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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  April 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go. blinds for life. now on today in new york, the search for a group of teenagers police say attacked a man in queens.
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victim while they were beating him. plus a rude awakening. homeowners cleaning up after terrifying moment in amityville. and another corruption investigation. this time it may involve is top adviser to governor cuomo. welcome to today in new york. it's saturday, the last day of the month of april of 2016. how about that? i'm pat battle. >> how about that? i'm gus rosendale. 50/50 weekend. raphael miranda here to tell us which is better. >> this is going to be the better half. good morning, everyone. temperatures on the cool side today. we're dealing with no rain this morning. it's far off shore. clearing skies building throughout the afternoon. we need the temperatures in the 40s in the city. 37 monticello. and temperatures in the 40s across long island and into the
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47 in poughkeepsie. 43 in danbury. keeping it rain free. mostly cloudy right now but no rain. we will have some sunshine by the middle of the day. the sun peeks through the clouds and sunny through the afternoon. temperatures, not too mild. we're below average again today. today's high 59 degrees. hit goes downhill from here. we'll talk about a nasty sunday ahead in your seven-day over to you. >> all right, raphy. and happening now, police looking for three teenagers in what they're calling an innocent. >> the attack happened wednesday. we're just now getting our first look at this video. the teens called him an arab and were saying isis when they beat him. one suspect carried a pipe in his pants.
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noticed a bystander. the suspect suffered minor injuries. new information this morning of the murder of a man at a busy intersection. police release this photo of a possible suspect. the gunman shot charles jones three times in the head just as jones stepped out of his front door yesterday morning. if you have any information on this case, please call crime stoppers. a 55-year-old man is recovering after another slashing at a homeless shelter. that victim cut in the face, taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive the accused attacker was taken into custody. this comes two weeks after a man was murdered in a kips bay homeless shelter. smith is also accused in the slashes of a livery cab driver
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suffolk county police investigating an unusual accident today in abbyville. >> a woman crashed her car into a home and then took off. investigators say the woman behind the wheel got out of the car and ran away. right now police are still looking for her. well, it is another busy weekend of construction at the tappan zee bridge. according to the authority, that means significant traffic changes. three lanes will be closed on the northbound side until 2:00 this afternoon. and from 9:00 tonight until 2:00 sunday afternoon. that means only one northbound lane will be open during those hours. the southbound side of the bridge will be fully open as usual. we have new information this morning about a chemical sheen floating on the hudson river. the coast guard said that oil is dispersing. the sheen first spotted yesterday. officials still trying to figure
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coast guard is investigating. bombshell developments in another corruption scandal that could rock the state. it could involve one of the governor's closest advisers. jonathan dienst has details. >> reporter: the office confirms it got served. federal subpoenas for records on the growing scandal and criminal investigation that is focusing in part on allegations of improper lobbying and undisclose conflicts of interest. the corruption probe relates to cuomo's so-called plan upstate. >> we're ready to invest $1 billion in an economic development package for the city of buffalo. >> reporter: governor cuomo himself not a target, but sources tell us one of the men facing scrutiny, joseph percoco.
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and was once the topmost adviser. investigators looking into his ties to developers and lobbyists. his lawyer issued a statement saying mr. percoco was a dedicated and effective public servant who is proud of the service he rendered to the people of new york. so worried about the alleged corruption, the governor's office announced a former federal prosecutor has been hired to review all contracts. the current prosecutor hinted charges could be coming. >> both in city and state government. executive executive offices in government are immune from a creeping show me the money culture that has been pervading new york for some time now. >> reporter: no charges filed and last night declined to comment if or when charges might come in this case. in the newsroom, jonathan dienst, for today in new york.
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latest allegations of campaign corruption will not keep him from running for re-election next year. law. they're accused of sidestepping contribution limits while trying to support democrats running for senate. subpoenaed. and the mayor questioned the timing of this investigation. >> how convenient that when we're doing work to help everyday people there are efforts to obscure that. >> what exactly are you alleging on the part of whom? >> i'm saying it should be looked into. all the media energy that's been put into this, everyone has a right to look at what they want to, but they should be looking at that question too. >> the mayor says he is being singled out. so far no charges have been filed in this case. office cooling off this morning after angry protests aimed at donald trump and his supporters. protesters mobbed the bay area
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state's republican convention friday. saying they're roughed by by protesters but no serious injuries reported. hopped over concrete freeway barriers to get to a back entrance. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. felt like i was crossing the border, actually. it's true. i was crossing the border, but i got here. >> trump is now off to indiana where rival ted cruz just picked up a major endorsement from governor mike pence. and democrat bernie sanders also campaigning in indiana friday with polls trailing hillary clinton. this morning we're getting a look at the trail of destruction left by a tornado in southern oklahoma. severe weather just pummels parts of that state with heavy rain, high winds, and softball sized hail. in oklahoma, a pile of debris, all that's left of this home
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ripped through the town. the twister also uprooted trees, knocked down power lines. fortunately and incredibly when you look at the size of that thing, there are no report of any injuries. and in dallas, texas. that frightening sound, severe weather set off tornado sirens and that weather system dumping rain all over that area. some drivers who were out in the storm -- look at that -- their windows cracked by huge hail. at least seven people are now dead after a building collapsed in kenya's capital. rescuers are trying to reach survivors in nairobi. the six story building collapsed yesterday after heavy rain and flooding. but at this point, it is not clear how many people may still be trapped in that rubble. the first zika virus-related death has been reported in the united states. officials if had puerto rico say a 70-year-old man died in february from a rare
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the fda has just approved the first commercial testing for zika which may speed up diagnosis. and parents could have results within days instead of weeks. >> if you look at the continental united states, we're still getting more and more of what we call travel-related cases. people infected elsewhere be it south america, central america, or the caribbean who get infected there and then come back to the united states. >> meanwhile, funding to fight the zika outbreak has stalled. congress adjourned for the week without approving nearly $2 billion in emergency zika funding t t's been requested by the white house. coming up on today in new york on this saturday morning, a first for the mets and a draft roundup. john chandler joins us after the break with saturday sports. coming up next after the break, keri russell. and it's a cool and dry start to your weekend. then we go downhill from here.
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up with you on a saturday morning. a look at the queensboro bridge. 47 degrees. okay. the weekend is here. today is the day. >> today. anything outside because tomorrow is going to be one of those days you want to stay indoors. it's going to be so nasty. today's going to be great though. temperatures on the cool side, but it is dry. i want to look outside right now. let's head over to the brooklyn bridge and see what it looks like. nice quiet road conditions all around the tri-state this morning. that's something you need if you have any errands to take care of. temperatures still in the 40s so it's cool. mostly cloudy, 47 degrees at this hour in central park. let's look at the weather headlines for this saturday. cool start to the weekend.
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afternoon. some sunshine. that'll be looking a little better as we head into the day. then it's nasty and wet throughout the day tomorrow. definitely a washout of a sunday. temperatures are chilly in northwest new jersey. it's 47. everyone is basically in the same boat except in monticello, you're in the 30s. storm tracker shows high pressure hanging on for now. but low pressure is looming as we take a wider view here. even a severe weather threat across the day. this will be tracking east over the next day or so. that's going to be our weather maker starting tomorrow early in the morning and lingering right through monday. we'll time it out for you in just a minute. for the giants taking on the mets, nice weather for the game. cool mix of sun and clouds. for the rest of today around
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tracker some breaks in the cloud cover. some sunshine making a comeback in westchester county. a decent afternoon as i said. sunshine and clouds, not too warm. tomorrow morning you're waking up to rain breaking out west to east. then it's a soggy morning through lunch or brunchtime. rain continues. light to moderate rain showers all throughout the evening. it could be a soaker of a day. now, heading into monday morning, there may be a few lingering showers. then the rain chance hangs around on monday finally drying out on tuesday. how much rain could we see? look at future rain totals. anywhere from about .75 inch to an inch of rain. we are normally dealing with dry conditions so that is the soggy silver lining. no umbrellas needed today. 59 for your high. another cool day. look at tomorrow's high. 49 degrees and that's with rain and wind.
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the day on sunday. not a very spring feel for the first day of may. 65 and leftover showers monday. then tuesday, that's better. 67 and some sunshine. you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app. scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecasts especially tomorrow you could use the interactive radar. track those showers. and learn how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 app available for iphone right now. many here are rolling up our sleeves to give back to the community. today marks comcast cares day. it is the single largest day in the country. this year comcast employees will work in harlem. i was there with them last year. they did a good job. >> where are you? i don't see you. >> i was there. >> you're on the other side of the fence. >> yeah. earlier this week david cohen
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about the 15th anniversary of this effort. >> a couple thousand volunteers and over the past 15 years, we've had 800,000 volunteers comcast employees, members of their family, community partners working on almost 7,000 projects. 4 million hours of service. we started a tradition where the comcast foundation makes grants to local nonprofit organizations in recognition of our employees serving. comcast foundation has given out over $18 million in grants over the past 15 years in connection with this program. >> comcast is the parent company of news 4. for more information on how the events benefit our communities, log onto >> a great day ahead. all right. and also happening today, cyclists of all faiths can get a
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bikes for a five borough tour. the annual blessing of the bikes will be held this morning at cathedral at st. john the divine. they will sprinkle holy water on every bike before a moment of silence remembering the cyclists lost in the last year. it kicks off the cycling season and has us dodging bicycles all over the five boroughs. i always tell people it's not a competition. you can let somebody cross the street. be advised of that tomorrow. you could be out in the rain. just about 6:18 here. the jets and the giants making their draft picks and an amazing story. >> john chandler has more in saturday sports. >> good morning, everybody. the jets draft a quarterback for the 11th time in 17 years. in that time nobody has drafted more.
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out more. they tyke pennington. christian hackenberg from penn state. he wowed as a true freshman waiving his last two seasons. geno smith and bryce petty. and ryan fitzpatrick. jets also selected jordan jenkins out of georgia with the third round pick. giants grabbed safety darion thompson. it was the second round pick that raised eyebrows. instead they go with a play maker. wideout sterling shepherd. caught their attention in oklahoma. called the receiver a young victor cruz. the offense needs all the play makers they can get. yoenis cespedes returned to the lineup in a big way friday.
6:20 am
not for long. michael confordo taking on. still in the third. peavy out. and cabrera deep to left center over the field. then cespedes, bases loaded, grand slam. how about a franchise record 12 runs in one inning. cespedes with a franchise first driving in six runs in one inning. he had six rbi. the mets cruise to a seventh straight win. 13-1. the yankees have scored 12 in their last 6 games. rodriguez breaking the tie with a blast above the wall in center. put a dent in it at least. he's now 20th on the hits list all time. masahiro tanaka. then tied at two in the eighth. david ortiz on his farewell tour sends this baseball farewell
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yankees fall 4-2 at fenway. islanders haven't taken a 2-0 series lead since 1983. practice on friday, jack capuano said his islanders need to elevate their intensity level. because they allowed them on wednesday before winning game one. that was a little too close. lightning also reunited their triplets in practice friday. we'll see how jack capuano's islanders handle things in game two exclusively here on nbc 4. puck drop at 3:00 this afternoon. have a great rest of your saturday, everyone. for today in new york, i'm john chandler. still ahead, remember the basket case easter bunny in jersey? we'll have new information on
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but first here is alicia malone with your fandango weekend ticket. >> hey, everyone. there are three movies out this weekend. the action comedy "keanu," "mother's day," and "ratchet and click." which is perfect for you? let's break it down. first up, the hilarious "keanu," two friends trying to rescue the cutest kitten in the world fro the gangsters who stole him. my stomach hurt after watching this movie. it is completely over the top, absolutely ridiculous, and yet somehow still adorable. a perfect night out for you and your friends. next up, "mother's day," the latest holiday themed romantic comedy from gary marshall.
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i was really impressed with this all-star cast including jennifer roberts. and finally "ratchet and clank." this tells about how crank got his name and is boosted by star voices including bella thorn, stallone. now let's see what movies our fandango fans are buzzing about on fan-ticipation. here are this week's scores. that's what's going on at the movies this weekend.
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the former "felicity" star dishes on everything. >> actress keri russell sits down with cat greenleaf in this
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>> keri lives around the corner from me. what is it about brooklyn these days? >> i don't want to live anywhere else. i love the jobs i get to do and i meet interesting people. >> what's plan "b"? >> i don't know. a librarian? >> you know this because of your film "austinland." >> i memorized the first three chapters of pride and prejudice. apparently the only good men are fictional. >> speaking of obsession, when i was looking you up to get ready to do this interview, what is it about your feet? there's like a million sites dedicated to your feet. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. it is the weirdest. >> what are you talking about? >> the sites dedicated to your feet and legs and all celebrity feet. >> there's probably for everyone. i say whatever works for you, you're allowed. i'm not judging anybody. if you're into feet, go for it.
6:27 am
>> go for it. >> i watched planet of the apes. in the upcoming film, are you playing an ape? >> not an ape. it's a little disappointing. i'm not playing an ape. but they are grown men in gray unitards making ape sounds. >> loosely translated into english that means? >> i love brooklyn. >> thank you for being on the show. i'm not sure what just happened there, but i like it. >> you can watch a half hour of "talk stoop" every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozi tv. next at 6:30 on today in new york, the investigation now under way after jersey police officer brake checks a driver. plus this -- >> reporter: a texas cop has a texas takedown here on the
6:28 am
how he stopped a would be shop litter. and we just can't shake that chill. another cool day ahead. let's look at the hamilton bridge. looking nice this saturday morning. it is dry for now. we have rain on the move. we'll tell you exactly when it'll get wet coming up in your
6:29 am
6:30 am
live look at times square as we move along here on a saturday morning. here's the deal with the weekend. one day's going to be great. one day not so much. let's get the latest on that. good morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. let's turn to raphael miranda to find out which day you want to get it done. >> we're kind of tired of these cool temperatures and they really just won't warm back up back into the 60s. again stuck with a cool feeling out there. but it's dry. lots of clouds outside right now but no rain just yet. and our high temperature is
6:31 am
59 is your high in midtown. we should be well into the 60s this time of year. it's the last day of april. doesn't feel like it though. sunshine and clouds and winds are light and variable. you may get a bit warmer back to the mid-60s in places like madison. 58 down the shore in asbury park with some sunshine. overnight tonight rain develops after midnight. probably towards 4:00, 5:00 a.m. temperatures are chilly. another round of chilly temperatures overnight. down to 46 in scarsdale and stuck in the 40s overnight in long island. we stay in the 40s all day tomorrow. that is the nasty half of the weekend. we'll take a look again at exactly how cold it will feel coming up in your full forecast. pat and gus, over to you. >> thank you. jurors have watched a videotaped confession from the teenager accused of setting a fire that killed a police officer. >> marcel told investigators he was bored when he set fire to a
6:32 am
apartment building. then the flames got out of control. the police officer died in the 2014 fire. his partner was seriously injured. >> i was just bored. so when i set it on fire, i thought i could have sworn i blew it out. i went just like this. >> dockery's lawyer insists that the confession is false and that it was coerced. in harlem, the nypd was investigating a crash that sent two officers to the hospital and shut down an entire block leaving people wondering what happened. checkey beckford figures it out. >> reporter: the police cruiser badly damaged when it collided with this gray acura. >> going really fast. happened. >> reporter: police say two officers were trying to pull over this car near 139th street
6:33 am
a man had alerted cops in inwood he was robbed by two men who took off in a gray acura. the police officers spotted the car and were trying to pull it over when they crashed. >> the police hit that one. >> reporter: despite the crash, tony abudin said they got out of their cruiser with guns drawn. >> he was coming out saying i'm feeling pain in my chest. >> reporter: the driver of the acura was taken to the hospital as well as the two officers. complaints of neck and back pain. carolyn scott, an unwitting victim of all this coming out of the salon to find this. >> beautician assistant came out and said a car got hit right in front of bake my cake. i said that's my car. >> reporter: her car damaged when the suspect's car slammed into it during the crash. scott can only imagine how fast they were going.
6:34 am
it must have been. you see how bad the other car looks and the police car was terrible. >> reporter: police say the passenger in that acura was not hurt. charges are pending against both suspects this morning. checkey beckford, today in new york. a traffic stop is sparking a wave of angry posts on the facebook page. this was taken by a motorist. he was driving behind a police car when the police car suddenly slams on his brakes. it's called brake checking. he stopped short because omar was tailing him. >> you brake checked me. >> i braked because i thought you were going to run into me. >> i was going to run into you? >> the officer issued omar three tickets for not having a front license plate, tailgating, and having tinted windows. the actions are now under heavy criticism. an internal affairs
6:35 am
as for omar, he turned down a plea bargain so his trial is may 27th. we have an update now on that bizarre fight involving a shopping mall easter bunny. well, this week a judge downgraded the aggravated assault charges against kasim charles. you can see him there in his costume trading punches with guerrero. this happened last month at newport center mall in jersey. police say guerrero became upset when his daughter fell from a chair while she was taking photos with that bunny. charles is now facing simple assault charges while guerrero still faces aggravated assault charges against the bunny. a tale involves capturing a suspected robber who was being chased down on 5th avenue. >> no. this is definitely my time just to get away from work. >> reporter: it was supposed to
6:36 am
tickets to a show. taking in the sights. but shawn ford, chief of the sunset valley, texas, police department found himself back in action. >> basically i was enjoying 5th avenue and saw a scuffle. >> reporter: it started when the man swiped a bottle of cologne from abercrombie & fitch. he chased the suspect. the two started to tussle in front of the plaza hotel. chief ford says his instincts kicked in. >> called 911. they were on the ground fighting. i thought i should help out. >> reporter: you jumped him. >> i did. i got the guy and told him i was a police officer and tried to hold him. took him to the wall and held him until nypd got there. >> reporter: the police took the suspect and said job well done. chief ford says he feels a
6:37 am
>> i probably wouldn't have wanted to do it this way. but i'm glad i got to meet some of the great guys from nypd. >> reporter: the suspect subpoena now awaiting arrangement. this isn't the first time it's happened to chief ford. he stopped a crime in montreal. just a police officer that loves doing his job even when he's off the job. i'm stefan holt, news 4 new york. still to come this saturday morning -- >> i moved just in time. >> this video with a close call after severe weather. the storm behind this dramatic video after the break. and storm team 4 meteorologist raphael miranda will be back with a check of the
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that is crazy. thenank you, lord, that i got off of there. >> thank you, lord, indeed. a huge chunk of the road just floated away. this is in texas where they were experiencing some obviously severe weather. look at that. everything just gone. this is lynndale east of dallas. earlier in the newscast we showed you images from that area with the suspected tornado that touched down. the mayor of lynndale declared the city -- yeah -- in the state of disaster. i just can't believe that. this is late yesterday evening. wow. >> just washed away. got some weather changes soming our way. nice start. >> some rain as well. hopefully not washing away road type rain. tomorrow will be a washout for many of us. we are expecting a significant amount of rain and we do need the rain. it's been very dry all of march, most of april. we're in a rain deficit. we just got out of a drought.
6:41 am
let's look outside right now. looking nice. hardly any traffic out there. 47. love to see that saturday morning. everything is dry. it's mostly cloudy but no rain yet. but as we look at the weather headlines, it is a decent afternoon. if you have to do anything outside, it's fine. it's on the cool side. so we don't love that. nasty and wet for tomorrow. that is the worst half of the weekend by far. here's a look outside right now. lake hopatcong. morning. but it will be easier to find it throughout the afternoon. temperatures in fairfield county also in the low to mid-40s. 44 degrees at this hour in west port. take a look at the satellite and radar. not much to track right now. cloudiness hanging around. again, we will have breaks in the clouds throughout the afternoon. here's the next weather maker. that system that brought severe weather and flooding to the south will track on east over
6:42 am
rain begins to arrive here late tonight into tomorrow. so with rain on the way, here's a reminder. this is your drought monitor. much of the tri-state including new york city already in that ab normally dry category. so this rain is beneficial. the timing not so great for your sunday. we'll take a look at that on future tracker. this is 2:00 today. sunshine and clouds. overnight tonight, not much going on. it's not until 4:00, 5:00 a.m. heading into tomorrow morning, that's when the rain starts to creep on in. as you're waking up, the showers are approaching and it's soggy. lunch inside tomorrow for sure. it's raw and rainy. windchill values in the upper 30s at times. temperatures only in the 40s. it will be breezy with an on-shore flow. it's a nasty combination. staying soggy around 6:00 tomorrow evening. couple of showers possible monday morning. then maybe a hit or miss shower or storm even as you head into monday afternoon.
6:43 am
that is well below average. we should be in the mid-60s this time of year. not too good in terms of the temperatures as we say good-bye to april. and the first day of may is miserable. rain, chilly, damp, and breezy. monday temperatures back in the 60s. tuesday drying out and feeling good with a high of 67 degrees. you want to stay update with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, use the interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video video. available in the app store right now. coming up after the break, setting up students for success. we'll have details on a boarding school fair coming to harlem. >> and when is it safe to microchip your pets? plus we'll introduce you to adorable animals including this
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6:45. back now with a program that could connect local students with scholarships to prestigious boarding schools across the country. >> lynda baquero explains in this week's visiones. >> 99.9%. that's how many private school students go to college. and that's also the same percentage of tuition paid for by scholarships for many students attending boarding schools. and that's why antonio infante wants you to consider them. he's the director at the boys club of new york. and we're also joined by justin ramos, a graduate. great to have you both here. and antonio, we've worked together you do the latino college expo every year. this is something you told me about the 13th annual independent boarding school fair. this is something you hope more latino families would attend and this would be an option for them. do you think that's a tall order? why should these parents
6:47 am
maybe they wouldn't traditionally think of? >> first thing i say is why not. you want to grab everything. at the end you'll make a decision. but look at the options. independent boarding schools can be a great option for those that are interested in getting out of the city and experiencing new things at a younger portion of their life. >> and you've been talking about if there is a financial concern, there is help available? >> oh, yes. these schools have tremendous endowments and they provide 100% financial aid or close to it. it all depends on your individual profile. but they have some great endowments and great support to increase diversity. >> and justin, you went to indian mountain boarding school. then you went to amherst. hello. did you think of this growing up? where did you grow up? did you have friends that went to boarding school? >> i grew up in queens village, new york.
6:48 am
i think most people did not hear of boarding school. >> what were your grades like to get in? >> i was doing pretty well in public school before i went. a-minus, a's. >> by you're saying you don't have to be absolute top. that there's a range. >> i would say at least an 80 average and above. there are opportunities out there. the boys club, we always prided ourselves with looking at kids with promise. there are many schools out there. not just the top ten schools in the country. at least 50, 60 independent schools across the country. >> there's a flier that shows details about this event. what information are you providing here? what workshops? >> the workshops will cover all aspects. the admissions process, the financial aid application process, what parents need to know, what students need to know. we'll have a panel of parents to share. parents are the most concerned letting their boys or girls go away. if they can hear from other parents saying this is the best
6:49 am
it's important. >> and justin, you went through this. for someone else out there watching maybe concerned about is this going to be a good option for me, very quickly tell me what you went through and what would you say to those people? >> yeah. i'd say it gave me the tools to succeed and put me on the path early on to pursue my dreams. and i think being with people around pursuing the same thing was beneficial to me. >> and there was some support, some resources. >> yes. i came back for christmas break and everyone is talking about the same issues i had dealt wieeth. it was helpful. >> right now you are a software engineer at a consulting firm. obviously worked out quite well for you. let's give everyone the information. wednesday may 4th from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. in east harlem. what's the website where people
6:50 am
>> it's open to boys and girls. >> thank you so much for being here with us.
6:51 am
6:52 am
it is 6:51. let's go across the street and check in with sheinelle and jeff rossen. good to see you. >> hi, pat. coming up on saturday morning here on "today," more violent optician to donald trump as his republican rivals make a hail mary move to stop him. we're live on the campaign trail. and dylan has the forecast. with millions facing severe weather today. plus did a private pilot spot one of the two teenage boys who got lost months ago clinging to debris? and donald trump is sure to be a target at the
6:53 am
president lets loose some sin zingers. >> more coming up on "today." 6:52. time for this morning's pet profile. we're talking about microchipping your pets. very important thing. morning, nancy. morning, david. >> thank you. >> microchip, take us through the basics of what it is. >> well, it's very simple. it is a way for us to find your animal if it gets lost. so it's the size of a microchip or a little piece of rice with a microchip in it that has all of your contact information and a vet or at your local shelter, they insert it twen the shoulder blades in the back. it's a painless, quick procedure. once in there you can register on the internet with all of your contact information. so in the event if your pet is lost, we can find him quickly. if he gets found by a person,
6:54 am
the vet can just scan the animal and see the information. >> okay. now, you have a little kitten here. >> yes. >> age? when can you start to do this? >> cats are a little bit different. it's based on their health and size and stability. so typically around three months. this particular cat right here who's up for adoption today is actually about two or three months old. his name is sassafras. beautiful black cat. if you can see the tail, the coloring is just gorgeous, black shiny coat. beautiful. >> and the cameras never register how beautiful black cats are. >> very elegant. >> and very mellow. >> yes. and both of these guys are available today at the 35th precinct at an adoption event today. it's on 135th and frederick douglass boulevard. >> will this little guy be here as well?
6:55 am
this little chihuahua is just 2 years old. long hair chihuahua. if you could see, the tail is long hair and beautiful coloring. he was just fixed so he's a little tired right now. >> understandably so. beautiful coat there. not a big shedder. >> he is not. and he just is very calm, playful. available today on 135th and frederick douglass boulevard at 12:00 today. >> and on the microchips, some people feel this. not a gps device. it's a registry. >> correct. and 40% of people who have microchips in their pets don't register their name and contact information on the internet associated with the company of the microchip. like pet finder. it's really easy to do. so we encourage anybody if they have a pet, make sure the microchip is registered. >> able to get out of the collar. they do. we've done the stories where the
6:56 am
with their family because of the microchips. >> that's right. years later, sometimes. it has to be scanned first. and people think their pet will never get lost, but it's always accidental situations. whether it's fireworks or having a party or the pet sitter or somebody leaves a window open. it happens. >> all right. microchips, the way to go. thank you. you can find more information about these pets on the animal center's website we're coming right back. final check of your weekend
6:57 am
6:58 am
well, we all know how to get to carnegie hall. practice, practice, practice. but for a teenager from ohio it also took determination. >> yes. he made his debut. simmons was born with three fingers on his right hand. and only one finger on his left. no bones below his knees. but at the age of ten, he taught himself to play and then posted videos online. oh, my. the videos caught the attention and he invited the teenager on
6:59 am
>> i want everybody to know that if you set your mind to something, you really can do it. >> i want him to keep on working on music. >> wow. the two met for the first time about an hour before that performance. and then they played music -- get this -- composed by darius himself. that is a remarkable young man. and i am just awed by that. >> main stage karen carnegie hall. amazing. let's talk about the weather and the changes. >> today is the day to do anything outside. it's dry right now. going to have some sunshine later on. take a look at the seven-day forecast. see the details for the weekend. today we are expecting sunshine and a high of 59 degrees. i know it's still cool. not what we want. we're not back in the 60s just yet. but trust me. today will be much better than tomorrow. by tomorrow morning we have rain. it's going to be breezy, chilly, and raw.
7:00 am
49 degrees with a stiff onshore flow. a miserable day outside. great day to stay indoors sunday. maybe a rumble of thunder. back to the 60s tuesday. finally looking better. 67 degrees and sunshine and clouds. next chance of rain on thursday. temperatures gradually easing where they should be which is the 60s. may should bring more weather with more ups than downs. >> i hope so. good to have you back. we're going to see you back a little early. we're back at 8:30. >> weekend "today" next. good morning. taking on trump. emotions running high today. a day after violent protests broke out in california.


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