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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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y22pny yy6y good evening i'm maggie newland. we begin with an armed robbery and a suspect accused of pulling a sword on a salon employee. it happened at african braids in raleigh. came into the store. the owner says the suspect put the sword to her employee's neck and threatened her and a customer. >> and told me to give him everything in the register but i ex maimed to him we don't have a register. so i went in the back. kind gave him everything that was in the back with over $4000. we usually don't have these kinds of issues. from here on out we're going to insure more security measures
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that comes feels safe. >> the employee believes another man had been checking out the area beforehand. >> a witness says the suspect left in a tan camry. if you have any information call raleigh police. a man arrested in cary this week for several counts of indecent exposure was arrested in raleigh. he was charged wit indecent exposure and sexual battery for an interd on western boulevard. >> the of the contact did lead to a battery charge. now he was charge earlier this week after he exposed himself at several different stores in cary. police say a robbery suspect was found shot at reaganner rest rand this morning but police are still searching for a second suspect. officers responded tour a call about an armed robbery at a buffalo brothers on white oak road just before 5:00 a.m. police say two men entered the restaurant and tried to rob two people working inside the
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robbery suspects was shot while the second got away with cash. the victims were not hurt. they were contract employees working in the building not restaurant employees. the man who was shot was taken to the hospital. this man thomas turner junior is in jail in moore county after police say he robbed a southern pines bank with a large stick. and allegedly told the teller he had explosives. now, according to our partner the aberdeen times it happened 4:15 yesterday at on broad street. police say turner handed the teller a note saying his backpack was filled with the explosive c4. he left with cash and staked out a home he could visit and arrested him when a taxi dropped him off there. he will face federal charges. turning to weather it was a pretty warm one out there. meteorologist bill reh is joining us with what our saturday night has in store. >> yeah, it was into the 90s,
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91 in raleigh. 94 in charlotte. cooler in the mountains in the 80s the cooler along the coast in the 80s. why is fayetteville 11. you had a little shower thunderstorm earlier. those have pushed tour the south. so we're going to keep the evening hours dry. see this little area up to the north? that is a cold front coming in. that could give us a shower or thunderstorm overnight tonight. in general things are going to remain dry for much of your evening. here's how the futurecast rumble of thunder could start to poke their nose into north carolina. mainly along the i-85 border and then overnight tonight, as that settles to the south we could have a couple more thundershowers. keep it dry, 7:00 and 8:00. mainly dry throughout the evening. put a 20% chance around 11:00 or midnight. wilt be quite warm during the evening from 88 at 7:00 to just 80 at midnight. then as we look overnight a thundershower is possible.
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now, tomorrow and monday, i don't know if you're going to like the forecast because we're going to increase the odds of showers and thunderstorms. time it all out and discuss it coming up. a wake forest man is urging people to move over and slow down when they see tow trucks and emergency crews. northcarolina enacted the move over law back in 2002. it requires drivers to move over if possible and reduce their speed when certain types of vehicles are on the si violators could face court and 250-dollar fine. >> christopher williams works with people in the towing industry and hears about the dangers. but he saw little education out there for drivers. so he had the idea to create plates to go on cars. he designed graphics for years. but he became blind about five years ago. so this summer he turned to his boss and designs for help carrying his idea through. they created half a dozen
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word. >> because people aren't aware. you know, you see the people out there every day but you don't know what damages they go through every time we need help. you just expect them to be there. >> his designs have gone as far as michigan. he also received a special request there for a banner to use in parades. williams says the tag's price covers printing costs and he hopes to find a foundation that helps people who are hurt in the towing and recovery inst profits to that. raleigh native and nba player john wall and the foundation hosted their third annual back to school give away. the event took place at the club teen center with food, games and live music for nearly 250 students from 1st -8 hillary grade. he said it's all about passing on a message to the next generation. >> honor for me. my mom instilled it to me in a
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a man first education first and play the sport second. >> great lessons for them. his foundation gave away backpacks filled with supplies all thanks to the help of several local sponsors. he won the season long community assist award. that came with a $25,000 please. he added $10,000 of his open money and donated the total to wake county boys and girls club. it was a rough week on the campaign trail for donald trump. coming up, a look at how events weighed in on his poll numbers. >> plus, security is tight around the olympic park.
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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get two medium 2-topping pizzas for $6.99 each. right now get two medium 2-topping pizzas
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pepsi-cola products for just $5. papa johns. the official pizza major league baseball. prince belgium say aman who attacked two police officers has been shot and killed. the attack took place just in front of a police station south brussels. police say the man shouted during the attack. well now the that games are underway security around r tighter around the sporting venues. but as we found out even with police on every corner, there are still flaws in the system. >> reporter: from the famed co- pa ca ban na beach to the sports venues at olympic park more than 80,000 officers and military personnel are on the ground kin rio de janeiro. folking some 500,000 tourists visiting for the games. like this from wisconsin.
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single corner. the lights on and everything like that. >> reporter: does that make you feel safe? >> yeah, plus the army's walking around and driving trucks around all the time. so i don't think there should be any problems. >> reporter: on saturday a bomb squad blew up an en attended bag. no one was hurt. there are renewed concerns about security lapses after brazilian authorities arrested 10 suspects plotting a terror attack. >> this is a full backpack you wandered right in with. >> reporter: th the in no questions asked. >> a soldier directed us into a security tent but there was one person manning the security tent and he wasn't even facing the screen. and then we walked through the metal detector even though again, there was nobody on the metal detector. i'm not sure the metal detector was on. >> reporter: on the flip side rio residents claim police brutality is on the rides.
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and make poor people stay away from tourist areas. >> reporter: just outside friday's opening ceremony police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protesters of the games. well, no problems have been reported so far. the u.s. state department is warning travelers of a high risk for thefts, armed robbery credit card and atm scams. frontrunnery transferred from a disaster relief fund to his defend house bill 2. instead his top lawyers said late yesterday the governor will keep using other available funds from agencies to cover the outside legal expenses. there are several lawsuits over house bill 2. attorney general roy cooper says he will not defend the legislation. well, how low will they go? new poll numbers suggest donald trump support among voters is reaching a new low after a controversial week on the campaign trail.
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in washington with a look at where things stand in the race for the white house. >> reporter: this weekend we're going to be watching closely to see if donald trump is forced to push the reset button. this week we saw donald trump crisscrossing around the country, that's common but the travel doesn't seem to be helping his poll numbers in some of the most important to look at these new numbers from a national standing of a poll. hillary clinton right now nine points ahead of donald trump. and that's among registered voters. it's a big difference from the numbers we saw in may where clinton and trump were essentially tied. this week we're also seeing both campaigns vice presidential running mates step into the spotlight for the first time since the convention. republican governor mike pence is certainly trying to get out in front of the media and bridge the gap within his own
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this movement is united and we're going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: plus this weekend with the olympics kicking off they will have to compete even harder for coverage. president obama shedding the spotlight a little bit while he's on vacation. but vice president biden, he'll be joining hillary clinton on the campaign trail important swing states like pennsylvania. reporting in washington i'm mark meredith. time is running out third party presidential candidates. a judge dismissed a lawsuit by gary john sand green party nominee jill stein against the commission on presidential debates. both candidates say the commission's rules violate antitrust laws and the first amendment. those rules are currently preventing both candidates from participating in the presidential debates. the commission says the candidate must be polling at 15% to participate.
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celebrating the 51st anniversary of the voting rights act. also celebrating after the fourth circuit panel said a law amounted to intentional discrimination. that required the use of government issued i.d. to vote. it decreases the early voting and removes same day registration. >> we have to now make sure that people at the local level don't delivered at the federal level. >> governor pat mccrory will ask the supreme court to weigh in. saying in part, changing our state's election laws close to the upcoming election will create confusion for voters, as well as poll workers. good evening i'm meteorologist bill reh what a gorgeous shot from raleigh. showing you the sky.
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i don't no, looks like a 7 or 8 on the rays of sunshine. what about tomorrow on your sunday? not a big number. >> three. >> yeah, we're going to go the opposite way, two or three or so. mostly cloudy signs the forecast for tomorrow. and here's what you need to know. a cold front on sunday will stall over north carolina. so this cold front's going to come through after midnight and then just kind of hang out over the central part of the state. there will be scattered showers and monday. rainfall amounts on our in- house computer model maybe picking up amounts over an inch. we had many all of the rain in the last week. >> we really don't need much rain. >> you can see it concentrating where the front should be. i have the front draping out over the triangle. so that's going to happen. hey, the temperatures are going to be a little cooler. but it's still humid and somewhat uncomfortable out there. but not as hot as today. today, though, we did 93.
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weekend in august. so as we look right now, temperatures 90 in durham, 91 in raleigh. 90 in louisburg. 90 in roanoke rapids. 88 fayetteville. you had a little rain shower activity earlier today but that's obviously gone. 83 in clinton were who had a little bit of shower activity. so a little cooler to the southeast. all that's left just a few showers dying attain southern counties. also a little bit of thunderstorm activity along the coast. but that's all we've got for right that little system that little wave of moisture drying out. look at the showers and storms through central virginia. that is a cold front. that's what's going to drop down and some right over us. so we'll keep our eye on it, time it out. not much chance of precipitation this evening. 82 at 9:00. 20% chance at midnight. 80%. little better chance overnight as that front settles in of a shower or thunderstorm.
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will fire up, let's say, after 1:00 we will fire up the showers and storms that front acting as a focusing mechanism. temperatures held in check. >> they should stay out of the 90s for the most part tomorrow. well, for the most part. the sand hills will see 90 in sanford and lillington 91 and fayetteville 91. it was name three in fayetteville today. not quite as warm. 90 in wilson and smithfield. there you go 89 in rocky mount. 88 in roanoke ram is i. nt top out around 89 degrees. 87 in south hill, virginia. winds variable of the north, to the north other front and to the south they'll still be out other south. won't try to pick a direction. there'll be a pretty good chance of scattered showers and storms. front around midnight, right in the northern tier so there could be a shower there. quiet until we get the afternoon heating. then we fire up the showers and storms and then that front
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mr. showers monday morning. more showers and storms monday afternoon, and then into tuesday, that front might weaken a little bit but you know what, in the afternoon hours, we could see awe couple more showers and storms. not as heavy as along the gulf coast where they have this little wave of low pressure moving along. all in all, our goodly chances sunday and monday. >> 89 on sunday. by the way on monday, 8 5 degrees. precipitation chances we could see it in the morning. like tomorrow is mostly afternoon and evening. we could see it at any time on monday. still a few on tuesday. back to the upper 80s. i have 90s, again, next week. no major chances of storms. just a slight risk. i already kind of gave it away. we got up to 93. that's good for the american cancer society because we forecasted 92 yesterday. so we're six for six. knock on wood. got a perfect record going along. so that's good news for a good cause. >> august is off to a great
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they invited fans to meet the heels. heels. hear from almost every time i go there i see something that reminds me of why i like to shop there. i'll see someone else smiling and walking away happy, and i know that they just got the same great service i always get. i've been shopping at publix well over 20 years now... i always walk away happy. there is always someone who appears who can answer that question for you. and if they don't know the answer they will find someone who does. ings like that, it makes such a huge difference.
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in sports news unc opened the football spring practice en chapel hill. today the heels hosted fans at the meet the heels event of the team tied a school record las year with 11 wins and looks to build on that this year. fans who got to meet with the coach and players today are >> i'm excited about getting the autographs from the soccer players which i just did. and the football players. >> i think it's going to be a great kickoff to the new year. we've definitely been waiting for this and ready to see a big season app head. >> they opened the season september 3rd against georgia in the acc kickoff game. meanwhile in greenville ecu hosted their media day today. they took the field as at first
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year. new coach and perform duke assistant scotty montgomery expects to turn things around. >> i want 11 wild men running for the football on defense. i want guys getting body on body and protecting the ball carrier or catcher or quarterback. i want to make sure that we all understand that. that's the difference in great teams. >> the pirates finished last year with a 5-7 record. they kick off this hosting western carolina september 6. while football is in the air around the state a new high tech sport is growing in popularity around the country. we have the latest on drone racing from jersey city, new jersey. >> reporter: it was youtube videos like these viewed millions of times last year that sent lots of people shopping for drones. peter was one of them. >> saw some videos and just thought why am i not doing this right now. >> reporter: now, the australian is a drone pilot for
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drone va on the internet. today someone's paying for you to fly around the world to fly this thing? >> yeah. >> reporter: the sport has taken off because the races look like this. pilots use a real time feed from the drone's camera to steer the continuers. speck tateers can view the feed, too. sponsors hope that drone racing will combine the appeal of e sports and auto racing. >> you get to fly around. like no limits. >> week's liberty cup in n ew jersey. next he's headed to the u.s. nationals in new york. a 15-year-old won a quarter million at a race in dubai. $2000 in gear could get you racing. racers build the drones by hand. the reward an adrenaline rush he compares to the motorcycles he used to race. five months ago he quit working to fly full time. >> reporter: you're making a
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big enough that cue can make real money on it. >> yes, that's right. i'm giving it a shot. >> reporter: in drone racing taking a chance is half the fun. well, are you in the mood for pizza but don't want to wait 30 mints for the delivery driver to show up?
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30,000 american airlines work is will be getting an average pay raise of 22%. >> the deal between the airline and the union covers organized groups of workers in maintenance lead service workers and ground functions. the union described the as
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well, it's music to the ears of spotify fans. a new feature aimed at making it easier for subscribers to find new sounds that fit their presidential taste. similar to the weekly play west where the know curse is on recently released tunes. pizza atm is about to be a real thing. xavier university in ohio is about tune veil a new contraption that pops out hot pizzas on demand for hungry student. the first machine of and students are giving it a thumbs up.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: zika damage control. the the growing outbreak in miami sends a chill through florida's tourism industry. >> cheese! >> ninan: also tonight, following the trump campaign's worst week ever, the republican ticket tries a mor approach-- mike pence, that is. dozens are hurt in a concert collapse as snoop dogg and wiz khalifa bring down the house. and a tale of two lucys. the so-called scary statue and the new one that looks like the lucy everyone loves. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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