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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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north carolina news at 4:30 starts now. right now, a raleigh man is in jail charged with murder. republican presidential candidate donald trump heads back to our area. his next stop and the changes taking place trying to combat gang violence with the help from governor's office. good morning. >> we have your morning news and a look at traffic in a minute. first, storm team meteorologist alyssa has a look at that traffic. >> let's take a look at that satellite ray dare composite, most of us on the cloudy side. we are seeing a few showers throughout portions of johnston,
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counties as we do start off our monday morning. take the umbrella with you. there will be a small chance for rain this morning. showers and storm chances developing this afternoon. as far as temperatures are concerned, 74 in raleigh and durham. 67 in henderson. south ward towards the sand hills, 65 in fayetteville. for the day ahead, fog out there. 75 at 8 a.m., 82 at lunchtime, an 8 it will be warm and humid. scattered storms through that 6:00 drive at home as well. a closer look at today and the rest of the workweek ahead in just a little bit. good morning, it's 431 toim time. travel on 440/540 looks good. we do have construction work going on in cary. that doesn't kick off until 8 #578 and that's near drive avenue. heading through durham, roads look pretty good.
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at the investigation, including 911 calls that shed more light on this incident. good morning, emma. >> good morning. police say this happened when the suspect fired a shot from inside of his garage, and the bullet ended up hitting the victim standing outside in the street. it all happened just after 1:00 on sunday morning. police say after the victim was hit, he was taken to wake med, where he was pronounced dead. cbs north carolina has obtained 911 calls that appear to have been made b he called police shortly before the shooting happened and tells dispatchers that a large group of people were racing in the street outside of his home, and he's told them he was going outside to secure the neighborhood. he then calls back and says the same group of people were outside with guns. he said he fired a warning shot, and someone got hit. >> yes. can you tell me exactly what happened? >> yes. we have -- our houses -- we have
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i yelled at them to leave the premises. they were showing a firearm so i fired a warning shot, and we -- we got somebody that got hit. >> the suspect in this case, chad copeley, is expected to make his first court appearance later today. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright. today, a man is suspected in case. police say the 34-year-old victim knew the victim, rather. he's charged with first-degree forcible sex offense and attempted second-degree forcible rape. turned himself into authorities friday. staying in cumberland county, a fayetteville man is facing charges of police say he caused a crash and left the scene. his truck hit a car with four people inside as that car pulled
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thompson then drove away from the scene but was later arrested. crews took the four people in the car to the hospital, and they' since been released. a chase that sended in a crash in garner is expected in court. elisha grub is charged with speeding, possession of a stolen vehicle, and reckless driving. he led authorities on a chase. after the crash, paramedics had to pull grub and two 17-year-old passengers out of the vee. in the hospital but are expected to survive. today, a woman who used to run a controversial charity in raleigh is expected back in court. this is an update cbs north carolina has followed for years now. jennifer pierce faced a long list of charges. a grand jury indietd her and others -- they are then accused of reselling them, costing the two companies upwards of a
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which had $65,000 in questionable expenses and was accused of reselling donated shoes instead of sending those to those who needed them. secretary of state's office revoked the license for share our shoes in march of 2012. folks in mexico are preparing for new storm tropical storm javier. 39 people died during heavy rains brought on by our area will get another visit from a presidential candidate this week. still to come, a look at donald trump's agenda. a shark puts on quite a show. a fight for fishermen off the coast. >> had to bring up sharknado, didn't you? let's talk about temperatures. 73 in smithfield. 75 in goldsboro, and 74 in clinton. more on your workweek forecast
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not a bad way to start this morning on a monday headed back to work or school. >> yeah, not too bad. there is fog >> okay. >> especially south of raleigh this morning. let's take start you off. this is 74 degrees. a live picture looking towards downtown raleigh. you can see it in the distance. no rain reported here in raleigh, but there's rain elsewhere. there's fog elsewhere so we do have a little bit to talk about on this monday morning. let's start off with our satellite radar composite. scattered showers for us in the northern portions of durham county. also, some scattered showers if you are north and east of wake county, right along portions of
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counties up toward halifax county, as well. take that umbrella with you if you are getting ready to head out the door shortly. raleigh northward, full visibilities, those areas seeing the rain. the areas drier are seeing fog develop. look at this. visibility about a quarter of a mile, just a little better than that. in fayetteville, closer to a half mile in reford. san ford, you are looking at visibility right around four miles. if you are commuting around the fayetteville region today, certainly plan accordingly. planng some patchy fog out the door, 8 a.m., 75. 82 at lunchtime, mostly cloudy skies. warm and mug gu this afternoon. 85, very similar to what we saw yesterday. the warmth is there. also the potential for scattered showers and storms. 6:00, we should be back close tore 82. we'll head into the coming days. that chance for a few showers and storms will continue. temperatures, though, climb a bit for us. 87 for tomorrow. 89 by wednesday afternoon. closer look at the rest of your
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little bit. russ. olympic gold medal list mia hamm hosted a soccer clinic here in raleigh. hundreds of young local athletes turned out to have their pictures taken with one of the greatest players of all time. before hamm became a national sensation, you will recall she played at unc so the state of north carolina will always have a very special place in her heart. she was excited to directly impact the youth right here in town. >> what we do in our camp is getting outside that comfort zone along the lines of, you so these kids, knowing that mistakes are a part of life and what we do, but more importantly is how you respond, picking yourself up, and really going after it. whatever your dreams are, whatever you want to accomplish both on the field and off the field. >> great advice. this is one state that does love her. she is a hero in our eyes. hamm says she's closely watching this year's olympic soccer team as they fight for another gold
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in this morning's top stories, a raleigh man is expected in court today after police say he stood in his combraj and fired a shotgun, hitting someone outside his morning on single leaf lane. 39-year-old chad copeley is charged with murder in the death of 20-year-old rodney bernard thomas. a water park in kansas city, kansas after ten-year-old caleb scwab died on the main atransaction. caleb's dad is a kansas state lawmaker. you have a chance to learn more about becoming a fayetteville police officer. an open house takes place today from 6:30 to 8:30.
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prosays -- process and meet staff and recruiters. today, leaders with the goldsboro police department will meet to decide how to spend money from the governor's office to fight gang violence. the governor's office is offering up to $50,000 to help the city. police say most of the murders are gang related. goldsboro city leaders also say they are offering a $5,000 award for any information leading to arrests in the five unsolved murders this year. the money is pay and equipment upgrades. next month, a wake county teen ijer is expected in court accused of assaulting his grandmother. according to court documents, he grabbed his xrand mother by her neck and left arm and threw her to the floor. court records also show he was suspended from panther creek high school last year after he was accused of assaulting someone in the cafeteria. he was also accused of texting another student threats and creating a hit list. cbs north carolina went to his
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he declined to say anything further about the case other than to ask for privacy. this week, a riverside high school student who has been fighting deportation since january is heading back to court. the 19-year-old will have a bond trial court case wednesday in lumpkin, georgia. originally from honduras, she was going to school in durham until immigration officials took him into custody. democratic presidential candidate hilary clinton's of private e-mail server resurfaced this weekend. at least one e-mail sent to clinton in 2010 when she was secretary of state apierce to mention the scientist. iranian officials hanged him yesterday for allegedly giving information to the cia about iran's nuclear program. republican presidential candidate donald trump is set to deliver a major economic speech in michigan. over the weekend he repeatedly questioned his democratic rival
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after she said she short circuited her response to questions about the fbi's investigation into her e-mail scandal. clinton, who leads trump in several national polls, will offer up her own vision on thursday. tomorrow evening, trump will be in fayetteville's crown coliseum. there will be security changes in place since the last time he visited. the lawyer from the cumberland county sheriff's office told the fayetteville observer procedures changed. the la how the security procedures will differ, just that the sheriff's office is ready. ahead of trump's visit to fayetteville, the north carolina republican party the teaming up with the cumberland county gop for a #2k4-hour volunteer blitz. the group will register new voters and update rotor vej station. that kickoff event starts at 6:00 in the evening. frms democratic leaders led a voter registration drive in
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dwan hall hosted the event. representative dwayne hall said in the wake of a court decision blocking north carolina's voter id law, it's more important than ever to register and vote. >> makes a big difference. i fought against that in legislature. i would say the wind is at our backs right now. that makes an enormous difference. the more people that turn out, the better we do. >> according to the board of elections, an id currently will not be required to vote this november. you got to see this to bhooef. a group of fishermen in san dieg hooked a shark. that shark jumped out of the water several times before finally breaking the line and swimming away. it was more than 50 # -- 500 pounds. they are one to have fastest species in the world capable of top speeds of 60 miles an hour. >> what? 60 miles an hour? >> and they do flips. it's unreal. >> no. i would be okay seeing a dolphin
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too close to comfort. >> your raft can't get out of the water close enough, right? let's get to our forecast for this monday. we are tracking the potential for showers and for storms as we head through the day. right now, though, this is a live picture from shaw university. we are not seeing any wet weather in raleigh. we are not seeing any fog here raleigh, but we are seeing both as we look across our entire viewing area. northern portions of durham county into southern portions of grandville county, also across th county through halifax down the 95 corridor wilson and nash koun i. the good news is most of this very light rainfalling. some of those roads are going to be wet as you get ready to head out the door. as far as the temperatures are concerned, we have henderson at 67. raleigh and durham both at 74. also 74 in sanford, pinehurst, fayetteville, and rayford. 64 in clinton and goldsboro. here is your hour by hour forecast for you.
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10 a.m., a very small chance for rain in the morning. we start to see that rain chance climb this afternoon. we'll hit 85 later today for our afternoon high, dropping back to 82 for 6:00 for that evening drive home. and know that evening drive home could easily take you a bit longer. i'm expecting more wet weather later today at that point in time. so we have this stationary front right over eastern portions of north carolina. as that stalls right overhead, more showers and storms today. watch this area of high pressure. it's staying to our north o portions of north carolina tomorrow, which means the potential for a few storms will also continue as we head into your tuesday. so let me show yu what this looks like on our fufrp forecast. more clouds and sunshine all day long today. few isolated showers at lunchtime. you'll notice that increases in coverage and intensity later this afternoon. 5:00, we're looking at some rain blanketing the area. now, this rain, just like yesterday, is going to be moving very slow. so we could see some low-lying
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see flooding concerns. we'll make sure to keep you up to date on that as we head throughout the day. 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, most of us on the dry side. few showers and storms as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. here is your forecast highs for today. 85 in raleigh. 84 in durham. 87 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, we are going to drop to right around 72 degrees. the rain is tapering off. as a result, most of us are going to be cloudy. i don't think we'll see as much fog tomorrow morning just because we'll be looking a throughout the overnight hours tonight. as we head spoo the coming days, 87 tomorrow. still the chance for unsettled weather. keep that umbrella nearby. chance for wet weather wednesday, thursday, and friday, although you'll notice those highest rain chances are going to be here today. as far as the temperatures are concerned, we should be right around 90 far high thursday and friday. as we approach the up come weekend, yes, we are going to be just a tad hotter, but just at 91, which is very close to seasonal for this time of year.
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small chance for a shower or storm on sunday. those overnight lows are going to be consistently hanging in the low 70s. so kind of warm, kind of muggy as we get our day started for the week ahead. it is 4:52 right now. this is your latest 7-day forecast, let's turn it over to allie. good morning. we do have a crash out there bright and early on nc 50, credemore road. not seeing it cause any major delays but a bright and early this morning. also have some road work going on in cary. starts at 8 a.m. that area going to be blocked off for construction work. detour south dixon avenue and western part of dry avenue. those areas will be open for you to pass. travel dlu durham looks good. at 4:52, if we take you down to fayetteville, no accidents to report to you there. now, if you are heading out to the airport, delta having major computer issues so your flight
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delayed around 10 a.m. flying from new york, but a head's up, you definitely want to check before you head out there. live look outside now at i-40 where things are moving pretty well. before we go to break, here is a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. coming up, we'll talk with the new star of the broadway hit you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. i love you so much. that's why i bought six of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you.
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concerns about the football field in ohio led nfl officials to cancel the hall of fame game between green bay and indianapolis. the teams were concerned about how the paint on the field dried, causing potential safety issues. fans will be refunded for ticket price, which will cost the hall of fame several million dollars. well, this afternoon, fayetteville leaders will meet to dis baseball team to the stadium -- a stadium, rather, to the town. the baseball committee will meet at 4:30 at city hall to continue negotiations. city council members have been exploring the idea with the houston astros for several months now, a ten-acre area between fayetteville's legendary prince charles hotel has been selected as the potential site. the project could cost up to $30 million. the city council has until august 18th to decide if they
4:55 am
market week. no surprise the number of markets are on the rise. here in north carolina we have more than 250 farmer's markets. one of the largest is right here in raleigh. you can find everything from produce to sweets to meats. >> this is an awesome place. i come here every saturday and love it. >> i think the produce is very fresh. that's what i'm looking if r. >> how how do you know if the produce you are buying is actually local? i headed to a few markets, including our state farmer's market to get 1 thing you should do to make sure. that's tonight at 5:30. >> now, i want to know. i can't wait to see the story. >> it's good stuff. you'll be spriedz. planning to tell your house? now is the time to do it. >> so many people buying the house. the supply cannot keep up with all the demand. on an average, a little more than 60 people move to wake county a day, but real estate agents say there aren't a lot of available homes priced lower than $400,000. that means, of course, in that
4:56 am
are it sg on the market a bit longer. agents tell cbs north carolina even though things start to slow down the second half of the year, interest rates are extremely low so it's still a very good time to buy. >> too bad none of us won the lottery. we could just all buy houses. nice little news room house for us. all right. 4:57 in the morning. >> as he said, 4:57. a raleigh man is expected to answer to a murder charge today after investigators say he fired hour, hear from 911 callers about the moments after that shooting. stay with us.
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north carolina news at 5:00 starts now. >> good monday morning. thank you for watching cbs north carolina. >> i'm russ. emma wright is live in raleigh where a murder suspect is expected to appear in court today. it is a very controversial case right now. >> and we'll have a look at your morning commute, storm team meteorologist is on deck with that forecast. frms some of you are starting off quite soggy. take a look at this. this is our satellite radar composite. raleigh and southward for the most part on the dry side, but we are seeing some showers moving across portions of ash koun tu, wilson county, even portions of edgecomb county hearing lightning. southern portions of grandville


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