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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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have a great day. despite the detower the family still made it to church in time for a special event, a dedication for their infant son. today the man charged in connection with a deadly crash in fayetteville is expected in court. the 21-year old was drunk when he ran off the road just before 2:00 on sunday morning. one of the passengers a 20-year old died. another person in the car was injured. residents in fayetteville evenly split when it comes to seal. it depicts the market house where slaves were once the fayetteville observer
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. the sheriffs office says a mother and her four month old twins were reported missing. a pregnant whom is expected to be okay this morning after some scary moments on harris lake. she was one of two people onboard this boat when the couple was headed back to shore and realized there was a hole in it. big changes on the way for our hometown hockey team. stahl was traded to the rangers. other trades could happen before today's deadline. he has spent canes. they acquired a second round pick. he is leaving as a canes all time lead are. that's
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goals, he's also the team's leader in assists, points, penalty minutes and of course he was key to the stanley cup championship. many hope this move is good for him and the canes. >> i think in his heart he'd like to be here and mentioned at times he likes the direction we're going. >> we've been season ticket holders for a long time and followed him since we picked him up and really sorry he's gone. >> the canes will not name a a new captain this season. >> a lot of people will be looking to see if this makes a big difference. it's now 4:38. here's what's coming up next. >> i was prepared to have a disabled child for life. >> and after the break a love story six decades in the making the unlikely reunion of two old
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keep it welcome back. he's a look at your drive time forecast, 6 a.m. temperature right around 45 degrees, then we're making our way to 49 by 8:00 this morning, 9:00 temperature close to 54 degrees and that's just a clear indicator of what we're going to see later today. it is going to be another unseasonably warm afternoon for us. but right now here's a live picture from our wncn tower camera was we look outlive from here in north raleigh we're looking out over the beltline adjust car or two out there right now. 50 degrees. so yeah, you'll still want to take a light jacket with you. here's our satellite radar composite clear
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and west that's going to stay out of our area today we're going to stay sunny. 52 in raleigh, 52 in sanford, 48 in pinehurst and raeford. breaking your forecast down hour by hour you'll notice we'll be at 59 at 10 a.m., i'll let you know how long these unseasonably warm temperatures will hang around coming up in your complete forecast. >> all right you can't beat this day. well, a wedding more than six decades in the making took place in canada. an 80 and 83-year old met and fell in love back in 1953. they were too young to get married, well 7 years ago after her husband died she asked one of the her daughters to help her find skip but it wasn't until his wife passed away that two reconnected. they met up in
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it is 4:42, 5k kk members
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>> plus just in this morning's top stories today an army sergeant stationed at the pentagon is set for court accused of killing his wife and a police officer. >> ronald hamilton is in jail accused of killing crystal hamilton. it was her first day on the job. two other officers were also hurt. also investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire in sanford. it started in roberts cabinets and tops and spread to two more buildings.
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injured in the fire. after five n ninations larson won best act radios. well today the trial involving the decades old murder of a shaw university student continues in wake county. 41-year old is accused of killing mcqueen years ago. charges were originally dropped but brought back. he was in a relationship with her at the time of her death. jury selection wrapped up last week and the state already began presenting evidence. today two teenagers expected in court charged in connection with a shooting last week off capitol boulevard in raleigh. an 18 and 17-year old both faces a number of charges. officers say they shot two men at a shopping center friday afternoon. the case is still under investigation. this morning in ohio the man
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his brother is expected in court. officials say reverend william schooler's younger brother gunned him down in his own church. people were inside when it all happened. documents reveal the younger brother has a mental health issues. new this morning 5k kk out members out of a calf jail after a brawl. investigators say the 7 people who remain in custody beat, stomped and attacked the klansman with wooden posts. police say they stabbed three counter protesters. hpv by far is the most common transmitted infection in the united states and the vaccine is hotly debated. >> we're talking about a real
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>> i was a little bit appalled and taken back. >> this information is provided to all parents and guardians of students in 5th through 1th grade. >> why is this this is a school issue. >> constant pain. >> i started reading these stories about girls's dad and i was scared. >> don't just jump and get the vaccine because you're getting something from the school district. >> it's infected nearly 80 million people in the u.s. and 14 million more contract the disease every year. >> it is one of the most common infections that we have in the united states. >> this virus actually causes cancers. >> the fda approved the vaccine in 2006 and now it's recommended for 11 and 12-year old girls and boy. >> the reason why 11 and 12 is because we want to do it before a person is sexually active.
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in her daughter for the shot. >> i just recently lost my mother. this is something that can prevent it or aid the process to prevent it of course i'm for it. >> but not everyone is in support. >> i was prepared to have a disabled collide for life. >> so the big question is: there risks? well with tonight we look at one young girl's battle after getting the vaccine, and why your local school district is involved. today a group of people will meet in charlotte to call for the release of 7 teenagers being detained by immigration officials. immigration officials took a high school senior into custody last month saying that he crossed the border illegally a couple of years ago. now, he fears if he's deported back he'll be killed. he left there to escape gang violence. attendance at
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the time he was arrested. well it was an extraordinary weekend and it's only beginning for the week. >> 60s today and tomorrow. >> we'll take it right now. >> here's a live picture outside. this is from the raleigh durham international airport this morning. 50 degrees as we start off a new work week. what a nice morning it is. it's quiet out at the airport this morning and hopefully still quiet on the area roads. so here's our satellite radar composite looping over the past three hours. not a lot going on locally. we are seeing a line of showers from northern portions of spend all the way through west virginia, eastern portions of kentucky this morning. that cold front is going to stay off to our north. so today a mix of sun and clouds in our forecast and we will stay dry. 54 in roxboro, 51 in durham, we're at 50 in raleigh,
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and sanford while pinehurst and raeford you're starting off in the upper 40s. our wind gusts now, there's not very strong all across the area but right now your latest around roxboro, south hill and sanford all in the upper teens and 21 miles per hour your latest in roanoke rapids and goldsboro. i'll tell you when i was out and about this morning it is on the breezy side here in raleigh as well. temperatures should be in the upper 40s right around 8 a.m. then we climb to 63 at lunchtime. our afternoon high actually going to be close to 68 degrees then we're back to 61 just a few clouds around for 6 o'clock this evening. high pressure still largely in control of our weather. so staying sunny this is going to slide off the east coast and by wednesday we're tracking our next weather maker and this is going to be in the form of a cold front. it is going to usher in some cooler temperatures for us. drier though as we head towards thursday afternoon.
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a few clouds around today through lunchtime, there we are through the drive home it's all going to be quiet and clear for us. as we head into our tuesday we'll start off with partly cloudy skies, and as we head into the afternoon we should stay dry as well. so your forecast highs for today 68 in raleigh, 67 in durham, 71 in fayetteville, then overnight tonight partly cloudy. it is going to be cooler than where we're waking up to right now. here's the next few days upper 60s on tuesday. that cold front comes through on wednesday. thursday we're at 53. chance for rain again on friday and the weekend ahead we should see some drier weather. highs in the low to mid-50s both saturday and sunday. it is 4:52. i'm going to send it over to kristin who has a look at area roads. >> good monday morning everyone
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the roads not looking too wad this morning. let's start off at i-40 and miami boulevard traffic moving smoothly in both directions no major issues to report and if we switch on over to the traffic map you'll see all green around the area. so no major problems, your westbound loops on 540 to u.s. 64 your looking at about a 17-minute drive. looking good this morning. as we go to break let's take a look at what's come up later on cbs this morning. . >> coming you up the author of the book all the single lady as social history of america looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\. the new pedi perfect wet & dry. now get effortless hard skin removal
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durham public school leaders will take a final vote this afternoon about a student code of conduct change. parents have expressed concern for high suspension rates. a task force of 47 people worked on the new policy for the year. the superintendent says the new rules would be aimed at rewarding students with positive behavior. while the changes go into effect immediately it will
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the new culture becomes inn grained for students, teachers and the community. today the board expects to hear the next steps about training and get documentation out to schools. this week margaret spellings takes over. when first meeting with the border at its retreat earlier this month she stressed that she would spend the first 100 days on the job visiting campuses across north carolina. today a u.s. navy seal will receive the highest award. it was his actions that helped rescue an american hostage in afghanistan that was in 2012. he also served with the second marine regiment. could the fourth time be the charm for the falcon 9 rocket. it carries a satellite that would bring internet the and phone access to millions of
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there's no word when it will be up and running. we want to congratulate our colleagues here at north carolina news. saturday night a big night our station took home six regional emmy awards. you've seen it. you could see a full list of winners on our website. you'll find it on so you know this we've been telling you guys for weeks now and this morning we are officially cbs north carolina. >> that includes action drama scorpions. >> here's a list of what you can expect tonight in prime time
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ncis los angeles followed boot late show, so you'll likely need to change your dvrs if you haven't done that already. >> we've got a new sign out front, it's great stuff. >> brand new. >> we love it. looking good. well, you probably have a lot of questions and we have answers for you on our website at just look for the special section on the home page. >> all right it's now 4:57. from the dresses to the whichers, the 88th academy awards wrapped up last night. >> we'll take a look at the big night and tell you who's making all the headlines this morning. stay with us, much more news,
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good morning.
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sanford after a multi alarm fire demolished local businesses plus kristin ketchell is tracking your morning commute. >> first alyssa corfont is here a great weekend. here's some great news all that have pleasant weather is going to hang around for the start of the work week as well. right now we're looking at just a few clouds and believe it or not temperatures in the 50s as door. now, obviously we clearly see some rain on our radar it's north and west of us and that is where it's going to stay throughout the day. no umbrellas necessary today, morning. we've now dropped to 49 in raleigh, durham you're at 50, 51 in roxboro, and you're looking at the i-95 corridor rocky mount you're at 49. detail. temperatures in the upper 40s, chilly he and breezy this morning, 63 at lunchtime


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