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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  July 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now, animal attack. >> the wild encounter by a new jersey man and his dog out for a walk in a local park. >> welcome to the second half hour of "news 4 at 5:00." >> the attack ferocious. >> it happened in manchester township. that's where we found jen maxfield. she spoke with residents. >> reporter: the man was wooded area here at the powmia park in manchester. the park has picnic benches and a baseball field. you can understand why neighbors are concerned about a vicious wild animal roaming around here. the dog molly was fetching baseballs earlier this week out of the park. not anymore. >> otherwise i wouldn't let her back there in the first place.
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>> reporter: it may sound crazy, but it's true. a 53-year-old man out walking his german shepherd wednesday night was attacked. the dog bites on both of the man's arms required 30 stitches. >> a large brown dog attacked him. >> reporter: just out of nowhere? >> just out of nowhere. >> reporter: the man did not want to go on camera. manchester police have alerted his coyote. when you're outdoors, keep dogs on a short leash, especially at night. if you're walking at night or in the woods, bring noise makers. whistles or horns can scare a coyote away. >> it is kind of scary. >> reporter: a neighbor says he's been keeping his boxer close to home ever since he heard howling at night. even his mom didn't believe him. >> there's howling. no, there's not. there's howling.
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>> reporter: police here in manchester think he may have already left the area. i'm jen maxfield. three tried to enter new york to help save a young girl from drugs back in june. when the presiding judge heard erin failed to make prior court appearances, he kept decision. an update now on a car crash that killed a long island woman. police have arrested a 33-year-old. they say he was driving without a license when he struck a car that was backing out of a driveway on crooked hill road in brentwood last night. the driver, 32-year-old woman, survived, but her passenger 52-year-old woman died from her injuries. a terrifying kidnapping and
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robert bristol is accused of taking a woman hostage before robbing a bank in the area. he used the victim's cell phone to make false bomb threats to police. the 65-year-old allegedly went through a bank drive-thru where he threatened to kill his hostage. he is now facing multiple charges, including assault. in new jersey, police are looking for the man who tied lot of people inside. an owner of an italian restaurant in medford knew something was wrong when he came face to face with the suspect. the suspect set blank prescription pads on fire in a trash can in the bathroom. >> it was 6:25 in the evening. the restaurant was full at the time and it could have caused a significant tragedy. >> an off-duty officer was able
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fire. no patrons were hurt. the suspect did manage to get away. mayor bill de blasio not happy with the plan to shut down the l train for more than a year. last week the mta announced the plan to terminate l train service between brooklyn and manhattan for needed repairs because of the damage left by superstorm sandy. the transit agency will start working on that project in and says it will last for 18 months. the mays what the shutdown could mean for commuters. >> this decision, although i'm sure it has a practical underlying rationale, announcing it without a plan to deal with the impact is troubling to me. we're going to push hard to see if it really has to be so long. >> the mayor wanted to remind commuters that the state runs the mta, not the city. new ferry service will be in
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supposed to start. good news for students who attended dowling college. it has partnered with long island university to accept transfer students so they have an opportunity to complete their degrees. dowling has an agreement with five other colleges. it closed two weeks ago. new information on a predator that made its way to the jersey shore this summer. researchers say the clinging jellyfish has all but vanished. the why are they disappearing? another jellyfish called the stinging sea nettle are feeding on them and diminishing their population. still ahead, a sign of the times. >> presidential politics on t-shirts. plus. the pokemon go craze is sweeping the tri-state. i'm mark santia. coming up, why some lawmakers say the game is putting children
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and we're still tracking rain showers. a few moving through the tri-state right now, but the weekend looks unsettled. not a complete washout. i'll track those storms for you coming up in your ten-day forecast stay with us. lester holt has a look at what he's working on. >> we'll have the latest from florida where zika in america has just taken a serious new turn. how did your nomination speech play outside the ar a week until the opening ceremony for the summer olympics. we take to the air over rio to see if the city will be ready when we see you back here for
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boy, has it been a year for presidential politics. >> i know. >> front and center on t-shirts. >> they are good for business. ted greenburg >> watch the tram car, please. >> reporter: with the familiar sounds on wildwood's boardwalk, familiar faces but not necessarily flattering ones. >> it is everywhere you go. it's all the stores have it. >> reporter: in this hot election season politically themed t-shirts featuring the likenesses of donald trump, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders are prominently displayed at the many clothing shops along the boards.
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trump has been flying out the door. >> reporter: the shirts and support and bash both of the major presidential candidates. there's this one if you don't like either. >> the most popular one has been the hillary clinton for prison. >> reporter: merchants told me they started selling the shirts at the beginning of the summer, but sales started picking up in the past couple weeks during the republican and democratic conventions. >> mostly the superman >> i would use it more for funny and humor. >> reporter: a different store owner said she was sold out of pro-hillary shirts. a new billboard is taking the place of the iconic history channel billboard in the south bronx.
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sight over the harlem river, was removed back in december and in its place iheart media. how about a side of patience with that extra hot caramel
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well, nothing beats a cold treat on a hot and humid day. now we have the scoop on a new cool way to celebrate summer's favorite dessert. you got that, david. write that down. the museum of ice cream is open to the public and of course it's totally interactive. there are edible that's a scoop seesaw. those are the edible balloons and the cone-shaped wall paper. that is a pool of rainbow sprinkles. some of the flavors were especially designed and created for this pop-up museum. it is a dream for kids of all ages. >> it is willy wonkaesque. it takes you from outside new
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only going to be open for a month, so get in line now. i tried to get into the museum of smell, whatever it was. line was around the block. >> i imagine it will be for that one. >> what was that one called? >> you know what i'm talking about and so do you all. i didn't get in or i'd have a better idea of what it's we do have a couple pop-up showers out there as well. those are diminishing as we head into the evening hours and as the sunsets. it is going to take away that mechanism that gets those showers going, but we have more unsettled weather on the way. sunshine to start tomorrow, but then showers and storms will be on the approach. right now in dyker heights and
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still 88 in newburgh. 91 in poughkeepsie. you can see those showers that developed here on doppler radar. a three-hour loop shows them descending down from the north, but we don't have a lot of rain with that system. if you get a sprinkle as we head through the evening hours, that's going to be it. just that one we're still dry at noon in the city and surrounding suburbs, but you can see that rain quickly approaching here. we're only getting a brief break from the rain. by dinner time on saturday, it is raining in the city. we have some pockets of heavier rain making their approach from the south and west. sunday morning starts out unsettled. it might not be raining out your window on sunday morning, but there will be more rain on the
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indicating the potential for some heavier rain with any of these storm cells. we could see more thunder and lightning out of any of these thunderstorms that develop, especially from saturday night through sunday morning. overnight tonight, the quick passing shower is going to end with partial clearing. we'll dip down to 72 degrees in midtown. 69 in nyack. 69 degrees in asbury park. a nice, light breeze out of the north as well. tomorrow we'll get up to 84 increase late in the day with the showers and thunderstorms arriving in the city before dinner time. here's a look at your ten-day forecast. much more unsettled on sunday. saturday will start out dry. sunday we have the threat for a shower or thunderstorm pretty much off and on throughout the day. monday a lingering shower
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i think we'll be able to keep it dry all the way through the rest of the workweek. however it starts to get warmer and more humid by thursday and friday. back over to you. starbucks customers may be spending more time waiting for their morning caffeine fix. baristas have been venting on social media saying lines are getting longer. the streamlined scheduling system is giving them fewer hours than normal. starbucks denies making any we're told the new app for ios devices will use a customer's buying history to recommend similar devices. it allows you to access your order history, but doesn't use that data offer suggests. apple is moving to
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morning. that's the bedford street location. apple is going to open a world trade center in just a few weeks. tkts will open a pop-up booth tuesday at lincoln center's david atrium. well, parents, you might want to think twice about a popular toy trend this summer. mermaid tails could actually be dangerous for kids. lynda baquero tells us more about the risk that experts say they pose to your children. >> reporter: for a family vacation, the ripley's mermaids attract plenty of crowds and you
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amazon. prices range from $50 up to $125. many come with a monofin, but there's a word of caution. >> you don't have feet all of a sudden. your legs are together. when you want to try standing up, it's very difficult because you do have a fin. >> reporter: the director of die safety at brooklyn's aquarium says never ever leave a child alone in the pool with one on. >> you have to make sure your child is a strong keep it nice and shallow. >> reporter: a warning if you're considering taking one to the beach. >> in the ocean, you have the currents. you have the different waves. it is just not a safe activity. >> reporter: to show you how much safety is a concern, ripley's mermaids are cpr certified and train for six months in the tank. there are two swim divers on standby during shows. >> to get in touch with our
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on to or give them a call at 866-639-7244. everyone who reaches out will get a response from the tea. still ahead, a dangerous play. >> pokemon go leading players to the homes of sex offenders? what's going on here? how local officials want to protect young gamers. coming up tonight, justice disappeared only to be found brutally murdered. today the man convicted for killing her learned his fate from the judge. rising from the ashes near the site of a horrible massacre for children and teachers. a new sandy hook elementary school opens its doors for the
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there's a disturbing and dangerous new trend with pokemon go. pokemons are popping up at homes of sex offenders. >> local lawmakers are furious. they're calling for new legislation to protect children who use these augmented reality games. >> reporter: people of all ages playing pokemon go on the go. >> it is opening the door to sexual predators where they can now locate young people.
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predators a road map to vulnerable children. he's pushing for new legislation forbidding a registered sex offender from playing pokemon go. >> these are individuals out on parole, so they can't live anywhere within 1,000 feet of a school. >> that makes perfect sense to me. >> reporter: a mother of two and a pokemon fan, she says keeping the game out of sex offenders' hands is just smar to do. >> reporter: the senators say their new legislation wouldn't just target sex offenders, but the pokemon game itself. >> i want to require that the company actually police their own games. >> reporter: the senators say they looked at addresses of 100 sex offenders. they found 59 pokemon stops or gyms a half a mile from sex
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>> if they don't comply, the attorney general will be able to force them to compel. >> that's an easy, simple fix to make. that's definitely something you don't want people to use the game to lure people in. >> reporter: steve says creators need to be aware of where locations are placed. >> i think that legislation even now an okay thing because you're going to keep people safe, especially children. >> reporter: in bryant park, mark nt thanks for watching. >> stay with us now as the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, sentencing day for the man convicted young long island mother sandra good. why new york is stepping up its war on mosquitos that could carry zika virus. sandy hook elementary school rising from the ashes of tragedy, reopening its doors for
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"news 4 new york at 6:00" starts right now. good evening. i'm natalie pasquarella. >> and i'm stefan holtz. >> sarah good was a medical technician with a 4-year-old daughter when she disappeared after a party in her hometown of medford. a judge sentenced dante taylor to life without parole for the terrible crimes he >> reporter: as you might expect, sarah good's family and friends came to court today seeking justice for the young mom who was killed two years ago. a suffolk judge delivered that justice. his frank words for the killer captured by cameras that were allowed into the courtroom for today's sentencing. dante taylor offered no apology
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murder of single mom sarah goode, but the judge had plenty to say. >> you may circle dates on the calendar, but they will mean nothing because there is no date for you to get out. >> reporter: the judge's words brought comfort to goode's family. her mom and sisters wore buttons with the 20-year-old medical technician who they say had a big smile and a heart to match. >> she was always willing to do things for everyone else and put herself last a lot of the times in trying to help when she didn't have anything. >> reporter: according to prosecutors, shortly after meeting taylor in june 2014, sarah goode was raped and stabbed more than 40 times. her body was then dumped near her medford home. >> we hope you rot in the depths of hell and feel the pain and torture felt in her last moments on earth.


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