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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a chase through wake county lands three people in the hop. we are live with why police believe that drive took off. plus goldsboro police expected to address how they will curb a rising crime rate. the murder case that set these changes in motion. >> a charlotte man's family comes to his defense after isis. their claims and how muslim community is disowning him. good morning, thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen it's friday, guys. >> it is. i'm stefan chase something that you and alyssa were talking about, you were talking about treats and we love to eat. this girl right here, she brings in the treats like every single morning. i can't stop baking. >> she's a bang e for sure. >> it's going to be bad for all of our waist lines.
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>> well, this morning, chocolate chip cookies. >> yesterday was national chocolate chip cookie day. i'm a day late. >> there's a way. >> i'll let you know when. >> we are very appreciative. so let's talk about the forecast. well, it's very similar to the past few days. so we'll start off with a little bit of mix of sun and clouds. as we head into the afternoon the chance for a shower or storm will return. airport. 74degrees. wet weather has left puddles on the tarmac. so many of you will probably start off with similar conditions in your neighborhood. now as far as the rain still falling it's really crossing over maim into mecklenburg county and virginia right now. mat overof us in north carolina are on the dry side. so a check on your current temperatures, 74 in durham and recallky. 72 in kayton. 72 in louisburg. making plans for your day
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8:00 a.m., 76. 84 at lunchtime and 88 our high. going to be warm and humid with a few storms possible. have that umbrella helped. a closer look at the weekend ahead in 10 minutes. right now, though, i'll send it to ali with a check of the morning commute. good morning. heading out the door, not much for you to worry about on 440, 540 if you take a look through raleigh all green which means things are moving well. hisboro street westbound side will be closed sunday from daisy to henderson street for road work. heads up if you travel in that area over the weekend. >> durham no delays to report to you there. now of down through fayetteville roads look good, no delays there. if you're heading west a live look at the drive tiles before you head out the door on 540 from 64 to glenwood avenue, 16 minute there. new bern to wade avenue taking 440 about 8.
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minutes there. taking you outside to i-40 and old erwin road. quiet start to this morning. new this morning a wild police chase in garner ends with three people bean of being sent tour the hospital. emma wright following the story live from wakemed with how this got started. >> reporter: well, garner police say three people were taken here to wakemed with serious injuries. they say after garner police tried to pull him over for speeding. they realized that that car was stolen out of raleigh. we're degree to show you some video of what this scene looked like. garner police say this all happened just before 10:30 last night. drive was going too fast but garner police tried to pull him over. they say he wouldn't stop. ended up leading police on a case on i-40.
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of the car. the car flipped over. i-40 was shut down while ems worked to get the three people out of the car. >> preliminary reports from what i understand indicated the vehicle may have collided with another vehicle on 40, resulting in it losing control and then going off the right side it road and rolling over. >> reporter: garner police and state highway patrol is helpin passengers, again, were both taken here to wakemed. we are still waiting on their names and conditions. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, cbs north carolina. well, a spike in violent crime has goldsboro police looking to make some changes. all this comes on the heels of ryan morgan's murder that happened last weekend. justin quesinberry joins us right here in studio as the
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rising homicide. very disturbing. >> reporter: goldsboro city leaders admit something needs to be done. they'll hold a news conference today. >> ryan morgan's death is the eighth of the year in the city. compare that with 2015 when goldsboro had nine homicides in the entire year. so far this year police continue to investigate five unsolved murders. victims range from 17-22 years old. this past weekend's homicide was the first ev safe. i said -- israeltive safe -- is relatively safe. our heart and prayers are out for the family. >> reporter: the mayor says the new city council and police chief have been working on ways to fix the came. in our next half hour hear about some of the ways and the role the mayor says gangs are playing in the problem. one stepson of a charlotte man accused of plotting to help
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don't case. a federal complaint shows that he tried to recruit one manned had attested his willingness to commit jihad. he told the media isths a big misauding. >> i think it's a matter of time. a very big inconvenience i think he'll be acquitted of everything. >> a spoke person for the islamic center of charlotte said he had not attended any centers and only been in the city for three weeks. sentence of 15 years in prison. meanwhile president obama says isis forces are strugglingy iraq and syria which only raised the high profile attacks elsewhere. recent success against isis forces could cause them to retaliate so we could easily be a target. a cary man free on bond after being arrested on six charges of indecent exposure.
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investigating an indecent exposure at one store. soon realized that he mate hoof exposed himself at several other locations. records all right show he was arrested twice in 2014 and once in 2013 for the same charge. he's now due in court sometime in september. hoke county deputies are looking for the man who robbed a family dollar store. the man on your screen showed a handgun at the parker church road location. he should and dangerous if you know anything about where he is or anything that can help catch him, again, call the sheriff's office. fayetteville police have caught the man deemed responsible for a deadly hit and run. stoney gene riley intentionally hit justin atkins he was able to call for help but later died at the hospital. it's believed rileky asked atkins for drugs but beyond that no motive has been given.
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questions are being raised about how a man was able to assault the alleged charleston church shooter. >> this serves is a wakeup call. >> how an inmate was able to slip past guards and get to dylann roof even though he's in protective custody. >> plus a plane force today make an emergency landing in charlotte just moments after takeoff. >> what the airline says went wrong. and temperatures as we get our friday morning started the upper 60s so not so bad in oxford. but south hill, 71 and may be seeing wet weather.
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cooper: when i go home to nash county, it's the same streets i rode my bike on as a kid. our farm that i worked on is still there. and she was a good one. what we've lost is harder to see. i'm roy cooper, and this election is not just about one bad law. it's about bringing back our teachers, our jobs, and the companies that have left.
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alyssa wants chocolate. [laughter] ents we were talk about no will power in the break. and i win u. auto need some. >> we were talk about cookies earlier i'm hungry for some
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them. >> that would sound perfect. let's go ahead an get the forecast out other way. 74degrees and this is a live picture from the tower camera. pretty nice start to the they. you see enough of a break in the cloud cover that we are going to see some sunshine that means sun glare. so yes, pack the sunglasses as you get ready to head for the door this morning. right now, the majority of us are on the dry side. it seems like we say that morning after morning but it is the case. the majority of us are dry. i'm loo seeing some wet weather east specially across the western half of the county there. 71 in south hill. 69 in henderson. low 70s around roxboro and durham. raleigh at 74. along with lillington. fayetteville and clinton both reporting 73. fog in the morning, 76 there. 84 at lunchtime. 88 the high. warm and humid and yes, the chance for more storms later this afternoon.
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wet wets for the weekend ahead. when it arrives coming up in the complete forecast. well, many questions remain about how exactly an inmate was able to leave his cell and assault alleged charleston church shooter dylann roof. 25-year-old dwayne stafford was able to walk out of his cell despite the fact it had an electronic lock on it. the only guard in the area walked away lea vulnerable. they blamed the assault on guards not following security procedures. roof was not seriously hurt. and says he does not want to press charges. time check for you now, 6:12. scalpers have struck again. how they managed to ruin
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some evacuations lav been lifted in northern california as firefighters continue to
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>> at last check the flames thad scoreched 4700 acres. this isn't to be confused with the big one near big sur california. that continues to spread and covered 51,000 acres. president obama is firing back at republicans who accused the white house of sending $400 million in cash to iran ex erie in exchange for the release of american hostages. >> . >> they never denied the payment was made. it was part of an agreement to se alzheimer's dispute of put. cash was used because they don't have a banking relationship with iran. >> and it is no at all clear to me why it is that cash as opposed to a check or a wire transfer has made this into a new story. now maybe because it kind of feels like some spy novel or,
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>> the u.s. is expected stew send more money to fully settle the $1.7 billion deal with iran. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's lead over donald trump continue to grow this morning. >> a new poll shows clinton with 48%, trump 33%. >> compare that to last month when clinton only led by three point. and nbc wall street journal poll has clinton ahead by nine. a man is drowned at atlantic beach marking the this summer. firefighters say a 41-year-old man was swimming with his son when egot caught near fort macon. beachgoers were able to pull him from the water. he passed away at the hospital. crews say he was swimming in an area without lifeguards. the yellow flags that warn of rough conditions were up. a long time fugitive and murder suspect has agreed to be extradited from north carolina to florida.
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and killed a former immigration official in an attempt to murder a florida mayor and as been living under a false identity ever since. a cracked windshield, forced the plane to make an emergency landing at charlotte international airport. the faa says the flight had just taken off from washington d.c. when it was forced to land yesterday afternoon. american airlines says pressure caused one layer of the co- pilot's windshield to shatter as the plane gained altit turned around quickly. so wet roads, wet cars this morning. yes. certainly. >> neither one of us heard a thing. >> i didn't hear anything, either. pie roads are wet but yeah, didn't hear it. letter get starred with the forecast. >> a live picture from prestonwood country club in cary. some of you have sunshine. some are starting off with fog. we're not seeing that fog in this direction. again, this is in cary this morning from prestonwood
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at some of the areas that are seeing the foggier conditionser visibility continues to be below a mile throughout lee county and it looks like eastern portions of chatam and southern portions of orange county also seeing some reduced visibility. that extends down towards pinehurst where visibility is two piles. een through the durham area, visibility dropping to 3 miles per hour. so it looks generally speaking west of wake county and then southward, as well. so if you'll know it as you walk outside if you're seeing those foggy conditions. >> still a little bit of rain also in the northern portions of the viewing area. lets take you up to mecklenburg county. looking at chase city down towards clarksville. extending into the morning portions of granville county this morning. >> also out towards roxboro maybe a few sprinkles. some of that rain getting ready to mover into south hill. so rainfall rates pick up there within the next 15-20 minutes.
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84 at lunchtime. the majority should still be dry at lunchtime. we'll climb to 88 this afternoon. and you can see the rain chances climbing for us as we head towards later and later in the day. 6:00 the best chance for showers and storms for our area. so at 7:30 this morning, we're dry likey said. most of us dry through lunchtime. shortly after the storms will develop. most of us should be consider really drier weather by id for saturday morning. saturday afternoon, just the same as what we're seeing today. the chance for a few passing showers and storms. so keep the umbrella nearby. it won't be a washout today or for the weekend ahead. now i do want to give you the update on what is still tropical storm earl. >> hard to see the storm but it's across the southern portions of mexico and it's moving westerly. winds right now at 40 miles per hour. it's expected to stay a tropical storm through the
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and durham. 90 in fayetteville. >> overnight we're going to drop to near 73. the clouds are going to continue but remember i think so do expect the rain to taper off before midnight. into your weekend, 92 the hottest day of the next 7 saturday. back to 89 on sunday. chance for showers and storms both days. coolest days, next week highs in the mid-80s monday and good morning. looks great. not too much to worry you think. no excuse to not get to work on time if you're taking 540, 440 all the green means things are moving well. closure on hillsborough not until tomorrow but tomorrow and sunday will be evidence from days tie henderson street on the westbound side. so heads up to you. heading through durham, roads
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y you are heading south into raleigh on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown slowing to 17 minutes. longest part of your commute, 4 minutes there. i-40 to downtown five. really not too bad south into raleigh. live look outside to u.s. 70, where it's still pretty quiet out there at 6:21 stories we're watching for you right now. garner police say an attempt to pull over a speeding car led to a chase and a crash. three people ended up in the hospital. their current conditions are unknown. >> the city of goldsboro is spec'd to address how it will curb a rising crime rate. eight homicides have been reported there so far this year. >> . and former president bill clinton is in the triangle today for private fundraisers
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planned. >> last minute security preparations are underway for the opening ceremonies of olympic games. 85,000 security officers will be deployed. including police, navy and armed forces. last couple days have been especially rough for police. they were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets to knock down protesters and clear the path for the olympic torch. >> new orleans is closing in on a deal to host the all star game. multiple media outlets report that the league will announce big easy. as, you know, the all star game was set for charlotte but was pulled over house bill 2. it looks like scalpers are having a field day with tonight's heavily anticipated panthers fanfest. dozens the tickets are being sold for as much as $100. likely a result of scalpers crashing the system. charlotte police are asking people to not buy pick tickets
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least write down their names and information, as well. >> you've bern warned. >> exactly. not of not into sport? that's no problem. the new deal from dish that cuts the channels out and lowers your bill. >> phoenix police are wishingary lead available to track done a serial killer. >> the lone connection his
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well hackers are once again bringing serious security flaws to light and dish has a solution for everyone who loves television. hena daniels joins us live good morning there, how are you? >> reporter: good morning, russ. happy friday. i'm great, thank you. apparent hackers were able to kill the engine of a jeep cherokee are now able to take
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can speed up the car, make it turn or slam on the brakes. no matter how fast the car is going. chrysler fiat which manufactures jeep says it wouldn't are been possible on the updated software. >> dish network is offering a less expensive way to watch cable tv. it starts at $30 plus taxes and fees but won't include espn or main network channels. you'll amc, tnt. >> i suspect that will be very popular. summer's not even over but cheerios already thinking about the fall? >> reporter: right some yoary stores are stocking the fall's favorite. they're scrum pinning on the pumpkin spice craze with the newest flavor. >> the pumpkin spiced cheerio flavor is expected in just a few weeks. now, general mills is looking to boost declining cereal
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weekend. >> tell the coffee plays to do the same units saw yesterday some halloween stuff out. it's three months away, like come on. are you kidding me? it's just the first of august. >> i'm all for it. >> no. >> 6:27 your time. local kid makes a big impact during mike pence's rally. >> plus before you head out the door this morning we have that full forecast what to expect this weekend.
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hey everybody good morning thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30. it is friday my friend, i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. this morning we are live with details on a police chase that turned into a crash and sent three people to the hospital. >> yeah, certainly a wild ride there.
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to curb violence in the wake of an airman's murder. first let's get to alyssa corfont with the forecast just in time for the weekend good morning. just in time for the weekend. we starting off for the most part on the dry side. take a look the sun crossing the horizon getting out from behind the clouds. >> really looking nice in north raleigh. 74degrees. so the temperatures are a little warmer than where we were say yesterday at this time. now i said most of us on the up towards mecklenburg county in virginia you are seeing still a few lingering showers. those are approaching south hill as we speak this morning. so lets go ahead and talk about temperatures elsewhere. still at 69 as we look in henderson. 72 in louisburg and clayton. 73 in lillington. sanford at 71. seeing fog around the sanford area. so that's what we'll have with us through 8:00 a.m. patchy fog. noon today fairly dry.
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storms starting to develop around 2:00. and continue through the afternoon and evening. i'll let you know if the rain sticks around for the weekend. >> that more important question coming up in just a little bit. but right now ali. good morning. no better time to head out the door than now. we do not have any delays out there. no accidents, though. thy is the time to get out there. 440, 540 and 40 moving the westbound side for construction. but not something you have to worry about today. up through durham roads look good. nothing to let you know about there. in down through fayetteville, has been crash free all morning, pretty much all week long. south this morning into recall e on u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown, 17 minutes there. 12minutes on 70 from 540 to downtown.
6:32 am
certainly a lot more people out there. i-40 and ready creek road. give yourself some extra time. but otherwise not looking too bad. >> yeah, little hazy. well, a police case in garner leads the stories that we're watching for you. >> that ened in a crash and certainty three people to the hospital. emma wright has been following this story all morning long. >> reporter: well, we know the three people were ke wakemed wit serious injuries. we know that this started when garner police tried to paul over a car that car was reported stolen from raleigh. the driver wouldn't pull over and ended up taking off. this happened just before 10:30 last night. we're teg to show you video of what this scene looked like last night. garner police, again, they say that an officer tried to pull over a car that was going too fast. the driver ended up taking off
6:33 am
something happened near the clayton bypass. the driver ended up losing control and rolling the car over. police say that they shut down i-40 for a brief period of time while ems worked to get the people from car. we're told that the three people it's a male driver and then two female passengers, were taken here to wakemed. we are still waiting for an update on their conditions and nails and ages. we'll-- names and ages. we'll bing you update emma wright. the murder of a seymour johnson airman is leading to changes in the city of goldsboro. >> yes, cbs north carolina's justin quesinberry joins us live in the studio as the mayor and other city leaders prepare to address the media. >> russ they'll hold a news conference later this morning. there's an uptick in crime,le murders -- eight murders.
6:34 am
the mayor says it's the first homicide in downtown. it's in an area where the police have put in a system that helps police get to anir yeah where shots are fired faster than the old way in which people would just call to 911. the mayor tells us that morgan's death was likely a result of being in wrong place at the wrong time. not related to gangs and drugs. again police continue to investigate five unsolved mr.ers this year. >> the predominant homicides that we have are mainly i believe gapping related. i think we do have a problem there. it's something we're very aware of and working on a lot. we put a lot of interest in upping our police department e. woo have recently asked the sheriff to come in and help us. he fixing to d that. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is working in revamping the drug squad plus a need to hire more officers and
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department. something the city is already trying to dom we plan to cover the fuss conference at 10:00 a.m. and bring you up to date on air and on line at durham police are still looking into what led to a deadly shooting in a taco bell parking lot. investigators say the victim now identified as 21-year-old gerlad jermaine gholar knew his killer. anyone with information should call police. lawyers for the former unc student charged in crash that killed three people ar the case. chandler kania's legal team is res re-ing" blood tests, autopsy photos, dash cam video and video from his cell fondue be exclude. they're claiming that the evidence was checked illegally. he was drunk behind the wheel when ecrashed killing two women and a 6-year-old little girl. a federal appellate court will not delay enforcement of ruling that struck down the straight's voter i'm d. law.
6:36 am
found that the requirement targeted african-americans with surgical precision. republican leaders had asked for the ruling to be set aside while they asked the supreme court to take case. it's currently 6:36 in the morning. a trip to a restaurant end up with george zimmerman getting punched in the face. >> i just want to make sure that he's the right vp choice for the country. >> yeah, a little boy puts mike ce in raleigh. moment that's gone viral. >> temperatures as we get our friday started right around the low 70s. goldsboro, reporting 70 to start the day. i'll let you know when you can
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don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one.
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hurricane earl has now been down graded to a tropical storm but not before doing damage to the coast of belize. people living near rivers were warned to get to higher ground. as all of the country's dams reached the flood stage just within hours. they're lucky it wasn't worse but i think it's also a reminder that a one can still do plenty of da flooding and minor wind damage. >> at one point that storm thad wind of 80 miles per hour. thankfully it has weakened into a tropical storm. poses no tet to us here in the united states. right now, though, i do want to start with a live picture from the airport. this is what's going to be impacting a lot of you. we have some low lying clouds. but beyond that plenty of clear skies. it is 74 degrees right now here in raleigh. so here's that drive time
6:40 am
or so by 7:00 a.m. then we'll start to warm up. 76 at 8:00 a.m. 78 by 9:00. the majority of you are going to be dry this morning. there's just a very slim chance for a shower. most of the wet weather that's falling in and around the area up towards mecklenburg county in virginia. approaching the south hill area. 69 in henderson. 72 in louisburg and rocky mount. 72 in clayton. fayetteville, starting off at 73. planning your day ahead. plenty of sunshine at lunchtime. 84. then 88 our afternoon high. chance for storms after about 2:00, 3:00, through the rest of the afternoon into the evening, as well. i do expect some drier weather here and there. i'll let you know when it arrives in the complete storm team forecast. well george zimmerman says he was punched in the face by a man who thought he was bragging about killing trayvon martin. >> he told me he was going to kill me and shoot me. he punched me in the face.
6:41 am
went down. he told deputies knee of he went over to compliment a man on his tattoos and ended up defending his actions. he said i love your tattoos my names george zimmerman, you know, the guy who killed trayvon martin. panic gripping phoenix as a serial killer came at least ?? ??
6:42 am
6:43 am
welcome back. a local family asking for help to get its dog back a. police were responding to a report to a man being attacked by a pit bull. the home owner says that was not her dog but she had another pit bull mix inside that dog lunged at the officers several times leading
6:44 am
demeanor of the animal. are they growling, snarling, parking that type of thing. >> i could have been shot. why would you shoot him period? you got a -- don't you got a taser? >> now, eve then the dog has been deemed dangerous, the family said they can bring him home but they need to raise about $400 to make that happen by august 13 or the dog will be put down. so far they've raised $40 through a gofundme page. out of the mouth of ansy- year-old boy biggest questions. -- mouth of an 11-year-old boy came one of the biggest questions. mike pence broke from trump. he side stepped any criticism trump received over his response for grieving gold star family and instead sent them condolences. then he fully endorsed house speaker paul ryan's bid.
6:45 am
he was asked about it. >> i noticed you have been softening up on mr. trump's policy and words is this going to be your role in the administration? >> number 1 this boy's got a future. i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump. >> we had to meet matthew after the rally and hoe told us he's fascinated by politics andrews the news for an hour and a half every day. soon after he saw donald trump speak and read about him he appealing to everybody and appealing to the grass root conservatives and people like me i. had the exact same views as him. >> now he says he got a chance to ask him a question, too, he would want to know what he'd do to fix the justice system. >> looks like he's got some good questions. >> our question is what's the weekend going to be like. >> that is a big question that
6:46 am
a few storms. a gorgeous shot from the tower camera. 74degrees. nice mix of sun and clouds it's going to continue like that. very similar to how we went through yesterday. more sunshine in the morning more cloud cover in the afternoon. satellite and radar composite, watching two kind of areas right now. one the area of showers falling across mecklenburg county, virginia. these showers developing west of chatam county this morning. that could move eastward. we'll be watching closely to see if the showers move in. in the meantime i want to take you into a closer look at the northern portions of the viewing area. northern portions of vance county down to about henderson some light rain. this extends towards chase city east of clarksville but moving closer to south hill. right along 85 and west. were we're seeing some of that
6:47 am
folks across our area. hour by hour forecast 70 degrees at 10:00 a.m. noon at 84. 88 this afternoon. keep in mind normal for this time of year is right around 90 degrees. so these temperatures still below that mark. 8:00a.m. this morning the majority of us are on the dry side. same situation at lunchtime. can't rule out a shower or two but the best shower and storm chances will still develop later this afternoon. this is 6:00 this evening could see wet weather and that could on the dry side. that's where we'll stay towards saturday morning. saturday afternoon a small chance for shower or storm. so out and about, maybe firing up the grill, keep the umbrella nearby. or have that rain plan. here's your forecast track for tropical storm earl. remember it did make landfall as a category 1 hurricane yesterday. y has weakened considerably since. winds 40 mile per hour. we'll continue to lose energy
6:48 am
mexico city as a tropical depression. still bringing heavy rain to the southern portions of mexico. so your temperatures before you get ready to head out the door. yes, all most that time. 71 in south hill. 71 in goldsboro. 73 in clinton and fayetteville. we also have 74 in raeford. and a quick check on the tropical satellite for earl will show the winds at 40 miles per hour. so your highs for today, 88 in raleigh. 87 in durham. overnight tonight, 73 our low. the clouds will continue as the rain tapers off. 92 the hottest day of the next 7, that will be here tomorrow. we're back into the upper 80s for sunday. small rain chances both saturday and sunday. it looks like the unsettled weather will stick around but the mid-80s for highs next monday and tuesday. 6:48 let's hand it over to ali who has a check on the morning commute. good morning it's been quiet all morning long.
6:49 am
out on the door. 40, 440, 540 roads look pretty good. i think my mic's back on. stef and russ? >> we'll come back to you in just a second. to this story an unarmed miami caregiver is suing the police officer who shot him. that news came just hours after it was revealed the commander on scene will not face charge. video showed charles kinsey lying on the ground his hand up in the air as he begged police >> next to him was an autistic patient. the police union said an officer opened fire because he believed kinsy was in danger. that officer still on leave. tensions running high in phoenix were a suspected serial killer has been linked to nine shootings and 7 deaths. police now say they move he was connected to another incident last month when efired into a car but thankfully missed the man and young boy inside.
6:50 am
>> what we have here is a person who cares not about anybody else but himself. he gets a big thrill out of anything that draws attention to him. he wants to feel powerful and in control. he has no empathy whatsoever. >> the shootings have been concentrated to a low income neighborhood. many victims have been shot while standing outside of their own homes. well, they've begun to dump insect sides over miami. the aerial spraying is expected weeks. health officials say the chemicals used are safe for humans but are advising anyone with allergies to stay inside during the early morning hours at least. so far the centers for disease control says the results have been encouraging and it's also allowed them to limit the so-called danger zone by 10 blocks. currently 6:50 in the morning. we'll be right back with a rundown of all the stories you need to know. >> first check in with cbs this morning to see what they're
6:51 am
morning our interview with vice presidential nominee tim kaine. talk about donald trump with the $400 million payment to iran and how hillary clinton is different than
6:52 am
6:53 am
new this morning three people in the hospital after a lendly leading garner police on a chas, then crashing. officers say they were trying to pull a along i-40 when the driver tried to outrun them. he crashed seriously injuring him sell and two others in the car. police say that car later tuned up as having been stolen out of raleigh. the highway patrol has taken over the investigation and while of we'll update you as soon as they release more information. the city of goldsboro will address how it plans to curb the recent rise of violent crime. all this comes in the wake of a seymour johnson airman being
6:54 am
number reported for the entire year of 2015. the city's mayor and police chief are expected to hold a news conference this morning at 10 o clock. the wayne county sheriff and seymour johnson leadership are expected to be there. also in hoke county deputies are looking for the man who robbed a family dollar store in raeford. >> investigators say the man on your screen showed a handgun at the parker church road location. he should be considered armed and dangerous. help police catch him please give them a call. a beloved wake county principal will be laid to rest today. people paid their respects to dr. james head rick. >> he spent two years at athens drive high school and nine at green hope in cary. his obituary says he died after going on a run. his funeral will be held today at first united most disturbance in cary. >> a scholarship fund will be set up in his name. durham police are looking
6:55 am
shooting in a taco bell parking lot. investigators say the victim, is now identified as 21-year- old gerlad jermaine gholar. likely that he knew his killer. sodden, if you know anything about this situation, please contact police. reports are out this morning that new orleans is closing in on a deal to host the all star game. multiple media outlets report that the league will announce early next week that the game's going to the big easy. as you already know probably the all star game was set for charlotte, north carolina but was pulled out over house bill 2. former president bill clin can will be here today to raise money for his wife's campaign. >> he will attend two private events one in raleigh. , the other in durham. no public appearances expected, though. last minute security preparations are underway for the opening ceremonies of olympic games. 85,000 security officers will be decloudy. in cruding police, navy and armed forces.
6:56 am
just yesterday they were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets to knock down protesters and clear a path for the olympic torch. >> the tar heels led back for the first day of practice. they're favored to repeat as the coastal vision champs. so if you're a fan you can make plans to head out there as long as there's no rain storms. >> yes, certainly you just nee >> won't be a washout but we will have that chance for rain i don't want it to ruin any of your plans. prestonwood country club showing some sunshine. if you getting ready to head out the door take the sunglasses wit you. mecklenburg county take the umbrella with you. rain still moving across that area. majority of us otherwise are on the dry side. so your temperatures this morning, 73 in raleigh. 72 in louisburg and clayton. 74 right now in fayetteville
6:57 am
here's your forecast for today. >> 84 at lunchtime. 88 our afternoon high. it's going to be warm and humid today. scattered storms possible late this afternoon into the evening and we're also holding onto a small chance of rain in the afternoon. hottest temperatures this weekend right around 92. we're back to 89 by sunday. >> mid-80s as we're heading back to work and school next week. good morning if you heading out the o slowing to 19 minutes there. on 70 from 40 to downtown, 11. if we take you outside to i-40 and jones sausage road that areaing oohing pretty good. no delays to report to you there. heads up if you're head on the clayton bypass, we do have a minor fender bender causing some delays there. we'll have more details coming up in 10 minutes.
6:58 am
all your baking needs. >> that is true. have a great weekend, guys.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a new national poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton by the largest gap since the conventions. clinton's running mate tim kaine tells us why he thinks trump is confused. >> president obama gives his first response to the questions about the 400 million dollar cash payment to iran. he says talks about ransom blongs in a spy novel. >> do tonight's olympic ceremon and will describe gisele bundchen as racist we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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