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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now, a quiet block turns into a crime scene. gunfire in park slope after investigators say a robber picked the wrong guys to mess with. one of the would-be victims an off-duty nypd officer. >> that suspect is nursing a gunshot wound. wale aliyu is in park slope tonight with how this all unfolded. >> reporter: witnesses tell us the suspect took off that way nearby prospect place, which
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sixth avenue. how do we know the suspect took off that way? the bullet hole on that window tells that story. >> i was sitting with my family around 12:30 or 1:00. we hear four shots. >> reporter: evidence markers litter sixth avenue, signs of the gunfire that rattled this park slope neighborhood. >> pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. it's not one. it's not two. it's more than three. >> reporter: the initial call to police came in as a stood in front. its lights were flashing. ran up toward sixth avenue that way. then just a little while later ran back, jumped in the car, and sped off down the block. >> reporter: a 32-year-old man tried to rob two guys, including an off-duty nypd officer. there was some kind of struggle. the officer's gun went off
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the leg. >> this is an element that's coming from the bars and restaurants on the corner of flatbush and sixth. we haven't had this in a while. i've lived on this block for the past 30 years. i haven't heard anything like that in the past couple of years, but this is a new element coming from the people partying. >> reporter: you can almost see it from where the officer involved working at a precinct just a few miles away. either way a very bold move for a suspect to try to attempt a robbery that close to a precinct. updating that breaking news we've been monitoring at kennedy airport. part of terminal 8 without power. this is the american airlines terminal. the airline telling travelers to expect departure delays. the escalators and elevators are
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it's causing problems for baggage screeners. you might be able to change your flight. the nypd is searching for a man in connection with a groping attack. this is the suspect. the incident happened around 11:00 saturday night on west 112th street and amsterdam avenue. he followed a 24-year-old woman into the door of her apartment building, grabbed her buttocks and genitals over her clothing, then fled. in westchester county, a track coach will spend the rest of his life behind bars for repeatedly raping a girl. samuel davis was sentenced to life in prison. the victim was 12 years old when the abuse began in 2012. new at 5:00, police on long island want to track down the intruders who snuck into a family's home while the residents were fast asleep. police say that four men broke
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a.m. yesterday. it doesn't appear they took anything before taking off. four people were asleep in their bedrooms the whole time. a hudson valley company facing serious osha penalties. the blast happened earlier this year in middletown. a compressed gas cylinder exploded. one worker lost both his osha found seven serious workplace safety violations. a possible serial cat killer in the city's sixth and seventh wards. on sunday, a man reported his pet cat had been fatally poisoned possibly with antifreeze.
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mismanaged $22 million meant to help promote tourism in areas affected by hurricane sandy and irene. state officials ignored federal contract rules and did not ensure federal money was spent effectively. the new york office of storm recovery has disputed the findings in an official response, saying the oig's recommendations are unwarranted. a computer error exposed the private information of moreha a company they work with accidentally posted that information online. it includes social security numbers, but no medical records. patients from bon secours hospital could be effected. the city of newark getting
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real line. peace for 24 hours. >> snoop dogg posted this video online asking his fans to take part. the event is part rally, part festival with the goal of stopping violence in newark at least for a day. it begins this friday night at 6:00. a major health insurance company is pulling out of of the state obamacare programs. some are asking why now and how much will it cost. the humidity made a comeback. we're tracking the heat and severe thunderstorms. i'll let you know what to expect in your neighborhood for the rest of this evening and the
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poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim
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new at 5:00, there could soon be armed rangers patrolling parks in one long island fear and beefed up security can't come soon enough. >> but not everyone is on board with the plan. >> reporter: gus has lived across the street from this huntington station park his whole life. by day, he watches kids having fun. but when day becomes night, the park can turn threatening. you guys don't feel safe to go
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>> reporter: concerns like that have led huntington's supervisor to push for the hiring of armed rangers. the focus will be on huntington station. >> i think it's great because it is out of hand. all the shootings that are going on and whatnot. i'm afraid to come up here at the park. we're always looking behind us. >> reporter: the hiring of park rangers seems to mark an abrupt about face for the town which has long maintained that law enforcement matters are n responsibility. >> we think this will be a help, certainly working with the police, more eyes and ears out in the community. >> reporter: the community first demanded action two years ago after the murder of a local hispanic teen. now suffolk's police commissioner says crime in huntington station is down and the department is launching new initiatives to combat street crime, leaving some to wonder why part-time town rangers are
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>> i think we should be safe. i think we should feel safe. >> reporter: the rangers are expected to be on the job by labor day. greg cergol, news 4 new york. a dream vacation gave a local woman nothing but headaches after her cruise got cancelled causing her to lose some big bucks. better get baquero. new jersey's policy to test student athletes for steroids was first in the country. why some say testing is a waste
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i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. y. the citi double cash card. double means double. select bus service lines may cut down on commute times, but apparently riders are spending
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is don't work. the bus service allows riders to pay at fare machines before boarding, but many of those machines frequently break. last year there were more than 9,000 outages. insurance giant aetna is significantly scaling back participation in president obama's affordable care act. it will only offer obamacare plans in four states. costlier than expected. aetna does not offer affordable care act plans in the tri-state area. let's check in back with janice huff. you have your eye on some potentially troubling weather. >> we still have that severe thunderstorm watch for the potential of severe storms.
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and somerset counties. the biggest problem will be north and west of the city. regardless, keep an eye on the sky for the rest of this evening. all the warnings are in pennsylvania, but they're very close to the delaware river as the storms are about to cross the river into western new jersey. quite a bit of lightning, some downpours. could be some damaging winds because they've had a history of producing some damaging winds. we're seeing a few storms south of hazelton, they're headed towards pike county and warren county. that's where you have to watch out first because that's where they'll be within the hour. by 7:00, you can see the line moving into those areas and crossing into new jersey. might see a storm hold up over the hudson valley and into connecticut by 9:00. after that, they weaken. we go into midnight and we're left with some cloud cover. this will be pretty quick.
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storms? lightning, damaging winds, heavy rain. those are the high impacts from the system as it comes through. still have the heat to deal with. the heat advisory is still in effect until 10:00 for these areas, including the city. it feels like 100 in morristown and bridgewater. 99 in trenton. we were back to that intense heat today. the yankees, you have a game tonight at 7:00 again t jays. there may be a storm. if you do, it will move through pretty rapidly. looks like things will be calming down by midnight across the area. tomorrow will be pretty warm, but maybe not quite as toasty as today. close to 90 thursday and friday. the weekend looks great. there's a slight chance for storms on sunday. back to you. the best laid plans often go
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jersey woman who booked a cruise nearly a year in advance. she ended up having to say it -- better get baquero. here's lynda baquero. will you do in it english? because i'm having trouble. >> we do try to help. this woman lives in monmouth county, but she often heads out on the water aboard the world's largest ships. she's done at least 40 cruises in her lifetime, including one pl seven relatives. when she's not in her port monmouth home, gina is on a cruise. >> we moved down here because of the ocean. i love being on the water. can't swim, but i love the water. >> reporter: she's traveled on dozens of cruises to the panama canal, alaska, hawaii. we were on -- >> we were on the ship from december 2015.
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cruise on that same ship almost a year in advance. this time an excursion through the caribbean. she booked passage on norwegian cruise line for eight people. then in april she purchased airline tickets on her own for all eight travelers. >> the flights were coming in at $325 a person, which is a great price. that's when i booked all the flights at that point. then two weeks later we gethe cancelled. never had a cruise cancel. maybe our itineraries change because of weather, which is acceptable, but not to cancel a cruise. >> reporter: because the ship was being privately chartered, they advised customers they could move to another ship. but for gina, that meant changing airlines. the flight went up in price about 100 bucks each.
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us. it cost us $310 per person to change it. i expected $310 back. >> reporter: when she didn't get that $310 for each family member, she turned to us for help. >> i called lynda baquero. >> we contacted the norwegian cruise line. while private charters of their ship are not frequent, the practice is quite common. to protect travelers, they encourage fare directly through the cruise line. when they book air fare on your own, they assume the risk of any changes. they did offer $300 per ticket. she now has a refund for $1,600. because the cruise line doesn't cover fare differential, she has
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air fare. next time you may want to consider booking directly through the cruise line. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, log on to you can also call us 866-639-7244. student athletes targeted for steroids testing, but is the program actually working? that depends on who you ask. a look at what's new at 6:00. we have new infma seriously injured an elderly man in a wheelchair. how police tracked down the driver today. plus a march in honor of murdered queens jogger katrina vetrano. we talk to a close family friend. what she showed us along the
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steroids in sports is getting a lot of attention. >> b among student athletes in new jersey that is raising some big concerns tonight. the doping test dilemma. here's stefan holtz. >> we're the first state in the nation to test for steroids. this is our tenth year now. >> reporter: but a decade after new jersey made history, top officials admit there's clearly a problem.
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selected at random. everyone else slides by. >> i would like to see our testing expanded where we can get into year round testing. >> reporter: a bill working through the new jersey assembly would do just that. >> i think we need to change the mentality and challenge the culture of our kids and to have them understand that again, a, the side effects could be fatal and secondly, it's really unfair. >> reporter: but the bill comes as high school steroid testing is at a even needed. less than 1% of students have tested positive in new jersey, and the latest national data reviewed by 4 investigates shows steroid usage by teens is 1% to 4%. >> the truth is there is still
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schools here in texas. taylor resorted to using anabolic steroids. >> reporter: since testifying in 2005, his foundation has been working with professional leagues and schools. >> people think that the testing going on in high schools is akin to what we see in olympics or major league ball or the nfl and nothing could be further from the truth. >> reporter: high school tests aren't sophisticated enough to varieties of steroids. new jersey spends $200 per test. that works out to$100,000 for 500 students. >> that would give us the ability to get into that school and test some of those people who have never been tested before. >> we have to get to these kids and let them know the truth about these drugs and using things like testing as a
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kids and the intelligent kids from taking the risk. >> he points to recent national statistics and he thinks as many as 7% of high schoolers, boys and girls, athletes and non-athletes, are using steroids. governor christie has twice vetoed year round testing for student athletes citing budget concerns. lawmakers are hoping it won't be a barrier this time around. >> more investigations mean more 4 investigates should look into, call 866-639-7244. that'll do it for us. thank you for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues. now at 6:00, an arrest in the hit-and-run that sent an elderly man hurting out of his wheelchair. two weeks after her murder, a community remembers katrina vetrano. danger in the air.
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weather across the tri-state. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. let's get right to potentially severe weather. >> damaging wind gusts are possible along with very heavy downpours and frequent lightning. janice huff has the particulars for us. >> the area that we have to watch out for, if you live in the areas north and west over northwestern new jersey into pike county, this is where you have the potential for the severe weather. there's a watch in effect until it doesn't mean you won't get a thunderstorm east of the city. we're tracking the storms. they're coming in from eastern pennsylvania now. a lot of lightning and some heavy downpours. these storms have had a history of producing some damaging winds over pennsylvania. right now this cell near easton is moving to bridgewater between now and 6:45. you can see the storms are here
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they'll dwindle down to one or two storms. things really start to weaken across the area. be on the lookout for lightning, damaging winds, heavy rain, and we still have the heat in spots. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. it was a horrifying hit-and-run that sent a 78-year-old man flying out of his wheelchair and it left him arrest all thanks to solid police work. >> reporter: natalie, police tell us that driver was going to work today just about a mile from the scene of the hit-and-run. they recognized his car and immediately took him into custody. a buick with fresh front end damage and a missing skid plate. the police spotted the banged up car in this parking lot on ft. lee road. they arrested the driver


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