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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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old boy from raleigh for his question to vice presidential candidate mike pence. hear the question and whats he'd e like to ask. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> good morning to you. thanks for watching i'm stefan chase. we have your morning news and a check on traffic. first we also have the forecast. here's storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont with that. good morning to you at home. i want to point out that we aren't starting completely on the dry side today. continue to fall. some of those showers across the northern portions of granville county. majority of us you can see on the dry side. there is ay little bit of fog developing and i will tell you latest check the foggiest areas are right around lee and moore county. so if you're getting ready to ethan couch l head out the door pack the umbrella. not necessarily for the this morning but for later this afternoon. so let's check in with the temperatures before you get ready to head out the door. 69 in henderson.
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mid-70s here in raleigh. so your forecast for the day ahead, 76 with fog at 8:00 a.m. 64 at noon. high of 88. also looking at potential for storms. 85 by 6:00 this evening. i'll have a closer look at the forecast in just a little bit. >> but let's check in with ali who has a look at traffic this morning. good morning. we're taking you to nc 147 durham freeway were you can see we have no problems. we actually have more problems with the i believe we're going to put up drive time graphics so you can see what it's look like out there. but if not, let's go right to russ and stefan. >> looks like we'll straighten out those issues for you guys. >> i was a little confused. >> what just happened. >> aim is there just a black scene is all. this morning authorities are investigating a police chase that ended wet a crash on i-40 in garner. >> we brought this to you as
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police officer attempted to pull over a car for speeding. now we have three people in the hospital roughing. >> emma wright is live from wakemed with more on this story. >> reporter: garner police say those three people were taken here to wakemed with serious injuries. they say this all happened when the car that they were riding in which was reported stolen out of raleigh, rolled over. we're going to show you some video of what this scene looked like last around 10:30. an officer spotted the car going too fast. they say the driver didn't pull over and instead led police on a case that ended up on fighter. they say something happened, the driver -- on i-40. they say something happened the driver lost control and flipped over. the driver add two passengers were both taken to the hospital. part of i-40 was shut down for a brief time while ems got them out of the car. >> preliminary reports from
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vehicle may have collided with another vehicle on 40, resulting in it losing control and then going off the right side of the road and rolling over. >> reporter: garner police say highway patrol is investigating right now. they still haven't released the name of the driver of that car or his two passengers. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, cbs north carolina. durham police are still searching for clues after officers found a man shot and killed inside of taco bell parking lot. we brought this story to you as breaking news yesterday morning. if you know who shot 21-year- old gerlad jermaine gholar contact police r a fayetteville police officer shot a dog. fayetteville police say a man was attacked by a pit bull. through their investigation it led them to a home. the homeowners say that was not
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police say when the homeowner opened the door the dog continually lunged at the officer so the officer shot at the dog twice hitting him. we spoke to the police and also the dog's owner. >> you have to kind of judge the demeanor of the animal, are they growling, snarling, barking that type of thing. >> i could have been shot. why would you shoot him period? you got -- dent you got a taser? >> even though the dog has been deemed dangerous the family said th they need about $400 to raise $400 by august 13 or the dog will be put down. there's a gofundme page set up to raise that money. turning to campaign 2016 former president bill clinton will attend two private fundraiser, one in raleigh and the other in durham. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence spoke to hundred of people in raleigh yesterday. pence talked about the importance of this election not
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would be shaping the supreme court. >> for the sake of all of our god-given liberties and limited government we must insure that the next president making appointments to the supreme court of the united states of america is president donald trump. >> now, pension also criticized president obama saying the administration has been apologetic and too accommodating to america's enemies. a federal appeals court will not the ruling to tyke down our voter i.d. law. the announcement came one day after republican leaders asked the ruling be set aside as they ask the supreme kurt to consider the case. the state gop says quote, north carolinians have demanded voter i.d. in overwhelming numbers. republicans delivered but roy cooper and north carolina democrats did everything they could to stop it. letter this month a judge could hear a motion asking to
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killed three people including a 6-year-old girl. >> chandler kania's defense attorney asked for blood tests, photos and videos from his cell phone and autopsy pictures and dash cam video to not be used claiming the evidence was collected illegally. he's accused of crashing his jeep into a car and killing three people. the state abc board says the goldsboro bar where an airman was shot and surrendered its liquor license. he had just left the bar, railhouse they believe an argument led to the shooting. well, at 10:00 this morning goldsboro leaders will discuss the recent violence in that city. the mayor and police chief and wayne county sheriff and leaders at the air force base will hold a news conference. they're going to talk about what they're dug to stop this increase in crime. cbs north carolina will be
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noon newscast, as well. a funeral takes place today for the wake county principal who died suddenly this week. dr.james head rick was most recently the principal at athens drive high school in raleigh. before then he worked at green hope in cary. his obituary says he died after going on a run. lot of student are going to miss him. >> really, really huff loss there. twin sisters are dead after getting left in a hot this story over and over. still to come what police found when they arrived on the scene and who they're questioning. >> plus a crash leaves a tractor trailer driver dangling off i-95.
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so alyssa rains the story overnight but a nice temperature today. >> yeah, not so bad right now. not so bad later today. still cooler than we should be for this time of year. let's go ahead and start off with a live picture outside. from our tower camera. it is 75 degrees here in raleigh. we're looking out over the beltline and oh, yeah, there's a few cars out there for this the weather is concerned. so let's get straight to the drive time forecast. sun doesn't rise until 6:26 this morning. yes, it gets later and later each day. 75 we'll drop to 73 before sunrise and through 7:00 a.m. then we'll start to warm up. 76 by 8 this morning. 78 by 9:00 a.m. mix of sun and clouds early today. >> more clouds, though, later this afternoon. very similar to what we saw happen yesterday. so here's your satellite and
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isolated shower holding on in northern portions of granville county. north of 85. likely track through mecklenburg county the rest of us are on the dry side. so let's get straight to those temperatures. low 70s that 73 in durham and siler city. 72 in sanford. 69 in henderson this morning. as you're making plans for your day ahead, 84 and dry at lunchtime. 88 our afternoon high. yes, there will be the chance for showers and storms just like yesterday. hours. i'll have a close look at the weekend ahead in just about 10 minutes. a young donald trump supporter is making national headlines for his question posted to vice presidential candidate mike pence. >> i've been noticing that you've been kind of softening up on mr. trump's policies and words. is this your role -- is this going to be your role in the administration? >> still to come hear how he
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welcome back. top stories this morning on your friday. right now the highway patrol is investigating a police chase that ended in a crash in garner. >> the chase began when a garner officer tried to pull enforcement a car for speeding. that car was also reported stolen out of raleigh. investigators say the driver crashed, three people in the hospital recovering. >> also today, former president bill clinton will be te triangle. one is schedule today be in raleigh and the other in durham. so far at this point he's not schedule today make any public appearances. the summer olympics officially kick off today in rio de janeiro brazil. swimmer michael phelps the most decorated olympian of all time will carry the u.s. flag. this is the first time a south american city has ever hosted the two week event. well in georgia twin 15- month-old girls are dead after
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neighbors holding the children in a kiddie pool and using ice packs to bring down their temperatures. a visitation will take place in warrenton for a savior- year-old who drowned sunday at carr lake. >> his family says he was a good swimmer but struggled to stay above the water when eswam out to retrieve a ball -- when eswam out to retrieve a ball. >> a man died after being caugh with his son and a witness tried to rescue him but edade at the hospital. this is the third rip current related death so far this sum zer a 20 fur-year-old man will spend life in prison after he set a fire that killed two women at carolina beach back in 2014. authorities say he set a car on fire, underneath the condos which then spread. 21 years after a raleigh police officer died in the line of duty, the department
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after she crashed while responding to a call. the police department held a wreath laying service at the memorial downtown. it's designed to honor the 8 raleigh police officers who have died in the line of duty. . several doctors allege in a federal flint of complaint that unc is violating federal law by using live animals in emergency training programs. >> they responded saying we perform these procedures on an pals under general anesthesia and hence do not experience pain. we believe that our physicians life saving intervention for humans as a result of the training. president obama went after lawmakers for going on vacation before approving his request for funding to fight the zika virus. >> a lot of folks talk about protecting americans from threats. well, zika is a serious threat to americans. especially babies. right now. so once again i want to urge the american people to call their members of congress and tell them to do their job.
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against the virus. the experiment involved a traditional vaccine. it's expected to enter human studies this year. at least two other vaccines are in human studies already. one of the biggest moments during vice presidential candidate mike pence' visit to raleigh came when ansy-year-old boy asked the governor a question. michael hyland talked with the boy and has the story. >> reporter: the most memorable moment at governor involved someone who can't vote for him. 11-year-old math slick is an ardent donald trump supporter and had this question for pension. >> i've been noticing that you've been kind of softening up on mr. trump's policies and words. is this your role -- is this going to be your role in administration. >> let be tell you, matthew, number 1 this boy's got a future u. auto couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump.
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he's been fascinated by politics for a while. >> he was born on election day in 2004. he's been to trump ral ease and has been watching him closely. >> i just become more and more interested. >> now, i've actually found a person who represents me and new i'm full on in politics. >> reporter: he reads political news for an hour and a half every day. and he's worried about the decisions being made in washington. >> reporter: you'resy what has crew so concerned about the way things are right now? in -- we're $19 trillion in debt. that's not good. we are going done the toilet. >> reporter: what about his question to governor pence? did he answer it well? >> yes, i think he did. he satisfied me very much. >> reporter: we asked matthew if he got a chance to ask donald trump a question what would it be? >> how do you fix the justice system?
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a better candidate to hillary clinton. >> matthew by the way is going into sixth grade at cary academy. when egrows up he says that he's interested in becoming a lawyer or perhaps running for the senate. who would have figured? you guys, i would have never guessed. >> never would have guessed it. it's friday so a lot of people have weekend plans. they want to know if they can go out. >> you can only grow out if you invite us. >> oh, okay, sure. >> aren't you where art snack monsters -- are the snack monsters. yes, there will beat chance for rain but i wouldn't cancel any outdoor plans. if you are firing up the grill have the umbrella nearby. 75 degrees right now. live picture from the raleigh and durham international airport. you can see a little bit more cloud cover as we start our friday morning. the one good thing that we've
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showers. now the good thing is they're really tapering off. some of you may need the rain but rain during the morning commute we all know that just slows us down. so these showers moving out of grandville into vance county. it will rain for the next half hour or hour across mecklenburg county and then considerably drier for the rest of the morning. there has been fog developing i want to pass this along to you. look at visibility in lee county dropping to a half a mile. at 2 miles in pinehurst. the rest of the area n' so really going to slow you down if you're south and west of triangle. hour by hour, right around 80 degrees at 10:00 a.m. most of us dry through the morning. 84 at lunchtime. 88 in the afternoon. few degrees shy of where we should be. our normal high being close to 90. >> better chances for showers and storms late this afternoon into the evening hours. very similar to what we saw develop yesterday. so let's go ahead and look at
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for a few showers and storms after about lunchtime. as we head into the evening hours this unsettled weather sticks around. by daybreak we should be on the dry side very similar to the past few nights. a as we head towards tomorrow afternoon won't be a perfectly dry day but a small chance for a shower or storm. let's get the update from the tropics. we've been watching tropical storm earl. still a tropical storm. will maintain that strength as we head through the rest of depression as it approaches mexico city by tomorrow afternoon. winds around 30 miles per hour. still going to bring heavy rainfall, though, to the southern portions of mexico. bringing you closer to home here's a look at the temperatures if you're just waking up. 69 in henderson. 70 in south hill. 72 in clayton. also 72 in louisburg. high today of 88 in raleigh. seven in durham and 90 in fayetteville. >> tonight we're going to drop to the low 70s. the showers taper off.
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ahead the hottest day looks to be saturday, 92. back into the upper 80s on sunday. chance for a few showers both days. then look at those cooler temperatures. >> next monday and tuesday, highs only in the mid-80s. 5:52 right now on your friday. letter turn it over to ali. this the time to get out there if you're up early on this friday morning. 45, 40, moving well. a road closure for this weekend is the only g street will be closed saturday and sunday from daisy to henderson street. so watch out for that. not going to affect eastbound travelers. through durham roads look good. green on our maps means you're able to go the speed limit. durham freeway, 85 moving well. fayetteville towards the fort bragg area no accidents there. airport travel conditions look great. flying into new york or l.a. no delays out there.
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and emperor boulevard, very, very quiet start. we'll have more news and traffic, weather, coming up. but before we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> coming up the renaissance of the veggie burger, how [ bus engine revs ] i don't understand. where do they all go? well, we have plenty at staples and all at low prices. all right. get another. back to school or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period.
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today a man accused leading authority on a high speed chase through wake and johnson county is scheduled to go back to court today. 32-year-old lawrence refused extradition to washington d.c. he faces a list of charges there. after investigators say he stabbed an officer. during his first court appearance last month in wake county a judge gave him a $372,000 bond. in florida now, police are investigating claims made by george zimmerman saying that a
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zimmerman claims that he was talk talking to people about shooting trayvon martin. >> according to the police report a man asked him if he was bragging and then moments later he punched zimmerman in the face. zimmerman was acquitted. a tractor trailer driver safely escaped a crash that left the cab of his rig dangling in florida. >> crews wicked for 90 min tights pull the driver to ladder through the passenger door and the driver crawled out on that ladder. the driver said he was unfamiliar with the area, slammed on the brakes skidded into the airport, then went over a median and through a concrete barrier. people are cleaning up after a tornado hit part of florida. surveillance video caught the high winds lefting a trucking container and flipping it to the side. inside the building the severe weather threw a ladder and other items across the floor when the doors opened.
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durham have applied for financial help after flooding there last month. the disaster center says most other visits came within the first two days. the red cross also stepped in to help families displaced by the floods. many veterans who attended a job fair were offered positions on the spot. recruit military hosted the fair at carter findlay stadium. employers were looking for people with military skill logistics. they trained for it, great to see this fully employed. i'm so happy to hear that. right now garner police are investigating a chase. it was a wild one. a crash sent tree people to the hospital when it all ended. >> coming up in the next half hour the new information that we learned overnight. >> before we go to break let's take a quick look outside. the sun's trying to make it out. but the clouds are giving it a tough time.
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this break.
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a chase through wake county lands three people in the hop. we are live with why police believe that drive took off. plus goldsboro police expected to address how they will curb a rising crime rate. the murder case that set these changes in motion. >> a charlotte man's family comes to his defense after isis. their claims and how muslim community is disowning him. good morning, thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen it's friday, guys. >> it is. i'm stefan chase something that you and alyssa were talking about, you were talking about treats and we love to eat. this girl right here, she brings in the treats like every single morning. i can't stop baking. >> she's a bang e for sure. >> it's going to be bad for all of our waist lines.


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