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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is august 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs thisni pageantry and protests kick off the rio games. the summer olympics get under way with a dazzling opening ceremony. plus, mending fences with the gop. donald trump endorses three key republicans who have been critical of the candidate. tension in chicago as new video shows what officers did and said during the fatal shooting of a suspected car thief. and concert chaos. dos of fans are hurt when a
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of a show. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the opening ceremony was spectacular! and it featured brazilian culture, customs, and a kaleidoscope of color. >> the summer olympics kick off in rio de janeiro. >> to carry the flag, it's an honor and really a dream come true. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse paul ryan. >> donald trump pulls a 180 on endorsements. and hillary clinton takes another stab at an old answer on her e-mails. >> i may have short-circuited it and for that, you know, i will try to clarify, because i think, you know, chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> do you accept this explanation? >> no. this new answer and it is a new
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>> shooting of an unarmed black teenager. >> they officers decided to play judge, jury, and execution. >> flooding in arizona and dangerous commute for drivers. emergency crews had to make at least one water rescue. >> all that. >> very frightening night for fans. >> a concert in camden, new jersey. at least ten people were hurt. >> and all that matters. >> what message do you hope you're competing in shows? >> i want to show people about perception and participating in the olympics for team usa. >> on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> donald trump setting the record straight about his stance on babies. >> a beautiful baby was crying. after about two minutes, i said, you know what? i'm going to counteract my order. beautiful baby. if you take her outside, that's not so bad. >> page one of the politician's
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welcome to the weekend, everyone. a great lineup this morning including an introduction to one of our best olympic athletes who is competing rio this month. meet the man who hopes to make history by being the first american male to medal in kayaking. plus, comedian david cross is known for his work on tv and film, but he got his starr this week, he released his first comedy special in six years, "making america great again." i'll join us to talk about it. it was a birthday bash for a music legend. aaron neville celebrated turning 75 with a concert and a new album. we will talk to him about his longevity and take you to the birthday concert for a special "saturday session." our top story this morning. with a rousing opening, the
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the eyes of the world were on rio de janeiro last night, as the opening ceremonies began with a party and a parade of athletes from around the globe. >> but the night was not all smiles. it actually wasn't meant to be. ben tracy is in rio this morning with the latest. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. guys, rio has been preparing for these olympics for seven years now. the games have begun. last night's opening ceremony was both beautiful and, at times, even tt the show lit up rio's night sky. it was billed as low but that but still high concept. in unvarnishes history of brazil, it will go flavory. >> the temperature rises. >> a strong environmental message despite the low incomic problems in rio.
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exports super model gisele bundchen played the girl from ipanamea but most were talking about the boy from tonga. swimmer michael phelps, winner of 22 olympic medals, led the usa, the largest delegation of the games into the stadium. the most emotional moment of the night was when history was made. the competing under the olympic flag but the harmony on display inside was a sharp contrast with this. protesters outside, angry about the estimated $12 billion being spent on the olympics during one of the worst recessions in brazil's history. a security force twice the size of the london olympics is now on
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safe. these americans, who perform on a cruise ship now docked in town, say they think the early criticisms of rio are overblown. >> it always seems like around this time of the olympics or world cup that there is always a lot of turmoil right before, but they always seem to pull it off. >> the olympics are my favorite thing, ever. so this is a dream come true. >> reporter: and now that the olympic cauldron has been lit, that dream is a reality. later events begin including men's gymnastics and women's swimming. we expect to do katie ledecky in the pool and she is the youngest member of the u.s. swim team. >> ben tracy in rio de janeiro, thank you. president obama showed his support for america's olympic athletes. last night he wrote on twitter
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the gop yesterday as donald trump tried to mend fences with a few critics within his own party, after some high profile spats with the speaker of the house and two key senators. trump did an about-face. were role barnett is in our washington bureau with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. it's a tumultuous week for donald trump. he attacked a gold star family, kicked a baby out of a rally, and refused to endorse fellow republicans in primary races. all of this causing tur the party and for his campaign. so, last night, mr. trump tried hard to make mends as his democratic opponent, hillary clinton, tried to take advantage of his week. donald trump tried to heal party division on friday by endorsing house speaker paul ryan. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan.
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earlier in the week. he also endorsed two other key senate republicans. >> i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. >> reporter: trump admitted he need the support of the entire coalition to win the general election. >> but i need a republican senate all of the changes that we have to make. we have to make them. >> reporter: by his side was running mate mike pence who praised trump's off-the-cuff style and found the campaign in trouble. >> he says it like it is and he will make america great again. >> reporter: the republican nominee tried to stay on message, hammering his opponents hillary clinton. >> she's a monster. okay? >> reporter: but he couldn't resist bringing up incidents
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>> the whole place is cracking up. and the next day in the newspaper, it said, trump throws baby out of arena! >> i want you to hold me accountable, press and citizens alike. >> reporter: speaking at a journalism concert, hillary clinton continued to paint trump as unsuitable and unprepared for the white house. >> but i do have this old-fashioned idea. when you run for president, you ought to tell the voters of america what you would do as president. >> reporter: but she couldn't investigation into her handling of classified information while secretary of state. >> what i told the fbi which he said is truthful is consistent with what i said publicly. i may have short circuited it and for that i will try to clarify. >> reporter: now trump tried to capitalize on those clinton comments, instantly sending out an anti-hillary web video and he also sent out an e-mail and text
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fund-raising opportunity. and he need more of those. earlier this week, the trump campaign announced more than $80 million in fund-raising from last month, but sources tell us that after trump's week of missteps, fund-raising has stalled. >> errol barnett in washington, thank you. let's find out where campaign 2016 goes from here and more on that we turn to asi paybarah. who is the real beneficiary for he need a united republican party to overcome hillary clinton whose supporters are in lock-step with her. trump, having these days of saying i'm not going to endorse paul ryan, i don't know about these other candidates, he is acting more like the kind of candidate who wants to win rather than a candidate who is a personality. >> interesting that he has to have a piece of paper to get that across! >> the first time -- >> to say i need a republican senate, a republican house to
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he is sounding more like a candidate which should give democrats more concern. >> for one day, maybe. let's switch to hillary clinton. you were shaking your head during errol's piece there with both candidates. she held her first new news conference in 200 days? >> 244 days. so say i want the press to hold me accountable but i'm not going to talk to the press, it's remarkable that donald trump doesn't make more of this issue, which you would think turn some of the media more in hisfa lengthy q & a's unscripted as we have seen and hillary clinton is very reserved. she has questions about her e-mail, about why she contradicted what comey has said and she feeds into the press she is hiding something and she is untrustworthy and biggest complaints she has and donald trump needs to talk about that but he distracts himself when he
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the polls when it comes to young people. both say these candidates don't represent me so what can they do? >> they can start sort of sounding, if you will, like michael bloomberg did at the democratic national convention. he said i support some ideas in both parties and candidates in both parties and you pick ala carte where you want to go. >> asi, thank you for being with us this morning. tomorrow morning on "face the nation," john dickerson's guests will include senator jeff flake and senator tom cotton. >> a fire swept through a bar this morning in northern france. the blaze broke out when candles at a birthday party were lit. investigators say the fire appears to be accidental. a published report says the
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sound and quickly ignited. dozens were injured when a railing collapsed during an outdoor concert by snoop dogg and whiz khalifa in camden, new jersey last night. the partition gave way and causing people to fall on top of each other and on to the concrete floor. the collapse happeneded about halfway through the concert. the rest of the performance was cancelled. this morning, u.s.-backed allies have pushed many forces out of manbij, syria. they are in a province in northern syria and under isis control for more than two years. air fighters and kurdish militia said to control 60% of the city. >> the head of the chicago police union is urging the public not to rush to judgment over the newly released video of the shooting death of a
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week ago. jericka duncan has the story. portions of her report we warn you could be disturbing. >> reporter: within seconds of spotting a reported stolen jaguar, police fired more than a dozen shots at the car 18-year-old paul o'neal was driving. o'neal sped off and ran into a police car. o'neal then fled on foot. after a short chase, he was shot but the fatal shooting was not captured on any camera, only the aftermath. >> put your hands behind your back! [ bleep ]. >> reporter: officers believe o'neal was firing at them, but no gun was ever recovered on o'neal or in the car. michael oppenheimer represents o'neal's family. >> these police officers decided to play judge, jury, and
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>> reporter: the video was made public eight days after the incident. a far cry from the 14 months it took to release the video of officer jason van dyke shooting and killing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the officer who said on video he thought he shot o'neal, knew early on, there would be trouble. >> the police out here acting re superintendent eddie johnson tried to have a news conference outside police headquarters but he was shouted down by protesters. three of the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. we reached out to them for comment but got no reply. the police superintendent here says it appears a new policy may have been violated, preventing police from firing at a moving vehicle. for "cbs this morning: saturday," jericka duncan, chicago.
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out from its latest round of monsoon-type storms. streets were turned into rivers on friday and forced several swift water rescues and drivers were trapped in their cars. here is meteorologist ed curran of wbm-tv for more. >> good morning. a lot of activity around the country as you can see here. we go through the day, we are concerned about possibility of flash flooding centered here in colorado. also, we look at wes over the next few days. we have to watch the southeast especially as they will have slow moving storms moving through, giving flooding rains there. marginal chances of severe in four places around the country, appear montana and idaho and down to the south as we good into colorado and kansas and down into arkansas. finally, up in the northeast. again, marginal chances. here, the chances for damaging winds and as you work your way to the north, hail works its way
7:17 am
up in the south. and excessive heat warning here that is centered in the louisiana area. as we go through the day you can see we have very warm temperatures there, up to 102 in dallas and up to 105 degrees in phoenix, and in your area, vinita, 85 in new york. >> that's not bad. we will take that. meteorologist ed curran of our chicago station wbbm-tv. everybody at the table disagrees but i think 85 a strong employment report for july. the s&p 500 index and the nasdaq closed at record highs on friday. to find out what the jobs report tells us about the economy, we turn to cbs news news analyst jill schlesinger. july ends on a high note. >> this was a much better than expected report. 255,000 jobs added during the
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a little bit higher. in may a terrible report. in the subsequent two months we came on strong and that really allayed some fears on the job front. we know wages were up 2.6% from a year ago. overall, just fabric of this report was good, broad-based and that was very important for the market to hear because, again, fears of recession >> the wage news is especially good. i'm curious here. the gdp numbers have not been that great but we have got pretty good jobs numbers. if you're the fed at this point, is there a rate hike in september? >> it's back on the table for sure. the economy is growing at a slow pace the first half of year. that is half of what we have seen for the recovery period. by the way, i mean, we have gone
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but you're absolutely right, because the jobs report, the strength of that report does show that probably consumers are going to keep spending. we are back on the table for september. i think they will probably skip september. more than likely we are looking at december for the next rate hike and the only one of the year. >> brexit fallout concern you? are the feds still monitoring the bank of england? >> absolutely big-time focus on brexit and here is why. we know the uk economy i week, yesterday, they cut interest rates in the uk to 322-year low! 322! guys, come on! come on! >> they were keeping numbers for 322 years? >> exactly. the bank of england is pulling out all of the stops and try to stimulate the economy. if things stay contained in the uk, don't spread to europe and don't spread to the rest of the world we should be sheltered. but the fed is keeping a close eye on that because as we all
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>> meanwhile, here, back to the presidential race. if you're looking at these numbers, there is actually kind of something in here for both sides, saints there? >> absolutely. because for hillary clinton, she says, you see? look at the economy. we are creating jobs. 14.5 million jobs since the job market bottomed out in 2010. wages increasing. broad-based creation across lots of different sectors. even manufacturing had a job last month. if you're trump, what you do is, wait a minute, well actually looking for a job at multidecade lows. we are looking at a broad unemployment rate which includes disgrunt disgruntled workers and that rate is 9.75%. he says not only is that a high number but 1.5% higher than before the recession so something for everyone. >> they are both working to push
7:21 am
virginia, was rested in a sex for drug steen. scott silverthorn authorities say he set up a wouldn't to swap methamphetamine with sex with other men. after receiving a tip an undercover officer created a website and silverthorn lost his job on friday as a substitute teacher. the "los angeles times" reports the mayor of stockton, california, says he is innocent after arrested for supplying poker game at a youth camp. he told reporters on friday that everyone involved was at least 18. he denies illegally photographing anyone during the card game last summer. prosecutors say his cell phone and audio recordings where all of the players in his room were naked. a coach is suspended after it was discovered he hit a camera inside the weight room at the oakland coliseum. he put the camera up to watch
7:22 am
injuries. he has hired an outside law firm to conduct the investigation. this is my favorite paper of the morning. >> we are not doing so well so far. >> the website reports a man in new jersey was so loved that both of his wife and his girlfriend published his obituary! it's nice! leroy black, the obituaries won side-by-side in the newspaper at the one reads he is survived by his long time wife and the other reads he is survived by good sat day morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell off to a little bit of a cloudy start here. raleigh skyline there. the clouds will lift. we'll see some sunshine. going to be warm at 75 already in raleigh. 73 in durham.
7:23 am
coming up, could online hackers be a about to steal a november presidential election? a new report warns that the recent cyberattacks aimed at democrats could be a sign of things to come. later, how coldplay's emotional tribute to a young band killed on tour sparked an unlikely hit. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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coming up one of the best olympic athletes wants to be the first american male to win a medal for kayaking. you will meet him. >> comedian david cross is out with his first comedy special in six years and i'll join us here at the table. we will be right back. this is "cbs this morning:
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good morning. i'm beairshelle edme. here is what's making shed lines this morning. a teen is in custody as police look for two other suspects in the death of landlord. swan was arrested last greensboro. a third person is also wanted in the case but has not been identified. the three men were captured on surveillance video running from the scene. cerillo was found in the office with a gunshot wound to the chest. anyone with information on the murder or the whereabouts of jefferson should call police. the kerrwood teenager seen in the vurns was arrested in myrtle beach.
7:28 am
he is being held in custody in south carolina. switching gears now, let's talk about the weather. it's heating up already. >> heating up quickly. temperatures back in the 90s for one more day before we get cooler weather to arrive in here. here is a look at the preston country club. we have some low clouds around which you will see lifting eventually. it is currently 75 in raleigh, 73 degrees in durham. 78 degrees in fitville. 77 in littletop, clayton and rocky mound and clinton, 75 in pine hurst. expect temperatures to climb to 93 degrees. temperatures falling into the 80s through most of this week ahead. let's take a live look outside right now at what you can
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7:30 am
ar and i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. because i think my side was rigged.going to be rigged, i hae honest. because i think my side was rigged. >> sometimes folks complain when they got cheated but i've never over. >> the president did say the federal government is ready to help local elections officials if it turns out their voting machines are vulnerable to hackers. >> with recent hacks to the democratic party, there are worries a hack could influence in november.
7:31 am
dan ackerman, senior editor at cnet. it certainly feels like this is the year of the hack. >> you could call it thaw about a trend line that goes back a few years and what we have seen especially is the government data and political data, whether it's the opm data breach or the dnc e-mails, it's a valuable target. obviously, the next step is the big prize would be in an election and people use the word like rigged and throw it systems and investigator degrees of security. is that a good or bad thing that it's split up like that? >> it's very much on the local level. so every state and even cities within the state, they can have different types of electronic voting machines from different manufacturers running different software and different operating systems and updated and patched differently. if you ask any i.t. guy about that they will say it's a nightmare. >> florida, ohio, pennsylvania,
7:32 am
software. what is the game plan and why not update the software around the nation? >> we don't have a uniform national code what voting machines need to have and look like and it's up to every state individually. some of the best case scenarios are machines where they record the vote electronically but simultaneously create a paper record and you can take any individual machine or group of machines and audit the results. that is not every electronic voting machine is electronically right now. >> how easy is it to hack a electronic machine theoretically? >> people say no such thing a bank vault a criminal couldn't get into with enough time and enough resources. you could same the same thing here. you have a quilt patterns of
7:33 am
creates vulnerability. >> if we are going to go electronic, is there ever going to be a way to really say to people there is no way this could have been hacked? >> i don't think you can never tell anybody something is 100% secure but you can follow best practices with having the simultaneous paper record and if everyone has the same types of machines and remind me a lot of companies that make cars and home stuff. they have had data breaches and hacking because companies are in primary security companies. in 2016 every company has to be a security company and those are guys that make voting machines. >> we saw a graphic some countries like belgium and brazil and venezuela are all electronic. most countries still use paper and pencil. >> sure. a lot of these are much smaller countries. and probably have a uniform machine across the country. here we have a system where the lowest bidder in a lot of cases makes the voting machines.
7:34 am
even if it hasn't happened, it could happen. >> especially when you start muddying the waters. you could create the impression you could get in there and leave a mark and makes people feel less secure. >> thank you, dan. coming up, a musical legacy. the honor of british rock band is earning this week, six months after the car crash that c ketchell. a few clouds outside from a live look here at shaw university. we will see the clouds lifting a bit. some sunshine on the way for today. mugry already, 75 in raul lee, 73 in durham, 78 up next, medical news in our "morning rounds" including new
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? it is time for "morning rounds." with cbs chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook and dr. herbert lepor. first up the za 15 cases have been confirmed in wynd wood, in the miami area. florida governor rick scott is pressuring the federal government to provide more resources. while the centers for disease control are stepping up their efforts to combat the virus. so this week, the cdc has new guidelines out. what do they say? >> i think people should know where to find all of that information, by the way. just at the cdc website, google cdc space zika and specifically if you want pregnancy, space,
7:39 am
first of all, they said pregnant women should not travel to the area in question in miami. very unusual travel advisory within the united states or to anyplace where there is any ongoing zika transmission. they said that pregnant women who travel to this area on or after june 15th, 2016, should talk with the health care provider and should be testified for zika. people traveling to this area should wait eight weeks before trying for pregnancy and men with symptoms of zika should for pregnancy. the zika virus is found in the semen of men up to 62 days after infection. finally, all pregnant women in the united states should be assessed for possible zika virus during each prenatal visit. i don't want confusion. it means asking about symptoms and travel history and sexual exposure. if the doctor thinks there is reason that there was exposure to zika virus then get tested.
7:40 am
symptoms or none at all. what do you need to be aware of it? >> it seems 80% of people don't have symptoms. it's a mild fever, skin rash, aches and pains and conconjunk takitis. >> how worried a full-blown outbreak here? >> it is transmitted by the mosquito as zika and several outbreaks were contained. hopefully, our health care system and the government will respond effectively. so i'm optimistic but this is an entire different virus. so time will tell. i think we need to be on guard. >> response means funding. the president says we need emergency funding and the congress is in recess. what happens?
7:41 am
lev level. not a penny of new funding. there is a lot of finger pointing in congress. >> if we are delaying, what does that mean? >> what that is delaying. we knew about it in our winter. we had all of these months to get ahead of it which would have meant preparing these towns for local mosquito control. you see david begnaud's reports water. the army was doing that house-to-house. this is no easy task. you have to build up a lab facility. the fact congress has not gotten it together to have some funding here or now or in the height of mosquito season and they are on vacation? you have to wonder what is going on? moving on. biking is a popular form of exercise always and especially during the summer months but
7:42 am
erectile dysfunction. >> we know that male professional cyclists are prone to develop erectile dysfunction. what is the culprit? the narrow bicycle seats but pressure on the nerves and artery that affect the erection. should you stop biking? absolutely not. if you get a broader seat, it will take some of the pressure off of those arteries nerves. wear maybe shorts that are padded. tha could be helpful. and in terms of if you're going to take a long bike ride, take a breather. both for you and the nerves and the arteries. >> what would you describe as a long bike ride? >> for me, it would be ten minutes! but i would say for a cyclist, a recreational cyclist, two or three hours. if you're in the tour de france. >> that's a long bike ride. >> you can't rest in that case.
7:43 am
cyclist, hopefully they are listen, just take a breather. >> you want to be in tour de force after the tour de france. >> i'm not touching that one. >> it seems as though there are correlation or people think a correlation between erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer. is there any truth to that? >> there was an interesting study suggested that some of the drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, in the lab they slowed the growth of prostate cancer. might the drugs be effective to decrease the development of the disease or, in fact, the progression. but there was some disappointing news. there was a study. it was a large group of men who were on a prostate cancer prevention study, so they took
7:44 am
and how many didn't and it was looking at the prevention of prostate cancer. no different. the laboratory suggested maybe another role for these drugs but, unfortunately, the clinical data doesn't support it. >> finally, for us this morning, trampoline risks. the indoor facilities cover wall-to-wall in trampolineses and have seen a a study showed the estimated number of emergency visits for trampoline parks increased to nearly 7,000. strains and fractures and why you sign the big waivers. >> i looked into this at some depth. the american academy of pediatrics recommends against recreational trampoline use for children. they say if people go ahead and
7:45 am
adult supervision which may or may not help. this would just be watching the disaster. adequate and appropriate padding. one jumper at a time and avoiding flips and somersaults that can cause devastating and neck injuries. >> a rule at our house, no more than one. >> no more than one? >> come on. time to get on board, anthony. >> thank you, doctors, for being with us this morning. up next, the bittersweet topping band in britain. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. i had that dream again --
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is with the treat you make together. ? ? ? this weekend in britain a relative unknown band reached the top of the uk album chart. how they got there is a story filled with heartbreak and hope.
7:49 am
>> i'm chris. i play guitar and sing. >> i'm tom. i do bass. >> i'm jeff. i play the drums. >> i'm brandon. i play the guitar and drums. ? >> reporter: you likely never heard of the indie british band viola beach. ? playful chords and youthful ene energy, the 20 something-year-old history the road this past winter on their tour. boys that sing was one of their most popular songs. >> they are definitely raw. they were a band at the beginning of their career. and it's a strong debut.
7:50 am
>> reporter: they were making a name for themselves when tragedy changed their course. >> family, friends and fans have told of their shock after a british indie band and their manager were killed in a car crash in sweden. >> reporter: chris, tom, jack, river and their manager craig all died when their suv plunged off of a bridge in february. other musicians paid tribute to them online, and then a few weeks ago, one of the biggest british band bug beach's music back to life on one of britain's biggest stages. >> they got taken away. remind of us and the other bands that come through here. >> reporter: chris of coldplay said they want to give viola beach a chance to play at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. >> this is by viola beach. let's send it up to the charts
7:51 am
family recently released an album of all of their recordings, viola beach hit the top spot. their new title won't bring them home but the family of the band members say their music will live on. the boys of the band are singing again. for "cbs this morning: saturday," johnathan vigliotti, london. >> what a wonderful gesture chris martin of coldplay did there. >> i got all cho u that. incredible. coming up, lucille ball created a uniquely funny character in "i love lucy." no now they are replacing a scary stature of her with one that is a lot more loveable. that is coming up on "cbs this morning: saturday." ? ng fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future,
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7:55 am
here we go. >> after all these years, everybody still loves lucy. just not this version of the comedy legend. a statue of lucille ball in her hometown in new york caused many to gasp when it was unveiled in 2009. >> you probably go to a wax museum and see something so much better than this. >> reporter: locals dubbed the six foot tall scary lucy. after an online outcry, the mayor launched a nationwide search to build a new likeness of lucy. artist carolyn palmer was selected and spent nine months study the actress by watching reruns of "i love lucy."
7:56 am
let me buy this. >> reporter: the results will be revealed later this morning as the town unveils the new statue on what would have been lucille ball's 105th birthday. but for those who can't make it to western new york for the ceremony, we have a sneak peek at the replacement lucy right here. it weighs 800 pound and is made entirely out of bronze. we even named her friendly lucy. >> a d would say! >> i think it's nice they are keeping scary lucy not far from loveable lucy so you can compare the two. >> i think scary lucy should be retired! but she has become a talking point. coming up, no male american has ever won an olympic melgdaln kayaking. th that may change in rio and you'll meet him coming up. you're watching "cbs this
7:57 am
good morning. i'm beairshelle edme. here is what's making headlines this morning. polk county deputies are looking for a man who robbed a dollar family store in rayford. the man shown on the screen showed and handgun. he should be considered armed help catch him, call the sheriff office. state naacp leaders will hold a conference with address the developments in the voter id law. they plan to discuss the court ruling from earlier this week which ruled that 2013 law is discriminatory meaning that voters will not have to show ids at the polls.
7:58 am
appear i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. here is a live look outside of the durham international airport. some the cloud out there. temperatures in raleigh about 76 degrees. it's 73 degrees right now in durham and lewisburg. 71 in henderson, 75 in roanoke rapids. 71 in lillington. 79 in fayetteville. we are dry right now, staying dry for most of the afternoon. small chance an isolated shower or better chance, though, as we head into our day tomorrow. next cold front comes in sunday. we cool off to 89 degrees. behind that cold front, we are down to 85 on monday a chance at a few lingering showers and storms but the showering storm threat gets less as we get through this week ahead with temperatures mostly in the 80s, tuesday and wednesday. back to the 90s by friday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
? welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> i'm vinita nair. coming up the olympics get off to a rou and we will take a closer look at the doping scandal that kicked more than a hundred athletes out. then comedian david cross is back with a stand-up special after six years. we will talk with him about what changed since he started doing stand-up 35 years ago. singer aaron neville celebrated his 75th birthday with a new album and a spectacular concert. we will catch up with him and take you to the show for a special "saturday session."
8:01 am
last night, the opening ceremony got off to a big start with teams from around the world marching through the stadium in rio de janeiro. and some strong, but serious, messages. ben tracy is in rio with more. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after seven years of planning here in rio, the olympics have finally begun. the opening ceremony last night at one of brazil's most famous soccer stadiums lit up the t skit sky in rio. they had it didn't cost as much as london and beijing but still high concept. super model from brazil gisele bundchen was playing the role of the girl from ipanema but the people were talking about the boy from tonga. swimmer michael phelps led team usa, which is the largest delegation in these games. but some of the biggest cheers of the night were for the team
8:02 am
first team of refuges competing under the olympic flag. outside the stadium, brazilians protested the games in the 12 million dollars being spent during one of the worst recessions in the country's history. these are protests that have taken place all over the country and especially here in rio. as soon as the olympic torch got to the city. the security is tight in rio. they have a security force twice the size of the london olympics. but the tourists we have talked to say that is preventing them from attending the events. today, marquee events begin such as men's gymnastics and swimming. among the thousands of competitors entering maracana stadium last night, more than 270 russian athletes but more than a hundred of their teammates are banned from competing after swept up in one of the biggest doping scandals to ever hit sports. >> investigators say russian athletes and government
8:03 am
touched nearly every olympic sport. for more we are joined by andrew brandt from villanova university. how do you think they handled this? >> they took all of this information, a state sponsored program that was systemic that was pervasive comprehensive and what they did was send it back to the federation and say you decide. the information from the doping regimenses were extensive and athletes were calling the testers so say, can i schedule my test? like a hair or a dentist appointment. all they did was send it back to the federations and let them decide, rather than doing what the ioc is supposed to do. the buck should have stopped there. >> it's interesting between this and the world cup. you get a sense of how big these events are for corruption. why are they such a magnet? >> because so much money is
8:04 am
in 2014 and very involved here with the russian doping system. 51 dollars spent by russia to host those games. there is pervasive conflicts that go on where you have the p president of the anti-doping and vice president of the ioc. these inherent conflict just sort of cloud the whole system. olympics? have the olympics been affected by this in terms of interest? >> i think people are going to focus on how fast michael phelps swims and usain bolt runs and that is the sport that drives everyone. ogram we say 118 bans from the olympics for russian athletes, my question only 118? 270 are still going to compete with this evidence behind them. and there is all this talk about
8:05 am
where it's too late to ban everyone and you have these relationships with putin and the ioc president thomas bach and a constant pervasive consistent mess. >> i think people are asking is it possible to have clean games? is that something we will ever see? >> i think with athletes, they are always looking for an edge. my worry is that the cheaters are always ahead of the testers. but maybe if you do something overseeing everything and punish the gome aren't doing their job. if you do it from the top, then these athletes don't have as much incentive to perform like that and also some scientific advancements and biological passports and not testing for a certain drug but physisychologi changes overtime. >> thank you for being with us, andrew. republican presidential candidate donald trump is trying
8:06 am
in green bay, wisconsin, trump saved his criticism for hillary clinton. >> in one way, she's a monster. okay? look at what happened. look at her history. in another way, she's a weak person. she's actually not strong enough but she's not strong enough to be president. she will be a disaster. >> trump said clinton lacks, quote, the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead the country. clinton has, again, talked about the controversy over her e-mails when she was secretary of state. the democratic nominee tried to explain that she did not mean to imply that fbi director james comey vouches for the truth of
8:07 am
on friday she spoke to a group of journalists in washington. >> director comey had said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that is really the bottom line here. and i have said, during the interview and in many other occasions over the past month, that what i told the fbi, which ed was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited it and, for that, try to clarify. >> clinton insists she never said something that was marked classified. fans of snoop dogg may long remember last night's outdoor concert in camden, new jersey, but for all of the wrong reasons. more than 40 people were injured when a railing collapsed separating concert goers from the stage. it gave way and causing people to fall on top of each other and on to the concrete floor.
8:08 am
good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. you are taking a live look outside. starting to see some skies left a little bit. 76 degrees in raleigh. 74 in durham, 79 degrees in
8:09 am
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as the olympics get under way in rio, one sport that doesn't get a lot of attention could make history. >> meg oliver caught up with maeb of a member of the u.s. ca and kayak term. >> michal smolen, if performing as expected, he could make history as the first american male to medal in the sport. when it comes to the summer olympics, kayaking doesn't usually make it into the head but this year, it's expected to make a splash. the standout for the usa men's and canoe kayaking team is 23-year-old kayaker michal smolen. in oklahoma city trials, he navigated the rapids with smooth precision. >> for me, it's something that brings me back every day. >> reporter: what is it about it? >> i think it's real. you want to get as close to the gate as possible.
8:13 am
that keeps me coming back. >> reporter: it's hard to believe but as a young kid, he was terrified of the water. when you first tried kayaking, did it come nationally to you? >> definitely not. and i always think back to that moment that i actually got in the boat for the first time because i really wanted to do it when i was really young. and i saw my dad do it when i was probably around 6 or 7 years but when i got in the boat, i was actually very scared and told myself that i wouldn't do it after that experience. >> reporter: what did you think, rafl, when you saw your son's fear? >> if he wanted to join, he had to do everything the same way everybody else was doing, so for me, it was like either you do it or you get out. >> you better close to clearing that! >> reporter: his dad is also the
8:14 am
of the polish national team and they immigrated to the u.s. when mi michal was 10. he tried kayaking a second time and it clicked. what did it feel like the second time around? >> i felt i was really, really relieved. it was because i wasn't as scared and i was willing to try new things and get on bigger rivers. >> reporter: was it always your dream toak olympics? >> i think i've always been very competitive, even outside of sports, i've always just wanted to be the best at everything i did. when i was a kid, i wanted to be the best if i did something, so i remember starting to kayak and i told myself that i wanted to go to the games one day if i did it professionally. >> reporter: his drive and dedication paid off. at 17, he made the 2012 olympic team but he never competed.
8:15 am
still waiting for citizenship. it came seven months too late. >> reporter: it makes that much more meaningful. the work i put in the last four years has been tremendous and it's gotten me to the level where i think that i could actually come back from rio with a medal. >> reporter: last year, michal won team usa first kayak world medal in six ye intense training and tough love. what is it like to have your dad as your coach? he is the only coach you've ever known. >> it's different and intense at times. i get the better of me and i lose my temper, but that is why i have him to calm me down and set me in the right direction. >> reporter: how hard is it to coach your son? >> well, it's not easy for sure. i mean, it's not easy to coach any -- any athlete on the top
8:16 am
in some ways, a pferfectionist and you try to be your best every day. >> reporter: what do you usually say to him right before he competes? >> well, last time, i told him to -- to have fun. and then work! so i guess i'm going to say the same thing in rio. >> reporter: the finals are set for next week. all eyes will be on michal to make history as the two american women have melgdal for the sport in 1964 and 2004. >> his father is saying just don't break anything. >> dad does look intense, i have to say. meg oliver, thanks very much. meet david cross coming up next who is making america great again and becoming a huge hit on
8:17 am
thanks, dad. i'll pick you up in two hours. >> announcer: this is sponsored by toyota. let's go place. thank you. have fun. thanks, dad. thanks, mr. smith. hurry in for toyota's annual clearance event, where you can find 0% apr financing for 60 months on the 2016 rav4. re great deals, visit toyota. let's go places. which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who ows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer.
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8:20 am
it becomes clear that virgin mary isn't appearing today, you know? i think she had to be on a tore tee a. >> reporter: never one to hold back, david cross has been making audiences laugh for more than two decade. >> obama is a nazi! he's a communist, socialist and black muslim nazi! >> reporter: whether on stage. >> reporter: or movies. >> troublemaker! on television. >> i'm looking for something that says, dad likes leather. >> something that says leather daddy? >> oh, is there such a thing. >> reporter: 2015 saw him rekindle two comedy projects. his sitcom with the increasing poor decisions of todd margaret. >> i encourage you not to think outside the box but outside the
8:21 am
>> reporter: and comedy partnership with bob odend kirk. >> you mean to murder me? you monster. >> come on, mr. jacobs. >> ken, ken. >> he ken, yes. cut. >> reporter: first enjoyed by audiences on hbo 20 years earlier and now back on the stand-up stage with his first new special in six years. making america great again, debuting on netflix this week. he takes dead aim at america >> he has billions of dollars. who else could get people who are struggling financially to give him money happily. that is [ bleep ] genius. >> reporter: we are thrilled to welcome david cross to studio 57. good morning. >> good morning. >> the timing of this is interesting because you did this before trump had secured the nomination. >> yeah. well, i started the tour, it was the most expensive tour i've ever done and i started back in
8:22 am
it was a bit of a joke. i don't think anybody thought he would rise to the position he is now in. and back when i taped the special, too, which was in april, there was still, you know, it was still cruz and kasich and they were all viable. and now, of course, it's august and here we are. i just want to point out that watching that >> you gasped at one point. >> i have not aged well. 20 years has taken its toll. >> actually, i don't think you look that different. the gray beard is the difference. >> also stuff down here. >> you actually started doing stand-up comedy when you were 17? >> yeah. the first time i ever went on stage, it was shortly before my 18th birthday. i could fudge it.
8:23 am
a week before i turned 18. >> it a reflex? does it never go away? when you go back on tour after awhile, is it still there? >> yeah. once you've done it enough, it becomes intuitive and, you know, at this point, i mean, i've been on stage 10,000 times. who knows. all over -- all over the world -- no, not in -- not in tasmania. any way. but yeah, it know, a muscle memory type of thing. >> watching this, though, i wondered how different audiences and different states respond to on it, because it's not so much political as it is current events. you talk about a lot of things like gun legislation. >> right, right. >> how do audiences respond when there is some of those jabs? >> well, it depends. i had a lot of walk-outs. i wouldn't say the majority -- not even close the majority of the audience, but, you know, almost every show --
8:24 am
>> yeah, sometimes quietly and sometimes very vocally. >> how do you deal with that? >> again, it depends. it certainly makes the show fun and more interesting for me. keep in mind, you've got 99% of the audience that has your back and they are actually excited that they are, you know, especially in some of the smaller towns that i'd go to, they are excited that there is somebody like me who is speaking to this, giving voice, when are in the minority of this and red town in a red state. >> we mentioned in the beginning, i mean, you've done so many different things across, you know, film and television and stand-up. >> i cooked all that food. >> did you? >> yeah. he just came in at the end. >> what do people recognize you most for?
8:25 am
like, if they are -- and also age. so if it's like teenagers to, like, early 20s, puerto rican, dominican kid, it's "scary movie 2." >> which is funny. that's what i said! >> i lived in these villas, for whatever, 12, 13 years and i was on -- the first year i was on 7 between c and d and when i'd anywhere, they called me scary movie 2. that was my name. yo, yo, scary movie 2, what is up? what time is it? scary movie 2, you got a sign? that just became my name and i'd answered to it. it really does. it breaks down in a social groups of who knows me from what. mostly, it's "arrested." that sort -- >> will there be another "arrested"?
8:26 am
i think i speak for everybody. certainly the cast would love to do it a again. it's a very tricky thing. there's like 19 entities that are owned by other multinational corporation that have a little piece of it that don't care so much. they are more interested in getting as much money as they can and it's about getting those people to figure it out. then, of course you got all of the after's who are busy doing various things. a lot of us live all over the place. >> right. >> we would all love to, it's such a blessing to be able to get to do that character, those writers, mitch's brain, i mean, it's truly a blessing. >> a blessing to have you here on our set. thank you so much, david. >> thank you. >> the comedy special is called "making america great again!" catch it right now on netflix. up next, the dish.
8:27 am
you'll get a taste of that coming up next on "cbs this morning: saturday." breaking news out of garner. police assay an armed robbery out of a restaurant ended with a suspect shot and another one on the run. it happened at buffalo brothers on white oak road. responding officers found a suspect with a gunshot wound. he was transported to wakemed. no word on his condition. ol determine who shot the suspect and they are looking for a second suspect. this is a developing story and we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. state naacp leader also hold a press conference this morning to address this beck's development with the voter id trial. they are calling it an emergency voting rights gathering. they plan to discuss a court ruling from earlier this week which ruled that 2013 law is discriminatory, meaning that voters will not have to show an
8:28 am
to appeal. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. off to a cloudy start here. you can see the clouds in the background there sun mixing in eventually but this morning kind of off to a cloudy and muggy start here for us across the area. we have nothing popping up here on the radar. most will be dry. we'll see the clouds lifting once again. we will see al little bit of sunshis weekend here. 76 degrees here in raleigh, 74 is the current temperature at durham. 77 in lewisburg. 79 degrees in fayetteville. we can expect temperatures to climb today up to about 83 degrees. 88 degrees by lunchtime. looking at a high around 92 this afternoon. going to be a hot one across the area. be prepared for temperatures in
8:29 am
8:30 am
? we have certainly met some great chefs with fascinating stories on i the dish" but this may top them kwame onwatchi moved to live with his grandfather in nicaragua. >> he is called a rock star red redefining an industry and is set to open a new restaurant in washington and he is only 26 years old. chef kwame onwatchi, welcome to "the dish." >> thank you for having me. >> what do you have here? >> amazing platter in the middle
8:31 am
ethiopian spice mix. next to it potatoes with a special dipping sauce. we have a fresh salad of figs and pickled black cherries and arugula and toshito peppers. >> i love those peppers. >> then a cheesecake with a burnt honey sauce for dessert. >> we saw you pouring this and it looked divine. >> it's a great balance. a drink of a rum-based drink from our bartender ben at the restaurant. >> i want to file an objection they moved the beverage to the other side of the table this week! >> i read that your mother started a catering business in a one-bedroom apartment in the bronx. is that when you knew or you thought i can't do this? >> at that point, it was a
8:32 am
dishes but it was a chore at that point. i didn't know until later on in my career when i started waiting tables and doing a little catering on my own in the city. >> we mentioned you went to africa when you were 11 and ended up there for two years? >> two years, yes, i didn't know i was going there to live. my mother said i was going there for vacation just for about two months. >> wow! >> the summer and then it was september and i called, i'm like, mom, i'm supposed to start school. she ha y respect and you'll stay there until you learn respect and appreciate what you have in the states. >> how long did it take you to learn respect? >> two years. it was a long lesson but i think it shaped me into the man i am today. i'm definitely a changed person. >> when you came back to the united states were furs job was interesting. you were cooking on a ship that is used to clean up oil spills. >> the huge oil spill that happened in the gulf of mexico. they sent responders out there and chefs. i signed up and started cooking
8:33 am
and lunch and dinner and no access to internet and no phone phone and we were cut off from society so i was really on my own and that was a true test to my craft and it showed me what i was doing was right and people enjoyed my food so why not take a step back and go to new york and learn some restaurants. >> you went to huge restaurants also. >> yeah. if you want to be the best, you got to go to the best and you got to learn from the best. my mother always taught me that. so it just followed suit when i got older. >> when you wanted to start your because you ended up selling candy on the subway to raise money? >> i did, i did. it was probably one of the hardest things i've ever had to do, but i know something needed to be done and i walked on the train' i saw this kid selling candy and i did the math. this kid makes about $60 an hour if he really tries so candy bar a minute. i quit my job and went to b.j.'s
8:34 am
candy' and nuts for downtown and special candy in the bronx. >> how long did it take you? >> two months. i got a hot bed kitchen where they have incubator program for small businesses and that is really cat bullet my career. >> you are my fan favorite. i want to hand you this dish. as we get your signature, if you could have this meal with any person past or present, who would that person be? >> that is easy for me. at first, i always to eat with harry potter, that would be really cool. chase, what she has done and probably went through, you know, it's definitely hard in the industry for people of color, for women, for people in general and she was a person of color and a woman in the '50s and '60s working in the restaurant industry. i just want to talk to her and pretty much just hear what she has to say. >> i'm sure she would be
8:35 am
i'm meteorologist kristin ketchell. as we take a look outside, 76 degrees. 74 right now in durham, 77 in clayton and goldsboro. heating all the way up next birthday like no other. aaron neville celebrated his released an incredible new record. we will talk about that and you'll see a couple of performances in his birthday concert ahead in our "sat session." sleep cooler, wake more refreshed, discover the new tempur breeze. learn how you can change your sleep by requesting a free sample of tempur material. call or click today. ? i don't want to lie down.
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8:38 am
wever something special for your in the "saturday session" this morning. aaron neville was new orleans music scene. >> this week is celebrating two anniversaries. his birth in 1941 and the first big success of his great singing career in 1966. neville headlined a birthday concert thursday night in brooklyn and before the show, i sat down with him for a chat. this is a poem you wrote? >> yeah. '75, i'm still alive. >> reporter: on his big birthday, aaron neville wrote a poem to himself on his iphone.
8:39 am
sins paid. >> reporter: you're feeling good and sounding good. >> thank you. you know, people that live a lot longer these days and not preparing for it. i'm preparing. i'm in the gym and, you know, i'm using my voice. >> reporter: do you do anything to keep your voice in shape? >> sing. ? >> reporter: neville has been singing since he was a boy growing up in new orleans. his ago. ? tell it like it is ? >> reporter: with this ballad, which, at first, didn't impress him much. >> i thought it was just a little simple song, you know so i went in and sang it. >> reporter: so when it caught on, what did you think? >> i kept saying, i want this other song, but they would see say, no, that's it, that's it, that's it. and it rose, ran up the charts like i thought, wow.
8:40 am
redding and it was cool. >> reporter: "tell it like it is" five weeks at the soul chart but neville had his share of struggles. how long were you in here? >> six months. >> reporter: he told me in a 2012 interview for "cbs this morning: saturday" on sunday morning, he was busted for drugs after going for a joy ride. ? i know i love you ? >> reporter: but in 1989, a reunite him with his career and won him four grammys. on his new album "apache" neville wrote all of the lyrics himself. ? >> reporter: you've been writing lyrics down for a long time. >> yeah. it helps me to just, you know, whatever if i'm going through something, i write about it and make it all right, you know?
8:41 am
>> i did the worst of mice. i regret when i wrong someone else. >> reporter: like his birthday poem to himself. >> some of the people that were friends of mine are either dead, crazy, or doing time. so i'm glad that i'm still alive, i'm glad i made it to 75 by aaron j. neville. >> reporter: happy birthday, aaron neville! >> thank you. >> reporter: now performing from his new album "apache" and has is aaron sax and brother on keys. this is "be your man."
8:42 am
? i put a hand to my heart and said ? ? do you feel how it's beating don't be afraid. don't be afraid ? ? she holds a child har in her arms but she is weeping her eyes ? if you're lonely i need a man ? ? if ever in trouble look around you i need you to be my man ? ? you got something to go through i'm going to hold you take my hand ? ? take my hand
8:43 am
? ? ? she held that feeling she says rose to the man cover of the sand ? ? she held a fist
8:44 am
? i'll be your man i'll be your man ? ? trouble all around you i'll be your man ? ? you got something to go through someone to hold you take my hand ? ? i'll be your man i'll be your man i'm a burning timber in your heart ? ? i'm the fire in your soul ?
8:45 am
? i'll be your man if ever trouble comes ? someone to hold you take my hand ? ? i'll be your man i'll be your man ?
8:46 am
? >> all right. >> don't go away. aaron neville will perform his classic "tell it like it is" next on "cbs this morning: saturd >> announcer: saturday sessions are sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue. good is in every blue diamond almond.
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8:53 am
brooklyn. you remember this one. "tell it like it is." >> this is going back 50 years ago, y'all. ? if you fall something to play with you find yourself ? baby my time is too expensive ? and i'm not i'm a believer ?
8:54 am
8:55 am
. ? tell it like it is ? go find yourself i know inside of me ? ? i believe in you baby but i'm not believing ? ? tell it like it is
8:56 am
i love you ? nothing i can do about it tell it like it is ? ? i got to go now go now ? ? tell it
8:57 am
good morning. i'm justin quesinberry. >> and i'm beairshelle edme. we'll get to this morning's top stories but, first, meteorologist kristin ketchell is here with what to expect outside. >> good morning. off to a cloudy start to our day right now. a live picture from durham international airport. you can se 77 degrees. we are dry right now but we do have some those clouds continuing to pop up around part of the area. cloud will lift a bit. we'll see some fun mixing in today a hotter day than yet. we are starting on a very warm note here, muggy feeling out there, once again, 77 in raleigh. it's 74 in durham. 79 in clayton. up to 80 in fayetteville. we'll see temperatures beginning to climb today.
8:58 am
92 this afternoon. 80s through the rest of this weekend. as we end the weekend, i'll have a complete breakdown of what you can expect coming up in the complete storm cast forecast at 9:00. >> thanks, kristen. goldsboro city and community leader, coming together against recent violent crimes. how the governor is also helping as city deals five unsolved murders. people enjoy shopping at the outlet mall in smithfield. we have plans to get rid of a u- turn. keep it right here. news and weather and everything you need to know to start this first weekend in august coming
8:59 am
9:00 am
right now a teen is in custody charged in the murder land lord in fayetteville. we have a look at who police are still looking for. an accident injures two police horses. panthers fans got a chance to see the team stadium. ahead this morning in sports, we have more on the fan fest and the start of the upcoming season. but, first, let's get you outside, shall we? looks a little hazy out there. we have 77 degrees on this august 6th. >> we are starting august as


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