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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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the necklace and go back for it. the son is grateful his mom is okay, but he is pleading with the public to find the attacker. >> if anyone knows of anyone, please contact the police, so it won't happen to someone else. there's a lot of elderly people here. >> reporter: that necklace had eight charms and birthstones, one for each of those eight grandchildren. police are asking anyone who may know anything or has information to come forward. a new jersey school board president is under arrest caught up in an internet child porn investigation. state and local police raided a home. phillip is accused of using a
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porn. he's being held on $75,000 bail. a window washer is recovering from a serious fall in midtown. it happened between 6th and broadway. he was on the 19th floor when he tumbled six floors down. one witness described the scene. >> we couldn't see him after he fell from the window, but one of my coworkers did think she saw okay, what i might have seen is somebody's shoes falling. >> the city's building department says the building has just one outstanding violation for construction work and that was for failing to file a permit for proper repair back in 2013. we go to louisiana where president obama's wrapping up his first visit to see the devastation that's been left by these historic floods. the state's worst natural
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the president's trip sparked some backlash for coming a little too late some say. >> reporter: that's right. many of these people here in louisiana are still in the beginning phases of their cleanup process. as you can see by this debris piled high along these streets, this is just some of what president obama say on his tour of the area and why he is facing criticism he is not visiting sooner. he's promising to help these residents for months to come. after days of deadly flooding, recovery efforts are under way. today president obama came to see it himself, touring hardest hit areas. >> people's lives have been upended by this flood. >> reporter: on vacation during the height of the flooding some say his visit is too late, but
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may be the only financial help residents get to rebuild. >> get her some help. >> reporter: the damage so bad the fema inspector tells us he can't get to many homes per day. >> maybe ten a day. i'm thinking there's 80,000 homes that may be affected. that's a lot of man hours. >> the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homesnd rebuilt. >> reporter: it's the worst natural disaster in the u.s. since superstorm sandy in 2012, but according to the american red cross donations are barely trickling in, an expense louisiana's governor says they're going to need more money to repay. >> we're going to need a lot more. >> reporter: the community is coming together to rebuild, hoping to get help they need
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need, the american red cross says so far it has received $7.8 million in donations for flood victims here. it is less than 1/3 of the estimated $30 million needed. natalie, back to you. >> thank you. new at 4:00, there is word this afternoon the fbi is investigating a hack attack against some "new york times" reporters, specifically whether russian intelligence are responsible. the newspaper's internal network was not compromised though. a times spokes person refused to comment about the investigation, but said, quote, we're vigilant about guarding against attempts to hack into our system. florida zika outbreak may be spreading across the state. right now health officials are in pinellas county, which
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door to door outreach is going on. they're also stepping up the rigorous spraying from the air and abatement efforts are now under way from the air and on the ground there. florida's department of health is offering free zika testing for pregnant women in pinellas county. four new cases of zika in the hard hit areas of wynwood and miami beach. that brings the total number of cases in the state to 40. zian defects in unborn children. all new at 4:00, a smelly situation in one new jersey community. hundreds of thousands of dead fish are washing ashore. you can see how bad that situation is. this is happening at wake hake creek. it's not the first time. the big question here is what's
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gus rosendale is there live with the story. >> reporter: an alarming visual to be sure. the smell, as you can imagine, absolutely terrible. but as we found out, it turns out this is mother nature following extreme record-breaking heat. chopper 4 showing hundreds of thousands of bunker fishing washing ashore. experts say it is a natural and larger than usual type of fish kill that sometimes the area. it smells worse on the ground. not enough to deter these friends on the beach. >> i love my beach. >> the smell today is a little -- >> it's a little foul. >> reporter: you wanted to come swimming today? >> yes. >> reporter: the recent extreme heat dissipated oxygen in the water. the fish have been slowly starved to death. but the seagulls and ducks
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of fish that we've lost, but again with the hot temperatures and we think most of this probably came from thorn's creek where the waters would likely to have much larger dissolved oxygen than out in the ocean. >> reporter: you can see some of the fish there. the situation has gotten a little bit better in the last out in the next couple of tide cycles here. no serious threat to the public. it's the smell. news 4 new york. >> braving that smell tonight. thank you very much. now to a final salute for an nypd legend. [ bag pipes playing ] today family, friends, and a sea
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funeral for john timoney. timoney started his career as a beat cop in the bronx back in 1969. he became the first deputy commissioner in 1994. bill bratton gave the eulogy and spoke after the service. >> his contributions to the city of new york surpass all the other contributions of his life. he came into this department at a time when the city was going through incredible the leaders in the 90s when we began to take the city back. >> timoney served as police commissioner in philadelphia and the police chief in miami. he died last week after a battle with lung cancer. the decision is in on russian athletes and the paralympics. also ahead, a special honor for the two runners who showed us the real olympic spirit and
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thieves stealing the wheelchair of a new jersey teenager. he's getting something even better. we're going to tell you about the special gift from the community. he is the first boy to undergo a double hand transplant. today he's showing off what he can do to the public. a little taste of fall in the tri-state area this morning with some temperatures down in the 40s. downright chilly, but l
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the back of a police van in 2014. gray's death was ruled a homicide. there's now a final report on the death of lane graves. florida wildlife officials say the seven-foot gator grabbed the 2-year-old boy by the head as the child bent over in the water. lane's father tried to open the gator's mouth, but that gator dragged the boy away. team russia's ban from the paralympic games for doping will stand. the court of arbitration for sports upheld the original decision. this means that russia's 267 entries for the paralympic games will be spread out among participating countries. russia finished fourth overall in the games this year despite having several team members banned for doping. two olympians received a rare honor for their sportsmanship. you have to remember this moment
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from new zealand got tanged up on the track. they were awarded the international fair play committee award. their story is, quote, one of humanity and sacrifice which captured the hearts of people all across the globe. that was beautiful to see. >> it's great. you have to celebrate the gold medal wins and things like that. >> that was a moment. >> special. >> i can't believe that she actually continued to run after that. it really was special. so is our weather. refreshing. >> i have not heard one complaint yet. everyone is really liking this. i'm sure you're one of those people too. we get a break from the intense heat. in the morning you can actually wear a sweater or jacket. it is not bad for august. here's a live view right now looking eastward towards midtown from new jersey. it looks pretty beautiful out there this evening. if you're going out and about, no problems from the weather at
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the humidity is pleasant. everything is tolerable. it is 80 degrees in midtown. that southwest wind will help kick up the humidity over the next couple of days. visibility is great and it is nice and sunny outside. it is going to be a great afternoon. no problems from the weather whatsoever. here's a look at our headlines. it's going to be great again tonight and tomorrow. tonight more temperatures in the 50 there were some 40s this morning north and west, even down the shore at toms river. friday we are expecting a couple of thunderstorms to come through. right now though it is just perfect out there. 83 in roselle park. wayne is at 78 degrees.
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it's coming off the land over the inland locations. today a west to southwest wind. still the dew points are comfortable. dew point readings are in the 50s. that is below 60, which is in that nice category. still have high pressure and fair skies. we start to pick up a few storms through minneapolis and omaha, but that is really about overall it is a quiet weather pattern that sticks around for a few more days. temperatures in midtown will stay in the 70s overnight, dipping down to the 60s. in the morning, another nice one. clear skies. liberty at 58 tonight. tomorrow, if you have outdoor plans, you have a great day for it yet again.
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still sunny with readings into the mid 80s for the afternoon. maybe some upper 80s too. close to 90 in poughkeepsie. 87 in madison. yes, the southwest wind will make a difference tomorrow. it may feel a bit more humidity, a bit more muggy. 79 in fire island. 84 in long beach island. waves are pretty low, one to two feet. a low risk of rip currents. high uv index. more sun. we've got gaston that's out in the atlantic and also a low pressure area moving towards the caribbean. for now, here's our ten-day forecast which looks great. we'll get to friday and we'll get a few storms here and there. then we're up to 90. we have a couple more of those summertime days. this is the last weekend in august coming up. mid 80s, beautiful weather. next week we have storms on and off as we enter september, but
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thank you very much. well, nasa finally found its long lost spacecraft stereo b. it's been almost two years of radio silence, but the space agency never gave up. it works together with a second spacecraft, stereo a, to study the sun. now nasa will continue to monitor the spacecraft to see what kind of state it is in before continuing mission. >> lost in space and now found. heartless thieves stole a wheelchair belonging to a new jersey teenager with cerebral palsy. >> now the 14-year-old boy has a better way to get around. a company gave him a new state-of-the-art wheelchair today. authorities tracked down the thieves and recovered his
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wheelchair, but he had outgrown it. >> i thought how am i going to replace this. everyone came around and it made me cry everyone more. to see this come to fruition like this, it is really overwhelming. >> look at this. this is great. the latest in power chair technology. this will improve his ability to communicate and his day-to-day life. >> smile on his face there. when we return, mcdonald's now recalling thousands of toys th a can hurt your children. party crasher. what happened outside a birthday dinner on long island that had guests running to check out their cars. plus, kids and sugar. the new stricter limits that parents need to hear. we're hitting the road and bringing a treat truck to your community. come on out and meet us. we'll be in belmar this friday from noon to 2:00.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome.
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stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. want to get to breaking news in new jersey where fallen power lines are causing problems in haledon. >> it all began around 3:00 this afternoon when some trees came down on the power lines in turn pulling down two utility poles. you can see how close that house is on the right-hand portion of your screen. you can see a lot of activity going on down below. no injuries reported, but utility crews on scene trying to figure out exactly how to fix this problem.
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expect outage in the immediate area. preakness avenue is closed down. back to you in the studio. zero to 60 miles per hour in two and a half seconds. that's how fast tesla motor promises one of its latest cars can go. the company is hoping its model sp-100d sedan will appeal to that car along with its new sport utility vehicle will have a battery pack. exciting. >> i'm a car geek. today's consumer report safety recalls that should have you searching through your kids' toy chest. >> today we want to let you know that it is now official. the consumer products safety
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million fitness bands that had been given away in happy meals because they might cause skin irritation or burns. the fitness bands look like watches and are supposed to track physical activity. it received more than 70 complaints, including several reports of blisters. customers can return the bands for a free replacement toy at any mcdonald's location. another important recall. than 90,000 baby play sets because of a possible choking hazard. it includes the alex junior baby builder, first pops and first snaps. the toys were sold at barnes and noble stores and online at if you're planning to book that next vacation, today is the day to shop.
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flight day because it typical marks the end of summer demand. starting today, travelers could see fares fall as much as 20%. of course, it all depends on when and where you depend to fly. the cheapest days are tuesdays, wednesdays, and saturdays. if you're thinking about traveling this time of year, get going. >> 'tis the season. thank you very much. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, give us a call remember for now everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team. still to come, a city employee was fired for not coming to work more than half the time. why she feels that decision just isn't fair. plus, we have a follow-up to our i-team exclusive. inside tips from convicted burglars. what could make you a prime target for thieves. what do you do after you win
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city, of course. we catch up with the golden girls of gymnastics. target may be moving into your backyard. we'll tell you where it is setting up three new stores and when you can plan to go
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now at 4:00, a deadly trend. another shooting has neighbors in newark on edge. is anything being done to try and stop the violence? a follow-up to our i-team exclusive. we have heard how h are they looking for once inside? a medical miracle. the first child to receive a new set of hands, showing us how far he's come. you're watching "news 4 new york at 4:00." good afternoon. thanks again for joining us. i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. that deadly shooting this morning marked the sixth homicide in three days. >> the two people were sitting on a porch early this morning


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