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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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political reporter beau minnick joins us. >> reporter: there's one thing that democrats and republicans can agree on, there are important decisions to be made. governor mccrory disagreed with the court ruling. >> the state will apole the process -- apete pros -- >> reporter: governor mccrory made this clear he believes the law should stand requiring voter i.d. to vote. he spoke about it at the donald trump rally. >> common sense means you show your i.d. >> defending the indefensible. >> reporter: aclu's legal directtor was with the team that fought against the law.
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racially discriminatory intent. >> it's clear what the legislature was aiming to do, making it harder for peernlings particularly african-americans to vote. >> so what's with this voter i.d. >> reporter: donald trump spoke at both north carolina rallies questioning why there would be a problem having it on the books. >> i have no doubt that mr. trump has access and the people working for him who can to navigate voting processes. >> reporter: the law had also done away with same day registration. ahead at six we'll ask north carolina voters what they think should be done. a nonpartisan organization is raising concerns about early voting.
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>> north carolina loves early voting. we have a heavy reliance on early voting. they want to use it. >> they have about a week to get it all done. we checked and all counties must present plans by the 19th. public policy polling shows a toit -- tight race with roy cooperad mccrory by one point. the governor's approval rating is negative with 43% disproving -- disapproving. temperatures are back in the 90s. there are some scattered showers. we turn to bill reh.
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cooler out west. out to the west there's a low pressure system along the gulf coast. they're coming up from the south going to the north. we don't have to worry about the stuff that usually moves this way. this stuff is going this way. we keep it relatively dry. there's a slight chance we evening. the shower is moving to the southwest. no lightning with it, so very, very quiet. we'll give you a stray chance at 7:00. the sun goes down at 8:10 and we'll see temperatures fall to the 80s. overnight tonight a quiet night will be partly cloudy to mostly
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70s. we had that break in the 80s and today we got back in the 90s. >> yaw -- thank you. a massive drug investigation took place on cumberland road about 4 p.m. deputies are executing a search warrant on the 3200 block of cumberland road. the cumberland county sheriff suspect after a mother of three was shot to death yesterday in the bonnie dunes neighborhood. nate rodgers has the report. >> reporter: 32-year-old angela taylor was killed in broad daylight. fayetteville police were dispatched to the area of andy
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the neighborhood when someone on a motorcycle shot her in the abdomen and immediately left the area. taylor was taken to the hospital and died. >> we know she had been involved in a disturbance, verbal altercation before that but they are trying to put the pieces together. >> i've never known her to bother her. she really will relying on surveillance videos from nearby businesses but they have no suspect in custody. a vague description of the shooter, he was seen on a motorcycle. if you know anything about the case, give fayetteville police a call or crime stoppers. police said a north carolina woman has died after
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amy ashley died following the saturday shooting at a valero gas station. authorities are still searching for a suspect. the durham school board is looking at a policy that would allow its m telecommute to meetings. >> reporter: the board wants to put a policy in place which would strictly regulate how this would happen. the board is looking at formalizing policy so member cost remotely participate if they're out of town or otherwise unable to attend. if approved, it would allow telecommuting to no more than three times during a calendar year.
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jobs demanding more time, the policy makes sense. >> you don't have to worry if your job sends you to a conference or a conference sends you to a different place if you can actually make the board meeting. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you which board members are telecommuting. also, we'll take a look at what they want to do. join duke university health system said this will increase minimum wage for staff. it will bump the wage up to $113 an hour. the change will also apply to contractors who employ people working on duke's campus. duke is the largest private employer in durham. a johnston county attorney
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marijuana growing operation in the triangle will spend 15 months in jail. in january he pled guilty to make false statements. authorities said levinson had a friend grow marijuana. the center was shut down following a teen girl dying of an amoeba system. they spent the past two weeks draining and cleaning the channels. the filter will use clear reason injections. after 18 hours of lab testing cary has lifted the boil water advisory.
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the samples required several hours for testing. a long time espn anchor josh saunders has died. espn's hannah storm announced the sad news on air today. the cause of death has yet to be released. saunders was 61. today the department justice released a scathing report on the baltimore police. >> we got into the 90s today. we're back into the 90s. you see the sky line from shaw university, looking quiet. we'll check out the radar and tell you with to expect. it's all coming up. >> plus, the investigation continues in tennessee after three little girls fell from a ferris whole. what investigators are blaming for the fall.
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over wrightsville beach. it looks beautiful.
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree
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going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone. we're taking you back live to new york city where a man is still climbing up trump tower with suction cups. they're working to get the man to come down. trump has yet to release a statement. >> today the u.s. department of just released -- justice released findings on the baltimore police department. >> the report said the department discriminated against african-americans and
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force. >> reporter: the justice department released the scathing report and found the police department discriminates against african-americans, uses unreasonable force and fails to hold officers accountable. >> they have deteriorated the mutual trust between the department and the community. >> reporter: the report found they make large numbers unlawful spots -- tops, mostly in black neighborhoods. in the last year the department revised its use of force policy and added more cameras. >> those who choose to use the -- wear the uniform and violates someone's right, will
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suffered a spinal injury while under police custody. >> it will help us heal the relationship between the police and our communities. >> reporter: the justice department will now work with baltimore police on a plan to remormon the department. reporting for cbs news, baltimore. >> the department of justice has issued similar investigations in recent years, in chicago and ferguson, missouri, you see as an agent jumps into action as the protester tried to storm the stage in des moines, iowa. clinton continued with her speech undeterred. one man is in custody after two officers were shot in arkansas. the suspect shot the deputy and the hackett chief of police. the chief only received super
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super if superficial wounds. germany is carrying out antiterror raids on homes and businesses. one is suspected of providing money to the group. the schlitterbahn water park in kansas city reopened today after a 10-year-old died. the ride that caleb schwab road will be closed for the see on. the statement from the park said they continue to pray and keep in our thoughts everybody impacted by the tragic events on sunday. the investigation continues today into how three girls fell
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police said a mechanical failure caused the ride park to dump the girls some 30 to 45 feet to the ground. they said the -- they are looking into reports that the basket was rocking before the accident. the fire in california is still burning along the coast, so much so that you can see it from spaissments take a look. nasa released these pictures showing clouds of smoafnlg up, is the actual fire. there it is. you can see how small it is compared to all that smoke. the fire spread to more than 67,000 acres and destroyed 68 buildings, most of them homes. one person has died. the fire was caused by an illegal campfire. we hit 92 today.
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airport. we have partly cloudy skies. rays and storms for thursday with a partly sunny day. so a few more clouds. thursday, friday and saturday, don't expect any relief in the humidity. kind of an interesting set up. part of the state. there's a low pressure system there, nontropical, but that low is there. the high is off our coast. we call this the bermuda high. the circulation around the low is counter clockwise. so the showers and storms are all moving toward the northwest. i got my eye on a couple
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temperatures, i mentioned, upper 80s to around 90. 92 feat estate. we've got two little areas to look at. this area is moving toward the northwest and it's weakening a little bit. no reports of any lightning, which is good news. there may be a brief shower, less than a tenth of an inch. by greenville, a couple showers shower but if you want to look at it at 7:00 tonight, 7:00 tonight will be humid. the futurecast doesn't pick much up, maybe trying to hold a couple showers toward greenville. you can see the majority of the viewing hear is going to be dry. at 9:00 partly cloudy and 82. so if you've got plans to be out, you don't have to worry about storms coming your way.
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every two hours. we'll start off in the mid-70s. back into the low 90s. i've added the heat index. it will be in the upper 90s. with that high to our east and the low to the west, maybe a stray shower or storm. best chance will be south of the triangle. so i hate 10% chances but i will put it up there just in case 'r tomorrow afternoon. otherwise, hot and humid. we'll see 93 in fayetteville. 93 in sanford. 93 in dunn. the coastal plain could see a stray shower but we're talking about less than a 20% chance. if you want to be out in the triangle, just go with the low 90s. take it easy. it's going to be hot and
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it's bringing us a southerly flow. you see tomorrow partly sunny skies, a little bit of green trying to fire up. i don't put much evident into that. as we head into friday more of the same, just a chance of an isolated storm, maybe a better chance we'll go 20% friday afternoon and will repeat it on saturday. this cold front continues to push and go to the northeast and not make any prog -- progress. for tomorrow 92 degrees. friday and saturday 92, 93. sunday maybe a stray storm but the heat will be with us. look at the core of 90s over us into south carolina on the high temperature map. then monday a slight chance of a storm. you know that cold front i showed you that's moving to the northeast? maybe by next -- late tuesday
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temperature 90 on tuesday. 88 on wednesday with a better chance of afternoon scattered showers and storms. in a nutshell it will stay hot and humid and a better chance next week. >> the storms will not go through. >> yes. i think you can get your outside activities. >> thank you, bill. and girl scouts announced new cookies. >> here's a quick look at the >> here's a quick look at the medal count in the ol she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right
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for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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we're going live back to new york where a man is still climbing trump tower suction cups. it appears they're trying to talk the man to come inside the window. the tower is not only home to the trump campaign but where the presidential nominee lives. ride sharing and coffee could soon go hand in hand. lyft will start selling $20 gift cards. they would come with a starbucks gift card as a bonus.
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are celebrating national s'mores way in a delicious day. the new variety will have two version. one include as crispy graham cookie double dipped in cream icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling and it will be carried in the >> all of our colleagues have kids who are in the girl scouts. coming up a woman in harnett county attacked by a
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we want to take a live look outside up toward the top of your screen. you see backups. until then traffic is moving just fine. one of the country's biggest airlines is offering free inflight entertainment. you can watch content with seat back screens. the airline says the move is an experience and staying competitive. delta airlines is working to get things back to normal today. early monday morning power outage led to delays. days later the airline is still feeling the effect. around 800 flights were cans
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200 for today. gas prices are expected to drop below $2 a gallon this fall. experts said the prices should stay there through the winter. the drop is being caused by dipping oil prices. plus, gas companies are switching to the winter blend. the national average for a gallon of regular gas is currently $2.12. apple is being granted a new it helps it turn like an accordion bus. apple isn't saying what they want to use the technology for. however, the patent filing said it can be used in quote, war situations. coming up at 5:30, a woman is pushed in broad daylight with a tire iron. where it happened and what
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carolina's voter i.d. law could lead to major changes. what the study says about its impact on you. >> north carolina news at 5:30 starts now. >> an irvin woman had a ter firing run in when a man pushed her with a tire iron. carleigh griffeth talked to the man. what did he say about hero for what he did, but the man was able to get away. pretty much this whole town is looking for him. police said saturday around this time he came to the parking lot of this dollar general and attacked a 70-year- old woman as she was walking to her car. when charles barnham heard her cries for help, the former marine jumped into action.
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charles brannham was sitting in the car waiting for his wife to finish shopping. >> i heard a loud voice saying, help, help. >> reporter: he saw a woman brandishing a tire iron standing over a woman lying on the ground. >> he was fixing to strike her. i jumped out of the car and ran toward him. he ran. >> reporter: he said the man took off. >> if he what i don't know. by the time i got to the corner he had disappeared. >> reporter: the victim was injured and the suspect stole her purse. police chief william morris said this kind of thing doesn't happen in irwin and he is thankful to have citizens to help. >> it could have been much, much worse.
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chief of police and irwin's good samaritan has a message for him. >> he needs to turn himself in. he made a bad decision. thankfully, nobody be a killed. him avoiding apprehension is just making things worse. >> i would say you're going to answer to the good man above. i wouldn't want to answer to him for doing that. >> reporter: now there's also a $1,000 reward. if you think you can help out, contact irwin police. governor pat mccrory said he is taking the state's voter i.d. court to the u.s. considered. he said the law should stand as is. >> will ask chief justice john
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down saying it was passed with quote racially discriminatory attempt. during donald trump's visit tuesday he voiced his decision. >> i have no doubt trump can make sure he has everything he needs to navigate the voting processes. that's not case for pau carolinians. >> the governor isn't saying exactly when the appeal is coming. >> with the law aold, many will have to change their voting plans. the agency is urging officials in every county to act sooner rather than later. counties have to submit those plans by next friday. most are set to meet before then.
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class action lawsuit from 20,000 of its employs. it has to do with retirement. they claim the school had them paying millions in excessive fees. when asked about the lawsuit. dak said duke provides a range of options that gives employees flexibility. these investments are reviewed and carefully managerred in a court with federal law. heads up. you may see a lot of come motiro school. don't worry. it's just a drill. the police is working with fire, police and public works. this will simulate an armed intruder. actors will play the rolls. roads will be closed during the training. we have a story today about first responders. we want to take you there. >> reporter: you probably drive by them every day. signs in the sky hoping to send a message.
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for so long. >> reporter: for some raleigh firefighters it's a message they've been pushing for months. >> we're the first to respond but the last to get paid. >> reporter: they've been protesting for months over pay. they're raising money to put up billboards and plan on putting advertising on city buses and driving mobile billboards around downtown. >> we have to continue to make people aware, make the away. >> reporter: firefighters and police officers requested 7% raises. council declined it. the council claims it's waiting on the completion of a pay study. >> it's a very complex issue. it's not something you do lightly. you really have to have a study. >> reporter: the pay study is
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by early 2017. >> this is a huge problem. we have to make shower the pay study sim pleament fairly. >> reporter: the group plans to have it up -- the billboards up by mid-september. companies and county leaders are holding an event for first responders. the haven't started at 11:30 this morng until 11:30 tonight. there's free food and door prize. officials in cumberland said they've confirmed their sixth rain but is case this year. the latest is a rabbis ceft -- case. you should take them to the vet immediately. if your cat or dog is not
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developer to build a 100-room hotel in pittsboro. there will be a meeting monday night at 6:00. you'll be able to voice your opinion. two towns in edge ton are working to make their streets nicer. ar longer be allowed to keep junk cars. people are working to make sure the nuisance code is enforced. leaders would have the power to require residents to clone up their properties. the downtown farmers market in raleigh was buzzing with excite m the annual honey buzztival returns. kristin ketchell has more.
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at the downtown raleigh's farmers market for the sixth annual honey buzztival, sell braimenting everything honey. >> blueberry honey, saw from berry honey. it's a way to get people out here to understand pom plen nation -- pollen nation. >> reporter: locally made products were available. we also raleigh restaurants demonstrating some of the food that will be there for restaurant week. >> it is a pepper gazpacho. >> we participate every year. it's an opportunity to show what we can do.
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the 31st. i'm kristin ketchell, cbs north carolina. leaders gathered in morrisville to break ground on the new campus. cbs north carolina lauren have vie and explains -- finished, it will be able to serve 7,000 students. though broke ground on it in the research triangle park. it will be the college's sixth campus and ninth site. the rtp campus will foe cuss on highly advanced programs to bring corporations here to wake county. >> this is a win-win because
5:40 pm
out of wake tech they hit the ground running. >> reporter: some of the classes that will be offered at this campus include computer programming and development and business administration. this site will officially hope in the spring of 2018. some of the programs planned for the new campus include business administration, business analytics. a self-admitted tech geek is trying to inspire motivation. shawn marine ni knows it can -- marine ni knows knows it can be hard to pay for labs. so they make labs from
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labs, but he plans to add more. >> sounds like he has all the brains. >> it's pretty cool. coming up on cbs north carolina, tragic story from florida where an elderly woman was killed during a training exercise. >> i'm bill reh. good day at the golf course. and show you what to expect. we've got weekend forecast. here's a live look at earth from high above the planet. this camera is on the
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welcome back. we want to take you back live to new york city where a man is scaling the trump tower suction cups. >> officials are trying to talk the man into coming into a window. the tower is not just the home of donald trump's campaign but where the presidential nominee lives. our two main presidential nominees face similar problems. >> hillary clinton's emails are once again rearing its head.
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amendment. >> reporter: donald trump stuck to his message wednesday. >> this is what it is. >> reporter: but it's an off the cuff remark he made about hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although, the second amendment people maybe there; i don't know. >> reporter: trump rallying voters. >> hillary clinton has multiple problems. >> reporter: that's a reference to the emails, roughly three dozen released to a watchdog group. one email between clinton's aide, huma abedin and the
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a clinton spokesman denies any connection. clinton is focusing on job creation in des moines, iowa. >> in my first hundred days we will do big investments in infrastructure, technology and small business. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has formed a new group who said they will work to donald trump said the emails show more of hillary clinton's character flaws and she would use public office as a way to get rich. there are several field offices that will open. they will serve as hubs for staff and volunteers. police in union thatgoer da
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determine how a 73-year-old woman died. mary knowlton was participating in an academy but she was hit with a live round and killed. we got up into the 90s today. looking south, there's nothing out there other than partly that's good news. don't forget, the uv index is high. it is very, very high. it means you could burn in 15 minutes. it is a good way to cool down. i promised you the weekend and believe it or not it's a mid-
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saturday. 88 at noon. 92 for a high kind of like today's high, a better chance of an isolated shower or storm. not much of a chance just a slight risk. 93 degrees. a good weekend if you want some summer activity to get outside and wear the sun screen. you will see a lot of rays of sunshine. right now it's 90 in raleigh. 89 in durham. so cooler to the northeast. no rain hills. i see a little bit of lightning stretching out down and west of laurinburg in scotland county. this is looking at a couple showers. they try to develop and they don't move anywhere. if you're watching this, maybe a brief shower.
5:49 pm
spring lake but they come and go. we tracked some showers by greenville. i don't think they will have much progress getting our way. 7:00, humid. 88 degrees. i want to show you what the futurecast might look like. it's trying to pick up a couple showers but not much luck there, just a few clouds. as you look at this and see where you live, you will be dry except for the humidity. partly cloudy at 9:00. overnight. 79 degrees. you can see absolutely nothing. that's the way it's going to be. we're only going to drop into the mid-70s. so for tomorrow as you get up the low will be 74. 5 degrees -- 75 degrees. by lunchtime mid-80s. it will feel like the mid-90s. lower 90s for highs and nothing
5:50 pm
hot day tomorrow. 92 in raleigh. 92 in durham. you'll have a better chance of the stray shower. so it's south and southeast of the triangle. as we look at this high pressure continuing to bring in a southerly flow, everything is coming up from the south and moving toward the northwest. tomorrow a little bit of green. i'll say after 2 until about 7. on friday a dpe isolated shower including the northern viewing area. the high pressure continues to sit over the ocean. we'll see even on saturday about a 1 in 5 shot. only a 20% chance of an isolated storm. there is persistent low pressure in the gulf of mexico. they're getting hammered with rain. that will stay out there. everything will be status quo.
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southeast of the triangle. friday 92 degrees and a 20% chance it will occur, just an isolated storm. otherwise, very humid as we go through friday. more of the same on saturday. 93 on sunday. nothing more than a stray shower or storm. monday we get ready for maybe a cold front coming our way. tombs and wednesday we'll and storms as the cold front moves our way. we'll also see temperatures drop back to 88 degrees. the forecast was 90 from wes yesterday. we got up to 92. so $100 from the american cancer society. $800. cancer touches everybody. >> yes, it really does. >> thank you. >> thank you, bill.
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i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ?
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? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? we're following breaking news in our area. a resignation at the department of health and human services following the coal ash. the department misled the department about drinking water.
5:55 pm
from the state epidemiology, megan davies. we'll have much more ahead at 6. as any parent will tell you, back-to-school shopping can get expensive in a hurry. >> parents are spending on average $273 per kid. >> mary has you covered. >> reporter: for kids, parents back to school can be stressful. nearly 30% of parents polled said put it on family finances. >> we'll see finances increasing. parents will be buying eel tron -- electronics. >> reporter: but there are apps that can save you sanity.
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loyalty points in one place. it can help you pay the best deals so you're not paying more than you need to. shop kick gives you money just for walking in the stores. >> j.c. penney has great offers on apparel and accessories. bed, bath and beyond have great deals on things from lunch steals and deals. >> reporter: the savings will help you find extra cash while others are finding dore ri -- "finding dory."
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cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less.
5:59 pm
ee that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree that a comeback should include everyone. north carolina news at 6 starts right now. >> we're following breaking news. i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm sean maroney. the state's epidemiologist has resigned. >> reporter: this comes down to
6:00 pm
we've been reporting on involving people who live near coal ash department. she said she cannot work for a department and administration that deliberately misleads the public. last year the people living near ash pond said the water was contaminated. then they retract it saying the water was safe. then from ken rudo said he tried to worn them not -- warn them not to do it. they have been outspoken about discrediting rudo. then an open letter discredited rudo. davies blames it for her resignation. it shows how they set screening


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