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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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answero)s from the m.yor today about multiple investigations under way. andrew siff was the one grilling the mayor and he's here now with mr. de blasio's responses. >> david and natalie, the law on one hand is simple. you can donate more money to a political party than an individual candidate. but what if that party then sends money to the candidate? mayor de blasio said you may not like it, but when he helped in the senate in 2013, it was perfectly legal. mayor bill de blasio asked if he could unequivocally say h team broke no laws. faced new questions today, three days after the memo had asked them to donate to the obscure putnam county democratic committee, all to help upstate de mocrats in 2013 seize ontrol
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the memo's offer, they said, i believe enough cause to believe a criminal act took place. it can only be described as willful and flag rant. today investigates put the question to the mayor. >> what do you say to the state's electns attorney who says you were trying to direct folks to circumvent campaign finance law? >> it's outrageous, and i don't know what's motivating it. >> reporter: he said anything his team did was legal. >> we live by those exact same standards. i think it speaks for itself. >> the now questions fund a fedemel probe into areas of wealthy backers sent nypd officials expensive gifts. the former chief here, phil banks, denies any wrong doing.
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have been reassigned. today on this bay ridge block where he announced a. residents heard the questions about fundraising. >> and if he's gone against the law, then he's no longer fit for fice. >> you're supportive of what he has said? >> i'm confident in the mayor, yes. dnabsolutely. >> h said his donation was 100% legal and the investigation is just looking at how the money was spent. in the meantime, cy advance said his office has opened an investigation. in newark, and what lessons the priest is taking from this
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brian? >> reporter: the attacker, who was once a student here, was followed from another priest and a member of the church. they followed him until police could respond to the 911 call. >> he popped up and took a swing. >> reporter: father phillips saw the punch just inside the doorway. father edwin told me he was not seriously hurt, just some facial bruises, and is more worried about i shawn swent on, his alleged alleged. you wiped up with folks off med skpags dlugsz says. .
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health is a pry. dr. dick cody who once overnitd a psychiatric hospital. the need here is m be those people who have committed no crimes against they have mental illness. >> governor cody makes a point that it is all but impossible to buy a psychiatrist in the inner city. he tells me he will soon introduce legislation that would allow a $25,000 tuition rebate to to. one year, 25,000 live in newark, i' brian tomlinson, news4 new york. how much would you pay for
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thousands of long island residents may still be. they are debagt whe er to add a surcharge to water bills. they would be able to state lejts lags to allow voters to decide if they want the new fee. >> what this issue is about is what kind of place we are going to be in the future. are we going to be a place that protects water quality or not? that is the question before us? >> if the message gets on the ballot, the fee would begin to be collected in 2018. suffolk county estimates a family of four would be paying an estimated $73 per year. police in yonkers are on the hunt for a suspect in the
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this happened yesterday afternoon near ashburg avenue. the victim was a deli clerk w wa had stepped outside the store where a fight had broken out. the suspect shot him once in the chest. that victim is in stable conditio tonight. lawmakers in new jersey have made an effort to block chris christie's changes to get a gun lpermit. it would require the justifiable needs for the state's strict dr gun laws. both democrats, they claimed this expansion could make it too easy to get a gun. the state made a new flight plan, but the pilots don't like using it. the faa put this plan into effect on april 4, but residents in the neighborhood say nothing has changed. officials say pilots are not flying the new approach because
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the faa's charted flight path and they are bork working to improve the graphics. the death of a 7-year-old girl is under investigation tonight. they are looking into the death of lily love who died on saturday. it's not the school's first brush with tragedy. rana is in eastchester with the details tonight. rana? >> reporter: there are grief counselors at the school today. they said they will be here for as long as students need. we don't know yet how the second grader hdied, but some parents tell me they're worried for the safety of their own children. lily love enjoyed soccer, art and swimming. lily died over the weekend, parents notified by letter. >> it's very devastating any time there is a loss of any child anywhere. >> i'd like everybody to say a
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are with her. >> rep ter: the superintendent of schools can't talk about how lily died, but he does say the health department is involved. they cleared the school and didn't find any threats. n">> under the advice of the department of health, they have advised our schools are safe to open. >> reporter: some parents want more answers. four years o, another second grader in the same classroom died of the flu. >> testing should be done and we should be made aware of all the test results back then in 20 and w. >> reporter: other parents say it's just a tragic coincidence. they're putting their trust this the community. >> i have faith in the school, i have faith in eastchester, in the superintendent and the prdrincipal, and i know they wouldn't put any kid in harm. >> reporter: lily's family didn't wish to speak on camera, but they did tell me they're
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coming up, as news 6 continues, a major drug ring bringing weapons into the neighborhood. >> i'm at the metropolitan opera where there was something of an opera emergency saturday. coming up, we'll introduce you to the man who saved the show. today's weather was pretty rrdecent, but tomorrow some of us will wear jackets, some of us will wear short sleeves. we'll all need umbrellas. i'll explain the storm team 4
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some serious illegal fire potower is off the streets tonight. the nypd sda d a illegal gun trafficking ring. investigators claimed they smug geld dozen
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as part of the investigation an undercover detective purchased more than 80 guns from the eacouple during a dozen meetings manhattan. the couple said they picked up the fire power during road trips to the south. >> the guns are not brought up here for show, they're brought here to be shot. frankly, i don't know anything more dangerous than bringing firparms into our cities. the potential of guns being bought in other states fall into hands of criminals elsewhere. a family needs to find another place to live after this fire destroyed their homes and ev ierything they own. the fire consumed a row of businesses on eanside this i morninesg, and the apartments abov the stores destroyed as well. chopper 4 got a close look at the damage. fortunately, everybody made it out safely. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. >> t> in connecticut tonight, we'r waiting to find out the cause of thi
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destroyed a church in trumbull. it started on white plains road yesterday afternoon. fire tirts fighters say the fire may have started out back. about 350 people worship there. the community has been so supportive. >> there was a woman who drove by today and said, how can i help? i had niver seen her before. sh lie brought us two bokz xes of dunkin' donuts and coffee and so forth, so we're really getting help from the community. >> reporter: people lived above the church. nobody was present when the fire instarted. nine little ducklings were being helped out of a precarious situation. nine of the ducklings got stuck in a storm drain on route 46 near west moore street after crossing the road. mother duck waited patiently as officers and crews from the department of public works
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coming up when news4 at 6:00 returns, opera makes its big debut at the me y in jeans and sneakers. why he got a standing ovation, >> yway. > first, here's a look at what's on wnbc tonight and then
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residents in the historic part of chelsea are asking the city to block plans that would turn the oldest house in the neighborhood into a so-called mega mansion. last month a millionaire businessman filed an application with the city to alter the federal-style home on 20th street. neighbors say plans for the house, which include adding two additional stories, cricket ontradict the very purpose of historic district, in their words. they are asking the city to deny the new owner's application. it is a popular summer destination, and now there is a
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boardwalk an official landmark. councilman mark trager is inviting all people from city hall to come and enjoy the landmark. it is home for the famous roller coaster and attracts visitors from all over the country every year. we'll have all the top stories of the day and i'm warning about those colorful laundry detergent pods. a new study shows a 17% increase of kids exposed to them in just two years. that exposure has led to pretty severe outcomes, in some case cardiac arrest and coma. >> it looks like candy, correct? >> i don't know if you've seen them before, but they're very bright colors. they're shaped in a way that can look like candy to kids. they can confuse small children. the detergent company says they're rolling out new packaging in response. they're not there yet, and we'll hear from parents at 6:30.
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metropolitan opera debut on saturday with only five minutes' notice wearing only a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. yes, sneakers. but his performance still earned him a standing ovation. you'll see why. >> reporter: news4 new york was treated to an elusive concert with italian tenor francesco. he made his opera debut wearing jeans and sneakers. >> people may have been very surprised, i don't know. it was a surprise for me. >> reporter: it was a rare moment, a sort of opera emevergency. the understudy was called on stage in act 4 in the production of "antello." he said he just couldn't sing anymore.
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wear and said -- >> francesco, come. we need you to sing. >> reporter: because he was not dressed for the part and the change was so last minute, he sang the part on the side of the stage while ontenango still walked the part and lip-synched. the audience noticed the welcome change and gave him a standing ovation. >> what do you think of your debut? >> i'm very happy. >> a russian soprano playing desdemona in her second performance ever at the met said she had no idea her friend's voice was about to change. >> it's difficult for him. >> reporter: the next performance of otello will be on thursday night. the original singer is said to be better, but onello will be
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>> i wonder if he'll have jeans on. looking ahead to our forecast, it was a nice day today. >> it was. it was a nice day. temperatures in the 60s, around 70. tomorrow will be a day of contrast depending on where you is. ju nst how warm or cool the te lmperatures will be. we have storms, too, coming up. today is still lovely. if you get a chance to go outdoors right now, the temperatures are still in the 60s in the city. 66 in central park right now. just a few high clouds overheado tomorrow will be close to the same temperatures but it won't be nearly as nice, because we've got rain coming and quite a differentiation in temperatures. the highs range from the low 60s to near 70 degrees in most spots. central park was at 66 today, 62 in bridgeport. shelton, fairfield right a ound 60. stratford with 60 degrees.cu63 in stanford.
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notice the 50s in montauk and west hampton. there is a dividing line between cool and warm air sitting right around poughkeepsie right now where there was light sprinkles today. that will drift to the south tomorrow. more showers will stream along that heading to the great lakes in our area. th there will be a difference in temperatures, though, depending on where you are in relationship to that front. we'll also be watching very carefully the center portion of the country, from central nebraska to oklahoma and near dallas, exas where a possible tornado outbreak is expected tomorrow. severe weather here. same system, but not going to affect us the same way. for this evening if you're going out, even though you may see some clouds, you don't need umbrellas, there will be clouds moving in later tonight, temperatures around 60 degrees ctfor the rest of the evening. by 10:00, 40s, 50s and 60s depending on where you are. notice the showers coming in tonight and the setup of the differentiation of temperatures. monticello in the 40s.
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all day before that front comes through in the afternoon with a few scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm. by wednesday 6:00 p.m., we're goe ing to clear up. rainfall arranged from a third of an inch to more than an inch depending on where you are and where the showers sft up. most of them will come in the afternoon. for the city and nearby suburbs, it's going to be a little stormy during the day, especially for the jersey shore. you'll see some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. most of the rain north and west will happen in the morning. so 67 is the high for tomorrow. make surn you've got the rain gear ready. sunny on wednesday, though. the sun is back at 65, sun on thursday and friday, still pretty decent for the weekend coming up. we have john joining us. we've been asking on twitter what they think about deflategate. >> no, we are far from done. the deflategenate saga continues. ne
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i don't know if the world is ready for brady. just how far is he willing to take his punishment. a signature goal to finally win a playoff series for the islanders. a stick salute in order for the captain, coming up next on news4
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john chandler here. it was a fairly big story when it broke. >> 15 months later, deflategate, >> e story that will not go away. now it seems tom brady will have to go away for four games starting next season. the federal court overturned the judge's order and said brady must sit out four games to start the nfl season. they first revealed nfl bu commissioner johnoodell answered fairly. brady's next move isn't quite clear at this point.
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u.s. supreme court, or he could try to settle with the nfl. keep in mind, bresy, on the record back in january saying, i didn't come this far to only come this far. eat. it wasn't a dream, islanders fans. fo the first time since 1993, the islanders won a playoff series. it wasn't easy, it wasn't always pretty, but the end result was a thing of beauty, wasn't it? they carried the team past the panthers in game 6 last night. with under a minute left to go, john cieras seemingly the only person who knows where the goalie is. into the net. he sends it into overtimes. we would need two overmes. in the second ot, he could not stop tavaris following his own rebound and wrapping around. yeah, the series winner right there. his fifth goal of thve first round series and he blew the roof off barclay center, sending the islanders into the second round to face tampa bay. what a ..ene. to play at home in front of
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wi and play the way we did, i'm extremely proud ofour group and what we've accomplished. >> get over that hyop and we're looking forward to the next one. it's great to reward our fans. we know it's been a long time for them, and all of us. we've been here for a while and it feels good. >> simply put, john tavares one of the best players in the game. the mets face the reds at citifield. once again, th pidus out after having fluid drained from his leg. >> we're going on a day to day basis. we've been able to survive his absence previously, and we'll do our best to survive it now. this one could alter the nba playoffs. steph curry slipped on the floor yesterday in houston. today an mri revealed a grade 1 mcl sprain.
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weeks and then be re-evaluated. golden state leads the rockets. the question is, can they do without him? a lot of injury news today. i'm not feeling that. they have to get these guys heal y. nobody wants to see steph curry down for the playoffs. coming up next, "nbc nightly news" will have more on the nhunt for the person responniblel,or killing those people in ohio. thanks so much for joining us. see you at 11:00. forces. donald trump calling d cruz and john kasich pathetic for their unprecedented teamup to take him down. > search for motive as a d manhunt continues. e discovery that may explain why eight ohio family members were all executed. > sever s e storms. baseball-sized hail,


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