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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this campaign has senn err entered an alternative universe. >> hillary clinton getting candid about the race for president. "today in new york" starts now. 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday, august 23rd. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett in for darlene this week. >> raphael miranda is here. we heard your first complaint about the cold this morning. >> 4:00, 4:30 a.m., outside. temperatures in the 60s. we have winds and visibility is good. even 40s north an west of town. you can complain. temperatures back to 70s and low 80s today. another gorgeous day. like yesterday, lots of sun without the wind. this evening, 79 degrees and sub i. heat and humidity are right back
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forecast in a few. lauren scala is here. she's not complaining yet. >> we haven't had time to talk yet. we have construction at the cross bronx expressway by the bronx river parkway. construction westbound blocking two lanes and eastbound blocking two lanes by webster avenue. two lanes are shut down by laguardia airport. delays are police are on scene of a double shooting. one victim is dead, another in the hospital. let's get to brian thompson of "today in new york," he has the latest. brian? >> reporter: michael, we're a few blocks from interstate 78. indeed, police con narm a man is dead. a woman who possibly may be pregnant. they haven't full you releaguesed that information.
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this is a total of six people who have been shot and killed in newark in the past 72 or so hours. police are still investigating exactly what happened here. we do know this. it appears to be an unknown person who shot these two individuals in the home on seymour avenue, just a little bit after midnight. the man is dead at this point. the police and motive to this, nor do we know exactly why these people, if they were in their bedroom or some other place in the house when it happened just after midnight. as far as six fatalities now in a little over 72 hours. three happened friday night, one saturday night, one overnight sunday into monday morning and now this sixth coming last night
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dealing with all of these crimes. live in newark, i'm brian thompson, "news 4 new york." >> thanks, brian. it is 4:33. this morning, the nypd is making a new appeal for help to find a predator. this new surveillance video into the newsroom. it shows the suspect who struck back in april. four months ago, we told you that attacked a female jogger. she a cut finger. a brave young girl helped a family escape a frightening house fire in new jersey. >> i thought i was going to die when the fire happened. >> the flames ripped through sayreville apartment there. that fire trapping a mothernd four young children on a bathroom inside a floor. a girl found a police officer to help. before he would get a ladder,
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to safety. >> trying to explain to the little girl in the window that a ladder is on the way, don't jump. i looked at the people getting the ladder. >> the officer caught the two children would jumped, plus a one-month-old infant tossed from the window. everybody escaped without injury. quick thinking by that girl and quick thinking by the officer. and traffic on the 4s. hey, raph. >> it is cold. the coolest we've been in many weeks in the city and suburbs. coolest night this month so far. a look at the satellite and radar pick turks you don't need the umbrella today. look at what happens in the hudson valley. the first 40s. 48 degrees in monticello.
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and sussex. we have maybe the light sweater or jacket. i don't know. it's weird to say that in august. take a look at the day planner. upper 70s by lunchtime. beautiful sunny skies. 81 for the evening. we're keeping it dry for your commute. we'll look at the ten-day forecast. >> there is overnight track work on the 1, 2, 6, e, be aware of changes on those lines. the buses, quite a few detours this morning. the ones listed here are on detour. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. the next update on the 4s. police sent us this chilling video of a knifepoint robbery in the bronx. the entire crime caught on tape. katherine creag has a closer
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desperate to find. >> reporter: they are clear images. at least it seems from the surveillance video. what a scary situation for that worker here at that gas station. he had a knife against his back. he was also robbed. the attack itself and the robbery happened on sunday just a couple of days ago. august 21st. police released this new video. the suspect walks up to a worker pumping gas, threatens him with a knife against his back. it's petroleum gas on ogden avenue near west 167th street. the suspect got away with $200 cash. he grabbed it from the victim's hands. the suspect is described as 18 to 20 years old, 5'11", 220 pounds. he's wearing a dark colored t-shirt and shorts with markings on them and sneakers.
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you can imagine how traumatizing this was for him. physically, he was uninjured. back to you, kerry. >> kat, thank you. so scary. a burglary at the consulate general of indonesia on the upper east side of manhattan. a man and woman entered that building through an unlocked side door yesterday morning. took a computer, tablet, allegedly, a case of vodka and suitcase. they took the keys to a van and used the vehicle to make their tan colored. a man accused of killing his mother is expected in court. he's facing murder charges. officers found 63-year-old elizabeth cullen dead at her home last week. suffolk county prosecutors say they are son confessed to grabbing her in a head lock and dragging her into the deep end of the family pool and drowning her. that killing started as an
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his medication. charges for allegedly sexually assaulting two patients. larry jones assaulted both women while they were undergoing x-rays. he's worked there for more than a decade. the hospital released a statement saying we are committed to the safety of our patients, have zero tolerance for such behavior. our hospital police acted swiftly in response to the immediately terminated that individual. a sixth life has been claimed after a crash. 71-year-old he had ellison passed away at stony brook hospital. her husband died sunday night. police are investigating whether speed was a factor in that crash. three members one family and a former aide to governor cuomo, scott martell a. president obama is going to
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close up look at the state's deadly flooding. the white house says he'll meet with families dealing with the disaster. the president did face criticism for remaining on vacation while thousands of residents remain homeless. but the president was focused on an effective federal response. hillary clinton was on late night tv denying rumors about being ill. >> on the one hand, it's the wacky say crazy things and maybe you can get people to vote for you. oeshd, it makes no sense. >> clinton accepted host jimmy kimmel's challenge to open a jar of pickles. it is not focusing on the important issues. meanwhile, her personal e-mail controversy is growing. congressional republicans sent subpoenas to three high tech companies that handle her
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she said gop lawmakers are wasting time and money on the investigation. the state department vetting 13,000 e-mails and will release them. trump says he's concerned about her dealings with her husband's clinton foundation. allegations arose yesterday that foundation supporters were getting special access to clinton while she was secretary of state. trump is concerned about possible pay for play deals. >> the jce required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be really, sadly a political arm of the white house. >> they say trump canceled thursday's planned speech on immigration. it was supposed to be given in colorado. he still wants to build a wall at the mexican border. it's 4:40 right now. . still to come, new information
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what investigators are learning about the moment right before that animal reached out. party-goers ended up in canada accidentally.
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four things to know on this tuesday morning. we're following breaking news in newark. two people were shot there overnight. a man was killed, a woman who may be pregnant is in the hospital. we're on the scene as they search for the gunman. we'll bring you an update in the next half hour.
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in new york city, there's a website you can use to tract mosquitoes in your neighborhood. it shows when your area was last sprayed and where there are standing water violations. the fda are recalling frozen corn because of a possible listeria contamination. they're under a number of different brands, download the nbc 4 app and search corn. the time is 4:44. time for a second check of your forecast. you may need to grab a sweater or light jacket. north and west of town, there are temperatures that are cooler than they have been in weeks. in months in some cases. in the city, 64 degrees. that's the coolest morning so far in august. we have to go back to early july to find a temperature in the low 60s.
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the rock. take a look at your headlines. another exquisite day ahead. we're going to warm up today and warming back up tomorrow through the mid-80s. enjoy this low humidity. it creeps back in starting tomorrow. a short break from the humidity, the mugginess does return. then a shower or storm to talk about on friday. temperatures in the hudson valley, in the 50s. 51 in hopewell junction. 48 at this hour i 50 in morristown. refreshingly cool, 57 degrees in long branch. dew point temperatures are way down. in the 40s and 50s. that's refreshing. that's how we stay throughout the day today. this is through the afternoon and nothing to complain about here. look at what happens tomorrow morning. still comfortable. in the 34id 50s. here comes the mugginess. mid-60s return.
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category. that's what happens by tomorrow afternoon. that's when you start to feel the mugginess creeping back in. satellite and radar stay clear throughout the day. high pressure in control and future tracker shows that. mostly clear tonight. heading into the overnight into wednesday morning looking very fine. mostly clear skies and sunshine heading into wednesday. a high temperature just where we should be in the low 80s. not as windy another cool night ahead. down to 57 for a low in the city. we'll see 50s again. back up to 85 tomorrow tomorrow. more humidity. thursday and friday, we feel the mugginess again. near 90 on friday with a chance of showers and a few thunderstorms. that's a look at your forecast. lauren scala has a look at the commute.
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century road and midland avenue. sunrise high warks closed eastbound from deer park avenue to brentwood road. you can head to montauk highway or local streets if you like. grand central parkway, westbound, you'll see heavy delays past laguardia. plenty of roadwork is going on, the ramp to the bqe is shut down. delays continue to build. this is a spot to avoid. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> very good. see you thank you. an ailing veteran is asking for his service dog to be returned no questions asked. surveillance video shows him with his pet outside of a supermarket. someone comes along and takes his shih-tzu. he counts on his pet to be his guardian angel. >> feeling bad, he starts
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insulin shot. >> that could save your life? >> yeah. without him i'm -- >> he posted a notice asking for his dog's return. police hope somebody will recognize the thief in the video and identify him. it's been more than 18 months since a metro-north train crashed killing six people. many people are wondering why i ntsb hasn't issued a report. the commuter train struck an suv as it sat on the t along with five others on the train. the ntsb will determine probable cause for the crash and issue safety recommendations to prevent future accidents. that typically happens within a year of high-profile accidents. the board did issue a statement saying in part the causes of the accident are often complex and a
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we want to be sure that our conclusions are correct and our recommendations will be effective in preventing similar accidents in the future. 4:48 right now. deadly police-involved shooting under investigation in north carolina. authorities say a state trooper killed a deaf man after a traffic stop last week. according to the highway patrol, daniel and kevin harris refused to pull over on an interstate in charlotte last tuesday. when the troopers finally caught up with him, investigators say there was an harris was killed. some of the witnesses say that harris lunged at the trooper. others say he was clearly physically impaired and that the situation should have been handled differently. newly filed court documents are detailing some of the evidence that prosecutors plan to use against dylann roof. the documents show they discovered two handwritten manifestos. the documents reveal the
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radicalized on his own in the months before he allegedly killed nine people at the historic church last year. ryan lochte's discredited claim taking a financial toll on the olympic swimmer. speedo and ralph lauren ended their endorsement deals with him. speedo says we cannot condone behavior counter to the values this brand has long stood for. >> ryan lochte is going to lose somewh b $10 million in lifetime corporate endorsements because of the shenanigans in rio. >> he could face more fallout about his claim being robbed at gunpoint. they're considering disciplinary action against lochte and the three other swimmers who were with him. we're learning new details about the alligator attack that killed a toddler at disney world. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission released the final report.
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the child bent down at the edge of a resort while building sand castles. the death is classified as a predatory attack. we're getting a look at how officers responded in the nick of time to save a man from a burning car. >> it's open, it's open. >> you can see officers using fire samaritans pouring water on the flames. he was flown to a houston area hospital. hundreds of americans accidentally invaded canada over the weekend. 27 mile an hour winds interrupted the annual port huron floatdown in michigan and about 1500 participants in boats, rafts and inner tubes were blown into canadian waters. they didn't end up in one place.
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they found partiers along the coast. they all stepped in to return the revelers home to the united states. >> 4:52 now. congress is demanding answers about the skyrocketing cost of one life-saving device. hear from two children zapped by electricity while on an amusement park ride. you're watching "today in new
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4:54 right now. check of weather and traffic on the 4s. mid-60s right now. what a difference. >> crazy. >> i'm loving it. it felt great. fall is coming eventually. it's a preview this morning. lauren doesn't like the cold weather. >> got to go back to school monday. >> lunch bag with her name on it. >> tomorrow, back to where we
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this is a one-day event. 64 degrees outside right now. turns into a beautiful afternoon. 82 your high. where we should be this time of year. low 80s in white plains. it's been a hot mornt. when we get a normal day, it feels like the cool side. low humidity and winds are lighter than yesterday. overnight, another cool night north and west. you see a few 50s in places like madison and liberty. not as cool in bridgeport and we're feeling that humidity again by tomorrow afternoon. we may see 90 again over the next couple of days, the way lauren likes it. >> yeah. i don't like that super hot heat wave weather. but it was a little chilly yesterday for me. i know i'm going to get a million tweets. i'm crazy. let's talk about the subways. we have service changes out there due to overnight track
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bridge where things are moving nicely on the span in both directions as well as the bqe. we have a little bit of construction on the roads. no accidents yet this morning. >> lauren, thanks so much. the first days of a multimillion dollar project to improve service on the long island railroad has begun. crews have completed a track between central islip and ronkonkoma. work on the final phase of the project is under way. governor cuomo stopped by to check on it yesterday. the mta allow for extra service and reduce delays hopefully. >> anything could lighten up the traffic would be fantastic here. it's crazy. >> this project expected to be completed in 2018. lrsy. congress is demanding answers about the skyrocketing effects of epipen. it can prevent fatal allergic reactions. >> the cost has gone up 400% since 2008.
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company to justify the hike. jen maxwell shows us to worried parents have no choice but to pay. >> she needed it to live. >> last fall, abby bragerman's daughter was rushed to the hospital after she was mistakenly served peanut sauce in a restaurant. >> it was rea spring loaded syringes that deliver medicines that stop a severe allergic reaction. a pack of two costs $600. an increase of 400%. >> the price should come down. it has to be fair and safe. this is children's life-saving medicine. >> there is just one drug company that makes this type of
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they blame the cost on deductibles. this change to the industry is not an easy challenge to address. we recognize the need and are committed to working with customers and pairs to find solutions. i'm jen max field, "news 4 new york." two children got an electric jolt on a connecticut amusement ride. jacob and lillian were on the scrambler ride in new london last week. they felt a sensation. possibly from a wire coming into contact with the frame of the ride. they spoke to nbc connecticut about the frightening moments. >> when we got off, most of us got zapped. >> he started shaking and screaming help. like crazy. i thought he was in pain or something. something bad happened. >> the ride was reopened after it was repaired and then inspected once again.
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>> i bet. coming up on 5:00. if you're heading ou the door, take us with youment. >> download the news 4 app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news in newark, one man killed, a woman injured in a double shooting overnight. new video of the team who broke into a consulate office. they didn't steal money though. >> president obama's flood ravaged section was louisiana. "today in new york" starts now. 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, august 23rd. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm kerry barrett. darlene has the night off. >> chris is off too. he'll be back tomorrow. raphael miranda is here with the weather headlines. a special day. we're not getting this cool weather forever. >> temperature dropped to 62 degrees in central park. that makes it the coolest morning since the middle of
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refreshingly cool. i'm loving it. 62 degrees outside. winds out of northwest at 3 miles per hour. won't be as windy as yesterday. but it will be sunny and beautiful. temperatures in the 60s, 70s. eventually low 80s. feels more like summer. but the humidity stays low and just a great day for anything outside. the humidity will rise again. we'll look at that in the ten-day forecast. lauren scala is here with a look at your commute. >> sounds like a dramatic weather film. construction is causing delays on the grand central parkway. there it is. just as you make your way past laguardia airport in the westbound lanes, nothing is really moving right now. the bqe ramp is shut down. something to keep in mind. heading over to the alexander hamilton bridge, smooth sailing on the cross bronx expressway. two lanes are blocked by webster avenue. delays are minor through there. we'll have more weather and


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