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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  June 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. now on today in new york, big pride weekend under way. and the fallout from brexit continues. what the historic decision across the pond means for you. and new concerns over a strike that could halt your commute. now. good morning. it's saturday, june 25th. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm kerry barrett in for pat today. >> good to have you here. the weather trend of late has been not a lot of humidity. >> gorgeous. >> let's get to raphael miranda to get us started. >> we have good news in terms of the good weather and low humidity. they're going to stick around through the next couple of days. a beautiful weekend on the way. you can see on our doppler
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we have patchy fog along the coast, but otherwise it's a pleasant morning. in the city it's 66 for you. as you get in the suburbs north and west of town, 56 in poughkeepsie. mid-50s for morristown towards monticello. in central park, a comfy 65 degrees at this hour. mostly sunny skies and winds that shift to the southeast by thnd here's the day planner. warming up back to near 80 by 11:00. it's definitely a beach day. temperatures in the low to mid-80s. not too humid. then 8:00 still sunny. dinner outside and 76 degrees. another beauty of a weekend. but how long will this dry weather last? we'll look at your ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. gus, over to you. new this morning, new jersey investigators looking into what caused this blaze in patterson.
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injuries. we'll continue to bring dwrou the story and the latest information. it could be the largest gay pride weekend in the city's history. one that has a greater sense of pride, courage, and resilience this year. >> kicked off in tribeca. checkey beckford shows us how people are celebrating while honoring the orlando shooting victims. >> reporter: and there was no stopping the thousands who turned out f >> i like to do anything that supports individuals proud of who they are. >> reporter: the line to get in stretching along pier 26. ahead of what's expected to be new york's largest pride parade, revelers wearing arm bands for orlando. >> we love dancing. >> especially for the folks in orlando who were on a dance floor until hatred entered the floor.
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marched in every pride parade since 1977. but for thomas kline from ohio, the orlando massacre is what brought him back. >> after orlando hit, it meant a lot to me to really engage the community and to be proud of who i am. >> reporter: this year among the flags and floats, police are keeping extra watch. >> everyone's a little bit on edge. but that's not going to stop us. >> reporter: the tragedy, they say, only amplifying the outpouring of love under this raw >> you have to have storms to have a rainbow. >> reporter: another rally planned for later today here at pier 26. of course the parade tomorrow expected to bring in more than the 1.5 million people who came last year. in tribeca, checkey beckford, today in new york. and just a little bit of a reminder. it could be tough getting around the city during sunday's gay pride parade.
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on our app and designated stonewall inn as a national monument. president obama said it will tell the story for the struggle for the lbgt community. it was the site of an uprising in 1969 known as the start of the modern gay rights movement. saying good-bye to an officer that died in a tragic hiking accident. funeral staten island. the ems officer was hiking and fell to her death while taking pictures in the mountains. don't be alarmed if you see a large number of emergency vehicles and smoke at la guardia airport today. it's going to take place between 10:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon. the drill designed to test after emergency responders. officials say the exercise will not affect flights.
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figure what sparked fire. these flames erupting after 7:30 last night at a substation on turn valley road. con ed said it began with what sounded like an explosion. several rushed to the scene. no power outages or injuries reported. fire officials say there's no immediate danger to nearby residents. looking at this city bus engulfed it caught fire last night in brooklyn. the driver who was the only one on board safely escaped. the cause still under investigation. everything is cleaned up after a water tanker flipped over the the bronx. the driver of the truck lost control and hit a pole causing it to overturn. happened last night. trying to figure what caused the driver to lose control. new jersey transit workers could still strike next week.
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to extend the no strike deadline. hundreds of employees, they're threatening to walk off the job if the two sides can't reach an agreement on the new contract by the end of this month. officials plan to make an announcement on monday. a strike could force 40,000 commuters to find other ways into new york. >> ripple effects already being felt from britain's decision to leave the european union. stock markets plunging around the world including in the united states where it s this morning no one can say with certainty what exactly is going to happen next. here's more on how that split could directly affect you. >> reporter: the closing bell signalled the end of a brutal day on wall street. the dow sank 610 points. all of 2016's gains wiped out. $830 billion lost in the u.s. markets. >> this is the worst period i recall since i've been in public
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vote in the uk that caught the world by surprise. >> this means that the uk has voted to leave the european union. >> reporter: a narrow decision to exit the eu. the vote to leave was roughly 52-58 with voters who were english, older, and poor leading the victory. david cameron now resigning. on this side of the pond, there are pros and con vote. we've already seen mortgage rates drop as interest rates are likely to stay low. have you ever wanted to travel to london? a weak pound and strong dollar means now is the perfect time. >> there might be these near term benefits that we're seeing. lower interest rates, cheaper travel abroad, but then the volatility in financial markets, nobody likes to watch that. it's like an endless roller coaster ride.
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for your retirement. financial experts say the key is not to panic. with the global uncertainty as britain plans their exit from the eu. >> and that was stephen holt reporting. the question remaining is whether the uk's decision will trigger other nations to leave the eu as well. donald trump says he believes brexit would be a good thing. the nominee said he sees a lot of parallels between immigration concerns in the uk and what's happening right now in america. >> people want to see borders. they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don't know who they are and where they come from. >> trump also said a drop in the british pound's value would be good for business at his golf course. more overseas tourists will visit. hillary clinton wrote, quote,
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underscores the need for calm, steady, experience in the white house. coming up this morning, rescuers rushing to reach residents in west virginia as that state is swamped by record flooding. and later, meet a local swimmer who's heading to the olympic trials. how her road to rio started at a city pool. and it's a beautiful start to the weekend. sunshine out there already. let's take a look outside and show you the gwb. looking good, hardly any traffic at next few days though? we'll look at your ten-day
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one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? ?? you can find it all only in new york.
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. back with you on a saturday morning here on today in new york. 65 degrees. raph going to take us through a beautiful forecast in a moment. it is a different weather story in other places. complete chaos is how officials describe flooding in west virginia. this the aftermath of the nine
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southeast. homes destroyed. 23 people have died. this is the worst flooding that state has seen in 100 years. meanwhile, not enough rain in california. in central california, wildfires have claimed the lives of at least two people. the erskine fire has quadrupled in size in the last 24 hours. flames charred an entire neighborhood of mobile homes. ng fire spread to 29 square miles. it's burning in kern county 150 miles north of l.a. the team in the storm team 4 weather center have been keeping an eye on those systems. but we're lucking out. >> another high pressure system here. we won't get complaints about that. humidity on the comfortable side. we will have the heat. beach weather in full effect. let's look outside right now. there's a shot of the tappan zee bridge. we've seen this time and time
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looking good in westchester and rock land counties. we have some naturally cool spots. natural ac going on for our friends north of town. you can see in the weather headlines, comfortable start to your saturday. two days in a row, fantastic weather. can't really ask for anything better. our dry stretch will end next week. it looks like tuesday and wednesday we could see possible showers and storms. so let's plan your day for today. in the 60s right now. 70s. notice the sun all day long. that's going to boost your temperatures. temperatures similar to yesterday. also humidity similar, not oppressive and muggy at all. you want to bring your shades for sure. for the yanks at 1:00, it's hot and 83. and of course plan on drinking lots of water and staying hydrated for today. you can see on satellite and radar picture, very quiet picture.
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quiet conditions. this is looking like a great day down the shore. unlimited sunshine. heading into sunday, this is sunday morning into the afternoon. not much happening here. another quiet day. even monday looks to be dry ahead of our cold front which will arrive on tuesday. great news for the pride parade for tomorrow. 82 degrees. of course you want to pack the usual sun screen and sunglasses. high uv quickly. stay hydrated. bring that water with you as well. looking ahead now for the weekend, it's hot. especially inland. temperatures near 90 in many spots like the hudson valley, northwest new jersey. but without the humidity. then the change comes early next week. starting monday night, tuesday and wednesday. showers and storms on the increase. that also means, unfortunately, humidity will be on the increase as well. sop the mugginess will return next week.
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calling it picture perfect. maybe some patchy fog right along the coast. tlp is your beautiful ten-day forecast. 85 and sunny tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday scattered storms. temperatures in the low to mid-80s. dry again as we head into the fourth of july weekend. you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 app, tap the logo in the corner and select the weather tab. use our interactive radar and video. the news 4 new york app available for iphone right now. over to you. we are just 41 days out from this year's rio olympics. you might recognize some local athletes making an appearance this august. but getting there, that's no easy task. >> it certainly is. this morning you'll meet a swimmer who spent more time training than many do at their own jobs. she still has a long way to go.
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>> reporter: crystal larda started swimming at the age of 6. her mother thought it would be a good idea to take swimming. >> on tuesdays and thursdays we have 5:30 practice. regular weekdays i wake up at 6:00 to get to school at 8:00 then i have weight training at 4:30. >> reporter: when you do all the math, that's 18.5 hours of practice a week. krystal leaves early most days of the week. heads to the pool some days, high school on others. >> we always say in the house if you love what you do, you never work a day in your hief. and this is for her. she love what she's doing. she's just worked very hard. >> reporter: her hard work is paying off. krystal qualified for the olympic trials in omaha.
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green. her coach working with her for the last year acknowledges this feat is no coincidence. >> krystal is someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish whatever she wants. >> reporter: reflecting on it all she says she wouldn't be here would it not be for her mother introducing her to the pool. >> my mind is like, okay, i have two hours of let's see the most i can get out of it. >> reporter: with her mother from colombia and her american pride, she's hoping to represent the usa at the olympic games soon. if not rio at the games in 2020. the trials take place in omaha, nebraska. she tells me no matter what happens, she's going for the experience. then she heads to northwestern in the fall. she plans to focus on sports
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begins august 5th. for more information, go to the knicks taking their first solid step toward the playoffs. thing it is get a little weird with the mets and the braves. >> here's saturday sports. >> good morning, everybody. derrick rose needs time to get comfortable in new york. winning will help that. he may miss chicago for a bit but he didn't miss a chance to get in a dig against the bulls on friday. one-time fresh start. you feel he'd be more appreciated wearing 25 for the knicks. that all depends how he plays and if he stays healthy. rose believes he's now healthy and he could get back to or close to his once-brilliant form. >> still don't feel real. driving in and just seeing my name on the billboard or seeing my picture on the billboard or on the screen outside of the building, kind of blew me away a little bit.
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and i actually have a jersey on. >> and he wants also wearing a knicks teammates joakim noah. those guys were lights out again last night. yankees tied with the twins. into the left. that scores gregorius. it's a 4-3 lead. allowed just innings. left for his third homer. the back of the bull pen combined to work a perfect seventh, eighth, and ninth for the second straight game. yankees get back to the .500 mark with a 5-3 win. to the mets who seem eager to add jose reyes. they could sign him as early as today. you would think an eight-run
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especially against the cellar dwelling braves. stephen mats got into trouble here. two runners on. freddie freeman at the plate adding on rbi single. mats would leave after 4 1/3. he allowed 6 runs on 9 hits. appeared to go away from his fastball later in the game. matt said after his elbow has been tight but he down played anything really wrong with the mets did manage to hold on, though, for a good result. an 8-6 win. the liberty held on to beat the chicago sky 80-79. that is their sixth straight win. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everybody. for today in new york, i'm john chandler. all right. ahead on today in new york, a speaking sensation causing one water event to be moved.
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want to know what's hot this weekend? this week they invade our theaters in the adventure film "independence day: resurgence." >> like to get the landmarks. >> in the thriller film "the shallows," blake live lee is a surfer trapped between a shark and safety. for something more historical, the action adventure film "free state of jones" is who rebelled against the confederacy during the civil war. and finally, let's find out what's hot this weekend with fan-ticipation. that's what's happening in theaters this weekend. this is fandango weekend ticket
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he is 82 years old. still going strong. larry king talks about his career, his marriage, and his latest business venture. >> cat greenleaf has it all on this morning's "talk stoop." >> you said i can't believe i'm 82. what's not to believe? >> when i was a kid on the streets of brooklyn, nobody was 80. >> because sna didn't liveha >> what else? >> i don't know. maybe they moved to florida. >> no then they die there when they're 70. >> it's true. it is weird, isn't it? >> i like living. i've never had a thought in my life of not living. >> really? even in some dark days, some really bad stuff happened, you never thought -- >> absolutely not. never not to live. of course i'm too curious. and i've got a young wife.
6:25 am
by the way, i've got a new line of bedding called sleep like a king. >> how'd you come up with that one? >> it's never been trademarked. but i wonder how it's going to do. >> it's going to do great. >> i want to see it do. i don't want to go and have my wife make a lot of money with the next guy sleeping on my sheets. >> from the nation's capital, mutual radio presents the larry king show. >> i was reading in your first show you had guests on for two sometimes two and a half. took calls all night. it was the first network national talk show. it was amazing. >> how does it feel to be so fierce? >> are you gay? >> you're being inappropriate. >> i've had a fortunate life. >> you ask good questions. >> listening is as important as asking. >> i think listening not only makes somebody a good interviewer but also a good person. >> yeah.
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>> but dumb interviewers don't stay on the air. >> as frank sinatra said, there's lot to be said for longevity. >> thanks be to god. >> for life. >> and you can watch a half hour of "talk stoop" every weekend at 9:00 p.m. on cozi tv. coming up next, it's 6:30 on today in new york. wrongly convicted, finally released. a free the judge to keep his case open? plus subway rescue. good samaritans to the rescue after a man fell on the tracks. let's take a look outside at the hamilton bridge. traffic moving nicely. if you're planning to head to the beach, we'll have the shore
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it is 6:28. 65 degrees as we take a live look at the brooklyn bridge. a beautiful morning and of course if you check in with raphael in a moment. welcome back to today in new york. it is saturday morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm kerry barrett in for pat. let's check in with raphael miranda. the humidity staying away for the entire weekend, yes? >> yeah, the whole weekend. dew points in the 50s. for that, that's a feel of comfort and not mugginess. 60s is when we start toom about humidity. we are tracking in the 50s. that is good news. we have plenty of good news in our storm team 4 department this weekend. you can see lots of sunshine out there already. the radar is nice and quiet. we're certainly calling it another beach day. here's your shore cast. temperatures delightful. 77 degrees for you. 78 in the rockaways. a little bit warmer in fire island. then the sea breeze kicks in. it'll kick in for everyone in the middle of the afternoon. loads of sunshine.
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little milder especially for the jersey shore. but still generally in the 60s. so it's a bit chilly as you're heading in the water. there is a moderate risk for rip currents today for all ocean beaches. so definitely only go in the water if a life guard can see you. that's the only safe way to do it. uv index is high. it's an 8 so lots of sun screen needed. no lightning with all that sunshine. we'll look at your ten-day forecast in a few minutes. the bronx. richard rosario's already been set free from prison. >> prosecutors said they were ready to drop charges against him but stopped short of fully exonerating him. the i-team has been covering this story every step of the way. here's the update. >> i'm taking a step knowing the consequences i faced. >> reporter: it was a jaw
6:31 am
courtroom. richard rosario who's been freed from prison asking the judge to keep a murder charge active against him. >> an open homicide case still hangs over your head. you understand that? >> yes. >> reporter: rosario said it's not enough that his conviction was reversed. he wants to find out if there was police or prosecutorial misconduct. and to do that he's getting the investigative files released in his arrest. >> for the truth. i've been screaming i'm the only one being transparent. >> reporter: it was a "dateline" nbc investigation that helped free him in the first place after he already served 20 years for the 1996 murder of george colazo. tracked down most of the witness who is say rosario was 1,000 miles away in florida on the day colazo was killed.
6:32 am
crime. he can't be in new york and florida at the same time. >> reporter: in part prosecutors said statements from those witnesses persuaded them to request the indictment be reversed. outside the hearing the murder victim's father said the witnesses are unreliable and he wants a new investigation. >> those alibi witnesses, those are not thoroughly vetted, you know what i'm sa >> reporter: today in new york. and if you haven't watched the digital series about rosario, it's worth the time. it's called "conviction" and it's nbc's first original 11-episode digital documentary series. it was released on a couple months ago. but a new one was released talking about life after prison. a woman who said she's a former prostitute is breaking
6:33 am
she was paid to service nypd officers. she says it all took place on a flight to the super bowl in las vegas back in 2013. greco claims she didn't know some of the men on the private flight were officers. the feds say one of those officers was former deputy inspector james grant. he is accused of taking bribes for official favors allegedly orchestrated by richburg who is also under federal greco says she's now an actress and designer and that was an embarrassing time of her life. >> i had no other way to pay my rent. it's not something i'm proud of and i really don't want it to define me. >> the defendants in the federal probe are expected back in court next month. good samaritans pulled a man to safety after he tumbled to the tracks on the 77th street subway station. several bystanders jumped into
6:34 am
out before the 6 train rolled into the station. the man is in the hospital in serious condition. one annual summer event canceled because of the invasive jellyfish. the shore event was to take place on the river on july 9th. but because of these clinging jellyfish, organizers pushed that back. the jellyfish began invaing the bay. one swimmer was hpi believes was one of these jellyfish. coney island is banking on revitalizing the boardwalk. having the soft opening today with the ziggy marley concert. there's still construction being done on the building itself. and the department building
6:35 am
>> reporter: the beach and boardwalk are gearing up for new kid on the block. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: the amphitheater at the coney island boardwalk is an open air venue with an impressive summer lineup. >> if it's free, i'm going to go. >> reporter: it may not be free, but more important, is it ready? >> out here it look undo to be honest. >> reporter: inside the final touches as worke a few weeks ago news 4 got an inside look at the venue expected to bring hundreds of thousands of new faces to coney island. >> we're confident we're going to be open. >> where was this? >> reporter: we asked the man who's seen it all. >> i've been coming to coney island with my dad since 1930. >> reporter: and has the pictures to prove it. >> you couldn't find a place to
6:36 am
>> reporter: what does he think of the changing landscape? >> i think it's going to come back very healthy. >> reporter: now nearly 90 years old. >> this was the poor man's beach. >> reporter: joseph lazaro said a lot has changed. . >> i got on the subway for a nickel. >> reporter: his view on the amphitheater? >> it'll develop over time. it's going to be great for coney island. >> reporter: news 4 new york. all right. happin ceremony expected to be held on staten island as the last of the concrete is poured for the new ferry wheel. it will be an effort to preserve history. there's a time capsule filled with artifacts that will be buried in the foundation. construction on that massive ferris wheel expected to be complete next year. >> that's going to be something. >> isn't that neat? coming up on this saturday morning, amid the fallout from the brexit decision, how you can
6:37 am
to the landmark vote. >> and raphael miranda returning with a check of the forecast.
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welcome back. beautiful. 6:39 this morning. 65 degrees. it is time to check weather. you know, we were looking at the screen behind us, it looks foggy out there. >> that's off shore though. as you're heading to the shore, you'll see fog but it'll mix out through the day. not going good news for everyone out there. and the sunshine just dominating our weather for the rest of pups there's a look outside right now. lincoln tunnel. smooth sailing there. it's dry. dry roadways. you get these occasional storms popping up. but it looks like we're on the verge of another drought. no real rain in sight. look at the ten-day forecast and we'll explain that in a few minutes. show another comfortable start. temperatures in the 60s and 50s north and west of town.
6:40 am
i've been saying that time and time again this summer so far. a dry stretch ends next week. and then storms are possible tuesday and wednesday. especially in the afternoon. so we took a look at your atlantic beaches shore cast now for the sound in case you're heading to the north shore. here's what to expect there. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. winds are generally light out of the southeast. it will be a beautiful day but pack the sun screen. water temperature in the 60s. waves are light. uv index is very hh. day. temperatures in the 60s this morning. back to the 80s around lunchtime. 3:00 it's 84. but it's not muggy. comfortable heat and there is a pleasant breeze outside. even at 7:00, a fantastic finish. temperatures coasting in the upper 70s. what's not fantastic is your pollen forecast. it shows grass is still high. it's going to be a rough go from
6:41 am
starting to wane. that happens this time of year, that's a good thing to see. day by day, 84 for today. 85 for tomorrow. uv index, 8 and 9. it's a sun screen weekend all weekend long. thankfully it will be dry and sunny. you can see on the satellite and radar picture, very quiet. high pressure stays with us again today. that keeps us dry from the hudson valley down the jersey shore. not much to see here. the fog rolls in overnight. ci we may see that by tomorrow morning. then it mixes out quickly. and tomorrow afternoon, another beauty around 2:00. perfect weather for the pride parade. there's your exclusive ten-day forecast. we're tracking a chance for showers and storms monday night into tuesday. doesn't look like any significant rain just yet. spotty storms tuesday into wednesday as well. temperatures still in the 80s. and then look at that, another long, dry stretch coming. thursday through monday with temperatures in the 80s.
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the news 4 new york app. select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecasts, use our interactive radar if you have to, and learn to submit your own weather video. the app for iphone is available in the app store right now. the time is 6:42. uber is trying to be more upfront with drivers. they are dropping the surge rates. final destination address must p the fare would be based on distance, time, traffic, and the map. in light of the so-called brexit, the british pound dropped 8% to trade at $1.36 u.s. also sent stocks tumbling which means cheaper air as airlines compete for customers. there's a guy in japan
6:43 am
environmentally friendly car because it's made out of bamboo. the floor of the car is built from bamboo planks. he's one of japan's best known bamboo craftsmen. he paid for the project with a crowd funding campaign raising more than $30,000. visitors to l.a. may never look >> they can now go down a glass slide. ride the sky slide from the 70th floor to the 69th floor observation deck. that's 1,000 feet above the street. part of a $50 million renovation of the building. $25 to visit. another $8 to ride the slide. even though it's just one story. >> one story? >> something when you're looking
6:44 am
would you pay? i mean, that's 20 feet maybe. i don't know. for eight bucks, i think you deserve another story. after the break, a unique perspective on fashion for the ages in visiones. and later, if your pet is a bit of a thief, we'll find out why. plus we'll introduce you to adorable animals looking for a home today including this guy that nancy's holding there. we're coming right back on today in new york. ?? the ford freedom sales event is on! with our best offers of the year!
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on a huge selection of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus get an extra $1000 smart bonus on specially tagged vehicles. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? i'm free, baby! ? now get 0% financing plus a $1000 smart bonus cash on specially tagged vehicles. only at the ford freedom sales event.
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we're as you have never seen before. looking through the eyes of a unique new yorker whose works are on display. >> here's lynda baquero to explain in this week's visiones. >> high fashion in the '60s, '70s, and '80s as seen through a prolific illustrator. that's part of the exhibition. we're joined to describe the
6:47 am
great to see you. we're talking about antonio lopez and the exhibition is called antonio lopez future funk fashion. tell me about his role in the fashion world. he was born in puerto rico, right? >> he was born in puerto rico and raised in east harlem which made him the perfect topic for the museum. he went to school at f.i.t. also born on the island and raised in new york. they found they had an immediate affinity and worked >> and then he moved to paris and worked with logerfeld. tell us about his career. >> yes. he had an amazing trajectory. before he even finished f.i.t., he was hired to do early illustrations. the spirit of experimentation where they would take a photograph and layer the drawing over that. they were doing collages that were very artistic. he really changed fashion
6:48 am
like artwork. >> and tell me in what way. because we're looking at some of the images, some of the women and the men he featured. and i understand he had a certain intention, if you will. >> absolutely. i think from the beginning he was also interested in maybe broadening the scope of the fashion industry. and looking at women who tended to be on the margins. he met grace jones by speaking to her on a subway train. asked her if he could do her portrait and her career women he worked with. women would come from puerto rico to get his help breaking into the modeling industry. was very generous in that way. >> it's called future funk fashion. we could see some in the images there by the style of his illustrations. >> yes. he and juan worked collaboratively. juan had the ideas, the concepts behind it, and antonio did the drawings and painting. and the future seemed to run through their work through the
6:49 am
women as femme bots and futuristic looking outfits. >> how would you sum up his legacy? >> he said it himself. he said when he got to fashion illustration, it was very boring, very catalogy. and he said he gave it an infusion which i think is really what he did. >> excellent. it's called antonio lopez future funk fashion. where can people get more information? >> check out our website. >> and this runs through noz. >>
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welcome back. it is time now to check in across the street with craig, kate, and stephanie to find out what's coming up next on weekend "today." >> coming up on saturday morning on "today," two devastating scenes of mother nature's worst from that flooding in west virginia that's trapped hundreds and left nearly two dozen dead
6:52 am
this morning. also ahead, britain's decision to leave the eu sent stocks tumbling on friday with many of us seeing big losses in our 401(k)s. so what should we do next? and take a look at these mutts. they are some of the homeliest dogs in the world but only one can be named the ugliest. we introduce you to this year's winner. >> faces only a mother could love, gus. faces only a mother could love. >> i know how that goes. all in the eye of the beholder. we'll see you at the top of the hour. thank you, guys. time is 6:52. we're just under a month away from the clear she shelters event. we're partnering to find homes for animals in need. nancy from animal care center new york this morning is going to talk about why your dog may steal your stuff. nancy, david, good morning. good to have you here. why do they take our stuff? >> could be two reasons.
6:53 am
they're hungry and they want to eat it. you have to be extra vigilant if you have a dog that's good at stealing your food. >> and they learn quickly. >> they can move very quick when you look away for just a minute. but the second reason, if they're taking your shoes or other objects, socks around the house and pulling them away, that means that they want your attention. and they want to play. usually. and what that means is they just need more toys to play with. >> . behavior to not happen? >> well, good question. if they're pulling your shoes and chewing them, you want to get a lot of new toys for them. keep them accessible so they are the first thing the dog sees when it wants to play and get your attention versus your shoes or sock. >> and i know a lot of women who have this concern. ooich lost a shoe or two as well. why do they always go to the shoes? is it the smell? >> it is the smell.
6:54 am
like that tastes delicious. >> exactly. >> tell me who you have here. >> this little sweetheart is named machu. he's available today at 10:00 a.m. on 110th street. he is just a lovely dog. you can see there's jack russell, chihuahua. came to us as an owner surrender. really well behaved. going to need some exercise. has the energy. but wonderful around kids. you know, very good >> he's going to have a great job in television because he loves to look at himself. >> and house trained really good in the house. >> fantastic. real nice family dog here. we don't always have them on the show, but you do have a lot of rabbits. >> this is a new zealand girl and her name is lila. and she's just two years old. she's available again on 110th street. but what's interesting about this one is she's been with us
6:55 am
to hopefully find a home today. adoptions start at 10:00 a.m. we have -- she came from a hoarding situation. she's so cuddly. >> and great apartment animals. people think of the farm or country. they do well in small spaces. >> they sure do. and they love to cuddle. this one is a really good rabbit. but we also have lots of baby rabbits. a lot of rabbits right now. >> very good. again, his >> okay. >> available at 10:00 a.m. this morning on 110th. as well as many others. again, we still have that beautiful black cat from two weeks ago. still up for adoption named dameow. long hair that's up for adoption today on 110th as well. >> and clear the shelters on the 23rd. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. we're coming right back. final check of your weekend forecast, it's a good one. you're watching today in new
6:56 am
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there she is. the world's ugliest dog. at least that's the title, anyway. >> oh. i think it's appropriate. >> she's a chinese crested chihuahua. the four pound pooch took that title last night in california. >> i'm just teasing. she's cute. she's cute in a certain way. she's 17 years old. so she's old, actually. she has a thinning blond mohawk, patchy black fur and looks like she may be blind in her left eye. the owner rescued her from the pound. he won $1500 and a trophy. i feel bad for them being held
6:59 am
for these dogs. even little different looking. and they have these instagram accounts and twitter feeds. thousands of people follow. and their owners make a lot of money. they do appearances and things. >> they get the premium dog food, maybe? i have to say that breed, we see that breed win a lot. the crested. the tongue and -- yeah. it's one we see frequently in the ugly dog contest. no ofe. good day. >> beautiful. nothing ugly about the forecast. let's look at the exclusive ten-day forecast. 84 and sunny. it is a beach weekend in every sense of the phrase. 66 overnight tonight. sunshine continuing tomorrow. beautiful weather for the pride parade. now, when you see the mid-80s, that could be hot and humid. it's not humid this weekend. comfy and 85 on monday. that's when the humidity starts to take up. then tuesday and wednesday we could see a few storms.
7:00 am
9:00. >> weekend "today" is next. hope you're having a good saturday. good morning. breaking overnight, complete devastation. the death toll in west virginia rising, at least 23 now dead in unbelievable scenes flooding. >> i've lived around here my entire life, i've never seen anything to this level. >> but this morning, some good news, 500 people were rescued after being stuck in a mall for more than a day after the road washed out. we are live on the scene there. raging inferno, two people killed after a raging wildfire in california burns out of control a. thousand homes in the


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