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tv   Today in New York  NBC  June 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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run. >> ray villeda joins us live with what we know about the suspect. ray? >> reporter: good morning. this accident, this crash happened just about five hours ago. it happened here on will low and 6th. and you can see where the markings are. that's where the man's body ended up lying as he was crossing the street. now i want you to look at the surveillance picture of the car police believe was involved. this is a black cadillac escalate. hitting this man who ended up dying shortly after. police are not releasing much about this pedestrian except he appeared to be crossing the street when he was struck. neighbors are waking up to this news. they tell us they did see the police activity and are now realizing that a man was killed. >> people need to slow down and stop worrying where they got to go and everything in life. some kid died last night. that's brutal, man.
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>> reporter: and you can see those surveillance cameras right there. police are look agent the video from those surveillance cameras to catch up to that driver. again, a black cadillac escalade they believe caused this hit and run. if you know anything about the driver, give police a call. i'm ray villeda, today in new york. investigators looking into what caused this blaze in patterson. the two story collapsed from the flam comes into our newsroom. new york city's lbgt community kicking off pride week with a rally last night. this is expected to be new york city's largest pride parade, but the celebrations are of course bittersweet. the orlando massacre is fresh in people's hearts and minds. many wearing orange bandannas to show sol darely. >> we love to dance.
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orlando who were on a dance floor until hatred entered the floor. >> security being kicked up in the area surrounding the husk stone jb wall inn. and it could be tough getting around the city during sunday's gay pride parade. so we put road closures on our website. president obama helped set the tone for the weekend with a big announcement. he designated new york city's stonewall the first to honor gay rights. pat battle with reaction. >> it was remarkable and astounding. i feel honored. it's amazing to be a new yorker right now during these times. i'm very appreciative to this bar and all the sister bars as well. >> reporter: it was the place where it all began in 1969 when gay patrons at the stonewall inn fought back against police harassment. protests turned to a muchlt.
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as a national monument for gay rights. >> i hope america and the rest of the world realizes we all are one. >> reporter: the monument includes the bar, christopher park across the street. the stonewall takes its place next to the statue of liberty. >> we've had so many amazing strides in the community and progress. but hate still exists. to have this free world designates and recognizes our struggles, i think it's going to be healing for the community. >> reporter: still healing from what happened in orlando and what happens when stories don't make headlines. >> i was at a gay bar. there's where you see this mark on my face. a guy threw an object because he realized it was a gay bar. it's about the community and support. since stonewall has been
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landmark. the first in our nation. meanwhile, today friends and family saying good-bye to an fdny officer who died in a tragic accident. the ems officer was hiking with a friend in ae adirondack mountains last weekend. she fell to her death while taking photographs. a power outage caused quite a backup at la guardia this morning. cell phone here at the security lines at terminal b. the por power issue at the tsa checkpoint caused this backlog. passengers are being processed on their way. a bit later this morning, the port authority will conduct an unrelated drill at la guardia. designed to test and prepare emergency responders. the exercise is not going to affect any flights. investigators trying to figure out what sparked a masive fire in rockland county. these flames erupted after 7:30
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hillburn. con ed said the fire began with what sounded like an explosion. several fire departments rushed to the scene. no power outage or injuries were reported. there's no. the bus caught fire on the expressway near 86th street in brooklyn last night. he safely smelled the smoke. the cause of the fire under investigation. everything all cleaned up after a water tanker flipped over in the bronx. hit a pole causing the tanker to overturn. the driver again here not hurt but police are trying to figure out what caused him to lose control in the first place. new jersey transit workers
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if the two sides can't reach an agreement on a new contract by the end of this month. nj transit officials plan to make an announcement about this on monday. a strike could force 40,000 commuters to find other ways to new york. new this morning, word that jonathan hill has announced he will resign. this of course the latest fallout from the uk's vote to leave the eu. stock markets plunged all around the world yesterday including, of course, right here in the united states where it was a day of this morning no one can say with certainty what's going to happen next. news 4's stephen holt has more on how that split could directly affect you. >> reporter: the closing bell signalled the end of a brutal day on wall street. the dow sank 610 points. all of 2016's gains wiped out. $830 billion lost in the u.s. markets. >> this is the worst period i recall since i've been in public
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>> reporter: the tumble after a vote in the uk that caught the world by surprise. >> this means that the u skrks has voted to leave the european union. >> reporter: a narrow decision to exit the eu. the vote to leave was roughly 52% to 48%. with voters who were english, older, and poor as the majority. rates drop as interest rates are low. have you ever wanted to travel to london? a weak pound and strong dollar means now is the perfect time. >> there might be these near term benefits that we're seeing. lower interest rates, cheaper travel abroad, but then the volatility in financial markets we know, nobody likes to watch that. it's like an endless roller coaster ride. >> reporter: that could be bad news for your retirement.
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that puts pressure on workers planning to retire soon who has less time to make that money back. financial experts say the key is not to panic. even with the global uncertainty as britain plans their exit from the eu. >> that was stephen holt reporting. and now there are rumblings it could tear apart the united kingdom. another independence referendum is, quote, highly likely. in terms of u.s. politics, donald trump now saying he believes brexit will be a good speaking at his scottish golf course, the presumptive republican presidential nominee told reporters he sees a lot of parallels between what's happening in the uk and america right now. >> people want to see borders. they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country. that they don't know who they are and where they come from. >> trump also said a drop in the british pound's value would be good for business at his golf course. because more overseas tourists would visit. hillary clinton rebuked him for
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of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady leadership in the white house. pope francis paying respects in armenia today. he laid a wreath to at the genocide memorial. he called the slaughter a planned genocide. historians estimate that up to 1.5 million armenians were killed as we continue next, a wildfire in california grows in size as neighbors there flee the flames. we're going to have an update on containment efforts. and blinded by the light. could your smartphone make you lose your vision. it depends on where you're using it. and raphael of course joining us with trivia. >> and this week's questions are inspired by the big pride weekend. log on now.
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taking a live look. clear skies across the tri-state area. 72 degrees. we'll find out in a moment how warm it's going to get. great weather for us but it's a different story in many parts of the country. teams rescuing people from second story windows, tops of trees, roofs waters start to recede in west virginia. nine inches of rain had fallen. 23 people have died and over 100 national guard troops are helping rescue people. this is the worst flooding west virginia has seen in 100 years. if you head to the opposite side of the country, a fast wildfire has burned at least 80 homes. officials say the fire killed an elderly couple as they tried to run. this is the erskine fire.
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24 hours. officials say strong winds have helped it spread. it's about 150 miles north of l.a. here at home, this is the time of year when humidity becomes a big factor in our forecast. >> we would expect that. not this weekend. temperatures in the 60s an 70s. it stays comfortable through the weekend. no real mugginess moving in. that is great news for any of your outdoor plans. there's a live look at the tappan zee bridge mugginess. visibility is fantastic. temperatures in the 70s in westchester county now. and rockland county as well. it's going to be a great day all around the tri-state. it's a comfy start. temperatures are very pleasant at this hour. another gem of a weekend. temperatures comfortable in the 80s later on today. our try stretch ends next week but not until tuesday or wednesday. that's next chance of seeing showers or symptoms. day planner. 72 degrees outside right now. back to 82 by 2:00.
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middle of the day. notice the constant though. sunshine through this evening. temperatures in the upper 70s around 7:00. great baseball weather, but it'll be hot for the yanks taking on the twins at home. that's 1:00, hot and sunny. bring your shades. 83 degrees at first pitch. and dry throughout the game. here's a look at storm tracker. satellite and radar picture. it's a high pressure day once again keeping us umbrella free. you can see that in future tracker also. a quiet day ahead. keeping us sunny through the we're dry right through monday afternoon as high pressure stays with us. now, tomorrow, of course, the big pride parade. come join us. we're there news 4 and telemundo. 82 degrees. you want to bring your shades, your water, and your sunglasses with the sunshine expected tomorrow. temperatures in the 80s. 85 to 90. that 90 is going to happen inland. hudson valley, northwest new
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cooler by the coast and a sea breeze kicking in throughout the weekend. feels very good at the beaches this time of year. as we look ahead to wednesday, that's when it's unsettled. then on wednesday chance for showers and storms. humidity on the rise. that's when we talk about mugginess coming back into play. and there's a look at your ten-day forecast. the exclusive ten-day. 84 for your high today. mid-80s today. comfortable humidity. sticky and steamy on monday and tuesday w and storms. we're drying out by thursday and it looks like for the fourth of july weekend, we could have another dry and hot stretch going. you want to stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app. scroll down and select the weather tab. you could see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar and learn to submit your own weather video. available in the app store right now. other to you. talk about one of the medical stories making the rounds on social media.
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your vision? >> there's a new report that finds that checking your cell phone in the dark could lead to blindness. does it sound a little extreme? perhaps. so we went to a doctor to sort all of this out. >> reporter: between smartphones, computers, and television -- >> constantly. >> reporter: -- we're spending more time in front of the screen than ever before. >> i work in an office. i'm always in front of a computer. if i'm not then i'm always on my phone. even at home i'll be sitting there w phone at the same time. >> i use my phone constantly. i mean, everybody does. right? you can't leave home without it. >> reporter: but according to a new report in the new england journal of medicine, you may want to put the phone down at night. it details cases of temporary blindness caused by smartphones. at precision eye care in huntington, dr. davis is not convinced. >> i don't think it causes temporary blindness. >> reporter: he says the
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it's dark doesn't correlate to poor vision but he is seeing another problem. dry eyes. >> going to look straight ahead and blink normally. >> reporter: to demonstrate the issue, they put me to the test. flashing lights measure how often and how efficiently i blink. >> people who spend a lot of time on computers or krfbs tend not to have complete blinks. >> reporter: it's a learned response from bright screens. it could lead to dry eyes and more chronic incomplete blinks. we have people with 70% incomplete blinks. this is the problem. >> reporter: so the good news? there's more than meets the eye. your smartphone may not make you go blind, but it doesn't hurt to unplug. news 4 new york. uber customer wills no longer see the infamous surge rates. instead the uber app will show you the total price as soon as you order the ride.
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destination before getting the ride. >> always demand. the knicks taking their solid first step towards the playoffs. and things get weird with the mets and braves. >> john chandler joins us with more. >> good morning, everybody. derrick rose needs time to get comfortable in new york. winning will help that. he may miss chicago for a bit but he didn't miss a chance to get in a dig against the bulls on friday. meeting the media for the first time here in new york, the one-time mvp is grateful for the fresh start. appreciated wearing 25 for the knicks. that all depends how he plays and if he stays healthy. rose believes he's now healthy and he could get back to or close to his once-brilliant form. >> still don't feel real. driving in and just seeing my name on the billboard or seeing my picture on the billboard or on the screen outside of the building, kind of blew me away a little bit. like, it probably really don't
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and i actually have a jersey on. >> and he wants also wearing a knicks teammate joakim noah. expect teams to go after their big three in the bull pen. those guys were lights out again last night. yankees tied with the twins. in the fourth. picking up the offense. lacing to left. that scores didi gregorius. it's a 4-3 lead. nobody on. ropes this curve to left for his third homer. and a 5-3 lead faculty insurmountable against minnesota. combined to work a perfect seventh, eighth, and ninth for the second straight game. yankees get back to the .500 mark with a 5-3 win. to the mets who seem eager to add former all star jose reyes. they could sign him as early as today. you'd think an eight-run lead would be safe in the fifth
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dwelling braves. 8-0 with this. a three-run second. steven matz got into trouble here. two runners on. freddie freeman at the plate adding on rbi single. matz would leave after 4 1/3. he allowed six runs on nine hits. appeared to go away from his fastball later in the game. matz said after his elbow has been tight but he down played anything really wrong with it. the mets did manage to hold on, though, for a good result. an 8-6 win. at the garden the liberty held on to beat the chicago sky 80-79. that is their sixth straight win. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everybody. for today in new york, i'm john chandler. still ahead on today in new york, what was stolen from this new jersey home and why police say it is no laughing matter. but first it's time to ask produce pete. >> hey, good morning. you know, grapes are our
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i make popsicle out of them. coming up next, all you want to know about picking the perfect grape. here comes a perfect grape here. here you want to try it? cold though, right? i know. but frozen they're better.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport,
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that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and downloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. welcome back. it's time to ask produce pete.
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good to see you. good morning. you have a lot of different varieties here. >> we have the red grapes and the white grapes or the yellow grapes or thompson seedless. there's a lot of different varieties of grapes. >> i had had no idea. >> in my day -- what happened was -- grapes are available year round. why? because california starts in late spring right through until probably around thanksgiving. and then right through to may. so we see grapes year round. years ago when i was a kid, we had grapes in the summertime until thanksgiving. then we were finished with them. but now we see them year round. the chilean grapes which come out in the wintertime, i really like. i think they do a great job growing them. over the years, 25 years here, i've never talked about chilean
9:25 am
i don't like them. california grapes they let them stay on the vine and get that color. >> that what you look for when you pick them out? >> what you want to look for -- you see that it's what we call a dusty bloom on the outside. >> it's kind of what blueberries have. >> it almost looks like a powder on the outside. what that does is it stops the moisture from coming out of the grape. and that's what keeps the grape fresh. that's what you want to look for. a dusty on the white or yellow, you'll see it. it's easy. when you get to the red ones, you'll see the dusty bloom. sometimes it's easier to see because they're red like this. what you see is what you get with grapes. once the grape is picked off the vine in california, that's when it has all the sugar in it. it will never ripen if you leave it out. what you want to do with grapes is once you get them home, you want them in the refrigerator.
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do anything to them until you're ready to use them. because once you wash the grape, it's started deterioration process. then the grape will go baaed. grapes keep for a long time. it takes about five to eight days for the grapes to get from california to the east coast. by the time it gets to the supermarkets or your green grocer, it's another couple days. you're looking at ten days. at home you can still keep them for a week or two in the refrigerator. so they stay a long time. if you want to that's the way my wife betty likes them. especially for the kids, i like to pull the grapes off -- pull them off the stem, put them into a container and then put them in the freezer like i did here. >> they are good. i've been nibbling on these. >> i said that in the tease. it's like an instant popsicle. what it does is -- the sugar from the grape comes out more when it's frozen. and they really are good. it's something -- it's not an additive you have to put to
9:27 am
to see now the the supermarkets are not loose. many years we used to put them out on sheets loose. now they all come in these bags like this. they're easier. they're easier to handle. number one. number two, you're not touching the grape. once you touch the grape, the acid i did from your hand will deteriorate the grape a bit. grapes are out, they're reasonable thus freeze them, o do whatever you want with them. they're out there, available, and good for you. >> i had no idea there was so much to the grape. >> the good life, the grapes. >> they are good grapes. thanks, pete. send your questions to and find him on facebook and twitter. >> thank you. still ahead on today in new york, we'll have a check of our top story including live coverage of this. >> reporter: a young man is dead
9:28 am
i'm ray villeda live at the scene with surveillance pictures police want you to see. that's coming up on today in new york. if you want to soar along the highest, longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? it's all in the catskills. only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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back with you at 9:30 here on today in new york. another fantastic weekend on the way. we're on a roll this summer. welcome back to saturday today in new york. i'm gus rosendale. >> we're getting spoiled for sure. i'm kerry barrett in for pat battle.
9:31 am
miranda right now. the rest of the weekend looks fantastic. >> just nothing to complain about this weekend. we had beautiful beach weather week after week. that continues today. i'm sure the roads will be packed with people heading to the shore and out east. nothing going on in the radar picture. we have high pressure and sunshine. temperatures pleasantly warm. 70s down the jersey shore. temperatures will go down a bit as the sea breeze kicks in later this afternoon. before in fire island. loads of sun to the hamptons. waves are pretty light today. 2 to 3 feet on the ocean. there is a moderate risk for rip currents. so you want to watch out for that and make sure a life guard can see you if you're going in the water. definitely want to keep safe. uv index is high, it's an 8. use sun screen to protect
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we'll look at the extended ten-day forecast in a bit. over to you. >> thank you. happening now police in hoboken are searching for a driver accused of running down a man and then running away. >> ray villeda joining us live from the scene. ray? >> reporter: good morning. police are on the search as you mentioned of that hit and run driver after a hit and run that happened hours ago. the man's body ended up over there where you see the markings on the a black escalade. that's a shot of it speeding away. police believe it has new york plates. it happened around 4:25 this morning b. police released limited details. just that a man was hut and killed here. neighbors are waking up to this news not surprised it happened here on willow avenue. >> there's a light right there which proves a big point. because there's no lights in the
9:33 am
so people need to really follow the rules, man. like, this is new york. this is packed streets or all one-way roads. they're tiny and cramped. people need to slow down. >> reporter: and as you can see, there are surveillance cameras right outside of this funeral home and they point in a direction of where this hit and run occurred. so police are looking at that video trying to get a better idea of what was on those plates. again, a black plates. if you know anything about this, give police a call. i'm ray villeda, today in new york. >> thanks. it's a case the news 4 i-team has been closely following. a man wrongly convicted after 20 years behind bars made a bold move to clear his name. richard rosario says he was in florida the day of the murder. yesterday prosecutors were ready
9:34 am
exonerating him. he asked the judge not to dismiss the murder indictment against him until he could be fully vindicated. >> i've been standing for 20 years on the truth. i've been in prison fighting for the truth. i've been screaming, i'm the only one being transparent. >> a show producer tracked down most of the 13 alibi witnesses who say rosario was in florida on the day collazo was killed in new york. those witnesses say contacted them. a woman who says she was a former prostitute is now breaking her silence about a flight she took with two nypd officers. gabi grecko said she was paid to service two officers. she said it all took place on a flight to the super bowl in las vegas back in 2013. she says she didn't know some of the men on that private flight were officers.
9:35 am
officers was former deputy inspector james grant. he is accused of taking money. grecko says she's now a designer and actress and that was an embarrassing time in her life. >> i had no other way to pay my rent or -- so it's not something i'm proud of and i really don't want it to define me. >> the defendants in this federal probe are expected back in court next month. the aid of a man who fell to the tracks. that man tumbled to the tracks at the subway station yesterday afternoon. many managed to move him out bafr train rolled into the station. that man is in serious condition at the hospital. at this point no word on what caused him to fall. the indian point nuclear plant was temporarily shut down again after another mechanical
9:36 am
pipe. the owner says the water leak came from a pipe in a non-radioactive system and does not impact safety. the plant was shut down for three months after hundreds of damaged bolts were found. thieves got caught red handed stealing. they are swiping flag supporting donald trump. and police say politics don't matter, a crime is a crime. video show this 11th time someone that is stolen a trump flag outside this home. >> this is number 12 flag i've put up. >> reporter: this trump supporter already beat a ticket for having political signs posted before the 30-day limit of the town. now he wants to know why people keep stealing his flags. why this woman was caught on a video camera. >> was it because she wanted to
9:37 am
comforter? or did she want to burn it? >> reporter: he has gotten a lot of random support for his flag flying. even today this visit. >> i wanted to meet the fellow american patriot that's standing his ground. >> reporter: standing his ground but not mad about it. these pictures on facebook drew one comment suggesting she should be shot. something he quickly disavowed. >> somebody said that's why you should have guns. not >> reporter: instead he wonders if some of them wanted their own free trump flags. if not -- >> why am i going to try to make this woman's life miserable? maybe we could work it out. because in the long run, we're all going to have to get along. so let's make america great again. >> reporter: while he sounds like he'd like to debate flag thieves trying to change their minds, he gives no hint that he would ever change who he
9:38 am
ahead on today in new york. a jersey shore family turns their front yard into a makeshift beach to protect turtles from danger. >> it's important for them to have a space. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg with how far they're going to save diamondback terrapins. >> and raphael miranda returns with a check of your forecast. everybody's running to blinds to go's summer shade sale, going on now. hurry in and take 20% off all shades! save on roller shades, cellular shades pleated, wooven wood, roman, solar and cascade shades did we mention huge savings on shades? blinds to go. blinds for life. selfies are cool. know what else is cool? blinds to go's summer shades sa, going on now. take 20% off all shades!
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sale ends soon.
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you've probably seen them at the jersey shore. those diamondback terrapins. >> there are efforts all along the coast to keep these turtles from becoming road kill when they come across busy roads to but there's one family taking a unique step to protect them. >> reporter: some have wondered if it's a new place to play. >> they were like is that your sandbox? >> reporter: but the makeshift beach in the front yard is actually a nesting ground for diamondback terrapins. considered a species of special concern in new jersey. >> i care a lot. i think it's just important, you know, to help out in some way
9:42 am
>> reporter: doland's family dumped the sand on their lawn to give terrapins emerging a safe habitat to lay their eggs under these wire cages at least 15 nests are buried. >> they're looking for beaches. so this is a natural nesting site. >> reporter: a site far more conducive than the stone landscaping outside most homes on long beach island. undisturbed beaches along the bay are also a kathy lacey is the director and founder of the terrapin nesting project. >> we're going back to what it's supposed to be. >> reporter: besides marking the nests, these cages have another purpose. to keep predators like foxes and raccoons away from the eggs. >> i said boy this is something different. >> reporter: the new nesting place is getting lots of attention from people passing by. lacey believes that's helping to save the road crossing terrapins from another threat. car tires.
9:43 am
that be careful, slow down. there's probably turtles here. >> reporter: the eggs already in this spot won't hatch for a couple more months. and taylor doland said if more turtles set their sights on this sand, their family will help keep them from interference. >> it's a good idea. >> worth noting as we check down at the shore, you know, some summers it seems like the rain falls every weekend. it's been great. >> and looks like the pattern may continue for the next few weeks. just looking ahead. you'll see in the exclusive ten-day forecast. but right now we're enjoying today and tomorrow. and both days promise to be gorgeous. in fact, right now the bridge has that. lots of track. to the beach. that's shore traffic. folks are headed to the beaches right now. it's going to be a busy day,
9:44 am
especially places like the garden state parkway. and we have sunshine. so at least we have that going. could see in your headlines, temperatures still in the 70s. it's another picture perfect weekend. it's that combination of sunshine, warm weather, beach weather, but low humidity. no mugginess out there. our dry stretch will come to an end. we need the rain. we're going to get a little bit of rain tuesday and wednesday tracking showers and storms. now, we took a look at your shore cast for the jersey shore in long island. how about the northho a great day to be on the water. 77 to 81 degrees. winds out of the southeast from 5 to 15 miles per hour. water temperature, in the 60s. 64 to 68 degrees. still very chilly, refreshing, and waves will be light. temperatures down the jersey shore right now in the upper 60s to low 70. it's 74 down the shore in tom's river. 70s from the havrp tons back towards westchester county.
9:45 am
grass pollen is high today. mold also moderate. those are your main allergy offenders for this weekend. nothing offensive here in the weekend outlook. temperatures in the mid-80s, sunshine. you do need the sun block though. uv index is 8. tomorrow it's 9. very high both days. make sure you protect yourself from that. satellite and radar shows another high pressure scenario. no rain and hardly any clouds at all. and that's the way it stays. on future tracker, this is 3:00 good outside. overnight tonight into tomorrow, you see fog trying to form along the coast. you may wake up to little fog tomorrow morning. but that mixes out quickly. by tomorrow afternoon, looking good again. even monday promises to be dry. maybe at night that's when we see rain moving in. that's our unsettled period as we get into monday and especially tuesday. we'll see that in the exclusive ten-day forecast. mid-80s throughout the weekend. even monday is looking pretty
9:46 am
a little more sticky monday night into tuesday. showers and storms a possibility. with temperatures in the 80s. you want to stay up-to-date with all these changes with the news 4 new york app. select the weather tab. see the forecast, radar, and submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. while online you want to play our interactive trivia game. this week's questions inspired by pride weekend.
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we are back to play this morning's trivia game. >> but first a congratulations to last week's winner. kathy and her husband live with their two little dogs and they play trivia every weekend. thanks for playing, guys. right now over to raphy. >> congratulations.
9:49 am
we have been seeing the same ones. this weekend's trivia inspired by gay pride and this weekend's parade. tomorrow actually. for those of you joining the first time, here's how you play. log onto you can play on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or web enabled device. once we officially begin the questions will pop up on your tv screen and you have 12 seconds to choose an answer by selecting options on your browser. while online, chat with your fellow trivia site. let's get the countdown clock started. it's been 47 years since the stonewall riots right here in new york city and tomorrow the gay pride parade will march past stonewall in celebration of gay history, pride, and culture. this year's grand marshals are jazz jennings, a syrian refugee and gay activist, and cecilia chung. founding producer of the san
9:50 am
log on by going to answer quickly as possible. good game, everyone. all right. pride trivia. let's go. question one. openly gay ceo tim cook runs which company? this company was responsible for the lisa, the newton, and the quick take. do you remember those? before releasing the ipod. apple. he acknowledged he was gay in 2014. he said it was worth trading his privacy by anyone who felt alone. which former member of menudo revealed he was gay in 2010? here's a hint, this music megastar was a member of the teenage group for five years. after that he went on a live a crazy life. yeah, it's number one ricky martin. he's best known for "living lavidaloca." he came out in 2010. question three. what event is considered a
9:51 am
we already talked about this. on june 20th, 1969 the nypd raided a small dive bar. it was a typical raid targeting g a rks y people but the people resisted. it became known as the stonewall riots. stonewall reignited the gay rights movement. question four. which of the following is an international drag superstar? this gay icon hit the charts back in 1992 with a smash hit "supermodel of the world." he's looking for the next drag superstar as of late. it's rupaul. in addition to hosting drag race, he's been a show host and sang in a punk band. who is the first openly gay person elected to the u.s.
9:52 am
elected to the senate. openly gay in 2012. tammy baldwin. sworn into office the same year that the supreme court overturned the defense of marriage act. question six. the musical cabaret is based on which book? cabaret has been on broadway flee times playing twice at studio 54 which was perfect because it's set in a seedy nightclub if the '30s. the answer is three. good-bye to berlin is the semiautobiographical series from his time in germany. ann knee proulx wrote what story about gay cowboys set in wyoming? you may remember the film. jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger played two main characters in the movie version of the story. it's number three "brokeback mountain." the film -- since the film many
9:53 am
it's about homophohomophobia. civil rights leader bay yard rustin helped organize what? historians is have said that the fact bayard rustin was gay it forced him out of the spotlight. the march on washington. he helped organize the historic march on have a dream speech. who was the first openly gay comic book character? all these characters have come out in the comics but which was the first? they were featured in the first gay wedding. it is north star. number three. the character announced he was gay in a 1992 issue of alpha flight. since then green lantern, batwoman, iceman, midnighter have all come out. question ten. what tv show was the first to
9:54 am
television? according to the advocate, the episode of this nbc show which airs in 1991 was the first to show a same-sex kiss on network tv. "l.a. law." many other shows broke this barrier since including others like "friends," "will & grace." our winner is 0473 and the top scores are basically all in the 8,000s. strong scores there. don't forget toil and congratulations to all of our players. we'll be right back after the
9:55 am
9:56 am
before we go here, we've got 72 degrees outside right now? >> just the beginning. >> and no humidity. >> it's delightful. we have high pressure coming from the north, the drier air mass. it's not the bermuda high that pumps in the moisture. that's going difference. lots of sunshine. temperatures back to the mid-80s. very comfortable. a little bit above average, actually. but who cares it's going to be great. 84 and sunny. low humidity we've been saying. down to 66 for the low. great beach day but we have the moderate risk for rip currents at the atlantic facing beaches. so jersey shore, queens, brooklyn. you have to watch out for the rip currents today. make sure a life guard can see you if you're heading in the
9:57 am
85 and sunny. the next chance of rain not until tuesday. we kind of need the rain now. no real rain in the forecast. just spotty stuff. >> but the right place on the ten-day forecast. take care of the bookends. >> and the fourth of july looking great. >> so far. it's looking pretty good out towards next weekend as well. >> and good weather for the parade tomorrow. >> yep. >> millions of people. >> we'll we'll be out there. come and join us on 5th avenue. >> hope to see you there. >> thanks for spending part of your saturday morning with us. >> our next newscast is at 6:00 tonight. but as always we keep you updated on thank you for having us in for news. have a good weekend.
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