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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people may be there is, i don't know. >> whether a bad joke a threat or a misunderstanding trump's companies have created a fire storm this morning. we'll show you the fallout all of this >> taking his fight over the state's now struck down voter id law to the supreme court. his argument for bringing back
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already traffic is picking up and weather will be holding off in those storm. >> won't be the chance for storms until later today but one of -- what we're focusing on is some fog. we don't see any fog in this view. this is beautiful. the ral lee durham international airport. 75 degrees right now on this wednesday a half mile right now. also through henderson. less than that. that's just a couple hundred feet in roanoke rapids. the sun doesn't rise until 6:30. you'll need the low beams though. visibility across portions of lee and chatham county about half a mile. seeing visibility drop in durham to less than two miles. please take yo time. as far as the temperatures are concerned 72 in
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73 in fayetteville. your forecast for the day ahead 76. some patchy fog early. 87 by lunchtime. more cloud at lunchtime. most of us on the dry side. 90 our afternoon high. feel approximate more like the upper 90s. the potential for a few isolated storms later today. very isolated in nation. more on when we could see those rain showers develop. what's the latest on the morning commute? >> this is exactly now. this is where visibility is extremely low. very foggy conditions this morning. if we take you into raleigh roads don't look too bad. an accident on ridge road. accident-free this morning and if you -- down
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accidents there. a live look at now. certainly starting to pick up out there. hillary wants to abolish or essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folkings. although the is second amendment people may be there is, i don't know. >> first came the sucker punch then the saddam hussein comment but the trump mieg have taken the cake. >> a failed threat on her life. cbs north carolina's emma wright is covering the fallout this morning.
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trump crossed line yesterday. his critics say that comment was inciting violent bus trump says they were a caller for political mobilization. they caught one trump before his second north carolina rally in fayetteville yesterday. we were among the first to ask him about the comments that quickly drew some backlash. >> in favor of the second and. strong and united. in fact the nation just came out appear agreed that that is absolutely the way that i foo el that. >> i heard about the quote. it sound like just a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up quickly. hoin campaign said what trump said is dangerous but she's not accuracied his comments dreksly. >> all right. thank you.
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the republican continued to champion his plan with claims it would lower the -- nonpartisan experts. he told cbs north carolina how he plans to beat clinton in the tar heel state. >> sort of tied right now. right now we haven't spent the money. we're doing very well in that reregard. erer doing very well. we tend -- very big. lead back in june. that same group had trump leading by the same margin. >> take his case over the state's now struck down voter id law to the supreme court. >> whatever happens is likely to have a big impact on elections. live from the board of elections with both sides. >> dprorch pat mccrory made this announcement that he'd be taking it to supreme
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will not delay enforcement of the ruling striking down the photo id requirement. they determined the to '02 13 law was discriminatory. this means no voter id mandate and 17 days of early voting with same-day registration. here's what mccrory said in part yesterday. >> i do have a -- i do have an announcement today that's important to north carolina and also important to i hope tomorrow to officially request that chief justice john roberts reinstate photo id for our election. >> but groups like the naacp has seen this strike down of the voart id law as a victory. live in raleigh. cbs north carolina. >> thank you.
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use -- for the november school board and commissioners race. a federal court deemed them unconstitutional since they were established to give republicans an unfair advantage in the polls tournament should not be played in north carolina as long as house bill 2 is still in the books. cbs sports poll 110 more than half replied they believe the ncaa should ban tournaments survey did not list the coaches by name although coach k and mark godfrey have been critical. more than a month after an ohio teen's death forced the closure. an 18-year-old died after contracting a brain-eating aneba. making sure the levels weed out
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drained and released into l river. >> learning more about the woman killed in a krar cash. 1 years for kbr. she was killed monday might after her car was hit from behind near leesville road. the driver that hit her was trying to stop for a jackknifed tractor trailer. still no word on if police have a suspect. >> continue to mourn the loss. he passed away this week at the age of 82. he spent 11 seasons with the tar heels making him the longest serving ifable coach in school history. he lair spent in my opinion years with virginia tech before returning to north
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forest. he's survived by his wife, four son and two granddaughters. all right. currently 6:08. just -- >> unexpected guest is another headache. how she responded after the father of the orlando gunman show up. >> an accident to one right here in north carolina. that story right after the break. >> temperature as you get your wednesday started the needs so watch out for some pretty dense fog. the latest before you hit the
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we request see -- we can see downtown raleigh. so please take your time. as far as the temperatures are concerned 72 in
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rocky mount. here's that bus stop forecast. 74 as the kids are getting off the bus stop -- on the bus this morning. patchy fog. 90 later today. a few storms possible. more opt rest of your workweek forecast. that weekend ahead in just a little bit. >> thank you. police in greenville tennessee say a mechanical fair -- sending three girls to ground. one of those children a 6-year- critical condition with a traumatic brain injury. the ride was owned by family attractions company. it rang a bell which showed it's the same company in the 2013 vortex extent at the north carolina states fair. the five people ended up in the hospital after that ride malfunctioned. >> the justice department is holding back when it comes to criticizing baltimore
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glrchght father of the orlando night club gunman and known to make antigay comments cht the clin tiny campaign cannot eninvite him and clin tiny sphrees with his views and disavois the support. >> justice department is expected to release a police department today. the doj found that police routinely violated the constitutional rights of people by using exesive force and conducting unlawful stops. the doj says police overwhelmingly targeting black neighborhoods. federal officials will come appear ingredient on how to fix approximate practices.
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vote. leads -- the race turn into a national talking point after donald trump flirted with the idea of backing him instead. >> an evacuation order remains in effect in california san bernardino mountains where a wild fire has burned 8,000 acres. it's caused fire to spread rapidly. more than a thousand fiefer thes are working to keep it away from homes. but say all it could take is a shift in wind to the cause of the fire is still unknown. dealing with some crazy weather this week. take a look here. first the rains come and self- water rescues. a dust storm unfefled -- man whaks a tough time for arizona to see all of those and just combine combining it. all of those weather systems. >> it's kind of funny.
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about a week or two ago. but that flooding really make it is didges out there. some areas very flat. anterior drainage. our forecast for today. some of us seeing some pretty dense fog. beautiful right now at the raleigh durham international airport. 75 degrees. not a lot of cloud cover. that's for sure but i do show you the view of downtown. 5 minutes ago and you could pairly see buildings. know that that fog is going to is have an important. especially if you're driving 95. take a look at this. visibility at about .3 of a mile. vibtless than a mild. drop below 3 miles. take your time as you get ready your morning commute.
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71 right now in hend eson. 71 in roanoke rapids. here's a look at your forecast. 7 a.m. don't be surprised if you see more cloud than anything else at noon today. an isolated storm this afternoon and most of that wraps up eel this evening. should be die for the start of our thursday. as we head to thursday afternoon isolated storms once again in our forecast. with that chance for rain around today and tomorrow heurmdty is going to be up there. making it feel even hotter than where we'll actually be. actually high around the 0
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# 3 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we're gong to drop into the mid-70s. parly cloudy. warm and muggy. no rain though as we head into the overnight hours. baaing for us thursday friday as well. friday that will make to 92. right around 9 # on saturday. 93 sunday. isolated storms still in our forecast. we should be right around 91 for a high on tuesday. keep in mind 89 is now normal for too imof year. though temperatures starting to cool things off. we're on the downhill side of your summer. it is #u 20 right now. that's the latest forecast. send it to al lee many what's the late snes iml good morning. you mentioned the fog and that's what we're going to e show you right now. i--9d 5. spring home, rocky mount sphremly low visibility for
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we're seeing that fog come n. louisburg as well. a big heads up to you if you're about to head out the door. a crash out there in raleigh. we'll take you right to t. not seeing it cause any major delays. it's out there on ridge road by horton street. heading through durham, good travel conditions there. no accidents to report to you and no fog drink conditions. same thing with fayetteville. roads look pretty goodment from u.s. 64 and longest point of your type i-40 to 440 split. u.s. 1 about 12. this is the time to get out there. take a look. it's already starting to get busy. >> starting to see some delays. 6:21 this morning. . >> a fire at a hospital as
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babies. electrical fires are common. >> locally transmits cases continue to rise by the day in florida. yesterday the governor's announce announced that four more people contracted the virus in the so-called zika zones near downtown miami. that brings the total number of cases to # what started a as a peaceful protest ends in a -- a man in the hospital. expwhrncht overwhelming victories and an unexplain my green pool.
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z20yoz zi0z y20yoy yi0y cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up
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getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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signed a petition to stop using chickens raised with antibiotics. they said by 2017 it would only use them important to maintain chicken health but that's not enough according to critics. >> we'd might get into a little bit of trouble buzz -- focused on something
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training. what's that all about? >> that's right. the dating app tinder has southward at the olympic village. 129% over the weekend. it's more -- now tinder is among the most widely use the but the number of olympic users is rising every day >> what's happening rye -- tinder right now to figure out what it is. >> just remember, guys i'm sure they're just getting coffee. >> that's all it is. thanks so muchful woo el see you tomorrow. >> sports new, tim tebow is going to diamond. heisman trophy winner is pursuing a career in professional baseball. that's what you heard. almost like michael jordan, i guess. >> listed as one of the best payable players in the country when he was in high
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he failed to replicate that success in the nfl. i don't know about that one. >> enough opinions already online right now. 6:27 in the morning. >> and some republicans say donald trump was just making a bad joke but democrats aren't laughing. comments made in north carolina that have the full confront talking. >> a full look at your forecast. kind of foggy out there. where the problem
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let's talk about some fog out there this morning. >> we're seeing a lot of it. that's going have an impact. not too foggy. a live picture from our study yoas. you're not seeing that sunrise. that's because the fog is laying in the distance between us. 75 degrees right now as we do start out of our day. our latest visibility map areas that see that white fog this morning. roan oak rapids all looking at visibility less than half a mile. deteriorating quickly. smithfield at half a mile. goldsboro mild at 2 miles right now. please take your time. 3 miles in durham. if you're getting ready to head out the door right now just slow down and get to your destination safely. >> we mentioned 75 in raleigh. 74 in wilmington. 70 in sanford.
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76 out the door at 8 a.m. but really watch out for the fog. that's the real highlight this morning. increasing clouds at noon. 87 and then make it to 90 this afternoon but much hotter. humidity high. isolated storm also possible. more on the forecast in ten minutes. right now hand it off to al lee. >> you mentioned that fog and here it is on your maps. you can see taking 95 thgh crock rocky mount. you need extra time. we have a crash out there in raleigh today. we'll take you out to ridgeroad. that's where it is. northbound side of horton street. not seeing it cause any major delays. already seeing they this morning.
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to these major airports. a live look outside right now at i-540. still moving pretty well out there. >> abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is, i >> trump easy latest comment wasn't was it a joke or a call to head to the polls? it all depends on who you ask. what both sides have to say about this. >> some of the critics say he was inciting violence but a call for political -- they did catch up with trump before his second north carolina rally
6:33 am
him. now to another major story today. pat mccrory isn't letting up to the fight overt voter id law. he's expected to ask the -- cbs north carolina has been following this story all morning. live from board of elections. what these arguing exactly. good morning there, lauren. >> good morning.
6:34 am
supreme court during the trump rally yesterday. now this move comes after an appeals court decided it would not delay enforce m of the ruling. striking down the photo id candidate. >> gl it was discriminatory. there will be no voter id mandate and 17 days of early voting. the same day-registration. here's what governor mccrory said in par yesterday. >> 30 other states in other states that know common sense shows you show appear id when you vote; right? one person, one vote. that should be our rules. now attorney general roy cooper who is challenging for the governor his office will not be -- a waste of taxpayer dollars defending the
6:35 am
right. thank you. >> acue of -- and expecting back in court today. investigators say william -- sending him nude photos then threatened to release them. the so-called sex torsion is suspect -- will be in court today to let you know what comes of the hearing. >> is searching if ar motorcyclist connected to shooting. police department is making changes. a shopper at south point mall
6:36 am
wasn't much they could do because the dog didn't appear to be in threats. >> definitely why no loner. >> so hard to see. what can we do to help? >> 6:36 in the morning right now. unbelievable video this morning. more unrest in gerg son, into a group of demonstrators. >> a day for two american and a devastating one for another. we will tell you who's bring back gold and who's picking up washington east. in the upper 60s. 70 in sanford l really blan ketting the area. you'll need to plan for extra time.
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everybody's looking to the weekend. it's what we did on wednesday. >> i need to have my toes in the sand. >> we'll take it. what time are we leave sng >> are you going. all right. >> awkward. so let's get to the forecast. [ laughter ] you just be ready. here's a live picture from our tour -- tower camera this morning. we have other areas that are certainly seeing some denser fog. i want to talk about your drive time forecast. right now in the mid-7 0z. drop to 74 by 7 a.m.
6:40 am
slowly at first. 76 at 8 a.m. back to 80 those. this is impacting a 71 in durham. 70 in south hill. also 70 in louisburg. starting to see a few of 60s on the map. roxboro at 69. making plans if your day ahead. 87 at lun of time. make to 90 this afternoon. just a few storms the majority of you stay dry. drop back to 87 for that-esque
6:41 am
take a look. >> oh, jesus, oh, oh, somebody's shooting. somebody's shooting. >> shot rang out seconds after a car fled into a group of demonstrators. witnesses said the -- did -- on found naked and burn near the home. it's the first homicide in three decades. a jogger was ams found murder after going on a run in new york city. there's no officially connection between those two cases though. a raleigh murder investigation is making waves across the country. how it compares to the death of trayvon martin and
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glnch stand your ground laws got attention after trayvon martin. it's a raleigh case that's causing the debate. accused of shooting and killing thomas sunday night. he's white and late 0s. tols was black and 20 years old. ho claimed to be a member of the neighborhood watch. we saw no evidence ac end. unlike the martin case there doesn't appear to be any evidence. we ask the da to plain how north carolina stand your ground law work and what neighbor watch programs are intended to accomplish. >> the triggering aspect to that particular provision in our law is someone actually lawfully
6:45 am
neighborhood watch is a lot of -- is kind of being aware of things around us. >> if we see unusual activity or things that pose a threat to call 9-1-1. >> requested the service call for that block over the last is six month and found police were called four times. he's still behind bars on murder charges. immigration activists free a durham teen who's -- a judge has granted him a $10,000 because his family can't afford to pay for it. a local group has stepped in to help. >> with the help of the community, they've been very supportive. and they've been continuing to ral lee mind it financially and so at least
6:46 am
>> raised thousands of dollars for bond in less than a day. >> all right. let head back to -- going to the beach. you done often -- the gas price goes down, i noticed. >> he's been -- i tweeted you. you have to check it out. i'll make tboald nuggets. >> got your beach chair ready and we'll talk details. all right. let get to as he look to downtown if you've been watching out you know the fog really just built-in quickly and look at. that as quickly as is got thick. clearing up. seeing some sunshine. a live picture again from shaw university. it's 6:46. visibility continues to be really tricky. half a mile throughout portions of franklin county.
6:47 am
seeing those darker shades of white many that's right along the i-95 corridor. two nile miles. dropping to 2 miles in durham at 2 mile miss sanford. moore county especially the southern portions visibility close to a quarter mile right now. so let's go ahead and get that check on temperatures for some of you. it's going feel really nice. still pretty warm and muggy. you see those temperatures just updating in henderson. also louisburg 70. roxboro is in the upper 60s. don't be surprised if we see more clouds than anything else at noon. 87 degrees. 90 our high. near normal for this time of year. isolated storm or two possible. not a lot of us will see the wet weather but it will be there. the ample high has started to
6:48 am
above. that the hottest day of the next five days will be supped though with a high slightly to 93. let's talk about those rain chances. very isolated in nature. very hit or mis. hard to predict who will see the wet weather but timing after about 10:00 most of you see this wrap up shortly after sunset. hing into our thursday we start off dry. as we head into the afternoon, again a very small chance for a shower or storm mainly in the afternoon. so let's get to city highs. 8 # in durham. low 90s in fayetteville. going to drop into the mid-70s t. will be muggy. don't expect much in the way of relief. 90 our high on thursday. 92 on friday. and then those isolated storms as we head into the weekend ahead. 93 sunday. heading into early next week finally drop back into the upper 80s but not until
6:49 am
any incidents? >> we do have a few out there but our main concern right now is the fog. just like you mentioned. on 95 if you're taking that from the roanoke rapids area through rocky mount you can see here all of this orange, that's low visibility out. there heads up. extra time needed. >> one that's causing moderate to heavy delays at the split i-40 westbound at rock quarry road a breakdown. we have a crash at western boulevard at -- ferry road. if you're heading through durham roads look good. down through fayetteville delay for free for you there. 16 minutes there. 440 there -- heading to clayton bypass. u.s. 1 on 40 slowing down to 15 minutes there. another check on your traffic conditions coming up.
6:50 am
usa on day four of the olympics. >> we'll start with the good news. >> yeah. >> phelps increased the gold medal count to 21. then again a team event in the free style event. katie ledeky continued her run. the 200 meter free style. >> that was good. now the bad. >> the u.s. women soccer team won its group but was forced to settle for a colombia after a costly mistake by goalie hope solo. serena williams is out of the olympics after falling into the third round. the tennis great declined to speak to the media. >> hard to blame her. >> tough loss. now it's time for the ugly. the olympic diving pool has somehow gone from blue to green. organizers can explain why it happened but said the
6:51 am
if i would want to compete if green water. >> as far as serena goes i read that this is a reason a lot of people don't do the olympics. five continents. all of the u.s. open and got the australian open. it's just too much on the body. >> such a hot streak as well. you need a little bit of break. hopefully on the comeback. >> i hope so. 6:51. we'll be back with some news before donald trump is accused of inciting violence. we'll have new reaction from both sides. and this year's olympics coverage is under cutting female achievements? that's the question. the news is back in the
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listen for yourself. >> hillary wants to abolish or essentially abolish the second amendment f. she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people may be there is, i don't know. >> just a few hours later trump and his guests former new york city mayor held a second rally here in fayetteville. we caught up with boy of them. >> you could explain what you meant. >> i think you're talking about. i haven't heard this question. i think you're talking about the power of people that are in favor of the second amendment and they have tremendous political power and i think they really are strong.
6:55 am
what trump said was that because of the second amendment issue, there's going to be a tremendous am of political power in the hand of people to protect the second amendment. >> when asked about the secret service said it's aware of the situation but it would not be offering any additional statements. >> today pat mccrory said he will ask the supreme court to weigh in on the voter id law. it comes after an appeals court decided it would not delay enforcing the the court found the law to be discriminatory against african-americans. mccrory called that ruling flaw and inaccurate. they plan to try to -- a teen suspect in the shocking murder as an adult. 15-year-old use as hatchet to get his grandfather. the boy has been charged with first-degree board. he does not have a critical -- army sergeant beau
6:56 am
continues. earlier this month bergdahl's honor -- statements made by senator john mccain violate his due process rights. the comments came last fall when he applied charges were dismissed had he would make shu they're broke many he's charged with desertion of a walking away are his post. >> help the new campus in morrisville l the first phase will cover 28 acres students. the largest of north carolina 58 community colleges and serves more than 70,000 students each year. coming back to school time. what a great time to issue a canvas. >> the community college system is trsk an such an integral part. always been such a great idea. >> certainly. let get a check on the
6:57 am
very right out. there if you're not siege the fog make sure you have the sunglasses ready. let's check out where the visibility is loaked right now. >> let's -- zero pick there. >> just a little bit -- a couple hundred feet. visibility at .3 of a mile across moore condition. though temperatures 75 in raleigh. 70 in henderson d and seven-day forecast. a high of 90 later decade. isolated storm. baaing at 90 -- back at 90 tomorrow. al lee? >> taiking you outside to l the clayton bypass. foggy out there. i-40 and u.s. 70. so if you're heading out doort you need extra time. you need the low beams on especially rocky mount area. parts of johnson county is also mentioned. very foggy. better to be safe than sorry; right head out there early.
6:58 am
>> slow down. o.k. we'll see you back here at
6:59 am
?? ?? ??
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump defends his comments that many say invited violence against hillary clinton. suggest close ties to between clinton's state department and her family's foundation. a florida police officer kills a 73-year-old woman during a citizen training exercise. the police chief calls it a horrible accident. plus, michael phelps wins his 21st gold medal. the women's gymnastics team beat the russians but men say they are getting too much credit by


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