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tv   News 4 New York at 430  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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now at 4:00, a deadly trend. another shooting has neighbors in newark on edge. is anything being done to try and stop the violence? a follow-up to our i-team exclusive. we have heard how h are they looking for once inside? a medical miracle. the first child to receive a new set of hands, showing us how far he's come. you're watching "news 4 new york at 4:00." good afternoon. thanks again for joining us. i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. that deadly shooting this morning marked the sixth homicide in three days. >> the two people were sitting on a porch early this morning
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firing gunshots. michael george live in newark with new information about the victims and the suspect. >> reporter: six murders in 72 hours here in newark. the latest shooting a woman nine months pregnant was shot on the front porch. she survived, but a 26-year-old man who was with her was killed. the shooting happened overnight as the two were sitting on the front porch of a home. witnesses heard gunshots coming from across the street. the pregnant woman's injuries are not life threatening, but the 26-year-old man she was with was killed. police have increased patrols as they search for the killer. it's unclear right now whether or not the victims were targeted. this is the latest shooting that left six dead this week. we spoke to residents who say they want to see a bigger police presence. >> more cops back in the day. there used to be cops doing
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neighborhood. right now, we're helpless. >> reporter: and 4 investigates looked into the crime stats here in newark. homicides are up. 63 people killed this year compared to 59 at the same time last year, but police say overall crime is down about 20%. we're live in newark. michael george, news 4 new york. a smashing 30th birthday party for one long island woman and her guests after an alleged cars. just look at the damage. car parts covering that parking lot outside of mill pond seafood kitchen and bar. this happened last night just before 9:00. police say the 53-year-old mark was driving drunk when he rammed his toyota tundra into a row of high-end cars. >> you just kept hearing a smash and then a screech and then a smash and then a screech. we walked outside. there was a whole bunch of pieces of cars. everybody's car was basically
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basically, hit every single car on the outside of the lot. it was awful. >> it sure does look like it. two party goers went outside. they tackled the man and held him until police arrived. her case remains unsolved, but detectives have not given up hope. 20-year-old dawn marie marino disappeared on may 16th, 1981 on the corner of tavern and bar. since her death, hundreds of tips have poured into police, but none leading to her killer. machetes on now on the list of dangerous weapons in new york state, but not for gardening. if convicted, that person could face up to a year in jail. a city worker is out of a
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sick. the worker worked at the department of environmental protection for 20 years, but called out sick for months at a time. the dep brought up charges. she took 226 days of paid and unpaid sick leave and got doctor's notes excusing her from work for days at a time. a job ruled her absences as excessive and she was fired. let's get to our i-team series. burglars secrets. we asked experts, more than 500 convicted burglars, how we can better protect our homes and families. >> sarah wallace is joining us now with a preview. we enjoyed the first piece. looking forward to hearing what's in the second one here. >> we are hearing from burglars in their own words and their advice is invaluable. we sent surveys to hundreds of quick hand crooks serving time
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burglaries. among our questions, where do you go first and what do you take? where do you look first? >> in the bedrooms. we're going to think like you think. >> reporter: is it true you don't want to confront anyone? >> no, we don't. >> but what happens if you go after them? how many say they would fight back? 's into at 6:00. >> good thing to hear they don't want to confront you. >> most told us they would leave immediately. they believed they could get in and out before the police come if you do call the police. they're in and out between three and five minutes. this is a quick grab generally for them. this confrontational thing, it is pretty serious. we're going to talk about that at 6:00. >> looking forward to it. still to come tonight, one
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it landed him in the hospital. also coming up, a crash caught on camera. how this pickup truck ended up inside of a store. janice huff is joining us now with a check of the forecast. our forecast is looking pretty great. although the humidity is going to start to increase over the next couple of days, but we're enjoying this nice weather while we have it. i'll talk more about that and what's happening in the tropics
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all right. a very scary crash caught here on camera. there it is. that pickup truck busted right through the jewelry store in memphis, tennessee.
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he suffered a hairline fracture in his ankle, but somehow he can laugh about it all. >> i'm on pain pills right now. i'm cool. >> well, thankfully no one else was seriously hurt, but the store owners were left with a huge mess to clean up. police say an elderly man misjudged his parking spot. that's how he ended up in the store. leap of faith, but not the kind of risk one man took in pittsburgh. a man got trapped between two buildings while trying to jump rooftops. his daredevil stunt all to impress a woman that he'd just met. it took emergency crews about four hours to cut through walls and finally free him. aside from an ankle injury and perhaps a blow to his ego, he was otherwise okay. well, we have a stunning admission to tell you about in
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assistant coach jerry sandusky in the child abuse conviction. the lead prosecutor testified that he doesn't believe a man that settled with the university was the man in the shower incident with sandusky. he was convicted of molesting ten children over the years. the judge is left to decide whether sandusky gets a new trial. stephen hill passed away today you may remember hill starring in "law and order." he was born in seattle in 1922. he moved to new york city at a young age all to pursue his acting dreams. in addition to his tv performances, hill also appeared in more than two dozen films. are you kids eating too much sugar?
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now to news for your health. chances are your child is eating too much sugar. the american heart association say those between the ages of 2 and 18 should only be eating six teaspoons of added sugar a day. that's about the amount of sugar kids under two should not have any. now a remarkable update on a little boy we've told you about before. >> we're talking about 9-year-old zion harvey. he received the first ever pediatric double hand transplant in philadelphia one year ago. we've been following this story. look at that. this afternoon we have an update on zion. at a children's hospital news
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right and play games. >> how is it different to you? >> well, they're not really that still anymore. >> not that still? >> not like that still where i couldn't really move them. now they're to the point where i can move them around. won't get tired. >> wow. >> it's amazing to see him picking up a bat. >> he can do so much. he's becoming exactly what his mother and the doctors hoped for -- independent. he can feed himself. he can make a sandwich. he can put a piece of pizza in the microwave. none of those things was zion
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and he is so independent. >> you spoke extensively to zion and his mother. it's been quite a journey, the operation, right? >> it has. i asked his mother how does zion maintain his spirit. she said, i let zion be zion. before he got his hands, he wanted to be on a skateboard. they put him on his belly on a skateboard. he went zooming down the hallways. color, he can cut with a pair of scissors. when he colors, he stays inside the lines. the boy does push-ups. >> we are impressed. >> he even does pull-ups where he's pulling his chin up over the bar. it is absolutely amazing. you talk about medicine, miracles, hope, and courage. this little guy has got all of it. >> he's determined. >> we just heard him talking
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tightness in his hands. are his hands going to continue to grow and improve and strengthen? >> yes. they left the growth plates open in his wrists. these hands are going to grow with zion. they've been cutting his fingernails. everything you expect hands to do. over time he will be in therapy for a long time. is it perfect yet? not exactly. his brain is now learning how to use these hands. that sectionf allows for us to have hand function was dormant because he had no hands. so he's relearning those functions and he is unstoppable. >> he really is. he'll continue to improve every day. >> indeed he will. >> you can see more of the report tonight on "nightly news." that story is coming up at 6:30 tonight. >> thanks so much. let's check in with janice huff over in the weather center. we can thank you for this beautiful weather. >> you can.
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>> the credit is yours. >> okay. i'll take it, especially when it is good like this. not so much in terms of what's happening in the tropics. of course, it's becoming more active now that we're getting closer to the peak hurricane season time, which is in the next couple of weeks. the national hurricane center is still predicting 12 to 17 storms. we're on storm seven. it is in the atlantic. it is going to stay there for a while. we have this moving towards the northeastern caribbean. first gaston. it looks like most of the computer forecasts keep it out to sea for a while, but it is expected to develop into a hurricane pretty soon. now this is what's left of fiona just south of bermuda. this next system doesn't have a name yet, but it is on the move. top winds are at 30 miles an hour. if you have plans to visit st. croix, st. thomas, the virgin
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antigua, this storm is moving in that direction. it could produce flooding rains and a lot of wind and some surf. not such the best of vacations. it will continue across the atlantic towards the turks and caicos over the bahamas. if you're planning a trip into this region, you'll want to keep up with the latest information in terms of what's happening because now the hurricane season really gets moment and ruin your plans. in the meantime, nothing like that here. we're just enjoying the sunshine with sunscreen of course. beautiful weather as high pressure dominates the northeast. barely any clouds around today. 79 in point pleasant. same in red bank. mid 80s in sayreville and woodbridge. it is 81 in morristown. 80 in the city. 77 in islip and danbury.
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five to ten degrees warmer than they were this time yesterday except the south-facing shores. the humidity is between 35% and 45% for the most part. it stays that way until tomorrow. 66 tonight in the city. by the end of the week, we're up to 90. the humidity is back along with a few thunderstorms too. here's our ten-day forecast. it looks pretty nice. we have that one muggy sunday for your outdoor plans with highs in the mid to upper 80s. a little stormy on and off next week, but we could use the rain. you'll be able to see the hit show "ms. saigon" before it comes to broadway next spring. >> but you'll have to go to the movie theater. it will make it to the big screen here in america on september 22nd.
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across the country. "miss saigon" is a vietnam love story. it will open in march. they're back from rio and they're ready to roll. >> we catch up with the gold medal winning women's gymnastics team as they hit some of new york's hottest spots. second avenue subway construction has an upper east side restaurant owner saying tt epipen prices are skyrocketing. tonight, what some lawmakers want to do to get a handle on this. new developments in the deadly crash on the l.i.e. what brought one family back to the scene today as 4 investigates uncovers new information about the safety of that stretch of highway. we have those stories and so much more when sibila and i see you at 5:00.
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well, they will forever be known as the final five. this year's u.s. women's gymnastics team that came home from rio as olympic champions. >> they're enjoying a celebratory tour back in the united states. it all started right here in new york city. john chandler caught up with them today at the empire state building and found next for these golden girls. >> reporter: the final five are having a ball from "the today show" to "the tonight show" and in between a climb to the 86th floor of the empire state building. simone biles and her teammates left rio with nine medals, the most decorated olympics gymnastics team the u.s. has ever seen.
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and all of this is new to the 16-year-old from old bridge. >> this is my first time. >> reporter: you're from here. >> but i train a lot. >> reporter: now that they have reached the top, it's okay to indulge a little. >> simone is really looking forward to the pizza. >> reporter: these ladies have been on top of the medal stand and now they're on top of the world here at the empire state building. >> it is incredible. we're being -- paparazzi. >> all the love and support and going back to another olympic games was something so special and exciting. >> reporter: not to mention inspiring. >> it is still kind of surreal. we're still trying to take it all in. i think everyone hopes we inspired young girls to keep believing in themselves. >> reporter: can you believe what has just happened to you? >> not really. i used to have simone pinch me
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everything wasn't a dream. >> they are the real deal. congratulations. that does it for us at 4:00. >> stay tuned. now at 5:00, big questions in the wake of a deadly crash on the l.i.e. what 4 investigates is uncovering about the safety of the highway. a mysterious death in the bronx. a woman vanishes, her boyfriend arrested, but there's one major clue police need to find. a new vaccine order for students in new york. what it is and the question "news 4 new york at 5:00" starts right now. concerns tonight from the family of the driver accused of speeding in the deadly l.i.e. crash. good evening, everybody. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm sibila vargas. tonight 4 investigates is uncovering new information. marc santia is in dix hills with the details. >> reporter: today marked the first of six funerals.
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answers. on this grassy median where their cousins died, this family is trying to piece together events of that deadly day. >> we just had to kind of come out and see for ourselves. >> reporter: this family stresses they do not believe carmelo was going excessively fast. >> everybody is assuming it was speed and he must have been going 100 miles an hour doesn't necessarily mean that was true. >> reporter: the family is raising concerns about the cable barriers and steel plates near this bridge. >> i want the county and state authorities to see exactly what's going on with the construction and the plates and everything like that. don't just assume he was flying. >> reporter: the deadly accident happened in a transition area where the steel guardrail overlaps with cable barriers. it appears both were damaged in this crash. the new york department of
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installed on the l.i.e. in 2011. as for the steel plates, dot would not comment on whether they played a role in the crash, but they are designed to sustain car speed of 60 miles an hour. friends and family gathered to remember the life of scott crash. >> he was always quietly finding ways to connect people to do good things. >> reporter: back at the crash site, carmelo's cousins say they grieve for all the victims and they want a thorough investigation, stressing finger pointing should not just be at their loved one. they believe other factors played a deadly role. >> it is easy to say he was flying, maybe like 95, 100 miles an hour and call it a day. >> reporter: 4 investigates will


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