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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a second person faces a charge of accessory after the fact. last thursday deputies found the bodies of matthew and jessica outside of union grove. the two-year-old son was inside but unharmed. no word for a motive on the killing. it was the punch seen around the world. >> deputies were escorting jones out of the donald trump rally last wednesday when a trump supporter sucker punched him. >> five deputies are being disciplined. nate rodgers talks about jones and the sheriff's office. >> what should the deputies have done? what should have happened here? >> the deputies who saw or should have seen this assault should have taken action right away. >> instead john mcgraw went back to his seat after punching jones with deputies near. he was arrested and charged the next day. the sheriff's office says that several detectives have been
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deputies involved and screening dozens of videos for multiple sources. >> once he was taken out as a protestor we should have picked up mcgraw and got to the bottom of the assault. >> he doesn't like the attention and says his biggest concern now is death threats especially after this statement from mcgraw on inside edition. >> yes he deserved it. the next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> i don't know who he is so i'm scared for my family. >> an attorney is representing jones. >> absolutely we should pursue civil action against mr. mcgraw. we certainly believe there may be others responsible as well. when we consider the venue we get to the sheriff's department. >> the name of the deputies involved have not been released. they received five days off without pay or three days off without pay. the deputies are now on probation for one year.
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cbs north carolina. >> we reached out to donald trump's campaign for comments and have not yet heard back. a non discrimination ordinance passed in charlotte and it's quickly become the talk of the state allowing transgender people to use the restroom they identify with. beau minnick joins us with the latest on the growing battle around this issue. beau? >> opponents want a special session to address it but supporters say the state should not get involved. >> gender is here. i'm a woman. >> erica has known since he was five years old she identified as a woman. she's transgender and used the women's restroom for years. i go in the stall go to the bathroom wash my hands and leave and they look at--what's going on? that was a man and for some reason that gets people up.
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in charlotte when the city passed a non distraction order saying gay and transgender people cannot be discriminated against. >> this is about protecting the most vulnerable citizens in all public accommodations. >> others say it does the opposite. >> that's not common sense the kind of sense that fails to recognize that men in a woman's bathroom doesn't create a situation that makes a woman or a child vulnerable to sexual assault. >> activists aren't the only ones divided on this. we found a mother and daughter who disagree about the ordinance on it too. >> i'm completely for it because it's not my decision. it's personal. >> there's no need for sharing the bathrooms. >> the revised ordinance takes effect april 1 and the assembly on april 25. lawmakers say they will look at
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it before april 1 in a special session. >> i don't think latch makers want someone being harmed on their conscience. >> whether this is a short session or special session it will be wrong. >> we checked and a special session would cost north carolina about $42,000 a day. should a special session happen it would likely need to take place within the next two weeks. sharon? >> and fans are gearing up for tonight's tarheels game against florida gulf coast at pnc arena. a live look at traffic at i-40 and wade avenue. pretty busy but traffic is moving all right. >> here's a live look at top of the hill in chapel hill. people there are filing in picking a good spot so they can see the t.v.s there tonight. all amped up for tonight's show down, cbs north carolina's todd gibson is outside of pnc with more on tonight's game. >> and givey looks luke fans are already having a lot of fun right?
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florida versus gulf coast. patrick priest showing you what's taking place at pnc arena. north carolina fans filtering in, virginia fans coming out after their win over hampton. another game taking place duke and unc wilmington. that one. very good back and forth contest, a close game. duke and unc, marshall plumlee had a huge game for the blue devils more than 20 points a career high for them. but unc hung in for the longest time. duke had too much in the 93-85 win over unc w. next up for duke will be yale upsetting baylor also today. duke with the win. next up is yale. we'll bring it back out here to pnc arena. beautiful day, tailgating all over the place.
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carolina fans mostly outside the arena everyone rooting against duke. games and beverages in order. it's a thursday and people are coming out skipping work a little bit but as far as the crowd goes listen to what this one had to say about the com rody they have coming out to these games. >> it's always a good crowd which is always good and i'm really excited. it was loud in d.c. and i hope it's going to be loud in here. >> kind of a scary moment taking place in the game behind me. uva coach tony bennett was dehydrated and then got back up and coached in the second half and actually finished. kind of a scary moment there. everybody saw it on t.v., tony bennett is fine and coached the second half. we'll send it back to you. the game tonight 7:20 against florida gulf coast. >> thank you and behind him there's a lot of carolina blue. so for more on the traffic conditions we continue our team coverage with bill reh.
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>> they are still messy around the pnc arena. this is the exit to get to wade avenue. that doesn't look too bad but there's an accident on westbound coming on from wade avenue and that is back down the traffic here on edwards mill road the pnc arena so the speed limit there is roughly 15 miles per hour. you need patience. 54 is a little slow moving east and around the city not too bad except for 440 as you head towards pnc arena the speed limit as slow as 14 miles per hour there and folks that might be coming from chapel hill or durham from raleigh road, 54 to 40 looking better at least by the streets of south point and slow near the airport and triangle the speed limit of 10 miles per hour so once again from downtown raleigh about 16 minutes. downtown durham to pnc arena 39 minutes and from chapel hill 54
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a little bit but only about a 20 minute drive. allow yourself extra time and the game tips off a little after 7:00. sharon and sean. >> bill thank you. a little extra time. quite a few upsets in the first day of the tournament a number 12 over number 5. yale. >> you called it. >> i'm gloating. i know i'm supposed to be unbiased but i can gloat now. >> yale going up against duke which barely survived a scare in providence. >> david hurst has reaction from fans. >> all right we'll check back in with david hurst a little bit later up in providence but the blue devils big win was good news.
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new to top executives at raleigh base company. >> employees were able to watch the big game as they worked. two big projection screens played the duke versus unc wilmington game. giving staff flexibility to watch and work increases productivity. >> a lot of them multi tasking, folks working and work life balance is a critical thing. makes for us to have a more engaged more productive employee. >> the company says it's also a solution to some staying home from work all together. their own judgment for how long they want to watch. with all of those fans flocking to pnc the city of raleigh traffic. >> restaurants and sports wars rolling out the red carpet offering special deals. they have increased staff to handle the crowds.
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entice people with dozens of t.v.s and also offering rooms for private screens. >> i think downtown raleigh has a lot to offer because you are not going to find a chain store. >> much more about the ncaa tournament right now on it's there on our home page. >> things in durham need to change. >> next at 6 the racial disparity and what police are doing about it. hello there's our camera. you couldn't have had a better day in central north carolina this weekend. big changes. i'll tell you how much colder it will be and when the rain will arrive in the forecast. >> first a popular raleigh pub
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new research shows men in durham are more likely to be pulled over by police. >> it's an issue that many in the community says needs to change. cbs north carolina says michael has a closer look at what the police are doing about it. >> the flashing lights are a common sight but one of the big questions is who is in the car being pulled over. with the help of researchers durham police have data showing
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more likely to be pulled over during daylight hours. the police chief does not believe there's a bias but new training and new focus on investigating individual people as opposed to broad areas of the city has helped reduce the racial disparity of people being pulled over in the past two years. >> you have to be sure you are not drifting over into making assumptions and we are human beings and that can happen so when we get information like this we have to sit back and take a really hard look at ourselves as professionals. >> the researchers here also looked at data in raleigh fayetteville and greens bureau and did not find any effect. they are going to dig deeper into this data and find out why the disparity exists. michael hyland cbs north carolina. >> they are offering $5,000 reward leading to an arrest in a murder of a man on west harnett street.
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the reward came at the request of the vincent police department in order to generate new leads in this case. warrants indicating texting and driving may have played a factor in a deadly crash. norman kelly died after he over corrected his vehicle went off the road and hit a tree. it happened near i-40. kelly was pronounced dead at the scene. and a north carolina group is calling on the senate to break the dead lock in the supreme court. activists with common cause delivered a petition with 7,000 signatures. and yesterday president obama picked merit garland to succeed justice scalia on the supreme court. republicans said they won't hold a hearing until the new president takes office next year. a downtown raleigh staple is coming back just for st. patty's day holding a pop up pub at city market. people can enjoy irish dancing,
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it closed in november. the event goes until 1:00 a.m. >> speaking of tonight's game here's a live look at pnc arena. the show down between unc and florida gulf coast. people out there getting ready and kind of tailgating out there waiting in line in all anticipation of unc winning the game tonight. it's going to be good. >> what a great day too. a great day to watch the game and be outside. not be at work really. >> these are the days we all hope for because the whole country is watching raleigh and our games and people coming in from out of town and if you are one of those people it's like this every day of the year. january or july. it's always sunny and 75. that's exactly what we have right now. we have four four teams in the tournament. unc asheville and wilmington. the best weather 75 and providence duke and wilmington played earlier.
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down the road in brooklyn where unc asheville is playing it's 54 so sunshine and 75. we won this battle but going into tonight and over the next several days it's going to get colder so tonight as we go hour by hour and 50 overnight. you are out the door it will be clear and dry and 46 degrees. that's where we were this morning. that's warm compared to the temperatures we have early next week. i'll show you that in just a second. there's kind of a lot going on. rain to the south with the front rain to the north with the front and an area of high pressure. that's going to win out tonight and tomorrow. but this rain in the bottom left part of your screen that's what will be here starting late in the day on saturday and here's how that's going to happen. tomorrow we've got a great end to the work week. a little bit cooler than today,
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still plenty of sunshine. then as we put the maps into motion saturday an area of low pressure is going to move in from the south west. that will essentially cloud up most of the day stays dry. we'll bring rain in after supper time and light chances of rain. overnight the wall of water will encompass most of central north carolina and most of sunday morning before we start to dry out. rain is only half the story because on sunday many of us 40s. 80s yesterday, 70s today. we are not going to get out of the 40s on sunday. so i like saturday a little better only because we are going to be in the 50s. we'll start off dry with sunshine. the clouds increase through out lunch time. the day. it's later saturday night that that wall of water approaches sunday morning. it will be a wet ride to church
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anything in the morning looking at wet weather. temperatures in the 40s. we start to dry out later in the day but highs only in the 40s and by the way sunday is the official first day of spring so go figure right? i like tomorrow obviously more than the weekend. 71 with sunny skies. saturday will cloud it up. we'll bring in the rain saturday night through the overnight hours and sunday morning but look at these temperatures. 58 saturday, 49 for a high on sunday and then you go to work and school monday morning, it's going to be 35 degrees. what's that going to be like. it's been a long time or at least we've been spoiled by 70s and 80s for the last ten and eleven days. so monday morning 38 degrees at 8:00 a.m., 48 at lunch time. it will be a sunny day but a really cold start on our way to a high of 54 monday. then we are going to get a little colder tuesday morning. that's when we could have frost. we'll be close to freezing so
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planted bulbs and your plants you have outside but we warm up during the day to 61 tuesday afternoon, 70 wednesday afternoon, 75 on thursday. so three degree guaranty high. tomorrow is 71. today we made it to 77. we forecasted 75 so within our three degrees meaning another $100 from us and our friends at kelly heating there for the assistance league of the triangle area. if you would like to learn more about them check them out at al triangle .org. brings our all time total we've been doing it for more than two years and 26 charities and now a grand total of $50,000. >> wow! . >> we've raised with those 26 and we appreciate the community. the community isn't donating money for the particular cause but you guys at home check out the websites and hear about the charities and in turn help them
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$50,000 we are going to keep going and we are not going to get the 70s and 80s this weekend. >> it makes such a big difference. >> we love doing it. >> good job. sweating it out in the sun today with the nice weather. what brought them out for a competition of pull ups jump roping and also running. >> but first a live look at wade avenue and edward mills
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fans are rolling school students across the state are teaming up with 100
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>> it's all part of the sixth annual students at work week. the goal is to raise the state's graduation rate and show students what skills are needed for careers. students visited lenovo to refinish computers for a non profit organization. >> it's a great way to learn about computers especially actually being involved in actually doing it is really cool. >> i'm pretty sure they know more about doing it than some of the people working there, i don't know. other students learned about healthcare the legal system and finance just to name a few. >> they are fearless when it comes to technology. the fastest and strongest elementary school students showed off their skills today. hundreds of kids competed against each other in events like the jump, pull ups and mile run. >> it's really fun to get up there and everybody when you
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on and they are like wooo. >> sportsmanship, pride. a lot of times it's the first chance they are as a team and they grow as a team together so all of the life benefits as well as the fun day they have. >> the perfect day to be outside. hopefully they continue that this afternoon. this is the 34th year the competition has been held in wake county.
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that can do like 50 pull
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>> pelley: that's the rear window of a car after a ferocious hail storm battered north texas. also tonight, under fire over water. >> you messed up 100,000 people's lives, 100,000 of them, 10,000 of those people are six years old and younger. >> pelley: the e.p.a. takes the heat for the crisis in flint. the democrats fall preview. >> donald trump won't make america great again, but he will make republicans the minority again. >> pelley: a sea change at seaworld. the curtain is coming down on killer whale shows. and the players who turned riding bench into an art form. captioning sponsored by cbs


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