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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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storms like we did yesterday again today. good morning and thank you for joining us on eyewitness news. >> we have a look at your morning news as well as traffic in a minute but first meteorologist kristen is for alisa and she has a look at what we are dealing with today. hopefully not as much thunder and storms out there. >> definitely not as much in the way of wet weather but still a chance at seeing the showers and storms this afternoon. this is a live look from the typically we can see the lights of the raleigh skyline in the background but the fog is so thick we can't see that this morning. we have fog and some clouds. no wet weather currently but that will change again this afternoon. aens -- a chance of more showers and storms after 2:00 p.m. it's 75 degrees outside in rally, 74 in durham, 75 in fayetteville and that fog is reducing visibility in a lot of locations. down to three-quarters of a mile in raleigh, about a quarter of a
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mile in henderson and rocky mount. use some caution for that morning drive. the fog will lift and the clouds are sticking around and we have storms this afternoon. the main threat the possibility of rain with a high of 88. for now a check on that morning commute with ali. >> good morning. it's 5:31. if you're heading out the door the roads look good there if you want a nice easy quick ride in. no problems 95 south through fayetteville or heading north. we will have some traffic problems today though in the area when donald trump comes to visit. the coliseum doors open at 3:00 and it all happens around 5:00. so 95 north take exit 40, 95 south exit 46. go to the b --
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raleigh from 540 to downtown 16 minutes. 12 minutes from 540 to downtown on 70. on 40 taking 540 to downtown about 21 minutes there. blood -- taking you outside to aviation parkway, a few people up. not enough to cause any delays yet. >> thank you. one person is dead after a chain reaction crash in wake county that caused several other wrecks along half a mile stretch of 540. >> it was and a mess and tragic. it started just after 5:00 on the westbound side of leesville road. our crew captured this after math. a fed-ex truck ram intoed a truck. -- rammed into a truck. at 8:30 there was a three-car crash that was caused by a driver trying to go around the accident scene which is not what you should be doing.
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today donald trump will make two stops here in north carolina. his visit takes place just one day after his unveiled his economic plan in detroit. >> this afternoon trump will first appear in wilmington before he heads to fayetteville. emma wright has more on what people can expect today. >> reporter: this is donald trump's second visit to fayetteville and his first to wilmington. he's expect today take about his economic plan that he rolled out supporters have been busy preparing for trump's visit. volunteers say they have shifted into what they are calling high gear to recruit new volunteers to register people to vote. they are looking forward that hearing more about that economic plan that's dump talked ant yesterday -- about yesterday in detroit. trump proposed increase in aid for families
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to increase choice and reduce cost in child care offering much needed relief to american families. they are suffering. we are going to get them this much needed relief. >> reporter: and donald trump's first visit to fayetteville brought some national attention to the city when protesters and supporters got into a fight inside of that rally. coming up at 5:00 what police are doing differently to keep today's rally safe. >> emma right. our political reporter bo minute minic will be in fayetteville. we are less than 3 months from election day and it's unclear who will be on the ballot if wake county. -- in wake county. last night the board of elections told a judge the most feasible actions.
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after that revert back to maps created in 2011, lastly separate proposals by state democrats and then republican legislative lead erts. -- leaders. >> so the easiest and most practical thing would be to go forward with the districts a as they were enacted by the general assembly this time. >> the general assembly, the eastern district of north carolina and the 4th circuit have been playing ping-pong. >> it's unclear when the judge will make a decision. the absentee ballots have to be mailed out on the 9th of september. cbs north carolina has everything that you need to go. go to, scroll over the news tab and down to campaign 2016. a raleigh man is expected back in court accused of shooting and killing a 20-year-old outside of his home.
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he's accused of shooting 20-year-old corin thomas with a shotgun early sunday morning. in 911 calls obtained by cbs north carolina the suspect appears to tell dispatchers a large group of people were outside racing and he was going to secure the neighborhood. he called back saying he fired a warning shot and someone got hit. we talked the thomas family. she spent time with him before he left home that night. >> he don't like t that's the last time i seen him. >> his next court appearance the august 29th. a person is at the burn center at unc this morning after an indent at a lab on nc state's campus. the accident happened yesterday at partners number one building on main campus drive. no word on the person's name or condition. today a 25-year-old is expected in a cumberland county
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with gasoline. joshua holt is facing two charges. he set the fire late sunday night. a firefighter was hurt and had to go to the hospital but is expected to be okay. a natural gas leak is to blame for another fire in fayetteville. a neighbor shot this video. police responded to the shaw kroft road around 9:20 yesterday morning. several people reported to hear -- reported hearing a loud boom before started -- one person is in critical condition and a firefighter had to be treated for exposure. today delta airlines has a tough task, to find seating on planes to accommodate the tens of thousands of passengers effected after a system-wide computer failure that grounded the planes. it took hours for them to get up and running again. delta canceled and delayed about
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what a nightmare at rdu. >> i'm sure people are still not where they wanted to be. when a pilot begins to have engine trouble he looks for the safest place to land.
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we were kept awake by big storms. >> a few more storms possible this afternoon. my roof leaked last night so we had russ's house get struck by lightning, my roof is leaking. few showers -- it's been a mess for the weather department here. more of the same heading
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seeing some fog. this is a live picture from raleigh durham international airport. you can see some of that fog out there this morning. so far no delays at the airport so that's good news as you kick off your day here. our satellite and radar not showing anything in the way of wet weather. more wet weather this afternoon and this evening as more storms start to roll through. blood it's 74 in durham, 74 in rocky mount and goldsboro. a little bit of fog as i've been mentions here. -- mentioning here. visibility down to three-quartef a mile in raleigh and louisberg, a half a mile in rocky mount and henderson and a quarter mile in smithfield. we have patchy fog. use some caution for that morning drive today. we will see some fog lifting. the clouds are sticking around a a temperature
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8:00. the high of 88 today. showers and storms after 2:00. how long we'll be stuck in the pattern coming up in your complete storm team forecast. still to come on cbs north carolina. s it was just -- >> it was just like a nightmare for us. >> a woman reunited with her dog after two and a half years. how animal control officers were
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thank you for staying with us. today republican presidential candidate donald trump will make two stops today in wilmington and fayetteville. hillary clinton will campaign will florida today. the parents of two americans killed in the
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wrongful death lawsuit against secretary clinton. police in kansas say 10-year-old caleb schwab died if a neck injury after -- from a neck injury after riding the tallest water slide. the ride will be closed indefinitely. delta airlines is working to get stranded travelers on their way today after a computer glitch. a power outage knocked out the airlines computer system. durham police are investigate -- flvting american tobacco trail. a woman said she was jogging when a man grabbed her buttock and took off into the sub decision. -- subdivision. durham police are investigating six cases of vehicles getting broken into. they were locked and parked off fayetteville road. spring lake police chief tony mcduffy said it's time for the next generation to lead and
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saying $500,000 was misspent. the white water rafting course was closed in june after an 18-year-old ohio woman died after contracting a brain eating disease. a statement from officials in mecklenburg county said public health workers are monitoring the refilling. two sisters ages 3 and 5 baby sit drowned in a pool in colorado. officers and good samaritans did cpr but was not able to revive the girls. >> any time you're in the pool use precaution, be with a person who knows how to swim. it's just a standard safety for swimming pools. >> police will not -- do not
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california are telling thousands of homeowners to leave as the pilot fire continues to burn. people in 375 homes were ordered to leave. >> it's emotional. this is my third time since living up hire going through this. -- up here going through this. >> plumbs of smoke have rolled across the desert to las vegas. flames that have spread across 10 square miles. people in parts of florida are dealing with flooding issues this morning. forecasters are calling for 10 to 15 inches of rain to fall. some areas could get more than 18 minutes. -- 18 inches. >> i want to move. i don't like it here anymore. >> it's terrifying when you have animals and a child in the house. blah >> with more rain in the forecast she said he's not going
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gets, she and her family are finding another place to stay. in louisiana a pilot turned an interstate median into a landing strip. james blake said the engine quit. he walked away without a scratch and his plane was hardly damaged. >> i don't feel lucky, i feel blessed. >> he did a great job. he had the thought to put it down this the median and didn't cause any crashes. >> alwaysgo blake tried to restart the plane but it didn't work so a tow truck took the plane back to the airport for repairs. the faa is now trying to figure out what happened. a harm warming story everybody is talking about in pittsburgh, the bride met the man who walked her down the aisle the day before the wedding. jeannie's father was shot
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organs. arthur thomas received his heart. >> it's just like having my decide here and better because we get to share this story with other people. >> before he received jeannie's dads heart he was days away from dying. you can't help but be touched by that story. >> absolutely. we hope they had a great time seeing that one particular photo where she has the hand over his heart is just so heartwarming. it makes me so happy that it was able to walk down the high -- walk down the aisle with her. talking about weather today we can expect some showers. not good news. >> if you're sick of the rain it's not going anywhere any time soon. we are stuck in this pattern where we're going to be warm and humid with the chances for afternoon showers and storms almost every day here
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dealing with some fog. this is a live look from our shaw university camera. typically we can see the raleigh skyline in the background there but the fog is obstructing the view this morning. we have clouds and fog around. use some caution for your morning drive. no wet weather to kick off the morning here. it's 75 degrees outside. it's 74 degrees in durham, 75 degrees in fayetteville. again, a we've got visibility down to a quarter -- or a half mile excuse me in louisberg haend. henderson -- in henderson. under a mile in raleigh. be careful for that morning drive. you may plan on leaving yourself an extra minute or two. temperatures are going to rise similar to yesterday. a high of 89 yesterday, a high of 88 degrees this afternoon.
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hours. the best chance of wet weather after lunchtime, generally after 2:00 we'll see the showers and storms starting to move through. that's thanks to the stationary front that will start to the push to the -- start to push to the north today. a few storms possible along that front. we have this area of low pressure over the gulf of mexico. that's streaming in all of this moisture over the next several days. as we head into our day tomorrow and thursday that front fizzles out but the low out of the gulf of mexico. we are staying muggy with still some storms on thursday and friday. friday, saturday and sunday we have this area of high pressure off the coast p -- off the coast. that will lead to hot and humid conditions. very unsettled. the future cast showing things dry through this morning. blah -- this morning. this afternoon we
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some localized flooding possible again today. they wrap up late tonight. over night dry but then back at it again as we head into tomorrow after lunchtime more showers and storms possible for your wednesday. your first for today -- your forecast for today, around 90 in the sand hills, 88 raeford, 88 degrees in benson, smithfield and wilson today, 88 rocky mount, 87 in roxboro and durham, 87 in henderson, 88 degrees in raleigh. tonight temperatures fall to 73. our 7-day forecast has temperatures warming up to near 90 by thursday . we still have that shower and storm threat in the forecast through the end of the week. temperatures fairly close to 9 oh degrees. -- 90 degrees. over to ali with a look at the morning drive. >> take a look at the orange. this is the fog that kristen was
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we have extremely foggy conditions as we hate the roads. -- hit the roads. we have a road closure, braidwick at 8:00 a.m. today until 5:00 tomorrow for emergency road work in cary. a head's up there. the durham roads have looked good all morning long. 85 and 40 moving welch -- moving well. at the airport much better travel conditions than yesterday. just checked the website at rdu and it looks like if you are flying most flights are arriving on time today. coming into rdu on time as welch l -- as well. a live look outside at 85 at club boulevard.
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a disney world resort is building a stone wall around the
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plan following the death of 2-year-old lane graves. warning signs are being installed. an alligator drug the boy into the lake on june 15th and killed him. the family decided not to file a lawsuit against disney. authorities in colorado are looking for the woman who stole from a church. surveillance video captured her taking a laptop on saturday. police hope that leads to an arrest. a 2 and virginia. lewis jumped out of his owners car in 2014. hiz -- his owner searched for him for weeks, months and then years. people started to see a dog fitting his description . animal control officers set up a trap and lewis walked right in. >> my jaw just dropped and my heart started to beat faster. i said are you kidding me, lewis.
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doing well and expected to have many good years ahead of him. the both and worse places to have a baby, north carolina comes from #4 2nd. -- comes if 4 #27bd. -- comes in 42nd. >> vermont came in first. >> oh, wow. one big attraction to the north carolina fair is the music. >> a local group will perform. delt music fest that highlights north carolina talent. the line up includes 117 concerts. they are all free with fair admission. the fair starts on october 13th. tickets are on sale right now. it's awesome to see local people being honored and able to play. >> they have a chance to get a whole new audience. it's 5:57. >> the time the going to be the
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donald trump is on his way back to the site of one of his most infamous campaign stops. the added security in place after the punch that was scene around the world in fayetteville. >> to my knowledge nobody has a gun. corey doesn't own a gun. >> a raleigh homeowner said he witnesses are telling a difsht story. -- a sdifrnt story. -- a different story. the murder investigation on cbs north carolina. it's a splendid morning after the all the storms last night. >> it's great to be here. good morning to you. we're not here often. >> that's true. >> i appreciate you guys letting us sit at the table today. we're here with ali


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