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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ka right now at least 3 people dead and more than a dozen injured after a gunman storms a factory in kansas. and the clock is ticking for apple to respond to a new court order responding to a request from the fbi. plus the national weather service confirms three tornadoes hit our viewing area. good morning, every. >> we've got your morning news, a check on traffic before you head out this morning. let's check out the friday morning forecast. good morning.
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certainly starting off on a cold note and that's because we're dealing with a break in the cloud cover. so partly cloudy to at times mostly clear this morning. 35 in raleigh, 32 in durham, 39 in roxboro and down around the sand hills currently checking in around 38 in clinton, fayetteville, and goldsboro this morning. your fast forecast temperatures again, near freezing for some of you, 34 is is what i'm expecting right around 8 a.m. this morning, 45 at noon. it's still going to be on the breezy side so certainly keep that in mind and our high this afternoon right near 50 degrees so that's cooler than where we were yesterday. don't you worry warmer temperatures will arrive for the weekend ahead. let's check in with traffic on this friday morning, and just what we like to see on a friday. lighter conditions on the roadways this is i-540 and
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an early morning flight. no problems on the roadways. just like what we're seeing in cameras there full in green on i-440 and 40 moving close to the posted speed limits. i'll keep an eye on traffic and weather throughout the rest of the morning. it is now 4:32. earlier this morning authorities in the western part of kansas forced their way into the home of the man responsible for a deadly mass shooting. >> witnesses say investigators worried another shshter or be additional victims could have been inside that house. once they got into the home they discovered that no one was there. >> and just hours before the gunman walked into the manufacturing plant we worked and started shooting. four people including the gunman now dead, 14 others hurt. >> everybody said that there was gunshots a shooter and we just kept hearing pop pop. >> reporter: it was near the
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officials were called to a shooting that was followed by another attack at another location and then word of an active shooter inside excel industries. he first shot someone in the plants's parking lot. >> he was already looking at him and yelled and then entered the building. >> authorities say there were multiple if a at all lit tees and more injured. >> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people. four were killed, including himself, the shooter. >> the sheriff says the gunman was killed by law enforcement after he went on a shooting spree at four locations. authorities have not yet revealed a motive but say the suspect was employed at the plant. >>. one man is recovering after a shooting at an apartment complex in raleigh. the call
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the victim drive himself to wakemed. just a few hours ago the highway principal released the name of a woman killed in a crash. hill died when she did not yelled to the white suv. three others went to the hospital. deputies in moore county looking for leads after someone shot a 25-year old near an abandoned house. now, this happened just before 6:00 yesterday evening on main street in tailortown. the victim is in the hospital and expected to be okay but anyone with information is asked to contacted the moore county sheriffs office. investigators in durham county hoping for new leads after canvassing a neighborhood. they're searching for a gun machine in a drive by that injured a grandmother. somebody fired in the home on february 12th injuring the woman so badly that doctors had to
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new this morning change soon could be coming to cary but not without controversy. >> a shopping center would go up at green level church, and that's where we find emma write with a look at this. emma. >> yeah, people have been complaining about this since it ago. they're concerned that the 22 acres of what is now wooded land would become a parking lot. this is what the shopping center is proposed to look like. we're told the land was originally zoned for medium use which means for houses or apartments, some residents told the council at last night's meeting that they were expecting a housing development to go there and not a grocery store but other people told the council they liked the idea and say this shopping center will serve an underserved part of cary.
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store that we do have does not meet my personal needs and my family's needs. we are at that section and backed up by chatham county and there isn't anything going on there to serve our needs either. >> and the woman thaw just heard from there she was kind of the minority opinion at last night's council meeting before they voted to approve the project. . the national weather service confirms three tornadoes did hit our area during wednesday's storms. one moved through granville in vance county, one in wayne, one in durham. >> the twister that hit in granville was an ef2. winds reached upwards of 125 miles per hour. in durham the strong
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into homes. the national weather service says an ef 1 tornado hit down at hillendale road. . the inside walls were moving inside the closet. you could feel the whole force of the tornado and the hail hitting the back door here. >> she says she and her alive. fortunately in our area no one was killed or injured. >> and all that severe weather meant companies specializing in tree removal stayed quite busy. a tree service made a couple of stops in raleigh and chapel hill. the owner says as soon as the storm hit his phone started ringing. >> it's going to take a while to get all the damage and debris cleared out.
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and the fbi continues. still to come what the tech company has to do today. plus sports reporters drys tears in the courtroom. later who took the stand and what they had to say. and temperatures this morning much colder than where
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well, first of all happy friday. >> yes, we made it. >> it was a busy week for a lot of people, but i'm telling you we're looking for some really good weather this weekend maybe. >> it's coming by about sunday. tomorrow is still going to be chilly. here we are 35 degrees, this is a live picture from our wncn tower camera. we're looking over the belt line this
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and similar expectations on our satellite radar composite. you'll notice we're not seeing a lot around our area. still a few lingering snow showers towards west virginia, even up towards portions of western pennsylvania but other than that it's really going to be quiet across the mid-atlantic today. so we'll start off pretty chilly, 35 in raleigh, 34 in louisburg, 32 in durham, we're also in the upper 30s around roxboro. so let's break your forecast down hour by hour, 35 at 8 a.m., 40 at 10 a.m., 45 at noon. now, it's still going to be on the breezy side nowhere near as windy as the past few days. there's no wind advisory in effect. 48 at 2:00 today a high of only 50. now, normal is right around 58. 51 tomorrow, back into the 60s by sunday
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now, it does look like the 60s going to hang around as we head into early next week and let you know when you'll need the umbrella again coming up in your complete forecast. well, some scary moments for crew members along a u.s. coast guard vessel. it capsized off the coast of new york. this happened just before 5:00 in the morning yesterday and took nearly 2 hours to make sure that everyone was safe. luckily no one was hurt. a security guard in paris is being held a hero after helping save people during last year's attack, what he's credited to
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done right now investigators in kansas searching for clues after a workplace mass shooting. >> the gunman killed three people and hurt another 14, five people do remain in critical condition. the national weather service confirms three tornados touched down in you our area during wednesday's big storms, one moved through granville in vance counties, one in wayne and one hit in durham, there are no reports of any serious injuries. the republican presidential candidates wrapped up their final debate before super tuesday. it was a brawl from the start if you didn't see it. marco rubio and ted cruz ripped donald trump. today's the deadline for apple to respond to the department of justice's new court order issued surrounding the phone of one of the san
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remove the pass code lockout on the seized iphone. last week apple reiterated its commitment to privacy and has no connection to what data may exist on the phone. federal authorities want apple to unlock the phone as part of the investigation. the fbi director james kome made his case to congress. investigators want to get into the phone to look for other possible terror connections. apple is refusing saying it will open a precedent of the privacy. he told lawmakers that he loves privacy and encryption. >> i step back and say, you know, law enforcement which i'm part of really does save people's lives. >> well some in congress back a new law requiring so-called back doors into smart phone security, apple's reportedly working on a new operating system that could never be unlocked. a security guard working
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attacks as emerged as a silent hero of that night. >> 90 people were killed during a wave of attacks in the capitol, a man named didi was in charge of security. the 35-year old saved hundreds of people by opening the side entrances and emergency exits to that venue. in the weeks after the attacks he began meeting with survivors to help them cope with the after math. >> being able be to say thank you to someone about that night was something really good. i mean, to feel and to being able to hold someone in my arms and just telling him you saved my life. >> extraordinary. he has not been back to work since the attacks though.
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the attacks the eagles of death metal returned to play. prosecutors chism's defense attorney asked for his client to serve 26 years in prison. and right now a case surrounding sports caster and drews continues in tennessee today. a therapist testified that she was anxious and depressed after the man that stalked her was let out of prison. she is suing her stacker and the owner and manager of a hotel for $75 million. the lawyers say the hotel management was negligent lent allowing him to book the room besides andrews. today more to round up murder suspects and gang members, authorities conducted operation 0-hour. today we should learn more about those in custody and what they're accused of doing.
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and online for all the updates. and new information about a crash in johnston county involving four bicyclists. the crash happened saturday. williams is facing several charges including four counts of improper passing resulting in serious injury. one of the people she's accused of hitting is questioning why all the charges misdemeanors. >> a bit disappointed mainly because, you know, it seemed like the charges are minimal. >> the district attotoey declined to answer why the driver is only facing misdemeanors. one of the bicyclists has been upgrade today fair condition. flames engulfed a home almost exactly 100 years after another massive fire at the same
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the fire in 1916 and was sold to owners that built a new house. a century later flames once again shot through the new home. so now we know that yes, tornadoes did touch down in the viewing area. >> and some strong ones, that's something we don't typically see around here. >> and the damage definitely proves it. >> the strong winds yesterday continued. >> when i was walking the dog i was like i'm done with this. but the good news is today we'll be much calmer. we had a wind advisory in effect yesterday no longer in effect today. so it's 35 degrees. here a live picture from the airport. a quiet start to our friday morning and equally as quiet on our radar come owes sit not a lot going on around central north carolina. a few flurries around the central portion of west virginia up towards western portions of pennsylvania some light snow there as well. but for us it's going to stay on the quiet side
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here and there throughout the day. so we'll start off 35, so that's pretty chilly, remember a warmer jacket as your heading for the door this morning. 45 at noon, 50 the afternoon high. it's still going to be breezing but wind gusts in the 15 to 20-mile an hour range. we're back to 44 by 6 p.m. this evening. so we'll breakdown your future forecast for you you'll notice at 6 a.m. we're dry and no rain really in site we'll stay dry overnight tonight and that's actually going to pave the way for the coldest morning in quite some time. i think tomorrow morning we could easily start off in the 20s, yeah, you heard me correctly, 20s to start high of 50 today, 51 on saturday and then look what sunday and early next week hold, 62 on sunday, back to 66 for monday and tuesday, now, this yellow line, that's afternoon for this time of year, and it's right around 58 degrees.
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current temperatures at the freezing mark in durham 32, 34 in louisburg, the upper 30s around roanoke rapids and rocky mount, clayton you're at the 36, fayetteville you're now at 38. today a high of 50 degrees in raleigh, 49 in durham and 54 in fayetteville. now, we're going to fast forward to tonight, remember i said tonight could be the coldest one in quite some time an overnight low of 28 degrees, here's your next three days. it looks like are warmer by sunday ask that makes me smile, 51 saturday, 62 on sunday. we'll head into early next week, a chance for a shower or two on monday. we should be dry again for tuesday. tuesday looking really nice, 66 our temperature there, and then another front comes through and that one is going to have a bigger impact on us, more widespread rain on wednesday and into thursday that is really going to cool us down. we're back to 55 by thursday afternoon. the time is now 4:52 on this friday finally friday
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capital boulevard just one lone truck out there this morning. let's talk about your drive times and speeds this morning. if you're on i-85 southbound it's moving about 66 miles per hour and 38 miles per hour if
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again i'll have another check 5 a.m. one neighborhood is not happy about an led project in raleigh. lights like these being replaced by led lights. and they're concerned about lights already up being just too close to homes and some say they're too bright. >> what duke energy is pushing on us are what they're called can roadway lights and they're a very high tech design, they're really really bright like five or six times brighter than the lights we have now. and they're really blue white color. >> they stress they are not against led lights. they just don't want the big bright ones and would be willing to help purchase alternatives. on monday wncn will become cbs north carolina.
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>> very exciting for us and of course our viewers. all new programming line up including major events like march madness and the master's. >> and we'll be adding great prime time shows including hawaii 50. you can shout book em dano. >> really is that what you're going to shout out. >> be sure to keep it on wncn because there's blue bloods. the show is in its 6th season and of course who doesn't like tom sellick. >> he was in that show in hawaii magnum pi. well you can find the full line up for show changes every day of the week and answers to all your questions about our switch over right now on here is a link at the top of our home page. it's right there. that's what it looks like when
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to our website. right now a unicorn is back home tonight after running loose. >> she is a 20-year old pony who spends her days posing as a unicorn. they get get her back home and luckily no one was hurt. well, picture showing a boy in afghanistan wearing a blue and white striped plastic bag as a soccer shirt has gone viral. >> the boy was inn stating his hero, and he sent him two team jerseys, a shirt and a ball. the soccer federation plans to help the boy meet his hero. >> don't you just love that? i love when things go viral and something positive comes out of it. >> made his little day. well a verbal slug fest
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>> coming up hear the back and forth that took center stage in houston.
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good morning to you. happy friday. thanks for watching wncn today. just having a few laughs here. >> well emma wright is in cary where leaders would vote on a plan that would bring new options to the town and we'll have a look at your morning commute coming up. >> that's right, meteorologist alyssa corfont good morning to you happy friday. good morning and happy friday to you at home. let's go ahead and talk about your forecast. i think you're going to like what we have in store for today and the weekend ahead. pretty cloud free right now meaning colder temperatures but into the afternoon, that's going to mean more sunshine for us. so right now temperature 34 in raleigh, 34 in louisburg, we were at freezing last hour in


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