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tv   Today  CBS  February 15, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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you can find the today show on 17.2 right now or channel 1245 on and because of the winter weather several school systems cancelled or delayed class today in fact, you know this is an update list here, duke university plans to open up at 10 o'clock this morning. 11. >> also more wayne county schools all on a two our delay meanwhile chatham, edgecombe, franklin, person and wade county schools all closed today. you can find the full list running at the bottom of your screen as well as our website good morning. good morning to you at home as well. hopefully if you're watching this you're able to stay safely hours but right now we're at 23 degrees and we all know it was a very cold weekend. so anything that's falling is freezing on impact those
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snow has been allowed to accumulate. this this is a live picture from our tower camera and look how slow the cars traveling and this is on i-440 westbound and eastbound this morning right near the wake forest exit. let's talk about what we have intact for the morning and afternoon hours and that's a winter storm warning in effect until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for person and orange counties very danger are you saying travel conditions expected there as they're expecting to see the highest snow and sleet accumulations. here around the triangle we have a winter weather advisory in next until 7 p.m. today. that change-over expected to happen this afternoon and had is extended for wake county, durham county. now, if you're around the 95, the sand hills some warmer air going to surge into those areas a little earlier so your advisory will be athrough expire at 1 p.m. today. here's our wncn radar as we he scan the skies, yeah it doesn't appear
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damage is already done here in wake county. we saw some sleet earlier this morning and those roads quickly iced over now, off to our east through nash and edgecombe counties towards wilson we're still seeing some sleet. as you make your way up some light snow. a little further north you can see more snow in virginia across warren, also northeastern portions of franklin county. out towards durham we have seen sleet akyle lawsuit for several hours. now, the good news is they received a little bit of snow yesterday and it looks like a lot of people have actually stayed inside. we're seeing the most accident here around wake county. let's talk temperatures. 27 in clayton and littleton. we continue to see the temperatures drop around fayetteville now at 27 as well was sanford is at 26. along the virginia border 21 in south hill, 22 in roxboro. so let me walk you through your day hour by hour and you'll notice the morning hours this mix is
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we're still in the 20s at 10 a.m., 30 at lunchtime today seeing freezing rain and sleet and eventually the warmer air arrives and changes this all into rain for us but that doesn't happen until say after 2 o'clock here in wake county. could be much later than that if you're north. 35 at 4:00, 37 at 6 p.m. here's the precipitation timing and our biggest threats for today, it's he snow, freezing rain and sleet all throughout the morning into the early average of afternoon hours, accumulations not going to be much but again it doesn't take much to make the roads very slippery then the cold rain arrives this afternoon, continues through tomorrow and we're talking about one to two inches of possible so tomorrow morning's commute could easily be a tricky one as well because of the amount of water but this morning's commute very slick out there and i'm going to send it onto kristin who has an update and what's the latest on the accidents?
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can actually plot on the map here. every red icon that you see is a wreck that has popped up in the past several minutes or one that has not been cleared yet. let's take a look outside right now and you're looking at i-85 and 70 right there where things looking like they're moving smoothly in that direction but this is one of the only places where things moving smoothly. our traffic is lit up this morning. let's take a look at the few of the bicker wrecks. we had one that the just cleared at i-440 eastbound but still an active wreck at i-440 westbound at six forks road exit, some issues there. major issues all morning around knightdale on u.s. 264 and 64 we've had multiple wrecks there there some exit ramps that are closed as a jackknifed tracker trailer earlier and you can see the colors indicating some slow going and stop ask go traffic. also 440 and 40 we have some major issues on the westbound
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at exit 1 that is tying up traffic in that area also 1 at wade avenue and another one at i-440 eastbound and then 40 as well still seeing some issues. wade avenue. 291. so if you do have to drive this morning take it extremely slow and plan on leaving yourself a few extra minutes because we have a lot of wrecks that are tying up traffic, and on side roads too. the back roads being reported as a solid sheet of ice so travel and traffic dangerous this morning if you do not have to drive it is advised that you stay at home. mike and stefan. >> a solid sheet of ice, that sounds so dangerous and of course we are keeping a close eye on the roads during this current round of winter weather. emma wright riding around around wake county this morning.
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know that, you know, situation out there, road conditions treacherous, how is it in the part that you are in right now and where are you? >> well it's a little bit like rink. we were at highway 64 in knightdale right now and things very slick. they've been slick everywhere we've been driving but this seems to be particularly bad. the ice just covers the road that sheen that you see looks like water it is not water, it is ice and the ice i don't know if you can see the hood of our truck a little bit but those bumps on it that is some of the ice that we're talking about it's just covering every surface. we were standing on the side of the road earlier and it's so much ice it's to the point where it covers each individual blade of grass. so it's making for some very slick and treacherous driving. we were on highway 264 about maybe a half hour or so ago and we saw that wreck that was tying up the eastbound lanes
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not only with the tractor trailer jackknifed there was a car that ran into it and a dozen or so cars that had minor accidents all behind it. police it looks like it's going to be a while before if that's part of your route you do want to avoid that. we've seen lots ditches. most people we're seeing heeding the warnings. they're driving slow and taking it easy but even if you're going slow and hit a patch of ice it doesn't take much to really spin out of control and end up having an accident. now, the dot have been putting down the salt and sand in the -- and the brine. we've seen the truck all morning. we've been driving around since 4:30 this morning. we've seen truck all over the area. however, there's only 70 trucks for 6,000 some odd miles of road here in wake county. so you know, you really got to take it slow.
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that they can trying to get the roads straightened out but if you don't have to drive you really shouldn't be out herement that's it for now. he we will of course follow the road updates. >> it really has hide a wide air. 440 wade avenue newspaper our weather coverage we're going to head over to orange county that's where we find justin quesinberry. i know you've seen everything from ice, snow, treacherous conditions especially on the side streets. >> absolutely, and of course it's not getting any better. we have moved slightly from where we were earlier but we're still in the same general area. we're near interstate 40 and 85 but we wanted to move here so we can show you the secondary roads this is really just a solid sheet of ice right here. and we've had more precipitation come down this morning. we
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cars after sitting in this location for a few hours. so that gives you an idea of what's coating, what's already been down. we've got about a half an inch to a quarter inch maybe of snow that started falling last night around 7:30. continued to fall for a couple of hours last night. so that's the base that we have here. we're right by the interstate and traffic is moving along just fine from what we can tell at this point. traffic has picked up obviously within the last couple of hours and right now we see traffic moving along just fine and we've seen salt trucks from the dot come out to try to treat those roads, but again, those roads less of a concern than the secondary, the back roads that you may be traveling this morning. solid sheet of ice. i slid around a little bit this morning. you have to especially watch those hills that you may not notice on your every day commute. for now we're live in orange county, justin quesinberry wncn news now. >> all right. reminding us that overpasses ask bridges especially slick. take it easy out there if you have to be out
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and because of the winter weather several school systems have cancelled or delayed class for today. that includes chatham, wilson, they've all updated to being closed for the day. originally they were just operating on a delay but now they're closed. chapel hill, durham, edgecombe, franklin, granville, orange person, and wade county schools also closed for the day. >> duke will be open at 10 o'clock, campbell at 11 along with nc state, nc central all delayed until noon. you can find the full list running at the bottom of your korean and also hit up our website at if you want a closer look. temperatures hovering near or blowing. they've been doing that all weekend long which makes it a great time to make sure your home is ready. experts recommend replacing your filters and check your heat pump
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the doors tightly sealed to keep the cold air out. >> and for folks to need a warm place cumberland county is among the county to activate its white flag emergency. various shelters will be open for extended hours until the middle of the week as temperatures sweep through the area. around our viewing area now department of transportation crews began preparing for today's winter weather days ago. 50 friction and 20 contractor trucks have been on stand by all night long. wake county has about 6,000 lane miles of roads so crews focused on the most traveled roads. plow trucks will only be out if there's an inch of snow on the ground or more with anything else salt and sand trucks will be out treating any slick spots that they find. meanwhile people hit local stores to stock up on salt, shovels, scrapers, all the we
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out of shovels. the store did have a good supply though of salt left because they ordered an emergency [bleep] just before the storm for some smaller stores that's not really an option so they're just out of stock right now.
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k welcome back. our weather coverage continues. glad that you're with us. >> yeah, we are continuing to follow the developing weather across our area. goodness we've been watching so many different accidents out there. >> yeah, it's been unbelievable. you can find the today show by the way on 17.2 right now or channel 1245 on your time warner cable. well because of the weather several school systems
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for today. so the chatham, wilson, have all updated now to being closed for the day. originally they were operating at a delay schedule. chapel hill, durham, he can come, person also closed. >> and wayne county schools a two our delay. duke will open at 10:00, campbell at 11, nc central is delayed until noon. you can find the full list running at the bottom of your screen and you can also go to boy the on the road. >> yes, certainly it's all the some big headaches for people who have to be out on the roadways and it's important for to us stress if you don't have to be out. just wait temperatures will get above freezing this average but this morning it is very cold, 20s all let's talk about this winter storm warning. this in effect for person and orange county very dawn risk
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tomorrow morning. they're expected to be the last to change-over from freezing rain to rain this sxaefrn that could happen late this evening. now, the weather advisory in effect for the majority of the area. now, there's two time frames we have to point out 1 p.m. that's when the first advisory will expire that's right along the 95 corridor down around the sand hills. 7 p.m. though is when it will expire here in the triangle. this includes raleigh and wake counties it includes durham and durham county. again this evening. i'm showing you the big picture on our sat right radar composite there's not a lot of moisture with this system right now. it will gather more this afternoon but by that point in time temperatures should be above freezing but what we're seeing right now i'm going to stop 24 and bring you in closer to home. we're still seeing some light snow but look at this
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seeing some reports of freezing drizzle and rain around wake. that's also what's falling out towards johnston county. but we'll start with a look at durham and orange counties. the moisture not as widespread, still sleet falling there again through person, granville counties. now, i want to slide you off to our south and east very scattered in nature but doesn't take much to cause a thin layer of ice. we have 95 traveling right through wilson and johnston counties watch for that because it could be icy as some freezing rain continues to fall there. now, these temperatures very critical. it's been cold enough all morning long and we've seen these problems all morning long because everything that start to fall early this morning froze immediately on impact especially on untreated roads. so 23 in durham and in raleigh 23 in siler city, 26 in sanford, fayetteville, littleton, both at 27. so we'll break your forecast for today down hour by hour.
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10 a.m., we're still right around 30 at noon, that means anything that's falling is still freezing on impact. we're at freezing at 2:00 and then finally get above that mark as we head into late this afternoon. should be at 35 at 4:00. 37 by 6 p.m. this evening. so the setup for today it's this system back to our south and west causing all of these headaches. warm front eventually going to lift through and that's what's going to bring the milder temperatures. until it does the mix continues to fall for us. then back to our west a cold front. that cold front going to come through on tuesday. that will finally usher in out all the wet conditions. scattered but still here it's a light wintry mix falling at 8 a.m. this morning, continues through about noon, very light in nature ask likely going to be freezing rain for any of you that are seeing some precipitation fall. then we start to see the warmer air move in ask see it transition into a cold rain right around 2, 3:00 this afternoon.
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continue to fall through 6 p.m. so don't expect dry conditions for the evening drive home. and talk about wet another round of heavy rain is expected for tomorrow morning which means tomorrow morning's commute could be tricky because we could talk about -- be talking about standing water he on the roadways. the good news: that cold front ushers out most of this rain by noon, 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and we should see the skies start to clear. so as far as accumulations keep in mind this is snow and sleet and because we're seeing more sleet i think we're looking at much lower totals but up to an inch possible across portions of wake county, towards chatham, one to three category around durham and orange county. and then overthree inches across northern portion of person county and it's this ice forecast that's going to be very critical especially if you you have to head out this morning up to a
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we already have a couple hundred res of an inch down. higher totals expected across the mountains in virginia and north carolina. today 37 in raleigh, 36 in durham, 40s around fayetteville, overnight tonight temperatures continue to warm. so kind of flip flops from what we typically see 30s as we're heading to bed but 40s to near 50 by the time of sunrises and continue to climb tomorrow 59 our high into the 50s on wednesday with some sunshine and that dry weather will stick around for the rest of this week but really causing some icy conditions out on the roadways. so many accidents of what's the latest? there's almost too many to keep up with this morning. even our major roads, 40, 440, 540 multiple accidents and multiple vehicles accidents being reported. let's take a look at one of our traffic cameras and this looks like i-440 and you can see some police activity and definitely traffic slow on 440 there. we had an accident right
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that caused some delays earlier because of that. and every red icon that you see is a reported wreck, the yellow icons restricted flow likely from continuing to be cleared. as i accident scene at i-440 westbound and at exit 8. you there. also around knightdale and even out toward wendell we've been seeing major issues on 64 and 264, we had multiple vehicle wrecks earlier this morning. we're still getting things cleared up and traffic on 264 moving at a crawl about 10 miles per hour are and multiple wrecks in that area. also multiple accidents to report on 440, these still in the process of being cleared. i-440 eastbound at western boulevard, another one on the westbound side at the u.s. 1
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avenue at 440, 40 also seeing its fair share of problems. 40 westbound there's a wreck at the 64 accident. another one by cary town boulevard on 0 westbound and also at exit 290 where nc 54, so travel not advised. if you are in need of getting out and about take it extremely slow take your time. use some extra caution if it can wait we definitely recommend avoiding traveling until temperatures warm up this morning and this afternoon. >> all right. thanks so much. winter weather coming our way has caused a commuting nightmare for the drivers in tennessee and the kentucky border. >> so we're not the only ones and near white out conditions stranded some folks out there. these images of the snowfall yesterday afternoon along i-75. some tried to push lieu the conditions at a slow going pace. plows were out. check out this sea smoke
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steam not smoke and it's so cold that the fog forms when the especially cold air moves over the relatively warmer temperatures and waters creating this beautiful view. and winter weather was also wrecking havoc on drives in eastern iowa snowfall dusted the roadways on sunday morning causing slick drives conditions. temperatures hoverered around 19 degrees. they expect the winter weather to continue overnight and into next week. >> i think it's cold here move to iowa. all right. our weather coverage continues this morning. this time we're going to head over to orange county that's where we find justin quesinberry. >> very few flakes coming down at this point. what we're really focused on right now is what fell last night. you see that here on the road and in the grassy area here the snow about a quarter of an inch maybe in places. started falling last night around 7:30 and continued
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you see a deputy driving by right now and really slow because that's a solid sheet of ice right there you can see it now that the sun is up shining some light on the roads that we're seeing out here. and i drove a couple of miles on the back roads today and that's what you're seeing, just a solid sheet of ice you see a vehicle going right there and you've got to go really slow. right now we are at the interchange at interstate 40 and 85 to give you an idea of where we are, and traffic on the interstate right over here moving along just fine from what we can tell. we've seen a number of salt trucks from the dot out spread to go try to make things a little saver for people driving on that but of course that's a primary road. that's the focus right bow the back roads, the secondary roads taking a little long tore treat so those the ones that are going to be extra slick. so if you don't have to be out here don't but if you do, please be safe.
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county, justin quesinberry wncn news now. >> all right. thank you of course we are keeping a close eye on the roads during this round of winter weather. emma wright is riding around wake county to let us know what he's seeing there. emma. >> well, it looks like a lot of people heeding the warnings and not going out on the roads if they don't have to. we are in the area of knightdale right now. not too many people out here but the roads still very slick. i know we've been talking about it all morning all of the black ice on the roads of it is selected and we just stopped a few minutes ago and tried to get out of the car and you could barely walk because there was so much ice on the roads. we were on 64 earlier, 264, where we've been telling you about with all of those accidents, that jackknifed tracker trailer causing some very big backups. if you have to go out and about this morning please take a different route so you don't get caught up in that.
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the dot has been out there. we've been seeing lots of salt trucks out and about but there is just so much ice it's taking them a while to get everywhere and get some of this ice starting to melt. the dot says they have 70 trucks for almost 6,000 miles of road in wake county. so they're doing the best that they can trying to get to all of the slick spots but when a lot of the county is is slick it can take a while so you do want to stay off the roads if you don't have to be out here driving this morning. they did say they put down almost 100,000 gallons of brine on the road before the ice started to fall. they started doing that at the end of last week and over the weekend. earlier today we could see where the brine had taken effect and it had started to melt some of the ice but then the rain and ice on top of it proved to be too much and that's how we started to see these very is slick roads. so if you're out and about you really want to take it slow. we will continue
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and bring you more updates as we know more. >> all right. glad to see you driving safe out there this morning. she's driving along with our photojournalist, so again stay safe if you have to head out this morning. remember you can keep up with weather alerts, closings, delays everything you need to
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news now and weather mobile welcome back. our weather coverage continues. just treacherous conditions across our viewing area so we've got a member of law enforcement on the phone right now. >> yeah, accidents just popping up over and over again. we do have jeff governor dan with the state highway patrol he joins us by phone this morning. jeff, great to have you. it was less than two weeks ago that we were talking because of the same situation winter weather. >> absolutely. you know, here we go again. it's a little bit different this system is provideing freezing rain and sleet for the most part. and the temperatures us a know the past couple days have been well
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23, 24 degrees, i can tell you that our troopers out on multiple, multiple collisions due to the roadways being so slick. 64 is a big issue up around knightdale, but now we're starting to see what i call the popcorn effect the belt line and now we're starting venture out in some of the outer lying county. people traveling too fast on the highways right now. i can tell you i'm on interstate 40 on the shoulder. we have patches of ice particularly around the overpasses and bridges is where we're seeing a big problem. if you don't have to get out, please don't, if you do slow i couldn't speed down that's the number one thing that we see people get themselves in a bind up. >> jeff, it sounds like the best bet is to stay off the roads if you don't have to. obviously if you're out there what's the best procedure just keep it as slow as possible and be really came of other folks that may be in the area traveling with you.
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is reduce your speed and then of course increase your following distance. you know anticipate those bridges and overpasses exit ramps, onramps anywhere that you have to apply the brakes that's where you're going to run into some issues. that's the number one thing. i would like to provide this information if you do see yourself or involved if a collision what we ask you not to do is get out and kind of walk around the vehicle. we've had people struck and injured and in some cases sadly killed because they've been out and about. so if you find yourself in that situation get as far off the should until first responders can arrive. >> okay and what about staying inside of your vehicle with your seat belt still on if you are involved in a crash? >> well, you know shall those lot. it depends on each individual situation where your car is on the roadway. if it's off the roadway, if it's on a heavily traveled area and you can get out without being struck in other words traffic allows
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suggest that you get out of the vehicle and then get far away but if you don't have that option absolutely you're safer within the confinement of the vehicle than if you're standing out on a slick covered roadway. please do thought call the 911 service or the highway patrol communication centers for roadway conditions try to keep those open for our first responders for emergencies only that's another good piece that we like to pass on. >> great tips for our viewers out there who have to head out this morning, to take it safe and if they are involved if accidents get far away from the scene of the accident or you know if the situation allows stay in your vehicle with the seat belt on. >> yeah. >> but, you know, he hit the there. you look at the roads they look clear and yeah, clear the black ice. >> yeah and definitely what he said, you know, don't walk
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times we report it here's on the news. >> the lieutenant talked by the icy conditions. >> yes, it certainly is we know a lot of main roads were treated heading into today but as we head throughout the morning the ice continues to be an issue. over the place. so this is a live picture from our tower camera. the problem being the temperatures not only in the 20s right now but we've been below freezing for quite some time. picture from our wncn studios. you can see the cars that are out there on the belt line moving very slow this morning. so a winter storm warning remains in effect until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for these two counties shade in blue that's person and orange county. we're expecting them to see the latest transition from freezing rain to rain later this afternoon resulting in the highest accumulations. now, the winter weather advisory in effect until 7 p.m. for us here in wake
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county and the these counties up towards the virginia border. now, if i haven't mentioned your county that's because you're along the 95 corridor or the sand hills and that advisory is set to expire at 1 p.m. this afternoon. you'll see that transition into a cold rain earlier than the rest of us. so here's what's happening on our satellite radar composite, we have a little bit of sleet and freezing rain falling around south carolina and then the majority is falling right over central north carolina a. it's kind of developing for us. now, with that being said it's not as steady and widespread as it was earlier this morning. that's when we first started to see that out break of accidents. a little bit of freezing drizzle and rain especially out towards the cary area. cary seeing some of this light freezing rain this morning. that extends broken in nature it's not all that wide separate around durham and orange county towards person county now, you're seeing more sleet take discovery that sleet
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want to slide you off to the east and we're seeing pretty much the definition of a wintry mix. snow, sleet, freezing rain around halifax, then you make your way with towards nash county seeing a wintry mix. wilson we are getting reports that roads very icy and then we have harnett county, johnston county seeing isolate pockets of freezing rain this morning. again right along 95 in johnston county, bridges, overpasses have been a concern all morning long and have been problem spots for people hitting the roads. so current temperatures 23 in durham, raleigh and louisburg, 23 in henderson while down around the sand hills you're in the mid-20s in clinton the upper 20s around fayetteville and raeford. so we'll break your forecast down hour by hour for you, 29 at 8 a.m., close to 29 by 10 a.m. near 30 by lunchtime.
7:37 am
above freezing this afternoon seeing all that have transition just too a cold rain. 35 at 4:00, 37 at 6 p.m. and then throughout the overnight and tomorrow this will just an rain event for us. so the setup for today is this: area of low pressure off to our south and west, north of this warm front snow, freezing rain, we're seeing that mix. well as it this warm front lifts across the area some milder temperatures start to move in and this all changes into rain and that rain is going to continue tonight into tuesday until this front clears our skies. the good news is that front actually takes most of the rain out of here by noon on tuesday. now, in the meantime we have a very tricky forecast to pinpoint for you and we're looking at that freezing rain and potential for us through 8 a.m., through 12 p.m., so that's lunchtime then the warmest air starts to move in and watch this, more of the green starting spread around wake county. so i think this starts to fall mainly as a cold rain fors us around 3:00. that cold rain continues for your
7:38 am
we have those areas under the winter storm warning orange and person counties could still be dealing with freezing rain at 5 p.m. this evening of the scattered showers going to continue overnight. day break tomorrow i'm not going to promise an ease commute because heavy rain moving right overhead. so we could be talking about water ponding on the roadways, not ice but water. like i mentioned though, most of the rain moving out by about lunchtime tomorrow. so snow, freezing rain, sleet the biggest concern this morning, most of you starting to see all the snow wind down so it's more of an ice event for us over the neck few hours then we change into that cold rain tonight and into rain expected. but we want to pinpoint some of this ice and sleet accumulations. obviously heavy snow still falling mainly way north of the triangle which is why most of the spots north and northwest
7:39 am
higher snow and sleet totals. upwards of three inches likely in the northwestern tip of person county. right around roxboro we've got a stripe of one to three that includes most of the orange county and durham county and even to the north, the potential for seeing one to three inches of snow. some of the spots picked up some light accumulations already this morning and then for most of us around the triangle we're pretty much done with the snow and now the sleet and freezing rain so we could and then freezing rain that is going to cause a problem as well because it's just rain that sticks on contact. it freezes on contact to anything at the surface that so we could still see up to a 10th of an inch of ice across most of the wncn news viewing area but even trace amounts across the sand hills, the i-95 corridor that's going to cause some
7:40 am
and overpasses and we have seen multiple wrecks because of those conditions. >> so let's talk about today's highs. 37 degrees in raleigh, 36 in durham, the 40s around fayetteville. the key with these highs for today they're thought going to be felt until say, 5, 6 o'clock this evening. temperatures climb right on through the afternoon and continue to climb overnight tonight. your overnight low 37 degrees, yeah, the same as our afternoon high but by day break tomorrow i think we'll be in the upper 40s and low 50s. the rain is still around especially heavy at times tomorrow morning we should be dryer by the afternoon, and then wednesday, thursday, friday. you need something to get you through the conditions of today know that the 60s will be possible for the upcoming weekend but cold and icy the real theme of this morning's commute and it's causing a lot of problems for the update on those traffic accidents we'll send it over to kristin again. >> good morning. much. outside we are still dealing with multiple wrecks and multiple vehicles accidents in some spots around the area.
7:41 am
at the current road conditions and wow we are all backed up on i-85 and u.s. 70. traffic is crawling, lots of brake lights there. definitely use some caution if you have to drive. travel though at this point at least not advised. so let's take a look at our traffic maps and you can see every red icon that's a wreck that is still in progress and the process of being cleared up. we still have one being reported at i-440 westbound at six forks road, that is slowing down traffic on the bell line there. we have had a lot of issues this morning around knightdale heading out toward knightdale on 264 and 64. it was a solid sheet of ice earlier this morning. conditions improving a bit one major accident was just cleared at knightdale boulevard but we are still seeing traffic moving very slow about 29 miles per hour there. and then of course on 440, we've got a wreck at
7:42 am
exit 1, dot crews trying to get he a handle on the situation and being dispatched to any places where we're seeing these icy spot. so we had one wreck that you just saw clear at i-40 westbound but still one on i-40 westbound a little bit further to the west there at exit 290. travel not advised this morning. the side and back roads huge issue this morning because they are the ones that are left untreated. so major roads going to be your priority and those still in rough shape this morning. mike and stefan. >> all right those stints stacking up. thanks for keeping a close watch on that, and of course we are keeping a close eye on the roads during this round of winter weather. in fact wncn's emma right has been riding along wake county since early this morning. >> yeah we're on highway 264 right now and knightdale near
7:43 am
talking to you about all this are morning and this looks like it was a chain reaction type thing you can see the tractor trailer it jackknifed and another car coming up beside it looks like it ran into the side of that tractor trailer. there's another car behind the tractor it rear-ended. we drove past it in the opposite direction and saw he several minor fender-benders behind this because of this up here. i mean, the guys that are trying to hook that trailer up they are slipping and sliding around. it is so difficult to walk out here because there is is so much ice. this accident happened several hours ago it looks like they reopened 1 lane of 264 eastbound. they're letting the traffic slowly move of the traffic is backed up for self miles. so it is going to be a while before this starts to ease
7:44 am
little better but we should note that this accident happened right on a bridge. we always say you know, bridges freeze first and here's why, see this is the road where the accident happened, a bridge right here of the. the cold air hits the top of the bridge and the bottom of bridge 1 so the road freezes fastest that's why we're seeing real thick ice through here along this bridge. the dot has been out here and putting putting down the salt and sand but it's so thick it is taking a while for it to work. we've seen some folks heeding the warning. the westbound lanes aren't nearly as backed up as the eastbound lanes. if you do have to venture out here you really do want to take it slow. >> all right so important to heed the warnings because it's hit ago wide swap, johnston, orange durham all across our region so any accidents piling up. well the weather is
7:45 am
flights as well. >> according to the website at least 70 flights have been cancelled so far. we'll take a look at the website as you can see there's plenty of red there on the screen from the airports. they are recommend that go if you have a flight at any time today to keep an eye on that site and check with your carrier to see if there are any delays or cancelations. our weather coverage continues. we're going to head over to orange county now that's where we find justin quesinberry. i know the streets have been treacherous especially on the side roads. how is it looking out there now? >> well, i tell you we have a wintry mix coming down right now. it's really picking up even within the last few seconds. and that's not helping the situation going on top of what we already have. we're here at the interchange with interstate 85 and 40 in eflin and take a look we have snow that fell last night started around 7:30 and last add couple hours, and now, we're seeing a coating of ice.
7:46 am
we've got some vehicles traveling along this road this is more of a secondary road that's still covered in ice you can see the layer of ice just a solid sheet and that's what we're seeing on all of these back roads. i traveled a couple of miles on them this morning and i even slid a little bit because it's hard to avoid the ice. take a look right here. i'm trying to make sure i dodge these vehicles here too, but, yeah, you just see this as a solid sheet of ice, and causing problems over in durham too. we heard from the sheriffs office in durham they say that they've had at least 8 accidents since last night that are weather related. no serious injuries so that's the good news this we'll keep you updated throughout the morning for now we're live in orange county. i'm justin quesinberry wncn news now. >> all right and stay warm and safe out there because of the winter weather several school class for today. that includes
7:47 am
updated to now being closed for the remainder of the day. chapel hill, durham, edgecombe, franklin granville, orange person also closed or today. >> and there are some that are on a two our delay. duke will be opened at 10 o'clock. nc central and delayed until noon. you can finds the full list running at the bottom of your screen and we've got an updated list on our website. stay with (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
7:48 am
so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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7:50 am
grad you're staying here with us for extended coverage of this winter storm system. you know, mike, alyssa, this is a storm system in fact, your weather team has been discussing since last friday >> yeah, we were watching for friday for the chance for some very light snow and early next week we're looking at the potential for more wintry weather and the timing couldn't be worse because it's here for everyone's morning drive. so as people heading out the door some really slick conditions. here's the view from the tower camera. the gray clouds and the foreground people crawling on 440 this morning. the cars heading westbound on 440 that
7:51 am
flashing lights out there in the distance. enough of sleet and freezing rain has fallen to really make the conditions treacherous this morning. so here's the win wither storm warning that will remain into effect until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, person and orange counties those the areas that will see the last change-over to a cold rain. so this evening's drive home could still even be icy around portions of person and orange county. now, the rest of us under an advisory until 7 p.m. today. this also includes chatham county and then these areas off to our north that's granville, warren, franklin all of you under a winter weather advisory until 7 p.m. if you're watching from along the i-59 corridor winter weather advisory remains into in effect until 1 p.m. this answer. here's the setup it's not falling very steadily, it's very scattered but it's freezing rain
7:52 am
here in the triangle. some sleet now across the northern we just heard from justin in the field and we could hear the sleet actually hitting around his mike. so if you can hear south of roxboro and person county seeing some sleet north of roxboro be and person county still holding onto snow and still holding onto snow right along the virginia border. sliding you off to the east we're seeing the definition of wintry mix from one end to the other. right along 95 and wilson county we're getting reports of very slick conditions down forward johnston county for the time being looks like agreeing drizzle and pockets of freezing rain. so your current temperatures this is one problem one major problem we're having it's been very cold.
7:53 am
know that over the weekend it was very cold this morning the 20s so anything that started to fall early this morning immediately stuck to the roads and that's why we saw almost a lot of accidents pop up. 24 in raleigh right now. 26 in littleton, also right around 26 in fayetteville and clinton. raeford this morning at 28. so temperatures still dropping. we need them to climb because as they start to climb we could see some warmer air move in but that's not going to happen until the afternoon hours. so we'll still be in the 20s at 10 a.m. the mix for all of central north carolina and we'll continue to see some freezing rain and sleet say close to lunchtime and taken transition into a cold rain later this afternoon should be close to 32 at 2:00. continuing to slowly crime throughout the afternoon 35 at 4, 37 our high today. so here's the setup, it's this area of low pressure off to our south and west and until the warm front moves through our area we'll continue with this mix.
7:54 am
freezing rain freezing rain, that warm front lifts across today, ushering in cold rain that starts to fall tonight and into tomorrow. now, the code front is going to actually sweep through tomorrow say mid-day into the early afternoon hours and as it does it will take all of the rain with it behind it sunshine builds in or the later half of the week. but until then we have a mess to deal with. freezing rain scattered in nature continues through lunchtime then some of that warmer air starts to move in we see more green and that's a cold rain falling at 3:00 more of us seeing cold right around 5 but again person county, versions portions of orange county still the potential for freezing rain for the evening drive home. scattered showers overnight at midnight and then a surge of some warm moisture comes in for tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning's commute tuesday morning could easily be a tricky one because of the amount of
7:55 am
the roadways boo-boo lunchtime 1:00 we are going to see considerably dryer conditions. the snow still falling across the northeastern portions of the view area but i really think the rain and sleet is going to impact more of you. then we change into rain later this afternoon into tomorrow morning one to two inches of rain possible but we're also talking about sleet and freezing rain accumulations and for more details on that i'm going to bring in meteorologist kristin ketchell. >> we are still dealing with snow and sleet in some spots mostly north of the triangle so that's where some of our higher totals will be. we're lumping snow and sleet together. so up to one inch of sleet still a possibility for isolated areas along the triangle and further out to the east and northeast but mostly to the northwest is where we are going to see some the higher snow and sleet totals and then the freezing rain that will be exacting us throughout much of the morning mere and
7:56 am
trace of freezing rain like we've been seeing across the sand hills that's enough to cause major problems. multiple traffic accidents, multiple vehicles involved in each of the accidents as well and that's all from some of the ice accumulation that did accumulate very quickly on the roads this morning. so the highestp ice totals going to be well to our northwest most of us looking at up to 1, 10th of an inch of ice. so for exactly what you can executive for the rest of your day we'll send things back over toalal. >> yeah that's correct little bit of ice causing a lot of headaches. >> the good news temperatures will get above freezing but it doesn't happen until this afternoon. 37 our high today. so 5, 6 o'clock, 36234 durham , overnight tonight that's the coldest temperature we'll be temperatures warm throughout the overnight. day break on your tuesday we could easily be in the upper 40 to say low 50 and the that means everything that will fall tomorrow is going to be a cold rain.
7:57 am
as all the rain moves out. we'll stay in the 50s for thursday and friday and i need something to get us through this ice and it's going to be the 60, which will be possible for this upcoming weekend. we know it's been causing problems on the roadways, what's the latest? still a mess outside this morning but dot crews at least getting a little bit better handle on the situation but even the major roads having some issues this morning. let's take a look outside right now at one of our traffic cameras. this is i-85 -- no i'm sorry this is i-440 and you can see that things actually looking pretty awful. we've got traffic backed up in both directions. so please take it slow if you are going to be on the roads. so let's take a live look at our cameras or our traffic map and you can see that we do still have an accident accident at i-440 westbound after exits 8 a and b so that's the north hills exit and we do have some slow
7:58 am
of attachment we've had issues all morning toward knightdale on 64, 264, new hope road there are some issues traffic crawling at about 13 miles an hour. so there are still a lot had of icy spots and in this area we've had multiple vehicle wrecks, several jackknifed tractor trailers. we still have some accidents on 440 westbound at exit 1, another one was just cleared at 440 and dot crews trying to get out to these accidents as well ask try and treat the roads because most of these wrecks caused by the icy conditions this morning. we still have an active accident at i-40 and 290. so as you can see it's not just the side roads that are having the problems, even roads that were pretreated having some issues this morning but your side roads, back roads less traveled roads those going
7:59 am
going to find that solid sheet of ice. >> too many accidents to keep track. and we are keeping a close eye on the roads during this round of wintry icy weather. emma wright has been riding around wake county. earlier you were on the screen of a jackknifed tractor trailer now we know you're on your way do cary where there's a 15 vehicle pile up. what else do you know? >> well we don't have much yet because we are still very slowsly making our way there. we are on 440 on the belt line coming up on exit 10 and traffic is just crawling. you take a look at the road and see that snow in between the lanes but then there is ice underneath that of it is very slick, very treacherous conditions. we were tractor trailer, the traffic wag really backed up here it's not
8:00 am
any serious accidents so far on the belt line. we haven't seen any cars into the guardrails or ditches. we can't stress enough if you don't have to be out here driving you really shouldn't be. we have seen a lot of trucks out here putting down the salt and sand but there's only so many trucks and a lot of road in wake county and all of it needs to be salted and sanded. so if you do have to go out and about this morning you want to take it slow and give yourself more than a few extra minutes and give yourself some distance in between the cars in front of you at that jackknifed tractor trailer accident we saw on highway 264 there were several accidents behind it. some kind of, you know, fender-benders, if you will because no one could stop in time because you know there wasn't enough space in between the cars. so again, take it slow, drive cautiously if you do have to be out and
8:01 am
>> glad to see you take it can really ease out there. if you're hitting the roads soon you're going to have to do the same. >> yeah, certainly dangerous. >> all right we're going to send it over to you to sheriff harrison. he joins us on the phone, and can you hear us? >> yes, sir, i can. >> good to have you higher. we're really seeing parts of eastern wade county, we've gotten reports of really treacherous what are your deputies saying out there. >> your report was giving out some good information because you're on top of ice before you know it because it's a glaze and i tell everybody if they don't need to go to work please stay home and if you are going to work stay a safe distance back and drive slowly because this stuff is really slippery. >> ands unfortunately because this is what can happen if you have to head out this morning
8:02 am
accidents and if you know, a viewer is involved in an accident we've already received some tips that they should stay away from the vehicle get aas far as away as possible or if the situation allows to stay inside with the seat belt on. as to what are your tips for drivers out there this morning if they have to be out there? >> drive very slow, keep a safe following distance because if the car in front of you starts sliding you don't want to be behind it and have to jam your freely then. so stay back as far as you can, drive slowly, and sometimes you know, you say well i'm driving too slow because the cars trying get by me and that's true but you want to be safe, rather be safe than sorry. >> and before we let you go any particular spots we've heard the knightdale area, besides that area in. >> that's what they're telling me too the knightdale is really really -- it's a tough spots in
8:03 am
and you're on top of it before you know it. >> all right. thanks so much. we appreciate it. tell your deputies to be safe we appreciate all their hard work. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> thank you, sir. all right, we're about to we're going to continue our eended coverage as we do here's a live view outside of the roadways. our news crew headed out to a
8:04 am
8:05 am
8:06 am
stay all right. i hope you're having great morning morning. our extended winter weather coverage continues right >> meteorologist alyssa corfont with more about with a we need to know today. >> good morning to you at home as well. it started several hours ago and it's been cold enough that whatever started falling early this morning immediately stuck. some of you start snow, some of you saw it start at sleet and it quickly made a mess on area roads. it is 24 degrees right now and this is a live picture from our tower camera, we continue to look at this so if you're on one of those secondary streets really going to encourage you to stay inside
8:07 am
morning. now, there's a winter storm warning in effect for 7 a.m. tomorrow morning very hazardous travel expected in those areas and they're going to be the last ones to see all of the rain transition into a cold rain, they're likely going to see freezing rain in person and orange counties through the majority of the day. here a winter weather advisory continues through 7 p.m. this evening. this also extends up to our north granville, warren, franklin all under this advisory until 7 p.m. but i do want to point out down around the sand hills that advisory is set to expire at 1:00 this afternoon because you'll see some warmer air push in first things this afternoon. so our satellite radar composite you can see the big picture. this really isn't an e nor must problem all across the state like the system we were tracking january but where it is falling it's causing quite a nightmare because a lot of
8:08 am
it's come down as sleet or rain and freezing on impact. that's what we're seeing in areas south and west of the triangle but we're going to start off first north of the triangle that's why we're seeing some sleet start to merge in across the southern portions of granville, warren counties also out towards person counties. now, you have now over two inches of snow on the ground in roxboro and still falling across the virginia border. sliding just off to the east we continue to see textbook for a winter mix across portions of halifax county and you're seeing some freezing rain and that's what we're seeing pockets of around chatham county, bridges and overpasses especially slick out there this morning even look towards southern portions of wake county we continue to see this very light freezing rain. so temperatures continue to be well below freezing this morning. 25
8:09 am
henderson and roxboro right around 27 in fayetteville and clinton this morning. so as soon as we start to see the temperatures climb we'll see right around 29 at 10 a.m., 30 at noon, can't get at or above freezing until say 2:00 this afternoon then we'll continue to slowly climb 35 at 4:00, 37 at 6, and when we do see that transition it should become mostly a cold rain event for us late this afternoon and into tonight and tomorrow as well. question an -- we have an area of low pressure off to our southeast and west. this warm front starts to usher in some milder temperatures starting this afternoon when we see that transition into cold rain and then we'll continue to bring us rain tonight and into our tuesday this is slated to move through tomorrow afternoon and we'll finally wipe the slate clear and see some sunshine but as far as today is concerned
8:10 am
use it to melt things but it's not going to happen for us today. so here we are 9 a.m. still dealing with that wintry mix mainly sleet and freezing rain then we see that transition into freezing rain and rain around central north carolina and noon. you'll notice more of the rain around the sand hills here likely the potential for still freezing rain 3:00 more of us starting to see a plain old rain and into the 6 o'clock drive home if you do the commute home cold rain for the majority of us we're still watching out for portions of person and orange counties to be freezing rain. now, overnight tonight temperatures going to continue to climb so pockets of rain continue tomorrow morning's commute could easily be another tricky one but not because of ice i'm thinking heavy rain could be moving through and that's really going to slow you down. by 1:00 most of this should be moving east of the area.
8:11 am
precipitation i'm going to send it over to meteorologist kristin ketchell. >> well we pretty much changed over from snow to sleet and or freezing rain for much of the area. still seeing some light snow falling across our virginia border counties, many of us dealing with primary sleet and freezing rain so the ice going to be a huge issue today. we could see a 10th of an inch of ice and if you factor in the sleet we're talking higher totals than that. so freezing rain and sleet big problems for the rest of the day today. rain tonight could also an problem. we've got heavy rain that will move in by the morning commute we're looking at an inch, 2 inches of rain in some spots but the main issue is the ice we've seen multiple accidents and multiple vehicle accidents on many area roads just a trace of ice is enough to cause some problems. and that's what we've seen so far across the i-95 corridor down across the sand hills as well. so see up to a 10th of an inch of ice around
8:12 am
the north and back west but the highest ice totals upwards of a quarter of an inch going to stay so for more on exactly what you can expect for the rest of your day we'll send things back over to alyssa. >> we'll see the transition into a freezing rain highs today will happen right around your evening drive home 5, 6 o'clock we should be close to 37 degrees here in raleigh, 36 in durham, low 40s possible around then we'll fast forward to tonight when the sun sets we'll be closer to 37 when the sunrises i expect us to be in the upper 40s to low 50s tomorrow good chance for rain and heavy down pours at times in the morning. should be a bit breezy in the afternoon and then some dryer conditions for wednesday, thursday and friday over the weekend ahead i think many of you are going to like what you see 60s our possibly for saturday and sunday but we have a while to go before the 60s here right now the 20 and
8:13 am
headaches out on the roadways for the latest update on traffic we'll send it back to kristin. we are seeing multiple accidents popping up and new accidents continue to pop up. this is i-440 where traffic is at a crawl right now. keep in mind this is 440, the belt line speed limit 60 miles per hour and we are seeing traffic significantly slower because of the ice. so let's switch things over to our traffic map every red icon that you see that is a wreck that has been reported or is in the process of being cleared. so we have a couple on 440 toward north raleigh right now and that's westbound at six forks road also another one that just popped up eastbound at glenn wood avenue so traffic really tied up in both directions. also problems all morning around new hope road
8:14 am
from raleigh toward knightdale even out toward wendell too. multiple accidents there, traffic moving very slow about 13 miles per hour on u.s. 264 so use some caution. also another one here westbound on 440, that's exit 1, 1 c for u.s. 1 and i did check out the traffic camera it looks like multiple vehicles were involved in that accident started to get pushed off to the side. and another at i-40, and 290. so these just your main roads folks your side roads ice rink necessary a lost locations too. the back roads, side roads that haven't been treated. you're going to find problems there and major thoroughfares your four-lane highways those going to the priority for the dot to start catching up and laying down some of the brine and salt and sand solution. so take it slow if you have to drive. travel not advised until temperatures warp up. >> mike and stefan.
8:15 am
either way you're going to be in trouble because flights unfortunately affected by the winter weather too. >> that's right we're going to check in, and we understand that dozens of flights have been cancelled so far. . >>. >> reporter: we are seeing about 70 flights arrival and the departures that have been cancelled. we are recommending anyone with travel plans contact your airline to find out if the flight has been alleged or delayed. things could change very quickly. >> terms of flights that are taking off or coming in, how is rdu preparing the tar makes there for the incoming and outgoing airplanes? >> well, both of you are runways open. we continue to treat them and test them but things going well. we have had several flights take off this morning. they are going through the
8:16 am
adding a little bit of time, but things going well for those flights that are taking off today. >> and what are the -- one of the biggest questions we get is who do i contact about flight information a lot of times folks will contact the airport directly, but should they call their carrier? will they know the most updated information? >> yes, what we recommend is on our home page, we do have links to the airline web sites. we have the 1-800 numbers and we have a flight status program that you can enter your flight and see if it's been delayed or cancelled. but if you need to change your ticket, the best thing to do is to contact your airlines's 1-800 number. >> so again, if you do have a flight scheduled for today you need to double-check it. contact your airline first and then rdu next if that's what you've got planned today. we want to thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. >> yeah, great information.
8:17 am
heer on as well. so be sure you hit that up. >> all right we're going to send it over to orange county. justin quesinberry out there live. you seen varying stuff today from a little bit of snow to treacherous icy conditions on the side roads. how is it looking now? >> well, mike, the good news is right now we don't have much coming down and that's good because we don't need any more. if you take a look we've got so much on the ground already enough to cause some problems. we're here at the eflin exit off of interstate 40 and # 5. you see a truck traveling along just fine. we've seen a number of salt trucks from the dot come by here and treat that. that's a primary road. trapping moving along fine there but it's over here the secondary roads that are causing the problem this morning. this is a solid sheet of ice. i drove a couple of miles to get here this morning and it was a solid sheet of ice the entire time. you notice
8:18 am
in the roads because those are the areas that are causing you problems but you see people waving as they drive by this morning and going very slowly. that's the key in staying safe if you have to be out at all. we'll keep you update for now we're live in orange county, justin quesinberry wncn news now. >> and thank you so much first of all. make sure you stay safe and warm out there, but you know, all of our reporters bringing up a really good point ask that is when drivers first look out there on the roadways it's tricky, you know, it's definitely one of those things where it looks clear but then you've got lots of ice, layers at times. >> well, icy conditions the most deceptive dangerous driving conditions. >> nothing to play with. >> all right. we are going to check in with mike with the ncdot. can you hear us? >> i can. >> thanks for being with us again. give us an update on the status of the progress going on right now?
8:19 am
seeing a number of wrecks out there, crashes along some of the major roads and the bridges and overpasses and several being reported now on i-95 as well. we've had crews out all night. we've had crews come in around mid-night and have been on stand by. sand and salt trucks trying to put some traction down and hope to break up some of the ice. especially on the bridges and overpasses and the crews staying at it but with the freezing rain that's continued to come down there's been some very tricky spots so we're still urging everyone to stay off the roads as long as possible. and if you have to be out there take it slowly. >> and for the folks that have to be out there, you know, with your crews also out there working hard to keep us all protected, what advice do you have for drivers, you know, when it comes to the safety of the dot crews out there?
8:20 am
to make sure that if you have to be on the roads -- we also have a number of crews out there assisting drivers who have had accidents. as a matter of fact we had a dot truck a safety patrol truck that was on the side of the road that was hit when the car sped off. no major injuries reported in that one but you know, these accidents pop up there's a lot of highway patrol troopers a lot of dot crews a lot of folks out trying put any of the emergency crews life's in jeopardy, your own life in jeopardy. you might be driving along 40 or 440 and or even 95 and it's clear and then all of a sudden you're up to
8:21 am
come ton to a bridge or overpass that has ice and immediately things lock up and you can spin out very quickly. so don't be fooled boot conditions of the roads. exit ramps, bridges, overpasses going to be a big problem for quite a while today >> mike, while you were talking we're taking live video from the dot cameras right here and we almost saw one of the vehicles just basically almost wipe off or wipe out on the ice due to the slick conditions out there while they are making their way on the entrance ramp. so dangerous >> final question here: how long will your crews stay out there and is there a game plan as these ice is he conditions >> sure. they will stay out until the roads clear ask safe for travel again. and so that means that until temperatures warm up to get everything off the road our crews will still be out there putting sand and salt down on the common slick spots,
8:22 am
the spots that pops up an accident or somebody that calls into the highway patrol or dot and notes there's a spot. whenever we have an incident like this a weather stlaent comes in they'll work non-stop. >> all right. >> we know that your crews work sewing hard to keep us protected. so thank you so much. >> yeah, and as a matter of fact wncn news alert just came in moments ago all lanes at i-95 north closed because of another
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> wow. a good monday morning to you. we continue our storm coverage. right now here's a look at some accumulations that
8:25 am
roxboro at two and a half inches just under two inches in efron. an inch in henderson and just a 10th of an inch of snow and sleet so far in durham and louisburg but we have seen it time and time again we don't need the totals to be high in fact the smaller totals is what i'm worried about. now, we're looking at a winter storm warning into effect until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is in effect for person and orange counties. they could see freezing rain until the evening hours and a winter weather advisory that will remain into effect until 7 p.m. this evening. durham county included in that and counties north word towards the virginia border. the 95 corridor your advisory is set to expire around 1 p.m. today. so here's our satellite radar composite we continue to look a a win free mix developing across the area.
8:26 am
you into a closer look at home and you'll notice kind of looking at some bands, a band of freezing rain out towards lee county. very isolated in nature but a closer look this now is definition of wintry mix a little bit of snow in northeastern portion of durham county, sleet and freezing rain around i-85 in orange county. now, still along the virginia border north of the triangle that's where we continue to see some snow. off to our east a wintry mix all across the county from one end to another sleet, freezing rain and snow and that mix continues to fall and then we make our way south and west of the providing and look at portions of cary, really dealing with freezing rain. so your current temperatures 24 in durham and henderson also 24 in
8:27 am
still being reported down around the sand hills. those temperatures very critical. it's been so cold recently that anything that started early this morning immediate started to stick and we've seen it stick on treated and untreated roads. 29 at 10 a.m. this morning we should be close to 30 at noon. should be at freezing or close to it right around 2:00. then we start to see the temperatures climb above it and when we get above it we will see all of this transition into a cold rain. roads should no longer be a threat for us then. here's the setup for today we're looking at an area of low pressure off to our south and west until this warm front lifts across the area. freezing rain and snow cold front back to our west and that cold prohibit is going to come through changing this all to rain. we'll get to more on just how much we're expecting for snow and sleet accumulation and when it will wind down come newspaper just a little bit. right now i'm going to send it over to stefan with an update. >> and those icy conditions to blame for a huge pile up in cary. we have a news crew on
8:28 am
believe they just arrived. especially wright is there. what are you finding out right now? >> there was of a big multi car pile up here on 40 near u.s. 1 in cary. we've got a lot of it cleaned up right now. they're kind of fighting the elements here. the freezing rain is really starting to come down in the last few minutes we're counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, cars out here right now. we know they tow add few of them along the way. this is car parts along the road for a quarter tore a half mile. so you know this was a huge accident. just a few minutes ago they've got the traffic moving through right now. if you're headed this way you should be able to pass by. that said you really shouldn't be out here if you don't have to. the ice already on the road combined with the ice that's coming down right now is really making for some very tricky driving conditions and the cars that
8:29 am
lot of them look like they have heavy damage. none of it is just a minor fender-bender we're talking about serious car accidents. so you do want to keep this in mind. really take it slow don't be out here if you don't have to. >> you know t could have worse, so thank you for bringing us those details and thank you for taking us out there on the roadways well. those conditions just look really nasty out there. it may appear like it's rain falling but know that the temperatures like i showed you still in the 20s so anything that's falling still freezing on impact. here's your future forecast, 9:00 this morning freezing rain and sleet for the majority of central and north carolina then we start to see some milder air work its way in. it's going to turn the cold rain around the sand hills and eventually spread to 3:00 this afternoon. it will
8:30 am
us as we head into the afternoon hours. the one exception we'll be watching closely person and orange county that could still be falling as freezing rain for the evening drive. rain continues overnight tonight but just rain as temperatures expected to climb. tomorrow morning's commute -- i am expecting a lot of rain to be falling. >>. the main concern this morning is the ice and the ice
8:31 am
outside we are going to see that sleet, that freezing rain continue about a 10th of an inch or more of ice likely and if you factor in the sleet and the freezing rain that is what's causing the majority of our issues but this afternoon as alyssa mentioned temperatures actually warm up and we will see the rain taking hold just a cold rain and that will hopefully wash away all the frozen precipitation so again we're looking at about up to a 10th of an inch of ice in some spots and even a trace that we've seen is causing some issues across the sand hills. we've got a close sure on 95 north so there are a lot of problems outside this morning because that have ice. now, for more on when we could expect things to warm up and what's in store we'll turning things baby over.
8:32 am
headaches this morning. . we continue to track very icy conditions on the roadways. we've had reports of the accident for the past few hours now. >> still a mess. not really much improvement dot crews trying to get a handle on the icy conditions outside. >> it is a traffic sdhant has occurred and is in the process of being cleared. so we have several reported south of raleigh right now that actually were just cleared. you saw emma
8:33 am
i-40 near cary and that was a multiple vehicle accident there. >> and two on the belt line right now. north of raleigh. i-440 eastbound at exit 7 that's your glenn wood avenue, that's where we do have some major issues this morning. also a wreck that's still in the process of being cleared on 440 westbound ask that is at exit 8 a and b. we have some major issues there in addition to that we have additional problems that have still been popping up all morning and this is i-495, also 264 and 64 a lot of slick spots multiple vehicles accidents reported in that vicinity as well even out towards where we do have reported wreck u.s. 64, 264. so a lot of issues in the triangle then if we go south, 95 northbound the road is blocked after exit 58, that's the i-295 spit that that's north of fayetteville so all northbound lanes currently blocked there expected to reopen at about 9 a.m..
8:34 am
advised this morning a lot of icy roads, again major thoroughfares going to be the priority for those dot crews but the side roads and those back roads any roads that were not treated last night or over the weekend going to be especially hazardous this morning. >> all right. thanks so much on days like today we want to remind to you check on your neighbors especially if they're a senior citizen or perhaps a medical condition. knock on their door and make sure they are okay and folks who do need a warm place to go to stay safe cumberland county is helping out they're among the county that are activating it's white flag. various shelters will be opened for extended hours until the middle of the week as freezing temperatures continue to persist in the area.
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> all right we'll be right welcome back. i hope you're having a wonderful morning our winter weather coverage continues as dozens of accidents
8:37 am
wake county, johnston, up above us to the north especially in north raleigh, eastern wake county and knightdale. right now we're going to toss it out to orange county where justin quesinberry joins us live and you said the conditions treacherous. >> yeah pretty bad. luckily right now we don't have much coming down on top of what we already have. this is interstate 40 and 85 we're here at the eflin exit and you see trapping moving along in both direction just fine. we've seen a number of dot trucks out salting the roads putting down a treatment to try to keep the primary roadway safe for travel this morning but this is where the problem is right here. the secondary roads the back roads covered in a sheet of ice. a drove a couple of miles on them this morning to get to our location here near the interstate and it was solid ice the entire time you see a sheriffs deputy right now traveling along and he's doing
8:38 am
if you have to be out here and that's just going very slow to avoid any issues. so again live back out here this morning, the key is just to go slow if you have to be out here because this is a solid sheet of ice on those secondary roads that have not yet been treat. >> those bridges and overpasses so dangerous. >> they sure. >> all right let's check in with steve who joins us live on the phone. i know you live out in the cary area where are you headed and how's it looking? >> first i got to mention that i'm actually pulled over to the side of the road today make this phone call because the conditions too treacherous to think about talking and doing a hand free conversation with you. i'm coming up u.s. 1, and i'm coming up and i saw something highly unusual earlier this morning and as soon as i got on
8:39 am
started to see police cars on both sides of the roads where they were telling motorist that is the road was extremely slick and as i began to go from apex into cary i saw several vehicles off the road, again police cars on the side of the road with their lights flashing. as i came up by buck jones road we have video of the interchange getting onto 40 the ramp was entirely shut down because there were vehicles all over the side of the road. they tried to make that ramp turn and they began to spin out. as i got further on upcoming up i could see vehicles on the side of the road raleigh police dealing with a lot of situations right now and the rain has really started to come down kind of hard right now as i come up towards the -- come up towards six forks road and one of the problems is as this rain comes down the ground is cold enough
8:40 am
be freezing i can watch it freezing along the top move windshield, and we're in park right now i can see it freezing. the wipers keeping it clean but that stuff is freezing. the conditions really really treacherous right now. in fact even as i speak the rain is now mixing with little bits of sleet that are bouncering across the windshield. so the best advice give it a couple of hours let this stuff kind of pass if you have on the road take it very slowly and if you're a reporter you're trying to do a live report on the telephone pull off to the side of the road. guys. >> giving us a first hand account of just you how slick and how dangerous it is out there on the roadway this is morning. >> yeah, he's out in that area near nc state university where the interchanges and we're getting reports all in that area near nc state is pretty treacherous. so be aware if
8:41 am
delayed we've got all the delays on all that weather means plenty of flight cancelations today just a few minutes a ago the airport tweeted out that airlines cancelled several flights because of the weather. >> that's good advice for anyone who's got a flight scheduled today even if you're going somewhere warmer. >> that would be nice. >> you can find a link to the flight tracker on our website, just go to and click on the check flights link. you'll find it all right there. >> i've been meaning to visit my parents soon. in other words. good day. >> all right. i believe we are going to break right now. or actually no. okay. so we are keeping track of what's happening out there on the roadways. it soaps like every second we're talking about a new report of another accident. wncn's emma wright has been
8:42 am
tell us where you are and what you're seeing. >> we're on i-40 west right now and the sleet and snow is really coming down. look at this road it is covered in white stuff and there's a lot of traffic out, i mean, even with the cars going back and forth it's not burning off that snow and ice because it is come down so quickly and it's very cold out right now. this highway 40 west was just the scene of a big multi car accident maybe 45 minutes or so ago. a few minutes ago we saw them cleaning most of those cars up. we're seeing cars in ditches, cars into the guardrail, cars kind of sliding down those embankments all over the place here on i-40. very treacherous driving conditions. we are seeing plow trucks putting down that salt and sand but like we've been saying over and over again we're told there's 50 dot trucks out, 20 contractor truck but there's 6,000 miles of road that they have to treat. i mean there's only so many trucks and a lot of
8:43 am
that they can but you it really is very dangerous driving out here and as the sleet comes down even more that ice builds up and it is very slick. we could barely walk. we tried to step out a few moments ago and we were slipping and sliding trying to get out of the car. again some things to keep in mind if you do have to degree. you want to you make sure you're keeping a good distance between yourself and the car if front of you. you can see we are way back from the cars in front of us. we're seeing some of red brake lights knowing people slowing down we're trying not to slip and slide and of course we don't want to you slip and slide either. we're going to continue to monitor these road conditions. always the photographer just pointed out there is a plow truck coming up to the side of us. he's going to pass our car in a second he's putting down some brine solution, that's a salt solution that they squirt down to hopefully melt that ice and snow that's on the roads there. so
8:44 am
know, working as fast as they can to get these roads looking good but again they need your help as well so stay off of them if possible. reporting live along i-40 emma wright wncn news. be careful out there. >> all right let's check in with alyssa corfont i'll tell you what like emma said ice on the roadways that's the theme of the morning. >> yeah, and it is no joke. it may look like they're just wet but the temperatures have been in the 20s all morning long so not only do things immediately start to stick to the roadway and the the grassy surfaces but it will continue to stick and what's falling now is rain that's freezing on impact. so it is 25 degrees right now. this is a live picture from the raleigh durham international at airport it's kind of hard to make out the terminal because what's started to freeze on the lens is clouding our vision. so the storm warning will continue for person and orange counties until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.
8:45 am
those areas going to be the last to change-over from freezing rain to rain and then you can see it kind of work its way up so at 1:00 this afternoon the winter weather advisory that's in effect for the 95 corridor and the sand hills will expire then at 7 p.m. here in the triangle our winter weather advisory is set to expire that also will continue for counties up along the virginia border. now, here's our wncn radar, here's what's happening right now across our area and this is a change from like say the past 20 to 30 minutes you can see the freezing rain really starting to impact a larger portion of our viewing area here in wake county. out towards cary all seeing this freezing rain and across the northeastern portion of raleigh as well out towards 540 approaching wake forest also approaching out out towards the airport this morning and northern portions of the county, portions of durham and chapel hill still seeing some freezing rain and sleet mixed in. we'll
8:46 am
portions of our viewing area this is is the virginia border and you can see right around still falling as snow but you make your way across the southern portions of those counties, some sleet starting mix in there. now, your current temperatures 25 right now in raleigh, 24 in durham, 26 in littleton, the upper 20s around fayetteville and clinton. it's going to be until the afternoon hours that we start to see temperatures warm enough that this changes into a cold rain. so at noon today freezing rain and sleet a possibility for us. it will be scattered but that will continue to be a possibility. 30, then 33 at 3:00. 37 a cold rain expected. so if you are heading to work maybe a few hours late and you're coming hope at 6:00 cold rain still expected to be falling and here's the precipitation timing, the snow still falling across the northeastern portions of the viewing area but that's going to be winding down it's the freezing rain and sleet that are really coming to cause a lot of headaches about a 10th of an
8:47 am
also about a 10th of an inch of sleet possible then we transition into cold rain this afternoon into tuesday morning one to two inches of rain possible. we'll get to more on when all moves out as we
8:48 am
8:49 am
wncn today but right we continue our extended coverage of the weather winter storm that is definitely affecting the morning commute. >> yeah it sure has ice has been the story of the morning. let's send it out to justin quesinberry live in orange county all morning long. you've seen it kind of develop out there. how is it looking now justin? >> mike, just within the last couple of minutes we've started seeing some sleet, a wintry mix start falling that's on top of what we already have from last night around 7:30 in the area we started seeing snow come down and that lasted for a couple hours so that provides the base that we have out here.
8:50 am
moving okay here on interstate 85 and 40. but it's the back roads these side roads the problem. you see a sheet of ice just covering it. i can tell you this is the scene for miles as you can back into the country side here. that's the way i came in this morning, and so you have to be very careful just go very slow if you have to be on sheriff tweeted just a short time ago that there have been dozens of morning. certainly we're seeing that here in orange county at least 8 reported over in durham county by the sheriffs office there. so just be safe if you have to be out this is a situation that's not good and it's not getting any better anytime soon. we're live in orange county justin quesinberry wncn news now. >> all right. thanks so much. just another reminder we're continuing our coverage so make sure that you get our brand new
8:51 am
these. >> that's right we're following all this online on very useful because we have all the businesses that are closed the schools that are closed and continuing to update that list because the announcements keep coming into our news room. in fact we're finding out that duke university is going to be closed until 5 p.m. cancelled until then. >> and we've been traveling around and seen dozens of accidents from eastern wake county to johnston up north of raleigh and we're going to check in with them one more time >> in fact, our very own emma wright has been out there tracking the crashes all morning long. where are you and what are you seeing now emma? >> well, we're at i-40 west right now in the cary area. the area where there was about, you know, we saw ten cars off the road within a quarter mile stretch of ear other. traffic just started moving again albeit very slowly. take a look at the
8:52 am
white, snow and ice on top of it. even with all of this traffic moving the traffic is not melting the ice and snow that we're seeing on the roads i-40 west obviously a very busy stretch of road in this area. so you know just how slick it is. we tried to step outside of the car a few minutes ago along the side of the road we were slipping and siding. you could barely stand up. traffic seems to be flowing pretty well here on i-40. most people seem to be taking it slow heeding those warnings that we've been telling people to give yourself some space in between yourself and the car in front of you and give those dot trucks some room. we're seeing them on the roads putting out the salt and sand and putting down the brian to try to melt some of the ice that is causing all of these very treacherous driving conditions this morning. so again we're going to continue to monitor these conditions and we will bring you more updates on
8:53 am
>> taking us just about everywhere showing us all the difficult spots and different happening. glad to see that on i-40 we're not seeing a lot of drivers out there. so perhaps they're taking heed. >> let's toss it over to meteorologist alyssa corfont. any sunshine in sight? i know you said the weekend. >> let's talk about what's in store for us for the rest of today. winter storm warning in effect for person and orange counties until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning very hazardous travel expected during that time frame. those counties going to be last to change-over to a cold rain. then we have the winter weather advisory in effect until 7 p.m. today actually and that's for wake and durham counties, the advisory extends off to our north now, at 1 p.m. we should see the advisory being dropped for the 95 corridor and the sand hills. those areas going to be
8:54 am
cold rainfall later this afternoon. here's our radar composite it doesn't look like much. i'll be the first to tell you that but what's falling is freezing rain now, across wake that means it's falling as freeze and freezing on impact and it's falling south of raleigh. let's go ahead and check in northbound where they've been seeing snow all morning long right around the virginia border in roxboro senate they have two and a half inches of snow and sleet already on the ground there. sleet falling across the southern portion of granville, also all across durham and orange freezing rain. now, i mentioned southern portions of wake county you're looking south of 440 and that's where the freezing rain starts out towards cary, extending back through lee county, sanford and towards littleton as well and the 95 corridor, nash, edgecombe, sleet and freezing rain there.
8:55 am
right now in raleigh and durham, 26 in littleton. we really knees to see the temperatures climb to get out of the threat afternoon. so we should be close to 29 at 10 a.m., 30 at noon, close to freezing at 2:00. we continue to see some cold rain possible then as we head towards the evening drive home. most of us at that point in time should be above freezing. wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain this morning through about lunchtime then we start to see a cold rainfall around the sand hills that starts to spread into the triangle around 3:00. we'll see it change-over to a cold rain. it continues to fall for the majority of us through the evening drive home and just rain possible tonight and into tomorrow morning that could cause its own headaches tomorrow morning. your ice forecast throughout the afternoon up to a 10th of an inch possible here in wake and durham counties some
8:56 am
head toward the peidmont and sunshine here wednesday, thursday and throughout the weekend ahead. what's the latest on traffic. still a mess on area roads right now even on major roads. 40, 540 and 440 all having their fair issues. the major roads still being worked on by dot crews. let's take a look at our traffic maps and every spot that there is a red icon that is an accident. so we've got a couple out in orange and durham are county right now, one on i-40 eastbound and at the i-85 exit that's been tying up traffic for quite some time this morning. in addition to durham and orange county we've had our fair share of issues in wake county. we had one accident that was just cleared on i-440 eastbound at slow going there. we still have
8:57 am
westbound lanes of 440 and that's at 6 forks road and then of course all morning we've been talking about 64 and 264 heading out toward knightdale, and that's where we've had a lot of 64. traffic speeds down to about 18 miles per hour in that area. also another wreck on nc 96 on u.s. 64 and 264. so the triangle having its issues. we've also got i-95 northbound blocked after exit 58, and that's north of fayetteville the road expected to reopen in a little while here. original estimates about 9 a.m. but still northbound lanes currently still blocked on i-95 northbound that is near fayetteville. so we've got a lot of traffic issues going on as we've been mentioning all morning it's not the rain roads that are the issues. the main roads having their fair share of problems but the side roads, back roads any
8:58 am
going to be equally if not more slick than some of the major thoroughfares. so keep it slow on the roads and definitely take your time if you have to be out thereafter still not advised at this point in time. >> what a headache for drivers and it's a perfect reason to stay home on this monday morning >> absolutely. yeah. >> it's just a mess out there this morning. really no other way to describe it. roads still icy. dot crews having a hard time catching up but doing the best that they can. if you run into the crews make sure you let them do their work, they're laying down that salt solution, that brine solution to try and get a handle on the icy roads and you can see the live look here from our emma wright and kenneth roundtree checking out the roads and even the major roads still in rough shape. >> can we fast forward to the weekend. >> 60s by the upcoming weekend. hard to believe we're going to see that swing from this morning's 20s and ice so the 60s this weekend. >> that will be nice. thanks so much. and thanks so much nor
8:59 am
>> also make sure if you haven't already to down load the news and weather app they're both going to be coming super handy this morning this morning on "today's take," scandal star tony goldwin is here. makes history with a presidents' day pop quiz.
9:00 am
office and who will win big at tonight's grammy's. the hottest games and toys every kid is going to want, coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." monday morning, presidents' day, february 15th, 2016. it's why we have a huge crowd out there. i'm al along with natalie and tamron. willie is off. natalie's jam, "blank space" by taylor swift, who will probably be one of the big winners at tonight's grammys. >> she's nominated for seven. grammys are tonight. it'll be a good one. record of the year nominees, really love, deangelo. uptown funk, of course. mark ronson featuring bruno mars.
9:01 am
blank space, taylor swift. can't tweekend. kendrick lamar, 11 nominations. record of the year rewards the song performance. what do you think? it's a tough one. >> i like "uptown funk." >> i think it'll possibly win for record, but i think album of the year, maybe taylor swift. >> it'll be kendrick lamar. >> really? >> it's the social commentary. they're both brilliant, i love it. it seems like the songs have been around longer than -- >> i know. i've listened to them over and over again. >> when you look at the list of songs, it's like such an imprint in our minds. you probably know every lyric. it'll be a good night. >> adele is not there -- >> because of the calendar year. >> the album didn't come out in time for the nomination. >> it'll be a hot night. >> a lot of people talking about the feud with kanye and taylor
9:02 am
little bit, right? >> so kanye has a new song out. he performed some of it on "snl." very strange performances on "snl." one of his songs references save ss taylor swift. it refers to her in the absolute, horrible way. he claims he got permission from her. he told her about the song. >> i find that hard to believe. >> i don't believe it. >> you don't have to because taylor says it's not true. she says she never gave permission. her girl squad, ruby rose, gigi hadid, they've all gone after kanye west for the lyric. kanye says he's $53 million in debt. he tweeted it out after his "snl" performance. he said he invested his money for the personal debt.
9:03 am
zuckerberg -- >> on his "birthbirthday. >> which is not his birthday. >> squgasking for money. >> might want to put the touch on ryan reynolds. >> go down rich guys and ask for money. that is something else. >> i don't feel bad for kanye. >> "deadpool" killing at the box office. the film starring ryan reynolds expected to earn $150 million. >> incredible. >> four-day weekend. biggest r-rated opening ever. biggest february opening. beating last year's 50 shades of gray by more than 40 million. biggest opening for first-time director, beating out our pal to lizbeth ban-- elizabeth banks. week. they're spectacular and deserve the success they're having. in the movie, he jokes about, could this be a franchise? i think yes.
9:04 am
it'll be interesting to see what marvel now does with this. you know, the superhero genre is usually for families and kids. this shows you, there is an audience that wants to see it taken up a notch. >> it took ryan reynolds 11 years to get this made. he wanted to be true to the source, comic book material. "deadpool" is this wisecracking, profane, violent -- >> what's the super power? i saw the ads. >> he can heal himself. he's got enhanced athletic abilities. >> you have to see it. it's hilarious. >> i want to see it, definitely. apparently, everybody else saw it. >> get right to the theater. >> last night, the baftas, the british film awards made history. leo dicaprio, a big winner for "the revenant." but they had a kiss cam set up. the host was steven fry. apparently, he took a moment to thank america for the many gifts
9:05 am
foam fingers, leaf blowers and the kiss cam. >> who do we have here? oh, yes! it's maggie smith and leonardo dicaprio. yes! that's a marriage made in heaven if there one were. julianne moore and bryan cranston. whoa! >> they need to bring a kiss cam to the oscars. >> they need to bring a kiss cam here. >> whoa! this is a workplace. >> come on. >> hr! >> today, of course, presidents' day, waiting patiently in the wings. we have a celebrity guest with
9:06 am
hail to the chief. mr. president, good morning. >> nice to see you. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> president fitzgerald from skand "scandal." >> there's a chair, wow. full service. >> this is the best we've got. >> season five, yeah. >> you've been on the series since this began in 2012. now, you have a scandal you're dealing with currently. let's take a look. >> i have a problem. >> what do they have? >> project mercury. >> the biuy project. >> the "post" could run with it. united states will be alone in the world. that is a very dark street to walk every night. >> you've had to deal with so much in your presidency. >> that's right.
9:07 am
nsa leak, a hack. >> affairs and everything else, your wife leaving you. >> exactly. >> shonda rhimes created these worlds, and the people are immersed in them. really take ownership. i mean, they love this show. >> our fans are incredible. they're really, really passionate. because of social media, they engage with us, from the beginning. we have a lot of loyal fans. we still live tweet with them every single broadcast. the whole cast gets on twitter and we talk to them every week. it's great, yeah. >> is it true, because we've been digging up all kinds of things on you, because, you know, scandal, is it true you fall asleep at the drop of a dime? what's the cliche? >> drop of the hat. >> drop of the dime, too. it's true. it's the way i kind of -- with
9:08 am
on a set, i stay in the zone when i have to work. i find a chair, couch, just sitting there, take a power nap. >> you're resting -- >> it's something i've always done. i do it when i work in the theater backstage. i'll drop off for five minutes. >> al does that all the time. >> i do that. >> on camera, right? >> i just kind of am out. >> you have to get up early in the morning. >> that's right. by the way, i hope you can help us with something, mr. president. we're trying to get to a million likes on our facebook page. >> i'm in. >> we need help. make people like us. >> this is day 14 of our 15 days of prizes give away. have you ever had the pleasure of trying garrett's popcorn? >> i have not. >> oh, my gosh. this is a chicago tradition. >> really? >> the cheese corn, the caramel corn and then there's the chicago mix.
9:09 am
>> we want people to go to our's take page. the winner gets a big prize package of garrett's pop corn. would you like to try it? >> i would. i'll take a nibble and tell you what i think. wow. that is really good. >> isn't that great? >> a lot of cheese. >> let's take this with us. >> the caramel is really good, too. >> you hit the button. we'll see how many people we have. >> okay. >> 240,000 likes. we want you to go to's take. mr. president, help me do the weather? >> i'd be honored. >> as you notice outside, we have a little snow coming. >> we do. where do you want me? >> stand right there. right now, we have 19 degrees, 9 in boston, 2 in concord. snow coming up in washington, d.c. as you know, as the president, it shuts down. >> that's right. >> as soon as there is snow. >> hard for me to get to work. >> even with the motorcade.
9:10 am
>> more wet weather is comeing. atlanta is in 35. washington, 23. big, big stuff coming. do you guys ever shoot in washington? >> we don't, actually. >> you don't? >> it's all computer magic. >> well, this is all coming into the northeast. we have freezing rain after this changes over to snow in the northeast. heavy rain tomorrow, if you are flying back to washington. you'd be delayed. >> good thing i'm going to l.a. >> little more garrett's? >> sure. thanks. >> of course, snow amounts, light, inch in new york city. philly, 1 to 3. buffalo, 6 to 12. we're worried about icing, including in washington. it could shut the city down, but who would know? back to the west, heavier, about 1/4 inch of ice. that's what's going on around the country.
9:11 am
you once again, we are looking at freezing rain falling across the majority of wake county right now, it may look like rain but it is freezing on impact if temperatures are still in the 20s. that is falling around >> that's your latest weather. i misspoke. mix. somebody else had that copyright. it's the garrett's mix now. >> whatever it is, it's delicious. >> garrett's people know what you were talking about. isn't it addictive? >> it's the best thing ever. >> can't stop. >> i'll probably eat the whole thing.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
put to the test. >> our host is tony goldwyn, who plays the president on "scandal." >> the oldest after-school program in the united states that was started in 1881. >> bravo, guys. >> get us started. >> let's welcome our first nickernick, william. >> four scores and seven year ago. to? >> 87. >> very good. >> nice. >> the score is 20 years. it comes from old english and used to count large numbers of things like sheep. >> nice. >> next cadet, abbie. what's your question? >> who was the first president to appear on television?
9:16 am
>> nope. fdr. >> very good, al. >> i was thinking "snl." >> 1939. >> world's fair. >> cadet alexander. >> hey. >> what question do you have? >> what were george washington's false teeth made of? >> wood. >> no. >> that was my guess. >> it was ivory, fabric, some other stuff, but a bunch of things. >> al is right. ivory ivory and wood. wait, i made that up. it's what al said. >> what's your question? >> which former president was a model for the cover of "cosmopolitan" magazine? >> gerald ford. >> yes. >> very good.
9:17 am
>> keep answering ford. everything. >> cadet aiden. >> what is the name of the president on the tv show "scandal"? >> president fitzgerald. >> yes. >> correct. >> good morning, cadet. >> who was the -- >> grant. >> bathtub, right? >> howard. popcorn. >> this is cadet colonel. what is your question? >> question seven, which early 19th century president had two
9:18 am
>> dfrfdr. >> jefferson. >> bears roamed around the white house lawn. jefferson. >> i read a biography. >> cadet james is back with another question. >> which president studied nuclear physics? >> jimmy carter. >> wow! >> engineering student. >> al knew the questions before. >> i don't think he did. >> oh, my gosh! [ applause ] >> nice scarf on top. >> i want you to eat more garrett's popcorn and go to today's take --'s take and like us. >> excellent. >> come on out, everybody. come around with us. >> tonyenytony, thank you. >> hang out with al. how to keep a pot of boiling water from overflowing and other
9:19 am
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9:22 am
we're about to make your life a lot easier. we have the host of food and wine's mad genius tips and has kitchen tips that'll blow your mind. how are you? >> great. nice to see you. >> let's launch into this. i have a cold. what's the trick? >> you make a pot of soup and want to get rid of the excess oil on top. take some ice and a paper towel. >> this could be a nightmare, skimming off the top. >> it's a hastsle. there's a few trips. i like this one. put ice in a paper towel and gets it cold. what you do is put that on top. >> wow. >> look at that. it chills the fat. it solidifies it and sticks to here. >> great idea. >> also gives you the opportunity to scoop off the excess. >> love that. what is this, yogurt?
9:23 am
we'll teach you how to keep the honey from sticking to your measuring cup or spoon. i'll give this to you. you'll do the hot water test. dip it in and get it hot. i'll use this non-stick spray. then you're going to scoop your honey. the idea is, watch this, look at that. >> it falls right off. >> right off the spoon. >> doesn't affect the taste or anything? >> no. >> why am i holding a spoon? >> you'll try it with this. we'll see which works better. see that? >> yours is much better. >> it's the trick. non-stick spray. we have pasta. about to boil over. what are you going to do? take a wooden spoon and put it on top. what that does is as the air bubbles hit the spoon, they'll break up. it's not the water boiling over, it's the steam. it's the foam.
9:24 am
>> do you know how many times i fled my kitchen because the burner? >> there you go. next thing, wooden spoon to the >> i'm blown away. >> i love this tip. the reason i love it is because i have one coffee grinder that i use for two things. grinding coffee and grinding spices. if you want to clean it out, take day old bread, like this, throw it in and zip it up. >> what does the bread do? >> it absorbs all the flavor, all the smell. >> great tip. >> cleans it out. >> quickly, we have seconds. >> what you do is take this -- >> well, out of time. we'll put it online. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
look at the rows behind us kristyn, a dangerous situation.>> absolutely, the roads are offering our awful - the roads awful. the winter storm warning is in effect until tomorrow morning, the areas in particular are the
9:27 am
from freezing rain terrain, we have a winter weather advisory still in effect until 7 pm today for the areas along the virginia border, 95 around the sandhills, winter weather advisory set to expire around 1 pm this afternoon. this is what is falling on the wncn radar, freezing on impact rain, that means the freezing rain will cause a glaze of ice on elevated surfaces, the roadways treated or not, they are slippery. apex, holly springs and downtown raleigh and across the northern portions of the county towards wake forest under that shade of pink, an indicator of freezing rain. more sleet and snow mixing in around the ants counties and the cell is holding on around the virginia border. the temperatures have made the forecast tricky, everything that started to fall first thing, snow and sleet immediately started to stick
9:28 am
temperatures of struggle to move, 24 for raleigh, 25 for durum and around the sandhills, 27 for pinehurst, fayetteville at 27, 9 am, 30, we should see a change to cold rain around 3 pm. 37 the temperature at 6 pm and that will be the warmest temp for us here in wake county. so again the freezing rain and sleet continues the next few hours and then we see the changeover to cold rain around the sandhills and that cold rain line comes into the triangle around 3 pm this afternoon. most of us sing rainfall around 6 pm for the evening drive home and scattered showers continue overnight tonight and tomorrow morning's commute to be tricky as well, dealing with heavy downpours moving right across the area. let's look at ice, up to 1/10 of an inch of ice possible
9:29 am
around wake county, durham, orange county, towards chatham county and virginia border. we will see the bull's-eye for higher amounts of ice in northern portions of the triad. the forecast for the coming days, today 37, temps warm up overnight and right on through tuesday, heavy rain tuesday morning, dryer in the afternoon and then dry weather builds and for wednesday, thursday and friday, all looking nice. the nicest has to be the weekend ahead, 64 and sunny are temperature on saturday. that is the latest forecast, we will go over to kristin byrne update on traffic. good morning, roads are messed around the area as we continue to seek sleet and rain, current traffic map shows every red icon which is an active wreck in the process of being cleared. that's zoom in and take a look, several reported downtown one on us 70 at weight avenue,
9:30 am
boulevard at parkland drive, downtown on more the side streets they are also very slick still this morning. several accidents reported on us 64 and 264 between knightdale and window, or partially blocked on the east bound side on knightdale eagle rock road. travel very dangerous and have had multiple accident in and around knightdale. an active accident on interstate 440 was not at 6 forks road. at 8 am eight be at north hills, that is slowing down traffic. we had an accident cleared on us 64 and 264 n. of zebulun and finally some good news here on interstate 95 northbound, originally the northbound lanes north as there is a blocked at the interstate 95 exit, that was exit 58, the road was just reopened. things are improving little this.
9:31 am
advised if you don't have to be on the roads stay inside. let's take a live look at some of the roads right now, this is interstate 40 and white oak road were traffic is moving slowly, there is a car into the median. many single vehicle accidents and minor fender bender's, so again the icy roads are still tricky to navigate. stay with wncn, will have more updates "kung fu panda 3" was second and "how to be single" was third. in new zealand, a photographer used a drone to capture these hundreds of sheep being herded. they make their way from one field to the next through an open gate. the video has gone viral. in two days, it had over 2 million views and 26,000 shares. incredible to watch. let's get a check of the weather from al. nothing like counting sheep, al. >> i got tired while i was watching this.
9:32 am
>> let's she you what's happening as far as your week's precipitation. early part of the week, icy, thunderstorms through the gulf and wet and snowy in the plains. midweek, sunshine is supreme between coasts. we have light snow around the appalachians and great lakes. the latter part of the week, looking at a rain and snow event for northern california and the pacific northwest. windy, snowy and wet throughout the plains. warmer weather rules from the midsection of the country. as we get to the midweek, we're looking at much above normal temperatures in the plains and central plains. it stays right in the middle of the good morning to you here in central north carolina we tracking freezing rain around wake county and harnett county and up towards franklin county and sleet and snow still following along the virginia
9:33 am
25 for durum and raleigh and 28 >> that's your latest weather. a lot of us probably started doing our taxes already. every year, thousands of folks targeted by criminals posing as the irs trying to steal our money and more. >> today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with a warning of two of the biggest scams and what we need to know to protect yourselves. good morning. >> how are you? >> two key areas, what are they? >> e-mail. a lot of people, including people on our staff here, so it's happening to a lot of people and i'm getting e-mails on facebook, as well, that people are getting these e-mails, supposedly from the irs, saying they owe money and the police could come after them. that's one of them. here's another e-mail going around. this one promises a tax refund. you'll get an official looking
9:34 am
look at the bolded section. you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $63.80 to access the form, click here. you click on that e-mail and, again, $63.80, seems possibly legitimate. not like we owe you $10,000. it's enough where a lot of americans will fill it out and try to get the $63. you click on it and put in your bank information so they can wire you can money. the scammers join your account. >> what's your red flag? >> the irs will never, ever ask you for personal information or financial information over an e-mail. the only time they're ever going to e-mail you is if you already have an ongoing case. the irs will always contact you the first time through regular mail. you'll only get e-mails if you're already involved with them. >> they will not initiate via e-mail. >> no. >> via text or anything else? >> if you hear from the irs over
9:35 am
they'll never contact you over social media or text. >> what about phones? we understand that is a phone call scam going on. >> this one is even more aggressive. this is where they really pound you on the fact that you owe money. they're going to stick the police after you. actually, one of our senior producers at the "today" show, her daughter got a call. take a listen. >> this is officer from internal refvenue services. we have been trying to reach you. this call is an official final notice call from internal revenue services. the reason that the call has come in for you that we have filed a lawsuit against you. for more information, call immediately our department. >> call immediately our department. what is that, yoda? oh, money, you do. >> you probably panic when you hear lawsuits. you don't hear what's after that. >> people say, i'd never fall for it, but thousands of victims every year.
9:36 am
>> does the irs initiate calls like that? >> the irs will call you, again, if you're already involved with one of their agents on an ongoing case. you'd know you're dealing with the irs and they ever never ask for personal information. if you get a call, go on our website on we have all the phone numbers to report this back to the irs or the federal trade commission. >> you should report it if you get one of these? don't delete it or anything. >> hang up immediately and never give information, but report it so they can go after the people. >> you also say we should note the irs is in the process of implementing legislation that will allow federal officials to make calls for back taxes. >> maybe in the future, they may out. they're not sure they want to do it. this season, if you get a call,
9:37 am
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9:41 am
it's like christmas in new york city. the annual toy fair is underway. >> hundreds of thousands of toys and games are on display. toy insider mom lori is here with a sneak peek at the ones your kids will be begging for this year. good morning. >> good morning. this is a sneak peek. none of the toys are out. they're coming out in the spring and most will be out for christmas. >> perfect. >> we'll start with selfie stick >> love it. >> this is our selfie mic. we put a phone in. any one will do because this will expand. we download our star maker app. now, we can pick filters and all
9:42 am
>> we're going to record a video at the same time? >> a video. >> ready? >> if you want to feel -- >> we need the music. because we're happy >> you can do the singing. >> that's spectacular. >> really good singers in the family, it's great. >> we're making the videos and sharing it with all our friends on social media. >> it'll be a huge hit. >> huge. >> price point at $24. >> for the kids who like to cook? >> you don't wait for the campfire. this is our s'mores maker. kids make the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow. put mix with water, a mold, microwave, no heat, we can pretend to be cooking in the oven, very cute. >> pop it out. >> the treats are delicious. >> cool. >> what does this do? >> what kid doesn't want to take home a pet dragon?
9:43 am
>> this is torch my blazin dragon. he can toast his marshmallow. >> so cute. >> s'mores for him. >> he has 50 different sounds and movements. he's going to keep the kids happy. >> cute. >> the fun doesn't end with the dragon. this is zoomer chimp. he's an interactive chimp. watch him. watch his face. he's going to pay attention to commands i give him. he'll know gestures from my voice. zoomer, dance. there you go. he's going to do a little dance. he's got lots of monkey tricks. >> so cute. >> amazing. >> everyone is going to love this guy.
9:44 am
creative toys for kids. >> this is a pet you can actually build. this is our -- >> oh, my gosh. >> -- robot. kids actually build this. there's a section in here that allows him to walk two legs at a time up the wall. kids learn about physics. sensors around the front. when he gets to the top and feels the feeling, he'll come right back down. >> i love that kids build that, too. >> 3d maker stuff is hot. >> this is our 3d magic imagipen. there's no heat. i can build up and out. everything you see here has been built with this pen. >> really cool. >> it's so creative. >> beautiful. look at that. >> pretty cool. >> it's just using this. >> big bubbles. >> this is lots of different bubbles.
9:45 am
how about a nice big bubble around isaac here. >> kids will have a lot of fun. >> one more time, isaac. we had one natalie a little while ago. >> very close. >> now the dirt comes home. this is from play vision and it's dirt. it comes in a 2 pound bag and is antibacterial. it won't ever dry out and comes with toys. we bring the dirt in the house. >> i love that. like the magic sand stuff. >> ready for the royal tea party? >> how cute. >> adorable. show us how to play. >> this is the belle tea party musical cart. when we roll this, she usually -- this is prototype. >> mrs. potts. >> listen to the music. she turns. as the kids are playing, we have our favorite song and mrs. potts and chip. >> excellent. >> finally, don't think that
9:46 am
this is you are city scape set. we have new york, hollywood. these are wooden boxes that are eco-friendly. it keeps kids busy for hours. >> great. i have to go to the toy fair. i'll spend hours there. thank you. coming up next, put away the valentine's kok latchocolates and get back on track. a delicious meal that could help you live longer. right life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] you forgot the milk! that's lactaid . right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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9:50 am
eat. after last week, we did all the sweet cooking. this week on today food, we'll show you dishes that are healthy and we have george mendes, the chef and owner of a restaurant in new york city. you have a direct problem with the weather. >> we had a pipe burst. mother nature, what are you going to do? >> let's ring in the new with -- >> salmon and wheat berries. we have the whole wheat berries, delicious. >> isn't that like barley sort of? >> it's wheat, yeah. it's the actual seed. flour. so. little bit of olive oil. >> right. >> some salt. >> how long do you cook it? >> two hours, until it's chewy. then we have some that's already cooked.
9:51 am
vinegar, like so. >> any kind? >> red wine vinegar. then we have pickles, cucumbers here, red onions. >> nice. >> raw red onions and avocado. it's all about healthiness here. >> very good. >> then we have freshly chopped cilantro. and parsley. >> little lemon zest? >> lime zest. great technique, al, like you've done this before. >> once or twice. mix this up a little bit? >> fresh pepper here. >> what's -- >> then we have the salmon here. >> which will cook quickly. >> very quick. cook salmon medium rare. nice and meltingly tender in the center. nice, hot pan is very, very important so your fish doesn't stick. sides. our pan is smoking, like so.
9:52 am
>> yeah, go ahead. you missed that one, al. >> still missed it. >> bam. >> there you go. >> skin side down. you see the pan is nice and hot. the salmon won't stick. little more olive oil. >> yummy. >> you want the sizzle right away. there you go. >> you're going to do this how long on each side? >> about two minutes on each side for this thickness. golden brown. and you have the finished product. that was easy, huh? >> tasty and healthy. really good. >> thank you, george. >> thank you. for this recipe and more, go to and click on the healthy tab. not the unhealthy tab. we're going to be back in a moment. check out how we're doing on our
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
this is "today" on nbc. time to check's take. >> let's do it. >> press the button. >> nice. >> close to 250,000. >> if we hit a million, i'm coming to somebody's house and doing the weather. we're going to pick it from all the people who liked us. we'll do that. go to's take. >> i've said you can come in my closet and pick out -- did i say one or two dresses? >> don't forget. today's prize, register for garr we have been tracking this
9:56 am
will check the closely. >> we've had a major accident that involved multiple vehicles and a semi on us 264 earlier today towards knightdale. the messy roads were pretty awful earlier today and they are still not much better. for more on exactly what types of precipitation were seeing what is in store for the rest of the day that turn things over to alyssa corfont. this is a live picture from the wncn tower camera and this is often the west, you can see the roads are looking nasty. the good news is there are not a lot of cars out, like easy typically on the belt line. cars usually cruising along freely but not this morning. 23 degrees now, we need to keep on climbing and so we get above freezing this afternoon. winter storm warning in effect until 7 am tomorrow morning, this morning will be in effect for carson and orange counties and they will be the last ones
9:57 am
rain. which weather advisory in effect until 7 pm for the raleigh and durum areas and chatham county and areas off to the virginia border, the 95 winter weather advisory continues until 1 pm. this is the wncn radar showing sleet and freezing rain around wake county and will generally getting reports from viewers, as we look at wake county, seeing sleet and freezing rain also down towards lee county and looking at the northern portions of the county along 540 towards wake forest, lewisburg you are sing a mix of sleet and freezing rain, maybe a few flurries, and that's what we're seeing is what northbound across grandville and warren counties heard temperatures now show 28, a slight improvement, 28 for clayton and clinton,
9:58 am
or mid-20s around durum. future forecast continuing with wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain through lunchtime and even the early afternoon hours. i think it will be two to 3 o'clock before we see the change to cold rain around the triangle, the rain continues to the evening drive home and will continue to be scattered in nature, the kicker with tonight, temps are climbing said anything that falls overnight will be plain rain and that continues and could be heavy at times to the morning commute tomorrow. tomorrow morning's commute will take you longer as well but that is because there will be a lot of water on the roadways. for today, we're looking at ice forecast through early this afternoon, up to 1/10 of an inch of ice. already across portions of orange county they have 1/10 of an inch of ice to this will be a factor in this afternoon hours, roads may look wet the treat them as ice as you are headed out as bush on bridges
9:59 am
37 the high, that will be close to the evening drive home and say five or 6 o'clock, temps warm up overnight upper 50s tomorrow, rain possible in the morning, dry and afternoon and stem address i for wednesday, thursday and friday. if you need something to get you through today's icy and dreary day, 64 is the high saturday and sunday, saturday looking pretty nice with wall- to-wall sunshine. that is the latest forecast, but some things over to kristin with an update on traffic. i still causing issues on roads around the area so let's take a look at current traffic. that red icon that you see is an active record we have many, north raleigh right now headed out on 40 toward the airport we have a black, interstate 40 eastbound with one lane blocked at exit 283, the exit for 540. on 540 with a wreck was bound on exit 9 near creekmore road. on exit 9 near creekmore road.
10:00 am
morning, heading out on knightdale onto 64 us 64 we have a wreck on eastbound interstate 495 for new hope road, also one on interstate interstate 540 eastbound with one lane blocked at exit 26 four us 64 and 4 to 64. right around knightdale seeing a lot of issues on 64 and 264 with one lane blocked on interstate 40 eastbound at us 70 exit ramp. that has been cleared since we news. a couple of tracks near us one at exit 89 for new hill holman road and also on nc 55 at us 1. a lot of issues are on the roads, very icy a lot of locations we continue to see fall. priorities will be the four- lane highways for the dot and in the side roads and back roads to travel still not advised.


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