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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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were they targeted? i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm david ushery. that's what police in suffolk county are looking into tonight. those shots coming in the middle of the night hitting a home and cars. now we're learning it was definitely no accident. >> greg cergol joining us. >> reporter: the west babylon home that was hit by those gunshots was the intended target. this was no random act. but that fact is doing little to calm somey neighbors. >> pop, pop, pop. very quick. >> reporter: neighbor tony perez was awakened by the shots and terry's ears were jarred by the frightening sounds. >> i heard four shots. i woke my husband up and said i heard gunshots. >> reporter: we saw the evidence of what they heard, two bullet holes in the window of this home. two cars parked in front of the home were hit as well.
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intended target, although they wouldn't say why. our attempt to speak to someone inside was met by a voice on the home's intercom. >> no comment. get off the property. >> reporter: this unidentified young man told us he lives in the home. >> scary for you guys? >> no. >> reporter: it wasn't scary, he said. but while it may not be for him, those living nearby say they're shaken by it all. >> it neighborhood. but when you get a bunches of boys together, it gets a little frisky. >> scary even if it is not directed at you? >> yeah. first time in all the time i've lived here, 40 years. >> reporter: police aren't saying if the person or persons who fired the shots was on foot or inside of a car. again, so far no one has been taken into custody for the shooting. we're live in babylon. greg cergol, news 4 new york. for the second time in less
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received a death threat over a police radio. >> remember how you put me in jail? i'm out now and i'm coming to put a bullet in your head. >> the first threat against the midtown south captain was made saturday. the same mystery man made a second threat tuesday. police are investigating if the man has gotten his hands on a lost or stolen police radio. on staten island, the search is on for two men involved in attempted armed robbery. this happened at the ramada inn in willowbrook. the suspects wore a mask and had a handgun when they approached the front desk. officials say they fled the scene on foot. a child's drawings turned out to be more than just wall art for an inmate. it was used as an attempt to smuggle drugs into jail. his girlfriend has been charged with using those drawings to get narcotics to him. officials say that they noticed
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they later found the drugs hidden in the paper itself. two people remain in intensive care after a house exploded in vernon, connecticut. seven people were inside that home at the time of the blast. four of them between the ages of 7 and 15. doctors compared the children's injuries to those seen in a all doing well tonight. >> it truly is a miracle no one was killed at this house. it is a devastating scene of catastrophic damage. >> investigators have yet to determine the cause of the explosion, but the house used propane and there were tanks at the back of the house. a former firefighter in niagara county has pleaded not guilty to arson charges. he is accused of setting fire to
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threatening racist letters. >> it's quite a relief that somebody has finally been arrested and charged with this crime. >> no one was home at the time of the fire, but the family lost two pet cats. we have new video into our newsroom of a mother bear and her three little cubs. they were getting some reliefn new jersey. you can see one of the cubs trying to climb the tree there. that's where mother bear rallied the cubs to sniff for food. residents say they come around during the garbage days. >> that is a little too close for comfort for me. still ahead, the new evidence in the search for the missing malaysian flight 370.
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what caused a driver to slam into him and janice huff is here. our weather today was picture perfect yet again. humidity starting to go up a bit though. we'll really feel it tomorrow, and you may have have to duck some thunderstorms too. lester holt has a look at what he's working on. coming up tonight from rio, high drama and heavy security here as the excitement the opening ceremony finally here. plus, breaking news from the
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new at 5:00, a london man has just been charged in the stabbing death of a florida tourist there. he's also charged with five counts of attempted murder. police say that he slashed the victim and london's russell square on wednesday. a pilot of malaysian flight 370 was familiar with the area where the crash took place. one of the pilots had plotted a course to the southern indian ocean, but officials say there were thousands of destinations on the simulator and no evidence that the pilot flew the plane to that area on purpose.
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during a traffic stop and it was all caught on dash cam video. take a look. wow, that trooper was talking to a motorist about a traffic violation when a vehicle crashed into the back of the patrol car and then hit the trooper. the woman climbed out of the car to check on the trooper. remarkably he was released from the hospital the very same day. you may remember this video. it shows a south florida therapist on the ground with next to his patient who has autism. charles kinsey was shot in the leg by police. it was a toy truck that the patient was holding. kinsey is suing the police officer who fired at him. still more ahead, one million drivers stranded. what aaa says is putting many drivers in a pretty bad situation on the roads. we are counting down to the big opening ceremony tonight.
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brazil to appearance rio and meet some olympians. beach business on the rise during what's shaping up to be a banner summer at the jersey shore. >> we've had some of the biggest days we've had. >> i'm ted greenburg with what's behind the surge of people on
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we are less than two hours away from the big party in brazil. the rio olympic opening ceremony tonight. there's a live look right there. the olympic torch is in the home stretch of its journey to the
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palace. it is scheduled to make an appearance at the copa cabana beach, but crowds forced it to take a detour. you can take a trip to rio without boarding a plane sort of. samba music, dancing, a few came -- cameos froso right now. this is actually an artificial beach built on pier 26. this is called rio on the hudson. it is a way to get people here in the city a little taste of rio during the olympics. we want to show you some video, some of the things you can do right here. this event just opened a short time ago.
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by the way, this event is completely free. they'll have a lot of olympic stars right here. there will be a calderon lighting ceremony right here. here's what she told us about this event. >> i think the city did an amazing job of bringing rio to the hudson. beach here. they've done an excellent job. it is pretty amazing how much they support team usa. >> reporter: again, this event is free. it is going on for the next week from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. mia hamm and jackie joiner kersey will also be here.
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watch party tonight for the opening ceremony, we have a list of spots on you can only catch the ceremony right here on news 4. it all starts at 7:30 tonight. you can follow the games with our news 4 new york app. the head of soccer's scandal plagued governing body has been cleared. he was accused of accepting improper gifts. violation of fifa's code of ethics. back here at home, get ready for the city's annual outdoor celebration known as summer streets. traffic will be cleared for seven miles for people to run, bike, jog.
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avenue. the event will be held for the next two saturdays as well. nbc 4 a proud sponsor of summer streets. >> how is the weather tomorrow? it is a good thing they're doing it early because after 1:00 that's when we're expecting some thunderstorms. between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., we're not expecting too much. the it will be muggy tomorrow. there might be one or two showers. but the bigger thunderstorms are expected after 1:00 tomorrow. hopefully you'll be in the clear for that. anything else after 1:00 -- we're not quite sure if you'll be able to get those things in because that's when we're seeing most of the showers and storms. between 1:00 and, say, 6:00 in the evening. it's because this cold front is coming in from the west. it is now sweeping across the
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thunderstorms right here. we might see severe thunderstorms here tomorrow as well. a few clouds out there right now, but no rain clouds. we should stay rain free for the rest of the evening. the indians are in town to take on the yankees this evening. a temperature around 80 degrees. we'll start to see light showers popping up north and west of the city around 11:00 in the morning. still lots of clouds address. a few peeks of sun here and there. by 1:00, that's when we'll start to see the lines firing up. maybe around the city we might see a shower then. we'll get to 3:00 and start to see things popping up across long island at the jersey shore. the bigger thunderstorms likely after that between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 or 7:00 as this line sweeps to the east and then out to see after 7:00 p.m. then it is clear across the area
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five days with no rain and low humidity and nice temperatures. here's our extended ten-day forecast from storm team 4. tomorrow is the hottest day at 88. a few spots inland may get up to 90. sunday 86. it is fantastic. that stays that way monday into tuesday. mid 80s with plenty of sunshine. then we hit wednesday and it starts to show up like a very typical summertime pattern with afternoon and evening ss warm and humid. mid to upper 80s to near 90 on thursday. that pattern continues into next week. it is still early. we don't know if that's going to be a washout. a leftover storm or two on monday. enjoy these next few days, especially after tomorrow afternoon when we might get some severe weather. we'll be updating that again at 6:00. stay with us. in the meantime, have a great
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study shows aaa rescued a record number of stranded motorists this year and a high proportion of the vehicles they rescued were five years old or younger. >> reporter: 32 million drivers rescued, a high number of them because of flat tires. according to a study by aaa, 30 million drivers are vulnerable. >> never told you you don't have a ar >> reporter: that's right. while trunks come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, 36% of newer vehicles don't have a spare or a donut, but they do have an inflater kit. >> that way it at least gives you the option of putting air in. >> reporter: thomas callaway says this is because higher end and newer vehicles come with a run flat tire. it doesn't deflate when
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spare tire in the car. >> reporter: thousands of drivers are hitting the roads with a false sense of security. recently this happened to one of callaway's clients. >> the look on her face was the same astonishment i had. >> reporter: buyer beware. >> make the salesperson open the trunk and show it to you. if it is a used car, it is going to be empty. >> reporter: his advice is to always double check the trunk. >> to get in touch wh consumer investigative team, log onto to or call us at 866-639-7244. remember everyone will reaches out will get a response prosecute the team at our consumer investigative center. still more ahead, big business on the shore all thanks to mother nature. >> coming up, which businesses in particular along the shore will seeing a big boost thanks to our great weather so far this summer. and chuck is here.
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crime. a little girl just 15 months old found dead. she may have been stuffed into a freezer at some point. plus this. a community worried not just because a playground has been torched, not just because a couple of dumpsters have been torched. they want to know what's next. i'm brian thompson. >> those stories and much more
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if you talk to some business owners on the jersey shore, they'll tell you this has been a good year for them and they can thank mother nature for that. >> after superstorm sandy, many could use some good news when it comes to their bottom beach tag sales are booming and that is not all. ted greenburg has the story from the shore tonight from ocean city. >> reporter: before hitting the sand, arvin martin had to buy a pair of beach tags. he and his family are staying in ocean city all weekend. >> we're actually going to be going to the beach every single day until sunday. >> reporter: he has plenty of company. >> it's absolutely gorgeous. couldn't make a better weather prediction. >> it's been a great summer so far. >> reporter: resort officials
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sunny weather has helped fuel a surge in beach tag sales this season. >> we're up $80,000 over this time last summer. >> reporter: in seaside heights, there's been a whopping $301,000 spike in beach tag sales over last year. officials say higher tag fees this summer are part of the reason, but they're also noticing people on the beach on weekends and weekdays. >> it's been better than it typically is when we come down. >> we've had some of the biggest days we've had. >> reporter: the folks at browns restaurant believe the weather is helping to bolster their business. >> lunch is very busy. as you can see today, there are people standing all over the place. >> reporter: money from beach tags helps offset the costs of maintaining and operating beaches. and when sales are up, fewer
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those expenses. in ocean city, i'm ted greenburg. news 4 new york. >> a win-win. that'll do it for us. >> stay with us as the news continues. now at 6:00, horrifying find. a dead baby girl. why police are calling this death suspicious. plus, a playground set on fire. why parents and police fear it could be the work of a serial arsonist loose in their community. no phones, no reading, no eating, no for doing anything in your car but driving. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. >> police are investigating the cause of death of a 15-month-old girl who was found on the second floor of an apartment building in mount vernon.
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they are angry. they're disgusted. and they have questions. they want to know just what happened to this little girl, but as of right now police, they don't have those answers. >> it is just repulsive. you never know who you're around. you never know what you're around. it is really scary actually. >> it is really sad and it is a tough time. and i can't believe it because the family is a good family. >> reporter: heartbreak in a mount vernon neighborhood. >> it is very shocking bec we know them as good people. >> reporter: samia rose, a
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