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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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donald trump is on his way back to the site of one of his most infamous campaign stops. the added security in place after the punch that was scene around the world in fayetteville. >> to my knowledge nobody has a gun. corey doesn't own a gun. >> a raleigh homeowner said he witnesses are telling a difsht story. -- a sdifrnt story. -- a different story. the murder investigation on cbs north carolina. it's a splendid morning after the all the storms last night. >> it's great to be here. good morning to you. we're not here often. >> that's true. >> i appreciate you guys letting us sit at the table today. we're here with ali
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a little foggy outside this morning that's the main issue right now. we will see the fog being an issue for the morning hours. we still have some clouds in the forecast. right now a live look at raleigh durham international airport. everything seems to be running smoothly at the airport. satellite and radar showing clouds over head but nothing in the way of wet weather right now. we will see more later popping up. it's 75 degrees in raleigh right now, 74 in durham , it's 75 degrees in fayetteville , 76 in re ford. -- in re ford. -- in re ford. we have that fog, a quarter mile in smithfield. leave yourself an extra minute or two for that
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warm and muggy by lunchtime, 84 degrees. 88 degrees the high temperature this afternoon. 85 degrees and still a few storms on the way at 6:00. for now a check on traffic with ali. >> good morning. we have a crash out there on 480. we'll take you right to it near lake wheeler road the eastbound side. it's not slowing things down but it's out there. so a head's up if you plan on heading minutes or so. in cary bradwick drive closed at 8:00 until 5:00 tomorrow for some emergency road work there. a head's up if you are heading through durham nothing like that to worry about. roads look pretty good so far. down through fayetteville the same thing, 95 moving well, no incidents on the local roads. if you're heading east on 540 from glenwood to u.s. 64, 17 minutes there on 440 from i-40 to capitol boulevard
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from 110 to 64, 10 minutes as welch -- as welch l -- as well. no delays at 6:03 this morning. donald trump supporters and protesters alike can expect extra security at this evening rally in fayetteville. >> trump has not visited the city since the spring when a supporter er's sucker punch made headlines. emma wright has what is different >> reporter: donald trump is making a stop in wilmington before his visit if fayetteville p -- in faith. -- before his visit if fayetteville. -- visit in fayetteville. police said they going to handle things differently. you probably remember this video of a trump supporters punching a protester in fayetteville. at that rally more than 20 protesters were escorted out
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arresting the trump supporter when that incident happened. hundreds of law enforcement officers are expected to be at both rally. federal police and secret service will also be there. >> we're doing the same thing as last time, meeting with the secret service and met with trump staff last week. we're not doing it at the crown, we're going at at the arena so it will be -- at the arena so it will be a smaller venue. >> reporter: it seats people. tickets are free. supporters said they're preparing for another north carolina rally. coming up at 6 6:30 what they're doing to get ready for election day. a lock of polling -- a lack of polling making it hard to see where the candidates stand in north carolina.
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investigation is growing more complicated. >> we have been following this story since sunday night when chad copley shot and killed corin thomas. justin is following this case for us. >> reporter: cbs north carolina talked with two of thomas end thomas' friends who said they went to a party early sunday morning but started to leave quickly after they arred when thomas was shot. no one was armed and thomas did not deserve to be shot. 39 chad copely fired a round from his garage. we hear different accounts. >> we have a bunch of hoodlums racing. i'm going outside to secure my neighborhood. send pd as quickly as possible.
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he dropped. >> he turned around and looked at me and the shot went off. he dropped and i didn't even cross the street after that. i was just like, man, this is not happening. >> reporter: copely is being held without bond. his next court appearance the later this month. thomas' family is trying to raise money for his funeral. a grant from the state could mean more goldsboro police on patrol. they pledged $50,000 towards fighting gang violence in goldsboro. most of the monell over time for officers to get more feet on the ground. the city is offering a $5,000 reward for any nafgs -- any information leading to the arrest in the five unsolved murders this year. spring lake police chief tony mcduffy will step down at the end of the year. there was a report that claims that several leaders misspent hundreds of thousands of
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the hillsborough police department is calling for more officers to receive more training in dealing with high stress situations. they hope to start in the next 6 months. chancellor debra white will be out as she battles cancer. we wish her well and good health. time right now is 6:07. mistaken for a bomb is fighting back this morning. >> i can't walk around the streets because i don't want to get shot. >> what he's demanding from the city and the school board. >> plus donald trump said his economic plan is a win for everyone. what experts had to say about it. >> we're dealing with thick fog this rpg mo. -- thick fog this morning.
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good morning to you. it's off to quite a foggy start this morning. if you're getting ready to take the kids to school or headed to work use some caution. the question is when we might see that fog clear out. >> it's going to clear out later this morning. for the next couple of hours expect the fog to linger. some isss you're taking a live look from the shaw university camera. usually we can see the buildings of the raleigh skyline in the background there. blah -- the fog is obstructing the view. the good news is no wet weather popping up on our satellite and radar this morning. the satellite and radar still showing some clouds but the radar looking good right now. the storms that moved through yesterday are not an issue today. however, more are likely this afternoon. it is 75 degrees in raleigh
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75 in fayetteville. again, that fog is reducing our visibility here down to ability a quarter of a mile in smithfield or a half mile in louisberg, rocky mount and henderson. about three-quarters of a mile in raleigh so watch for that fog, use some caution this morning. we will see the fog lifting , temperatures climbing to about 88 degrees this afternoon. spotty showers and storms likely after 2:00. in your complete storm team forecast. another case of the zika virus has been transmitted in florida, this time in palm beach county. that brings the total number of case to 17. 15 of those were in the miami area where the state's governor said the patient in this latest case had recently visited . the department of health believe the mosquitos are limited to a small neighborhood.
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-- are said to have died in the wake of hurricane earl that hit mexico. it was because of deadly mud slides. some areas received a month's worth of rain in a single night. donald trump wants to lower taxes for all but not everyone
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simplifying tax roads codes in donald trump's plan. they families can deduct all child care expenses >> the conversation about how to make america great again for everyone , especially and i say especially for those who have the very least. >> points that stood out to us, trump said he plans to end the
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25%. americans in the top income bracket are taxed shy of 40%. groups argued that this type of reduction would add trillions of dollars to the national debt. hillary clinton is expected to go into greater detail about her economic plan later this week a massive wild fire continues to burn through the san bernardino mountains in california. bryan web has the latest on the growing number of evacuations. >> the mountains east of l.a. are now towering infernos as a fast moving wild fire forces thousands of people to leave their homes. people who live in the area say it comes with the territory. >> it is erie and it's emotional p -- emotional. this is any third time since living up here going through this. >> 16 aircraft are attacking the blaze from above.
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retardant along the way. the real battle is on the ground with more than 800 firefighters are face-to-face with the flames. >> there's dust and ashes flying around everywhere, you're tired, it's 3:00 a.m. and you have to keep going. >> it was pushed by strong winds and dry brush. it's now more than 10 square miles with plumes of smoke causing nevada more than 200 miles away. >> we spent the night watching the flames. terrible. >> areas the flaps -- the flames pass through are now a waste land of ash and torched trees. as of monday night the fire was only 6% contained. bryan web, cbs north carolina. >> that's really tough to see. you were just saying during that story that it's the opposite of what we've had on
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coast we've been wetter, on the west coast no improvement. >> right. here we are get ingting slammed with wet weather. relentless afternoon showers and storps. -- and storms. that's the 359 earn for -- that's the pattern for today too. right now we are starting off on a dry note. you can see that we have some clouds out there. not as much fog in cary but fog in nothing popping up on the radar. the satellite showing some clouds out there. we will see a chance of more showers around storms later today. it's 75 degrees in raleigh right now, 74 in durham, 75 in fayetteville. cooler along that virginia border. temperatures around 65 in roxboro, henderson, south hill
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smith field p -- smiment feed. -- in smithfield. it's patchy fog but sts still around. -- but it's still around. we are going to see temperatures climbing and the fog lifting through this morning. the clouds are sticking around today. mostly cloudy to partly sunny with a high temperature of 88 degrees. after 2:00 p.m. is the best chance for seeing the showers and storms developing and moving through the area. that's thanks to the stationary front that's been draped over us. it starts to work to the north today. we will see a few storms possible into the afternoon and evening. slow moving storms like yesterday. we have this area of he prosh -- of low pressure out of the gulf of mexico that will continue to stream moisture into the region. we're staying
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storms on wednesday and thursday. on friday an area of high pressure will start to build into the area that will lead to hot and humid conditions. with that low still near by it will bring us a chance of more showers and storms. the clouds sticking around but the best chance for showers and storms after lunchtime today. again, slow movers like yesterday so heavy rain the primary threat with the storms. we are dry as we start of wet weather possible tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening. so we're on repeat for the next several days here p -- here. your forecasted high, 89 in dunn. 88 in smithfield, wilson and benson, 89 in goldsboro today, 87 in durham and chapel hill, 88 in cary and raleigh p -- in raleigh. tonight temperatures fall to 7 3.
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thursday. still near 90 on friday. 91 for your weekend . 89 degrees on monday. with a chance of a shower or storm every day this week. time now 6:20. over the ali with a look at your morning drive. >> courtroom. -- good morning. the fog is all over the raleigh area. you can see it in orange here. this means that you need extra time before you head out the door. with -- we have a crash on i-40 wheeler road. not many delays there. durham the roads look good. all green means no delays. the same thing if fayetteville. if you've heading through fayetteville this afternoon though donald trump will be in town so heavy delays on 95 north. take 42 to the complex, east mountain drive. 95 southbound exit
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15 minutes there. on 401 from 55 to downtown, 20 minutes p -- 20 minutes. a live look outside. the same area where we have that crash. the fog is going to play a factor. extra time needed. >> thank you so much , ali. taking a look at the big chain reaction crash on 540. donald trump will be back in nbc charlotte will be back -- will be back in north carolina today. team racked up 19 medals in the olympics, five gold. high lights in the next half hour. the 23-year-old man who
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classmates into believeing he was a teenager is set to be sentenced next month. the texas teen who was carted out of his high school in handcuffs is now suing after his clock was mistaken from a bomb. they claim they have received several violent threats since the incident prompting them to move. >> i lost my home, my creativity. before i used to love building things but now i didn't. -- i can't. there's nothing i can do . it's just i've lost a lot of things. i can't walk on the streets anymore without having to be covered up because wropt -- because i don't want to get shot. >> the city maintains they did nothing wrong. time check for you, 6:22.
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families of two benghazi victims. >> three children plummet from a ferry oh, here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach.
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there's something out there.
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atal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. originally thought will be canceled today. hannah daniels is live. >> reporter: good morning. more delays for delta. the airlines said at least 100 flights will be canceled after yesterday's power outage. delta issued an apology and is extending refunds and travel volunteertures today.
6:26 am
aeropastel went bankrupt but there's a deal in the works that could save the business p . versa has associated a potential deal to allow them to keep their more than 500 locations open. >> we are hearing that nike's new sun glasses don't come cheap. >> reporter: they are winging it with high end sunglasses. shades that are going for $1,200 a pair. they're called the wing and engineered for a -- for olympic runners. they are super lightweight and meant to prevent fogging. i don't know if i would spend 1200 on a pair of sun glasses. >> you can do so much more than that. >> reporter: they better have x-ray vision for that. >> and spray you down if you get sweaty. >> reporter: that's right.
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1400 air traffic controllers. if new employees will receive between 22 to nearly $29,000 during the 13-month training program and then $38,000 a year after that. training will be held in oklahoma city and if you're interested you have until monday to apply. 6:27 in morning right now. >> a woman is making a big splash at the olympics. the medal she's bringing back to north carolina and the struggle she over came to make this all possible that story is in our next half hour. >> we're in
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it's tuesday. good morning and thank you for watching at 6:30. >> good morning. another week means another campaign is coming through north carolina. we're looking ahead to the double header from donald trump.
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you it kept a lot of people awake. >> definitely working our schedule it kept a lot of us awake last night. we are going to see a chance for more storms into this afternoon. this morning we're dealing with clouds and fog. here's a live picture from raleigh durham international airport. the fog was thicker an hour ago. now we're seeing some improvements but still seeing cloudy skies. nothing on the radar this morning. the storms that moved through yesterday not an issue right now. we will see more developing later on. it's 75 in raleigh, 74 in durham, 75 in fayetteville. fog is still reducing the visibility in some spots down to a half mile. in henderson, louisberg and rocky mountain a quarter of a mile. watch for that patchy fog . temperatures will warm up to 75 degrees at 8:00, 84 at
6:31 am
some spotty storms possible this afternoon. a few of those may continue into late night. -- late tonight. what you can expect coming up. right now a check on the morning drive with a lyric -- with ali. >> good morning. we have a crash and foggy conditions. a crash on 40 by lake lake wheeler road. heading through durham the roads loo from durham down through fayetteville a nice ride. again, that fog a factor. in the 6:00 hour we are starting to see delta flights with delays out of rdu. a few of them have not flown out yet. other wise good travel conditions if you are not taking delta. to the major airports. a live look outside at u.s. 70 and u.s. 70 business. there
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donald trump will make two stops in north carolina today as he tries to win over this important swing state. >> the first one in wilmington and then to fayetteville. emma wright what can we expect? >> reporter: today he's expected to make more about his economic plan he rolled out yesterday during a speech at the detroit economic club. during that trump he proposed a federal government to help families pay for child care. in our state supporters have been busy preparing for trump's visit. volunteers say they have shifted to what they're calling high gear to recruit new volunteers and residential ster -- register people to vote. >> because we are a military town we are looking to get the absentee voters blah. -- voters in.
6:33 am
crown coliseum tonight. the tickets are free but must be reserved ahead of time. you can find more information at >> thank you. a natural gas leak caused a fire that critically injured a person in fayetteville. a neighbor shot this video on shaw kroft road. the person is still at the burn unit. a firefighter was treated for the ballot in wake down. the school board and county commission were deemed unconstitutional by judges. last night the board of elections told the judge what they feel are the best recommendations. the first use the district maps, the second revert back to the maps created in 2011 or use a
6:34 am
practical would be to go forward with the districts as enacted by the general assembly this time and redraw next time. >> they have been playing ping-pong. >> it's unclear when the judge will make a decision. in the meantime the board of elections is about to begin work to get absentee in votes ready that have been mailed out by the earlier this year the state sent out do not drink advisories to people living near coal ash ponds. later officials declared the water was safe to drink. in a lawsuit involving duke energy a state toxicologist said the state health director misled the public and the water is not safe. he said governor
6:35 am
he said that never happened. the center began filling the water water channels again last week. they tested positive for brain ooeting -- for a brain eating bacteria. a trip to the family fair ended in horror for families in tn. >> the malfunction that dropped three girl from the top of a ferris while. -- wheel. >> a north carolina girl is making her state proud. >> outside this morning many of us are dealing with foggy conditions. how long the fog will stick around and if there's for rain in your
6:36 am
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a very busy day yesterday late in the afternoon and kind of a repeat today it looks like. >> we had some showers and storms and the main issue with the storms yesterday is they were slow moverers. -- movers p -- movers. outside right now we are dealing with some fog. this is a live look from our shaw university camera. you can see the raleigh skyline usually in the background there but the fog is obstructing our view a little bit this morning. fog is only going to be an issue for a couple more hours here. the fog will lift through the ristaino of -- through the rest of the morning. our radar looking good as we kick off tuesday here. it's 75 degrees outside in raleigh, 74
6:39 am
, 74 in sanford, 75 in fayetteville. again, the fog an issue. so visibility down to about a quarter of a mile in smithfield a half mile, in louisberg a half mile, also a half mile in fayetteville and in raleigh. we have mostly cloudy skies through most of the day. warm and muggy into this afternoon. some spotty storms likely after 2:00. by 3:00 we're looking at a temperature of 88. 85 at 6:00. those storms wrap up. we have even more unsettled weather in the forecast for the rest of the week. a complete break down of what you can expect coming up in your complete storm team forecast. the parents of two americans killed in the benghazi attacks have filed a wrongful dut lawsuit -- death lawsuit against hilary clinton. it was behalf of patricia smith and derek woods. the lawsuit suggests that clinton's use of a private e-mail server could have
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that clinton did send classified material. . currently 6:39. three children plummet to the ground after horrific accident there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. vent snacking. cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree
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that a comeback should include everyone.
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6:43 am
a ferris wheel flipped that sent the girls flying like water pouring from a glass. a witness said it was horrifying. >> they just hit the ground and were there. -- and were laying there. everybody was calling 911. i don't know these little girls but they were so little and i hate seeing it. >> tough to hear her describe those moments. police all are said to be a wake and alert. hundreds of delta customers are still expect some headaches today. >> the airline is struggletology get back on track after a massive system failure . cbs north carolina's justin was out in the thick of it yesterday covering the delays for us. he joins us live in the studio with what delta is doing to make this up to fliers. you had a lot of stories of people trying to get home. >> reporter: they just wanted
6:44 am
delta is canceling 250 flights this morning as it sets to get crews and planes in place to take care of customers. we want to show you this video. we talked about the craziness yesterday. this is the line yesterday at rdu which we sped up. the airlines leaders apologized for what those customers have been through and blamed it on a computer problem caused by a power outage. additional delays expected today. blap -- today. it will provide $200 in travel vouchers to customers who had flights canceled or were delayed more than 3 hours. they are urging people to check their flight status on you can rebook on their website. >> you know what else is not fun about that
6:45 am
vouchers and this kind of thing, what if you had tickets to a concert or ball game. >> you can't get a refund on that. i just checked and i'll have more details be you there are several delays at rdu flying delta this morning. >> so it e -- extends into tuesday. what a might mary. -- nightmare. we are seeing some fog this morning. not as much fog from or cardinal camerin no wet weather falling out of the clouds right now. we're dry to start the morning. demetrious are definitely on the muggy side. it's 75 degrees right now in raleigh, 74 in durham, rocky mount and goldsboro, 74 in fayetteville. around the border temperatures around 69 degrees in roxboro, henderson, south hill and roanoke rapids. the fog is causing some problems,
6:46 am
in a lot of locations. it's down to a half mile in henderson, rocky mount. so areas along 95 impacted by heavy fog there and always visibility around three-quarters of a mile in raleigh. now temperatures are going to rise and the fog is going to lift here through this morning. a few peaks of sunshine with a high temperature of 88 degrees. the best chance of showers and storms after 2:00 this afternoon. that's thanks to the stationary front pushing north today. a few storps are possible. -- a few storps are possible p -- a few storms are possible. tomorrow we have this low pressure center out of the gulf of mexico that's going to stream a lot of moisture our way. we're staying muggy with spotty storms responsible again tomorrow and thursday. by friday and the wean -- and the weekend that low is still going to have an impact on the
6:47 am
pressure centered off bermuda pushing to the east here. so the chance of storps. -- of storms. we will see things clearing out over night tonight. many wet weather -- more wet weather possible tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening again. we are on repeat over the next several days. forecast for today, 88 in mostly cloudy later. 88 in rocky mount and 87 in roxboro and durham, 87 in raleigh. we dry out over night and then we will see the potential for more showers and storms during the afternoon and evening hours over the next several days. 9 degrees tomorrow, 90 on thursday and friday.
6:48 am
still around 90 on monday with the chance of an afternoon shower and storm every day over the next week. time now 6:48. over to ali with a check on the traffic. >> good morning. foggy conditions out there so give yourself extra time. already seeing a crash on 480 eastbound at lake wheeler road. so a head's up there. fog certainly going to play a right between stagecoach road and i-40 that wreck just come anything now. -- coming in now. if you are heading to the airport we have delta delays again today. so you want to call ahead if you're heading to rdu. your flight might be leaving later. to i-40 and capitol boulevard changes are moving well but you can see it is foggy oh out there. -- foggy out there.
6:49 am
medals to team usa's impressive haul. >> lilly king had a record-breaking finish. king has been out spoken about the russian doping scan dad and her opponent who test positive. >> ryan murphy took home the gold and set a new record. the u.s. has not lost this one since 1992. >> wow. then it's kathleen baker who took meter backstroke. she suffered from crohn's disease for years and told the charlotte observer she hopes her accomplishments can inspire people to never give up on their dreams. >> lastly the face that launched a few mems. getting too flamboyant with michael feps. -- phelps. >> look at that. >> i'm sure he didn't realize
6:50 am
people can find a story behind it. >> don't you know. maybe he was just listen ing to something. >> maybe that's his game face, that's how he gets ready. >> maybe that's it. 6:50. we'll boo be back with a run down of all the stories yo you -- you need to know. >> first a check with the cbs team. >> good morning. p -- good morning. a high profile senator comes out against donald trump. he's under fire for linking hillary clinton to the death of an iranian scientist. the latest in cupping. the reinvention of the veggie burger. the news is back in the morning. news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on ?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills...
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[ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children.
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donald trump will campaign
6:53 am
today. this video went viral in march when a trump supporter sucker punched a protesters p . -- a protester. when the candidates are in north carolina we will be there as well. we will cover will rally in wilmington and in crown arena. if you're interested to going to the rally the doors open at 3:00. charges are pending after a deadly crash along i 540 in wake county. series of accidents and that led to three cars crashing after a driver decided to go around the scene. blah no names have been released yet. confusion surrounding a murder investigation in raleigh. 39-year-old chad copely is accused of shooting and killing 20-year-old corin thomas over the weekend at a home on single leaf lane. we played the
6:54 am
street yelling and screaming profanities. a caller said he has a gun and is going to secure the neighborhood. we spoke with corin's friends who were there with him that night. he told us no one was armed 67 -- armed. >> nobody has a gun. he didn't have a gun , never owned a gun. >> he dropped and i didn't even cross the street after that. i was just like, man, this >> copely is being held without bond and set to appear in court at the end of the month. a fayetteville man accused of setting his mother's house on fire is set to make his first court appearance today. joshua holt is charged with second degree arson. he used a can of gasoline. a firefighter was burned trying together put that fire out. -- trying to put that fire out but is expected to be okay. we are working to learn the condition of a person burn add at lab on nc state.
6:55 am
the person was taken to the unc burn center. a grant from the state could mean more goldsboro police on patrol. the governor's officer pledged $50,000 in grants. most of the money will go to over time for officers. they are offering a $5,000 reward leading to an arrest in the five unsolved murders this yr. at tend of the year. -- at tend of -- at the end of the year. he said, quote, it's now time for the next generation to lead. delta ray will be among the headlines at this year's state fair. the chapel hill based group is part of the home grown music fest. the line up includes 117 concerts over the course of 11 days.
6:56 am
tickets are already on sale. this is a story that we've been following for two days, delta expects delays and cancelations to continue in the wake of a kwament -- in the wake of an kwament -- of an equipment failure. 250 flights will likely be canceled this morning p . -- this morning. they canceled more than 1,000 flights yesterday. it's believed it in atlantic. -- in atlanta. i'm sure people aren't happy to know there's further cancelations. >> such a mess. luck si the -- luckily thewet -- the weather is not an issue today.
6:57 am
in the 70s but 6 in helped. -- but 68 in henderson. down to a quarter of a mile in raleigh. please use some caution for the morning drive, the fog will lift to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. right through the ends of this week into next wet weather in the forecast. it's very foggy out there. take a look at the camera at the clayton by pass. things are slow moving here. that fog is not going to help things out as you make your way into work at 6:57. sglsz >> take your time. >> please will care
6:58 am
we will be here at
6:59 am
7:00 am
? good morning. it is tuesday, august 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a restrained donald trump promises big tax cuts b faces new opposition from his senior republican senator and gop security experts. >> three girls suffer serious injuries after being tossed from a ferris wheel. one eyewitness said it was like watching water pouring from a glass. plus, delton grounds hundreds more flights following a worldwide computer outage. the technology that plagued the entire airline industry. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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