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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  August 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now a teen is in custody charged in the murder land lord in fayetteville. we have a look at who police are still looking for. an accident injures two police horses. panthers fans got a chance to see the team stadium. ahead this morning in sports, we have more on the fan fest and the start of the upcoming season. but, first, let's get you outside, shall we? looks a little hazy out there. we have 77 degrees on this august 6th. >> we are starting august as
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no end in sight. >> no escaping it. >> you have details? >> yes. we have three days in a row where temperatures were below 90 degrees but we have one day of 90s again. clouds will mix eventually and we have sunshine. nothing in the way of rain. you can see some showers sitting well off we are dry, actually, through most of the day today, just a small chance of an isolated shower or storm this afternoon and evening. it is currently 77 degrees in raleigh. lewisburg and roanoke rapids. it is 75 in durham. 80 already this morning in fayetteville. the next cold front arifles tomorrow. this is the big weather maker of the week here bringing us a change in temperatures and also a better chance for showers and storms. but expect a muggy morning heating up to 88 degrees here by lunchtime. 92 our high temperature by
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hot and humid with a few isolated storms possible from 3:00 on. i'll let you know what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and the week ahead. we start now with breaking news. police say an armed robbery at a restaurant ended with one suspect shot and another on the run. >> it happened just before 5:00 this morning onbuffalo oak. a suspect was found with a gunshot wound. he was transported to wakemed. who shot that suspect. they are searching for a second suspect. this is a developing story and we'll bring you new information as it comes into our newsroom. one earn is in custody and another charged in the murder of a landlord in fayetteville. police filed charges against 24- year-old travels edward jefferson and are asking his friends and family to encourage him to surrender.
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murder of victor cirello. a third man was captured on video but has not been identified. cirello was found in his office with a gunshot wound to the chest. we are now having some 911 calls. >> i found my landlord shot in the chest oh, my god, he's dead. >> he is >> anyone with information on the murder or the whereabouts of jefferson should call crime stoppers. over in france, police in normandy say at least 13 people are dead and six others injured after a bar fire there. the victims range in age from 18 to 25. police say that fire broke out at a birthday party. the french interior minister says that more than 50 firefighters battle the fire in the heart of the city a
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opened. a cary teenager suspected of a robbery has been arrested in myrtle beach. he is held in custody in south carolina. man walked into a bank with a nap sac and a big stick demanding cash. officers were able to quickly arrest thomas turner, jr. at a bond. his first scheduled court appearance is set for august 23rd t. the estate of the woman stabbed to death at a living facility is suing the nursing home. collier's family says that the facility failed to help her other than to call 91 is as she died. they claim that facility failed
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changes in morrow's behavior that they say posed an immediate risk to the residents at that facility. morrow was diagnosed with diagnosed with schizophrenia. two police horses were injured as the trail they were they aret they were headed back their stables after duty. but as the truck approached an on ramp, a car approached the truck and forced it to truck. and a suit claims that politics played a role in creating boundaries that were redrawn after a court identified racial jerry man dering with the previous map. common cause, the state voters are suing the gop leadership
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court to throw out the new districts and declare them unconstitutional. a federal judge reviewing house bill 2, the case involving that, wants to hear more from a judge. on wednesday, the high court ruled the school board in virginia could block a trans gender male from using the boys bathroom at school. the judge in the hb 2 cause wants to know plays a role in his decision senator richard burr was in the typing will. he made two stops in apex. burr says he is working to get input on how he can help small businesses grow by visiting them. >> we've had an expansion of government regulation. they are under tremendous mandates as it relates to health care and environmental issues. and this is an opportunity for them to tell me first hand
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the wrong thing in hopes that we can fix that >> burr will visit levin, durham and ltp. he is up for reelection against democrat barbara ross. yesterday, the award- winning hall of fame nascar driver took pictures. before he raced agents booed legging his family is a illegal moon shine. he never got caught on the road but his family mill was discovered. job son went to jail and when he was released, he went into racing. he credits his success to his father's moon shine. >> i can give my kids a good
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the day i die. i did my thing and i'm proud of it. >> now the recipe that got him locked up is now available in most abc stores. gridiron and anticipation ahead in the college football season. we'll take you to an event. new plans in downtown very special event. temperatures are already climbing across the tar heel state this morning. we are already well into the 70s looking for highs in the
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. meteorologist kristin ketchell. we are kicking off our saturday with clouds outside. here is a live shaw university. we are going to see some these clouds mixing. a little bit of sun mixing in as we head through layers this morning and through this afternoon. heat and humidity sticking around. we can expect hotter temperatures across the area today compared to the last few days. our satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of rainfall. showers sitting offshore. they'll stay there. not an issue for us today. we are actually looking mostly dry but we are hot and humid. 77 in raleigh already. 75 degrees in durham.
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in fayetteville. but our next cold front arrives tomorrow. the cold front will cool us pack into the 80s here as we head through the week ahead. temperatures will climb to about 88 degrees at noon. chance of a few isolated showers and storms.
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time check for you, 9:14. here is a look at today's top stories. demonstrators took to the streets of chicago to protest alleged police brutality after an agency reviewed police- involed shooting. the three offic have been stripped of their police powers. friends, family and community gathered in georgia gathered to remember two teens shot. they have a suspect in custody but they do not have a motive
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par station wall fell on them. next july 26, a new cathedral will be dedicated. it will be called the holy name of jesus cathedral. the eyes of the world are focused on rio de janeiro as the olympic games begin. the country is putting on the games at turmoil. jamie ukas takes us inside the first big test of the opening ceremony. >> millions around the world turned into the opening ceremony at rio de janeiro march mara ka na stadium. >> along with about 11,000
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bundchen participated but soccer star pele stayed home because of health problems. >> the excite. around the stadium builds, so does the frustration of many locals who believe that olympic games have not going been good fort country a 20 minute walk from the opening ceremony stadium, people protesting the games gather and were searched by a strong officers. protest erupted throughout the day. supporters of brazil's ousted president blocked the main road that runs alongside cope ya cab na beach forcing the olympic procession. >> are you upset that the games are here. >> yes. military sayings of our city
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not far from the real burst overnight above the stadium. the u.s. swim team showed us back in 2012 that taking a dive is not the only craft they have mastered. you may remember their rendition of carly real estate jepsen's "call me maybe". this time, they are back again this time their own version of car pool karaoke. >> mom, i'm doing car pool karaoke right now. i'll call you right ba songs and even stop for fast food and chat with people outside the car. you can watch it right now on wncn. >> i wish they had not started talking over that song. the city of oaks foundation will install knee bike racks downtown to help promote cycling. the group will have a four-mile ride in exchange for tracks.
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all the fun starts at 2:30 in the afternoon. >> good stuff throughout the weekend. great stuff in terms of olympics. now that i know you are such a miley cirus fan -- >> i didn't say that just enjoyed the song here. >> your head was bobbing over there. >> that's a catchy song, patriotic. >> yes, i guess, partying in the usa. >> if you are partying in the usa, a hot one. >> hot one in north carolina. temperatures back in the 90s for temperatures felt pretty good here toned the week. we are seeing some clouds. you are taking a live look at preston wood country club in cary. we'll see sunshine mixing in with clouds. overcast start to the day. we are dry, though, nothing popping up on the radar here. showers sitting well off to the east, not even in the radar frame. this is actually looping but it actually is. seeing some those clouds ought
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as we head through this morning and through this afternoon if you can get past the 90-degree temperatures 77 right now in raleigh. 75 degrees in durham. 77 in lewisburg. 79 in clayton and lillington. 80 is the current temperature in fayetteville. these temperatures will be climbing to 92. after sever days in the 80s, we are back in the 90s. we hit that high about 4:00 this afternoon. a small chance of isolated showers and day and the storm threat minimal compared to what we'll see tomorrow. unfortunately with the heat, that puts us into the steamy category on the comfort index scale. we'll see uncomfortable temperatures. the forecast for today, hot and humid a few isolated storms here. we are watching this next cold front sitting back to the west
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tomorrow, for sunday, our best chance for rain all week. that cold front finally arrives. showers and storms will be likely, especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. we may even have a few of those lingering into the day on monday. the cold front does cross through the area sitting just sot south here behind that cold front, we are looking at cooler temperatures. here is a look at the future cast for today. small chance of an isolated showers and day. we'll start tomorrow dry as well. with mostly cloudy skies for your morning tomorrow. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, we'll start see a few of those showers and storm popping up. some of those producing locally heavy rain. your forecast for today, hot and humid. isolated storms possible. 92 in the sand hills. that is the magic number for the high temperature today. 92 in goldsboro and smithfield.
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92 in lewisburg, 92 also in cary and raleigh. temperatures fall to 72 degrees isolated storms possible. mostly cloudy skies. the seven-day forecast has temperatures cooling off here. again, best chance for showers and storms, sunday afternoon into sunday evening. a few lingering into monday. we are down to 85 on monday. temperatures wise, looking good for monday and tuesday. showers and storm threat become back into the upper 80s to near 90s for wednesday, thursday, friday with a small chance of afternoon showers and storms. back after this with more news and weather.
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking.
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that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. believe it or not, we are inching closer and closer to the college football season. >> this team tied a school record with 11 win bus they did lose their last two games and they say those two losses are all the motivation they need to have a strong 2016 season. >> you know, we didn't end the
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they had a bad taste in our mouths for 230 days now. they know there are about 28 days from the possibility of getting that bad taste out of their mouths. >> from what we did in the summer, string, a lot of guys get excited and we are glad to be back and get to work. >> well, there is a meet the heels event happening today for the public. the tar heels open on september 3rd against georgia. and they are not the only north carolina team looking to build on last year's fell short of making it perfect with the loss to the super bowl. rain put a damper on the fess sifts but it was a record turnout. so much so that the team had to distribute tickets ahead of time. the panthers open with a
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and quarterback tom brady's decision not to tied the suspension says is a personal one. >> he spoke to the media for the first time in training camp. >> you know, it was just a personal decision. i try to come out here and focus on what i need to do to get better and help our team. i'll be excited to be back when i'm back. >> brady must serve a four-game suspension for the use of against indianapolis. local athletes are showing off their skills back here at home. >> the annual sir walter miler took place here. is is a mile event and has become a huge race. lauren johnson won the women's mile race with a time of 4:22,
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fastest. she finished 9th in the olympic trial. coming up in the next half hour. >> but i'm opposed to declaring vacant lots, empty sorry vacant lots, historic. and five unsolved murders, mostly gang related. but a ret
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y22pvy yy6y former president bill clinton visited the area to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. details on all the stops. murder in involved. and today, north carolina naacp will hold a press conference to talk about the voter id law and how republicans are responding. good morning to you and thanks for watching north carolina news at 9:00. i'm beairshelle edme. >> and i'm justin quesinberry. glad that you are starting your day with us. a little bit of sunshine there.
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ketchell is here to tell us how much sunshine we'll see. >> the sun is peeking. i have seen a few peeks of snipe on this camera, though, so the sun is there and it will be making a triumphant return here over the next couple of hours. nothing popping up on the radar. showers sitting well off to the east. not going to b heat and humidity, we do have a chance of seeing an ieldz shower and storm pomming up. this cold front arrives into the area tomorrow. tomorrow will neat our our best chance of -- will feature our
9:32 am
possiblyhimmerring into -- lingering into monday. 92 our high temperature by about 3:00 this afternoon. and a small chance of some isolated storms after 3:00. i'll let you know what is in store for the weekend and a peek ahead at the fork for next week. we wanted to head now to in garner. >> it ended up with one suspect shot and another on the road. >> the suspect was transported to wakemed. no word on his condition. police are still working to determine who shot that suspect and they are searching for a second person. s that developing story and we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. former president bill clinton made several stops in
9:33 am
triangle. >> yes, he was here to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. he took a few moments to talk about hillary clinton's platform on education and jobs. >> that's crazy, you know. i was born in, like, eag 87. i grew up with hill as president. it's insane to actually see him here. >> clinton also had a fundraiser last night hillary clinton has significantly outraised donald trump although trump has raised a lot of money lately. and yesterday, trump put to bed a month long feud. paul ryan,'s good man. he is a good guy. we may disagree on a couple of things but mostly we'll agree
9:34 am
lot of wonderful things. wisconsin's three top republicans were absent, including governor scott walker, paul ryan. this comes as trump had a tough week. new polls show hillary clinton pulling ahead. the lieutenant governor ours candidates in our state will face off. the debate will be aired on unctv. the governor's office is offering a grant to fight gang murders. goldsboro city leaders say they are offering a $5000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in the five up solved
9:35 am
shooting somebody but all i could do is work on it. we are trying to do more community policing, gang outreach. we called in ale, abc commission. everybody is helping us. the only people that we have not called are the national guards. >> the money that the governor is offering can go towards overtime pay and upgrades. new murder charges this morning for a durham store clerk. timothy moore is now charged in the 2013 shooting death of 19- year-old jawan taylor at duke manor apartments. three other people are also charged in that murder. the most recent charge follows charges in the murder of a clerk back in april. >> cary police hope that you can recognize the man in the surveillance video. he walked into the little
9:36 am
he shows briefly what looks like a weapon. call cary police if you know anything about that crime. and police are looking for a man who rob family dollar store in rayford. deputies say that he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you know anything that can help catch him, call the sheriff's office. a peers of downtown durham can soon become a historic district. the council is considering a golden belt historic district in the eastern if that becomes a reality, certainly guidelines will be put into play such as what can and cannot be built in that area. the durham rescue mission is against the idea. >> if anybody in the area wants their house declared historic,i love beautiful historic houses but i'm against declaring empty vacant lots, declaring them historic and forbidding the
9:37 am
public hearing on september 6th where the public can weigh in with their opinions. looking ahead knowing week, people in carrboro will have a transit sit tell. the one-way fare is 2.25. gold triangle managers say that will fulfill their need traveling to duke to v. a., downtown durham. the afternoon service starts at 3:30. scene of many accidents has caught the eye of town leaders who are now working with the traffic engineer to create a solution. the stretch of outlet center drive has seen 21 accidents already this year. >> people trying to do u-turns and trying to get back where they came from. there is not enough signs to actually tell you to keep going around the loop and then you'll end up back on 95. >> in the meantime, leaders
9:38 am
placed on the roads. time check for you, 9:37. duke energy will be doing work that will shut down some streets. where you can expect road closures and the detours just ahead. a wyoming boy headed online to get school supplies by -- a wilmington boy leaded online to get school supplies by cutting grass. what he plans to excess. cooler weather will make a comeback.
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welcome back and good ketchell. we are starting to see sunshine trying to peek out from our shaw university camera. eventually, we'll see more sunshine and temperatures really warming up for us today. satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of wet weather. you can see showers off to the east. those will stay there. we are watching for just an isolated shower or storm as we
9:42 am
cooler weather will return as early as tomorrow and a cold front pushes in from the northwest here. that will bring us a best chance of rain all week but also a chance of showers and storms. heating up to 88 degrees at noon. 92 the high temperature today. temperatures falling by 6:00
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here is a look at today's top stories. a teenage murder suspect in custody after police search for a second suspect in the murder of a fayetteville landlord victor cerillo. police are looking for 22-year- old travels edward jefferson. 17-year-old quentin swann is also charged with the cerillo. swann has been arrested for the murder. a third teenager has not been identified samuel patrick hayes is charged with robbery in connection to wednesday's robbery at the suntrust bank on highway 54 in durham. he is being held in custody in south carolina. two horses with the raleigh police department are recovering after the trailer they were in overturned following an accident friday on
9:46 am
police department provided for us. they were both treated by a vet but should be okay. this morning, state naacp leaders will hold a press conference to view the week's development concerning to the voting law. a court ruled that the law is discriminatory, meaning that voters will not have id at the polls. hillsboro street renewal project will be closed for duke energy repairs. a strep of the road will be closed at the end of the month for more electric work. answering and receiving robo calls can be annoying. >> they can be. i can't tell you how many times i have slammed my phone
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more annoying. >> last year, 11% of u.s. consumers lost approximately $7.4 billion to phone--related fraud. there is a new crop of taps this year. if you receive an automated call trying to sell you something and you have not begin the caller written permission, it's illegal. hang up and file a complaint. many of these pitchmen are criminals fishing fo steal your identity. the number 1 scam this year is one where callers are told that their business listings on search engines are not up to date or will be removed. the tried and true loan-related scam is back. they threaten you that your loan is past due. with free vacation calls, fraudsters use high pressure
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be weary of political robo calls. while many of legitimate, many claim to be with survey companies that seek donation or fishing for personal information. to learn how to protect you and senior relatives from fraud, go to a fish caught off the north carolina coast is breaking records. this was caught by nine-year- old teddy the fish on a charter boat weighing in at 32 pounds. that tops the state record by five pounds and the world record by 2 pounds. i know we talked about that. that fish is bigger than him. >> oh, yeah. exciting. i can't imagine what a struggle
9:49 am
that's hard. >> yeah, you know, and i can see some friends and i can imagine the gloating. >> hey a world record. awesome stuff. >> weather not too awesome toi, unfortunately. higher temperatures today. today will be the hottest day of the week ahead. taking a live look from prestonwood country club in cary. we have got some clouds outside a little bit of an overcast start to the day for many of us here around the area. we will see some sunshine as we head showing a few clouds but nothing in the way of wet weather. so some those storms and showers we had move through last night, they are out of the picture. we are actually looking dry through most of today. it is 78 degrees right now in raleigh, 77 is the current temperature in durham and henderson, 79 in clayton, 80 degrees in lillington, 83 already in rayford and fayetteville. those temperatures will continue to climb up to about 92 this afternoon.
9:50 am
about 3:00 today. it's still a small threat. we'll call them isolated showers and storms between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. this evening. then we actually dry out a bit overnight tonight. now we are dealing with heat and humidity today, though. so temperatures in the 90s. dewpoints in the 70s putting us on the high humidity on our index scale. make sure that you keep we. we are hot and humid toyed. isolated storms not pushing through the area until tomorrow. once it does, it does bring us a chance of rain all week. because there is going to be a lot of moisture in the air, we'll see chance of heavier downpours that we could see causing localized spots of high water and that's going to be an issue for tomorrow evening. we are keeping a close eye on that but rain and storms definitely a possibility for
9:51 am
sunday. if your plans take you outdoors, mostly isolated to the south. the front moves to the south on monday, stalling a bit to the south. storms still possible with that front in such closeproximity but not quite as wet as we could be the future cast showing things staying dry. small chance of an isolated shower and storm but most of the heavier stuff stays out of the area for today. clouds increasing overnight toht by tomorrow afternoon, a chance of more showers and storms developing, some of which may be strong, producing some of those localized spots of heavy rain. for today, not looking bad. still looking hot and humid. high temperature today looking at high of 92 in goldsboro and smithfield. 91 in wilson and rocky mound. hot and humid.
9:52 am
storms. we are looking at a high of 829 degrees. best chance for showers and storms tomorrow evening. 85 on monday so a little bit cooler with still a little bit of wet weather in the forecast. still in the 80s through most of next up to 90 degrees. we take a break from the oppressive heat that we experienced throughout most of the months of july. august is not so bad. >> i think people will well comment 80s. >> i think so. 84585 will be good. are you guys hungry >> always hungry on this show. >> if you want a new dining
9:53 am
raleigh. we have details on that new restaurant, park side, right
9:54 am
downtown's new restaurant opens.
9:55 am
solid poplar. restaurant has more than 40 beers on tap as well as locally sourced food. a little boy in wilmington is getting a lot of attention online as he gets ready to head back to school. >> this may be my favorite story of the day. he posted a post on his mom's facebook looking for school supplies a local security company has set up a donation drive for him. now he plans on giving the excess supply to kids in need. and john wall and the jan wall foundation will hold the annual back pack giveaway. it will get started and noon and last until 4:00. there will be food. active activities, games, vendors, music and giveaways.
9:56 am
back packs filled of school supplies. white coat ceremony at the brodie school of med zip is the traditional start in the medical field fayetteville getting closer and closer to getting a minor league baseball team and stadium. the baseball committee is meeting now to continue negotiations. city council members have been exploring the idea with the houston astros for several months now. a ten acre fayetteville's legendary prince charles hotel has been selected as a potential site. the project could cost upwards of 30 million-dollar right now. city leaders are trying to figure out how to fund the project. the council has until the 18th to decide if they will partner with the astros. no excuse for you not to get a mammogram. the belt gives on the goo mobile mammogram center will offer free screenings in dunn
9:57 am
morning until 5:30 this evening. caesar's palace in las vegas sell bratted its 50th. >> a party hosted by celebrity chef gordon ramsey and also tony bennett. >> some fun stuff out there. >> looking hot today. looking at temperatures w temperatures below 90 degrees. we'll bounce back above. we are going to be a little wetter for tomorrow, cooler. 89 degrees with showers and storms likely during the afternoon and evening hours. we are cooler behind tomorrow's cold front with temperatures in the mid-80s, monday and tuesday. we warm back up to near 90 by the end of the week. today is the hottest day.
9:58 am
a lot, kristin. thank you for watching cbs
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