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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tonight ishares said his deputies failed to act in it won't be tolerated. just moments after the victim was hit in the face. he is wrestled to the ground by sheriff's deputies. the man accused of hitting him returned to his seat, getting applause from the crowd and tilling inside edition why he did it. >> yes he deserved it, next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> reporter: the sheriff's office described it like this.>> he thought he had assaulted an officer. >> my gut reaction is, this is wild. and then the police detained me. >> reporter: the sheriff said i love his deputies acted inappropriately. in a statement he writes, the actions of the deputies and their players to act in situations like that have never been and will not ever be
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this office. so what is he doing about it? he devoted three deputies and suspended them without pay for five days each. another two were suspended for three days without pay. the sheriff did not identify the deputies disciplined. in determining the punishments he says, i've taken into account their past good conduct. >> all five deputies are on probationary status of the next 12 months. the sheriff's office charged the suspect after the rally. he is due in court next month. new details about a shooting that left a man hurt in southeast raleigh. we brought this as a breaking news earlier. police responded to a home around 5:30 pm. that's where they found the victim. he was taken to the hospital and was accepted to be okay. neighbors were kept away from their homes for an hour and
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investigated.>> it's very concerning, especially where it happened because our kids play up and down this street. they play at the community center. we hear shots every now and then but nothing we thought was this close to home. >> still no word on what led to the shooting or suspects. a car accident sends three people to the hospital and ties up traffic. it happened on andrew avenue around 7:30 pm. a jeep luther a stop sign and slammed into a telephone pole. the force of that crash pushed it back and collided with a lexus. everyone involved is expected to be okay. all rows are back open in downtown raleigh after an underground electrical incident stopped traffic just before rush hour. it happened at martin m and l streets. detours were set up for two hours. 32 presenting a state trooper are expected to be okay after several vehicles were involved in a crash.
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near the exit and crashed. a trooper pulled over and that's when investigators say a person driving a mercedes hit the traverse a vehicle. charges are accepted. police interim still looking for leads after a 23- year-old man was -- was found shot to death. it was breaking news this morning. officers found the victim outside an apartment complex. police have not made any arrests. new at 11 tonight, police in fayetteville capture the man they say has been keeping in windows. the incidents happened near morganton road. several apartments in the area. police captured a man connected to those crimes looking in another window. the suspect is faced -- facing a list of charges. it was standing room only as hundreds of residents to their concerns to the state officials. >> we've been following the
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people say ponds and their community are contaminating drinking water. >> reporter: there has been a lot of concern and confusion. drinking water wasn't safe, now it is. residence sees the opportunity to take their concerns directly to the department of environmental quality. >> it's a very frustrating.>> reporter: linda jemison lives a quarter of a mile from one of the ponds. she says she has never had any concerns about it until she received a letter in the mail from the department of health and human services. warning her not to drink the tap water. now she worries herself, her children and grandchildren. >> your constantly worrying about if i brush my teeth, don't open my mouth or if i take a shower, don't open my mouth.>> reporter: she was one of several residents to speak out. duke energy can for me at least
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letter. all of them have been receiving bottled water.>> several dozen more gathered. it was standing room only inside the county building. the focus was on cleanup. there holding public meetings as a determine how and in what order the ponds should close.>> there are a number of contentment this by contaminants that show up in the groundwater. >> reporter: so you believe the water close to these facilities are safe. >> yes. the water needs private wells are similar to public well water across the nation. >> reporter: last week, residents received letters saying their water was safe. they reviewed the levels of contaminants against federal guidelines. jason says she hasn't gotten a letter but even if she had,
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water because i don't trust them. >> reporter: the official said it will take the comments and determine how and when to close these ponds. the end of the public comment period is april 18. are ongoing coverage continues right now. there is a special section of our website where you'll find our past stories. bus drivers across the state took part in one day count to find out how often drivers illegally passed stopped school buses. they were asked to record happy times they were illegally passed. last year's count revealed about 3000 drivers pass stopped school buses across our state. keeping kids safe is very important. we launched our emmy award- winning rate for buses campaign two years ago to raise awareness about the problem. president obama's choice for new supreme court justice, merrick garland will make his
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tomorrow. the president announced the nominee as his choice to replace antonin scalia. >> for me, there could be no higher public service than serving as a member of the united states supreme court.>> menominee was born in chicago and graduated from harvard law school. republican critics are already jumping in, threatening to block the nomination until a new president is elected. >> the confirmation process regarding the scalia vacancy will be deferred until after the election season is over. that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with the identity of the nominee. and republicans made our decision known weeks ago. before the president had chosen anyone. >> the white house insists the senate has a constitutional duty to consider the nominee and not
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south carolina governor nikki haley weighing in on the presidential race now that marco rubio is out. she endorsed the florida senator earlier this year. she says she is now supporting ted cruz. but with support the nominee no matter what's. second i said i was support the republican nominee. that's what i said in the beginning, that's what i will continue to say. ask me when the time comes again but as of now, i strongly believe i will support the republican nominee. fox news canceling monday night debates after donald trump and john kasich both said they would not attend. the nation's second-largest dissipation system is expected to open back up tomorrow morning after 24-hour shutdown for safety repairs. investigators found -- found 26 repairs needed. at least three areas are urgent. trains are accepted to be up and running by 5 am. former charlotte mayor
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voter fraud. he will serve a 44 month sentence for accepting bribes while in office. he said he didn't intentionally try to violate the law. he just made a mistake. convicted felons are not allowed to vote. president obama is feeling confident in the tar heels but not enough to have them bring home the title this year. why he is picking kansas and his response to a north carolina girl for his bracket record. the army physical fitness test. we will walk you through it in a story you only see her. a cold front has moved through so why are we still in the 70s? we'll talk about how much cooler it will be tomorrow and when you will need your winter coat again coming up. march madness kicks off tomorrow
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most of us can get by with exercising at our leisure for those who serve our country, physical fitness is a mandatory. >> twice a year, soldiers must take the physical fitness test. to get an idea what it takes, our reporter join soldiers of for the exam. >> reporter: they risk our lives for our country. a sacrifice family time and special occasions in order to
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also train very hard. physical fitness is second nature for soldiers. mini workout not once but twice a day. pt every day. >> reporter: testing begins at 6 am. first, roll call, then a demonstration on how to properly execute each task. temperatures were in the 30s this day. we were freezing. >> it takes a lot. >> reporter: starting off, each soldier receives his scorecard and is evaluated on the exercises according to gender and age.>> wimax is 45. situps are the same as the males. >> reporter: first up, push- ups, two minutes to do as many as possible. i did 53. more than the 39 needed to pass
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after push-ups, it was 10 minutes to rest before two minutes of situps. i am not a fan of steps so had to train hard leading up to the test. the day off, i did 57 with my legs burning profusely in the end. 45 was the minimum, 72 points earned. if a soldier fails the test, they undergo more training with their command then we test in 30 days. if they fail twice, the process begins for discharge from the military. 300 is the maximum score but 180 is needed to pass. it's not just about passing, the score also impacts school options and officer promotions. finally, the 2 mile run which meant eight laps around this track. helped me, god. i was exhausted after a half- mile in from the previous
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a couple times i've slowed down. , i was encouraged to keep going. the final lap to go, i sprinted. and crashed. >> for your age, you got 64 points for a total of 212. you passed.>> reporter: i passed, that means i can and list right now. >> yes, you can get promoted and everything. >> reporter: there is a height and weight exam for acceptability. for those that don't pass,>> we would take you into a room or you're by yourself, you take off your shirt and we get three measurements of your neck and abdomen. >> determine if soldiers have developed too much body fat. it was an incredible experience overall.
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[ applause ]i am impressed. >> we didn't just see him work out the entire time, he chose to end his shot with more, jumping push-ups. >> rain or shine, they are troopers. >> i have serious sunshine and 70s to tell you about for tomorrow. we messed around today with a record tying heat. 86 in the triangle, 87 down in the sand hills. a cold front has moved through. that will usher in those temperatures i told you about that will drop all the way into the mid-70s tomorrow. the cool air are not here yet. it is still 69 degrees. it still 70 at 11 pm.
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slowly filter in over the next couple days including tomorrow. st. patrick's day, and the first day of the ncaa tournament. we will start off cooler, 52 degrees, up to 59 at 9 am. close to 70 at lunchtime on our way to a high of 75. a good 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than what we had today. still well above normal for this time of year. we had a wonderful sunset tonight. we have this great sunset for us . if you have one just as good, drop an email. send it at w's -- the tar heels will play here
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we have for -- four teams. 75 in raleigh. unc asheville is playing in brooklyn on friday. 53 degrees there with a few showers. duke and unc wilmington also way tomorrow in providence. they may have thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid- 60s. i don't know who will win. the best weather would be here in town. lucky for us. the weather map mart will have that cold but back to our east. we will be cooler. high-pressure out, winds picking up on friday. we drop more into the 60s. if that's not cool enough, how about 50s at this weekend. the cool air continues to spill and. low pressure will move up from the south bringing enhanced
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. here's what that looks like. saturday early will be dry. 46 degrees by 8 am. up to 54 noon, most of the rain coming later in the day as we struggle to get into the upper 50s. said they gets cooler, we start off in the 40s. by lunchtime, in the upper 40s and a little drier later in the day. as you can see, as we welcome in spring, most of the rain later saturday and early sunday. no rain tomorrow as we will be in the mid-70s here in the triangle. 78 in fayetteville. 86, which up to 75 tomorrow, 69 friday, 58 on saturday. rain chances, 50% saturday, 40% on sunday. we head back to work and school on monday morning. with temperatures in the upper
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same deal tuesday morning. will be back up to 70 by next wednesday. >> we are hoping to be done with the cold weather. here's hoping to end on a high note. president obama and his bracket picks, if you missed it in the headlines, here is his big pick. >> i'm putting kansas in here. i'm just teasing, no pressure. this will be the year. i started off making the right pick, i'll and picking the right pick. >> he picked kansas to meet -- to beat the tar heels. he has unc beating michigan state in the final four and texas beating a&m. you may remember president obama got right in 2009.
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they one. that was the last time. 11-year- old amelia says, you are a great president, just not the best bracket picker. >> he wrote back saying, he doesn't have the best record and he offered words of encouragement saying he expects big things from her in the years ahead. we have made our picks her. go to the special section of our website, you can find a link on the homepage. they have to upload my. thousand homework tonight. -- that was my homework tonight. this next guy, i asked quite a bit of him. a lot of people are trying to figure out what we need to do with this racket.
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is practice dave the ncaa tournament.
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north carolina has always seem to be able to score the basketball. the 2009 chairmanship team didn't worry about defense. this year's squad has that type of offense potential but they leave the tar heels have bought into stopping the opposition. it has been 12 games since they gave up 80 points. archrival duke has given up back-to-back games of 80 points or more.
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game win streak. >> we hit our stride. it showed us how good we can be. it carries over to the opposite side. playing both sides of the game is really great.>> we picked up our defense intensity. we were a little shaky on throughout the year. i have confidence on the defensive and now.>> tar heels and gulf coast to tomorrow night. tyler lewis grew up a wolfpack fan. he committed to nc state as a sophomore in high school. he spent two years there before deciding to -- to transfer to butler. his bulldogs tangle with texas tech. bad taste but that's not the case with him. he still keeps in contact with his former team it's. >> i want to see them do well.
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me. i committed there when i was a sophomore. it's a place i love deeply. it just didn't work out. i have nothing but love for them.>> the former legend should have a good following tomorrow and we wish him the best of luck. devils looking for a repeat. this duke team says they are different from last year but could still make a deep run. >> reporter: if any team has experienced the ups and downs of march madness it has been the duke blue devils.>> my freshman year, we lost in the first round, last year we won the championship.. >> they are always focusing on the team in front of them. >> it has been a fun year.
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>> while the pressure can be high, they still find time to joke around to use some of the pressure. >> this is the funniest guy in the locker room.>> i don't give anybody too much credit. probably jason. >> chase can do really good impressions. he does some of the coaches. >> reporter: jokes aside, they say things are more fun when they are winning. >> at the end of the day, basketball should be fun. the most fun is winning. that's the main focus. >> reporter: as for unc wilmington, it's their first tournament appearance until -- since the 2006. they say they are not getting too caught up in the hype and
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more than 60 cbs crew members worked 10 hour days since monday to make sure you can watch all the games at home. we got a behind the scenes look. >> the director says they increased their efforts and have added more cameras and trucks. an exciting time of year for everyone. our coverage starts at noon


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