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tv   News 4 New York at 530  WNBC  August 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now on news 4 new york, a patient says getting his wisdom teeth removed landed him in the hospital. he blames a north jersey oral surgeon. >> the doctor legally agreed to follow best sanitation practices, but for one infection victim it is just not enough. brian thompson has the 4 investigates exclusive.
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the bathroom, and i woke up sometime after that in front of my bedroom door. >> reporter: 25-year-old ryan says he had many blackouts after having two wisdom teeth removed here at the north jersey oral surgery clinic. after a month of illness, ryan ended up here at columbia presbyterian having heart surgeror infection. >> do you ever cry? >> only when i talk about it. >> reporter: a sometimes tearful conversation at his lawyer's office with his parents present. the doctor the subject of a two-year investigation. 4 investigates has obtained these pictures taken by state inspectors inside the office. inspectors say the photos show
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conditions and poor hand hygiene. one investigator at a powerpoint presentation last year. >> a lot of draers that reminded me of junk drawers in a kitchen if it was just bad. >> reporter: while the doctor fully cooperated with the state and made prompt improvements, he declined to talk today. ryan's attorney first uncovered the 15 known cases the state investigated, but complains it has taken two years for the state to reveal the results of its investigation. >> there has to be a change in the system to make these things
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themselves. >> i believe that god will heal him. >> reporter: renee has to live with a parent's guilt. ryan has to live with 30% hearing loss and tinnitus. >> i certainly don't sleep at night, so i don't know how he can. >> can you sleep at night? >> reporter: the consent decree finds no causative links to nonetheless, this office will benefit from improved preventive infection protocols. the office tells me it has no plans to change the policy, even though 15 separate cases were linked to patients at this practice. in mt. olive, brian thompson. news 4 new york. >> more investigations mean more answers. if you have something you think 4 investigates should look into,
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gripping the tri-state. it was brutally hot yesterday. it was hotter today and it will be even hotter tomorrow. the only change slightly different degrees of misery. janice huff is here with a closer look at what's in store for the weekend. >> more of the same, if not worse. temperatures tonight will probably go just below 80 in the city. it is stifling in the city. there will be a few early storms tonight to then tomorrow more of the same. high heat and humidity. that warning is still in effect for the entire tri-state area tomorrow and sunday where the heat index may go as high as 110. this is what it feels like outside right now. feels like temperatures between 95 and 105. in the meantime, we had thunderstorms this afternoon up
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five people were injured due to a lightning strike. we're going to track that storm, show you what happened to it, and track you some more storms that are in the area right now. you could be seeing downpours in your neighborhood at any time. we'll show you coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. an update on that breaking story. we have been following this in poughkeepsie. five people struck by lightning. this happened in mansion square park around 4:00. we just learned that three of the victims were unresponsive at the scene. to 55. they were all standing together near a park bench. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more information as we get it. the nypd's internal affairs unit is looking into an arrest that was caught on video. a violent struggle between officers and the suspect. it happened in may in the bronx, but a portion of it is just starting to go viral and it is stirring some emotions. jonathan dienst has been digging into it and is in the newsroom
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troubling to watch. a few seconds of it is all we have. what we don't see, however, is the full five-minute fight between the burglary suspect and police officers. police say the suspect came out swinging. one detective suffering a broken nose. a second officer got stitches to his head and suffered a herniated disc. the suspect even bit the two officers to try to avoid being handcuffed. a third man, a civilian, tried to jump in to try to help po video posted online that shows this. a detective hitting the suspect darnell simmons, 26, several times in the head and face as they continue to struggle on the ground. we're told the suspect simmons has not filed any complaint of excessive force from the may incident. police say they have the full video which shows simmons striking the officers repeatedly. we're told the incident was referred to the civilian complaint review board and police say the case was closed. police say five different
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simmons was attacking officers at the mcdonald's on east chester road. simmons suffered bruises during that fight and was taken to the hospital that day as a precaution. one of the officers needed facial surgery. to date, no disciplinary action taken against any of the officers. officials say simmons has a long and theft and is facing charges for assault against police. i'm jonathan dienst. back to you. one local city is taking its own county to court. >> what's behind the taxpayer funded fight. a fiery meeting as tempers flare with concerned residents
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why some say it is not all bad news.
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back now to that breaking news in poughkeepsie where five people have been struck by lightning. >> a devastating reminder of the conditions created by the heat and the humidity. joining me right now is the mayor of poughkeepsie. what have you learned? what can you tell us about this? >> at 4:06 this afternoon and
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thunderstorm. mostly lightning, not a lot of rain here in the city. at 4:06, our 911 received a call of a lightning strike at mansion square park with the report of two people down. first arriving officers who were on the scene in literally about two minutes had five victims in distress. we had multiple fire, pd, and ems units on the scene. they put out for a mass casualty incident, which brought in addial life-threatening injuries. the two others do not. the three life-threatening injuries went to a medical center. >> what kind of warnings are you giving to people who live in the area? >> well, at this time that thunderstorm has passed and we don't know. it sounds like it is going to be a stormy weekend. obviously, this is an example of
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situations. we had five people either directly under or in the proximity of a large tree in the center of our city and were the victims of a bolt of lightning. it appeared a couple had been walking away. there's two benches that are underneath this really big tree. it is a very popular spot, as this park is, for shade. in the event a storm is moving just can't be. >> this is a dramatic reminder for us, mr. mayor. any other implications in the poughkeepsie area? this storm moved through quickly and was strong. >> it did. what i will say to the folks that are listening, i know you guys talk about this all the time. in the event of these storms, you have to seek shelter, but not under trees and things such as that. actually laying flat in the middle of a field is better than being under a tree.
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my understanding is they're still working on them at the hospital. >> our hearts and prayers go out to them. if you have to cancel a trip, you may be able to get a voucher for another flight. >> but what happens if the voucher isn't in your name? better get baquero. it is a high stakes game of catch me if you can. 4 investigates the dangerous game of catching toll runners.
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not only have we had to deal with this oppressive heat, but
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>> we want to show you the thunderstorm. it happened around 4:00. a big storm came through in the high park-poughkeepsie area. you can see those lightning bolts intensify and magnify as the storm moved east. with all this heat and humidity, we're seeing them pop up and then dramatically rise into the atmosphere and become more intense very quickly with a lot of lightning. quite a bit of lightning. in some cases not that much rain. in some cases rain right near hope well right now rareden. watch out. there could be flash flooding along the roads. also towards south brunswick. if you hear thunder, it's time to move inside. as the mayor mentioned, not moving under a tree or by a bench. those are lightning rods.
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shelter where there's a roof away from the storm. maybe they didn't have time, but as soon as they heard the thunder -- you don't wait. you move immediately. another cluster with quite a bit of lightning in mt. olive. down at the jersey shore, this storm near normandy beach is moving offshore. that's moving away, but we're not done. a few more will pop up this evening. they'll tonight up around the poughkeepsie area could see a few more moving in. tomorrow it fires up once again in the afternoon after about 1:00 or 2:00. they'll start to fire up again. they'll be spotty, but they could be dangerous, especially under all of this heat. tomorrow is the hottest day. into sunday, a few more will pop up as well. here's a look at what it will feel like tomorrow morning.
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and higher in some spots. going into sunday, same deal. between 100 and 110 degrees is what it is going to feel like here. the humidity and the heat sticks around as well as those pop-up downpours. remember, they have a lot of lightning. you hear the thunder and move inside quickly. we get some relief on monday, just a little bit, from the humidity, but then it fires up again later in the week. a daughter's goodwill gesture almost ended up costing her more than $1,000. she had hoped to send her parents off on an anniversary vacation, but before she could say happy anniversary she had to say better get baquero. >> that's right. the occasion was her mother's wedding anniversary. there's a unique reason why those plans were cancelled.
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restitution. margaret is talking about her daughter josephine who planned a special getaway for her parents' wedding anniversary. >> she's a 9/11 survivor, so she's been working really hard, and my dad has as well. >> reporter: the cost to josephine $1,124. it was supposed to be a surprise. >>ot excited. she was like what is it with your face. you look like you want to say something. i told her. unfortunately, with the fear of flying, i thought i could surpass it with tickets and get her to forget, but it is really hard. >> reporter: margaret is still coping with what she experienced as she saw one of the twin towers collapsing. she hasn't flown since then, but josephine was hoping a special occasion could mark a turning point.
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cancelled the vacation monday after booking it. >> they told me the voucher was for $724. i said how does that pay off a 1,124 trip. the voucher wasn't to me. it was to my mom. >> reporter: she has been fighting to get it in her name since her mother won't use it. >> i know her intentions were good, but she's around and that's why we need your help. >> american airlines vacation say if you cancel a vacation package within 24 hours of booking, you get a full refund of the air fare. we asked them to investigate and problem solved. due to the circumstances, they reached out directly to josephine and moved that future travel credit to her name. we're happy for both of them. sibila, back to you.
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stop at nothing to cross bridges and tunnels without paying. tonight 4 investigates how police are cracking down on those who skip tolls. coming up at 6:00, the crippling heat can be just as dangerous when you're inside, especially inside new york city's public housing units where air-conditioning is uncommon. just how hot these apartments can get. that story and much more all new
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds,
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only fios can. well, tonight, we're getting
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port authority police catch drivers who repeatedly go through toll booths without paying. >> just this weekend a new jersey woman was arrested for dodging $30,000 in tolls and fees. >> reporter: from a smear of grease to a piece of tape, an obvious block, a subtle bend. fender f this is the complicated and creative world of toll runners. it is a high stakes game of catch me if you can. >> whatever it is that they invent for that particular day, that's what they go with. >> reporter: and this is the port authority team putting the brakes on cheats every single day. >> do you have a driver's license on you? >> reporter: the gwb is the
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toll runners hope to slide by, letting you pick up their tab. >> they alter the license plate. they take other people's easy pass. >> reporter: while the port authority has high-tech tools to catch cheats, this team is all about boots on the ground, working lanes to find doctored plates. >> there are people who take advantage of the opportunity. >> reporter: others are more wire that raises the fender and then lowers it so the easy pass takes a pass on reading the plate. these officers average one toll runner arrest per day and that's only at the gwb. that's not include the other five crossings. most of the people they arrest have the money and the career.
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benjamins, guess again. >> it's beyond the toll. it becomes a bigger thing. >> reporter: chief michael brown says in today's world -- >> it's security first, security second, security utmost. >> reporter: if you're thinking of these methods, you might get away with it once, twice, even ten times, but this team has a strong message. >> you're going to get caught. eventually we're going to catch they're going to pay possibly with jail time and fees and retribution. forewarned. that does it for us. thank you for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues. now at 6:00, dangerous heat. it is hot and sticky and it is going to get worse over the weekend. storm team 4 has important information for your health. police are searching for the man behind a brutal attack on an elderly man.
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game as a new york yankee. we're live at yankees stadium. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. dangerous heat is here and it is here to stay. we start with breaking news in poughkeepsie where five people were struck by lightning at mansion square park. we know three of the victims are unresponsive. emergency crews were performing cpr on those victims. the other two were conscious all taken to the hospital. >> theic near a tree in the center of the park when the lightning began. we're continuing to follow this breaking story. we have a crew on the way. and the heat is another big danger, of course. it feels as hot as 105 degrees in parts of our area. that excessive heat warning is in effect through sunday. the first excessive heat warning in our area in three years. >> limit electricity usage to
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it is only going to get worse. >> it is the high humidity that is making the temperatures in the 90s feel worse. let's get to janice huff on this. >> let's look at this horrible relative humidity. in all cases it is above 55%, but in most cases it is in a 70% range. monticello has a relatively humidity of 94%. that's because a shower moved through a moment ago. that just adds to the complexity of how horrible it feels are up. these are feels like temperatures right now. all at 100 or higher. that extreme heat warning will remain in effect through sunday. we have to get through tomorrow and sunday. the thunderstorm that was just referenced that produced the lightning strikes and the people that were injured moved over poughkeepsie around 4:00. you don't have any storms in the area right now, but we're


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