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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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facing charges. >> sad news shakes the nccu community. why the chancellor is taking a leave of absence. i'm sean maroney. >> i'm sharon tazewell. heavy rain moving across north carolina bringing with it thunder and lightning. >> so it was another hot and humid phone and that is now helping to fuel some strong storms. the severe thunderstorm warning from earlier has situation where we have heavy rain resulting in a flash flood warning for wake county and johnston county. then we have a tremendous amount of lightning which always seem to cause a lot of problems, moving flew raleigh and garner, those are headed to the east it. pushes into wendell into wilson county. you can see northern wayne county from eureka up to a good
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getting very heavy rain. it will last 20 to 30 minutes, so that could cause problems. you can see which direction it's moving, now to the north and nee. northern portions of our viewing area who haven't gotten anything yet, it is still on the way. this will reduce visibility and cause problems on the road. we'll keep the storms around 7, 8, 9:00 before we drop into we got stuff like this the rest of the week. a mess in the air and a mess on the ground. we continue to follow the roadways. several accidents in the triangle. i want to show you a live look at 540 year the glenwood avenue exit. traffic is backed up for miles both ways as you see here. there are reports of an 18- wheeler involved.
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a ral horn -- raleigh homeowner is charged with murder. >> a 911 call less than 10 minutes before the shooting describes, quote hoodlums with guns along the 3500 block of singleleaf lane. friends of the victim said they were at a party in the neighborhood but not armed. carleigh griffeth with the victim's moth. the suspect made his first appearance this morning. carleigh? >> reporter: two of kouren thomas friends said they had been at the party on singleleaf lane for 15 minutes before the man was shot.
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>> he's not awake? >> no, he's not. >> reporter: chris malone was on the known with 911. >> trying to do that and keep him awake and hearing everyone it was a lot. i tried to stay as calm as i could. >> reporter: malone and david walker went to a party with thomas early sunday morning but started to leave quickly after they arrived. they were headed to their car parked down the road when said he dropped. he looked at me and the shot went off. he droppedded i didn't even cross the street after that. i was like, man, this is not happening. >> reporter: 911 calls from residents described a group of men with giewns i'm locked and -- guns. i'm locked and loaded. >> reporter: police said 30-
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round while -- a round while standing in his garage. >> reporter: malone said no one was armed. >> no one had a gun. kouren didn't have a gun. >> reporter: thomas' family is trying to raise money to give him a proper funeral. >> carleigh, thank fayetteville firefighters. >> crews battled the fire and it happened behind north animal gate. neighbors heard an explosion before seeing the flames. cbs north carolina steve sbraccia has more. >> reporter: just after 10:30 last night someone noted there was smoke coming from the home.
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the rear door had been kicked. firefighters said the blaze had been set. it was just after 10:30 last night when somebody noticed smoke coming from the home on ramsey street. they noticed the door had been kicked. turns out the son of the owner had set the place on fire, that, according to the mother who spoke to me off camera. she said her son joshua holt told her he didn't ut explain why. a firefighter suffered burns battling the fire. holt has been charged with arson and injury to a firefighter. while firefighters know what caused this blaze, they're unsure of what started this one. >> i was in my room on my computer. all i heard was an explosion between a car crash and a bomb. >> reporter: so chris leon rushed out of his home and
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>> damage to the structure that presented the damage to firefighters. we went defensive meaning we attacked the fire from the exterior. >> reporter: an occupant of the home was critically burned before he got out. >> i thought nobody livered in the house. it was for sale for a couple years, but i saw that somebody got injured and the ems took them. >> reporter: the occupant of the home who was burned has -- unc burn center for additional treatment. the chief of police in spring lake tell cbs north carolina he's riering after -- retiring after 30 years. chief mcduffie is one of many
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dispensed nearly $500,000. mcduffie replaced brown in 2009. a north carolina central university chancellor is taking a leave of absence. debra saunders-white recently decided to take time off to focus on cancer treatment. johnson akinleye will act as chancellor. battleground state. >> donald trump is making two stops in north carolina. still ahead, what the cumberland sheriff's office is doing differently this time after deputies were disciplined following this incident at a trump raleigh earl -- rally earlier this years.
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delta airlines having major problems today following a power outage. >> more than 450 pounds have been ground -- flights have been ground. the cancellations were not immediately shown online. >> 's frustrating. they've known about it since early, early this morning.
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>> if we had known ahead of time it would have been great. however, it's not like i'm the only one who didn't know. >> the airline said they were unaware the flight status was wrong. coming up next time is running out for wake county to solve its election problems. the four possible fixes and how they each affect you. that's next. >> we c
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cooper: when i go home to nash county, it's the same streets i rode my bike on as a kid. our farm that i worked on is still there. so is the field where i played football what we've lost is harder to see. i'm roy cooper, and this election is not just about one bad law. it's about bringing back our teachers, our jobs, and the companies that have left.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump will make two stops in income in first in wilmington and then fayetteville. the last time he was there, an assault went viral. >> nate prod jers asked the sheriff's department if they will do anything different. >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement are expected to be on hand for donald trump's rally including secret service. it was an incident seen millions arod he was escorted out and punched by trump supporter john mcgraw. that wasn't the only issue. at least 20 protesters were escorted from the may 9th rally. six people were charged. >> we're doing the same thing we did last time. we're meeting with the secret service. we met with trump's staff last
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but at the arena. >> reporter: the crowd arena seats 4500 people. the police department and sheriff's office said they have not received requests from groups. doors open at 3:00. there's a long list of items not allowed including weapons of any kind, cameras, recording devices as well as signs and any type of poster. cbs north carolina has team coverage on bot trump's rallies. be sure to follow beau minnick and michael hyland. a state lawmaker is calling for an independent investigation into the state's drinking water. the state sent out do not drink advisory. much later they said it was shave to drink. but a state toxicologist said
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knowingly misled the public and the water is not safe. he also said the governor called a meeting to discuss the letter which mcrory denies. >> the governor mccrory administration can't sweech -- sweep it under the road. they need to know if they're drinking water that's safe. >> we didn't limit any information. we didn't hind any information. >> in opposite. we provided as much information as we had. >> governor mccrory's staff said rudo lied under oath. well, we may be three months away from the elections but the board of elections is in full scramble. they need to comply with the judge's order by 8:00. beau minnick joins us with a look at what has changed just within the last half hour.
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over a conference call. at this point they have not lay dreamed the judge's order. ultimately they're asked to decide what's the easiest way to make sure that the county commission and school board meet. >> the most feasible thing to do at this point in the timeline is to go back to the 2011 maps. >> reporter: that is one option before a federal judge but a judge wants to hear what th thinks first. plaintiff beverly clark knows the clock is ticking. >> what can we do to make this election happen smoothly and promptly. they really are against a tight time frame. >> reporter: a federal appeals court said the wake county commission and lines drawn by the gable were unconstitutional
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problems. the first uses district lines as they are currently set. those were ruled unconstitutional. the second option goes back to the way the lines were in 2011. the third would be a plan introduced by democratic state lawmaker when the case went to trial last year. the fourth introduced last week by republican legislative leaders. clark said the 2011 plan makes the most sense. >> they are the easiest to use start going out a month from now. our michael hyland is following it. we'll have the latest on and tonight at 11. i'm in the weather center with wes. we've heard a lot of commotion. looking on the radar it will get easier. >> we had strong storms. the severe thunderstorm warning from earlier is now gone but
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eastern wake county. heavy downpours accumulating. this is from knight dale, wendell and south of town. that's one cluster of storms. as we shift off to the east, you can see there is a green box. that is the flash flood warning. it's eastern wake county and johnston county. that goes that's that one to two inches of rain. no warnings on this. some incredibly heavy rain for pretty much everyone from elm city down to you guys in wilson, heavy, heavy rain with lots of lightning and this isn't moving that fast so we could have minor flooding there. but the overall movement of this broken line which extends
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storms. it's slowly lifting off to the north but it has shown some signs of weakening. still strong and very dangerous but that is what we're watching now. before the storms came around highs got to 90. otherwise, you're still conge around 90 degrees down in the sand hills. so heading into tonight we'll keep the storms in the forecast through 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 before they start to fade away. around and the humidity. as you head out to work or school it will be in the mid to low 70s. we have a lot of moisture. that's the way it's been for the last couple of months. now we have low pressure. the counter clockwise circulation. it's grabbing the moisture over the gulf. then it's interacting with the stationary front that's laying on top of us. that's creating the
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the stationery boundary may lift to the north. all in all not much. same thing on wednesday. even though the boundary is going to start to dissipate, you see it's no longer on the map, we still have the moisture being pumped our way. we have high pressure offshore this might provide us with a little bit of sunshine. that could get us into the low 90s. that price more instability and we don't see many so not necessarily everyone will get this rain but the storms, as small as they meet be 86 in durham. 89 in fayetteville. the highs in the upper 80s today. we'll hold there tomorrow. slightly lower chances of rain as we head toward 90 degrees. we'll keep that 90 intact on friday and spend the weekend in the low 90s.
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note humidity might dip. they're not ditching. overnight lows, morning temperatures every day for the next week stay in the mid-70s pretty much. so until we get those numbers into the 60s, we are stuck with this august-like weather. feels very august like. >> it does. >> thank you, wes. we're happy to welcome a new member to the team. >> sports anchor a look at what's coming up next with sports. >> i'm jeff jones and tonight we have some great local stories for you including the gold medalist who has ties to raleigh. plus, we stopped by duke's campus for the first game of the 2016 football sigh son and we have one of the funniest videos i've ever seen the.
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and then there was one. coming into today there was only one college football team that had not taken the field for fall practice. about 12 minutes ago the duke blue devils took to the field for the first time of the season. they were practicing in the rain. they want to be better this season than 2015. their season last year was a roller coaster ride duke lost four of their last six games but they say that was then. this season they have a new team motto. they're calling it, quote, the year of the beast. one way they go into beast mode is by finishing every single practice. >> every bit of the last part of practice, i want to see them try to win the game. if you don't get better in the fourth quarter you're not going to win.
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the -- peak at the end of the practice, then you were never in the practice. today i come with great news. guys, we did it. not as much you and i but these four they did it. they brought home a gold medal and they couldn't have done it without the help of a local guy. he teamed up with mvp and two other -- michael phelps and this is ryan's first event. as you clan imagine -- can imagine, this was an emotional win. so for ryan, the like competition is over but he did his part to boost the u.s. medal count. the u.s. has three more medals than any other nation and only trails china for the most goals.
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aly -- of aly raisman. during one of her routines last night, her parents, let's say, got a little nervous. aly secured a spot in the individual competition. so if anyone tries to tell you sports can't move you, show >> great to have you jeff.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: delta down. >> so we're just here, twiddling our thumbs. i have no idea what to do. >> rose: a computer crash grounds one of america's largest airline, leaving thousands stranded. also tonight, a new zika infection in one miles north of miami. a new donald trump reads his economic policy off a prompter, promming this: >> there is no other donald trump. >> rose: at the olympics, much ado about cupping. and the special guest who made a bride's wedding. >> hi!


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