of "on your feet" is available on april 29th. coming up next, why you th're going to want to think twice before you look at your phone again. what your body could be telling, right after 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be
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good, right? mmm, yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. new fresh step with the power of febreze. or control worth celebrating. how many times a day do you look down at your phone? >> too much according to "reader's digest." secrets your body is trying to tell you. we have the editor at large, liz. good to see you. >> morning. >> let's dive into one we deal with, look at your phone.
9:23 am
your cervical spine every time you look down at a 60 degree angle at your phone. your body is trying to tell you to hold your phone up at the sight line as often as possible to save your spine. >> i talk to my kids all the time. that i like, my neck hurts. stop looking at the ipad all the time. >> or lay down. i lay down and look up at it. >> could have long-term impacts. you get lost, little confused in the car. you turn down the volume on the lo radio. is that an instinct your brain is telling you to do? >> you absolutely need to do that if you need to focus. if you're on a familiar route, music is okay. the minute your mind needs to focus on street names or figure out where in the world you are, the mind, the brain, can only focus on one thing at a time. it needs to turn off that distraction so you can find your way. >> good idea to turn it down. >> if you're try g to lose
9:24 am
your forehead. >> what's this about? >> really? >> this is weird. rectsearchers studied people who are trying to combat mindless eating. they studied several 30-second techniques and found this one worked best to distract people, again, from their favor e foods. next time you have a craving, your body wants you to tap your desire away. >> can you do it to someone else's head? is t t annoying? >> too confrontational. >> glad we established that. >>on't eat the doughnut. >> took care of my burger craving after the rachael ray burger. >> good. i do this, yogurt. you pour out the liquid on top. you say to keep it in there. >> that's the whey, w-h-e-y. it is the good for you probiotics for your body. your body wants you to mix it up to get the nutrients. >> keep nit it in there. >> great information, as always.
9:25 am
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9:28 am
with murder and mr. arson. he admitted to setting a mattress on fire inside of an apartment building two years ago. dennis gara and rosa rodriguez were among the first responders. gara died. he says his confession was coerced. taking a check of weather today. clouds and sun. mild. high of 69. tonight, cloudy, a couple of showers. maybe a thunderstorm with a low of 55. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. the e showers, high of 68. coming up on the "today"
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>il> taking a look of at the headlines. new numbers out today suggests that those laundry detergent pods pose more of a risk to children than other detergent. the study reveals a 17% climb in calls to poison control centers from 2013 to 2014. the study also found an increase in the number of children ingesting dish water detergent
9:31 am
experts recommend parents with children younger than 6 refrain from using the pods all together. before you sip your morning cup of tea, listen up. cv fes pharmacy has a recall for organic spiced herbal team. gold emblem abound, best by march 18th. may have salmonella. those who nay may have purchased the tea are urged to return for a refund. "jungle book" is still at the top of the box office, earning $60 million this weekend. the "the huntsman: winter's war" was in second with $20 million. in third place, barbershop "barbershop: the next cut". organizers of the 2020 olympics and paralympics unveiled the logo today. they selected a blue and white checker-like design featuring a traditional japanese pattern. it was chosen from 15,000 designs submitted.
9:32 am
that organizers dropped after claims of plagiarism. the designer denied stealing the idea. visitors got a glimpse of a newborn baby gorilla in prague on the birth was this weekend. zoo officials didn't know that bo e was pregnant. her delivery went smoothly, and both mother and newborn are doing well. cuddling there. let's get a cock of the weather from dylan. hi, dylan. >> hey, natalie. good morning, everyone. we are going to see a pretty decent day across the southeast. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 80s. slight risk of stronger storms, especially in the chicago a area, later this afternoon. now, it's quiet. behind the cold front, it doesn't cool off much. temperatures in the 70s. we have snow in the rockies. parts of wyoming and higher elevations, more than a foot of snow. tomorrow, we focus in the central plains, in the tornado alley for the strongest risk of storms.
9:33 am
llas dallas, but it's wichita and oklahoma city where we could see long track tornados and baseball-sized hail. keep an eye >> pretty quiet start out there this morning. >> temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. into the upper 60s and low 70s this afternoon. more clouds from the city on north. some sun. central portions of new jersey, could get to the mid 70 gs this af hternoon. mid-50s tonight. cloudy and evening. rain arriving in the form of showers. a thunderstorm overnight after midnight. tomorrow, a few rounds of showers. maybe a gusty thunderstorm later in the day, upper 60s. clearing out for wednesday. clouds return. maybe more rain later thursday into early friday. >> that's your latest forecast. there are rich people and then there are the peopl who are filthy rich who never seem to run out of ways to blow your money. >> every week, cnbc's "secret lives of the super rich" takes
9:34 am
robert frank is here to show how some of the wealthiest people spend their cash. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm trying to think what i'd do with billions of dollars. i'd maybe buy a new car, some clothes, houses. seems like the wealthy -- >>nt waiting for the charitable donations. keep going. >> oh, yes. shoot. charity, yes. >> that's right. >> i feel the filthy rich spend a lot of money on houses. you'll show us a couple of the homes. >> it starts with food, clothing and shelter. the rich need nit a big it in a big way. we'll start with this one. 60,000 square feet in florida, south of boca. this house has an entertainment complex they're building. a go cart track, ice skating rink, disco. >> gotta have it. >> there is $5 million worth of gold on the walls in this ho e. >> just the gold alone. >> they brought in a team of a
9:35 am
come in and spend several months putting all the gold on the walls. >> that's real go w for? >> they're spending $100 million just to build this house. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> let's look at this on decorated by more occa tribes. >> this is a chicago real estate executive who went to moroccan, fell in love with the palace and said i want one in california. she had one built. this costs tens of millions of dollars to build. that's an outdoor theater screen, 20-foot screen. >> yup. >> this house, she flew in moroccan tribesmen, artisans, who spent a yea building the tile, woodwork, 70-foot saltwater swimming pool, so she could replicate a moroccan palace in california. >>hat's cool.
9:36 am
yacht. >> right. this guy started out delivering newspapers when he was a kid, ended up owning a newspaper chain. i love his story. he said, whe i'm on my yacht, why should i give up my passion for golfing? he built an 18-h e golf course in the water. no way! >> golfing off of manhattan. >> where do the balls go? >> there is a guy whose job it is to go around with a boat and pick up all of the balls in the water. there he is, picking up the balls. >> now you're making this up, robert. too much. too much. >> no. >> what a gig. the ball picker upper for the guy with the yacht. >> jobs you n er knew existed. >> matching silver cars and your private jet. >> this was a real estate developer in florida. loves cars. that's a $1 million he said, i'm going to match my jets to the cars. each seat in the plane costs $55,000.
9:37 am
>> to match the ferrari. he loves silver. i said, what happens if your favorite isn't sillerer ver anymore? >> he said, i'll get a new plane and cars. >> can't have any clashing. >> adding another thing to the list of things i didn't know existed. custom army tank. >> this was new to me. i've seen a lot in my 15 years of covering rich people. forget about the rolls-royce. tank that feels like it. air-conditioning, heated cup holders, ipad charger. you can go through mud and ice. under lakes. it feels like a rolls-royce. $300,000. they have guys in the middle east buying them. to go over sand dunes when you need to. a guy in texas had s a 200-acre ranch and loves to tour it. >> wouldn't be great in new york. >> that is the ultimate new york car, a tank.
9:38 am
>> if it was weaponized. >> robert, thank you so much. >> check out "secret lives of the super rich" wednesdays on cnbc. a bizarre and sometimes ugly campaign season. how do younfidence comes from redefining hamakes a nergie travel size. only at macy's, your skincare destination. there's a story behind the silver of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk blended with real, wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm to our fridge in ust six days. when it comes to fresh taste, nothing else tastes like
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cooked according to our secret family recipe, bush's has the variety you can't resist. did you get a can of bush's beans? yes, yes i did. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? f my en
9:43 am
>> let's there was a photo of her out on date night nine days after agiving birth. she went on a date night with her husband. god forbid. >> oh, my gosh. >> people were judgmental. what do you make of this? >> it's fantastic. i mean, she's given life. like you said, you have to come up for air. you had a life before the baby and should have a life after the babe be i. >> if i can give advice, everyone is an expert at parenting someone else's children. the baby will never remember it. >> that's right. >> she's hearing from all the experts this week. every time she goes out. she's been posting things that women found helpful. one of them, she wrote, no one told me i'd be coming home in diapers, too. humor humor. buying myself a push present. joined by a picture of her
9:44 am
what do you make of it? >> whenever you can authentic about what you're going through, especially in the early days of parenting, it helps everybody. >> what do you think? >> it's amazing. my best baby shower present was a complete basket of i was a lifesaver. thank you, chrissy. >> what is breast cream? no, i'm kidding. don't need to get into that here. sorry, sorry. i shouldn't be here. what am i doing here? >> because you're a dad and deal with tth issues, too. >> of course. >> let's talk politics with your kibeds. it's been a hot-button issue. with my kids, whether we're trying to teach them and let them watch some of the debates, then they get into discussions about comparing hand size, which we know is something else they're all talking about. how do you talk to your kids about politics and what's going on in the election? lialz or lizzy? there are two.
9:45 am
this. >> you're not out to talk to your kids about politics much. >> i was so emotional about it. i didn't think they were ready. at dinner, my daughter surprised me. she literally gave me this rundown of the candidates. i went, oh, dear. you guys are t lking about it. what she was saying was so off point. i realized, okay, i need to step up. >> i think it's like sex, drugs, if you don't talk to your kids, they'll get information from schoolmates. it's really important. parents look at this in two ways. either an ear muff election, wanting to hide their kidsng and be like, we're not talking about hand size, or it's a teaching moment. we have an opportunity to tell our kids how to be nice with other people. >> i have a 6-year-old and 8-year-old, and i'm surprised how much they know whelathey come home. the other kids are talking ab it. >> they see tv. walk past the tv when we talk ab out it and hear us talk about it. my husband and i are former
9:46 am
important to us, that when we sit down at dinner, we talk about the things that are interesting to us that deal with our moral code on how we feel about the issues talked about. >> look at that gorgeous family of yours. ladies, thanks so much. more to talk about but we're out of time. >> all moms and dads invited o join "today"'s parenting team. team to sign up. next, one of our "today" food club members whose
9:47 am
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this morning on today food, we're welcoming a "today" food star to our kitchen. one of the first "today" food club member, alice kho choi, a blogger and food developer. morning. >> morning. >> nice to have you here, one of our first. >> yes. >> we love that. you're making a great dish,
9:51 am
be great for a mother's day brunch, which is coming up. >> absolutely. we're using ready made paste tri ry, which is a shortcut, but it's easy to use. >> you're using a tart, right? >> yes. asparagus is in season. this is a great way to celebrate spring produce. >> peas, too, very fresh. >> yes. >> what else? >> back to the puff pas tri try, you can find it at any grocery store in the freezer section. the asparagus, the pea shoots and the peas. i'll use the shoots as a garnish at if the end. it's pretty and springy. and cheese. >> let's get to it. >> so i have a lightly floured work surface. we're going to roll out the puff pastry dough. we want to roll it out to a 10
9:52 am
we can kind of brush off the extra flour. >> this is my trick to transfer the puff paste tri ry. we're going to roll it on to the pin. >> nice trick. >> roll like that and it goes right on. >> perfect. on top, you have the parchment there, right? >> i do. th inis is a lined baking sheet li with parchment. set that down. we are going to take a pear aring knife and score the dough. don't cou through the ugh, but lightly score the dough, drawing a rectangle. we're leaving an inch border arheound the puff pastry. we just do that. then we're going to take a fork and pierce the center. what's going to happen while this is baking, the edge is going to puff up. that's going to become a crust. >> ok . we have it right here on this
9:53 am
>> we want to bake this in a 400 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes. this is ready to go. we want to spread on some honey dejon dijon mustard. >> we have 30 seconds. >> i couldn't get that flavor. >> then coat it with the cheese? >> if you have kids at home, i know you do, and i do, too, my daughters love helping with this part. it's easy. >> we'll pretend that i spread that evenly. >> we want to make sure to use asparagus that's around the same size to fit nicely in the center. >> cook the asparagus first? >> leave it raw. it'll bake in the oven. >> we're ready for seconds. so good. dylan and i finished. >> both downed it. >> we're going to lay it down and alternate the tips and the ends. lay it down all the way down. >> we are running out of time, alice. everybody can find the recipe on our website.
9:54 am
of our first on the food club. >> thank you so much. >> really good. >> we'll be back right after this. this is "today" on nbc.
9:55 am
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barrett. police searching for someone who shot a deli worker. it happened yesterday afternoon. a fight broke out outstid of the ide of the store. the employee went outside to see what was going on. the worker isid at a report on oceanside. clouds and sun, mild. a high of 69. cloudy, a couple of showers. maybe a thunderstorm. low, 55. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with showers again. high of 68. wednesday, mostly sunny. 66 is the high. thursday, the showers return with a storm possible at a high of 57 degrees. coming up in just a little bit on the "today" show, the fun, food, and games you can use to elevate your backyard picnic. another local update in 30 minutes.
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