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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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p right now another big tuesday on the campaign trail as democrats and republicans fight to take it all. and grab the umbrellas, we're timing out how long the rain showers will stick around. "today in new york" starts now. >> good morning, everyone, tuesday morning, it is april 26. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. we are all back together for the first time since 1986. >> it's amazing. >> it's been a while! >> a nice reunion. to celebrate? thunderstorms. i do my part. the storm tracker on live radar shows the heaviest rain pushing to the east of the city out alon long island and connecticut. you can see the lightning strikes, these are recent lightning strikes across the northern h f of suffolk county. rumbles of thunder here, fairfield county, watch for heavy downpours. the rain has gotten lighter in and around the city.
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and thunderstorms sitting further west that will probably modve in here during the afternoon hours. we may have a lull in between todaney where it's not raining. wi t nonetheless, a quick shot early and another one later in the afternoon. 51 in chelsea. yhow hoboken, 53. south and west new jersey, perhaps in the 70s. in the city, back to the mid to upper 60s. take along the umbrella, you will need it. wet roads, any problems? let's say hello to lauren scala. no problems but we have a lot of speed restrictions on the cr haossings. and faction track maintenance on the the 2 and 3. no 2 trains near 96th in both directions. no 3 train service but take the shuttle buses instead. we have track work on eight other lines. expect delay and service changes.
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breaking news, we're learning about a slashing in manhattan. "today in new york's" katherine creag arrived on the station near grand central station with the latest. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. i just came back from being downstairs at the subway area he entrance. there are five police officers and a police captain. the police captain told me a short time ago there was some kind of aller case between two people and someone was slashed or stabbed. we're waiting to find out if the victim was transported to a hospital as the police captain said they are trying to sorts things out right now. but it looks like the platforms are open. at one point there was a question whether subway trains on the 4, 5, 6 wer being held. the police captain told me they are not being held and there are commuters on the subway platform right now. we're about to go back downstairs, darlene, to get some video to show you those. police officers are gathered there, but again, some kind of
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a slashing or stabbing. we'll go dawn stair ownstairs to talk to the police captain again in a little bit. thank you, katherine. >>co a man was getting into a silver toyota camry saturday night near east 61st street and york avenue. heub and the driver got into an argument. the man in the video stabbed the other driver 11 times. the victim now in critical condition. also new this morning, police are searching for the woman who they say hit a 12-year-old with a hockey stick. police say she was angry at some kids who were playing loudl at a park in eltingville. she grabbed the stick and hit hiofm with it. in a photo she was pushing a stroller the 12-year-old has bruises but otherwise is okay. >>se> right now nj transit workers are scrambling to restore service to a section of the hudson-bergen light rail. a dump truck took out wires yesterday causing big problems. now nj transit
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service between liberty staig park on a modified holiday schedule. lauren will have more in traffic coming up. : five big states are hosting presidential primaries today. maryland, connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania, delaware voters will head to the polls to cast their primary ballots. 172 delegates up for grabs on the gop side. 463 for the democrats. maryland, connecticut and delaware among those states. they are winner-take-all states. stay with news 4 for complete coverage of today's primary both on the air and online. tune in for results right here, news 4 at 11:00.> 4:34, time for weather and traffic on the 4s. checking in with chris cimino tuesday morning, stuff is happening out theriee, what happened? a little bit of a light show on the drive in. heavy downpours out there.
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>>ime this rning. the heaviest band of thunderstorms right there moving east across suffolk county to >> irfield county connecticut. these are moving at a pace of 50 to 60 miles per hour. so very, very quickly they are in and out of here. there's lighter showers still lingering behind. so we're not out of the woods yet this e morning. still a few more shower then they will probably bring a break in the action. this,is the actual front that will come swinging through later on this afternoon and toward the evening hours with another round of showers and thunderstorms. so it will break down this way, early rain and rumbles race eastward across long island and connecticut. big temperature spread across the area. as cool as the 50s for highs today in easter long island and the hudson valley. to the 60s in the city. the 70s in new jersey. another afternoon round of showers and thunderstorms. then things will dry on out for tonight. setting the stage for what could be a pretty nice looking day tomorrow. we'll talk about that and the seven-day in a bit. we'll get the latest on the commute with lauren. thanks, chris.
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one detour out there. tho hoe m50. everything else operating on the regular route and schedule. d we'll take a ive look and show you the wet roads. there's the long island expressway in queens by the grand central parkway. it is quite wet out there. no construction slowing you down here but the weather certainly will. so leave yourself plenty of extra time. alternate side parking rules are in effect. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. thank you very much, lauren. happening now, police are searching for a person of interest in connection to a shooting death of a brooklyn man. the nypd released the surveillance video of the man they're looking for and say they want to question him about the killing of 28-year-old harold kower. kower was found with multiple gunshot wounds. a man terror rised and robbed elderly omen in brooklyn and now he's off the streets. pod lice arrested him after weeks of being on the run. "today in new york's" tracie strahan has what happens next live from downtown brooklyn. tracie?
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many neighborhoods where the assaults and robberies took place with people asking us what it would take to catch this suspect. in the end, clarence jones was finally apprehended thanks to a tip to police. now we finally got our first look at the 66-year-old in police custody late last night. he was picked up at 8th avenue and carol street fter someone call in a tip to crime stoppers. police believe jones has been targeted elderly vic ms in more than a half dozen muggings over the past several weeks including an 83-year-old woman that he assaulted so badly her bruises could still be seen when we spoke to her after his arrest. >>er reporter: what would you say to him? >> well, i would just say that i hope they put you away for a long, long time. i think that, you know, he can't go around and do stuff like that. >> reporter: now clarence jones is being linked to at least eight robberies in brooklyn, queens and the bronx.
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has 19 prior arrests. darlene, today he's expected to to face charges including six counts of robbery and loaded criminal possession of a weapon. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you. happening now, officers investigating an attempted rape arewoearchiip for a suspect who may be as young as 16 years old. investigators released the surveillance video of the man they are looking for seen walking through our rec room not far from the victims building on the lower east side near stanton and pitt streets. he followed her into the elevator saturday afternoon and started groping her. >> it's kind of frightening to be honest, but, i mean, at the end of the day, you have to pay attention to your back. you have to watch the scenery. they got to find this guy, that's all i can say, because 's .cary, you know? >> investigators say this man tried to follow the woman into her apartment but then ran off with another man came to he doanor.g today lawmakers will push new legislation that they say would avoid another purge of the
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125,000 names were missing during last week's new york presidential primary. the bill would make it a felony to remove voters without confirmation that the person is dead or has moved. the bill would also allow the automatic registration of voters when they get a driver's license. mayor de blasio is offering to spend $20 million in taxpayers money to fix the board of elections. he wants to avoid the problems that happened last week but his funding comes with a hitch. the board must agree to certain reforms and also poll worke must be better trained. an oftside consultant is going to be hired to identify problems. we are learning more about the funeral arrangements for tean k's late mayor. lizette parker died suddenly at the age of 44. she was an african-american trailblazer. her viewing will be at mount olive baptist church with her funeral to take place there saturday morning.
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issued at the site of this construction site on the lower east side. witnesses say they saw the lift basket leaning against the window before it broke through the glass. >> it just tapped the glass and then it kind of bent but didn't break. then i was like, look at that. i went to get pizza and came back and it got worse. >> no one was hurt or hit by glass or falling bricks. the top two floors were evacuated as a precaution. a possible threat from north korea. there's a new report out of south korea that says the north has placed a new powerful mid-range missile on standby to launch. it has a reported range of more than 2,000 miles to put u.s. targets within asia inhreach. th >>is report comes as the u.s. and south korea wrap up military drills to endth later this week. we asked the de blasio administration the tough questions about the allegations of campaign fund-raising corruption.
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plus, it was a display of patriotism at the 9/11 memorial but it touched off a controversy. why a security guard put an end to a performance by a school oir. and you may have heard the rumbles of thunder overnight. you sure did, we did. your traffic and we her, weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 43 on a tuesday morning. that's a little soggy in spots to very soggy in other spots. i will show you that on the radar. the headlines, a few rounds of showers and thunderstorms today. first round coming through this morning, another one later this afternoon.
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though with sunshine making its return, the showers come righta back in again on thursday into friday so this active pattern we have ben.en talking about is underway an cd likely to stick around for th next several days here. 50 in terrytown. vista, 46. mpkins cove, 48. on the east end of long island, we are going to have a big range in temperatures acros the area. we'll show you that in a minute as well. we have a warm front sitting off to the south and west of us.tct ahead of it, that pduces the shower and thunderstorm activity here. then you see a break in the action here, but then the cold front sitting back to the north and west will pivot on through later this afternoon and this evening with another batch of showers and storms. riofght now, the main player moving across central portions of suffolk county. especially north of the l.i.e. seems to be where the heaviest down power will be along the north shore of suffolk county. still heavi showers out to the hamptons in the next 15 minutes to a half hour into fairfield connecticut. rain getting lighter in and
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the future tracker shows that lull in the action at noon. just scattered showers up to the north and west and north and east of us. but maybe some breaks of sunshine, especially in new jersey. and it is in that area where things warm up. we ave another ban of showers and thunderstorms with the front that pushes through. by tonight, skies gradually clearing out setting the stage for lots of sunshine for tomorrow with temperatures fairly pleasant. but we'll have the scattered showers around today, but here's where the warm front sets up just to the west of the city. som in the 70s across new jersey. s and 60s to the east and northeast of us. you can see in the hig mmday, the upper 60s in the city. we may be a little cooler than that if we don't quite get enough break in the cloud cover. but notice out here, the upper 50slio near 60 degrees across easter long island. we are looking at temperatures in the lower 50s for highs. same thing up to the hudson valley but the upper 70s across central portions of new jersey. so i said a big contrast in temperatures across the a a today. take along the umbrella, that you will need from time to time. and the sturdy one at that.
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with more showers thursday into friday. cooler in the 50s both days. the weekend doesn't look bad, dry saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 60s. more showers returning sunday night into monday. we are turning now to an update on the commute w h lauren. thank you, chris. good morning, everyone. plenty of wet roads out there, take it easy. we'll start with a live look at the george washington bridge where you'll see things are glistening out there. the lower level is closed until 5:00 -- actually, it looks like it reopened already. reminder you need the ez pass until 6:00 a.m. lincoln and holland tunnels are doing fine. then he's the fdr drive heading southbound in the 70s. there's road work out there, two lanes shut down just a little fu prther south of here. so you can see some stop-and-go as you make your way through thwhis u ea. then here's an update for nj transit about the hudson-bergen line, the hudson-bergen line will be running on a modified schedule with 30-minute headways through today's morning rush due to earlier issues.
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otherwise the rails are looki good. we still have overnight track work on the subways including fast track on the 2 and 3. alternate side parking rules are in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the the 4s. lauren, thank you ery much. mayor de blasio is expected to propose two new projects when he releases his budget. the 2017 spending plan will call for the overhaul of city hospitals. more outpatient services, less in-patient hospitalizations. also new, s coocial programs will be rolled out on staten island cluding a brand new $50 llion indoor pool. also an expandea drug abuse treatment. mayor de blasio releases his budget today a may get more questions on his campaign's fund-raising practices. yesterday he insisted his team didn't break any laws. that comes after a newly-rele sed memo from the state board of elections that charges de blasio's campaign with willful and flagrant violations dating back to 2014. >> it's outrageous.
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motivating it. a predecessor and so many other people live by the exact standards. i think it speaks for itself. >> de blasio's campaign is already under federal investigation. the probe of two of the mayor's donors led to the reassignment of several members of the nypd's toitp class. hours will be held today in scar ale for lily love. no one is releasing the cause of the second grader's death. we know the chester county health department is looking into it. the superintendent at her school in east chester says the school iis safe. the funeral services f lily are planned for tomorrow. in new jersey two high-ranking democrats are trying to block a chang to the state's gun laws. earlier this month governor christie announceded that the change would make it easier to get a gun permit no tw both majority leaders from the assembly and senate are introducing measures to stop it. police are still investigating an accident that
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the video shows the out-of-control car nearly running down a woman on the sidewalk before it hit roosevelt deli. the suv hit a sedan sending it careening into the deli and the victim. luckily the woman on the sidewalk, she was not hurt. the driver of the car had minor injuries. the criminal case against bill cosby can resume after a pennsylvania court blocked his appeal. the case against cosby involves former temple university employee andrea constand who says he drugged her and sexually assaul thted her at his home in 2004. a former prosecutor said he would not prosecute cosby after he gave a deposition in constand's suit in 2005. but a new re prosecutor charged cosby after the release of the testimony last year. cosbyemaintains the sex was consensual. well, is fans continue to mourn the music icon prince. we're learning more about the days just before his death. we're now hearing the audio from an energy landing that involved prince's plane.
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emergency? >> an unresponsive passenger. >> male, female, anything? >> i do not know that. heis told me unresponsive passenger, that's all i've got. >> after show a showing in atlanta, the singer landed in illinois and was rushed to the hospital. he was treated for flu-like symptoms. six days later >> prince was found kunresponsive in an elevator at paisley park. s compound outside minneapolis. and later pronounced dead. i' autopsy has been done but authorities say it may be days or weeks before they have a caisuse of death. one middle school choir's video is trending online. they were told to stop singing the nationalyonthem at the september 11th memorial. hose brood ad stripes and bright stars >> the studeths wanted to honor ose killed at the 9/11 attacks but a security guard told them to stop saying they needed a $35
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a memorial spokesperson said the guard did not act appropriately. it is 4:50 right now. ahead at 5:00, it may only be a matter of time. what apple may reportedly add to the smartwatch. and whipping wind out west causes a slowdown at a frst food restaurant. and save that bucket of chicken. it's a quick, easy meal many parents rely on. but some concerns on baby fafoods. you're watching "today in ne >>w rk." >> > have a tip for new york's biggest i-team, call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips at
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welcome back. oking at the statue of berty, it is tuesday, 4:53. a young bear had police sc mbling in california. it climbed several fences, wandered through yards, look at him there pretty m hthgnoring the swarms of officers scaring it off. this all happened near a up college campus. after an hour wildlife fficers used a tranquilizer and they plan to release the bear into a national forest. 's all working out well. >> it's all good now. >>yo> 4:54, time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, we saw lightning there rumbling around. >> yesterday morning we talked about overnight that would happen and lo and behold it did. the forecast worked out, unfortunately, we woke up folks prematurely with rumbles of thunder early on. the heaviest rain across suffolk county and connecticut. we getna little lull in the ac , but there's nother line of in showers right now across ohio d western pennsylvania. that gets in here later this afternoon. for today, take the umbrella along with you.
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showers and thunderstorms early and late. warmer south and west of the city. 70s in new jersey. 50s out across long island and the city's sandwiched somewhere in the middle in the mid to upper 60s. big range in temperatures. then today it dries out, cools off, back to the mid-40s in town. we'll see 30s in the suburbs north and west. middle of the week, probably the nicest day where we see the most sunshine and temperatures in the 60s before we get more of these showers coming back in. we do need rain, we are in a deficit, so this is okay. >> all right. we'll have to handle that. >> that's right. >> thank you, chris. hey, lauren. >> good morning. very wet roads but no major problems just yet. i'm sure as the morning goes on it won't be the same case, but here's the tappan zee bridge where things are moving well on the span in both directions. keep in mind, we saw delays heading through the tolls yesterday as the morning rush was really at its peak because there's the cashless tolls now. antcd that certainly is a change for people. anyway, heading over to the cross bronx expressway, things are moving fine just now. this is what it looks like just
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but there is some road work once you get past this area. des.lays are not too bad just yet. >> we have the cashless tolls in the studio, which is fantastic. it makes getting in and out so much quicker. whipping winds did a number on southern california. they took down a giant bucket of chicken. it's just the sign, obviously, outside a kfc restaurant in long beach. the storm also brought down trees and power lines. the wind gusts there hit io miles an hour. happening right now, another state of emergency for the firefighters in ulster county. the fire began saturday at sam's point preserve near el lenville. more than 800 acres have burned. there are about 180 state workers helping local crews fight the flames. today we have details about a second priest sexual abuse
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rockville centre diocese. a second person claims the young priest abused him years ago. la usst yeak a young woman made a milar claim and lawyers say at thihe ds!cese should have removed him but didn't. last year the diocese denied any wrongdoing. happening today the murder trial resumes for a teen accused of setting a fire that killed an nypd officer. new video was released at the trial of marcell dockery. soon after he lit a mattress on fire because he was, quote, bored. video from the same elevator shows the officers dennis guerra and rosa rodriguez overcome with smoke. >> send for help. >> which unit? >> housing portable. >> what floor are you on? >> 14. 14. >> 14th floo >> the two officers were in fact
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both found unresponsive. ofsificer guerra later died. rodriguez spent weeks in a coma and now has permanent lung damage. new england patriots star quarterback tom brady has to serve that four-game suspension. this is the ruling now from a federal appeals court that all stems back to the deflate football scandal january of last year. it was a split decision but the judges did side with nfl commissioner roger goodell saying he acted within his authority as commissioner. the court did not rule as to whether brady took part in the scheme h self to deflate the footballs. in news 4 your health, a group of researchers are raising concerns on a popular baby food. they say babies who eat rice cereals have higher levels of arsenic in their system. the study from dartmouth college is based on test results from 700 babies. many parents rely on rice products as they transition their babies to solid foods. the researches say some evidence links arsenic to problems with the immune system and brain development.
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family reunion in hackettestown, new jersey. a mother and her nine ducklings were saved from the storm drain. the family of ducks had crossed west moore street. some fell through the grate but they all appear to be okay and they got them out and put them in a little toolbox. how cute is that? >> adorable. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you are about to head out the door, keep taking us with you. >> download the news 4 new york app on your device. our next hour starts right now. right now, new video of the suspect in a road rage turned stabbing who is still on the run. back to the polls, and some winner-take-all primaries today on the campaign trail. we are breaking down what is at stake on both sides. and we are tracking showers for the morning commute, but will you need the umbrella all day long? "today in new york" starts now.
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tuesday, april 26th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris so cimino here with the forecast. >> we have rain near suffolk county. that's the band of heavy showers that came through the city a while ago. still more showers to the west and northwest that we have to get through this morning. so we are not quite done yet. there's a little bit of a lull in the action midday and another round of showers and storms later this afternoon. but in and around the city, considerably lighter with light showers out there. again, coming out of northwest new jersey, a couple heavier downpours if you will briefly. here's your heavy stuff exiting eastern long island and eastern suffolk county moving east at 50 to 55 miles an hour. a quick mover. temperatures in the low 50s. a little cool out there, 40s to the north and west. big spread in temperatures today from the east to northeast suburbs to the city. the city is in the mid-60s. the thunderstorm risk is with us, so take along the umbrella to play it safe throughout the day. you won't need it all the time but probably will later this afternoon.


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