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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello everyone i'm russ bolt thanks for watching at noon. stef chases on app assignment today. right now, the goldsboro police department is taking bold new stems to crack down on the wave of violent crime that has plagued the community this year. offer a $5000 reward for each of the five unsolved knurledders they're investigating. >> reporter: hundreds gather as city addressed the recent reasons violence. there have already been eight murders so far this year and there were nine all of last year. the most recent of an airman ryan morgan. the city is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the murdererly. the same is already for information in four other unsolved murders this year.
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community policing and hope to hire mr. the police are trying to d more community outreach. we called in ale. abc commission is helping. the only people i don't think we called yet is the national guard. >> reporter: they're still looking for leads in the death of the airman. but rather the result of him being in the wrong wrong time. garner police have filed charges again an 8-year-old in connection with awe high speed chase that ended in a crash on i-40. elisha jevon grubb is charged with speeding, possession of a stolen vehicle and reckless driving. he led officers through began e in a chase. he crashed and paramedics had to pull him and two other passengers out of the vehicle. >> preliminary reports from what i understand indicate that
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with another vehicle on 40, resulting in it losing control and then going off to the right side of the road and rolling over. >> grubb is in serious condition at wake met bud expected to recover. his passengers were also taken to the hospital. grubb also faces a charge u speeding to elewd arrest. temperatures are staying down in the 80s, again, today but we could still see afternoon showers and storms. alyssa corfont, how long's that going to last and what's the weend >> that the big question. looks like we could see a few showers and storms effort weekend, as well. let's start off with what we're seeing right now. live picture from the raleigh and durham international airport. 81degrees as we head into the lunch hour. but look at all of that cloud cover. chances are many of you are seeing more clouds than sunshine, as well. still bright from time to time. still need the sunglasses. keep that umbrella nearby. we're already starting to see a few showers start to develop for us. let's go ahead and take a look
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composite. see where the rain is up towards portions of person county and there down south of the triangle. we're seeing very isolated showers really starting to just pop up. you have to look closely around moore county even out towards chatam county. again, northern portions of person county. temperatures, if you getting really to head out, surveillance in recall -- 81 in raleigh. mi roxboro. 79 in siler city. we have 80 in sanford. fayetteville at 86. raeford and clinton 84 degrees. hour by hour for you we'll top out at 88. close to where we were yesterday. drop back into the mid-80s at 6:00. the rain chance highest around 6:00-9:00 this evening, then it begins to taper off. most of us seeing drier weather by midnight.
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covering the race for the white house. former president bill clinton returns to the triangle fortwo fundraising events. he's not scheduled to make any public appearances today. he will attend the fund raising events in raleigh and durham. meanwhile republican nominee donald trump is trying to bounce back from a particularly rough week on the campaign trail. as cbs's not see a film from iran. >> there's was a tape. >> reporter: donald trump is doing something he rarely does he now admits ewas wrong about this video. trump tweeted, the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva switzerland not the plane caring $400 million in cash going to iran. he's not apologizing for his refusal too endorse paul ryan.
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senator ron johnson say they still support trump but are all skipping his ral in green bay, wisconsin. harry reid must back trump or risk losing gop majority in the house and senate. >> he's the nominee of the republican party. they're stuck with him. there's no way out of it. >> reporter: trump's electoral map is shrinking. but his numbers are even beginning to call intraadditional republican states. hillary clinton now holds a state that has voted republican since 1996. and national polls show clinton with an average of a 7 point lead. >> we're about to head into three weeks of olympic coverage. not a lot of opportunity move the numbers and reset the race until you get to mid-september. >> reporter: clinton has spent the week making the case that trump is a bad businessman, not good for the nation's economy. meanwhile a new legal
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drawn congressional districts in north carolina. the democratic party and voters sued the state. lawmakers and pat mccrory your in federal court. they urged the court to prove it unconstitutional. north carolina attorneys will have to find other options after the fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals that denied a stay that would keep the voter i'm d. law intact for the november election. they determined a 2013 law republicans to intentional discrimination. it means no voter i.d. mandate and 17 days of early voting with same day registration. a charlotte man facing federal terrorism charges after allegedly conspiring with isis has been assigned a public defender following his arrest. according to the pike, erick jamal hendricks tried to recruit people to train and plan terror attacks. >> he was arrested after he tried to buy an ak-47 assault
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his son believes his father is innocent. >> i think it's a matter of time it's a very big inconvenience but i think he'll be acquitted of everything. >> he could face 15 years in prison if he's convicted. an ex fugitive caught hiding in north carolina for 40 years has agreed to return to florida to face a murder charge. william taylor greed on thursday. -- agreed on thursday to return. he was arrested in reidsville where the fbi says he had been living under et alias of james james manion. a georgia father has been charged in the death of his 15- month-old daughters he thai were strapped in their car seats in 90 degree temperatures. asa knot is charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. funeral services are scheduled today for dr. james hedrick.
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opinions pal died suddenly earlier this week. a scholarship fund will be set up. his funeral is at first united methodist in cary. hundreds of students were in downtown raleigh at shaw university. applications for the class of 2020 doubled that of last year. according tour university officials this is one other largest they've had in recent history. students and parents were ooh, it's so good. r life. >> i'm justified for it. i may cry but it will be all right. >> i know i'm going to cry. >> trust me. you won't beat first mother or daughter to cry. the first day of class is next wednesday. very exciting stuff tore them. tonight at 5:00 catch a full report and hear how shaw university's president says they have turned a new corner. coming up next, a stunning arrest in the southwestern part of our state. find out how parents helped deputies arrest a public school
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the summer olympics officially kick off tonight with
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a shocking reece over in shelby. a 32-year-old high school secretary has been charged with having sex with two different students. he turned herself in on thursday. they began investigating last week after getting crest high school student. during the course of that investigation, deputies learned he said an inappropriate relationship with another student. a virginia jury recommends a two and a half years prison sentence for an ex police officer convicted of killing an unarmed black teenager in port mouth. stephen rankin was originally indicted on a first degree murder charge in last year's death of william chanman. they say he shot chapman during a struggle after shoplifting
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for rankin in october. a county detention officer faces counterfeiting charges. heather is accused of sneaking illegal items into an inmate including drugs and a cell phone. she resigned her position at the detention certainty. investigators say she was questioned about the cell phone after fellow officers found the device with an inmate. the state department of labor is investigating a deadly construction site sentiment a charlotte man died after falling from the roof of a house under construction. morning. havier antonio gomez-gonzales was pronounced head at the scene he worked for baja stanly exterior. a motive in the two teenagers death. jeffrey hazelwood made his first court appearance. they believe he killed natalie henderson and carter davis in an execution style shooting this past monday. as you can imagine the girl's
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my friend. or to carter. they were just so many people that cared about the both of them. >> police say the victims were murdered at a shopping center early monday morning. their parents told police they thought the teens were still home asleep. meanwhile dylann roof's attorneys say their client will not press charges against a fellow south carolina inmate who assaulted him on thursday. roof is charged with killing nine members of an historically bl year. the sheriff's office says roof was attacked by wayne of dwayne stafford in the shower area. roof was examined by jail medical personnel and then returned to his cell. a miami caregiver who made national news is suing the officer who pulled the trigger. charles kinsey was allegedly unarmed when cue can see him being shot on camera. even though he was laying down had his hands in the air and pleaded with officers tot to open fire.
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his care. the officer is on administrative leave. the attorneys announced the lawsuit after they announced the officer on duty will not face charges. 2016 olympic games have finally arrived: competition gets underway with the opening ceremony. cues are working non stop to insure everything is ready for the torch lighting. >> reporter: along rio de janeiro's co-pa ca ban na beach american tourists pictures and making memories armed police officers watch the crowds very closely. >> my intent is up but it's nice sue of to see the pries, here. it's what i would expect at an olympics. >> reporter: military ships can be spotted right off the coast. the well maintained lan
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see. but use as you can see behind me this is what people think of construction and worn down buildings. finishing touches are being done on a new subway line expected to open today. it was supposed to be finished months ago. as for team surveillance a, most members are here, and ready to go. including the most decorated olympian ever swim ser michael phelps with 22 medals he will carry the stars and stripesments opportunity to do that it's incredible. >> reporter: phelps is looking to add to his collection of gold. so will the other american athletes. while thousand of fans from around the world get a taste of the olympics in south america for the first time ever. crews continue to clean up of an area today airports brief
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injured. high rains and in funnel cloud pummeled crescent city thursday afternoon toppling the trees taking out power lines. that's a mess and rattling a few nerves as you can imagine. it's not a place that takes things lightly. >> no, exactly i. remember my first storm when i moved to louisiana from pennsylvania they are no joke. let's check unwith our forecast. not expecting anything severe but i am expecting rain and possibly a few rumble of this is a live picture from our studio. we're looking towards downtown recally. loo act those clouds. we saw some sunshine as the sun -- look at those clouds. we saw some sunshine since it rose but more clouds than sunshine. here's your satellite and radar composite most of us on the dry side but that is changing quickly as we speak. so i want to bring you in, stop this from the big picture it doesn't look like much. a few isolated showers across person county and mecklenburg county.
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we're seeing those showers starting to.up right south of lillington and northern portions of sampson county around 95 and cumberland county just north of raeford. even out through portions of moore county. if you are getting ready to head out, take the umbrella with you. better chances are going to develop through the rest of today into the evening hours. 88 our afternoon high today. very warm and humid. keep in mind 90 is actually normal so e below that mark. 85 storms possible at 6:00. 81 at 9:00. the clouds, are going to hang around. so we'll continue to see these showers increase in coverage, again, not expecting anything severe. here we are at 6:30 the showers and isolated storms still a factor for us. >> mat overwill be cry around midnight and majority will be dry to start off your saturday. if you have outdoor plans get
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afternoons there will be a small chance for a few shower or storm. so lets go ahead and talk about the weekend. just about here for many of you. 75 at 8:00 a.m. 86 at lunchtime. 92 for a high on saturday. few showers and storms possible after lunchtime. very close to that on sunday. notice the temperatures are going to stay in the upper 0s as we head towards sunday. so what's the latest on earl? again, remember this storm poses n threat t it will continue to move to the west. it's a tropical storm through tonight. expected to weaken into a depression first thing tomorrow morning as it approaches the central and southern portions of mexico. still going to bring a lot of rain to those areas but again, nowhere near as strong as when it made landfall as a category 1 hurricane. your current temperatures 86 right now in rocky month. 83 in roanoke rapids.
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midlands 80s raeford. actual high this afternoon should be close to 88. 87 in durham and near 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight i do expect us to drop into the low 70s. clouds hang around even as that rain tapers off. looking at the weekend we talked about it already but 92 going to be the hottest day of not only the weekend but the entire next 7 days. we drop back to the mid-80s for monday and tuesday. as the unsettled weather continues for us. as we had towards next wednesday and thurs but temperatures are also going to start to creep back up. back to seasonal which remember is 90 for this time of year. we should be pack to there by thursday. >> seasonal is better than non seasonal over the seasonal whatever we normally are. that's what we've been dealing with for weeks. >> mid and upper 90s, heat index values into the 115 range. >> this is much, much better. a potential vaccine to
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o got a consumer alert this afternoon from ford t. the automaker is recalling more than 830,000 vehicles that let doors open while driving. high temperatures increase the risk. the recall is focused on 16 warm weather states fact escape suvs and ford focus and transit lincoln and mkc suvs. there's new hope in the struck to contain the zika virus. researches at walter reed who test aid possible zika vaccine on monkeys say it offered complete protection to the animals. it's spread by mosquitoes as, you know, and can cause devastating birth defects. scientists say the next step is testing it on people. and with the zika virus appearing now in south florida, helicopter agencies -- health
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against mosquito bites. >> reporter: for this woman and her growing family, fear other zika virus has turned bug spray into a must. but not every repellant is equally effective against the mosquito that carries zika. consumer reports recently put them to the test. they recommend products with one of three active ingredients. deet at a concentration of concentration of 30% and make sure to cover all bare skin. >> so for example, if you're spraying your arm you want to make sure you turn you arm and do the under side. >> reporter: experts say your best bet is to buy those repel ants from a drugstore stay away from products with natural plant oils that claim family friendly. >> those would include cedar oil and lemon grass. >> they didn't of didn't repel
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much at all. >> reporter: something else to look out for. newyork's attorney general says the zeke scare has created a breeding ground for scammers. he's going after companies selling bogus products like wrist bands, patches and even ultrasound devices. >> some of the marketing campaigns aimed at people's desire to protect their children are absolutely changeless. >> reporter: doctors say stick to government approved el frequently. good advice right there. stay with us. as you take a luke at traffic on i-40 and i-540. moving pretty nice fo where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find state-of-the-art technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here at our centers for advanced oncology at cancer treatment centers of america
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coming to a dealership near you. make way for the latest in the three wheel electric vehicles. but is this ting a motorcycle? a scooter, a car, what is it.
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charge and get up to 80 miles per hour. will be released next month for $15,000. i think it would we fun for like in city drying but i don't want to get on the interstate with it. >> that silver one looks like the mouse that you use on your computer. >> all right. lets get another look at the forecast. so that's how old your computer is i guess. >> 88 our high today. chance for a few shwe weekend. >> chance for shower or storm there. chance for storms sunday. >> keep in mind, the majority of the weekend will be dry. those days looks like the best chance for storms in the afternoon. mid-80s early next week u. auto did that just for you. >> auto appreciate it. so if it's more than one mouse for computers is it mice or houses. >> i think it's mice. >> that's the question of the day? >> why do you use more than one.
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>> w
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in everything we do, it involves the law. you came to court to testify about what you heard, what you saw and what you know. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this one works even better. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for their ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> who says you're not going to pay for it? i make that decision, not you. >> she's honest. >> what do you have to say? >> i -- >> this is justice with judge maybelline. emily and jared crumb are suing angela lewis in the amount of $10,000. they claim the defendant is responsible for an extramarital affair with mr. crumb. miss lewis says she didn't know the co-plaintiff had a wife. >> all parties are sworn in, your honor. >> thank you. you may be seated.


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