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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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the subaru hit another car driven by martella. scott died. >> people should remember that scott was filled with energy. >> he was like a little tough guy, but deep down just a nice guy. >> reporter: back here in west hampton beach, itchy left a lasting impression. >> i always look at it in the morning and it brings me a lot of joy. that was him. >> reporter: as preparations are in this thursday, bernie will be preparing not words, but a meal to honor his friend. >> it is the greatest way to start the day. itchy is the one that started it. >> reporter: itchy's wife helen is still here at the hospital. she is now listed in critical condition. i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. tonight, family and friends are gathering to say good-bye to a bronx deli worker killed while
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rana novini in the concourse section with the gathering there tonight. >> reporter: sibila, friends, family, community activists are all here for a funeral that is just getting under way. people have been posting these signs around the islamic center that says justice for wally. his son was granted a visa to attend his father's funeral while his body will be taken back to he was shot and kill on august 9th. a man, guzman, grabbed an officer's gun from the holster and shot wally, killing him. activists are concerned about the nypd's use of those holsters. >> they were new models, which are safer for the police officers and for the public because it is more difficult to snatch a gun from the new models. they're not being used.
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new ones? that would be in the public interest. >> reporter: the nypd issued a statement to us saying it got a new safer holster in 2014 and so far about 8,000 officers have been trained to use that holster. they say they're working to train more officers on that holster. the holster in this case was an older model. guzman was shot by officers that night, but he is now charged with murder. a former brooklyn high school basketball star was sentenced today for shooting a rival opponent. he shot dexter hopkins six times in january of 2015. the two played against one another at rival high schools in brooklyn and later became roommates at georgia prep school. hopkins survived, but underwent multiple surgeries.
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change in control for the first time in more than two decades. brian thompson is in newark to explain who will be in charge. >> reporter: it has taken 21 years to get to this point where the state is ready to give up control of new jersey's largest school system. it's saying it will happen a year from now, but this is an especially sweet moment. a low point for newark schools when down this major street artery. the superintendent soon resigned. now a joint city-state task force says state control could end as early as a year from now. >> the responsibility for the education of newark children belongs to the people of this city. >> reporter: the state's two
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>> our school system is all messed up, especially locally. >> reporter: the mayor, himself an educator, says it is more than symbolic. >> we know like the folks know in millburn what will help their kids be successful. >> reporter: there is a caution for this school system, which is running current state control. the superintendent who was previously christie's state education commissioner is worried about his boss' proposal. superintendent surf said in the sausage making of trenton it is
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the key element is one year from now the schools must continue to show improvement over this coming school year like in graduation rates and test scores. as long as they do that, the state will give up control. if they don't, the state likely will not. live in newark, i'm brian thompson. news 4 new york. take a look at some dramatic video coming out of iraq. you're looking at the arrest of a teenager strapped with security forces detained the 14-year-old and discovered he was wearing that explosive belt around his waist. two officers held the boy while another carefully cut the belt off. his arrest came just hours after another suicide bomber blew himself up nearby. isis claimed responsibility for that attack. to decision 2016 now. some big developments from both presidential candidates tonight. donald trump says he is reconsidering a promise
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undocumented immigrants and a new discovery is made in the clinton e-mail scandal. steve handelsman is in washington with all of this. steve? >> reporter: sibila, thanks. 15,000 newly revealed hillary clinton e-mails. her campaign says she's got nothing to hide. they say all of these new e-mails ought to be made public. that's what the federal judge in this case says he wants. says he wants it soon, but the state department is putting them out just a few at a like hillary clinton travel plans in the first of her newly released e-mails. also top aide passing along people's requests to see clinton. but the revelation that clinton did not turn over thousands of e-mails has critics outraged. >> it raises questions. >> reporter: clinton gave investigators 30,000 e-mails. her lawyers deleted the rest
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fbi, but director james comey declined to prosecute and clinton's campaign is saying we support those documents being released publicly. meanwhile donald trump is denying a flip-flop on his vow to deport 11 million immigrants in the u.s. without proper papers. >> they're going back. >> reporter: now in deep trouble with hispanic voters, he met saturday with latino leaders and said today about deportation. >> we're working with a lot of people in the hispanic community to try to come up with an answer. >> so you're not flip-flopping? >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. >> reporter: clinton's running mate tim kaine warns trump will not flip-flop. how about the wall? trump says he will definitely build it. clinton's campaign says she definitely did nothing as secretary of state because of
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foundation. sibila, again, they say they want these e-mails out and that nothing in them will bear out the charge that she was for sale as secretary of state. >> steve, before you leave, what's the deal with trump? getting back to trump, is he really changing his mind on the deportation issue? >> it looks like he's open to changing his mind. it looks like -- this is rare for donald trump -- he's not sure now what he wants to do. he had a speech planned for thursday. word just came out he's cancelled it. no reason. so they're working on it. >> a lot of interesting developments there. all right, steve. thanks so much. we are just getting video into our newsroom. a baby had to be tossed and three other people had to jump from a burning home in sayreville, new jersey this afternoon. the fire broke out around 2:00. one person was already outside when they arrived. the others trapped on the second floor. we're hearing the baby and the others all okay tonight.
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cancels upcoming concerts at radio city. an update to an i-team report we first brought you last week. health care companies classifying deaths as injuries. some want to know why and how the fda is okay with this. the answers we have uncovered at 5:30. plus this. rebuilding the beach at the jersey shore. we're giving you a rare look at the repairs under way and why some beachgoers s mother nature is giving us a break. i've got all the details on the cooler weather coming up next. and did you notice the sprinkles cupcake atm was recently closed? the explanation that just might
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tonight a rare view of a beach replenishment project under way at the jersey shore. >> dredging work is being done on long beach island. why this is necessary and there's money that could be
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sand sucked up from the ocean floor miles from the coastline. >> it really brings it full circle for me. >> reporter: an eyeful that's a first for margaret walsh. >> i always wondered how do they do that. >> reporter: the head of jersey shore partnership was among those who got a chance to board the liberty island. >> our target depth was about 66 feet. >> reporter: it is one ofhr on long beach island as beach replenishment begins. >> each load is about 500 dump trucks. we take six loads a day. >> reporter: the work includes fixing areas damaged by coastal storms last fall and winter, but the timing in the summer has drawn criticism from some beachgoers. >> these jobs are for protection of property people.
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plan by state lawmakers would double the amount of money earmarked for shore protection projects for realty transfer fees from $25 million a year to $50 million. >> since sandy, we have so many more projects. and the need for storm protection is much more than the 100-year storm. >> reporter: a rare look at a process aiming to protect coastal property that often gets controversy. ted greenburg, news 4 new york. >> we don't often see it from that angle. janice huff is here now. you go if you want to go because it will be nice and sunny and pleasant. it doesn't heat up until the end of the week, but you don't have to go there to cool off necessarily because it will be cool everywhere, especially at night. 50s and 60s. today's highs 70s to right
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which is below average for a change. i don't think we have seen that in the park since june. the temperatures are very comfortable and so is the humidity level. it's down too. these are the current readings across the area. 70s across the board from west milford to the city, astoria, sheepshead bay. staten island, 74. 66 right now in monticello. look for the 50s pretty soon there. 83 degrees bridgeport. these temperatures outside right now are about four to five degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago and it gets better than that as we go through the next 24 hours. the humidity levels range from about 34% to 50%. dry air is in place. we can thank that north to northwest wind for that. brisk wind out there. some gusts from time to time up
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farmingdale and belmar and white plains. monticello a 28-mile-an-hour gust. because of those gusty winds, you're likely seeing airport delays. newark and laguardia, 30 to 45 minutes. jfk, 66 minutes. over an hour for you there. live doppler radar network shows it is clear sailing in terms of rain. there's no rain around us. as a matter of fact, most of the rain is along the gulf coast corners area of the southwest. we're enjoying a beautiful and quiet weather pattern for the next several days here. the sunsets at 7:43. down to the upper 60s by 12:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m., we're in the mid 60s. 50s in most of the suburbs. maybe even mid 50s up towards the catskills and poconos tonight. you'll need layers and long
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80 is our high temperature tomorrow. it is still slightly bew average. by the end of the week, the mugginess returns. close to 80 degrees on friday. maybe a thunderstorm or two, but that sweeps through. this weekend looks dry and warm. excellent outdoor weather. yes, you can go to the shore. you don't have to worry about it. you can cool off there, but i think it will be pretty cool even by sunday across the area. here's a check of our ten-day good. it's dry through thursday. we have a slight chance of a storm here and there on friday. the weekend is fantastic. this is the last full weekend of august. then we go into next week as we start september next thursday. i should know. that's my birthday. more weather in a minute. not that i'm saying that for a reason. >> all right. we got you a gift. >> note to self. september, okay. talk about sticker shock.
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got pricier. >> a pack of two now goes for 600 bucks. what's with the price hike? jen maxfield has the answers. >> reporter: last fall, abbey's daughter heather was rushed to hospital and her throat was mistakenly served peanut sauce in a restaurant. today they're checking expiration dates before the start of school. epipens deliver medicine that can stop a severe allergic reaction. a pack of two costs $600, an increase of 400%. >> the price should definitely come down. it has to be fair. it has to be safe. >> reporter: there is just one
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type of product. the company says, quote, this change to the industry is not an easy challenge to address, but we recognize the need and are willing to work with customers and patients. >> reporter: you can use this $100 coupon, but some are carrying around viles of inject themselves. it could be dangerous and not work. >> think about opening a little vial and injecting it. that's a lot to ask. they're already very, very frightened. >> reporter: they say 80% of people still get the epipen for
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coupons. the fda rejected an application for a generic earlier this year. news 4 new york. a language barrier in one new jersey town has leaders considering bringing in interpreters to public meetings. more than half the residents in palisades park are of korean heritage. they say they have trouble understanding and participating in some town meetings. the mayor says he's already put out a request for korean interpreters. are fond of those cupcake atms on the upper east side. apparently, mice are too. one reopened after health officials shut it down last week. the location racked up 34 violation points, including evidence of mice and not being vermin proof. it got fewer violation points and a follow-up inspection. the queen of soul won't be
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r-e-s-t. she has to cancel several upcoming concerts over the next month or so. that includes two performances at radio city music hall. no word on her condition. the 74-year-old music legend expects to be back in singing condition in november. radio city offers 100% money back guarantee on all tickets. stopping the spread of zika there's a call for federal resources as a serious travel warning remains in place. joining forces to ban the barges. the new campaign from some local mayors meant to keep dozens of these from anchoring up and down the hudson river. better get baquero for a closer look at the best gps tracking watches for your child so you can know your little one is safe and where they're
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mourners are lashing out at the turkish government today for their failure to protect citizens after dozens were killed in a suicide bombing. 12-year-old was sent to a kurdish wedding party saturday night. 54 people were killed, nearly half of them children. at this point, isis has not claimed responsibility. a new plea for federal funds to fight zika. health officials have it has spread to south beach. president obama has asked for $1.9 billion in emergency funds from congress, but congress headed to its summer recess in mid july without approving the funds. >> mosquitos, zika, it's not republican and it's not democrat. it's an issue that affects all of us. we need to come together as one and make sure we get the proper
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immediately. >> the head of the national constitute of allergy and infectious diseases says he has major concerns about the spread of zika in the flooded areas of louisiana and texas. doctors say the gulf coast states are the most vulnerable. some of the pills found in prince's home are counterfeit drugs. they were found in a bottle after the musician's death. one of the pills tested positive for fentanyl. fentanyl that's 50 times more powerful than heroin. authorities are still investigating how the late purple rain singer got those drugs. all aboard. your amtrak commute is perhaps a bit faster in the garden state. it is going to make new stops in new jersey on the way to washington. it will stop in trenton and metro park. it runs hourly between all the major nearby cities, including philadelphia, baltimore, and washington.
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is the fda doing enough to protect you? and a scare at laguardia airport put travelers in the middle of a big mess. what forced the airport to
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right now, an
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watchdog or lap dog? questions tonight from critics who wonder what the food and drug administration's role really is. a joint investigation by the i-team and cnbc found more than 4,000 patient deaths have been classified as less serious events. >> it turns out health companies are allowed to label some fatalities as injuries. tonight chris glorioso has part two of our exclusive, death by another name. investigated by the fbi. >> reporter: catrice jones feels the food and drug administration let her down. when she was done having children, she chose a birth control device called essure, but she got pregnant twice and twice she miscarried. it is shocking to find out you were pregnant when you were planning on not being pregnant


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