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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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accused of being soft on crime despite continued crime reductions. mayor de blasio was careful to sport a smile as he arrived to bill bratton's departure. >> i wish i had words for what this man has achieved. >> reporter: commissioner bratton broke the difficult news to his boss back on july 8th after announcing some better news about continued drops in crime. >> i took the opportunity of the mayor being in such a at that press conference. he then came into my office and i informed him that i would be leaving, that i would be retiring in mid september to pursue other opportunities. after i picked him up off the floor and got him on my couch, we had a two-hour conversation. >> it's the kind of conversation you want to say, what about the team? but i'm his friend first. >> reporter: they have worked
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despite public disagreements and painful times. the death of eric garner, the anti-police protests that followed. there were darker days. two police officers executed. thousands of police turned their backs on mayor de blasio. relations between city hall and the rankin file strained like never before. but the questions always how much longer would he stick around? today came the answer. >> it is now time for me to move on. >> reporter: bratton continued to drive down crime in a post-stop and risk era. de blasio took bratton's departing advice choosing james o'neill to succeed him. o'neill a 33-year department veteran from east flatbush is the highest ranking officer in the department, a familiar and
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police model. >> my mom was the one who taught me the ideals of what good cops aspire to her. because of her, i learned we can change the world into what we want it to be and life is much more about one's self. it's about all of us. thank you, mom. >> reporter: a sweet moment for chief o'neill, unafraid to show some emotion while supporting that four-star uniform with his mom sitting in the front row. it bill bratton. not his first time leaving this exact same job in the middle of a mayor's first term. rudy giuliani, you probably remember, flat out fired bratton for grabbing too much of the spotlight. bratton said he had no fears this time around about being fired by this mayor. news 4 new york. now the question is, who is the next police commissioner and ultimate nypd insider?
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report jonathan dienst here with more. >> he is both. he is an insider rising through the ranks and his focus is on neighborhood policing. chief o'neill considers partnering with communities critical to success, but he is a tough cop who focuses on street crews and repeat offenders, a man who holds people accountable for what goes on in their communities. expect more of the same with a push to keep crime numbers low while trying to improve police communities. counterterrorism will remain a key focus with several key nypd leaders expected to stay on under o'neill. one question is if counter-terror head john miller leaves to return to his job at cbs. o'neill is a man with decades of experience from transit cop to
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the question moving forward, will that experience help keep crime down and to help improve police community relations. >> many will be watching. we have much more about bratton on our website. there's an interactive timeline detailing his time with the nypd. you can also read more about his successor, soon to be commissioner o'neill. go to or download the news 4 app. the zika virus now spreading through florida, precautions are same thing does not happen here. the focus today was subway stations today. a potential breeding ground for mosquitos. ida siegal is in midtown with more on the efforts to keep new yorkers safe. ida? >> reporter: natalie, the governor first and foremost was quick to point out that no one has actually gotten zika from a mosquito here in new york and the subways are safe, but there's no guarantee things will stay that way. so today the governor himself
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to demonstrate what they're doing about it. >> the zika virus we've said all along should be taken seriously. >> reporter: governor cuomo down on the subway tracks with cameras rolling, inspecting pools of standing water, the kind of water mosquitos love. >> mosquitos. >> reporter: this morning, they put larvicide pellets at a station. >> we're redoubling our efforts to make sure drains are clear. >> reporter: still folks we spoke with are nervous. >> we have a lot of worries about that, especially since it's reached florida now.
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aedes aegypti, doesn't live in new york. it does live in the southern part of the u.s. that's why miami has seen its first cases of local infection, but that doesn't mean we're in the clear. the governor announced similar efforts to clear water in parks. they're passing out free kits to homeowners to help kill mosquitos. >> take every precaution you need to take now just in case that aegypti mosquito gets on an airplane with his girlfriend and they fly to new york and they make a new family of aegypti mosquitos. >> reporter: i asked the governor is that possible. could those mosquitos in miami find their way up here to new york? the answer was, well, it hasn't happened yet, but they can't say definitively that it won't.
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central terminal, ida siegal. now a story that started with one of your tips. a complaint that commuter buses in new jersey are overcrowded. they're breaking down and taking forever to get anywhere. now 4 investigates has learned that plans to get new buses are being held up because of the fight over the gas tax in new jersey. brian thompson is in north bergen tonight with more on all of this. brian? >> reporter: david, commuters can only fume as governor christie and legislative leaders battle over that 23 cent gas tax hike. most of the buses you see behind me, well, they are paid for nj transit. they belong to either nj transit or the private carriers. certainly with the transportation trust fund money that is now frozen. >> i would say that i'm probably late to work at least two days out of the week. >> reporter: he calls his ride
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the lincoln tunnel. the delay means dozens of new buses have been stopped in their tracks. >> they're dirty sometimes. they need to improve them a little bit. >> there's always breakdowns, air-conditioning issues, maintenance problems. >> reporter: commuters who have had their fill won't like this. 4 investigates found 19 buses for coach and 64 for academy are in manufacturing limbo. this could delay the some 1100 buses bought by nj transit. no relief is in sight. >> i understand both sides want to take their stance. shutting down the transportation fund is ridiculous without thinking through all of the things it was going to effect. >> reporter: a spokesman for academy told me this could have a real impact by the fall.
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>> i would invite the governor and legislators to take a ride with me tomorrow morning. >> reporter: new jersey transit gets almost half the buses that were bought out of this particular year's budget. private carriers get all the rest. with the spending freeze now a month old, there's no way to speculate on when new buses will come to this highway thompson. fighting to keep their streets clean. what this crowd is trying to push out of their neighborhood. plus, a new ranking of places with the best schools has been released. where does your child fall on the list? we've got details coming up. mother nature is about to give us a big break from the heat and humidity. temperatures tonight cool enough to give the ac a break and maybe
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today in brooklyn dozens hit the streets to help get a dangerous drug out of their neighborhood. more than 50 men in blue from led a community march through bedford-stuyvesant. today's march took place across the so-called zombie land. this is their second demonstration. the first was after the k-2 overdose last month. only four schools in the city made the state's annual list for violent schools this year. that is down dramatically from
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have violent or disruptive incidents. a new list released this week ranks new jersey and connecticut towards the top when it comes to the nation's best schools. the report compared the quality of education in the 50 states and washington, d.c. taking into account things like student-teacher ratio. new jersey new york was ranked 25th. coming up tonight, it finally feels a little bit cooler out there. we have storm team 4's janice huff tracking the temperature change. she'll have your full forecast. victims of crime could be owed money, but is the city trying hard enough to find them? the i-team investigates a million dollars waiting to be
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lester holt
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>> coming up, our team working on the fireworks of the campaign trail. even the white house and the president weighing in about donald trump. plus, we have a real eye-opener on taking care of your teeth. the government has changed its tune when it comes to flossing. >> our dentists have told us to do this for years. >> for years. it does all kinds of good things. they have said that, but the government has looked into a review of more than 25 studies that came to a different in a few minutes. but can it really hurt? >> the toothbrush doesn't seem like it is enough. thanks. we turn now to an i-team exclusive. the city is sitting on $1 million owed to crime victims, but the mayor's office won't share the names of those victims. chris glorioso here with what's happening to all this unclaimed
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there's a problem. oftentimes the victims have moved on with their lives and they haven't be found. when the i-team started asking questions, we found a troubling lack of transparency about the cash owed to some of new york's most vulnerable. >> victims of crimes have nothing to be ashamed. >> reporter: jennifer marin is the victim of a particularly brazen theft thousands of dollars in damage, and then tried to forge the property's deed. >> people who take things that are not theirs, who victimize other people in whatever way, clearly they should be responsible for restitution. >> reporter: but the i-team has learned safe horizon, the company paid to connect missing crime victims with the cash their owed, doesn't take one of the most basic steps to locate
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their names, even though they're considered not locatable. the agency will not provide records related to uncollected restitution because they must maintain confidentiality around the names of the victims. jennifer marin doesn't understand why the city would keep the names of missing beneficiaries private. in a set of contradictory e-mails, the mayor's office and its vendor declined to release the simple number victims. in one e-mail, a spokesperson said safe horizon does not track the number of beneficiaries or victims that cannot be located at a given time. a mayor spokesperson said these are records the mayor's office simply doesn't have. then moments later, a spokesperson said the mayor's office and safe horizon know how many people are owed money, but
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>> reporter: a community advocate who sometimes works with crime victims suggested the mayor's office should at least create a searchable database where crime victims can type in their names. both the city and state comptroller offices have searchable unclaimed funds cases. the city is planning on designing a website, but there's no budget for that yet, so crime victims could go years more unaware that their money. if you were granted restitution, would you want your name to be public so you could find it? >> yes, unequivocally. >> they make three attempts to locate the person and after that the person is deemed unlocatable. both the vendor and the city say
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sharing with das. if you're a crime victim and you know a convict owes you restitution, you can go to we have safe horizons' contact info right there for you. head on over to janice now. guess we get a little bit of a cooldown. >> a nice cooldown. we might even need jackets or long sleeves in the morning briefly, especially north and west where temperatures are expected to drop into the 50s later 74 in midtown right now. we still have a lot of cloud cover, but no rain showers. slowly but surely the skies will clear. once they do, the temperatures will drop. we'll stay in the 70s in midtown through about midnight and 1:00 a.m. the city will reach the 60s later on. a sprinkle is possible this evening, but that is it. if you get a chance to open your windows later tonight and let some of that cool air come in,
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couple of days. delightful temperatures. low to mid 80s thursday into friday. it's fantastic weather. it does start to turn a little muggier when we get to friday and the weekend. 70 in monticello right now. you're on your way to the 50s tonight. 74 in the city. we still h but not much to speak of in terms of rain. a couple of sprinkles here and there. the energy has moved offshore for any rain showers. high pressure is going to build in behind all this bringing us some cool and refreshing air from canada. we're tracking tropical storm earl in the middle of the gulf. it is going to bring a lot of rain to the yucatan peninsula. parts of mexico, cancun, and toward belize is going to see quite a bit of rain.
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gusts to 65. it is expected to make landfall near belize or over belize thursday afternoon. our weather, we have a coastal flood advisory from 7:00 p.m. until midnight. fantastic weather for the subway series this evening. no rain. temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow we're up to 80 degrees. beautiful day tomorrow. 82 on thursday and 84 on friday. enjoy this. this doesn't happen iau with a few showers and storms. we'll have another update tonight at 11:00. john chandler, what are you working on? >> the yankees turn their attention to 2017. still have to win some games. trying to make it back to back against the mets tonight. they took game one in the subway series, but the mets bringing in reinforcements. jay bruce arrives.
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knows his time with the yankees is almost up.
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let's start with the subway series. >> this is a big series for the mets as they try to turn their season around. the mets push for a second straight trip to post-season. jay bruce and he'll control right field. if the yankees win tonight, the two teams will have the exact same records. the bombers are retooling for next season and beyond. terry collins has told jay bruce he doesn't have to be a savior, but he has a new lease on his baseball life coming over from the last place reds. >> there's an instant kind of recharge of the battery.
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that baseball really does take 25-plus players to reach the goal that everybody wants to reach. you know, yeah, i'm not trying to be anyone but myself. and hopefully just come in and contribute the way that i'm capable of doing. >> he'll give the mets lineup a boost. the bullpen also gets a shot in the arm with the return of john niese. m tote the rubber i'm trying to execute pitches and get early outs whether that be in the bullpen or as a starter. my heart is truly as a starter right now, but i'll go into any role to help the team win. what about a-rod? that's an almost daily question that the yankees can no longer avoid. regular at-bats are not in the slugger's near future.
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telling reporters he's at peace with whatever happens. he hasn't talked to steinbrenner since the trades. he's hitting just 205 with nine homers this season. pretty good pitching matchup tonight at citi field. we got our first look at the new the crown jewel will be fully operational for the u.s. open that starts at the end of the month if you can believe that. it costs $150 million. spans 270,400 square feet. it will be worth it when grand slam tennis will be able to avoid those lengthy rain delays. it looks great. the u.s. open one of the great tournaments just around the
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news," has your dentist been wrong about flossing your teeth? >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. breaking news tonight, trump's bombshell, the gop's civil war explodes as donald trump refuses to endorse senator john mccain. h door to door, fears of zika spreading in miami, and news the insecticide they're using on the mosquito doesn't seem to work. the dramatic takedown caught on camera. and jaw dropper, a new report that says flossing your teeth might not even work.


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