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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  August 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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burglar, was struck. at some point, a woman was injured. it's unclear how a woman was injured. this was not the woman who called police, by the way. this woman, the homeowner, was at work. another woman was injured at some point, sustained a head wound and has also been hospitalized. they're both expected to survive. the burglar suspect we're told is expected -- excuse me, has committed other burglaries as well. this area continue their investigation. we have seen canine units walking the area. not clear if they're looking for another possible suspect or a weapon. senior law enforcement officials tell news 4 no weapon has been recovered at this point. again, two people hurt in this officer-involved shooting. one of them shot by police. the other a woman, possibly a bystander. we're not exactly sure how she was hurt.
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afternoon on the zika virus spreading in south florida by what appears to be homegrown mosquitos. there are now ten new infections bringing the total number to 14. the cdc issued a travel advisory warning pregnant women not to travel to that area. >> that neighborhood is a bustling art district. miami. the cdc is advising women who visited that area since the 15th of june to avoid getting pregnant for at least two months and for men who have been there, they shouldn't have unprotected sex for the same amount of time to avoid transmitting the virus. june 15th appears to be the day when zika seems to start spreading among mosquitos there. >> reporter: in florida, health department workers are literally going door to door in an effort
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the spread of the zika virus. this after the state has become ground zero for the infection of the u.s. mainland. those cases so far limited to this one square mile area just north of miami. >> we just announced this morning on top of the four cases we announced on friday we have ten more cases. as you know, two of those cases were in broward and the others were in miami that we announced on friday. all the additional cases are in that one small square mile downtown miami. >> reporter: these are the first cases of zika that have been transmitted from a mosquito to a human being in the u.s. florida's 400 other cases are contracted during travel to another infected country. the governor meeting today to share strategy and to keep residents informed, particularly pregnant women or women planning to get pregnant. the virus causes microcephaly,
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heads and brains. >> my concerns were making sure i understood the virus. >> reporter: officials have distributed mosquito repellant kits and have distributed larvacide. >> the recommendation is if you're pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, talk to your get rid of your standing water. use bug repellant. use protective gear. we will be successful. >> health officials say what we don't know about zika is even more unsettling than what we do know, but they remind us that the u.s. has contained mosquito-borne viruses before. they don't believe we're going to see any large-scale epidemic
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we want to hear from you. head to our facebook page or tweet us and let us know your thoughts on the issue. we've had a rough few days of weather. flood watches are still posted right now for much of our area, so how much more rain are we in for and when will it all end? we have dave price tracking conditions. hi, dave. >> it looks like scattered showers still working their way into our region. we're you can see some embedded lightning there, but at this point we don't see heavy rains within the immediate metropolitan area throughout the tri-state. but it is certainly in the realm of possibility as we head through the evening. that's why tonight we have a flash flood watch in effect for much of the area to the north and down to some shore points as well. we are going to probably see the best chance of thundershower activity to the north and west tonight. here's how the evening takes
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the muggy air you can feel. a lingering shower during the overnight. tomorrow morning, while it is comfortable on the thermometer, we could see a spot shower. tomorrow, a lingering shower is not out of the forecast. we'll talk about better weather ahead as we go ahead to the midweek coming up in just a little while. back to you guys at the desk. >> you can traffic the forecast any time with our news 4 new york app. and you can get weather alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet. muggers who stabbed a man over a cell phone. it happened on the corner of berry and north fifth streets in williamsburg early this morning. >> reporter: the 25-year-old man was right there on the corner. that's when the three gentlemen approached him. they demanded his phone, he handed it over, and that's when they slashed the victim in the chest and back.
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that happened right in front of your house. >> reporter: kimberly calls this brooklyn block home. she's lived here for 34 years. she said this is the first vicious attack right outside her front door. >> when i came outside and i looked, i was just devastated. i have three young daughters. it wasn't a pleasant sight to see. >> reporter: a man robbed of his cell phone, then slashed in the back and chest. police say three attackers left their victim bleeding here on the corner of >> i live on the first floor right here. >> reporter: the attack in this brooklyn neighborhood has people who live here worried about their safety. >> that's pretty scary. it's kind of messed up. >> reporter: new police believe these three men may have gotten away in a silver-colored vehicle, possibly a ford taurus. if you have any information, a reward is being offered.
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ohio man behind a terror plot in washington, d.c. planned his attack to coincide with the 2015 state of the union. this information was revealed as christopher lee pled guilty to all charges today. he planned to detonate pipe bombs at the capitol and gun people down fleeing the chaos. a war of wordsea today over donald trump and the khan family, whose son died fighting in iraq. tonight the families of other fallen war heros are demanding trump apologize. they say he cheapened the sacrifice their loved ones made. >> growing controversy for the donald trump campaign, which so far has survived, even thrived on controversy.
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>> we're also going to stop radical islamic terrorism. we're not letting the people come in. >> reporter: there's growing backlash against his criticisms of the parents of humayun khan. khan's father blasted trump at last week's democratic convention. >> this candidate amazes me. his ignorance, he can get up and malign the entire nation. >> reporter: the head of the veterans group, today called the comments out of bounds and 17 gold star military families demanded an apology, writing this goes beyond politics. it is about a sense of decency. >> our gold star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. they represent the very best of our country.
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adviser sam clovis said the khans opened themselves to criticism by being on stage. >> they're not looking at it from a political perspective. >> reporter: the controversy has opened a new front for hillary clinton, who in ohio this weekend called trump's comments insulting. here on capitol hill, the chairman of the house and senate armed services committee has issued statements today critical of trump's comments. mccain, the 2008 gop presidential nominee. in washington, scott macfarlane. the act is named after madison from bergen county. she was a 19-year-old freshman at the university of pennsylvania when she took her
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students who might be thinking of suicide or living with depression. new york city students have a lot to be proud of. for the very first time, they caught up with their peers around the state on english exams. english scores rose 38% in each of the city's 32 community school districts. mayor de blasio called it a, quote, astounding one-year gain. graduate rates reached over 70% for the first time in the city's history. >> female students, male students, black students, latino students, asian students, and white students all made gains, so this is a clear, clear indication that something is working. >> now four of the city's renewal schools did worse on exams while the others made gains. the mayor said the city will look into closing or merging the
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still ahead, the hot air balloon tragedy. what we're learning now about the pilot at the helm of the time of the disaster. we're in new jersey has folks begin to assess the damage and clean up for the mess left behind from yesterday's downpours. sandy victims cheated. what a company and one of its project managers are accused of
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in less than an hour we'll be getting an ntsb on what caused this weekend's hot air balloon crash. we're learning more about the pilot. he was arrested in missouri in 2000 for driving while intoxicated. and the better business bureau warned people about doing business with the balloon touring company in that state. >> it's pretty haunting.
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of continued until just literally a couple of minutes before they reported the time of the incident. >> right now it is believed the balloon crashed into electrical wires and plummeted to the ground on saturday. investigators say a fire broke out on board, but it's unclear if that happened before or after the balloon hit those wires. fury of flash floods in maryland. saturday night 6 inches of rain fell in just two hours. main street turned into a raging river which swallowed everything in its path. the floods have killed two people. more than 100 people had to be rescued. many cars, homes, and businesses were also wiped out. >> there are people who have lost everything.
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ourselves, but we're just devastated for a lot of people. >> the state of maryland now seeking federal disaster aid to help rebuild. well, tonight, the cleanup is well under way in new jersey, which got slammed with heavy rains and flash floods. one home was also struck by lightning. we get the story from brian thompson. >> reporter: it's been like this all day long on the mill stone river. this is the black wells mills it is used to this kind of flooding, but this is typical about how it's been scattered all across the state. as far as actual damage goes, this nursery school may have taken the hardest hit. >> we couldn't even access the building because the water was 14 inches high and all we could do was stand there and wonder how are we going to clean up
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the cause this morning. damage to carpeting and toys was extensive. in lacy township, a bolt of lightning came down next to this tree and traveled underground to this house damaging the outside and then bursting through the wall inside. >> it definitely shook the house. we thought a transformer blew. >> reporter: obviously, at this rate all it takes is one more later this evening and this whole roadway will be very deep once again. in somerset, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> yesterday i was driving through new jersey and it was all different types of heavy rain. >> we still have a flood watch in effect for much of the area as we head through the evening too. that's top of mind right now. we'll go outside.
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the relative humidity is about 67%. dew point is at 66%, so you can feel it. it is kind of sticky out there. 78 is the temperature. variable winds at 3. visibility is at nine. the skies are a little on the dreary side. gray and damp through this evening. thunderstorms most likely to the north and west tonight. in the meantime, right now 78 in white plains too and poughkeepsie. 75 in long branch. in the mid 70s as you run across long island and take 495. as we go out west, temperatures are also in the mid to upper 70s. the only low spot right now 66 degrees in monticello. here's the doppler radar picture giving us a good indication of a pocket of intense weather working its way through the williamsport area through
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whether it holds onto its strength, remains a question. but we're keeping an eye on all of that as its trajectory is towards us through the south and east. we have a flash flood watch in effect through the evening tonight stretching as far north as orange and putnam counties and sussex and as far south as monmouth. we west we could see that heavy rain tonight. as we look at 10:00 around liberty and into sections of beacon, that's where we could see some strong rain. then during the overnight some heavy rains as well out by sparta. we're going to keep an eye on that. tomorrow morning during the early morning rush look at what could be a strong line of thundershower activity.
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going through the area throughout much of the day tomorrow in the afternoon and evening. much of them staying to the west, but rolling over the city is a possibility. wednesday, we have gorgeous weather. what are we calling for? right now, we are clear, but rain could potentially be on the way as we head through this evening. look at the temperatures. nice and cool. running into the low 80s by wind, lovely day. then we turn up the heat as we head into friday and saturday with some instability back in the picture. the full ten-day forecast keeps us about where we should be for this time of year. >> the lawn has been a little parched. it is not so bad. >> we need this rain, but we don't like the impacts of getting so much in such a short period of time. got a new warning to tell
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why you may want to skip the burgers at the next barbecue. a raging fire with an appropriate flame. the flames forced people out of their homes with just minutes to spare. a special moment during an nypd promotion ceremony. the honor for ten officers who
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in news for your health, here's a good reason to add some plant-based proteins. go nuts with it. you'll live longer. researchers tracked the diets of more than 130,000 adults for 30 years. they found that patients who ate more plant-based proteins had a lower risk of early death than those who ate a large amount of animal proteins. that risk of death increased in adults with at least one
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smoking, and being sedentary. now thieves are using a phishing scam. you have to be on the lookout for a bogus e-mail. the message leads you to believe the developers are charging for the game. the e-mail contains a link to purchase what is called the full version, but the link >> with more than 75 million users using this app, we know this could spread widely. it looks like it is coming from the right e-mail address. it's got the logos. it is disguised well. >> it always looks so real. the warning comes on the same day as trying to stop registered
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pokemon go. cuomo is urging the game developer to assist in preventing sex offenders from using the app after a report by two senators found a high volume of pokemons outside of sex offenders' homes. to get in touch with my consumer investigative team, go and fill out our form or you can give us a call at 866-639-7244. remember from now on everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team at our new consumer investigative center. officers opened fire. police are expected to talk about it soon. we're going to bring you the update coming up live. plus, sandy scam charges. how prosecutors say an
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of the system and storm victims. and at 5:00, an fbi employee with top secret security clearance and working in new york city pleads guilty to serious charges. wait until you hear what he
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appointments available now. now at 4:00, securing the games. the rio olympics just days away. a look at the massive operation to keep everyone safe. city hall slammed. new criticism of the deal that allowed a developer to make tens of millions of dollars by selling a nursing home. today charges filed against om took advantage of dozens of sandy victims. >> you're watching "news 4 new york at 4:00." >> i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm lynda baquero. prosecutors say there was one company that saw an opening to make money. >> the state's attorney general laid out the allegations, a 50-count indictment against an


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