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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right norton cbs north carolina, new information this morning about a police chase that ended in a crash and tied up traffic in wake county. >> the race for the white house has both parties campaigning hard in the tar heel state where former president bill clinton will try to win votes 11-year-old boy from rally who's -- raleigh who's getting national attention. hear the question and what else he would like to ask the candidate. good morning everyone it is friday. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowenments that's why you have a big smile on your face. >> we all do here. >> i'm stefan chase. your morning news and a check on traffic. first let's get to alyssa corfont for the forecast. good morning.
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dry side but look at this. few lingering showers around northern portions of durham county. henderson, person county, here around wake county we're on the dry side. for the most part dry southward, as well. you will wake up to a little more cloud cover than yelled. also a little bit of fog. so let's get to the temperatures just one area in the 60s this morning. not quite as cool as yesterday. 69 in henderson. you have 75 and fayetteville, as well. as we head into the afternoon a high near 88. yes, there will be the potential for a few storms. keep that umbrella nearby. a closer look at your fork in 10 minutes. let's turn it over to ali with a check for your commute. good morning. some great driving conditions. 440 moving well. same thing with the area true project fortify no delays there.
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weekend starts tomorrow westbound side of hillsborough street closed from daysy to henderson street. there's a detour out there. eastbound side not affected. this is for some road work out there t. heading through durham on this friday morning roads look good. durham to fayetteville no accidents to report. heading out the door maybe doing some frying this weekend looks like you should be arriving on time to laguardia, washington d.c., atlanta, odo there. glenwood to blue ridge road what we're showing you now. overnight construction work taking on a lane on glenwood right by that intersection. not too many people up and at 'em to cause delays. this morning authorities are investigating a police chase that ended with a crash on i-40 and garner. we brought this to you as breaking news during the 11:00 news last night. >> now, the chase began when a police officer attempted to pom
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hospital recovering. cbs north carolina's emma wright is live from wakemed. >> reporter: well, the three people were taken here to wakemed after the car they were in crashed after being chased by police. we're told that this started when a garner police officer tried to pull over that car. they ended up taking off, then rolling over. began e police say this all happened around 10:30 last night. an officer tried to paul over that car for speeding but the driver took off. later police stolen from raleigh. police say the driver of that car took garner police officers on a chase that ended on i-40 when they say something happened. the driver lost control and the car ended up rolling over. i-40 was shut down for a brief period of time while ems got those three people out of the car. >> preliminary reports from what i understand, indicated the vehicle may have collided with another vehicle on 40
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then going off the right side of the road and rolling over. >> reporter: garner police say the highway patrol is investigating. they still have not released the name of the driver or the two passengers in that car. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, cbs north carolina. durham police are still searching for clues after officers found a man shot and killed inside of a car in a taco bell parking lot. we brought this tie you as breaking news yesterday morning. police. and this morning there's a push to get a dog back with its owner after a fayetteville police officer shoty. around 12:30 wednesday fayetteville police say a man was attack bid a pit bull. through their investigation it led them to a home. the homeowner says that was not her dog. when the homeowner opened the door the dog continually lunged at the officer.
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dog's owner. >> you have to kind of judge the personality like a person. >> i could have been shot why would you shoot him period? you got to -- don't you got a taser? >> well, even though the dog has been deemed dangerous the family said they can bring him home. they need thank you raise $400 by august 13 or the dog will be put down. there is a pogo fund me page. we have a lynn ta website at turning to campaign 2016 former president bill clinton will attend two private fundraisers in the triangle. one ill raleigh and the other in durham later today. at this point he is not schedule today make any public a appearances. mike pence speck to hundreds of people in recally yesterday. pension talked about the importance of this election but electing a president that would
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of all our god given liberties we must insure that the next president making appointments to the supreme court of the united states of america is president donald trump. >> pence also criticized president obama saying the administration has been apologetic and too accommodating to america's enemies. a federal appeals court will not delay enforcement other ruling to strike down north carolina's voter i.d. law. it came after p aside as they ask the supreme court to consider the case. gop said quote, north carolinians have demand voter i.d. in overwhelming numbers. republicans delivered but roy cooper and north carolina democrats did everything they could to stop it. later this month a judge could hear a motion asking to dismiss evidence in the case of former unc student charged in a crash that killed three people including a litter girl.
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and videos from his cell phone as well as an autopsy picture to not be used claiming the olde was collected illegally. he's accused of crashing his jeep into a car killing three. someone shot 32-year-old ryan morgan last weekend. >> officials say he had just left the bar railhouse. they believe an argument led to shooting. the alabama native was to seymour johnson in 2013. at 10:00 this morning goldsboro leaders will discuss the recent violence in their city. they'll hold a news conference just outside the historic city hall. talk about what tear dug to stop the increase in crime. cbs north carolina will be there. look for updates on our website at and starting in our noon newscast, as well. funeral takes place today for the wake county principal who died suddenly this week.
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recently the principal in raleigh where he worked for two years. before then he worked at green hope over in cary. his obituary says he dialed after going on a run. currently 4:38 in the morning. twin sisters are dead after getting left in a hot car. what police found when they arrived on the scene. >> plus a crash leaves a tractor trailer driver dangling
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to don't want to say my old friend came back but something came back called humidity when i backed outside interauto didn't think you call humidity your friend. >> no, not at all. >> messes with your hair. >> good for the skin. but it is feeling a little warm and humid out there. temperature right around 75 degrees here in north raleigh. if you're just getting your day
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from our tower camera. we're looking out over the beltline just a few cars out there as we do start off early this morning. so i want to show you your satellite and radar composite. yesterday we were for the most part dry. this morning we do have a few isolated showers moving across the area. those are really across portions of grandville county towards person county. extreme eastern portions of person county. maybe still holding onto a sprinkle or two across northern portions of orange county. most of you will showers and storms as we had into the afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures right now. only one area in the 60s. 69 in henderson. 73 in durham. raleigh, 75. lunchtime today, 84. we make it to 88 this afternoon. very close to yesterday. showers and storms possible. those hold with us through about 6:00 this evening as we drop to 85. close look at the weekend ahead
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10 minutes. a young donald trump supporter is making national headlines this morning. for his question posted to vice presidential candidate mike pence. >> i've been noticing that you've been softening up on mr. trump's policies and words. is this going to be your role in the administration? >> let me tell you, matthew. >> still to come how he answered the raleigh boy and light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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top stories this morning. right now the highway patrol is investigating a police chase that ended in a crash in garner. >> the chase began when a garner officer tried to pull over a car for speeding. the car was reported stolen. the driver crashed and three people were taken to the hospital. also today former president bill clinton will be attending
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triangle. one ill raleigh and the other in durham. as of right now he is not schedule today make any public appearances. the summer olympics kick off today in a rio de janeiro brazil. michael phelps the most decorated olympian of all time will carry the u.s. flag. this is the first time the south american city has ever hosted the two week event. well in georgia, twin sa- month-old girls are dead after being left in a hot car. they found the girl's farther packs to bring down their temperatures. they're questioning the father. a visitation will take place for a 16-year-old who drowned sunday. his family says he was a good swimmer but struggled to stay above water when he swam out to retrieve a ball. a man died after being caught in a rip current in carteret county. the 41-year-old was swimming with his son.
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related death this summer. a 24-year-old man will spend life in prison after eset a fire that killed two women at carolina beach in 2014. authorities say he set a car on fire underneath the con dez which then spread. 21 years after a raleigh police officer died in the line of duty, the department gathered to remember her. officer denise holden died after she crashed -- after responding to a call. the po d wreath laying service at the memorial downtown. >> it's designed to honor the eight raleigh police officers who died in the line of duty. several doctors alleged in a federal complaint that unc is violating federal law by using live animals. >> they responded we perform these procedures on animals under general anesthesia.
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are better prepared to perform life saving interventions. a lot of folks talk about protect americans from threats. zika is a serious threat to americans. especially babies. right now. so once again i want to urge the american people to call their members of congress and tell them to do their job. >> meanwhile three experimental zika vaccines protected monkeys against infections. >> it involved a traditional vaccine and two more edge ones. the traditional one will enter preliminary human sunday ease. at least two other experimental vaccines are in human use already. mike pence visit recall -- mike pence visited raleigh. he talked with ansy-year-old boy. >> the most memorable moment at governor mike pence's town hall
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11-year-old matthew schricker is an ardent donald trump supporter. >> i've been noticing that you've been softening up on mr. trump's policies and words. >> is this your role in the administration? >> let be tell you, matthew, number 1, this boy's got a future. i could bean more proud to stand with donald trump. >> reporter: matthew is, too, he's been fas fated for a while. he just so happened to be born on election day in 2004. and has been watching him closely on the campaign trail. >> i just think i'm more and more interested and now i've found a person who represents me and now i'm full on in politics. >> reporter: he reads political news for an hour and a half every day and he's worried about the decisions being made in washington. >> you're 11 what as you so concerned about the way things are right now u? >> we are $19 trillion in debt. that's not a good thing.
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toilet. >> reporter: what about his question to governor pence did he answer it well? >> yes, he satisfied me very much. >> reporter: if he got a chance to ask donald trump a question what would it be. >> how do you fix the justice system? there's so many corrupt people in the justice system. >> reporter: and his question for hillary clinton. >> i would say why are you not a better candidate. >> so that was michael hyland grade at cary academy. when he grows up he's interested in being a lawyer and perhaps running for senate. something tells me he definitely has a future in politics. well, there's the political storm we've been talk about this morning but there's also a storm that came over my house last night. at least a big rainfall did you hear it? i pulled a stefan i did not hear it. everything was wet.
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outside. this is from shaw university as we do start off our morning. not a lot of fog in raleigh. now there are areas waking up to foggy conditions. there is also some areas that are waking up to rainy conditions. >> the majority of us on the dry side. check out the northern portions of granville county. that's where we're seeing steady rain fall across our area. maybe a sprinkle or two left over in orange county. for the most part all of this will be out you head out the door. temperatures not quite as cool as yesterday. remember how comfortable it was? today right around 75 in raleigh. 74 in lillington, fayetteville and clin in. we have goldsboro 71. you're wake up to 72 in rocky mount and louisburg. so hour by hour for you we'll be right around 80 at 10 afl. 84 at lunchtime. can't rule out a shower this morning. most of you will hold off until the afternoon hours to see that shower or storm develop.
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high around 88 and just like yesterday that temperature remains cooler than where we should be for this time of year. nice little break from the heatch so enjoy it while it's here. dry this morning. through about lunchtime. we start to see an isolated shower or storm. not everyone will see the wet weather but after the sun sets you could see that potential for a shower or storm to move through. by midnight most of us are dry. we'll start our saturday on the dry side. afternoon a shower or storm possible will not be a washout. if you have outdoor plans don't cancel them pack the umbrella with you. just in, hot off the presses, tropical storm earl's 5:00 a.m. advisory. little bit of circulation left the still a tropical storm with winds 40 miles per hour. gusts of 50 miles per hour. looks like it could maintain tropical storm status as it continues to move west. looks like it will be
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today in raleigh and durham. near 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, rain is going to move out quickly. the clouds however are going to hang around. we'll fall to near 73 for the overnight low. 92 that's the hottest day of the next seven. back here tomorrow showers and storms with us on sunday. back to the upper 80s. bigger break from the heat on hundred and tuesday. highs there in the mid-80s. 89 on wednesday. ck chances pretty much each and every afternoon. 4:52 on your friday morning. here's ali with a check on traffic. how good does it feel to say that. friday we made it. i hope you had your coffee. heading on 40 no delays there. 440 moving well. same thing with 540. only green on the traffic maps. this weekend we'll have road closures on hillsborough
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henderson streets for some road work. the are detour signs posted eastbound side won't be affected. >> heading through durham, roads look good. no problems to report to you there. same thing down through fayetteville. a good time to head out the door if you up and at 'em. eastbound drive times head on 540 from glenwood to 64, 17 minutes there. i-440-i-40 to capital, just taking you outside to i-440 and athens drive. pretty quiet start. more news, weather and traffic coming up. here's what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> i'm cooler rose coming up the renaissance of the veggie burger how why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow.
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today a man accused leading authorities on a high speed chase through wake and johnson counties is scheduled back in court. he refused extradition to washington d.c. he faces a list of charges there. after investigator is say he stabbed appster. during his first court appearance last month in wake county a judge gave him a
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investigating claims made by george zimmerman saying that a man punched him at a restaurant. zimmerman claims he was talking to people about shooting trayvon martin in self-defense. according to the police report a man asked zimmerman if he was bragging about the shooting then moments later he punched zimmerman in the face. zimmerman was acquitted after he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin four years ago. a tractor trailer driver safely escaped a crash this happened in boca raton, florida. crews worked for 90 minutes to pull the driver to safety. the driver was unfamiliar wit the area, slammed on the brakes skidded in the intersection and through a median and through a concrete barrier. people are cleaning up after a tornado in florida. it lifted a trucking canton -- container.
4:57 am
floor when the doors opened. there are no reports of injuries. more than 100 people in durham applied for financial help after flooding there t. the disaster center says most of the visits came within the first two days. the red cross also stepped in to help families displaced by the flood. many veterans who attended a job fair in raleigh were offered positions right on the spot. recruit military hosted the fair at cater findlay stadium. employers were looking for people with military skills and most of the jobs and logistics. veterans say it provides an opportunity to transition into civilian life while still using the skills they have. good for them. love to see it. >> that's terrific. >> nothing more uplifting when you know you need a job, you go in, you got the skills. >> and you get it. that's fantastic. right now, garner police are investigating a crash and a chase that sent three people to the hospital. >> coming up in the next half hour the new information that we've learned overnight.
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good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina. on this friday. i'm stefan chase. >> it is friday. we're grad it's here. good morning i'm russ bowen. emma wright is live at wakemed where crews took three people after a police chase ended in a crash in garner. >> also, ali warshavsky is taking a look at the mo compute. first, storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont is here wit your forecast. good morning, guys. good morning to you at home, as well. well, urn like yesterday we starting off with a few isolated showers as they continue to fall across northern portions of granville county. you can see they're moving to the north. so they should be out of our area in the next hour or s.i will tell you we're seeing fog develop. i'll let you know if visibility gets tricky.


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