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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:24pm EDT

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in more stephen chase. >> thanks for watching. the disturbing investigation unfolding. a teenager has been charged with the murder of his 63-year-old grandmother at a home in the killinged man with a hatchet. >> neighbors that know the family are calling this a horrible tragedy. it's leaving the entire community devastated. >> cumberland county sheriff said it happened after 11:00 last night. when they arrived here elgin road deputies say 63 was found dead. sheriff deputies say he was struck with a hachtd by
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incident the family appeared pretty normal. >> a lot of us like to con agree gait at the pool. they kept to themselves. and it's shocking. it's just shocking to wake up and know that someone's been in your home has killed their grandfather with a hatchet. >> they had no prior history with the family. they're calling it an isolated incident. there were no warning signs that something like this choosing not to release the name of the grandson but he's expected in court this coming thursday. cbs north carolina. >> a federal judge has ordered school board to revert back to the district lines. the decision comes after the u.s. circuit court of appeals struck down strict line by the republican-controlled
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they're under pressure to get an sen teen ballots ready. >> the white house returns to north carolina today as donald trump krises crosses state with campaign stops in wilmington and fayetteville. thousands are already lining up excited for a chance to see what republican candidate will say next. >> more than 5,000 people are expected to be here for donald trump' first ral lift day in north carolina here in in the coliseum. hillary clinton has gained a lead in national policy and more republicans are saying they won't back it. people began lining up early this morning with tickets running out yesterday. this is the first time several of people will see him in person. while supporters say they're fans of his remarks, trump had a different tone yesterday. he outlined his plan saying h he'll reduce tax rates but he's facing more criticism from within the
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for trump writing she's dismayed by the cruel comments. we asked supporters what trump need to do with three months to go. >> i think that he should apologize and i think she should just go on and be a little bit nicer. i like his nonpolitical correctness but not calling out people like he is. >> stay on message. i think he needs to stay on message and not change anything. trump is expected to speak around 2:00. we'll have coverage throughout the day. a new poll shows democratic presidential enemy knee hillary clinton narrow leading donald trump for the first time since march. the poll just out this week shows clinton with 43%. trump has 41% in north carolina. >> clinton is fighting back
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that her e-mails have have tipped off iranment but as cbs reports trump now faces even more republican backlash as yet audio u.s. announced she will not support him. >> trump has lost the vote of another prominent republican. senator susan collins of maine wrote in the washington post i'm a lifelong -- >> it shows you the pret of the problem is well documented. moderates are in revolt as well. he would be the most reckless president in american history. the group includes former direct force of cia and national intelligence plus two former homeland security is secretaries. >> these were the people that have been there a long time. look at the terrible job they've done. >> it wasn't all bad news for trump.
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unveiled yesterday that included can yous taxes. he took to twitter and sparked another controversy. >> trump tweeted many people are saying that the iranians killed the scientists who helps the u.s. because of hillary clinton's hacked e-mail. trump is referring to a nuclear scientist iran executed after claiming he spied for the u.s. but iran didn't need to hack e- mails. he very publicly defected to the u.s. in twine before returning home to iran a clinton campaign spokesman called out trump saying what he really means is i made this up. >> craig boz well. cbs news, the white house. delta airlines and hundreds of travelers are still dealing the aftermath of a massive computer outage that grounded flights around the world.
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you've been out there all morning. how are folks feeling today? >> well, folks are pretty frustrated. we've seen the line here. the delta counter shortens up then grows longer. take a look at the line at the delta counter right now. it starts at the ticket counter and wraps all the way to the door. there's probably least a hundred people in line if not more and most these people ha computer systems bk up and running early yesterday morning but they say the worldwide out an caused a chain reaction of cancellation and delays that kept customers waiting at the airport much longer than they had anticipated. it was felt at rdu. many of delta's flights leaving were delay. they weren't canceled. there's a bright spot there but passengers say they were frustrated with the lack of communication from the airline.
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monday' flight delays but didn't expect the outage to still be a problem today when they showed up to the airport. >> it's frustrated because you want to get home. you come here two hours ahead of time to get -- you're still in line. i've been here since 7 . >> we're just going to wait it out. >> if you do plan on flying delta today, you definitely want to check your flight status before you show up later on this afternoon. delta is offering $200 vouchers for anyone who's flight was cancelled or was delayed more than three hours. reporting live from rdu. i'm emma wright. cbs north carolina. emma, thank you. wow. you got to feel for those people. a new threat of storm and showers. a live look at the raleigh skyline right now. let's go to storm team meteorologist. i guess your big question is
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yesterday but some showers and storms return to the forecast this afternoon and going to be slow movers if we do see them popping up. we can see rain falling at a very fast race very quickly here later today. your taking a live look from our shaw university camera. looking beautiful. the fog that we had earlier this morning is out of here. some breaks in some. clouds allowing for some peaks of sunshine. a few showers and storms these are going to move their way to the north as we head through the -- so we can expect to see some of the showers and storms continuing to develop and move through the area. and temperatures are climbing. television 86 degrees in raleigh. 83 degrees in durham. it's 84 in wilmington. and we've got this area of low pressure sitting to our southwest. the same time the stationary front is draipped over
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cause additional moisture to feed into the area. it's going to keep that moisture around here over the next several daises. expect some showerand storms here as we continue through this afternoon. very spotty at best. 88 degrees at 3:00. 85 at 6:00. that ling to 7 # degrees with a lingering shower possible. the moisture sticks around so does the heat and humidity. this week a complete breakdown of your forecast coming up. >> all right. thanks. now covering wake county. a woman has been identified bit person ll monday. her car was hit from behind while trying to stop for a jackknifed tractor trailer. she died at the scene. the driver hit wakefield field's car was also hurt. she's been charged with failure to reduce speed and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. a lawsuit challenging a controversial state law could move forward. the law in questions allow them
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marying same-sex couples. that set the stage for a lawsuit filed by a same-sex couple when taxpayer money is spent on judges who refuse a legal duty. they have to the right to sue. the state is trying to get the lawsuit thown out. u.s. district judge max -- didn't routine immediately. >> i think if you're sworn official, you swear to do the officer that -- the oath of your office an you should do it. >> the state attorney general office's countered that. the plaintiffs must prove they suffered direct harm. >> the national white water center is set to reopen. months after a -- the center began filling the channels with millions of waters after draining them last week. that water tested positive for the single cell
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that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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people are really doing a good job. mosquito control efforts >> . state health department investigation is underway to try to determine the source of the infection. >> meanwhile mexican authorities are evacuating people from low-lining areas. this tropical storm draws closer to the tip of the peninsula. javier has been weakening and expected to battle the region with win and rain through tomorrow morning. >> that's a whole different thing on the other side of the continent there but
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the last several days. flash flood warnings. we were experienced the area. all thanks to slow-moving thunderstorms. even a few more of those across the area today. it is really not looking too bad outside. this is a live picture in cary. oven the course there this afternoon. and we will see at least a little bit of sunshine over the next several hours. we still have that chance of showers and storms see faw of those sitting down to the south right now. they are working their way to the north. watch for some of these showers and storms to push through the area. they're going to be very spotty to scattered at best. not everyone going to speerps wet weather. but it's still possible that you may have a strong thunderstorm producing some heavy rain later today. keep that in mind. it's 86 degrees in raleigh right now. 83 is your current temperature in durham. 78 in henderson.
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88 degrees already in fayetteville. and we'll top out at least for most of us around 88 degrees in the sand halls. look at temperatures a degree or two warmer than that. temperatures fall into the 70s. low to mid-70s overnight. not a whole lot of relief from the heat of the day. overnight tonight, and we'll be stuck with the muggy conditions as well. really after about 2:00 this afternoon. and we'll see that threat continue through dinner time before they in now the reason for this very unsettled weather is the stationary front that you see pretty much draped over north carolina. that front is going to continue to work its way to the north but along it we have a chance of seeing some of the showers and storms as it pushes outs of the area. in addition to that, we have this system of low pressure over the gulf of mexico here and that's streaming in the moist air. sticking with us over the next several days.
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front fizzles out. so it is going to stay muggy as we get that influence straight out of the gulf of mexico and still a chance of seeing some showers and storm as we head into tomorrow afternoon and thursday afternoon as well. now for friday and your weekend, the low still trying to creep it way up to the northeast but we have this area of high pressure off the coast of mer meu da. it will release the hot and humid conditions. a storm chance during the afternoon and evening ho futurecast here. 1 p.m. here across the sand hills. the best chance for the more widespread shower is going to be after 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. some of those showers may be heavy at times. once we get into the later evening hours once that sunsets the showers really start to fizzle out. we dry out overnight tonight. stay dry through the start of the day tomorrow before we see a chance of more of those showers and storms developing during the afternoon and evening
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next several days. your forecast for today we're up to 89 degrees at fort br agg. 88 also in smithfield and benson. 87 in roanoke rapids. 87 in siler city. some storls possible then mostly cloudy scoos. as we head through the rest of the week temperatures right around 90 degrees. we're looking at tomorrow. 90 degrees on thursday and friday. 91 for your weekend saturday and sunday. by monday temperatures still right around that 90-degree mark and we've got a chance at seeing at least a pop-up shower or storm. the unsettled pattern's not going anywhere. it will feel muggy outside as well. kind of typical for august. but the umbrella from time to time. >> rain in the 90s are back. i don't know.
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weather. >> all those temperatures in the 80s. we're back to near 90 and still kind of muggy. >> still summer.
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criminals to manual -- matter of security camera video outside of a houston home shows this guy getting into a jeep wrang lir. apparently usinged jeep's on board computer -- and then just driving off. >> who needs the hot wire when you got a laptop? >> it longed to payne's daughter. >> he was -- her dog was sleeping her and the dog
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like being innovating. stealing your stuff. >> typical think thieves target older cars because of the value of their parts but not these two working add night they struck again using a laptop to take a jeep grand chary key. they arrested them but made up to 100 vehicles which were then smuggled into mexico. >> if it's this easy to steel or has the knowledge and the ability and knows how ability to be ability to commit the theft, it's a scary situation. >> police say a similar string of jeep thefts are under investigation in california. the national insurance crime bureau which investigates stolen car claims has notice an uptick. >> which sort of surprised us because they have all this new technology.
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steph occurly. >> more news still ahead on north carolina news at noon. right now we're taking a live look at traffic along i-4 and aviation parkway headed to durham i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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that's kind of scary. at least half a dozen of the mass i have predators were spott the shore. sthant where the movie was? state marine biologist. they say they're able to alert beach goers pretty fast thanks to a new app. that's good to know. >> there's an app for that. >> yes as well. >> exactly. >> there's an app for everything. >> a shark doing back flips in the water? >> that was the west coast. >> they're doing tricks. they're taking over.
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justice with judge mablean will be life because everything we do involves the law. >> she said. >> i don't have a hearing problem. this ear works good. this one even better. >> i'm not going pay for that ticket. i'm not responsible. >> i make that decision. not you. >> she's >> what's he have to say. >> i -- >> nothing. >> bernard miller is suing former coworker derek meyers in the amount of $8,000. he says the defendant pulled an office prank on him that led to him being fired. >> a matter of bernard miller versus derek meyers. mr. meyers suing mr. miller for


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