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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  August 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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hands. mayor bill de blasio today trying hard to convey that the departure of bill bratton would not be a huge loss. >> a very good day, a very meaningful day. >> reporter: the mayor had no shortage of high praise for bratton who is leaving police headquarters for a private sector opportunity. >> there's never a good time, bratton signaled he would not be in this job for the long haul. there has been long speculation he would quit. >> you don't need training if a man said 11 times i can't breathe. >> reporter: there have been tough times. the eric garner case, bitter black lives matter protests, the
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new york's finest, sinking morale. crime has continued to drop during bratton's tenure. he convinced the mayor to expand the ranks of the police department, upgrade training and equipment, and the two men insist there was no riff between them. >> 110% has nothing to do with this. we have all bonded very, very personally. >> reporter: bratton told de blasio on july 8th he would be leaving for a lucrative opportunity. yesterday de blasio notified o'neill he would be taking over. >> it was inspiring for a young
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we are here for this city. >> reporter: bratton's position is a position he spoke about moments ago in an exclusive interview with c new division to join the 12 other divisions they already have. i will build that company out. they're in a position relative to the current threats that face businesses around the world. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio losing a key member of his administration, but insisting the transition will be seamless. that's the latest live from city hall. melissa russo, news 4 new york. joining us to talk about the
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dienst. james o'neill a long-time veteran there. >> about to take over as commissioner. the 58-year-old o'neill has for months been front and center at major crime scenes and he's been a leading figure pressing for increased neighborhood police as a crime fighting tool and as a way to improve police and community relations. in meetings, we have seen o'neill dive into details at the precinct level in an effort to hold commanders accountable and in an effort to make communities safer. >> our successes as a police department, as a society, are only when we work together. with the help of every new yorker, we'll continue facilitaing all the good that is done daily by our residents
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pockets of violence. >> he worked in narcotics and has taught at the police academy before rising the ranks to highest position of chief in the department. now he's about to become the police commissioner. he's a tough on crime leader who will stay focused on counterterrorism. community relations front and center for the nypd. now in a statement, pat lynch thanked bratton for his rv challenging period for the nypd and its members. he -- our coverage continues online. head to where you can find an interactive timeline of bratton's tenure at the nypd. you'll find what you need to know about the force's next commissioner. a 5-month-old girl dead. her skull fractured multiple times.
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parents responsible. we are at the home on green point avenue in sunnyside, queens, this afternoon. >> reporter: good evening. we just knocked on the door here. no bun is home at this apartment complex. that's because the parents of the 5-month-old girl are in police custody right now, taking questions and answering questions about how their child was murdered. the parents of the 5-month-old called 911 because she wasn't breathing. initially, police say they didn't think she was murdered, but when the medical examiner called it a homicide, police brought the parents in for questioning. the medical examiner says the 5-month-old died of head trauma. the parents told investigators
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her crying by ridding her of the evil eye. neighbors tell us they often heard the little 5-month-old crying. >> she used to cry a lot. i think it was one of those situations where some babies need to be in motion so they can settle down, i guess. take the baby out in the hallway and push it in the stroller. i think that would help it sleep. >> rte is now safe in the care of the administration for child services. we told you what the family told police. coming up at 5:30, we'll tell you what the family was telling some of the nearby neighbors here. news 4 new york. >> thank you very much. the fight is on in south florida against mosquitos that may be transmitting zika. we have just learned of another
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victims to 15. cdc officials say killing the bugs is a difficult process since there are so many of them in miami's wynwood neighborhood. a rare travel warning is now in effect urging pregnant women to avoid travel to that area of miami since the mosquito counts are still very high. the cdc announced it is awarding $16 million to 40 states and territories all to help fight zika and identify cases of new york, new jersey, connecticut are among those who are getting part of that pot. ida siegal joining us live at grand central. >> reporter: the mta is going into every single subway station and dropping larvacide pellets. governor cuomo was on the tracks
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commissioner. they're pointing out those pools of water that gather on the tracks there. then this morning they dropped some larvacide pellets. it is a proactive method of getting rid of mosquitos that would potentially develop in those pools of standing water. he said the state is doing the same at parks and urging homeowners to do it in standing water on their property as well. it is important to clarify at the moment the kind of mosquito aedes egypti does not live in new york. it lives in the u.s. now that the mosquitos are miami have been infected with zika officials are not taking any chances. >> responsible leadership says take every precaution you need
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egypti mosquito gets on an airplane with his girlfriend and they fly to new york and they make a new family of egypti mosquitos. >> reporter: in all seriousness, i asked the governor today is that really possible. could someone bring the mosquitos from miami up to new york and could they be a threat to us? the answer they gave was, well, it has not happened yet, but they couldn't that's why they are trying to be prepared. reporting live from the grand central station, ida siegal. news 4 new york. in the race for the white house today, president obama fired off his strongest attack against donald trump to date, calling the republican candidate unfit to run the country. >> the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge
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europe, in the middle east, in asia means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> the president also questioned why republican leaders continue to endorse trump while at the same time they denounce some of his controversy comments. trump is facing major backlash for criticizing a muslim american family whose son died inq the republican nominee has not apologized and did not address that issue at an event today in ashburn, virginia. instead he slammed the outcome of the clinton e-mail investigation and the fact she won't face charges for using a private server for government business. >> everybody thought, oh, wow, she's guilty. however, not what she got away with was a disgrace honestly. a disgrace to our country, but we have to learn from it. it's a crooked system.
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>> trump also blasted the media for being, quote, dishonest. moving to the democratic side now, vice presidential nominee tim kaine met with supporters in daytona, florida. now we want to show you a new poll that shows support for hillary clinton spiked after the democratic national convention. clinton now leads trump by eight points in the latest nbc news clinton did take a break from the campaign trail to end the funeral of a long-time friend mark weaner. clinton will hold events later this week in vegas. the catholic church and women. what pope francis said that could open the doors to women in the clergy. plus, a horrible scene on a california highway. a charter bus split in two. several people killed. this afternoon the search for a
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really better for you? the surprising news from researchers that might have you forgetting the floss. a mumps outbreak spreading on long island. why the vaccine might not protect you from getting it and here's dave price. we have some clouds out there. the question is are we going to see some scattered showers tonight. we're looking at it all and we'll give you the answers coming up in a few minutes.
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now to central california where at least five people are dead and several others are injured a this morning. it happened just an hour north of fresno. police say the charter bus swerved and hit a pole head on. the pole then pierced right through that bus seriously injuring several passengers, including the bus driver who is now in critical condition. officials say several of those injured lost limbs. no word yet on why the driver swerved in the first place. the bus carrying about 30 people heading to washington state for
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deacons in the catholic church. this could be an historic shift towards a more active role for women in the clergy. we have david ushery joining us now. >> pope francis first promised this kind of commission with a group of nuns back in early may. vatican officials say six women and six men from academic institutions around the world, including a professor of religi on the commission to study the historical roles of female deacons. deacons are not priests, but they can preach and preside over weddings and funerals. they cannot give mass. we talked to some people in our area who say they are in favor of the idea. >> we need the help. we need the help within the church. i think it would be a good thing. i would be in favor of that.
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thing. we've been wasting -- it's like having the sun there and not harnessing the sun's energy all these years. >> i think women bring a god-created passion. >> there was nothing said today that the church is set on a path to fully ordain women as priests. natalie? >> thanks. just cooled us off it seems like the last couple of days. >> lovely. i think we're in for a pretty decent stretch over the next 48, 72 hours or so. let's go up, up, and away to chopper 4. that's where you want to be just off the shore on a boat enjoying
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margaritaville at its best. beautiful picture. we'll check in with them in a little while. in the meantime, 75 degrees outside. what a picture. northeast winds at about 13 miles per hour. nine miles visibility. we have isolated sprinkles possible as we head through the evening hours. it's an open windows night tonight with temperatures in some areas getting into the 50s and lots of sunshine as we head into the midweek and make that turn. 74 right now in 72 in monticello. 71 in montauk. no matter where you go we are within just a few degrees of one another. this is what we are seeing on our live doppler picture where we show you the cloud cover, which we just noted no our live picture and the precipitation which is popping up in portions of northern pennsylvania. we don't see anything that is bothersome at this moment, but we'll continue to track it through the 4:00 hour. future tracker shows, as we head
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west of us and to the north. then as we advance into tomorrow morning we begin to clear on out and wednesday is going to be a spectacular day. you can see the clouds trying to kind of make their way in, but it's not happening. it's going to be really terrific. thursday looks good too. we're going to see a couple of clouds in there. 75. 71 at the midnight hour then dipping down into the 60s overnight and early morning tomorrow. to the far north a 54 degrees in monticello. 59 in poughkeepsie. you can put on a nice sweater and walk outside. tomorrow up to 80 degrees. that's like perfect. that's golf weather. that's going out for a walk weather. that's lunch outside weather. an august beauty. winds out of the east-southeast at 5 to 15 miles an hour. temperatures in the 70s. surf temperatures 70 to 75. uv index will be on the high
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looking ahead, temperatures stay comfortable thursday and friday. then as we head into the weekend they're jacked right up and we have thundershowers in the forecast. watch that thermometer kind of tick on up. saturday back to the heat and humidity. it's august though, so it makes sense. sunday mid 80s. as we begin next week, we're in pretty good shape with a little speed bump on wednesday. long-term forecast pretty nice >> i had no idea you were a jimmy buffett fan. citi bike is expanding to manhattan. you can now borrow and return city bikes on east 88th street and west 77th street. there will be 140 stations added this summer.
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the end of this year. up next, the great floss debate. should you or shouldn't you? this might surprise you. there's new information about the bizarre incident that made a mess out of the morning commute. still to come, brand-new buses would be a nice perk for the commute. what's keeping them off the
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something so many dentists have been stressing, sometimes nagging, for decades may not be as benefl this story. we're talking about flossing. there's little evidence that flossing prevents gum disease and cavities. >> brush and floss twice a day to keep the cavities away. >> dentists around the globe have been reminding their patients to floss their teeth every day. there's little proof that flossing actually works. in january, the u.s. department
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agriculture dropped flossing from their recommendations as part of u.s. dietary guidelines. >> if you use your toothbrush with floss, it's not more effective than toothbrushing alone. >> five reviews have been conducted in the past decade. some of them involve hundreds of participants and lasted as long as six months. the results ranged from unreliable to very low quality and some were biassed. the american dental association and its on many brands of dental floss. the ada declined an on camera interview, but said floss is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums. it is proven to help remove the amount of debris between your teeth that can cause gum disease and cavities. >> it's amazing sometimes when you put it in between your teeth and you pull it back out and you
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>> reporter: wayne aldridge says the studies are flawed. >> some of these are shorter studies. looking at a patient over 10 or 20 years to see the outcome over time, because gum disease is a very slow disease. >> the two doctors in the piece agree there's benefits to cleaning between your teeth, but it's not clear if flossing is the answer there. >> so many of us it's ingrained in. just ahead for us, we're going what parents need to know about this strain of the virus. plus mayor de blasio's trip to the gym ended with a protest. the nearly century old dairy there gets to shut down in queens. why the community will be losing much more than just milk. sesame place
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now at 4:00, rio's big reveal. a first look at the sites that will become synonymous with these games. governor christie responded to an e-mail hack and calls for a new investigation. the mumps outbreak. the number of cases growing. doctors say this strain is a little different.
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at 4:00." good afternoon. i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. the message on long island tonight is the mumps vaccine might not be enough to keep them at bay. >> there are 18 cases. most of those in the community of long beach. greg cergol spoke with a doctor. he's in long beach with what you need to know about this. greg? >> reporter: stefan and natalie, health officials are reporting four confirmed cases and 14 suspected cases of mumps. some of themer here at this long beach emergency department. health officials are blaming this outbreak on what seems to be a changing mumps virus. now health officials say most of the cases have been reported right here in long beach. the patients all in their 20s. most have already received the mumps vaccine, but they still got sick because in some cases the virus appears to have mutated slightly, making the


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