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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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sojourner high school. they did everything from planting flower boxes to painting tal guess. city of new york served as our official event partner and we weren't alone on this project in new york city. it happened all over the country today. >> very tight shots of me there. >> i still have pain from it. >> me, too, i was scrubbing. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good night. on this saturday night, deadly storms. the tornados and the flash floods and the scenes of destruction in the south where five people are dead and it's not over yet. state of emergency. chaotic scenes in
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protesters occupy parliament after storming the green zone where the u.s. embassy is located. desperate journey. the end up on tent city in closed borders. and sobering message. how a haunting reflection bath goers saw turned into a powerful video against drinking and driving. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. the dangerous storms that unleashed tornados, torrential rains and knocked out power to thousands have turned deadly in east texas. a woman and her four grandchildren were swept away in the middle of the night by rising floodwaters and that threat is not
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10 million sturbing though. >> reporter: 64-year-old lenda asberry and four children were swept away in the floodwaters. >> she had four kids trying to lift it up out of the water and it got too strong for her. >> reporter: water that kept rising, over mud and mailboxes. firefighters saved this woman's life. >> how close were you from being under water. >> i was this this close. >> reporter: in lind dale, texas, two drainpipes forced roads apart. >> and after tornados ripped through a town in a sporting goods store, people took
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>> moments later the wall and the roof collapsed on the building but everybody got out alive and everybody is okay. >> reporter: across texas and oklahoma, seven reports of tornados in the last 24 hours. >> we were inside of the storm shelter at the school and never would have thought that -- not have a house to come home to. >> reporter: this mattress flung into a telephone pole. >> a lot of trees down as you can see and it looks like people don't have power. >> reporter: more than 25,000 across arkansas, louisiana and texas lost electricity. and back in palestine, as families struggle to clean up and salvage what they can, they may understand better than most what lost property and power can be restored but this community has lost something that
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officials tell us at one point, this community took on seven inches of rain or more in just 30 minutes. too much water, way too fast, willie. >> and your heart breaks for those four beautiful little children. jay gray in palestine, texas, thank you. for more on what is ahead, we turn to our meteorologist dylan dreyer. >> good evening, willie, we should see improvements down through texas and louisiana through the night and especially into tomorrow. but as jay pointed out, the heavy rain is due to the moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. you add in the strong jet stream digging into texas and louisiana and it triggers the wind and the large hail. but as we go into tomorrow, what we're going to notice is that the storminess we saw from the midwest down to the gulf coast, we're going to lose the threat tomorrow because the storms themselves will move eastward, but the
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he are down through new jersey into delaware and maryland into the mid-atlantic where we could see one to two inches of rain. as for texas and louisiana, monday is the next chance for highlighted a deep political crisis that hinders the fight against isis. >> reporter: state of
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the iraqi capital in chaos -- as hundreds storm the most heavily fortified part of a violent city -- the green zone. protesters took ore parliament, led by a popular religious leader, al sadr, demanding a overhaul of a government accused of rampant corruption and incompetence. we are peaceful, the man said. the thieves must be kicked out of the government. the green zone, a four square mile fortress, the iraq government and foreign embassies and the united nationed there and a mile from the parliament building. today's protest building for months and the prime minister struggles to keep minister has been a good partner for us. >> reporter: it could distract iraq from the
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a time when the u.s. believes it has momentum. killing isis leaders. some 200 additional u.s. military just added to the fight. vice president biden in b >> everybody is worried, in both the united states and europe. the iraqi government crumbles and there is not anyone really, any reliable partner fighting islamic state on the ground. >> reporter: and today isis struck again with deadly consequences, taking credit for a truck bombing near baghdad that killed at least 21 people. here the administration monitors all of this very closely, especially relief, that while the green zone is breached, the protests have been nonviolent and watching how they emerge from yet another crisis. >> ron allen, thank you. we are three days from the indiana presidential primary, an election that could
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donald trump over ted cruz and john kasich and make it nearly impossible for bernie sanders to stand in the way of hillary clron mott has our report from indianapolis. >> reporter: a ca ssed a golden state gop convention near san francisco where donald trump spoke yesterday ac establishment names like pete wilson this afternoon -- >> my whole-hearted president of the united states, ted cruz. >> reporter: and
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governor mike pence on friday. thrust into remaining states hinges on ted cruz overtaking trump's lead in the polls in indiana in the next 48 hours. >> there are a lot of people that want to stop trump but it is easier to be for something and never for another candidate. >> and jaek attacked trump's foreign policy knowledge during the town hall. >> he hasn't said anything about foreign policy that makes any sense at all. it is the same old blajer. >> reporter: but many
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ry that has gone on for nine months after two teenagers were lost at sea on a fishing trip. their boat was discovered last week off the coast of bermuda and on it a cell phone that both families believe could hold clues to the boys mepents bef ast of bermuda. but an iphone recovered from the wreckage now has both families at odds. >> as to the progress of the forensic analysis -- >> reporter: over who
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and see it. >> we are pleased that judge has ordered that the phone be sent someplace for a orough, transparent and truthful investigation. j ud t show it to the perry family. and now another newly discovered twist in the saga. volunteer pilot bobby d e may have spotted one of the boys at sea. >> it would be a young boy with white hair circled it three times, long enough to clearly see a person laying on this debris butnce disappeared. the two often set out fishing alone. >> they've been through rough water, they've been through thin water, it doesn't matter. their families are hoping this phone might be the missing
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scene. a dozen people were killed. among them a baby lifted out of the wreckage. building did not have an occupancy permit, not uncommon in nt from poachers, with tusks to more than
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journey to give them a better life. they are among the 3000 undocumented cuban migrants trapped in panama, struggling to reach the united states. there are more than 1400 migrants in this camp alone. every few days some of the more vulnerable women and children are bussed to a nearby hotel. but more are arriving every day. >> several children and a couple of adults -- >> for decades cuban refugees have made the tr to u.s. by sea.
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done the same and forcing a bottleneck in panama. the only hope cubans have is to get as an economic refugee, but a political one. many of the migrants say the urgency is due in part to the u.s. and cuba despite road blocks in down on drunk driving.
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glucerna. steady ahead. imagine looking into a mirror and see
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looking back at you with a warning. don't drink and drive. it is the idea behind an abt drunk driving campaign that has been viewed online hundreds of millions of time. someone in this country that kills someone every 53 minutes. report. >> at a bar in los angeles, one restroom mirror offers a haunting reflection. >> what's up man? are you having a good time. >> i don't know if you could tell right now, but i'm talk to you from prison. what are you drinking? one night i was drinking and i got in the car and i i'm 32 yea and his family.
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messages are rerecorded from priso but the par patrons drinking. >> reporter: her 36 year fight to stop drunk drivers like the one who killed her the passage of hundreds of laws. but she said not enough has changed. >> we're still killing about nine to 10,000 people a year and injuring hundreds of thousands of others. >> reporter: she is taking her crusade to social media where the video has been seen over 30 million times. thomas evans was the
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cad illa hit and killed. >> it was the most powerful video i've every seen in my life. >> reporter: a video message with a sobering plea, don't be the man in the mirror. >> be safe out there. >> i will. >> thanks, man. geico
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finally tonight, the little red wagon that goes right along with american childhood. they are now turning up at children's hospitals across the country and with slight alterations providing the same magic thanks to a man determined to see his granddaughter smile. janet shamlian has our making a difference report. >> reporter: this is a suped up version of a classic. giving children a break from the full-time job of fighting for their lives. >> these wagons are a blessing. >> reporter: young patients needing an iv are tethered to a pole when moving around. roger leggett has seen it first-hand, visiting his grand daughter, diagnosed with cancer in 2011. he and his son watched a pole tip on to a child in a hospital elevator. >> and he looked at me when the elevator closed and said there has to be a better way to do this. >> reporter: then
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own pocket, the georgia grandfather created a hospital-approved wagon with an iv pole attached and started giving them away. >> my son loves it. he gets to ride it. so it makes it very easy on the parents. >> reporter: more than 140 wagons now in eight states. not all in hospitals. >> i saw a wagon with the bracket and the iv pole on it and i was like -- i want one ever those. >> allison and lee plumly's son need breathing and feeding tubes around the clock. >> you want to go for a wagon ride? >> and he could be like other kids in the park now, in a wagon, instead of a wheelchair. >> it might be just an everyday thing, but for a normal family, but these are special moments for them. >> reporter: roger
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his own cribe t mobility, their satisfaction. it takes fear away from what they're doing in the hospital. >> reporter: for children battling illness, a wagon has wings and the chance to feel care free. janet shamlian, nbc news, atlantic. >> good on, roger. that is "nbc nightly news." i'm willie geist, sile see you tomorrow morning. thank you for watching "nightly news." good night.
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