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tv   North Carolina News at 530PM  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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or 2 out of 2 or misses both? >> chris: it's the same thing. get it out and push. where do you wind up for the shot? 6.8 seconds is a lot of time. to push the ball up the floor. >> ian: yale up by 1. 54% shooter. he hits. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 77-75. >> chris: the defense identified the best players. it needs to be a man on prince and wainright. those 2 can score outside. expect baylor to push it. with 2 guys in the corner and one guy streaking down the middle. >> ian: victor. an air ball. >> chris: my goodness. >> ian: a 2 point yale lead. 6.8 on the clock.
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if you get in prince's hands you do. >> ian: medford turns it over. >> chris: foul. >> ian: with 2.2. the foul is against baylor. the ball bounced over to sherrod. medford trying to work quickly. he was out of control. >> chris: tries to go behind the back. and -- well! makai mason said i did not foul. i wanted to make sure on that play. >> ian: baylor did not even get a shot off. down by 2. 2.2 on the clock. motley fouled out. 59 points and 7 rebounds for the sophomore. now the focus is on brandon sherrod.
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with a pair of makes. >> [crowd noise]. >> ian: 2 point lead for yale. sherrod. first one is good. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 78-75. >> chris: don't even think about missing. just trying to let the clock run out. we have seen something strange happen. >> ian: he's got it. 79-75. lindsey tosses it up. >> [buzzer]. >> ian: march magic for the yale bulldogs. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: their first ncaa tournament win in program history. james jones in his 17th year at yale. and the bulldogs have done it. they upset baylor. 79-75 to advance to the second round.
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and look at the last play here. the point was moot. yale celebrates. >> ian: baylor is going home. yale is moving on. >> [cheers and applause]. their first appearance in the ncaa tournament since 1962. it's a win for yale! the ivy league represented and yale gets it done. evan washburn, take it away. >> evan: coach, the program waited 54 years. you waited 17. what does it mean it get here and keep playing? >> coach: absolutely unbelievable. our guys played great tonight and gave us everything they had. i could not be more proud of this group of guys.
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moment seem too big for this team. where does that confidence come from? >> coach: we have been building for a couple of years. they stuck together. >> evan: you called him a bad little man. makai mason had a legendary afternoon. what is it about his game that allowed him to have this type of performance? >> coach: he is the toughest nut you will ever meet. a really tough kid. nothing shakes him or bothers him. he was unbelievable tonight. >> evan: enjoy it. >> coach: i will. >> evan: makai mason, come on in here. congratulations. an unbelievable performance. your demeanor seemed stoic throughout this game. what was your approach from the start? >> player: trying not to get too up or down. i try to lead through example. they will make a run. they made a couple of runs.
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>> evan: what does this mean to this program? >> player: it's huge, man. we have not made the tournament in a very long time. to win it today is special. >> evan: duke is waiting on saturday. your thoughts on that match up? >> player: i am glad we have a rematch. we thought we could hang with them in the first game. we might surprise some people. >> evan: fun to watch. see you on saturday. >> ian: first time in the big dance in 54 years. if you ask the yale fans it was worth the wait. they could not be prouder of their team. mason. set them on the course. they continue to follow it. >> ian: it will be yale and duke
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sweet-16. the yale bulldogs pre-season favorites in the ivy league. they roland to the title. then they carried the momentum right into the ncaa tournament. bears. it's a 12 seed knocking off a 5. we have seen a lot of these celebrations for the 12 seed. bure elation for james jones. the 52-year-old head coach of the yale bulldogs. long island native. played in albany. didn't get to play in an ncaa tournament. now he has coached in one and has an ncaa tournament win. >> chris: coach told these guys i have not won one. his team repaid him. we will win one for you. that's the best feeling you could have as a player in the locker room. win a game no one thought you could win except the guys in the
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>> ian: yale advances. 79-75 win over the baylor bears. tournament games continue on tnt, tbs, and tru-tv. cbs prime-time begins at 7 o'clock eastern. chattanooga. after a quick break to our ncaa studio. the madness underway. if you treated your tablet like greasy fast food treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. hey there, can i help you with anything? hey siri, what's at&t's latest offer? oh, i don't think that siri can...
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one of our best 6-inch subs, a different sub every day of the week, for just three dollars. the sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the juicy oven roasted chicken, the tender turkey breast, there's an irresistible sub for every day of the week. subway. fresh is what we do. good evening i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm sean maroney. thanks for joining us. we'll get straight to the ncaa tournament coverage. deputies just announcing an arrest of a double murder of jessica jones and thomas paul junior has been charged with murder. another woman charged with accessory after the fact. we are working to get more
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bring you details. an arrest in a double murder. for more information getting off to an exciting start. facing duke which barely survived unc wilmington in the first round. >> team coverage begins in providence. >> david, quite a few fans from both sides in rhode island. what was the atmosphere like inside? >> well sean and sharon it really felt like a home game for unc wilmington. they had a lot of fans cheering against duke. the energy got up pretty high every time they went on one of throes runs but it wasn't quite enough as duke made some adjustments at half time and came out strong at the second half. >> here we go. go duke! . >> i said of relief fans after a full start in the first half.
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the game especially at tournament time. a couple of minutes is a long time. >> i'm okay now. they won so i'm good now. >> second half they came out strong and got a good push. always nice to pull out. >> biggest duke fan in rhode island right here. >> marshall plumlee not only had a great game but made a passionate promise at half time. >> he just told us that he got it and he was going to be himself. unc fans and those who wanted to see duke go down. >> we always had a great crowd that travels with us. it was awesome. >> unc wilmington fans say they are proud of the team as they hung out. >> good game. they played hard. i don't know how the refs were but we'll leave it at that. >> fans are optimistic they can make a deep run.
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a momentum. all it takes is one win to get you going. >> hopefully the final four again this year. what do you think? >> and lots of excitement out here in the streets as baylor yale game just wrapped up and a lot of yale fans coming out excited after the big win and looking forward to taking on yale on saturday. david hurst cbs north carolina. >> great games. look forward to duke and yale playing. some fans were able to take a trip there and some took a break from work to watch the game with blue devils fans in the bull city. >> duke is actually on spring break right now so aren't too many students around but plenty of fans to find and one thing about the tournament and close games it brings all kinds of fans together. duke fans spread out across durham to see their blue devils take on the seahawks.
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came together new comers and life long followers to see their team advance to the tournament. basketball. >> been a duke fan for years. my husband worked at duke. we met at duke. >> cheering on their team side by side since he set foot in cameron stadium. >> i was so enthused with what is going on i became a life long duke fan, true blue whether they win or lose. >> a former duke basketball player cheered on the team with a new generation of fans. >> it's an entirely different team. you see grayson allen who does such a great job. >> no matter the reason for being a fan. >> my dad works for the university and we moved here from new york and decided it's for duke. they move the ball and never
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>> they are all happy to have that close game behind them. >> i'm excited because that was a really close game. we were this close to losing but he had a lot of dunks and our players did really well. >> it was scary because duke may have lost. >> at one point i thought duke was going to lose and i was really worried but we won in the end. >> in durham, carleigh griffeth north carolina. >> fans enjoyed watching from an unusual point of view. this dental office has t.v. screens above their patient's chair. how wonderful is that. they launched and official march madness day this year and encouraged people to schedule their appointments during the tournament. one patient said it made his experience a lot less stressful. >> i like it you don't sit here concentrating on is it going to
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that and then we are done. great thank you. >> the office gave away gift baskets and plan to do it again next year. as a home for march madness cbs north carolina is live streaming all of the games on line. you can find the link on our home page >> the unc tarheels game tips off in a little over two hours. todd gibson has been following the team all year as they earned a number one seed and i'm sure there are plenty of tarheels fans over here tonight. >> there really is and all of the fans are enjoying the weather. it's been a fantastic couple of days. let me show you behind us virginia fans coming out right now. north carolina fans getting set for the game against florida gulf coast. pnc arena was hopping today. we can't show the crowds inside but tonight will be even bigger. fans watching outside on the
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rooting against duke here. games and beverages were in order. it's a thursday, people taking off work or playing hookie. take a listen. >> i've been texting my boss, you know what i'm here. he's like that's fine. >> so you are not playing hookie or are you? >> kind of. he knows it's happening but he's okay with it. >> i talked to my friends today. they are taking off of work. my friend brought his son to the game tonight. everybody coming together to see north carolina play tonight. late tonight but we'll send it over to you. game coming up at 7:20. highlights late tonight. should be a good one. back to you guys. >> thank you. while fans are making the short trip others are hitting the usual spots from chapel hill. how are the fans? are they gathering now and
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>> sean did you hear how nice it is how could you not be outside now. you see a couple of people back here starting to set-up. they are wearing a lot of green. i'm not seeing a lot of blue so i'm not sure if they are here for the game or st. patty's day but they are camped out in front of the television. unc is on spring break so a lot of people aren't around but they are expecting a little bit of a rush to come in around 6 closer to game town. i actually spoke to one group from boston who is actually here from florida gulf coast. they are trying to keep it low afraid for their safety. they've been threatened to be thrown off the balcony before. the majority of people are here for unc. i spoke to a couple of guys on spring break and made the trip here to watch the game in chapel hill. >> i'm really excited. it feels elect phiing right now
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everybody is waiting for the game. the excitement is real. i'm excited. we just got here and i'm superexcited for it. >> sean and sharon you can see right over there, there's a little bit of blue. we are going to be here talking to fans. you can count on updates from the game tonight at 11. cbs north carolina. >> a.j. thank you. with unc playing tonight a lot of folks from around the state not just the triangle headed to pnc arena. this is wade avenue and edwards mill road near the arena. bill reh is standing by with a look at the traffic tonight. not too good. >> no it was much better earlier in the day for the early games. you can see on the dot camera this is the exit to wade avenue. there's an accident right there right notch. you go around the pnc arena barely crawling 11 miles so you've got to be patient. looks pretty good on 54.
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as we take a big picture around the belt line not too bad. usual slow spots along crawly and a lot of folks might want to leave chapel hill and if you are taking 54 this is still very slow around the park only 14 miles per hour so what i've done here is i've gotten the drive times if you are leaving raleigh to get to pnc arena, 19 minutes about a 6 minute drive from downtown durham 44 minutes. 42 minutes from chapel hill to 40. the traffic very, very slow. not as nice as the weather was. at least that wasn't the cause of the slow traffic today, right wes? >> bill as you know these are chamber of commerce days. they think it's like this all
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weekend will not be talk about tough life decisions. go outside and enjoy this weather or stay in and watch march madness. i'm glad my boss made that decision for me. four teams in the ncaa tournament from north carolina and the tarheels and raleigh drew the best weather. sunshine, 75 right now up in providence where duke and the seahawks just played. it's only 59 up there and unc asheville is also in the tournament. they are in brooklyn where it's currently 53 degrees. we did pretty good in central north carolina today. plenty of sunshine, temperatures once again way above normal. no records today. many of us still in the 70s from the triangle on north still holding onto 80 in clinton and fayetteville. as we go forward for the next four days temperatures drop each day and still have
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the way. but here's what we've got tonight as we go hour by hour. 68 by 8:00 once the sun goes down so cooler tonight. generally cloud free and dry. by midnight down to 58 and continuing to fall through the 40s and by tomorrow morning it's friday, good news, 46. you might need a coat as you head out the door. cold front moved through and stationary down to our south and we will watch to our south west as rain continues to develop with an area of low pressure. that will be here in central north carolina this weekend. so here's how that's going to happen. first of all tomorrow another great day. a little bit cooler, maybe one or two degrees so temperatures essentially holding. so another front that's going to move through but the bigger weather maker is the area of low pressure that will move towards us on saturday. during the day saturday it looks like we are going to stay dry but increase the clouds and boy we drop those temperatures.
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look anything like it did today or yesterday. sunday that area of low pressure continues to move up the coast. most of our rain is going to come overnight saturday into sunday and sunday morning but temperatures won't get out of the 40s. 80s yesterday and now 40s coming on sunday. so i like saturday just a little better as the pick day of the weekend. not going to be great like today but in the morning saturday we'll be in the 40s up to 53 by lunch time and a small chance of rain late in the day. again most of the day is dry but we don't get out of the 50s and old onto your seats for sunday. a wet morning for most everyone but look at this, we don't get out of the 40s all day long. so tomorrow i love it. sunshine and 71. can't say nice things about this weekend though. 58 on saturday, 49 on sunday as spring officially begins and then we start a warm up from 54
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on thursday so our three degree guaranty high tomorrow is 71
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>> stay breaking news at 6, johnston county deputies have made an arrest in a double murder. i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm sean maroney. john paul junior is charged
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a second person faces a charge of accessory after the fact. last thursday deputies found the bodies of matthew and jessica outside of union grove. the two-year-old son was inside but unharmed. no word for a motive on the killing. it was the punch seen around the world. >> deputies were escorting jones out of the donald trump rally last wednesday when a trump supporter sucker punched him. >> five deputies are being disciplined. nate rodgers talks about jones and the sheriff's office. >> what should the deputies have done? what should have happened here? >> the deputies who saw or should have seen this assault should have taken action right away. >> instead john mcgraw went back to his seat after punching jones with deputies near. he was arrested and charged the next day. the sheriff's office says that several detectives have been


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