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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now, a teen his custody charged with the murder of a landlord in fayetteville. we have a look at who police are still looking for an accident on u.s. 401 injures two raleigh police horses. details on the accident and the condition of the horse. panthers fans get a stadium. more on the fan fest and the start of the upcoming season. first, let's get you outside in raleigh while we are waiting this sun to rise. we are already at 76 degrees on this sixth day of august. i'm justin quesinberry
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let's welcome back kristen ketchell. >> newly engaged. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> well, you know, the sparkle in her eyes is only matched by the one on her finger. >> going to stay there through much of the day today. we are just watching for an up. current temperatures, muggy outside as you kick off the morning here, 76 degrees in raleigh, 73 in durham. 71 in help der son, 77 in rocky mount and clayton starting at 78 degrees in fayetteville. we have some fog to burn off. visibility, a quarterback mile in sanford, seeing low clouds in spots elsewhere but we will
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sunshine today and mainly once again an isolated showers of storm this afternoon. best chance of rain holding off until tomorrow as the next cold front mus from the northwest. round of showers and storms tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. we are hot and humid today, 92 the high temperature this afternoon, tomorrow, again, a better chance for rain during the afternoon and evening showers and temperatures little cooler, too, looking at a high of 89 for your sunday. tt expect for the weekend and week ahead in just a minute. >> thanks, kristen. one person in custody and another charged in the murder of a landlord in fayetteville. police filed charges against 22- year-old edward jefferson and are encouraging his family to encourage him to surrender. a third person is also wanted in the case but has not been identified. three men were captured on
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the scene. cerillo was found with a gunshot wound in the chest. we are now hearing a 911 call. >> my landlord just got shot. >> he is not responding? >> he's dead. he's not moving. >> okay. ma'am, ma'am. >> anyone with information on the murder or the whereabos of jefferson should call crime stoppers. over in france, police in normandy say at least 13 people are dead and six others injured after a bar fire there. police say that fire broke out at a birthday party. the french intier in-- interior minister said that at least 70 firefighters battled the scene there.
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this picture was arrested. patrick hayes was arrested for wanted crimes. he is held in south carolina we are learning more about a ihne that killed a man this week in fayetteville. police say the man intentionally hit justin watkins in the bonnie dune neighborhood. it happened after raleigh pulled and called 911. >> you said there is a gentleman in your yard claiming he got hit by a car. >> yes, he is out walking around. he's kind of walking around. he fell down two or three times already. >> okay. does he look bloody or anything like that? >> yes, yes, he is. >> atkins told the caller not to call 911 because he had an
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police have no information surrounding a motive two horses are recovering after their trailer over turn the. they were headed pack to their stable after being on duty as a truck approached the intersection. a car cut off the truck forcing the driver of the trailer to swerve. they were both treated by veterinarians but should be okay. nascar legend jimmie johnson credits illegal moon shine for his successful career. he says before he became a race car driver, he outran federal
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was discovered and shut down and went to prison. >> i will give credit to the die day i i'd. that same recipe that got him locked up for almost a year is nown a suit claims that politics played a role in which boundaries were redrawn. common cause, the state democrat party and poeters are suing the state, the gop leadership. these boundaries were used in last months' election. the suit is asking the district
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a law was found to have targeted african americans with surgical precision. republicans had asked for the court to set aside the verdict until they appeal the case. a 19-year-old will have a bond trial -- court says next wednesday in wilkin, georgia. originally, he was going officials took him into custody check this out. the couple better land county sheriff's office says that an anonymous donor gave $10,000 to help the sheriff's office with the purchase of a new bullet proof vest. donors say had he want to, quote, help pro tech those who protect us. gridiron anticipation ahead
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where you will meet the tar heels and who they will face in the first game and when? >> and how honest are you when you head to the checkout services at the store. temperatures already well
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are off to a dry start to our saturday morning here. nothing popping up on the satellite radar. a few clouds out there this morning but pretty muggy temperatures to kick off the week here. 76 degrees in raleigh, 73 in durham, 76 in lillington, 78 degrees in fayetteville, 77 clouds around. visibility in sanford down to about a quarter mile. low clouds elsewhere that we will see lifting gradually. we'll see a chance, at least a small one of an isolated shower or storm today. the best chance of rain holdss off until tomorrow when the next cold front arrives and that will bring us a better chance of scattered showers and storms as we head into your sunday.
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morning. temperatures quickly. 92, hot and humid this afternoon. we are back in the 90s today. a few isolated storms possible at 6:00 p.m. showers and storms roll in tomorrow but cooler weather will follow. i'll be back with the complete forecast coming up. coming up, fewer problems are turning up at shaw university compared to a few years ago. we'll tell you what the college
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us. time right now is a 6:14. demonstrators last night took to the streets of chicago to protest alleged police brutality. this came after an agency reviewing a deadly plostled friends, family and strangers gathered to remember two slain georgia teenagers. police arrested and charged 20- year-old jeffrey hazelwood for their murder. there is no motive yesterday several people in attenance at rapper snoop dog were injured after a partition fell. about 30 people suffered minor
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freeze faculty pay, shaw university is changing things around. the school welcomed one of its largest freshmen classes. i visited shaw and asked how the university plans to build on this momentum. >> moving in is a bit different at this time. yes, jam packed vans are being loaded and, yes, moms and dads are equally as excited as their kids. >> excited because she is doing something that ne so that's a good journey for her, i think. >> there is not really -- a lot of people, guys are different and i think it had be like this until i got up here. >> i'm going to miss my baby but i'm excited because i want to get a good education. you know, this is our next chapter for life. >> shaw university says what's different now is its strength, both financially and structurally. >> i think shaw university has
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last month, it was announce there had will be a lift on a faculty pay cut and freeze a change she credits to several changes. recruitment also seeing success. enrollment for the class of 2020 is more than 1000 students which is double that of last year's incoming class. the challenge now is that students stay enrolled and receive a quality education. >> we have tone sure that each and everyone of our student part of the shaw bear family. we have to diversify the revenue stream. we can not be so tuition dependent. >> move in will continue through the weekend. students start classes on
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checkouts are turning shoppers into thieves. there has been a loss. >> we were not able to talk to the consumers themselves to find out whether they were doing these on purpose or whether they were simply struggling with the use of the technology and not scanning all the items that they wanted to. >> the criminology report says that many people feel it's okay to steal because there is no human inra these videos during the international hacking events, the black cat conference. the videos shows them taking over a vehicle inside the vehicle. a previous stunt by the hackers forced chrysler fiat to recall 1.4 million vehicles. the hackers do suggest that people not install the devices in your car that allows insurance companies to track
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easier for the hacker to take over. >> it's kind scary to think that it could be responsible for someone hacking or doing something irresponsible with your car. >> absolutely. >> which is why these guys are doing what they are doing so you can get a sense of what the compromised situation is. >> better to be safe. if you are hitting the roads, a little dry. we have some patchy fog in some spots. low clouds in er live look right now from our shaw university camera looking at the skyline. sunrise getting later planter now. the sun is not just up yet but we will see some of that sunshine across the area today. nothing popping up on our satellite and radar. does not look like it but it is actually looping. no wet weather to worry about this morning. showers and storms that moved through yesterday not an issue for us today however, we will still see a chance of even isolated shower and storm later this afternoon and evening.
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73 in durham and lewisburg. 76 in clinton. 72 degrees is your current temperature in fayetteville. as we head throughout the day, we will see the temperatures climbing fairly quickly here. looking at highs toyed in the low 90s. we have had temperatures in the 80s. so we'll be warmer than that. temperatures all the way up to 92 this afternoon. small chance of an isolated shower or storm generally after about 3:00 today. so, again, going to be a hot and humid one across the area with that in the steamy category on the comfort index scale here. heat and humidity, a little bit of sunshine today and at that brings us a chance of an isolated shower and storm. cold front starting to approach the area from the northwest and won't actually push into the region until tomorrow. out ahead of it, we are looking at hot and humid conditions, highs back in the 90s with a few isolated storms possible later today. as we head through tomorrow,
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along that front. we'll keep a very close eye because some of these storms and showers may produce localized heavy rain with already saturated ground, we may have some flooding issues for tomorrow. we'll keep you updated on that scenario. by monday, that front starts to slide to the south here. with it, in such close proximity to us, we'll see a fairly good chance for showers and storms. the good news is that pe off into the 80s behind this front. our future cast showing things staying really mostly dry through today. so a very small chance of an isolated shower later this afternoon and into this evening but again the per chance moving into the area tomorrow. so we'll start our sunday dry but we will see a per chance of showers and storms by about 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the first showers and storms
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start seeing some more early into the week tomorrow. 94 degrees at fort bragg, fayetteville, sanford. we are looking at 91 at roanoke rapids, rocky mount and wilson. 92 also in raleigh. 91 degrees today in durham, roxboro and henderson. 92 in lewisburg and carrie. isolated storms possible ea seven-day forecast has temperatures really cooling off here. 89 degrees for tomorrow. that's several degrees cooler than today and we keep seeing the temperatures going down for monday. 85 degrees monday. i think despite the rain, monday will feel pretty good. temperatures in the mid-80s. lower chance of showers and storms by tuesday and then wednesday, thursday and friday we are back into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees with a small
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get through this cold front starting tomorrow. >> great. >> if we can get through today, sweet relief of 89 tomorrow. >> and 85 on monday. 85s will feel pretty good, i think. it will, really will. the time us 6:23. the goal is high for the tar these as they kick off the upcoming season. how unc is preparing for another record-breaking season. that's next. there is a girl next door
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the opening ceremony of the games of the summer olympics summer olympics from marakana stadium opened. >> team usa entered into the arena 554 athletes strong. michael phelps leading them as he carried the american flag. 50 deaners were on the stage.
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display of fire works believe it or not, we are inching closer and closer to college football season. >> yeah, yesterday, the tar heels opened fall camp in chapel hill. they did lose their last two games. they say that those losses are all the motivation they need to have a strong 2016 season. >> we didn't end the year the way we wanted to so they've had a bad taste in their mouth for 220 days now, they know that they are about 28 days from the possibility of getting that bad taste out of their mouth from where we are, winter, spring, a lot of guys are excited. >> there was a meet the heels event happening today. tar heels open on september 3rd against georgia. and they are not the only north carolina team looking to build on their success.
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topic, but the carolina panthers fell short. >> i thought you were an eagles fan? >> i know. i'm an eagles fan, but it's a sore subject for many. i know how it feels to lose because i'm an eagleles fan. >> the team had to distribute tickets ahead of time. they reopen with a rematch against the broncos on the road and also for the panthers now that north carolina is home. coming up in the next half hour. >> i am opposed to declaring vacant lots, empty vacant lots historic. part of durham will become historic. why some groups are opposed to the idea and when the public can now help with the plan.
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? ? ? you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner.
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?? ?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. former president bill clinton here in the tar heel state for a fundraiser for his wife. and the governor's office looking to battle gang violence with a new grant
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press conference. what they had to say about the voter id law. and it is 72 degrees out there as we take a beautiful live look over our city, capital city, that is, raleigh, august 6th, 2016. good morning to you and thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:00. i'm beairshelle edme. >> and i'm justin quesinberry. glad that you starting your day with us. let's go to meteorologist kristin ketchell know what to expect. a few clouds outside this morning. over all, though, we are going to see things improving to at least temperature wise here as we head through the end of the weekend and the start of next week. taking a live picture from prestonwood country club in carrie. low clouds this morning but it is a muggy start to the day. showers and storms that many of us experienced today, those are out of here.
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as we head into this afternoon and this evening. currently 76 degrees in raleigh. 73 in durham. 72 degrees in fayetteville. 75 in pine hurst. 74 in siler city. we are gowns to about a mile in sanford. that is an improvement over about a quarter mile which is what we are experiencing about a half hour ago. visibility will continue to improve. we'll get rid of some of the low clouds in there this morning and we are dry through most of the will arrive into the area tomorrow and that will bring us a best chance of rain all week as we head into sunday. isolated storm or two possible this afternoon. 92 the high temperature today cooler weather in the forecast, though, for tomorrow and the weekend ahead. those details are coming up. >> thanks, kristin. >> we wanted to move now to campaign 2016. former president bill clinton made several stops here.
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for his wife. he took a few moments to talk about students about hillary clinton's platform and education and job. he held a rally at the home of brooks bell and jessie lipson. >> there are a lot of people that are glad to see president clinton. he had a lot of old friends here that campaigned for him when he ran and have been big supporters of hillary. it's almost been like a family reunion in durham. hillary clinton has outraised donald trump although trump increased his fundraising in months. >> donald trump put to pass a feud with the gop, by endorsing paul ryan and john mccain.
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things, but we mostly agree and we'll do some wonderful things. >> wisconsin's three highest ranking republicans were absent saying they had other things to do. the cane date for lieutenant governor governor in our state will face off next month. the debate will be september 13th and had be aired on unctv the governor's office is offering up to $50,000 to help the city of goldsboro fight against gang violence. the city is on pace for a
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related. >> i can't keep someone from shooting somebody but all i can do is work on it. we are trying to do more community policing, more outreach, more gang suppression. we called it ale, abc commission trying to help us. the only people we have not called is the national guard. >> the money that governor is offering can go towards overtime pay and equipment upgrade. goldsboro law enforcement officers will meet on monday to discuss how the money will be spnt a durham man already accused of killing a store clerk. timothy moore is now charged in the 2013 shooting dead of 19- year-old luann taylor. three other people are also charged in that murder. this follows the murder of a clerk of a fast food clerk. an 18-year-old is facing several charges after a high- speed chase that ended in a crash on i-40 near u.s. 70
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elijah grew-up is charged with reckless driving. a car went off the road hit a ditch and turned over. the drive, a anthony tudor, was charged. he was drive on a rebuilt license. and this man walked into little caesar's and east chatham street and demanded money. he briefly shows what looked like a weapon. give carrie police a call a portion of downtown durham can soon become a historic district.
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historic district. certain guidelines will be put into place such as what can and cannot be built into that area. the durham mission is against that idea. >> if anybody in the area wants their house declared who is toric, i love historic houses but i am opposed to declaring vacant lots, empty vacant lots, declaring them historic and forbidding the many uses. we need a community center. >> the council will hold a where the public can weigh in with their opinions. duke energy will be doing work that will shut down some streets. details to the road closures and detours just ahead. and a wyoming boy headed online -- a wilmington boy headed online to offer to cut
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success story and what he will
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we have kristen back. and she brings the 90s back with her. maybe we should have her take vacations again. >> behind the cold front tomorrow, we have cooler weather in the forecast. we are seeing some low clouds. looking at the raleigh skyline there, the sun is up and we will be seeing that today. nothing popping up on the satellite and radar. a small chaps of an isolated shower and storm. 76 in raleigh. 74 in roanoke rapids, 77 in goldsboro, littleton andradar. rayford. widespread showers and a few storms definite lay possibility
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and muggy for today. we are heating up quickly up to 88 degrees at lunchtime. 92, hot and humid this afternoon with a small chance of an isolated storm after about 3:00 p.m. i'll let you know what his store for the weekend and week ahead coming up in the complete storm team forecast. >> thank you. a record might be set in our state for a fish caught by a nine-year-old boy. just ahead, the major catch and how much it outweighs en and nowadays, people are going green in all kinds of ways. now there are green burials. how it's being donte historic oakwood cemetery. here is what you can catch
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his custody as police search for a second suspect in the murder of a fayetteville landlord, victor cerillo. police are looking for travis jefferson. 17-year-old swan was arrested in the murder. swan was arrested yesterday. a third person is also wanted in the case but has not yet been identified samuel patrick hayes is charged with common lou robbery in connection two wednesday's
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highway 54 in durham. he is being held in custody in south carolina. two horses with the raleigh police department are real estate covering after the trailer they were in was overturned. these are photos of the raleigh police department providing pictures to us of ike and willow. both were treated by a veterinarian but should be be okay. this morning, state naacp leaders will hold a press conference to address this week's develme emergency voting rights gathering. they plan to discuss the court ruling from earlier this week which ruled that the 2013 law is discriminatory meaning voter also not have to show id at the polls. republican leaders have vowed to appeal. a section of westbound hillsboro street will be closed this weekend for transmission work by duke energy. it's part of the hillsboro street renewal project. travel will be detoured to
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the month for more electric work. >> the latest trend in going green and trending fast. >> green or natural baueralls are being offered in several area -- burials are being offered in several area cemeteries. why returning to nature is becoming such a popular option. >> right now, we have 48 laid off. we sold half of them in just over a month. >> historic oakwood one the handful of cemeteries offering green burialable you are not in a bomb, not a casket >> reporter: oakwood is actually returning to its roots with thissing. >> we are now starting to offer it. it's the way we did burials in the 1880s when we first started. we are just returning to the way we used to do it.
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>> the i'd afterbeing here under these trees and among these trees and greenery, it just felt like the perfect place >> reporter: snee and her bus like the fact that they are less expensive than traditional expenses and by doing the decision right now, it helpher children when the time comes. and there will be bio degradable caskets. >> this is wrapped with. >> her business, earth-to-earth burial ships products to business. >> australia is the one that i get the most calls from. >> moore is now glad to have local people interested in the environmentally friendly option. i feel like everything should stay within the natural way and
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that. >> in wake county, carly griffith, cbs north carolina. the oakwood cemetery says that will not only the green burial plot. as popularity grows, they will accommodate more requests. take a look at this massive camp grouper caught in june by nine-year-old teddy winfield who caught a fish off a charter boat. it weighed in at 32 pounds. that tops a state record by by more than two pounds. now, we were discussing this earlier. i don't fish but a 32-pound fish, i any we can have a nice meal with that. >> that fish looked bigger than he was. >> yes, it did, crazy. >> i was at the beach, doing
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heavier now. >> yes. i come back and we are back into the 90s. what is this here? outside, we are seeing some cloud cover low clouds, a little bit of fog, some sunshine across the area today. at this point, nothing popping up on our satellite and radar, just a few of those clouds around. things are drying out here generally for most of today. we'll see a small chance of an isolated shower orrm 76 degrees right now in raleigh. 73 in durham and lewisburg. 77 in rocky mount and clayton. and 78 grease in fayetteville. could be uncomfortable with that high of 96 degrees. with that dew point in the 70s again, that puts us in the
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scale. we have the heat, humidity and a small chance of isolated showers and storms based on that sunshine that we'll be seeing thrown into the mix today. we are hot and humid. isolated storms possible out ahead of this cold front which will be pushing into the area tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be the best chaps for rain all week. so showers and storms will be likely as that cold front arrives. and with all the miles tour in the air, we'll watch for potential for localized spots and high water with some the rain and storms that we'll see evening. we'll keep a close eye on that. that front actually moves to the south on monday. it's very slow to move out of here. with it still close by, lingering showers and storms still possible as we head into monday as well. future cast showing things staying mostly quiet by today, even by 4:00, small chance of an isolated shower or storm evening this evening, same case. overnight tonight, we are dry but mostly cloudy. we'll see more clouds rolling
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and storms developing but the heavier stuff holds off until a little bit later tomorrow evening. we may seen have a few of those showers and storms linger into overnight sunday and early monday morning before we get a break from some of the wet weather monday. hot and humid. isolated storms, 92. dunn, lillington and sanford. 92 also the magic number here in benson, smithfield and goldsboro. we are loo a roxboro, durham and chapel hit. 91 in siler city, 92 in cary, lewisburg. a few isolated storms early, then mostly cloudy skies for the overnight hours. seven-day forecast has temperatures cooling off into the 80s. 89 tomorrow. so 3 degrees cooler than today and we drop even further for monday behind that cold front. 85 degrees as we start the week. still a chance of those lingering showers and storms on
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becomes much less tuesday and wednesday with temperature still in the up mid and upper 80s. we'll be back with a look ? ? ? this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now.
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downtown raleigh restaurant officially reopened. the tables inside are made from solid poplar. the restaurant has more than 40 beers on tap as well as locally sourced food a little boy in wilmington is getting a lot of attention online this week as he prepares to head back to school. >> yeah, we are talking about tyran bell. he posted a so he could cut lawns. >> a local security company set up a school supply cry for him. >> he plans on donating the surplus. altering your vote in a year where everything seems to get hacked.
6:56 am
and made in american. he is hoping to make history in the world. we'll introduce you to the fastest kayaker in the the world and aaron neville celebrated his 75th birthday with a concert. all of that and eye opener david cross and the dish. caesar's palace na las birthday on friday. the event was marked with a light show followed by fireworks. >> a pool party hosted by celebrity chef gordon ramsey and tony bennett marked the anniversary. and tony bennett had a birthday recently. >> yes. we are look for a hive 92
6:57 am
better chance of showers and storms tomorrow as the cold front moves in. a few of those may linger into monday. 85 degrees the high on monday. mid-80s, that's pretty great for early august here. 86 on tuesday, back into the upper 80s for wednesday, thursday and friday. >> so hang in there for one day. the diocese of raleigh name of jesus cathedral. >> thanks for watching.
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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is august 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs thisni pageantry and protests kick off the rio games. the summer olympics get under way with a dazzling opening ceremony. plus, mending fences with the gop. donald trump endorses three key republicans who have been critical of the candidate. tension in chicago as new video shows what officers did and said during the fatal shooting of a suspected car thief. and concert chaos. dos of fans are hurt when a


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